The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1939
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An Editorial ot state's electorate 'not he,,r, W icl he f 1 l he chi. ,. - We do not belie™ that only tlioso who pay nnl) Inxcs bec-une of •some pei-ipnnl political reason-jo),, fofluonco 01- a v o Ihw ho m 0 , F vo wnni should' emircly control (lie destinies of the s lc For B r?Un among others,,™ earnestly urge each and ovc rv c?ixc ol I Si s late ^°J^lLjl2i^£^™L2!^^ by' SnlurdS S //e S«rc To Attend Mississippi Comity Fair Sept. 26-Oct. 1 No payment of persoiml proiicrty (axes is required in order to my poll tax and receive « receipt llfcrcfw. If no aisessiiie t of Jwoiwl JSr ™« W« " S " l "' POSOS * °," Ul ° "' X °^<* « "SI ~ ol fix or wl -h 'in 1 i ™" Tn 10 mmlc Wilh - Ollt cliuiW Tho dollnr- poll tax, oi which HO cents K oes to Din schools, is Urn entire (nx for vot- .. il.ere >» no reason why, on<je t!,n change iu date of payment 'in made clear, more cili/ens .should not )„> ^.lilicd, as fnr „ ' „ , ajf payment , r oo.s, now (ha,, before. Certainly the d,,)l ; ,r lax can iVnwFe readily pm<l in the fall limn in Hie summer as in (he past I'i^iumM 01 ' 1 '; 0 '! °{ Ol "'r l )0 l llllatio » should bo far greater. £ nn,, in.oii? ^£S]f^^yjt™ L Ot ™ HUM ,* U « l,.,,n ,„ n ,( y> cn(|||ty 1U1(1 H( , EVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER O • "^ * * *~ / Saturday, September .'10, is (lie fnwl day for payment of noil fix if y« l (tore lo hnvc! any voice or miy vote in U.o lOdoSnlf" * aX l£ VOLUME XXXVI—NO, 1GO. Blythevllle Cornier Biylhcville Hernia ^DOMINANT NEWBPAPKBQPNpnrflaiBT ARKANSAS AND BOOTOBAST MISSOURI dw BLYTllKVll.U.:, ARKANSAS. MONDAY, SRPTEMHER 215,' niyihcvillo Dally News Mississippi Vnllcy Uvuler Not Forget To • Pay Your Poll Tux fief ore October 1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Campaign All' Nazis To Push Western Fight Fairgrounds Bmy Scene As TuesdayNightbpemngNears BERLIN Sept, 25. (UP)-Germany, preparing to lakoVw- . . war in the west to Great Britain and France, annotmc- Unicers Apparently . Not faflrt V HlJlf" II rjprmrm t-nhn-iovinn I in,I „,.,,!- .. r»..: i *. . .1 _ O i * f* I VI)' \ C DIES II eLKE T the ._ -. ,,„ ,,,_„.,„ ^,..1,1.,, iiin_ L A 1 i tu |\_\j| i\l! JUVHILV;- ed today that a German submarine had sunk a British destroyer, that eight French airplanes had been shot'down on the western front and that tlte U-boat raid against i enemy ocean trade showed "good success." It had been announced previously that a ninth British aviator shot down in an attack on German fleet bases Sept. 4 had been burled with military and naval honors. . Germany was understo:d, believing its Polish campaign to be about at an end, to be transferring infantrymen and artillery' to the western front. It was believed thai between 35 nud -10 divisions—525,000 to GOO.OOO men—were mw in and behind the west wall. Well informed quarters made it plain lhat Germany does nol intend to await passively the development of a British and French offensive in the west, or to remain inactive under the British "contraband control" \ ' — *•" w j iiiv ..•'Belief wds expressed that the Gcr-:S' "" rafimiUcd loss mans would concentrate not on i v, i, ••„,hitting the French /. Maginot line ! T " C - ! llU ' Min in force'But' on breaking the British blcckade with airplanes and submarines. There wns some belief that Germany, before concentrating all its power in the west, would make at least one more attempt to conclude a peace en the basis of Ihe present status. Some observers expressed belief that if the American congress: lifted the arms embargo (he.German high;,,,,, 1ri . •r^r^&xvr; ! ESuf ~' - ouick decision before arms pur-, M ^ riw« n chnsdd from the United stale., (of ,Lhn.?' '. T ther °" M ^ nl could play nn importanUpnvt. °,. he .!T.? c ' ™. s fwrcome by s, • ments Obtained Mrs. Chester Patterson, who mode bond after having been given a