The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MAY 17,1949 BLYTHEVrU.E <ARK.) COURIER NEWS _ PAGE ELEVW Cental Issues Are Explained Expediter Answers Inquiries About New Act's Provisions (Note: The following Q. and A on Flar Net Operating Income Is an effort to answer the questionb most frequently asked by news men and the public generally since the fair net operating Income formula was announced by Housing Expediter Tighe E. Woods May 2, 1949.) Q. What is net operating income? A. It Is Income that remains after expenses and an allowance foe depreciation have ben deducted from landlord 1 ^ annual income from a (air net operattong building. Q. What is income? A. The Housing Expediter has de under control. Q. How were cxiwnses and Income figures of landlords obtained? A. They were obtained from landlords' books and records in 98 cities throughout, the United States Government accountants. 'Hits represents the largest body of factual information on the actual operating experience of landlords in existence. Landlord's Expenses Q. Wntu does lie Include under expenses? A. Fuel ill supplied by the land lord), utilities lit supplied by the landlord), payroll, janitorial materials (blooms, mops, cleansers, etc.) r al estate taxes, insurance. Interior painting and decorating annual depreciation charge, miscellaneous expenses such as management fees and repairs and replacements. Q. What is allowed lor insurance on the form? A. Building Insurance policies are usually Issued for three-year per. iods. The annual expenses to be listed In the petition is obtained b; dividing Hie cost of each policy ii effect on the date the petition i: tennined that net operating incom !! lcd Dy tlle ""'"ber o( 5'ears thai is fair when, in the case of » ' J :o ™ 1 ' 5 New Subdivision Growing small structure. It does not fall below 25 per cent of annual income and. in the case of a large structure, it does not fall below 20 per A^ent of anual income. (A small Rtructurt has four units or less; ft large structure has five nits or more.I Gets Congressional Directive Q. Why did the Housing Expediter make the determination of \vhnt constitutes fair net operating Income? A. Because Congress told him to. Specifically, the Congress required In the Housing and Rent Act of 1949 thai in granting adjustments the Expediter establish maximum rents at a level which will yield to the landlord a fair net operating Income. It left It up to the Expediter to detremlne what that level should b«. Q. What basis did the Expediter us« to determine what would • constitute a fair net operating income 1 A. A study of the actual operating experience of landlords both before and during rent control. The year« 1939 to 1946 were covered in the study. This Included thre> years before rent control, one year of pirtlal control, and four yearj Q. What Is allowed for decorating and painting? Real Estate Transfers A. It is figured by adding the expenses for Interior painting and decorating In the lest year and the :wo preceding years and dividing the lota) by three. The result is the annual expense chargeable in the petition for interior painting and decorating. Q. What is allowed for depreciation? A. The amount shown on interior REAL ESTATE TRANSPERS- (Clilckauwba IHitrUu A. J. arid Martha Homer, to Joe Homer, 160 acres in Section 18 and 24-15N-8E, $1 and other consideration. Antonla Carney Walker and Harold C. Thompson, Sr., and Edell Thompson to Harold Thompson. Jr., an 1 Sue Thompson, plot 75 bv ISO leet in Section 