The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1946 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1946
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MAY 31, 19-10 Strippers Study Unions' Demands Government Hopes That June 15 Strike Can Be Avoided. BY'CHARLES H. HERROM) WASHINGTON, Mny 31. (UP) — Employer reprcsonlHtlvcs todny studied maritime union dcmnnds for averting a June 15 shipping strike as the government pushed plans to keep vessels operating if no agreement Is. reached by that date. "Negotiations resumed under the gnidanco bit n federal mediator after Secretary of Labor Lewis H. Q&iwellenbach gave the parties an administration ultimatum lost night against striking. Schwellenbach told union and employer representatives that "we simply cannot have a maritime strike" in view of the international situation and the need for food In devastated areas. He requested them to meet In continuous negotiations here to resolve their dispule without, a strike. Schwcllcnbnch told reporters that the strike, ordered by one Independent and six CIO unions, would result in a complete shipping licit]). The seven unions presented their demands to the shipping operators at a government-sponsored conference late last night. Although the demands were not made public, the unions have been asking a 30 per cent wage Increase, a 40-hour week, adjustment of overtime pay and rc- trpactivity of any agreement to Jan. 1. Cap. Granville Comvny, War Shipping Administrator, said that his agency "has not worked out any plan with the navy or n other organization" for running • the ship lines. "But that doesn't mean that we are not talking about what, might have to be done it a strike occurs," he-added. Schwellcnbach refused to discuss any government plans for operating the ships if the maritime unions strike. Union Leaders Throttle City Ranchers Test Two-Way Radio System May Solve Communications Problem on Plains. CHEYENNE WELLS, Colo. (UP) — Tills cattle town of less than 1,000 These union leaders and others this week brought virtually all business In Hochestcr, N. Y., a city ot 325,000 population, to a standstill tor a whole day. seeking in their union way to force city officials to permit municipal employes to become members of a labor union. Al liossl, right., president, of the AFL, Federation of Stale, County and municipal Employees, is nbout to enter tile office of City Manager Louis H. Caitwirhl in Rochester, New York. The union presented an ultimatum demanding recognition by the city o[ Rochester. Left to right: Kenneth Corey, Fred Burke, Michael Donnelley, who arc union stewards <NEA Telophoto.) Eating Habits Of Children Get Attention Because the pro-school child needs foods to build bones, teeth, muscles and blood, a wise mother will try to get her child to eat daily one quart of milk, one egg. • one serving of meat or fish, green vegetables and some tomato or orange juice, Home Demonstration Agent Cora Lee Coleman told Mississippi County homcmnkers re- .cently. Liver or other similar food should be served once n week. Dried apricots may be served frequently. A baby at birth require from about 350 to BOO calories each day, she said, and at one year from 800 to' 1,200 calories. This need increases gradually r :to six years, when the child' shou'ld 'have "from il,400 to 1,600 fchJoripb. 'AHmcklera|.t!tl ac- rtahv jtbkes" 'about 2-500, cat•'«&>': v- -' i'- 1 i-'-i>i>!'t. : .. ... live ones' : ..the child's calories, .,;'; starchy. Vsvt'gjV ab!es*"fruiis alii • fruit juicesMitK a small amount O f butler may be served, she stated. As children are building bones, teeth, muscles and blood, they need more building foods in proportion to weight than an adult docs. At one year of age, the child will cat about one-third to one-half as much as his mother, at three years one-half or a little more, and at six years about two-thirds as much. Radar to Be Eyes orTeslingBombs Electronics Play Major Part in War On Land and Sea. By JOSEPH 1,. MY1.KK f United I'rc&s Stuff Correspondent ABOARD USS MT. McKINLEY EN ROUTE TO HIKIN!. Mny 31. (UP)—Electronic eyes ;md bruins nuoanl this (Inyshlp will keep constant wiUch nmi control over every phase of Operation Crossroads Unr- jui; this Summer's ntoinic bomb tests at Bikini. They nre situated In the Ml. Att:- Kinlcy's CIC—Nerve center of the entire operation. In chnvge of the CIC—combat ntellLBcnco center—Is Cimlr. Alex Vildlng of Los Anyelcs. On Abii! ind linker days when the atomic >ombs go off iimong 74 target shipr, n Bikini Ingoon he will be one of he busiest mer. in joint. Task Force One. With its radio and rnrtar cquip- ent, CIC will scnu the whole show ind control all 80 airplanes which will be In the air at the time of he uomu bursts. CIC also will maintain n radar .rack of the atomic cloud and hell 'mother plnnes" to keep on the .mil of pilotless "drones" which will be scut Into the column to col- tct instrumental data and samples of radioactive particles. Should n shepherding motile plane lose sight of a drone as it emerges from the cloud, possibly out! of control, CIC's radar will find it again. Air Pl;m Complicated The air pliiu'fbr-Able and Baker days, c.xc.Ccdingly: comjilicatcct/ Photograpiij.instiumenlatlon iind cloud Ec'outing planes wllt'fljf/iit.'