The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 19, 1934
Page 2
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SATURDAY, MAY 19, 1934 ILTTHlVEil: OBEJ CODWES KIWI TURK* AJUTO OBI • lUewi and Motes fror VETEI ID SEEK SPEED HUE IN National Champion Trying for Third Win in Indianapolis Classic By KltSKINR JOHNSON" NFA Senii-e Slatf CurreS]HJtident LOS ANGEL.E3.—King of tile roaring road in 1928. 1929. and 1933, Luuie M?yt.-r will mike his firsi tul fcr I'.is year's national title in u !iome-:nade 4-cylinder car at Indianapolis en Memorial Day. Tr.e SOMthern California spec'-l demon is p.n similarly "hoi" and will be the chief threat In the annual 500-mile chisElc. Preparing fcr the long May 30 grind, Meyer won two big races on the wcsi coast in recent weeks. His first victory was a 150-mile road race in Ixw Angeles. Later he won a similar 250-mile race in Oakland. Meyer's backyard creation, in wljlch. he hO]>es to show the way, is a J70QO car of liis own design, v.1th a lot of secret innovations. With [he exception of the frame and lirf-s, it was built entirely at home. The popular 'ciol of the racinw game has a inacr.iiic shop here. He hired an engineer and a mechanic to nelp put the 4-cylinc!c job together. Hie trio spent al mcsl a year at tr.eir labor. According to Meyer, the car is capable of a sp^ed of 150 miles a! hour on 13 miles !o a gallon of gas The mount is painted bright ma roon and yellow, with the engine block chromium plated. lleyer, whose was a chain t>;on bicycle racer in Germany, firs gained prominence in 1923, when he won the Indianapolis race aiv captured the national title. He had bten racing two ye.ars before. He again won national honors in 1929, although lie finis.hed second to Ray Kecch at. the Indiana oval. Krech was a certainty to win the national title but he was killed at Lou Meyer and His "Backyard" Ocalion You Don't Believe in Dragon:?? Look Here! 4 i j Gallon Limil al uiHilis Loses lls for Drivers luliiin- Tcvror l/)u Meyer, national auto champion o£ 1933. is out for his third win of ite Indianapolis 500- mile event. May 30. Lou is shown above in his new "backyard" creation, and closeup in inset. Will,Show Products in Sixty Cities Trie Week of June 2 to 9 DETROIT. Mich.-A great nation-wide exhibition of General Motors products will lie staged thru- out the country the week o[ June 2 to 9, inclusive. The program calls for holding, simultaneously, sixty exhibits, eaer, Joyner and Boniiield ' Build Sikeston Plant Joyner and Bonifield. local Texaco agents, have started construc- liun of a new bulk station and office at Sikeston, Mo., which will be opened for business in about three weeks. The building will be of sheet melal construction and Is being built under the supervision of W. L. Hughes, local contractor. The building will be 30 by 50 ftet and will house, besides [he ollices, two large oil tanks with a capacity of 40,000 gallons. U will cost approximately $6,500. [{•irestone Plans Reproduction o{ African Plaata- tion at Big Fair AKIiON, O. — Realistic rubber plantations wilh latex flowing from The bulk station be the distributing center for the district which includes Sikeston, Cape . i-i ,1 -" ll - L "lln-ll 1ILUUUL3 OIIM3LU. a complete showing housed under | oirardcau and Cairo III a single roof, in the sixty leading the trees and African jungle background ol help give "A Century of Progress" of 1934 u world-wide aspect. It be In Altoona and the Meyer. crown went to For three i-ears thereafter Meyer failed 10 cui a big slice in the race fo.