The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1931
Page 4
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?AGE FOUR mATHEVII-LE. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLlblIKR-3 • 0. K. BAJ3QOOK. Editor ' " • H, W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager Bole National Advertising Kc;>reienlallvca: Tte Thomaa' P. Clsrk Co. Inc., New York, PWladdphla, Atlanta, Dallns, Ssu .'»ntonk>, Son ?;ancisc"o. Clilcago. 6t, Louis. Published Every Ai'.ernoou Except Sunday. Entered as second cjass matter at tho post .ofllce at Blythuvllie, Arkansas, under act of 'Congress October 8, 1917. Cerved by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blythcville, 15o per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By mall within n radius of 60 m«es, ?.3.00 per year, $1.60 lor rls months, 85c for three months; oy mail in ucsta! icncs iw'o to bb:, inclusive, Jti.SO per year, In zones seven rid c:ah per year, payable in futracc*. ing niflhods jiiid in iiirurininj; I lie public 01 tlie usi! to wliii'li intblic inuiiuy pui. A Good Bill Senator Nelson's Missmippi cuunly salary- bill may perlwps fall short of Iiprfcction, but it at Ifiist rupresi'iils u very 'substantial forward step. Its ti:- aclmcnl into Inw will result in annual savings of thousands of dollars to tiio taxpayers of Ihc county without in'a-r- fering in any wny with the I'llitk-ul handling of county business. The salaries which it provides for county officers are liberal. In fact perhaps the most valid criticism of the bill is that the salaries which it cs- • tablishe^ are out of line with 1931 wajre levels. We do not know any very Rood r'jaaon wlp - the taxjiaycrs of this county or any other (j° V(;l ' |) " il - >M ' n ' lin ^'- shonld be expected lo pay mure l!i;m private individuals' or corpoi'alitins for the service they must hire. On the other hand salaries that are lixed by law are not subject to prompt readjii-t- ment to meet changing conditions. We are not going lo have 19;!1 price levels forever, and it is perhaps just us wdl that the compimsalion of county officers is established on. a level lliiil promise^ to: be adequate to attract men of ability even in good times. Moreover the proposed law will snve the county enough to make quibbling over salaries unnecessary. Another piece of legislation of some local interest is the new compulsory county audit bill, now awaiting' tlio denature of Governor 1'arnell. An u;i- successfnl effort was made to. ox:mpl • 3lis5|^iDKi_connty on lhc~. ground that' with our own anility auditor it is unnecessary /or us to go fo the extra expense of a -Hate. audit, W« Ihinl; it is just as well that the law is to apply to this county. Th? close control of county finances which the employment of a county auditor permits is exceedingly valuable, and we trust no county administration -will seel: to dispense with the office, but an annual audit by an outsida agency is i; iJc.;ira!