15-liN-llE. $1~250. landlord's latest required federal income lax return, but not more than 21 per cent of the present annual Income for buildings containing one to four nnitas. or Ifi per cent for Buildings containing five or more units. , H. H. Houchins and Lucy llouch- '"' is to E. D. and Carrie A. Fergu- I Livestock, Forestry Unit Plans Open House BATESV1LLE, Ark., May 17—W —The Batesvilte Livestock and Forestry Branch Experiment Station of the University of Arkansas will be host torural residents of Northwest Arkansas tills week. On May 18 and 19 the station will be visited by 4-H Club members AMMONIUM NITRATE I will hare a cur here next week for local distribution. Call m« If Interested. . . . ... .,.<•,. ,-" Paul D. Foster Phones 3418 or 3153 Blylheville, Ark. on. Lot 4. Block 3 of the Country 31ub Drive, *750. Prank L. Rylee and Alleiie Tny- or Rylee to j. I. dairies, le.oa acres f Lot $3, in the NW',1 of Section 0-15N-10E, J1.400. Ed Yowell ana Ethel Yowell to H. c. Campbell. Lot 8. Block 30 of he Blythe Addition, $1 and other consideration. H. C. Campbell and Margaret Campbell to Bethel Yowell. Lot 8 Block 30 of the Blythr Addition, >1 and other consideration. James and Grace E. Lacey to Earsley nnd Jennilee Bobbins' plot no by 200 feet In Section 11-15N-8E $1 and other consideration. S. Hay and Lorena H»y to V. I,, Moxley. Vi acres In Sectlol 28-15N-1IE. $8,000. William M. Wilson to Kllinbelt Ann Wilson Bltlner and Lena Jones Wilson, W'j of Lot 8 and al jf Lot 1 in Block 1 of the Miller and Greenlce Addition, $1 and othel consideration H. H. and Lucy Houchins to Floyd L. and Julia Haralson, Lot 1 )t Block 5 of the Country Club Drive Addition. S7SO. • H, H. «nd Lucy Houchins to R. A. and Gladys Ellis Lot 2 of Block 3 of the Country Club Drive Addland Future Farmers of America. The general public has been invited to tour the station May 20 and 21. Morris Addition, $3,000. —Courier New* Photo Above are sliown four of the new homes In Hie recently-developed David Acres Subdivision In SimthwcM niylhcvllle. More limn a down louses liavc been built and plnred under construction since Hie snl>- livislon was opened by E. B. Diivlrt, venltoi. nnd HID Held, roiurnt'lor. From left to right, the homes above were nmclmscd by A, B. West, Jr.. Millanl Glover. Wyntt Sinlttv and H. J. Vancleve. These houses me lo- ed on Kenwood Drive. for tolul illsnWHly. Hut word wont ai'omul at an American LcBlon I'osl. The painter.'; were l^Rlonnnlrps who brought the paint anil bruslie.i. They put on one ccmt nnd promised to he buck next SmuUy to }uil nnollicr or ami do [he trimming. US* "I'm «o thankful tad happf • hurls," Borko told hl« new acquftia* lances. , - • . Tn Burma, t*» U oft«n pickled «a4 eaten a> a veg«labl«. Russians Are Critical Of Arrest of Eisler MOSCOW. Mny 17— in'.— Prnvdn printed a Tass disi)atc]i" yosterdny describing the arrest of CJerhart Elder In Southampton as "crude Rs.sauH," "unlawful," and "unheard of" behavior. I'he story by .the official Soviet news RRency was clnLcHiu-d Warsaw and f]imtcd press accounts of the Incident. Judge Collett is III ST. LOUIS. May n—fJi'i—Jii John Caskie Collet of thn U.S. Court of Appeals Is "doing very well" Hi Barnes Hospital where he has been a patient for the past two weeks, attendants snld loilny. Judge Collet, who will be SI on May 25. became 111 while stnylnK nt the Missouri Athletic Club here and entered the hospital May 1 for c:*amlnation and treatment. Tie plans to lake a vacation trip to Canada as soon as he