- -the championship. It wasn't unlil last year that his luck returned. He flasr.ed home tirat al Indianapolis and won the 1033 i:- tle. Oddly enough, .Meyer's only injury during nine years of rating was a broken shoulder blade, and this was suffered when the accelerator of his car stuck to the floor during a practice spin at bos An- On two occasions, Meyer was uninjured in spectacular accidents. One was at AHoona in 1930, when his car leaped the guard rail, ar.d the other was at Syracuse, in a six-car piieup. Although her i:usband is a champion, Mrs. Meyer forever is pleading with him lo give up the throl- tle. She's thinking about 3-year- old Louie. Jr.. if anything should happen to his daddy. But Racer Meyer refuses lo quit. "It's in the blood, I guess," he explains. Then, looking over his shoulder to see .that Mrs. Meyer wasn't listening, he said: "Why. even little Louie is itching to drive." a new jiorlion of the Firestone |I"actor>' and Exhibition Uuildlng IKDIANAl'Ol.lS KI'KKDWAY.— \ new fui-l was ili-aain-itratrd lu-iv by "Wild Hill" Omnium's. IT. In a MTl-.-s ul lo.i inns avei- j!li)|{ 111 mile:, per hour, in an lloit to a.ssurj ihe lai-iiHj fral'.r-. illy dial the Vi nallwis nf HIIMI- I me lo which emrants in lhc . r iOU-| Memmilll Day H !<•<• will Ij- united wilt fci- .sinlicn-iii lu permit lii-iii to linish ilu- me,. Cuinmings blalnud from 4S Kalians of Ihl-i in-1 a lolal inlli'iitjn \\hich would lave tcunhi'd M ijillluns uf ill.? .('iimiliunul tyjii' iiu-itu; K:IMI|IIU-. "This iu-w raeliij; jjai-ulnii 1 h-j-s Hiuenduus I-II.TV.V." Cnmniini;:; aid. "It Ls the he; Me:,l nu.sohni- •vur refined am! weighs fai IUOH- gallon than uikiT (Mi-^llni's. 1'llis Is wllill gives it Mich [ioiv.-i-. use ul Ihij fuel .-ihulllil l-i'l 1 - liimly result in .vnm- new rvumis whig hung up al tills year's nice." I Officials in ihe .SpiMluuy ex-1 plained lhat the bine ul Mils ni-w I liiel is a safely fcoth nun-explusivr and non-lii- I1ain:mib!i' at tirdlnary tempi -ia- tiuis lilended wnli tills is a casing head gasoline ufm-h is ,su vul- alile and to gabcuus llial If » gli,.-,, o: il is llnown in Ihe nlr il will L-va[x)rale Iji-fure a .sinyie drup can! lunch lhc ground i I he |Hjwer o[ this new fuel Is! derived from a inlulylic agi-nl i »!i:ch is used In a .S[x-ulal pi IH.-C.S.I j which lhe Standard Oil Company' ul l.lufciana inliuduceil in Oils! cum'.iy .several years ago," ]Kilnlc(l ui.l, "In us tjiij- ilin! slate Ihis Easoiine is u li-jlit (iislilhile. Placed llllllei liemcnduus prixMires mid terrific hull Ihis distillate, aided Maybe you thought,: diii|>un.s wen- somnhlii; yuil nail aljmil In fairy l-.ilev \V;-ll. here tic- a i-uupli' i-iyln l>-[i>:i- yoiii- eyvs--shown us they up-i-urrd 11:1 leaching New York's liiv.nx /on Irnm lhe Dutch Uast Imlhs. whin- Ihi-y were capluivil by Ha- amalL-ui- /i»i!ui>lsl.'i 1,-iwreni.v Clriswohl, (il iMJllne wirn-h" iii |'« lli " l "- v - M "-'-' i - Lllul William llailmi-ss. of New Yuik. '|h,. rn,-,. lizard 