The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 19, 1934
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Served by the United Pre** BEFTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUV IVMIIWANT MFUJtmALltMl r-ir» bir\»rn«X»« rv* * . _ . ^^ * «^*«^B W • ^^—^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHBA 8T ARKANSAS AND BOUTHBAOT MIB8OCRI VOL XXXI—NO. 54 Blylhevllle Dally News Blythevllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Hlythevllle Herald HI.YTI1KVIL1.K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, MAY 19, 19M .lisc Twelve Packers o( Price Fixing Tactics SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEN'fa Homework D<-nir<l, Sues NRA i' to Close Deal for 20,000 Acres in Neighborhood of Marie OfiCKOI.A, Ark.. Mav I'J.—NCBO- Maiiftn:. arc praclically eomplcle. W. li. nvrss. slate relief adminis- iVbkfS 1-OIKl Ar; Unrcvcal O.hcrs JACKSON. Miss.. May 19 i —With Ihe hearing adjourned un- i.l Monday, govi'i-nmeni counsel to- • day promised introduction of 30 witnesses next week in suppo. l ot : . . . . Secretary of Agriculture Wallace's; LlTV I layuCil o( JOIlOSbOI'O charges lhal twelve meat packing ' . _ . companies employed collusion mul price luing lactics in this nreii. Wallace specified lhat Swill, Wilson, llormel. Armour, ?.IoiTis, No:lh- America, Cudahy, Abraham llrolh- eis, me Memphis Hacking com- y u 'y pany, the Uirintnglmm and (lie """J' Iu - l:l )' "»<"•'• S-W u:>lul Jn-.ob Uo!e p:\cking companies en- I'litirged by Indictment on tliiw li'iwl agreements not to sell pro- cc " 1U:i <« Miilx'//.k-inrm m con- duels below designau-d miiiiiiuim "«'"'•>" »"h a ixail dislrlei refinul if Arkansas Il "' oe VKirs ;l "°' actordm-? to in- U'lTI.E ROCK. Mav 10. (Ul'i- ?n of Jomviboro was al prices m ivsi-^i.ssljjpi •ri-nnessee. for tl-e i;urc!ia::c of 20.000 acres of rut ovoi land south and wc-si of Mai i^. '.\iiich is to I*- u. i :etl for ihe d'-vi'!opiiu-nt of a rehabilitation colony. Wiihin ilri d:ivs four sawmills will In- rnir-inictf-d un thp tract and 11'"? hundred hoiur.s will lie built, Mr. Dwss said. II is eontemplat- ' •' lhal a la-ge ininilier of day laborers will be. employed at the l":|!innin". inn lhat later what is I'no'.'.'n as subsistence or maintenance homesteads will lie parceled out to individuals dniwn from Ihe nllef rolls nol only of this county bin from the cities and larger, li—-I.-, of the state. I The Smith Mississippi county colony, it Is understood is nne of three proposed for Arkansas, for Sal Tud^V'T Cumlinglum .he development of which a mil-l lhis ,, lon ,| n ; 0!1 ' a j mree O f era _ St. Louis Truck Operator Brought Into Municipal Court Today Carl Pass of St. Louis, operator 'of a truck engaged in handling salt water Fish from Louisiana to St. formatiou given out at I H 1 olllre I of sherill 1.. l'i llr.ineh of I'ula.'.k! county. llatlen was brought hi'iv t><l.iy and made lln- tond. a deputy in Ihe .sherllf'fc ollk-e said. A bench warrant for his arrest \ias toned afl:-r Jour iiiihclmt'iif; s-.erp returned by l-i- I'ulaskl county grand lury lollowlng an investigation into a refund of $21.71-1 bv the slate to four road districts. Only one of the indiclmcnls w"W made ]iublle. The grand ji:i-y adjourned late yesterday until June 5 when it is 'believed Ihe subject ol the rDlmid main will be taken under consideration. lion dollars of federal money ha: brt-n allocated. Sites for the other u-.