preliminary bearing; on a charge of grand larceny in connection with the theft of $2740 fr:m Mrs. Emma Brlckej-, aged Osceola woman, was rearrcstcd In Little Rock late Saturday. Returned to the county jail here, she will probably be removed to the jail at Oscecla, It was announced this afternoon by Sheriff Hali.' Jackson. The 32-year-old Osceola woman was arrested alter officers learnet she had made ancthcr trip lo Matthews, Mo., allegedly for some fr"' 0 m ° nci> , s!l f nat ' ^Icn July bjlro'om' "^ hltMe " lnthe Bri ^ ^ Street was razed by fire earlv to- ll = Juesllo " ctl «g«in, slic changed hei '"— -' -- —•• • • • stor >' that she had spent none'of the money "except about ten oi twelve dollars" nud admitted she Another Memphis Fire Destroys $100,000 'Cotton Row' Building MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 25. (UP) —A three-story building in Ihe center of "Gotten Row" on Front With every Inch of the exhibit buildings already assigned and the extra tents ready for the overflow the Mississippi County Fair wll open Tuesday night with n rodeo and carnival as special attractions for the thousands expected to visit the fnir nl the Mississippi County Fairgrounds and Walker park Since the judging will begin early Wcdncsdiiy morning, entries in nil contests must be In prior to that tune, It was announced todey Entries [jegan tu pour in early today and it is believed by those in charge that cvcr.vthing will be in readiness for the' formal 'open- Ing. Prize winners In the competitive events will be announced as the of $100,--.— o housed. the cotton firmer MKPadticiv and "Gates,arid Ge:rge H. McFariden and Brother ami the offices of the Compress Company. Pireman L. M. Beloate suffered painful injuries wlien struck by bricks from a falling wall. Woman Fatally Burned MEMPHIS. Tenn., Sept. 25. (UP) —Mrs. A. B. Clark, about 45. was burned to death slurtly before 4 . . about-$300 Of. the money and had hiddenva-mlmber of silver dollars at Mallhews rind lhat she j went there for the money, according to officers. • She told officers lhat'she "threw 1 away" a number of silver d:Ilars which she had secreted at Ihe home of -a relative at Matthews after selling them on her second trii> there. After having made bond of SlOCO, . . , on j she told officers tliat she had scp- - clc Long Il.iii^e Duel PARIS. Sept. 25. (UP)—French long raiiw guns pounded at heavy Nari troop concentrations in the Black Forest, cast of the Rhine river, today as the major phase r.l artillery barrages extending along a 125-mile front to the Swiss border. The shelling, by both French and German artillery, slowed down late today after the mast powerful bombardment of the war was reported to have forced the Germans lo pull their west front re- enforcements. back to the cast in the Black Forest. but was rescued by iiremen. - aratctl frcm her husband and that she was going to Little Rock. When (hey learned she first went [o Mallhews. (he investigation continued which led lo her nrresl the second lime. Mrs. Bcickey does ir.t know the exact amount allegedly stolen by Mis. Patterson, her housekeeper until she resigned to go lo Little Hock, as she had taken cut money ITU IIPLEJI mill T\l Hockp ns sho h!ltl takcn Olt money I scvcrnl limes ami |)l " o'lici-sums 11111 II. 1 " t)lc sma11 b 0 *- Stic told officers Own,, , ac i|, e (ime ()mt thcrc ^^ a Stock Prices. number of silver dollars in the box. The money was stclen while Mrs Bnckey was in Memphis. Mrs. Patterson continued in her employment until last Monday when she left Oseeola. Officers traced her --- • j 'o Matthews where they found her NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 23. (UP) I nl the home cf relatives. -Formei' President James Monroe I She confessed the theft and ofli- hidden in n Former L.S.U. Head Denies Forgery Charges Upon Arraignment Judging Is completed Wednesday and the ribbons will lie displayed on winning entries at that lime