1 :. mcaHirln; more than 3 f-Cl lun/. an- ill;- In .1 of Ih'.'lv kind i-v, r lu l:e bit)iii;hl lo this couiilry. cities nf the United Stales. Each exhibition will last a full week. Ad- nission will be free. The period, June 2-9. has also =cc:i dedicated to Genera! Motors at tl'.e Century of Progress Exposition at Chicago. Coming during the biggesl Spring ' selling season in recent years, the exhibit will, it is expected, servo : to prolong automobile selling and: manufacturing and hence, employment; beyond the usual peak- 'in i !he automotive industry. Featuring the sliows will latest models of General cars, including new lines which have been but recently introduced. NE\T at Blylheoille's Theatres jur ,It--e E. Brown. Ihe king clown in llfs on Hip snrni of Ihr Hit/ of ihe rcrii-n. is sclH-tlnk-d [n uo thenlre Tursdny iiml ^Ved]ivsd:iy in ' „ „ R fi ,, '„ ' „ Und will be representative of Kire- distillate, aided by lhe i-a.iiljilc i «f »«' -''•^••'t. Is sclinluk-d tn W inealre Tuesday ami WednvMhiy in I:. W. Bomfleld will manage the,. u] _ n ... t j al . iieveloDmeiit in "Bent, undertows ama^ni; eliL-mi- i 1 -l>e fraUiri- iilinicllun ul the Hit/, the Winner Urov nii-iun- of ih'.- Sikeston plant and Mr Joyner | L|teria £ * uf Af ., a] fll , IH ^. s _ u c , m , rt ,,. s ;l tot; ,,,,, I th-.'atri- amulay nml Monday In .<„„.,- lilk-. will remain in charge of the lo-| rlca ililfin-ni product, cunsuleiacl.- '-is lalcM First Natlonul piilmv. Hochelle Hudson as I.iliimis and cal P |a " 1 - T h P , rff , were <s><innpri frnm Hie !heavier in weiKht. with a j.hnn>lv " A Vt ' r V llunnrabk' Ouy." «hlch I'aliicla Ellis us Mimi .share him- siEu'eu GIG Irlca. The trees were shipped from the Firestone plantations, and the spectators will see these tapped with latex Honing. Animated ure.s will perform the steps i rubber production— tapping, po ing out the latex, and bringing It Into the preparation mill on Iht- plantation. In the mill will be seen cr in weight, with a s Increased iiiimlx-r of heat unit., per giillcn and a very lugli aiili- kacck value." In this Mage It is i .safety fuel, which will not burn ur Very lliinnrabl nibes to be- (jlu- ill) licklii.--,. ii- 13. has the Is Ouy." «hlch I'aUicla Ellis us Muni .share hun- ul hi:, gieal- ors in the f:mlnmi- leads as we as bHng rivals lur liie luve <if rule of the Ilnrold. IJmiBlas Diiinbillh-. on dumb si., hi- lhe oilier liinul is Uiu wcnlthy , ur _ explode al ordinary iem)a.'riiiiiii.-.s.! ls '""'I'-sl. with llobart C'avanuii'jli banket- who h Kiunld'.s rival l>.-\ f(Jllr ] Illcrcst j n g ,;: coauulatioti. isheetins;. smoklnt;, drying, and ba!- il] S A native villnge will be Motors Production Up More Than'j n thc (ilstonc e, and the lom-toms 50 Pf»r Cfnt- MAU rn of tne natives will blend with thc r, ,^^1',: ,? «•"!•• of machinery. A planiatior _ m.^11 unw j t'-tiL^i^ Nitiiruuieu. r^ i s\t\ r\f*f\ * m i There will be representative model PaSS 100,000 Mark Cadillacs Fisher equipped Fleet wood with cither li|.« T° r ^ Isvo0(1 .,. bo(l1 ' 15 : IS «! DEARBORN. Micl.-World sales ateit . L 5.,,S 1Ie .L,!l t . h ri 0 ? 