-o ha^-e noi VL-I Ireen chosen and ihey will not be launched tinli] this one is under way. it was lea'-iitd. sion of tile state gasoline tax law. Hailen allegelly bought claims In Fighting mad because the Blue Kugle had outlawed her luindlworX, a Dallas county illstrlct at a great Mrs. Ratherinc Urnld. shown al her Brooklyn N V home with discount after he knew that the dmwliters Eva Heft) and Belly, has applied for an Injiuicllon to reface value of tne claims had been , ., ..,,, . , collected by his father-in-law A slrllm llle NHA "' om preventing her Iro inking ilowers at home. A charge ot reckless driving against P'iss was dismissed. Boih charges were preferred by C. W. Smith, who has charge of „.. . i the slate revenue department's per- the ti-ncl was purchased in sep- mit statlon it Y!u . h ' ro Sinlth Jalld E. L. McSbane. investigator lor the American Petroleum Institute and former highuiiy department officer and deputy federal marshal, wcro prosecuting witnesses. Umllspulnl ' evidence disclosed tliat Pass, who was not the truck driver but accompanied his driver, brought gasoline, to the amount of 22 gallons, in excess of the 20 gallon limit inlo the state with- $nr f*n/«i f* 1 Ann* I' ol 'l paying an Arkansas tax on lor VOCa V,0ia Appeal , the excess am ount. In addition u I tr.e gas tank on the truck two gaso- transcript and record for' line drums wore connected with aiiueal of the Coca Cola Bottling the engine, allowing the truck to ."•ate adjoining iiarcels from 111' fn-r-amorv Package Company. 11-iiinani' D'Mrici No. 9. and Lee Wilron <^'. Co. The total purchase nvice could not be learned but it \-. understood that an average of ?2.W per acre was paid for the tract. Transcript Prepared C. Broadaway. Others- who had been mer.'ioncd i the case included Wils Davis. Memphis lawyer: Claud Duty. 1105- •rs. fiiuiier assistant attorney «e:i ' Dwight II. lilackwood. former chaiiman of the .slate highway commission: J. Lan Williams 01 ' Osctola. former member of the liylr.vay commission, and the lli;;- irict commissioners. The lelund was approved in an opinicn written by Duty. In a hearing Tuesday. Davis tes'.iried that he had paid funds received by him as attorney lor Broadway (o nroadway. He ollci.'d receipts evidence. Broadway yesterday denied that Davis accounted to him for all the company of rjlvtheville from judgment, rendered in circuit court here, awarding lour Chicago resi- carry a large supply of gasoline. Pass was arrested after an attempt to stop his truck al the per- bv II •ill's $21.500. lias been prepared mil sfcilon about 9 o'clock last, night ' II .G,". Porllow, court steno- i failed. Officer Smith • attempted to -pro-Cher- "I stop 'the truck by waving the driv- The comnlete record, to be sent'er down wiln a sr*ck and display- 'o the state supreme court. In- ing his badge but the truck only nudes 485 cages. Cost of prepar- 1 traveled faster as It sped by, he inu the record alone \vns 5235.50. 1 told the court. Mr. McShane over- A jury at the January term of I took llle u ' uck wllen "• hn(i all "°sl lircuit conn awarded Mrs Helena I rcacllu! Blyt/r.eville and returned A Doml SIS 000. her husband Wil- i wllh the riPuck and occupants to ' Observations = by C. R. B i Co Bankers En-! Jmi ^ I hope I do no Injustice lo Mr hralton ol Paragould In re- hcu- thai many filends ol G. E. Keck regard the U. S. Charts Them Wilh Conspiracy lo Shelter Rach Olher From Law MADISON, Wls. May 19 illl'l — l-'Cdcnil authorities, .M-cklnj; an ulr-lishl cusi. agalnsl John 1)11- HilEi-r In tin 1 event of his cap- lure, ublaliii'd liHlli-luii'ni.s lodiiy ugiilnsl him and nlm- associates lor uinspliacy ID .slu'lUT eaell other from I In- lnw. I'rlnr lo K-iUuiu-i" of ihr Indicl- menls, Ihe i,nly Ei-di'i'al nhaige ngalnsl Ihi- mo^t huntrd man lu America was u uolutlun of [hi 1 law iijiilml InU'isliiU' liiiiLsplillu- llon ol a siolrn molor rur. Ilie Indictmr/.t'i. iV-poiii-d to Federal Judge I'alnck atom: by siwelal griiinl jury, were n le- siill of the bloody ambush ol Ihe gang In a Kplder Lake, WLs- consin, lesorl holcl by lltly fed- (ral agenls and ili-puiy sherllfi. Two men were kllli-d mid lour woimdixl while all but Ihn-c wo men niembc'is of the gang i'.