so that Ihc public may view Ihe winning displays that day. There will be 13 community exhibits ami 12 special educational exhibits iu the main exhibit building for Ihc first time the educational, exhibits have been shown In this manner. > These displays will portray what the farm pc:ple-aml some of the urban people—have been doini' during..the piisl year in soil iiome products.' ' . . Raybtiin Sullivan or Jonesboro Ci aighcad county agricultural agent, isarl- G. Landers of Dates- villc. district supervisor of vocational agriculture work in North- cast. Ai'kiinsa.s, nnd Miss Sue Marshall of Little Rock, extension poultry specialist, will judge the exhibits in th's main building. With the poultry show expected to have 500 birds, Sam Bejach of poultry, will Judge (hesc entiles Tills show will complete with n slide one. a Is believed. O. 0. Strauss of Memphis, con- nccled with the South Memphis Mock yards; If. G. Shnw of Mom- »h!s. with the same ynrds, nml n third M'/estccI: dealer, will judge Hie bcrses and hogs. Twice as many hog pens had been bulll nt. noon loday as was at first believed necessary nnd Ibis show promises In be more than 25 per cent larger limn last year. For the first time, regular purk- ng space Is being provided inside Walker Park, It was announced to- Mcmphls, widely known judge of day by J. Mell llrooks. secretary of Ihc fair association. Cars will be admitted only at the Davis nvpntic entrance' and these will be parked free, of charge In spaces allctlcd. While II. will not take care of all of the parking, it will help very much, It ii believed. Tim Kentucky avenue will be fov pedestrians only while pedestrians may also enter at the Drvvis avenue entrance. -Trucks will make de- Ivcrles at the Missouri avenue entrance. . _ With the rodeo to (11! the pro- tusit A'i'nnv on the .opening night tor special features, the; Wednesday program will be n varied one with parades, rodeos, balloon ascension, band concert nnd Pine Ridge follies in addition lo exhibits mid the midway. That the entire program is the most complete in the history of county fairs here Is agreed by those In charge, it is claimed that Ihe entertainment will bo comparable lo lhat arranged for Hie recent HIT If 111 STUD ON IIS PLEfl Secretary Says Me Will Nol Essay "Counter Offensive" WASHINGTON, Sept. 25. <up>_ The While House said today tlral President Hooscvolt has rejected proposals that (he administration launch a ecuntcr offensive lo bring pressure on confess lo repeal (bo arms embargo. The statement, wns inude us the senate foreign rclnllcns committee met to deliberate a neutrality bill said to provide n COUBICS- sloual check on presidential authority. Since convening of the .special session last week senator.? and representative.'! have been deluged by n slcmly stream of telegrams and letters, mcst of which oppose Mr, Roosevelt's plan lo repeal the mandatory embargo against shipment of anus, munitions and MldSouili Fair nt Memphis. Rcporl "Revenge" Executions Of Captured Polish Officers, Noblemen Civil Case Involving Drainage District Liability Is Argued of war lo Uio European bvlllgor- enls.. White House sccrclmv' Sloiili'oit P. Enrly snkl that, fcycral organttHXl flrivcs ni-c In progress 'to dcftnt Mr. Rnoscrell's plan. We have been nskcd by n number of pctplc (o start n counter novcinent but we nre not goli)? lo lo II," Early snUI, '"riic president Is still stiindlng flnlly on Ills appeal to (lie country nnd things nrc operating on n unity bnsls." T!ie fovclgn relations coininlUec met In Hollywood almosiilierc \vllli the Klclg llghl-i ot newsrecl cnm- crns cvealln;} n blliulliiK t'lnre In Hie cnmniUtce rcoin. Tlw 23 members received n tanl draft- of the proposed k'ulslnllon prepared by Clialrmnu Key Plttiuiui (Dem., Nov.) Bud Kev.eral eoltengucs. The coimulttcc iiOJoiirnwl niter n hftlf hour' ffsuV.H intlll 'lliiirsdny. Disastrous Gale And Rain Follow Close On Record Heat Wave „ .MI r , S »»H'«™ C.lifon.i,, tatty, ' '" "'"' '" mi "l' extaBlvc properly Commum'slic Russia's En- lai'gcmcnt Is-Cause Of- Apprcliension ; VATICAN CITY, Sept. 25. (UP) —Pope Pius Is planning to appeal Hooded i , ..