.all and at distances from the hurst of 10 to 40 miles. In the three or four hours before "mike hour," the moment of detonation on the test days, CIC will see that all planes are iti proper 1 position. On Abie uay, as near to July 1 as weather permits, one of these planes will l)e an Army 13-29 carrying the bomb. The second test will be a shallow underwater burst, but practically as many planes will be involved as in the air drop. Before the test days Vice Adin. \V. H. P. Blandy, director of Operation Crossroads, will issue instruc- ions to tne tasx force by means 3f CIC's facilities. By means of hem he will announce In each ca>e he actual day on which the test s to be carried out. He and other top task force officers may actually watch the bomb nirsts through CIC's radar and television eyes rather than from the decks outside. CIC will have 12 channels available but will use only two iu talking with planes on the test days. Each plane will report when it is in position. Then, white the planes are carrying out their missions, CIC will employ only one voice channel in order to he able to deliver orders mullancously to all If necessary. Three-Minute Program The peak of activity in CIC will last about three minutes before, at tlie moment or. and Immediately after the bomb bursts. As mike hour approaches, a lar. board in CIC will show the position of all planes nt all times. Othei boards will curry each plane's des- ignation, mission, and radio voice call so that all can be contacted or Identified instantly. Communication wim inner ships of the task force will be by means of different channels In order tl .void confusion and congestion. l While directing and watching the iperatlon CIC also will be making a >ermancnt record of It for later tudy and analysis. All messages will he logged and lie boards will be photographed very Five ininu-.cs. 'flic radar scopes, carrying a visual report of what Is going on far jeyond the range of .human eyes iboard the flagship, will be photo- raplicd every 15 seconds. antenna mast is 79 feet high, topped by 10-foot aerials. The experimental radio-telephone Is operating on ;; f rcquency of 45 to 50 megacycles. At the farm, power for the radio Is supplied from the home's own electric lighting plant. Like Any Cull The farmer throws a switch and n light goes on at the signal board in Cheyenne Wells. The operator says "Ninnlwr Please" as though it were just another phone call. When one of the farms served by radio is called, the operator at Cheyenne Wells presses a button which causes telephones to ring on the CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For a quick sale see me. I have buyers for homes. List your property with me. My commission is 5%. I have no sidelines. H. C. CAMPBELL Office 120 So. Second rhgncs 4l« or ZS3P jMiplc on the broad Western >lains Is the scene of an expert-1 eight-party radio line. The fiirm- ncnl In radio-telephone communl- house receivers are turned on condition which may pave the way for " ' •- > now era In rural commiuilcallon. The Mountain States Telephone tlnuously so the signal system operate automatically. Telephone company officials said ind Telegraph Co. has Installed , the experiment was being made hers, near the Kansas border, because the flatness of the land eliminates any difficulties in "line of sight" transmissions. The engineers want to know ho-.v With the sanction of the Federal I lnllcl1 power is needed mulci -varying Communications Commission, MSTI conditions, what tlie operations will ,VT hopes to learn through the cp st " vcl '.? 1'C'iod of time, and what Cheyenne Wells experiment whether tlie rural radio-telephone system can l>e set up on a large scale. Eliminate Barriers two-way, short-wave radio sets on eight isolated farms to find out if a plan to connect remote areas with the nation's telephone network by wireless will work. iniKS" will show up when amateurs take over the equipment. J.LOUIS CHERRY Representing New York Life Insurance Co. Hlythevllle. Ark. HOT'S BODY SHOP Body anil I'ciiilcr Specialist. Wrecks rebuilt. Guaranteed Work. Reasonable Prices. Free listiniiilrs. 412 E. Main St. i» h(lnc 3.15,; l);iy or Night FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Thin Bridge Ll OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. - :. Omola, Ai Bouts From Bombs COLUMBUS, O. (UP)—Parker -lueldy, war veteran with an idea, liis established his own business— naking fishing boats from out- nodcd metal yasoline bombs. Hiutdy purchased 1.000 surplus :anks designed for C-54 transport ;>lanes and which later were to have been used as gasoline bombs against the Japanese. Ivan R. Van Patten Your Sales Representative for Blytheviile and all of iNorlheastern Arkansas The ARKANSAS Automobile Club Affiliated With |Amer. Auto Association A. A. A. Residence 418 So. Lake Residence Phone 2409 BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. If successful, the way will be opened for economic, convenient