-,ca|MH ihrough Ihe forest. Those Indicted wllh Ullllnger are: John Ilamllloii. Ciiorgi' "llaby l-'nce" Nelson, whose correcl name is reported lo be Cilllis. Tom Car- lOll, Homer Van Meter, Pal Hollly, Marie Confortl, alias Ancitei, Juan Cromptou. itllius Ann 5jouth- ern, Mrs. George Nclsuu. alias Marian "Marr, and Palrlcla Young. All of llle women except I'at- ilcla Younj! were captured In llm icworl raid. Miss Young had left the lodge Ihi; day before Ihe ambush with Pin Reilly. presumably Ihrce muler Expect Senate to Vote Trade Bargaining Power WASHINGTON. May 1!) (UP)— Hrfoic lliu cm! of next week tin, 1 xenuU 1 probably will vole 1'resl- denl lluostivell ilie new powers lie ivnnts to do 11 link' "Yankee irud- liifi" l<> Increase the niillon'i; fur- i-leii trade. A ctHiipavatlvi'ly quick vote on the mlmlnlstrailoii tariff proposal was Indicated by the agreement Ilie senate to ailjoiiui over Hie veek end mill lake u|) the ileljale Hjulii Monday, Kiiuubllciins, who me attacking; he piopooal with vigor, agreed not lo life (liibiisu-i' tactics l« ilc liissuee providing tin; Democrats ibivt; to lei Ihcm have lliu week nd vacalion. mnercia _.„ _.. , ... .. . Urauon candidacy (or circuit titled to No I rollt Oil'judge as an attempt to punish Ki-ck for his opposition to Marlon Fulrcll In the 1932 gubernatorial Credit Says Senator WASHINGTON. May IB (UP) S>. nalor W. Culling iRe; N. M.I loday called for the lotion- for hLs candidacy to lhis extent: !iH7fitin:i of the entire banking 11 do nol think a judge should campaign. If Ihiit is true I .sympathize with Mr. Braiton and those resjionslble '™'" "'.°, slaw- , a1ld aml rrwlit system of America. •-'•'•questioned authority of Ihe receipts. He also said lhat Davis and oilier:; involved "talked him out of" I take an active part in partisan al a luncheon of the' politics. When he ' docs so he Peoples Lobby. Cutting said 'he the risk of lessening public ap-1 would shortly introduce inlo con-1 confidence in his Impartiality, with 000 bond. They plendeil nut gulitj ous arraignment before the Unit- l.ocal Man's Brother Pushed It Away When Confronted by Dillinger Kirk liolmid of Flint, Mich. brother of JuII Roland, local slio man. Is nol lacking In present' of mind, according to dlspalch': from Film. When four bandlls, one of whon was Identllled by Roland as Join unleri-d the Cilenwooi Avenue branch of the Chi/.ens an Commercial Savings bank al Plln yesterday. Roland, a cigar .store proprietor, was In the net of cashing some checks at u teller's window. The teller hail Jusl pushed a ille of ciirrenuy toward Roland In exchange for his checks when the bandits ordered "hands up." Roland complied, but not until had shoved the currency back pearing before the grand ]i.ry , gr «s a bill to carry out this pur- consequent Impairment of his use- Tuesday and promised him t!iu j |;osc. fulness. uoud. S5.000. Miss Ruth i the stallon - Albreclit. S3.GOO and her father O ' Tne lruck ° w " er . testifying this 17 Albrechl, SSOO. Mrs. Doud and mormn S. said that he had no way "v:s Aliireelu wore injured when : of knowing ti:aL Smith \va s an of- ihctr car collided with a bottlln" '• ncer ' " ot scdn ° U ' c bad S c ' antl lhal company truck near Joiner al- j hc °'' dcrc<1 Ms driver to speed by, most a year ago. Mrs. Doud died , fe a"ng an attempt to hokl them up. they could 'explain everything", ••Commercial-banking and issuing If It was not good policy for to tne miTacllon ol the grand of crcdll should be exclusivity, a-Judge Keck to take part In the mry ncllevmg that they had nr-l government function." he sal:!. 