>'o thing for any business, anil particularly for one as large and involved as is the business of Mississippi county. Slate audits of tlie books of numerous Arkansas counties havu been nf great value, not merely in uiK'ovcrm;; dishonesty, which is relatively uncommon, but in straightening out account- Eggs and Big Bill There is .suii'.rliiiuii sliglnly ;ij;iiiK' in I in.-; thai Cluaiiju citi- /uns tosstjil i'Bj;.5 ul HJK.Iiill duiinjf a rccuiil'aky To be .sure, llio loosing of uijtf.s in ptibiii- is always to la- deplored; •mil ;i iiuiJiU'iil :ipeakfci- lias tin: lo (Iciiiiiiitl :tn uniiitc'i'riiptt.'d lii.;u'iiiK train \ri* sunlit-nee, whuthev (lie Ll' !l:;>.'.!!i: <j]' In.I. Bill Hi,.I'M i.., just about il. ll siijwcrts, yon HCJO, thai ill l;ist, .ijiay i), ja'tliiiff on to Hi;.; Bill. Ki'um UK' -D-ii-inj: of utfgs in (, t >; 11 riil- iciik 1 i. 1 . M:I!.V a .thorl distiincr; ami ridiculi: is tin- O'H! really ciVeulivi: ;ij:aii..:t. pnliliciaiis of ttlo Tiionlps.u.l .viti'icly. 1:' ('liii-;i<fo i:; prcpariiij: to .-it Lack and civ; I5i|{ liil) Ihc horse kiun'i', Hie jiolilk-at sky must IK: eiiiiij;. We Gui'l Lei'Govern men t Simply .SU'.n.i'! Slill In Hie <kl,v.l.' iiR'cc-tli.i; the cli-u:u u; re.'d'.i'.loii In svil.'init the Mate irorganlzaUon plan lo UK- u»!e::; of Ai-kan.-a-;. The s.nn: ihiny has happened in cities v.::r-ru 11; bu-n i.^'opMed lo .s;ib-;UUU-.' tl.^ city :iiunn;or and c^mmirciun form ui ycvuiiin;'!il ;ur the old iikioniuinic system. "I v,-nnl the giivi'riimcnt my ancestors helped to establish.'- raid on? of the opponents o! the meii.Mii-c-. 'Ihc KCVV. mntm nur iiii,-(fi.r., helped to SL-I. up wna a ;:i;Vernmnil ilcvlsrd lo meet tho .social unil p.ili'.ie: 1 .! need:; of Ihiii 1 day and time. Govrrnor I'runklin D. Roosevelt lias rc- minrlcd (he pcup'r ol his stnl'j jhal i!u-:r county £0'.vi mticnl:; nrc slill '.s-cnilaliy thu^ 1 =et mi hi Or; ttmcVl (ha 1 . Uul:e of Yen'!; lor whom the Province of New York was turned. They may have beer, ^ooil I'.r.d efficient county Governments then, lint In tills era they arc ill-adjusted, wasteful and ineirectlvc. The "nDp:i':.:r" Jlmif. 1 of the .-Vsmb'.y not merely puts itself on record as hostile 1 lo ti'.e reorganisation plan vcorl:eil out- by an agency of exceptional ccmnetcuce, but laki". It upon itsrlf to rclajo lo submit this pli'.ii lo !he people Tor I he !:• T:mt Is ii'.l tlie defeated resolution ivtiiilcl havr done—r,'for the pl;i:i lo tho vein-;. If. >hc Home persists In this nttUiiilc ol obstruction the Uoiisj v.ill it ii|) to the ^WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 191 by careful tests on anitmils. Thus'i i /VT! St"n X'l ATI IPir-if» /~>f- !rtf*°x /-»i i/^f\ •S «!!?"£»"",.!? i 5Sl"«. a '" 1 MQIHkjLNATURh: 5 CURIQ SHOP 1 tin;; lutiii-c, is dipr.thcria antitoxin,' ••' - ; ,' : : '- ?'•••' '•• ' i:'": .-'.•.- - : ' '•-•;•-•-: - : ' ' : ••-..••:••<•. .-•' ' .' •'' . : ' .. :'' ' : \j icBi-lct fever uiitltoxin, and similar •/•'•?".'•' ' 'ij'-'f- :''!''!,• t- '• f : : •:..-:"!/..'•.'•".:' '• '/ "Hey, yousc! Dini'l siieil my mime will an 'c'." ! j):ei»rni;-::is . ::Mtlon:: niiiiii: i:y citusini; anir,i:ils : to develop in ihcir Ijicail suoViin.