communication from farms to and between farms without the necessity of long transmission lines and other shortcomings which stand in the way of widespread wire systems in thinly- populalcd areas. Four farms in the Cheyenne Wells test district are equipped with a radio transmitter and receiver. Each of the other four is linked to th;sc y a short land line. Tlio farm farthest from town has 00-foot pole. Aerial poles at closer anus are only half as high. At Cheyenne Wells, the central Radio Service ftf ABC* Refrigerator Service Fred Lawler ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. Phone 2071 206-08 W. Main Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service Philip Pr«| Vacuum Cleaners, Pans, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. Germany had more bicycles than any other country, according to registration figures for 1043 published in the Encyclopedia nritan- nlca. Statistics showed 17,000,090 bicycles in Germany, 12,000,000 in the U. S. and' 10,000,000 in Ilia British Isles. You'll Like Our l-HOUR CLEANING SERVICE It is Geared to Meet Your Emergencies Remember. . . Better Cleaning Costs No More ' Adm. Bon MorccU, above,* [chiet ol the Navy's Malcrial I Division, v;as appointed to'run: I the solt coal mines seized by Iho ' government. He operated oil re- k fineries for the government Lwten_they were seized Ja^.fall. HUDSON Dial 474 ud We'll Pick up Your • DRY CLEANING • LAUNDRY NU-WA LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS tnow prevention." BtUS! t old saying about "an ounce ofj " C i . 2, ' Well, you can guard against! cosily breakdowns by changing the filter element, in your tractor every time the oil u changed. t Next time you are in town, take home a carton of]' i' three niters so you'll lia\c them handy when you) need them. DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY / / Blythcvillt, Ark. t McCORMIC^DEERlNBJrUCHlNES PARTS AM SERVICE 1 ' Due fo Remodeling and Redecorating Operations The Blue Room Will Be Closed Until Further Notice HOTEL NOBLE Refrigeration Air Conditioning The Ultimate in Mechanical Ability and System Designing M. D. TULLOS Telephone 22<>f) 3 Monsters NEURITIS, ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM These three monsters have caused more pain and suffering than all other human ailments combined. And during the past, 50 years Mountain Valley has fought them day in and day out; and has to its credit many notable victories. Probably 0 to 8 classes of this natural alkaline water may bo the greatest blessing vou have ever known. Try it for 90 days CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Slain and Division Blylheville, Ark. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales SLuclcbuker Service WE BUY AND SELL GOOD USED CARS Bill Chamblin Lex Chamblin Phone 2195 Railroad & Ash Sis. T..RI BUILT tO, Punclure-Proof Pn«umotic Tir«« (totnr rising, tffortleil ptdaling) Inditlrueto Spring Saddle Scat ?>*_ {Adjuitablr For various aget / «; I Chrytler Oililc Bearing* V£B * in Sleeting PoiT ' ^ (Any ypun B >ler Con HondYo ff) ' Ball-bearjng whceli, ilurdy j tleaE frame ' ' (Buill lolait, to talo wear and tear) Rtd ond while baked enamet , k flniih < (Hit prejl/eil/rjcvcfe on the mcrbelj HigS gloss real chrome plating any tniWi n.o.lj rlU IN TH.S COUPON TOD*t V SO YOUH YOONGSTE* -i* f WON'T It DISAPPOINTS * chns^pnce NOW—You con gtve your young' ^^."^ ster a reol, sturdy tricycle ' * /•J-fc^- For ogci 3 to 7 FDon'l Delay. ORDER TODAY^ STOCKS AMPLE but not unlimited Thousands Already Sold Get your child on! in the lienKhfiil* summer sun for hours of ]>!ensnro wjiFt iliis fine IricyrU" Kent! Coupon or \VriJ« Us Now . . . Immcdi- ptc Delivery! . ..„„, .^,».. , Sctnl in only §5 tnd.-iy wilh order.' Pny iKihmco of SlO.n!) when (ri- tvclo is delivered, \V*t? nrc so eon- fiden! you'll be drlij;hlefl (hnl we pay: Kxamine the bicycle, let your youngster (ry it. If nol. fully satis- fed, rclurn iiftor 0 <lrtvs nnci pur- •ill be, refunded. A The KAY CO., Box S3, MEMPHIS 1, TENN. Son-! me my Kay Tricycle Mere is my $.'.. 1 UTnIrrrlnn I will p.iy the cxprrsfl rrnni»any bnlftnrc cf $lfl .%;> phn «»x(irrjw rhnri:** wlirn tricycle is tklivrrttt. ]f fi>r r.nv r I'm mil MtiifuNJ, I Mn poiiil tricj'cle li.ick williin :> i)^ rot my iF\irc!in?c price b.ick. HAYS IMPLEMENT CO. 200 E. Main, Blytheviile, Ark., Phone 2001 SALES AND SERVICE OF J, I. CASE EQUIPMENT Just Received a shipment of CASE HAMMER FEED MILLS 8 Inch $105; 10 Inch $129.50 TAYLOR SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Producers of River Washed Sand and Gravel Special Sand for Concrete Blocks YOUR ORDERS FILLED PROMPTLY Wf CAN DELIVER Office and Plant Located at North End of Bushy Avenue on River Phone 753 CaruHiersville, Mo. Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 NAME. COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE iN ONE AGENCY AT Lower Cust United Insurance Agency A. I'\ Dietrich, iMunngcr IJIylhevillc's Only Exclusive Direct Writing Agency of Leading Companies 209'/2 West Main St. Phone 510

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