11932 campaign, however It seen explained everything.' Bioadwiy "Private financiers are not entitled lo me even worse for anyone to siucl lie asked lo appear yes:irr- to any . profit on credit. The attempt lo make of it a ]X>lilica oay to present his version. Efforts Ltmters lire collecting tribute issue in a judicial campaign. We Judges. PoTT- )uld play no .-.uv c.u-cJit at a pioflt to themselves part In the election of Judges. i:f six to eight times the ilr]xisli We want honest Judges and cap| which people make In their pnvutc able judges. And It Is on that veveral weeks after she testified 6aW tllat ul lie !«"""• sll >from a stretcher in tlie trial here. lio " he Dieted other lruck oper- Cecil Shane of this city and IViicc Ivy of Ofccola are attorneys i^r the Iwttliny company and Harrison, Smith and Taylor, local law firm, and Luther Graves of Memphis represent the plaintiffs. tVIcelinij at Christian Church to End Sunday a tors pay olf Arkansas gas tax on gas in of the 20 gallon limit, and proceed u-Knout further trouble but that when he wanted to do likewise, his requesv was refused. McShane. on the contrary. testified to an effort to "bribe" Ilie officers. Pass said he was making ilie i trip for highly perishable fish to ' carritl(I fr °m laulsiana to St. and waiued to ,, p1y ofl ,. and „, , ! go ahead but. that his request was The evangelistic meeting, which r e fused. Mc_Shane. who holds an has been in progress at the Pirn officer's co.W>.sioh. said that he Christian church for the past two i offered to let Pas post, a bond and weeks, will close Sunday. The Rev. : , )rocm |. but, that the latter de- I . K. Latimer. pastor, will p,-each c ]i, 1{ , (] . P[ls ,- s rtr[vor admltlcd lhat a, both services at 11 a. m. and G r . e had been making trips through l> m. Mr. and Mrs Bra Jacks of . nerc for ciBlll moiuhs blll ha( , * ai Dallas. Texas, who have been in ] paid any tax on his extra gasoline lirar E c_or the music and children's : nor ,, ai | ile uc , en „.„„,.„ or j k , work since the mcetuii; opened two | up weeks ago, will conduct the song >Trviccs. , The Rev. J. J. Walker, pastor of Hie East End Christian church of Memphis, who has been conducting (he services, preached last evening to a large audience. A number of members were added to the church membership. Dr. Wnlker was Invited To re- h:rn for another meeting al :,ome future time. were made as late as 0 A. M yes- from the community on" the com- don't wnnt political J tcrdiiy to dissuade him, he sain jinmity's credit. Bankers can -s- icr,l differences she Says Government Will Buy Distribution Lines WASHINGTON. May IS lUPt— ! David Lili-miia] tl tile TeinicsjL-e i Valley Alitliciity .-.aid today that if negotiations by Knuxville e'U' otiicials fail, [lit 1 government is leady to purchase- the distribution system of the Trr.nefsre Pub- itc Service company a; ICuoxvllie. The city has ictn uegotiallng unsuccrfsftiUy with the pnblie service company for three months. Uliciithal said that if the dis- •ibution system \st-i: 1 p'.uchasei! would Inter lie refold to Knox- ille and adjaccn'. cfiiniminiti.'s. It as understood government banks." New York Cotton NF.W YORK, May 19 (UP) — Cotton closed steadv. Mas- July Ocl Dec Jan March open hi"!; low 1134 113-1 1132 1142 11-19 1139 1161 1167 115C 1173 1179 I1G8 1178 1184 1174 1190 1193 1185 clo^r 11-11 1149 1166 117!) 1184 1193 Cloning Stock Prices NF.W YORK. May 19 fUI'l — Viicra moved narrowly on the stock exchange lotlay In one of Ihe M.'.allsst Saturday sessions of the year. All other markels \verr 1 dull with stocks. Grains were exceptional with wheat rising more Spots closed at 11G5. up 5. ll an a ccnl a bushel and corn urarly a cent. A. T. and T 115 1-4 /narorda Copp.