1 ™^: 01 Ford P^»wr car,, commercial expert will explain each operalion. Beyond the plantation will be scientific exhibits of rubber in- Coagulation, the spectacular . agecars- commerea bodies; Buick str ni? h. eights, in-! cars and trucksi totalled m 1553 eluding the new low-medium pric-: units in the firs' four months'-of ed • 1 40" models; oids:noMle straight 1934. according to announcemem ati l ° a tnnk of ncld wherc u k im ~ eights and sixes; Poutiac eights, the home office of the Ford Mo " lc<JilU( -'ly congealed into a ribbon Ordinary gasoline burns or vxplaies roiliaying a plckpouktl svl:om lie l.illiuns and cmurs near li> ::nillsll- ! sub-zero ti-mpernttiics. '- s Isylna lo relunii. aciini; a.-, las iny th<- ymiiiifnl Miiniur.i-. "As a safely luel this new pral- foil in ll "-' l' ;irl ot llls >>o'.oiii Olhers In in.- nisi Isichnli- C'.uy act IULS nuuiL'roas adviintage:;. bm it lack.s ct-rlnln (|llick sh-rlnn; and Alici ' Whit: Pa Lovruvll. Mrs. ]^ivi-v.-:-li. rapid warm-up chaiact.nsucs which lire necessary in a r.icins! ty|K: (jHfulint." V.'alter E. research i-ngiuter for the Stand- has Ihr- rrjlr of a i lUundic cJK']-us jjirl whu'r l|.:it.-eit in ifi;- iu3r uf diir-ctor racing ' alicdion.s vacillal 1 . 1 between tin' cf the :,hiiw I'ivcn by Ihi. 1 Junior !iai:iT yambU-r and ;i mad dtjctur wl'.n IA-H.^IIC. lltjburt G'avanani'h a-, lluir fjlKiiicitil up.; an:] i[(jui:.-i. Pi:]i, Chic C'ljuridlei, u'.; f.l'ac.s. 7','nie fa" children fo uii>(' beds ard Oil Cuiniiiiiiy of -Louisiana, ' in.d. "We have hi-i-n able U: overcome ihLs diiliciiUy afier several month* of labwator, wuvk by blellthn; it wilh and Chevrolet sixes, including the recently announced Chevrolet im- months -r>f Phenomenon of latex—dripping m- lo a tank of acid where it is im-1 " lh!s is <Io:l e '"' • 1 -"c)i a wny il.,., we retain the weiglll and th;- jiuw- tor Company. Reflecting the general improve' proved standard six, ,t,,e wor.,^ nienVIn b^ine« a* iv U nd"^ ,. lowest-priced six-cylmder car. All ing power throughout the world the ChevroVhave'S ^ ^ ™" 1 gr ' ater; wheels, developed by Genera! Mo-' of^U 6 wVch' Tokio Statesman To Visit F. R. was 107699 Vnits every means of comparison Ford i and then wrapped on a spindle. The Brownitin movement of lu- lex. l^atex ,a milky fluid, is a of fine panicles in a wa- DC medlum consisti »i largely of particles seen, continuously in motion, under lhe microscope. „.,_.., '"J every means ol comparison Ford i — H The Fisher bodies shown on the sales lotals in the first four months' Vulcanization, showing the rtif- varwjis lines of cars will exhibit period were more than one a ' nd ' f«encc in strength ol rubber vul- llie latest styling and craftsman- one-half limes greater than in the c!>mzed »' ith sulphur, ship, as well as the improved Fish- same ueriod Insi w «r i witl1 raw rubber. Then cr no-draft ventilation. Among other Gen"rol pri ' compared a step fur- 1 The greatest increase was In do- ! t l rer ~ the 5li " « rcMEr s'^iigin and Motors meslic sales in (he United States ell " tlclt > r of rubber vulcanized with to be shown wilt be some The total for the first four monfs sul P llllr P llls nn accelerator-winch _ f .,. . , . . " "•••->- —- ^—«« »v/i inv iiiai. luar iiiuj of tl.e latest developments of max-' cf 1934 was 214,133. which was -i „„ , . . • - o . than the 77,758 apart from transportation units sold in the same period last' balnnce 'he hibiled by the Prig'dairc and Del- world total included sales of c'a- co__ A pphancc Divisions. .nadian and European production. United ^fotors Service included will b3 _ Tfe greatest relative imiiroveirent nnH •„ ,'" lhe iisl of exhibitors in ford sales took place in South "" d .