• ;• ' s w uiiinail.: to Ihc nations of Europe lo mnko I of W(>lc . t ' a 'Bland ngtilnsl possible spread ot atheism foil A ing • G'oWniinlsl mis- sia's Intervention in Poland, it wns learned niilhorllntlvely today. A high Vatican .loiircc tinder-' slaiids Hint the pontllf has instructed the apostolic nunclCB (o London (Old Paris, respectively, to report to Ills Holiness regarding the possibilities of holding a general Euro, iiean . conference aimed nt establishing a united church front. H wns said that- Ihe milled church front would Include Protestants mid oilier Christians as well an Catholics In a union dlreclod Insl atheism. • ' , 65 Inches six hours in one section of Jmpcilnl Vnllcy, where crop durn- ngo wn s estimated at 75 jx-r-cohl il wns Impossible lo calculate the number ol lives Icsl or Hie extent; of properly tlninnBo. Nearly 30 persons were known missing nud il. wns fcnrcd the total dead might fnr exceed tlial figuie. Streets niul highway In ftnd near Los Angeles wcic ncodccl. The Sniitn Fo main line tracks were washed out, 12 iniles cost of- Needles. Inglcwbod iiml other subttrbnu i Istrlcls. south of Los Angeles' were French Collier Sunk By U-Boal; Crew Saved! L OI - L :.V! S T? Slatc Wnivcrsily j cers recovered $2740, entered a plea of not- auilty today \U\cn arraigned on four charges of forgery nnd on a charge cf oix-rat- NEW YORK. Sept. 25 (UP)— lorgery and on a char? Rallrcnd shares led the stock mar- ! Ing n confidence game" ket higher today antl the carrier' Dr. Smith, convicted . averages approached the highest levels since 1937. Trading in the market as n whole fell under (he totals of late last week. AT&T 1C1 1-2 Anaconda Copper 33 5-3 Associated D % G 85-8 Beth Steel 92 1-4 Boeing Air 27 3-1 Chrysler as 1-4 Cities Service Co:a Cola Ill General Electric 413-4 General Mctors 54 Int Harvest C9 1-2 Montgomery Ward 531-2 N Y Central 20 7-3 Packard 37-8 Phillips Pet 45 1-2 Radio 53-4 Schonley Dist. 133-8 Simmons 22 7-8 socony Vacuum 14 Standard Oil N J 50 1-4 Texas Corp 47 1 -2 U S Smelt 07 1-2 U S Sfcel 77 3-4 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept, 25 (UP) —Cotton closed .stead)-. open high lo«- close 913 919 835 877 876 855 ---, wl two weeks ago ot mail fraud, was accused ol signing the name of the late G-v- ernor O. K. Allen to university bonds used in his unsuccessful jnr of jelly. wheat market operations whicli led | particularly to the disclosure of the Louisiana The Orleans parish grand jury charged him with operating a con" Texas Geology Students To Hunt "War Metals" AUSTIN, Tex. (UP)—Commercial mining possibilities cf central Texas. LONDON. Sept. 25. (UP)—Tile' UTTLE ROCK, Sept. 25. fUP.) — Moscow radiD reported today that T 'ie state supreme court reconvened ' many captured Polish officers and '"day after n slimmer recess and landlords had been .shot In Poland look under consideration one civil alter a desperate two-day battle " tl(1 slx criminal appeals ' nt Grodii5 against the Red army. l The tribunal heard oral argil- i Polish officers and noblemen had »>ents by Horace Slcai). Jonesboro I taken refuse in the Grodno cath- attorney, for Drainage District No edral and defended It until Soviet 18 ol Cralghcad county who sought to set aside the declsi.'n of n lower court in which permission lo use about $8,000 of Its surplus to clean out a section cf ditch .was denied Arthur Adams, Jonesboro attorney, representing Drainage District LONDON, Sept. 25 (UP) — Tile French collier Phryue cf 2,000 tons wns torpedoed by n German submarine off Ihe cast coast of England yesterday It was announced tonight. The crew of 24 war. picked up by n lifeboat. fidence game in obtaining a loan 8 3-4 on the bonds frcm a local bank' last vcar. I Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. 