-r li ll.'thlehc-m Steel 345-8 Chrysler 39 7-8 Cit:es Service 23-1 Coca Cola 123 3-4 fii ntval American Tank 3i5 l-'J (iciicml Kli'i-lric ....' 21) (i.iieml Motors 3:i 1-fll Intel ITavvosliT 33 7-8 Middbwesl Utilities .... 3-1G Montgomery Ward 25 1-2 yew York Central 29 Packard 4 Phillips Petroleum 18 Radio Corp 71-2 Standard of N. J 42 .1-4 Texas Co 23 7-8 U. S. Slcel 42 5-8 U. S SmulliiiR 117 1-3 New Orteans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 19 (UP) — Covering by shorts during Ihe ias half hour pushed cotton future, to a firm close with gains of more than 25 cents a bale at the shor week-end session on the local ex change today. May July Ocl Dec Jan March open 1132 1139 1155 I1G7 1177 1182 high low- 1148 11G5 1178 1177 1182 1137 1153 1ICO 1177 1181 ClOS! 1141 1147 1105 1178 1184 1194 «ls closed steady al 115S. up C Chicago Wheat May- July open 69 3-8 88 1-4 high 91 89 3-4 low clos 8D 5-8 fin 589 1- Cliicago Corn open high low clos May 48 1-2 49 5-8 48 1-2 49 1- Jllly 50 5-8 52 1-8 50 ft-fl 52 crts are nsis for aUemptinu' to obtain a fair price. His S, CHICAGO ucl Insull. al liberty bond on slatr anil federal criminal cha pnnl and move to an anurtnunl :n a north side hotel. The 74-year-r,'j fallen utility ivar said IIP would move Snnrliv •o -an apartment at the Seneca One Round" Arrested After Spree With Gun I'orrcst "One Round" Cliishohn. cccntly released from the ; cult: Hilary where hr was serving | insull has spent a week al Ihe Icrm for grand larceny, went on drspilal as a "guest" of the In- sprce in the dailies Quarters ftitulion. which was the recipient of his philanthopies in the (lays of his great wealth. basis that the candidacies of Messrs. Ktck and Bralion .should be considered by the voters. The fact lhat nne of them was for Ciovernor Milrell two years ago and Ihe olher was against him should have nolhing to do wllh Hie matur. and if Mr. nrntlon has no belter grounds for opposing Judge Keck his candidacy is ill advised. oOo As a tiller of the soil I don't pretend to rank with my friend A. G. Liltle. whose accomplishments In practical diversification were set forlh In some delail ir this paper the other day. I am, however, a bit of a backyard agriculturalist and can tesn- ly from personal experience that moiis Mississippi county soil and climate. For some reason he failed t mcmion the succi:'cnt and nu- l-.oicl where his ton. Samuel, lives. , lillious egg Jr.,; exceedingly Too Too Many Dreamers, Few Workers in Ozark Hill Undertaking EURF.KA SPRINGS, Ark. (.UP) —Dreams of an Utopian colony which failed to work In reality were all that was left today of a project In which "workers" and shirkers" shared alike. Too many dreamers and too few actual workers caused failure of the 8,000-acre Tulsa colony between here and Huntsvllle, those nearest the project said. Organized ttircc years ago, the colony attracted world wide attention as men and women from all walks flocked to the hills of northern Arkansas, where shelter in a cave awaited them unll! shacks were built. Turning to the colony as a last resort against hunger and cold the illusionary members of Ihe project, waited upon the work ot their more realistic brotlrers for livelihood. The men cut and hauled wood to Eureka Springs and Huntsvllle for the meager living they eked from the pine-coverei hills. One by one the once enthusiastic members of the colony drop- pcd from the roll that remains are until now al the deserted shacks the large gardens they once plnnl. which thrive, worked are grown in weeds one .ereabouU. I might ast night, armed with a pistol, ITicers were told. Chifholm was taken inlo custody I a^.Main .street cafe after play- Judge Phillip