-i'J.!!. a V B »"_l'"«-estin g displav America and the Far Easl where reduces lhe lime The abrasion test, showing sandblast that rubber of this t; stands more wear than steel. Thc plantation and scientific . hlbiUs will be arranged in duplicate so visitors coming by either .T ol lhe .safely fuel and al In' *>••". i*,». , , , .amc tilic n-tai'n the i d aci-i-l-: "'oaks "I «hii-ii he Is the biuhi.s. with a &. r irl icporler whom . ... iniicLs whth- iryltiR lo appce- llubert Biiiral is Ihu iluulur and luhlle TI ilyn :is Hliadow. :.lnyu ] ] :i -nd a maniac. Their romance -is i Ival fur lhe love u[ lhe pivliy<il as Knlly. UK hard Caih-'n jvii ami 1111; ullalr. because clim-i-^ (irl. Irene l-'iiiiif.lin piny:, as I'lnmekt- and Chiirli.s V/ilM.n; Cr v an- nlwavs i-i Uin-; inlo nrxil- 11,i- lull- ol Mi'-s While's moll'.er. !is Mr-Klnnry. ' a yrabbmg parent \Vhlle lhe ];]clut wllu is otit lii .see lhal IILI daujh- :-ii-al th-ie iii-e [i r ui:iiri-s lui miyjivy hui : on.• injmL. r:; jji fur love. [ un.ce .•.|ii-c!allics. Alan Dinrharl hi ads :i bund of is mil a 1:111-, "id,I i.n lo Hi.- eration . ' l ' ll<: chaiaclvl.s i.isoliuc." ' famous As n icMill of ihLs di'v.-Suiim-ii'' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 11 -" known lu eration and ihe quick u.i:in-up| chainctcrisllcs uf the casii-j; ln-a.l i " Pluyhii; oppn.siU' each oilier for he s' : iiiciils :il:oiil their '"conllicling ns- MKiimuus. In I In- c:ivt Mipporlin:; .laincs IHihii and Ct-ihi' Tu-viJi 1 , are Alan 1 !l\'.anK Ciiilrudc Michael, John u.ivld-un. lioliiit McWade, EHie and .lay Waul, llamiltun lhe si'<oi:d time. James I'-imn nn,l. Marl-add n tlin;cUd. Irmn lhc or- araclvl.s of Carl Ed's | Clali.- Tn-vur will mnjie ihi-ir ap- ( ir-iiuil screen play by Dudley Nleh- tomic strip. "llaruld peavanc-.- in "Huld 'I hat (in-ir I-',)-;! ( .!.s a n | l.amar 'I'mlti. m:lliim.s ol lhc fuel limilatiuns wlii.-li | "«'Wi.pap<-r leadrr;. will I;.' ' ~ -his • year's Meniorml May cus.,:c are nol lhe nighlniarc dial they weeks iiyo. Umlliiig have lo aicrase b.tler miles per gallon, dwpite lm's l.ilisl l,'!i ::.<(• v.tnrh cuir.ts' -the scri'i'ii of iln- Kilt tiiejtiv "Half A Sinr.rr" will Le shown iii-Mluy and Friday. 'SaiHi-duy /.liivi-iiii; Pally Bl.iisie mid A voillhli.l ([..levliv^ f.ills lu Joe] MLCU-.L. \ each entrant tu a lolal of -i:. .ons of j;abOliiiL- for i!r; •- ..iu ' iiin.-i UlUr than miles means that each car will hour. lhc leaders will iir.dosiulr:lly KI'J i::i!.:5 un- of accessories. Trucks of types, uses and capacities. biiilVby i General Motors Truck Company | and Chevrolet, will be shown in iinaiiy of tre cities. Music by well- known orchestras will be nrovid^tl m each city, as well as other fci- tures of entertainment. The cities in which shows will be held arc: Boston. Hartford New Haven. Providence. Albany. B-eok- lyn. Buffalo. New York. Rochester Syracuse. Newark. Atlantic Cilv! Philadelphia. Harrisburg. Pjtts- biirzh. Baltimore. Washington Chnrleso' Ricl ' nlo " ti ' Charlotle Nashville. Memphis. Jacksonville ™,'?; lch - Nc «' 9^">s. Toledo «"•"-*-. "imu Paul. Omnha. f^rgo. St. 0 "-"' WidliU ' City. Tnlsx Dallas. Houston. San Aiuonio, EI Paso. Denver, Salt Lake n.ii rfa " rrnnrtsco - L«s Angeles S^ 1 ^' Spokane. Seattle and : Portland. Artincial w niarkable res. inc have bee T'ey can b that bear n rc- V.