la released from tile hospital. on. S800. William Loyrt WMltnkcr and Anna Mary Whlllnker to Norvcll and Gcrnlillne Lansing, l«t 6 of Block "C" ol the Ifollamlnlc Addition. $500. Orval S. and Margaret- Evnlyn Gude to James Cecil and Mary Carmen Lowe, Norlh 75 feet of Lot H. and West 28 feet of North feet of Lot 12, Block "B" of llio Supreme Court Orders New Trial in Election Contest at fayetteville LriTLK HOCK. Alk.. Mny 11— (,h A new Ulnl of V. Juuies I'tak'.s contest of Paul Jameson's nomtim- llon as fr'aycUeN'llle municipal JIU!RR was ordered Monday by the Arkansas Supreme Coutl. A Washington Circuit Conrl verdict holding Jameson wa.s the \'Inner In the IDH8 city primary, wns reversed. But further examlnatloii of the list of contested votes hy University of Arkansas studcnl.s was directed. The hifih c(Uirt upheld the Wu.sli- InKlon court on all points In the case r.\cept that dealing wilh stipulation 1 on the list of no con tested votes. H said In view of a iilsundrrsiandlllK us to the purpasc and effect of the stipulation. Ptn should hnve been permitted to fx anilne persons named on the list ti.s lo Iheir egililjlllty. Jameson, who later wns elccte iiiunlcl|]nl JudRe nt the general cle ction and is now servliiR. wns ceil Sfled l>y the cily di-mocrntic com inlttce. as winner of the Feb. 4. 1D^8, primary by a count of !>7& to !!IO. Pink filed'a contest clinllenn- ing 170 > r olns. most of them on I he cround that they were cnsi liy University of-Arkansns sluticnt.s nnd non-reslclcnls. .egionnaires Come to Aid Of Disabled War Buddie CHICAGO, M*J 17, M'l-l.nny luiko wns on Ihr verge o[ Icnrs uiulHV ns 25 sti'Kiinpis wllh linishos nd buckets of paint swiumcd over lie little house he wants to buy. imi-ko, 27. and Ills wife. Anna, 20. iad saved »1,000 (01 a down pny- uenl on the properly nud hud nlkcd lo the Veterans Adminlslrn- IDII nljoiil H )o[i» on Hie Imlunrr. nut the VA Hppniiser aald the liouse Irst would have to UP pnlntcd. Tim I seemed too much lor liorko. Ic could not nffurd to linvi- (he iialnllng done or do It hliusell lie- cause lie hn.s no bauds. He lost those vhen he was n Sealwe en Oklnnwti nnd a Japanese mine exploded In 'rout or him. HLs only Income Is the $1,100 a year from the Kovcnuncnt FOR SALE ('oncreln culvert*. II Inch to 4H Inch, plain or reeitfftrcrcf. Alsn Concrete Building Illnck* cheaper than lumber fur hartift, uhkkrrt liuujitH, pump houses, itniHtit hnii*eR, Inol nhfdx. We deliver. Call UH for fre« efltlmule . . . Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. KKMUCKV'S KEY TO HOSPITALITY In friendly toJily or cheery high* dull die nut-iwccl flavor of Kea* '* f'lvorile Donded Bourbon i» your key to true whukey utiaV faction. For OLD FITZGERALD'S genuine sour n»ih formula, i* t* bourbon what Sterling ii to tilro. OLD FASHIONED.. tSMUf+j+4 tmiii-wtuii mmiuT • vwmvmi, n. KENIUOCY STRAIGHT IOUMOH WHISKEY • 100 r»OOP • tOTTltC X IOM> FREE CEILING PAPER Yes, wllh every imrchnse of aidcwnll and border at s our money wiving low prices, w« will give FREE the nci'c.ssary ceiling paper. This special offer to • K<«xl for just I lit' next 10 days. Come in and aec our 1 I'oninlclc selection of putlenis and color*. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. "Friendly BtiiltlinR Service* Phone 551 Hlyth«ville, Ark. PAINT SPECIALS High in Quality Low in Price WARNING OKDKR Tn flip Clianrery f'oilrl, Chlrl<n- saivlia District, Mlsslssliuil Cnunty, Arkanftas. Victor M. Orals Plaintiff. vii. No. 10,813 Clar» T. Craig Defendant. Tlie defendant CI*r» T. Craig In hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption herof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Victor M. Crnlj?. Dated this 29 day of April. 