L. Sullivan Tuesday aigiimenls on his ple-i lliat ig hide and seek with officers for or some time. He n the county Jail. also suggest endive and Cliin?;2 or celery cabbage, which do wel if planted along In August for If Mr. Little or anyone else, however. Is really Interested in expanding his list of garden pr-vl- ucts. I suggest thai he put nlm- selt in toui-h v, ith W. Leon Smith Don't Swat Bi^ Mopquitocs-- Thcy Help Combat J • mail| pracllces law „, spare time. P.mith is one of these reed catalogue hounds and gives n trial to every now achleveim-ni of the world's Burbanks. T give to his warden the best po.,- |sible care. The results. In cma'ity If It's a b!g mosciulto that bites according to the ,malarla control quantity and variety, give ampU •on think it over before you take supervisor. Ordinarily such ponds li'Slimony lo mastery of hi-i slap al it. loiter Ideal breeding places for old chosen voflldi. That is the pertinent but hard Anopheles nnd his wife, the ma- • ci tske advice of O. Shonyo, sup- laria carriers, and most garden ., •rvlsor of antl-malarU control lovers nnd housewives dislike to (jCneral Hugh Johnson work in this county. 'oil such beauty spots. But don't p i wn» r !_• Here's the reason Shonyo would take the stories In science books at, ^CVOKCS PIKA Censorship you surpress thai desire to school, that goldfish will eat the lie large tracts cleared tor flelt cro|is have grown with under- ;rowth. Drought discouraged those whc vorked. Impatience caused dreamers to leave. A community pool where all rev- cnue went was too often depleted Each colonist had his own trac ind from that he was lo earn hi. share of one community living. Disputes arose over control o the project, the treasury and th dispensation of the small funds Fights were frequent and Madisor county officers were called often to restore order. The dreamers and the worker have returned to Ihe cities fron which they came and their de presslon-iMidlng project has ended obliterate the po.iky crealure, Big larvae. seriously, Shonyo WASHINGTON, May 19 (UP)— mosniilloes. as n rule, are of the warns, for'they won't. Send your General Hugh 3. Johnson todaj harmless type as far as the men- husband forth with a minnow restored famous NRA "Qold- ace ot malaria goes. Not only are bucket nnd have him bring back fish bowl" by revoking a wave of thev not of the type thai carry a few "doughbelly" top-water min- censorship orders which had malaria bul they are natural cnc-lno'.vs, dump thorn in your gold- swept over the recovery admlnls- mlns of Anopheles, ihe small mos-ifUh pond and the mosquitoes, as tration In recent weeks, quite with a penchant for carry- least the dreaded kind, will quite Johnson ordered division admln- Ine the disease. The larger mos-j biting. These llllle topwaler niln- Istralors to deal directly with the in I tors are ihe cannibals ot the news of the pudgy type parllcu- press on all matters under their 'irwiujto fnmiiy and particularly Inrly dote on mosquito larvae, in Jurisdiction. For some time a rule enjoy a dlel of Anapheles. That's fact they prefer them to anything had been In effect providing that Ihe reason for lelllng them live else, the supervisor advises. Com- ell information must be released K n'alnts from some goldfish lovers through the publicity office. Insurance Agents Name J. R. Donham President HOT SPRINGS, May 19 (UP) — Officers elected by the Arkansa Insurance agents at the conchtd Ing session of the two-day con vcnllon today were J. R. Donhan of Lltlie Hock, president, L. R Martin, of Pocnhontas, manage and C. C. Milchener, of Marianni secretary-treasurer. Next year meeting will be held again al Springs. Sporti Fan In B*d 20 Years WILKKS nARRE. Pa. (UP)— A thcugh has