The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1953
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JAN. 13, 1053 Your Jncom* Tax Primer — Sample Forms to Guide You BT RICHARD A. MUU.KNS NEA Income Tai Expert EDITOR'S NOTE: Horen 1 the lart or 14 article* in NEA's 12(h annual Income Tav Primer, prepared by a top-nolrh Washington tax authority rnd designed tor •M wilh Ihe official tax rule pamphlet. nils last article of the Primer! •hows a tax return filled out so you! can Me how hypothetical taxpayers John and Jane Public, reported' lh;!r 1952 Ircome auA deductions. Even though your income and de. ductloru aren't, Ihe same, you can use the sample return as a guide In filling, out yours. J Note that the Publics are filino' a Joint return. This Rives them the benefit, of the "split-Income" pro- vlsloni ot the law. I( you file a Joint return, be sure both you and your wife sign at the bottom of page M of the return. Note also thai the Publics have' llemiied their deductions. In that' »av, they get a deduction of $000 50 ! • »hereas the standard 10 per cent deduction would only be $568.99. j Don't font! In keep a copy of jtinr romplefed return In a safe plate for at leait 3 yearn. Attach tx itmr (lie copy any fl«ures or, fic-ia that will help answer possible inquiries from the. Bureau. And now. Just a brief reminder that tome of you will also have to file by March 16 a declaration of' • estimated lax for 1853 on Form' 1040-ss. A' «*elar*tlon riiould bt tiled by ererynu who either: s 1. Expect, hi, fatal 1853 praxes' ?-" d " l 'I T .r" >jNt to ""hholdlnj- «. s. wuvwui mm m RETURN »•• «AllN«Aa V(*a 1M* Aiio »iii« agT,i^,7j<^7c^'u" < ~n',7 oi"jo'pKMTo('r»T < 1 £"' °t '•"M-V f«*»"» i r <* pitj). '4 >. KtDui&jtr rf «>i" y£"['u' M T ^.^^ra-j;^^ —h»i-» .^^f^ihiT^-—;h=~sbd :S£ S j^ W5 -.^effpp <fcnwi^..^?" _ 'f'•.•^"• lUl ~"~—i— i&aiS PAGE FIVE fwc far each exemption Including jmr own; or t. Biix«t> hi., 101*1 195.1 Income whiefc In not .ubjeot to williholdinir - U exert* ;l«0 ana total 1953 ln- tomt from all »oiir«s i o eiceed before June 2, file a declaration bv If. by March 2. 1553. you do not June 16; if between June i and be- lit Into one o( the two classes de- fore Sept, 2. file b ySept 15' indI if Bribed above, then you do not have after Sept. 1, 1953, file by Ja, 15 Io file a declaration by March 16. »M. J 5 ' If you first meet the declaration requirement, between March 1 and (Lasl ot „ ser|es) KSKt.^.— ""S.»OlOSS£SFWIsS«i£»Mf«IHI,BJ(f,i|.i f in ,..-.,. H..—.^ : — fc —,— •jwfta ! j ; «J.«J«iu.i : :m»i- H 2 0 j B ( ) ^ 1 3 ZcT ^= PROVED VANTAGE.. V Sure, you get 3-poInt triple quick-hitch V Naturally you get Hydraulic Touch Control *" Constant bun Control of mounted tools V imotoment Position Control, too! ^4-wheel stability; row crop ability Y Exclusive Proof-Meter gives you the facts you need NEW TRACTOR MODIL Hydraulic System, fast response Hy-Trol gives choice of hydraulic speeds Mew Ford "Red Tiger" overhead vaive engine bigger, heavier, stronger tractor y New Live Power Take-off* V And many more new features V Pius a low Ford price! •SoW **p*T*tttr. How on Display... Come In and See It! Snow Tractor Co. 112 \o. I'Vanklin Phone S951 Dollar Started Old Village OENTRALIA. 111. W) __ Lit tle Maeystown—on a site Jacob Maeys bought for one dollar in 18<i8, observes Its 100th anniversary this year. The village In the hills n'f Southern Illinois now is headed by Jacob's son, Mnyor Ed Maeys. Truman's Last Week - Problems, Confusion By ED CKEAGII » , „ lij- ED CKEAGII Truman began his last week in the White House today—a.s busy us ever a-nd beset by eleventh-hour problems ranging from oil to atom spies. In mi atmosphere of mild con• uslon around hJs office, the outgoing President Is cleaning out his desk, dispatching dozens of fare"•"" letters and shaking hands well wilh a steady stream ~o( we\l- wishers. But all the time, right to the end of his artministi-Biion, he must make decisions which no one but a president may mafce. One particularly vexing one Is the Rosenberg case. Sometime between now and next Tuesday noon, when h!.i term expires, he may have to decide whether Ihe convicted atomic spies. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg shall live or die. Propaganda Campaltn A world-wide propaganda tmign urging clemency for the caiu- death sentences, if he has time to •weigh the queslion on lh c basis of the Justice Department report Otherwise, the decision will he left to President-elect Elsenhower. Federal Judge Samuel Kaufman »IRS granted a s(«y In the execution of the Rosenbergs, originally scheduled for lonjght. until five days after the White House acts. In other fields, the President has two major remaining tasks: 1. Ills last annual economic mos- sage to Congress. Just about completed, It goes to Congress tomorrow. 3. A personal report to the nation, which promise* to be an overall account of his nearly eight years of stewardship. Work Is sllil underway on this message, which D : ^ '—I wi " dellver ov e r "II 'our tele- t tne President will de-1 vision networks at 10:30 p.m., E8T agninsi commuting th« Thursday. ' i—o-. -"(a'lib ^i^nnrijuy ior I [If Rosenbergs has been sparked by CoinmunkUi. Prolests have come irom other sources, loo, that the death penalty is unduly severe Famed scientist Albert Einstein announced at Princeton, N. J., yeslerday that he had written Tru' man that "my: conscience compel* me to urge you to review sentences." The Rosenbergs' appeal for executive clemency WAS filed Saturday. Justice Department pardon attorneys began studying records of Ihe case yesterday. Their rcc- oihmendatlon may or may not be ready for TJ uman before he leaves office. Ike May Get Problem i , ' 7 ""r""'"-t'nii In official circles is that the Presidenl. will Ar- c.ue io NOTICE Notice 1« liereby given that Ihe undereignect has filed with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage No Further Political Plant/ McMath Says UTi'LE ROCK —Oov «JW Vr Math said ye*t e rd«7th.t.^h"5; no further political plans- i am not n c c" nt " d " t<! ' Or any P°»«<:»1 of- Iii Ills larewe)! address to a joint session of the General AM,rnbly, the governor added; "My political plans were talrlv leflnltely settled for me last A,«! ™." McMath lost t,,, b ,d f * l *» third lerm nomination to Oov -«].-» rtancis Cherry in the Demoor.ilc primary that month "" mocr »"» Control of the stitB „, Arkim4 , fora permit to sell and dl.pens* beer at retail „„ the premisS J" ', ,,f ; , 629 Walmit str «'. °- eola, Mississippi County The undersigned «iat« that h« to- a citizen of Arkansas ,of good moral character, that he ha. never been convicted of a felony or other otlm. nvolving moral lurplliide; (hat no license to sell beer by thi Undersigned has been revoked within tiv» years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating (lie laws of thii «<at« or any other state, relative to the Ml* of "'••r'nK': liquors. Appllcntlon Is for permit to Issued for operation beginning on the 1 day of j nn . io S3i and [o ,„, Plre on the 30th day of June, IS63. Roy ArMst Flndtoy. _ , Applicant Subscribed • and sworn to befort, me this V day of Jan. 1!B3. Jo W. Dickey, Notary. Publls My Commission expires: Dec 14. one has that NtONTHLY LOOKT iiTS SHOW CRAMPS, "N£RVES", MISERY Cardul each day helpi build .>,«„,,, not In able In hH B «o,resistance may I,, greater each >ui, /ittery look cueh rnojilh, nervousness nntliufT.rin* !«•> how much "nmkc-iii," "!'" '""• '•">* n "> r « n»tur«l-fe«t and - • • "Jesp letter. Ask your dealer let Carduf. (Say: "curd-yau-tyt") •flany KitnlMi You, too, m«y not l.o uble Io Mi, Ihtl tlreJ, nervoui, /iltery look cue month no matter how miich"i]mkc-»[," you use. Keep your secret safe during "those" diiya-iion't l>e the one girl in thrc« who ihow« the strain from telltale nerv«j and cr«mp»-lin» "thut monthly look".* Tike Canlui, a tpocial meillilno trusted by thousands of women, girls to help insur« ngattist crumps, ntrv«s and monthly mlttry.A little t r«<r« I 1>mm C A R D U I s& why its MONTHLY CRAMPS « CMMK Of LtFI speaks louder than our words [ We just can't describe the new liveliness in the best-performing Mercury V-8 in our history. You've got to try it yourself. So come in and do just that! D.n't ml« the blK (dcvhlon hit. "TOAST OF THE TOWN,' with Ed Sullivan. Sunday evcnhiit, 10:45 to 11-15 Station 1VMCT, Channel 5. i Get the facts and you'll go for the new 1953 niERfURY STILL MOTOR COMPANY Walnuf at First Street

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