881 874 863 B41 825 912 881 874 8G3 841 819 914 883 877 8G5 843 SD.1 Spots closed steady at 904, un- (h.inged. Vmk NEW YORK. Sept, 25. (UP>- Coiton closed steady. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July open . 901 . 872 . 878 853 «32 815 high 910 E85 878 8G8 8« 825 low noo 870 878 853 830 810 close 90V 873 8CSn S58 materials" ot which the United States lacks sufficient known deposits, will be studied this fall by University of Texas geologists. Dr. V. E. Barnes, research geolo- j gist, will survey mining prssibill- | ties in the "Llano area" which in- l eludes Gillespie, Llano. Hurnct, | Mason, and Blanco counties. Most I important known deposits in the i area are granite and marbK'-re- i p:rtedly the nation's largest supply —but. surveys have shown (races of chromium, nickel, copper, lead, - graphite, gypsum, and gold In the area. Dr. B. II, .sellards. director of troops. c:vered by tanks, approached near enough lo throw hand grft- nades through the windows (lie broadcast said. The report said the P:les foiHit desperately and killed many Russian officers before giving vip. The Russians took revenge by shooti!!? all captured officers, Ihe' broadcast said, but spared (lie I\-lbh soldiers. Opposes Lifting Of No. 1 of Polnsett c:unly opposed the proposal contending the section of ditcli really was the property cf Drnina gc District No. 17 of Mls- i sissippi county. i Criminal appeals included: j Ixiuls Johnson, sentenced by a _ . • Mississippi county circuit court to Un Arms 10 years on a charge of arscn. September Term Of PITTSBURGH, Sept. 25 (UP)— Ernest T. Weir, president of the America,, Iron and Steel Institute, Chancery Court Opens Wtieaf 435,. thc university bureau of ccon:mic 8H ecology, said that a $5,000 appropriation by the legislature remedied Dec. Mas- open 801-8 871-8 hi»h SO 1-2 373-8 low 851-4 clcso 85 1-2 8C1-4 one handicap. Development of electric p:wer on the Colorado river will enable industrial use of the minerals if Joiiiul In commercial Humilities, he added. Cfiicdf/o Corn open hi»h lo.v cl-se to. 543-1 5-13-4 511-4 J5U-2 lay 571-2 573-4 571-4 S73-8 TIic only state iu Die Union that never has recorded an earthquake is North Dakota. Traveling Upsets Violinist CLEVELAND. O. <UT) - Erica Mrrlni. famous woman violinist tcdny declared that lifting ol the arms embargo might - lead the United Stales to war and warned the American Industry "must give up the profits nnd employment cf any type of business that- mlslit drag us into the European conflict." Newfoundland Stands Out as Canada's 'Frontier' MONTREAL (UP) _ Newfoundland has been pictured by Sir Alfred Morine as Canada's first line of defense. If the old island cclony were 16 fall into the hands ol a foreign l>0',\cr, then Canada would IK in ] daiwr. Ihe former premier cf < the old Island c:lony declared. .. .-,,.-.. v.«,.,v ,,«m. jfo pointed out (hat Npu.fmiM'1- the syinphony o-chealra, she look land commands the ctilrai'-c o tor thn cnn^ri SUrt " >g *° ^"^ V 18 Glllf c[ st ' Lawrence and the c • • St. lAwronre River. - - traveled all over Cleveland to appear as soloist with Chancellcr J. P. Gaulney of Jonesboro presided at the opening •Jf liie September term o! chancery court here today, As usual drorcc cases predominated on the trial docket. Most of the morning session wns spent In disposing of preliminary mode us and orders. f/ivestork EAST ST. LOUIS, til,. Kept 25 (UP)—Hogs: 13,aOO Top, 7.60 170-230 Ibs., 7.-)5-7.S5 ''•10-160 Ibs.. 0.3.1-6.00 Bulk sows. G.2S-C.90 Cattle: 6,903 Steers, 8.40-10.25 Slaughter steers. 6.25-11.25 Mixed yearlings, heifer^ 8.00-10.CO Slaughter heifers. C.'Ja-ll.OO Beef cows, •!.75-0.00 Cutters and low cutters, 3,60-4.50 Barber Shop Discord? Keporters seem lo be gelling in Representative Hamilton Fish's hair as he gets a Irim aboard the unileti Slates Liner President she docked in New inrk Returning from the tntcr- Parliamenlarj 1 Onion CoriRress at Oslo, the New York congressman found nn interview immunity in (he barber shop. idee from t\\o to'three feet nnrt only those pcisns who hnd boats were able to got out of the, area:._,.