forced him bed for the past to make anolher meal, even If ntolnts from some goldfish lovers through the publicity office. remain thev got enough off you to be thai Ihe minnows also go In for The recovery administrator's ac-" 1 years Danny Conwell was recent satisfied awhile. | goldfish eggs in a big way arc tlon was taken after restrictions i elected as an honorary member c A pailful of minnows offers the discounted by Mr. Shonyo. Kstgs had reached the point where the North Bid Athletic Assoclallo most simple solution lor ridding sink to the bottom of the pond guards were employed in one sec- of thte dtf. Despite his handlca outdoor goldfish ponds',' lilly i»nris. ,and Ihe minnows arc entirely lop tlon of Ihe NRA office to prevent Conwell follows all sports actl\ and the like, of mosquito larvae.(water caters, he points out. ,any leakage of Information. ties wilh iuler*»U the teller recovered hb> iccks, which lie stuffed Into a ckel. Onu ot the bandits, aimed wltn machine gun, identified by Rond as Dllllmjcr. noticed a plstn Uolund's jioekel. He forced oland. lo lie on the floor ana cpi his fool on him, threatening "blow your brains out," while iverlng five olher palrons and ur employes with the weapon. While the bandits, who escaped ith »25,000 In cash, opera'.«ri i true Dillinger fashion, officers t Flint expressed doubt Hint D.l- nger was actually one' of .the'.' umber. Highway Employes Received Back Pay to Meet Their Pledges LITTLE ROCK. May 19 IW)— ihosls of »i |in:viui..s HdmlnMra- lon stalked through the M'.iti il- hwuy ilepaiiment today with hi- reoiH'nlnu of the Jnver.ll^atlon nlo Ihe ulfalis of Dwlg'it H. Illiirkv.-ood, former commission chairman. Contributions to lllackwood's campaign for govcinor two years iy,o were made by 88 employes ot h« highway department, tin.- audit cutnmlr.'.hin lias n-veulcd. The rantrlbnions were fiom MOO lo ;-HO und ainounicd lo JID.700, ac- cordlnii lo Ihe commission'.; roc- cnls. . 1-jiJ Wllh ll-u'k Salaries The sums were paid, sn-n; ol the wllneme.s testified. In the form of wurrants Issued for four months back pay checks. Others iiutstloned by the audit commission declared they were not asked lo conlribute 'j the fuiul nor did ihey receive any back salary warrants. Col. John K. Fordyce, chairman of the audit commission, questioned more limn 12 persons re- iiardiiiii the alleged contributions. What (he next steps will be In the two-year-old case no onu at the capitol would venture to KUCKS. It was presumed, however, lhat further questioning would bj made before any acllon. If any, Is taken. In a telephone conversation witn HIE United Press from Osccou, Bluckwood said he knew nothing about the new trend ill the investigation. Suiirsttd by Chlet Clerk Testimony ol former highway de- parlmcnt employes and some who were retained by the new coni- mlsslon was. to Ihe effect that the late Victor. A. Kleiber, chief cleric Whole«ale and Retail Oil Men Meet Tonight Wholesale and retail oil dealers ml their employes of Mississippi ounty win meet tonight at the 'cble hotel at 7:45 o'clock. Various problems confronting the radc In this territory will be disused and the local county asso- latlon of oil dealers will be per- ected. The oil men are forminE ssoclations in all counties. MIs- will be the 44th lo be or- nnized and the balance will be overed by July ]. Grady H. Po.