-- •cs s|)Cillic:i!ly <kjsljj»«l to ;ittiiok ' Uiu d: ( ,t:fls;s C5iK-?i'jHd. ' Another type oi drii^ is R drug ' ol chemical nature which has been ' proved to have the special virtue c. •attacking certain germs. '. Ct this character b quinine ussii ; in malaria, and arsphenaminc cv'. salvarsai! as used In sypMlis. | However, In the hitter condition the-: | is 1:01 iiir.ilcj 10 any c-.v i ; preparation, :,ince It has alio b?:.i i ! shown thai preparations cf mor- i : ctiry and bls::ui'.!i have tho sn?i-l:i[ pr.'.vcr of at'tiiL!:!. 1 .;-.; the organism I ii p -:u::>;:.. ;-.'a tii.-.t !j;!i:ic nny b; |o; \;i'.: : c in :.u;iti:lii3 t!:o h'aians of 1 the- disease. '; Oi'ier drills whleh have specific ! j virtues Include the .-iii'.-s'.licti-.'= v.hich !:ri!i.' r.';^::t '.:!i::;^,:-i;u.,:i...,-. Jiiii-.alib v.hii-Ji s!o.vs ;.::t! enfan-rs I tli2 tiiv. of she huarl, c.iflclii winch I | stimulates the hiu.-.c-r crnlers of th? i brain. ir<i:i v.-h:cli Increases lh:- •lirir.cjloli:n c: 1 mi cglcrinj inauc. r | <;/ tin- bli:u:l. suet (he iscwsr liy • j ; stil:..::inc?i> v hlirl:, wiit-n inject?-.:.' : tc-nU to b;-;i:^." inv.iriably In corwin ; I orgstns. i Thus, H :n S y tj ^,. n thrt I lain Vpj of u-3;u:i--in, t.: in iis r f- I f^ct to Siring aljouc a certain definite fuiicliui. or in its eilect (3 ga ; to a certain pan cf the body cv:-ry I time. There u.sed to b» a joke i a!:;t.t the do: !rr who had a pili for j every oryan in ;he body and the 1 ccbreil coy v.ho v.-anied lo knov; how tho p:lt always foimd the yar- . | ticular orsan for iviilch it was" in-1 i tended. Modern science has ttirne.-l | this Joke into a fact. A SIHSLE PLA.HT itt. i«Ar 0-JEO. MSA 0~ 100 ftFACH A OF a-Mty six •••tTHASG£EH FOL'KO, SO FJR, IKS IN MIO- /172AMTIC, AT Df.'TK'S, IViy of ril:ite Legislation i:i Spite linois vctc-r : . 'v!io voted ^ tu 1 f'ir| of UiiusiKil Amount of Ajilallnn. the la\v':i repeal in lasl fall's ret-1 Over ri-Lhlbltlon unil C T"5"3" T'Tft f^Tf^ IP V>O¥TC I "H7 1 C < IiURClt EXCUSES of Cltvi'rncrs During Current Dry Iowa's House of Reprcsenta- ] I knov.- ;:ie Pastor ai-.d the pL'3;)!: 'for them. ai:d then ask:;! me if at my Clsiircli think Easnctlilns i", tflcnged lo ihe Chureh unj 1 n wrong for li. ha? be?:\ viile smn; . i 1Pr i had b:'cn n iiwinbpr for Ihne r,ii:ce I «r.s in Cliurch air.1. long iL'ne. Then si'.? wanted ever so Isng since I've been able f. [;no-,v \vliv 1 v.anted soaieoae S=t soiiieonc (o take li:e cl:IMr.".-. take my cliililrcn. Well. I tried .A! .L little pauy v.:tk 0:1? c:' be palieui witii her and I jjaun di my fne:ids told cf a v.-ho t;ofc .covered tint she knew absolute lean of her fricncis cliildren t; 'nothing about social affairs ami si i Church, so I made some inquiry ' said it was hard for her to untie VOl.TA'S lllHTil . °" Feb. la. 1745, Allcssanilro! , - * lives, however, killed a proposal, Volta. an Italian plivsicist f-nuH i 3 " aul her and lhe besl J to!}1(1 f - r - l! stand a mclher who would nes'.s fc\- rcix-.a! cr its slate prohibition !•„]• invcntin-j lh" voliaiu ba^erv i out ~ : tliouglit bho was Jnsl tir-' th= traininj of her children. I i-o I1V !IO!)NbV mJTCIH.U Inv; by ;he r.ilhor dcciiive vole o;, horn al Co:r.o. " ', 0!lc - So l v '" e:lt to s?e 'ier at::! -,v::i:i her that I not r.og" XliA Scrvk-c \Vriti-r \K3 to K. 