11)49. Harvey Morris, clerk. By Betty Bull, D. C. Percy Wright, Ally, for Pllf. H. G. Partlow, Ally, ad litem. 5|I7-24-31-6i7 \»\ A complete line of while paints to cover the general painting field that are exceptional in hiding and coverage, in stand-out over nearly all types of surfaces, which brush easily and "wrap-up" the job in a hurry and with excellent results. Per Gal. > X O.I. Steel Cans ONE-COAT OUTSIDE WHITE The last word in high hiding and extra coverage, excellent stand out properties and beautiful gloss $.1.50 ONE-COAT FLAT WHITE A low eggshell-flat with the ultimate in hiding and coverage. Extremely easy working 2.70 WALL PRIMER AND SEALER Excellent sealing qualities, high hiding and great coverage * Extremely smooth and tough 2.70 1 Gal. Can or 2 Gal. Steel Paint PnU $i.fiO 2.80 2.80 4.50 4.00 ONE-COAT W41TE ENAMEL Unusual in its stand-out qualities and uniformity over uneven stir- faces. Extremely white, high gloss, easy working -!.40 ONE-COAT WHITE SEMI-GLOSS Higher than average gloss, excellent stand-out and uniformity. Very easy working 3.90 ENAMEL UNDERCOATER Extreme hiding and coverage. Very smooth. Sands easily and makes excellent preparation for enamels and Semi-Gloss 3.15 WE SUGGEST— TRY THEM OUT — THEY WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES Arkansas Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. Read Courier News Want Ada. CXANE CRITERION 'Jbday's top in hathtuhi—the Crane Criterion. And from every angle, loo Comfort. Sloped hack. Flat bottom and ftrtfight side*. Broad rim x Quality. Ccrtaimly—it's a Crane j bathtub. j App*amnc«. Beautifully staled. Di tinciive panel design. Glistening white, eiisy-io-clean jurfac*. Fiquipped with gleaming Chrome Tfmfi/t fnuceis with Dial-ese ftngcni controls, the Criterion ij al.^o avail ahl« with Dft'isfor spout and water a*vtr shower. ? ft. and iVj ft. si/es "PETE" THE PLUMBER Phone 2731 105 Main We Deliver Phone 2272 in North 'Ind IMODERNE BEAUTY SHOP formerly line's Beaut; Strap Milrlrrd Vlnrenl' iirlf Rixlrry Fs.vonnr WafTkr YOU CAN WASH IHIS HUNT OVER4001MES! SHCRWIN-WILLIAMS. SEMI-LUSTRE AMAZINGLY WASHAtLt HNISH fOR WALLS AND WOODWORK A bargain al any price! Seml-L\istre«n<ls thr nufaine* of "iliri-mclier" walls. No grim* or grtait ca> penetrate it.i sutin-sniooth surface. An<l it washes clean in a twinkling, MOW ONLY with milt) soap and w^ler. What's more —you can wash"Semi-Luslre over 4(10 times without harm to its original heaiuy! I'crfectfor kitchen, li.niiroom, nursery, w;ills, ceilings and all your woodwork. 1W C 5 40 PtR •MECHANICAL TESTIK6 MACHINE M»»i« lhal waihibiliiy «nd durability of S«mi- I.unre are exception!! : , . f» r btjonj popular imagination. Actmlly, Stmi- l.imre hai /«r grtmlrr wuhlbilitr than the manufacturer claims. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PORCHcFLOOR ENAMEL $175 TAKES HARD WtAK! STAYS HANDSOM! 1 FREE! SHERWIN.WILLIAM* HOME DECORATOR AiC~fiif your"TREE copy of the NEW HOME DECORATOR — -H p j g c j in color iltimraiing np-to*thc- minute idci* in home piioiin^, decorating. PHONE US! * WE DELIVER I * CHARGE * C.O.D. * EASY PAY PLAN SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc Building Service and Supplies W. H. Pease Highway fil South J. Wilson Henry Blvtheville

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