-gy of Uttle Roek, secretary of the Arkansas Petro- eum Industries committee and o th- rs will s|»nk and asslt in Ihe or- ganbatlon of the local groups. and auditor under the old highway commission, suggested that employes be asked lo Sinn not* for contributions. . The tour months' pay cut was restored September I, 1032, In the Icrm of back salary warrants, which the employes who had signed notes endorsed and turned over lo the highway department cashier, rqcclvuig In turn their :ampalgn fund notes. Apparently those who made no contributions received no back salary warrants or pay increases. James Guy Tucker, former bookkeeper (or the highway department and now an accountant for the ilatc refunding board, testified that Klelber gave htm notes filled out as to amount, but with no payee named, and with names of persons who were to be asked to sign the notes typewritten at the tot torn. Tucker said he asked Klelber if Blackwood knew anything about the arrangement and that Klelber said, "No." that it was his personal effort and lie did nor. wont Black- .vood worried with it. Jniversity Dean Declares States Losing Sovereignty —^-— —r* 1 ST. LOUTS. tUP) — States are osing their sovereignty. Dean Vylte B. Uiitledgc of tr.e Wash- n?ton University School of Law- aid In a reccnl address before he annual meeting; of the Amerian As-^ociation of Collegiate Schools of Business, held here. "The principle of local self-gov- Tiimeiu which underlies the po- Ilion of the states in the old scheme ol things was an e*pres- lon of and a mechanism to secure social and economic Individualism" Rutledge said. "Had corporations remained to- al In character the states might lave survived In their former dignity and power. "But the creation of a national economic system has dwarfed their power. No state Is equal to the task of regulating effectively the Amerian Telephone and Te'egrapli CO. ven in its local business, formal recognition of lhis fact may be ong delayed, the states will con- inue to exercise vestiges of. their 'ormer power for a time yet unknown, but they are passing and must paw with the Individualism which gave them birth. The New l, with Its enhancement of n&- :lonal power, has simply carried to Us present culmination lire tendency of a century." Young Turks Haven't Time for New Religion ISTANBUL. (UP) - A Turkish sociologist has sent a sharp reply •i the New Historic Society or New York. The society had written asking"how can a youth of the world realize a new religion?" Chevket Suryea Bey replied, saying: "The youth of Turkey is so deeply absorbed by the enormously serious work of organizing and reconstructing the country It has liberated, that 11 really has no lime lo bolher about anything so absurd as hunting for a new religion." Four Seek Divorces Four divorce suits were filed yesterday In chancery court through Claude F. Cooper, local attorney. The cases are as follows: Cecil Glllis vs. Jess Glllls. Pearl Self vs. Henderson Self, Illlllard Ham vs. Mabel Ham, and Harold Hlnson vs. Mary Ruth Hlnson. One of the couples lived together for 23 years prior to separation prccodlnj the divorce action. Another couple lived together two Editor Apologized for Lack of Fire News FLORENCE. Co!o. (UP)— When fire damaged his home recently Milton H. Booth, editor of Ihe Florence Daily Citizen, wrole a front page apology for his readers. "This writer hangs his head In shame, gnashes teeth. curses roundly ," he wrote. He dl.sml.sscd the damage done to his home as relatively unimportant. What angered Editor Booth was the fact that his home caught fire ten minutes after the deadline for his afternoon nsws- pap«r. Having good news stories break after Ihe deadline (It's always Just ten minutes after the deadline." he says) "drives good newsmen to drink, or worse, causes a sprouting o[ gray hair, and a fine showing of profanity." WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fair In Ihe cast portions. Sunday fair and warrti:r. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair and continued warm, Sunday fair,

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