'Jlie Texts lloiiic formally | E:iin.a'cd in the public schools' 1 !:! - rc; l""-'3 myself site said she training; of my child;CIK WASHINGTON—Tlio, sl.i:.' Ic:.'-' endorsed both 18th amendment and of hir, native town, Volia sho'ved ^ !mti 1:card cl me ancl l!l:lt silc ' kno '''' .had the very test schooling and tr iS'titiire Ecnson has Iwtn mm ;:•.•:! by . Volstead act, \ottng 100 to 3D, anil-a marked taste for literary effort Jllnior an:1 Sister by having seen ; best music and dancing teachd what appeals to br nn -.iimsual | defeated an attempt at a slishf si:u physics. When he was but j thcm at Suntla y School and Church. • thai- coald be had. She said she we amount of niutatlcn over ;>rci:iib:-1 mortification of part of the state. M he gained considerable popu- she £aitl s!lc n 'ouM be glad to cal:! no: talking so much about t'r.f linn :'.nd gOMM-n:rs have uern :i;ai2- c law. popu lor his discussion ot the kind cf training. It was their re the electric spark in Unions training she had in ... _ . as tlnugh I v.-ouW noeJ her or any -n me New Jersey, Ohio, p.-ofc^or of physics in ti:c Roval, In 1630 •> vca'- -f:- 1-- b'- or ' e ^ c t3 tel1 '»? &)3M hew t cllcnslve they appear lo have; Utah and other flutes. There hav f; .;:c;oi at Coir.o. Voltp. applied • e?-ne T-'-O!"-,-^" ,-f .'i-v"";^- -Vt the t"'" m 5' chll:!rcii. She IV.k-d re- achieved very little in the v,..y of'.ilso been a^ movniirnt^ to mndify! ;-.,..i-.i.!f lo cl:c-rr.l;!ry. cm- ol hi.s | Univessity ol r.uii;, 'a chair h: I (hsujht, so I told her rra! le^islittion. ' v "~ "" '" ir v,l'.:'.l more, artlctilati! on '.I:: .-.ib-; Allcmpla to repeal other s'.at: c-:i- ;:!:.r.cmoi(>. cf factional electricity, i::; ;'.se= by t! jnt in tlvjl: 1 n;t-ssai;es. li ;i al-1 fcrcciiicul lav. s have been busu:i in , Voilcwincr ; appciiuincnt ;--i I'lc-isd VPSSDIS. thotii;!! the '.vets have. IHEH ui lhe New Jersey, Ohio, p.-ofc^o: of physics in ti:c Roval. pc-ople o! Arkansaa to unbuilt ihe plan :iicm- j uidrlciily b?i'nmins w \Vrstrrn Slate Alicuf F.lcc? 'Ihc st::c? ot ^Va^iiineton, C=iv,vc.'s. kfis. to ba good imrt rt:;.. Thcvt Is no rc-corH ol any dr: li "Prolilbilion," :-ays A! Capon:, "tar, mniie nolii- In..; but licntilL'." Probably ll;:it I-; merely iOT.e ol his t!:v lui;:'.nr. : liavc bscn minor ;'.:ul inconclu- ( ^lii 1 labt yuiir by i:oiu:; wcL in ca::i- • iivr. /is in Coru;r[>s. nmjoritjei j ii.ii^n p'.:=l£orir.';. !:ill;:;l a proposal, are fcneraliy Inclined neither to : to mpniorinll?p empress lo r.numi'. j "Ki;i>; Alfr.nsa'i, liule iu llalam-e," says a headline. A niic v.hieli i^ doubtless ineaiiir.'U by martial feet. Clinrlk- ctiai.'lin recently ix'fir:a! an oll-jr ol S.i'.O.CCO tu l;re,uicaot over '.h.? radio. Or.i 1 ease whi'ic ;-i!ent'C is not £°ldi'n. prcs raua.^s ir.'? ?.^i;l to l-c '.y. rtecovcrir/-; Iron: inn iirobably. liiiikrt Slate; Inrir.pvs n:v chaired with :.iiiu^- Blin-.; i:itcn v-.-yctablfs into CMiiartn. Witii tl'.c intent, psrhaps, of makinq .