The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 27, 1936
Page 6
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BLYTH'EVILLE,. •'(ARK.) COURIER .MYERS KILJC • Makes , Third Appeal ance /^ Here 'Tonight With Sin,' ,"*key as Opponent. By j. F. I-RIEND Back in'Big Show 1 i J Lee Mjers, Dallas Texas «!". hake his third local appearance tonight, In the main attraction ol the American Legion weekly wrestling piogram He will match grips with Chailes 'Titati'c" Sm- key, mammoth 200 pound Mls- slsslpplan and fomier local promote!. In a ninety minute time limit, t two test falls -'out of three match at- the Legion Hut open air bowl on Noith Second sheet Mjers has been dlrqmllflcd on two previous occasions Against Hex Mobles lie persisted In goiif-] ing the Texan's eyes, and was, obliiiicU from Monlicul in ex- penalized bj Referee Mite Me-j chnngc for Flank Kclbcri cienn Southern League W. I* Pel. Allanta ,....., 'C5 38 Nashville 61 42 Birmingham ........ 52 49 Chattanooga 51 48 New Orleans 49 Little HOCk ....Ml Memphis .:..... 41 National roney A vveck Inter l.c staged ."another..sensational match with the Jewish strong boy Monls .Blooinfleld, but .was adjudged gull ty of kneeing and lost .the nialclv via the foul ionic In both In-' ,JElaiiccs;|ie had won the flrsl fall, end lost Ihc second when the "action occurred v Por a comparnllvelj small man cflinpiignlng imong the heavier class M>ci!, is .ilmosl In a class *b> huntelf as far ns skill and Ecicncc aie conceincd When lio wants lo t go to work nnd end a match, lie can almost do it Ho outw resiled both Mobley and ^ Bloonifield but couldn t refrain .from letting his temper get the He lias piomlsed a new leaf, how- fiay. Improved Improved since he , <7 Jie. promotion work here ^'a'couple of jcnis ngo He K> sfill "rough and (akc.'i delight In snapping blow foi blow. If Mjers decides lo varj fiom Ihe art, he will find Siiikcy In a fa- .vorable mood -;Doc Poole. .the. bnrefoot wrestler, dldnt have much chince to dls- ' plaj Ills \vnres against Pete Becker, Hie Geoigla Corn Crac\- er whom he dcfealed easily in straight f-vlls, last ucek, takes on opposition in Buck Lawson, the Oklahoma cowboy, for the curtain raisei Little Is known of Die piowcss of Lav\son, but Poole has convinced the fans jtlnt he can extend a good man > lo the limit Tliey arc down for " ninety minutes, two best falls ,oul of_ tluee Referee Mike Me roney will call the twp to the center of the ring for Instructions promptly nt '8 30 Legion otlicials have announced that the enlargement woik on the bowl, has been almost completed and will offei e\lra seating room Calvin Myall, shown taking a healthy,cut at the hall, lost no .-time getting into action for the Detroit Tigers. The 39-year-old catcher was signed by the New York Giants la'st season following liis release by Cleveland ntler a disagreement with the then malinger, Waller Johnson. He spent 13 seasoni will) the In- Eula Whittle Pushing Edna Geoige and Helen Las- tei foi Lead. Edna George, Dlythevllle Steam Laundry clouler, and Helen Laser, Nu-Wn's hard hilling little ilioi-lstop, who have bcm having Knoxvllle hings pretty much Ihelr own way (ilcly In the balling race of Ihc Iris' Softball League, appear to mve serious competition. Kula Chicago . Whittle, handy nndy for Jack Ap- sl " I '°" ls ileljaum, has clubbed four hits in New York icr last . four, times at bat 'and Plll-suurgli 47 .In-eatens lo muscle hi on E<lna Cincinnati 45 ihd Helen nnd make It a Ihree Uoston • 44 •ny battle. -i Philadelphia as Eula enjoyed a period three ; Illvoklyn ""' M ill average against Evelyn "Unr- y' 1 . McDanlel. Laundry liurlcr, tivo vvccks ago, and drew a base on bulls, nnd a hit oir Sadie Staney, Nu-Wa, lo swell her average from .388 lo .an even ,500. Leaders Go Hlikss Edna and Helen went hltless Inst Monday. The Steam Laun- golfer discards a -lot of extra weapons to lighten the load and thus, through necessity, learns ; to play, all