-, ',. -I ^ . v _ -, , 'Mbsl'scrlbus casiiaHy of liuTgiiic was the 50-foot fishing boat Spray ,Of Die 2(i jwrsons aboard It only two iverc iiccoiuilcd for. Pom- navy destroyers and four coast guard cutters patrolled Hie shore line iiivealluiilmg all distress calls. A week of record-breaking heat had sent, thousands of Southern Oalifonilans (o the beaches and on ashing and pleasure cruises. Many craft were caught, | n the BI»!M and were unable to make shore.. Heavy lain squalls accompanied Hie winds. Two of the coast jjuard cuttcis imd been ordered to the east coast for patrol duty in connection with President Roosevelt's neutrality precautions, but delayed sailing be- amsc cf (lie stonn. Two men whose Identities we're not known were swept off the Long' Beach breakwater by the giant combers. Const guard cutters vain for more than an hour 'for their bodies Another body was washed ashore nt ffew- port, about 30 miles south o[ : Los Angeles. Two men wert drowned at San Pedro when their cabin cruiser Rorotongo was swept into Ihe Los Angeles harbor breakwater. Four oilier persons In the party were saved by sailors who manned a' whnlctaonl. The dead >crc Roy Bernhardt. Rorotongo owner and Donald Rupert. At Oxnard, approximately 75 ----- — .miles north of Los Angeles,Where ccssant and lhat many wounded, ] the Spray was capsbed ani ground- Including women and children lirjrcd, the bodies of two men were in the open streets receiving first: swept U p on the beach Officers nid from Red Cross nurses. (believed they might have been Churches, palaces, hospitals, members of the Spray flshln" railway stations, hotels, banks and j party. Two of the 26 abcard. Miss Gen- TSflElLIIC But Polish Capital Is Still Holding Out Against German Attack BUDAPEST, Rumania, Sept K. (UP)—Radio broadcasts Indicated today that German urtillcrv was drmollfhlntj Wnrsaav, mill 'largest European capital, which German Iroaju still were uiinble to capture after a 17-day liiege. broadcast from the besieged said thai half of Warsaw binning, that the explosion of heavy artillery shells was In A city was fhops with art treasures accumu- were reported latcd for centuries In ruins. Slaying Is Climax Of Family Quarrel WHEATLEY, Ark., Sept, 25 (UP) —A family qiinrrel was climaxed yesterday with the fatal shooting of Ervln Ochlschlagcr, 39, and the wounding cf his brother, Ewald. brother-in-law ot the two men. -- - ivievc Force and Abe Agnis, fought their way through towering seas to shore, nnd were treated nt a Ox- nnVd hospital for shock and exposure. Would Compel Issuance Of Office Certificate _,_„.. „ 4 „ «, ?* =1 ^ 2j ' ? A * -^^ ^ today said he. would pected to day. - him u ^'^^X^^ " — ^ "M . ncctert tn i.n fii^ „„„!,;!, i,,.,. ?;. General Jack Holt to force Secretary of State Hall to certify him as legislator from Sebastian county following Ills successful race of Sept. 12. Hall refused to issue the certificate of election, 'conUnitlng lie could not do so unless the state senate was in session so It'could be delivered to the secretary or that body. Negro Is Sought For Ash Street Knifing Blois "Red" Hampton, negro, Is sought by police after he is nlleg: cd to have severely cut Omelta Powell, negro woman, iu an Ash street fight Saturday night. The negro woman's throat was cut and numerous oilier cuts indicted about her face before _____ Hampton ceased his assault, it ls!iri"the claimed. He fled nnd had not be;n I Memphis and vicinity-Generallv apprehended this afternoon, offl- fair tonight and Tuesday; c.o:ler errs .said. | h(c icnighl; much, cooler Tuesday. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy Unight and Tuesday; cooler .Tuesday and

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