••cme fair i>;;ch.n;g-'s. modify prohibition i.v.v.i or tl;M-i lepea! of _the Hill-, ameiidmcnl to: icn t;p on Ir.x cnhaivir.cnt. | the people* by a ;-:r-u.ite vot: of 2uj There seems li::l i:ir-ouvv2-, to i-1. The Mis-csiri Hocse voted ; mcr.t for nucli dry:; v.hj hold • i: : u ,! at.ii:::' ;, cor.?::itiii:ci::ii convenlicni the ion thai 1 ir'o'ulicir,. BY ;o 53, but the voi=| =::.te ai-opnralicii 1S :ll; "'-'ssciitial; showed n v:ct s;un a: about M>. ! clement In the cnlorceir.L'iic ol th.ei Mar-hind, :iov,.vi-:. m : -,y p:,s, ,\j 18th amendment" anil that such resolyiion to subi'.ni vciwol (o a; slr.le co-Dperation has l?i-en wc-e-| con:.iituiiaual i:-.ucr/.:on. Th;:j luliy hu'khig. H is tc;i early to measiux's spoi::.cri are coniiden: of '-ike any compilation "i appropria-j victory after sanr- hearings whicli i'l":is for .si.'.lc eli!'orc-ir:'iit. Lul i: : :!e al-unt 1-. bc;;in. rcr-.iH survey by the Criisaclc.-j lii'.eiie Isiar.ii. .-.! la-it ai'counis. sl',o\v.\1 IJ'.ai onlv 10 £'-:>'-' ^ h- l il -"-I 1 "; w-;.s roliriiitrin-^ bills f(ir beer and' ;;:.-;ir;al.d sum:: for ]ir,''::i! i'.ion en- li|;ht 'AJn.-.i am: .1 rosolution!-| ftf.jciiit'iu in 10^0 au:l :\-..-: the tola! ing en its conjro.-siur.a! delcjaticnj v::-.s only Sli«,OI)0. 'lip i-'.iii'i - n;, I(! v,.. : -k for \\;X-A'.. Connecticut. '• :ii.:dc liiat more than IcO.CtXU'.CO an:! Ohio were r,!-io amen:: s'..ucsj j pcijov.s liv.'rt in .-.talc-, v.hidi mnile ccr,<i;kiinj measiins;:iy: for| iiiu".i'.tcmol 10 enforce fio law. | :i i prai ccntimiioynl coiuriiilon.j Km- Vnr!; Seeks i;-.,,cal ; The Arimr.a !c~is!aturo woiilMi 11 TI'" Nc- Yo-1- le-i-:i'iire lias let Scmlor-clcc: .F. Ham L:---v;s ofj .1-iiiKcl n:t and passed i.'.cinori»N' V.iii-.vU- lil-cu,: |i:o];ibition when l:o! PAPER HAS SOME ABOUT OLD FRIEINDS OF YOURS OUT OUR WAY ' V\AVJE. AT 8 1 OP iMTo Picscriplions Oi'ten Differ lor Vu'liins of Same Malad \<MOVJ t B£ THEne/ . :- i t;w.s r riplionv. 1 p.uirvi: ^1 ti...' .- : ! \Vheu\is ;!!.• . ! cf li.ilf r. i-f.-.;-:iy ' 11Y 1)U. SIOKRIS I'.iliiir, ,li:-r:iil i .' Hi- A:r.cric'.i" . • cri.T.h'i. a:i-'i rf Hi.-.. Ihr Hi'-lllli M... ..ill ^r_^/ ---A- n-^ : you iind an item about one you used to know, or see the picture oi f a once-familiar place, there's an thrill in the news oi ? the day. Fading memories grow bright-.. . in a flash you begin to "remember when—" Actually every newspaper you read is full of good news about friends of yours ... friends that come into your home every day to help g e ^ the work done... friends you hikc\vith you when you go out... friends that make lii'e easier, brighter, richer. These friends-; are the foods, the clothes, the furnishings—the many modni comforts you meet, in tlie advertisements. You knov,' them well... knov; how they look I\:M[ what they can do. Naturally you like to read ail the news about them, for even old friends arc constantly changing, growing more interesting, offering new ideas. rLisoir.onts bring you fresh and reliable news of things you could hardly do without. Form the good habit ol: reading them thoroughly every day. Watch them for news of your friends--old and new. iE^-V>2/^-" " VX i 7^4" ]l^L- : d "(./ \J^2^^-^^I3i--^v " N -fi-rd ^..-.oi.- «c. u. 5 PAT. orr.

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