sorts of shots..with' the "You become so familiar with a certain Iron that vou can play It blindfolded, assoils StinfaU, one ol five galling" brothers .developed on the Dykcr Beach course in Biookljn "You Milt your swing to Ihe shot inthcr thai tnke the chib number which coi- ic^jionds to the distance. "Once you're - In a tolirnaineiit, the absencc"of Hie usual burden lives vou a light, nlrj feeling of ficcdom It's the same pilnclp.t that baseball players follow .wher thcj Mvlng three bnli before go- You can eon- game with no Tournament golf fun." be- ing to Ihe plate cenlrale on join distractions^ comes real Cirning Own Weapons Ti.iclles Kcsourcefnhifss Public links plajcis get then Ihe haul wn>, which nmgcs thing so mucli eailei foi llicm \vhei thej get on velvet 'A public links seldom Is ns well groomed as a private one si «e aie accustomed to waggly lies," explains Stiafacl "Hittin] out of divot tears makes even tin uoist lies JOH get on i pilvate couue seem rather casj bj con By Harry Grayson ' NEW YORK—Tralningr on municipal courses is n kill or c " for flutters' nerves ^ Tou"!2""" i t wills didn't bother ~ any of, the record entry of 22J who bid for the national public - links championship over the B«thpige Stale Fanmngdnle, L Pdrk la jou Is I Irnst* "However. The Standini MONDAY, JULY27, : .031 .592 .515 .515 .485 .449 .405 49 Six Weeks Remain With Teams Running Almost in Step. ":•.'.' Hy J .With but In Ihc tun Girls' Softbnll Cola Bottlers six weeks .remaining ICa f' a " ln ' pl "? th<!lr nrsl ' lhr «- 'fli'V werei: out with Jack Appl ebau!n ,„ c!Q!era ^, Bopped by Coca tfota, but came the nightcap, starting at 8 nm k , strong last week Ly nosing i out the Jack Applebaum star, Probable batteries for the Nu-Wa. Sadie Staincy aud . ' I lie last gsine Ihc clmmplonshi)). cli™l? C pi^' 0rea I! 1Z . al10 ". "V/ 11 ^ 0 "-^ 10 "Inekburn, BlaekUurn and j Whittle; La.mdry, E^elyn'McBan" chcult eleven w^eks ago a bitter. Blarney gave up but four and five | iel and Eunice Scott; Coca Col"" Mary Lou Whittle and Sylvia "D- — ".V.-. ; U^U.,LVJ 6"'*- «H UU(J IUIII allU 11VU sniggle has been waged between, hits, respectively. In the prettiest !L f ""L,,? " b3 i... rlr . s A...°, no , «» d ! !>""'!« duel of the season. Bly- ,. . - - - —_ ....<« i .put i (l j£ iiLn-i ui vnv ouaiuil. Illy- hen another lias • occupied the i Ihcvlllc Steam Laundry - presented tm\ l-llnn mill. tn l,~ I... I • ._*-! .« . . . .. ' |*«*.»J*.»lL\.vi Bly- Buchanan; Jack Applebaun n, Lll- SI. Louis >. .....'30 U2 :lry first baseman failed In three '.tics but maintained Ihe hitting lead with ,533. Helen skidded to .500-DS n result of two , fruitless ntlcinpts vvllh tlio stick. In 11 Oiceola " 13 games tlie leader lias appeared Newport ' i-> W. 1,. Pel. 57 33 .033 55 37 .60S .527 .510 .506 .413 '.365 .303 ', ('• i • American League ' W. L. Pet., The Cleaners, led by their pitching slur, Sncllc Stamey, nnd lead- Ing hitler, Helen Laster, provided "!;;.! i am L Coca! the ma)01 ' excitement by winning with Nn-Wn six conscculivc games after drop- and Is Hie "dark horse." Tonight's twin bill brings to- j games. gethcr Blylhcvillc Steam Laun- American Investments in fur- dry and Nu-Wii In the nrst game, farming now nre estimated and Coca^ Cola Bottlers battling $50,000.000. at East Arkansas* Biggest Issue New York 02 32 Cleveland 53 42 Huston 52 43 Detroit ....- ..,. 