*™ i..u i ,ii j^:,,. ^uere trn^ino cr»r»c totak for the four month pe - ."^ st ±^,' r:od of 1931 four of 1933: in w;-ere (he totals were nine times The spectators will then view tin; ictory production line which will '. larger and more sj>ectactnar t.) show the complete manufacture of greater than last year and Tn ci S "° W the co:n ^ ]c{c manufacture of ^tinriwH^ii** ^ ^"^^r^ in Europe which was grea'lest oilt'-ij'""' 1 '/"I ^ " Ucrcstill S « tlU "- sidc Die united Stales in unil vol- "^.Jf S 0l " Cr FlrosloT1 ° ume was 36 per cent over last year's figures. Domestic Ford production in May is expected lo reach a total of 110000 units, which Is at the rate of 3.000 rare a day. This compares with produclion of 46.448 In May Took Movirs of Coyote Den PENDLETON, Ore. (UPI-W. L. Finlcy, noted Oregon naluralist. made aclion photograpiiy a part of his studies when he took pic- 1 lures of trapping coyotes and digging coyote pups out of their dens in Northeastern Morrow County. Colorado Elk Sc»rce OURAY, Colo. (UPl-Elk. which usually conic down from the high- kinds about tills lime of year to are very products. Four-l*g 6 td Chicken Hatched ATCHISON, Kan. (UP)—Added to the host of oddities produced in Kansas is the four-legged chicken that was hatched at the Berry brolhers halchery here. II has two extra legs and feet which are pi-i- fectly formed, but drag behind the two regular legs. Hiiildiii!; of belter feeling uc- livci'ii Ilio U. S. and Japan Is s.n-iL as Hie aim of Kutiiiiunro Kouoj-e, above, head of Japan's [.ouse of peers, in lita visit \vilh President Hooscvelt in June. Konoye, 43, is one of the youngc-sl- Japanese ever lo ^o•|l^ lila present high position mid Is incntloied M It line for the preislertfclf. , - .-., scarce this year. ..-*.,.*,i,. iu LIU. BVIIU- Continued good grazing, and light made for fishermen, snowfall on the peaks' are given cut into desired =s reasons for their preference for Die high places. JOYNER & BONIFIELD Head Courier News Wanl Ads. ••••• Windstorms Strike Quickly Windstorms are merciless. They strike without warning. You can guard against fire or thieves, bill yon nre helpless lo protect your property against, tornado damage ixcept with Insurance in a goad company. See us nbout windstorm insurance for all properly. first National Insurance Agency General Insurance Phone and away! linikts Ail iusl p linikcs Kciiiu'il I'l'iuli'rs Sl Molnr Time-tips iMimir Repairs Hyilnnilir Washing SliincTiird (J:is I'iri'-toiu 1 'I'iri's I'uril IfetU-ru's Hadin Kc|:airs PhiHips Motor Co. OneStopServiceStation Hcrnartl (innoh, Mgr. Ciirnor \\'alimt & Kilth DONT. WORRY — u-c car, make it loo!: (il;c new! V.',- I :ivi- ii'isii out Ihoso i[i-:i[s in yccir wiTckcil ciiv in \v. hwidis, 21 //or.r am air! I SKOUSE^LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. M. H. & Walnut SI;. (Mimic fi.'i.'l

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