49 44 Chicago 48 44 Washington 49 45 1'liltadclpliia ....;..f. 31 <a ,600'| .558 .552 527 .522 .521 .333 .32(i nt the plate 30 times at bal, 1ms jonesboro ' scored 10' runs, and secured hits Ilie Nu Wa star has Northeast Arkansas league W. I,. Pet. 4 0 .CC7 8 we are Inndicappcd l)v tlie fact that the average nlcipdl couisc Ls -ihoiter ind less heavily tiapped pionshlp laj out than a chaui- While ciovvds tcacli in to keep oui heads In confiiblon, vve public links golfers me handicapped in this icspcU, too "Pi noticing shols on i duvln™ it .. In fioni the different kinds tee Is docsn'l all well enough, but give jou experience must :dcal 'with rhat is wh> "You get used to long delajs ' at everj tee while somebodj Is hunting for a ball or hacking out - a snappj, 10," sajs Frank Stra- faciMhe 1935 titlchblder who'was reduced lo the role of a spectator in tlie second round th!i> jcar 'I laugh when I hear some bis shot complain about a two-minute hold-up on the tee 'Brother,' I - think lo mvself, 'sou ain't seen iiothmg till you've been caught in a Ijpical Sunday morning traffic jam on a municipal course' "Public links players have to learn patience We're so accns- .tomed,.to'.those Interruptions that a lon ff dcliy does not dl c turb our concentration .is much as it does golfers who Inve been coddled from infancy on fashionable private courses 'Wcvc had the ideal training for , the. kind of contusion that jou often find in a championship when spectators run hog wild across the fairway chasing a fa- vonte of lies that vai on any round. mans who lm\e theii wings dmvn pit in piactice lose their foi in when thcv get out on tlie course and hnio to play shot* from uneven ground "In my opinion the best kind of pr.icticc Is to plaj an 18-hole round stopping vv)^n possible to rehearse shots which don't' come lilts in 20 times nt, bat, and has crossed the ptntc 11 times in a contests. Eula lias participated hi all of Applebaum's games, has. 11 iiits It runs and 22 limes at bat, Others In the first ten Include: Hazel Lutes Applebaum, .480; lone Friend, Applebaum, .480; Doris Fowlei, Laundry. .470; Imo- gcnc Smith, Nu-Wn, .452; Gussle Blackburn Applebaum. .444; Eve- Is n McDanlel Laundry, .434; and Eunice Scott laundry, ,42S. Thel- inir .Tnlc, Nu-Wa, and . Suddcth. Laundry, hnvc 500, but have taken pnit In but one game. '[ With the exception of Pauline Riissell's home run,"Hint enabled l>;i lo tic with Lucille Oldhnm. Coca .Cola. Helen Laster and Cella Whittle and Marie. Iglchail, 0,11 of Nu-Wa Cleaners, each having two the departmental'..loaders iclalned their honors. They are: hits -Fdna George, iti; runs—Imb- gcnc Smith, Nu-Wa, 15; triples —Marie: Igleharl. Nu-Wa, Pauline Russell, Laundry, 2. each; doubles —Bcndonna Huey, nnd Luc|Hc Okilmm, Coca Cola, and Classic Baickbuni, • Applcbaum'i 2 each; total bases'—Marie 'Iglchart, and Pauline Russell, 22. •' -, Gussle Beaten '- - ' ,' When -Sadie Stamey won the decision over Oi'isslp Blackburn lust week, 'it marked tlie passing of the last unbeaten pitcher among the regular performers. The Applebaum pride 'had won liei llnce stalls Tbe victory enabled the Nu-Wa sharpshartCT .to icnmln nt the lop of" the pl(ch- liuj list .with seven victories and 1 defeat. Mary Lou Whittle received un imexiKctect thumping at the hands of an inspired Blytheville G-'enm Laundry, playing theli 18 Canithcrsville ... 9 10 Batesvllle .."........ 0 Pnvngoiild .'..'. G .474 ,:«:i .300 Baseball Results Southern League Memphis 4-1, Chattanooga 2-0. ' New Orleans 2-4, Atlanta 1-1. Birmingham 12-13, Knoxvllle 9-0. Niishvillc 9,. Ultlo Rock 5. National league , Boston 4-5, St. Louis 3-8. Philadelphia 4-5, Chicago ;0-18. New York 5-3. Cincinnati 4-G Brooklyn! 1-4. Pittsburgh 0-3. America Boston 10, Detroit 3. New York 12-11, "Chicago 3-8. Philadelphia 13-5, Cleveland 0-8, Washington 9-3, St. Louis 2-9. Northeast Arkansas League Osccola 3-1, Newport 1-3. Caruthcrsville 10-10, Paragould Jonesboro 3, Batcsville 1. ' Today's Games ' Southern , League New Orleans at Atlanta. Little Rock at Nashville. Only games. National League Chicago at Philadelphia. Cincinnati at New York Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. Only games. first game of Harold under .the leadership "Trigger" Wall, and reduced hei pitching record to five wins -us compared to 3 reverses. Lillian Browning has one and one. Held to four hits by Sadie Sta- mcy, Jaik Applebaum lost 'II points but still held on 'to the club batting lead with .350. Laim- dry has .345 for second, with Nil- piopcilv Om problem In tlilslWa and Coca Cola, tied for he , „<; respect is that our cpuiscs aie sot Icauua lead In wins and losses Crowded llmt wed stait a riot if tiall with 310 and .209 -respect-' " " ™' ay " s ' rokc N »- w « "«s a nvc point ad- Still, public links training has 'vantage ovci Jack Applebaum In Its compensations Some of our fielding with .8,10. Coca Cola lias more famous stars of private .816 and 'Laundry' 29 select courses— both amateur and pro fcssional- would do well to liy it as a cure for tcnnnramcnl Tlie Three Professions Too Many SAN . FRANCISCO IUP>— Three professions are too much for one person. A Eantn Cm?, shack dwei'- er, gave his profession as poet when charged bs fedeial nnthrr- HIcs with counterfeiting. He then elected a third profession as attorney for himself but received a year's sentence for the possession of counterfoil 50 cent ptcrrcc. New Jersey lias tlie fewest manmade border lines of any state In .813. . in Circle .300 circle also Includes: Sena Trumblc, Coca Cola, .421; Adelaide Cowsert. Coca Cola 400 Pauline Russell. Laundry,, .393; Blanche Morris. Applcbamn 393, ----- American New York at Detroit. Washington nt Cleveland Philadelphia at Chicago Boston at St. -Louis. Northeast Arkansas League Open -date. lieu is Village I'ef DURAT. Out. (UP)_A lien has become the village pet here ]j cause of Its ability lo Imitate a rooslcr. The hen often crows and struts around like a proud ;nck. In between times she acts ;ike a well-behaved hen. Trolling horses frequently can be converted into pacers, merely by use of n lighter, set of shoes. Drs. Wert 4 Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Stort, "WE MAKF 'KM SEE" Phona 6*0 the' Union. Private Courses Swm Easy "Arter rUyiris Public Links -"Excited . galleries don't show tournament competitors any consideration, but xv e public links bo>s are \used to that sort o[ thing \Ve stand in line for hours on Sundays and holidajs to check in. "Sometimes we lug our own bags Wo try to keep, a line on nhere our : ball goes, struggle with bad lies;, divot marks, and heel prints in bunkers, and otherwise ^ face hardships unknown to Ihe private course member. "Being jostled bj a mob Is no new experience to us The public links player can lAkc it and does so cheerfully because of his love for the game. He'd ralher play golf than eat. That's no figure of speech either if you've seen a' tjplcal public links cate- , leria on a busy holiday. No swank grill rooms and cozy lounges for the public links golf- er." , v ^,As Strafaci, a US-pound dark- eyed Italian with finely chiseled features, points out, carrying a ^ IMC ,of clubs helps to develop ihoulder muscles/strengthen legs, I •"• »r«l leach ' resourcefulness. The .385; Sylvia Bucliaimn. Coca Cola. .375; Mary Lou Whittle, .375; Alice Salibn, Anplcbaum, .TIoj Lucille Olrtlinm, Cocn Cola. .360; Mavie Iglchart, Nu-Wa, .355: Lorene Wiciner, Coca Cola, .333; Ruby, Lutes, Applebnuin, .333; Nadlue Wills. Nu-Wa. .333: Bendonna H«cy. Coca Coin. .320; Ruth Irwin. Laundry, .318; Wllnm Igleliart, , Nii-Wn. .303. "Brownie" Klnzey. Cocii cola, .300. Before You Bny Any Outlioarit - Sec (he NEPTUNE 2 H. r. <g,tr Sinjlc Cyl. W ±O (Other Sizes lo 16 11. P.) HUBHARD TIRR & HATTEKY CO. Now Contracting Fall Acreage Beans See Blytheville Canning Co. Blytheville, Ark. No I'cadei of ihis newspaper who' recalls the tlcvaslaiing'Hoods:of' 1927 and olhcr high-watei yr >ai-s questions (He absolute necessity of pro- tccline; our people against the,-recurrence-of stich calamities. No business man who has seen the wide benefits from increased employment through, river work by the Federal Government fails to recognize their tremendous stimulus to business. " ''.'.' -. -v Some of the richest farm lands -'in America, many of the most thriving cities of Arkansas, lie within the shadow of fldod disasters, and the Governor of Arkansas should be even more vitally interested in the solution of this problem than [he, administration at Washington. Yet ED MCDONALD is the ONLY candidate for Governor who.has recognized the interests of Eastern Arkansas people by pledging imme- diaic and 'constructive', attention to Flood Control. Rend what lie said : rhore than six weeks ago in his opening address at Malvern: State Co-operation With Federal, Government •- ^Civilization lias reached the.point that tlio lai-ijcr DioKiiims lor public'wcllarc'.must'bo the result of Miicertwl ell'ort exorter] rKn-sislenlly in'the uxcciilion' oi loiie-liiiic m-ogninis. The State of Louisiana has .long been the recipient of splendid contributions from . llio iVUioim QovsH-unienl toward'Us in lood coiitro!. For every doiiar spent in Arkansas, Louisiana has received probably fifty or a hundred times as mstcli. This is largely because several years nt'o .Louisiana organized lier forces and has'been working inUllifrently and harmoniously with tlie U b. Corps'ol Kngincers in the work of jevce building, tlio solving of local navigation problems, reclamation conservation and flood control. '. .On. May 15,. 1028, the Congress of the United Slates passed the First Flood Control Aet. Tlic Gov- ermhcnt (hereby assumed full responsibility for the control of the main stem of (be Mississippi River Recently another Flood Control Bill has been enacted, commonly known as the Overtoil Bill This provides an appropriation of $202,000,000.00 most of winch will be spent in Louisiana. Anothei bill passed bv Congiess, known as the Omnibus Keseivou Bill, c.uues an appiopiiation of ">320,000,000 00, most of which will be spent in various states ioi contiollnif_thp tiibntaiies ol the gieat national di,imago system' Ai kins is no ofhcial state agency io pi ess the claims of this SUtc and should bo Mtally mUicstcd in this uoik ! I piopose as Goveinoi to nchocale the cicniion of a [iiopci Slate agency to meet all icqnnemcnts of the Fedeial Co\(|kiment Tins might bo called soine- tliing- like the Arkansas Flood Control Commission, which shall be authorized to study carefully a longtime prog-ram for, the-full development of our waterways and have full authorization to-represent the Slate in Hood control, reclamation and general conservation of the natural agencies, said board to work in harmony with the local levee and drainage districts. By creating such a commission, the State will have a central agency with authority to co-operate with the Federal Government and therefore .procure for its people their just proportion of Federal benefits. The Junctions (if Miis .Hoard will no( be such as to interfere wilh flic functions of our present levee and drainage districts. : STANDING on ALL issues in the same clear-cut way, ED JIcDONALD goes on Wt° victory,,with pyramiding support in all parts of Arkansas. A tested public official, who has always won his advancement through election by the people (not by political preterinent or appointment) he owes affiliation to no Win or clique,— has no debts to pay lo political manipulators and slush fund contributors. Running solely on his own merits—without backing of special interests—lie welcomes the support of all who want Free Government and who endorse his platform ol Progress with Lconomy. And, because thousands of Arkansans believe in the principles for winch lie stands and in Kd McDonald's ability to carrv them out successfully, more than 100,000 voters will unite on August llth to roll un a tremendous victory for ,'•••• Ed F. MCDONALD For Governor Ed McDonald Will Speak Ensl Arkansas citizens can hear Kd McDonald spenk nl these potn'-s tills week. Tuesday l,akc Cily I.cachville Alanila Blytheville Wednesday Osccola Karlc Wynne Thursday rnrkin West Memphis 1'orrcsl Cily Friday Marinnnn Marvell Wcsl Helena Helena Saturday Clarendon Krinklcy DcVnJls UlnlT DCS Arc i fear JHcl F. McDonald Speak in Ulylhovill,; Tuesday Niglu, 8 P. M., Court House

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