The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1949
Page 10
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>AO* TEW BLYTHEVTLLII (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • TUESDAY, MAY IT, l«f 5 J , Mortgage Money Supply Going Up Increased Funds "During 1949 to A)d Home Builder Supply of mortgage money for buildipg and purchase of homes willTSe greater during 1949 than «Vfr before and home-buyers will bt »de to obtain better terms as « resXiIt, It was indicated today after 'analysis of figures which show 'that funds deposited in savings, institutions are at an all-time higiP=«nd steadily increasing. First quarter reports from the savings banks in New York State show that the $177.000.000 deposited in those institutions Is 22",, ahead ol the first three months of 1948. A similar trend Is reported .for the nation as whole. For example, a total of $888.000,000 p<«ir- ed into the savings and Iran associations of the country durinc the - first wo months of 1919, a gain of 18% over last year Replrnlsmrnt of Funds It Is from these two types of aavings institutions that most of the money conies for home financing, although life insurance companies are now placing an Increasing percentage ol their funds Into home mortgages. Adding brightness lo (he picture-is the fact that il Is now pos- •ible'Tor lenders lo replenish their Here's How to Win Termite War By Robert Schirff Wrltlrn for NKA Service Termites ttre pesly little Insect* that cat 50 million dollars worth of properly every year. Don't be alarmed unless you're certain they're al work in your home. But it's a good idea lo look around: if you find evidence of termites; declare warl Usually, you'll first see termites In the flying slage during spring months They fly briefly, find a mate, lose thtlr jvlngs, then merrily return to chewing the wood In your home: Damage Is rarely visible; It's all Inside I he wood. Wooden timbers are honeycombed, leaving only a thin outside ;,hcll. 1 Termites travel directly from the ground into the wood, steering clear of llfiht and air. by building tube-like dirt lunnels to cross concrete or other obstructions. These runways protect termites from the drying elfccl of air. anrt always indicate their presence. When contact with Ihe molsl earth Is broken, the termites In building will soon die. 'J'o t^o'ck them, a copper sheet, bent rtown- wflrd at nn angle'of 45 degrees, can be Inserted beneath Ihe sill where the tunnels are found. Wood In contact with the ground should be replaced with concrete, or the cnrth can be excavated and Ihe wood protected with a tight coating of concr.cte or sheet metal. It's good prevention to clear the TIRMITE COLONY ground near the building of all wood refuse. Trellises, arbors, and other wood .structures placed on the foundation Invile termites. When reconstruction Isn't possible, buildings can be protected for considerable periods by poisoning the surrounding ground wilh oiihodlchlorucnzene. or a fuel oil spray containing five per cent DDT. This Is used at the rate of one gallon to 10 running leel in trenches 2 to 3 inches deep, close to the MCISTUKC outside foundation walls, and alon the inside as well when the spuci within is not excavated or Is un finished. As Ihe existence of clay tunnel indicates the location of nests h Ihe ground, a hole should b« du at tlie base, and Ihe nest de stroyed by poisoning. Year round vigilance and con slant checking is the surest way preventing termite damage. ny Kamp «ur* favori ovir Family'* Recipcl Thi« is him ItsTastiness will tickle you PINK! It's the personal recipe of u Wilkens —and we've bee ' making whiskey 60 odd years! jjLf&M* $135 •»/2 PT. New Tidelonds Oil Suit Involves Two Nearby States WASHINGTON, May 17—Wl—I The supreme court Monday granted the government permission lo sue Texas and Ixniislann in an effort to establish paramount rights ol the United Slates to rich oil liivjs, oil their coasts. Texas and Louisiana, with mtl- ions at slake, nrgvied that the United Slates may not sue any stale unless it consents to fop sued. They refused to give their consent. Two years ago the supreme court ruled Hint the federal government ins "paramount rights I", and full dominion and power over" submerged lands off the California const. The Justice Department insisted the same rule Is applicable To I he Gulf seabed. But Tcxns and Louisiana disputed this. Negro Soldier, Charged With Rape and Murder, Given Death Sentence BLENDED WHISHEV * ?«o«. nv. cum sfuiwi sum. m mm limit CD., imiNeimE. m. Battle Monuments Board Takes Over Cemeteries WASHINGTON. Mfl.V 17— l.'l President Truman yesterday slgne< an executive order transferring art ministration ot United States mil itary cemeteries abroad to the Am encan Battle Monuments Comrnls slon. The order covers World War 1 military cemeteries I n Europ North Africa and the Philippine Islands. The administration has been \n tlie hands ol the Army. GUAM. May 17. f/Tl—A 20th Air oree court martial yesterday con- cted Pvt. Herman p. Dennis, Jr., '. the ra|>e murder of Miss Ruth arnsworth and senlenced him to eath. The 20-ye»r-old Negro airman nluled smartly when the presl- cnl of Ihe court. Lt. Col. Gerry L-. lason ol Las Vegas, Nev., pro- oimced sentence. The verdict U ubjcct to review by the commanding officer of the 20lh Air Force, he Air Force Board of Review In VashiiiRlon and President Truman If the verdicl Is upheld, the msn- icr in which Dennis will be put o death will be determined later, j Dennis, his half brother, Pvt. f 2ah'ert Dennis ?nd another Newo. ^tnff SRl. Robert W. Burns of Spokane, Wash., are accused of beating and raping the San Francisco girl last Dec. II. calvert Dennis of Sequin, Tex., Is scheduled to be tried next- Miss parnsworth, a Navy employe iled in a souvenir shop where she worked after hours, was dragged into the jungle and raped and beaten. She died several days later In a Guam hospital. Contractor Killed MEXICO. Mo.. May 11— dT> William Hay Anderson, 44, a con tractor, was fatally Injured SaUi day when he was thrown from horse. The nnimal stumbled. There were 19,500 faun killed and l.fiOO.OOO injured cidents In 1947. i. people in ac- •/ome Shortage Can Be Eased ty Remodeling Greater finphasis should be placed i the need for modernization and opali of old dwellings us a means o! Deviating the nation's housing liorUfje, many exnerts believe. They point out that a majority of amllles needing homes cannot af- ord to build new ones. RehabillLa- lon of old houses can, In a Kreal lany Inslances, provide years of dded service for dwellings whlcli re now deteriorating. Thousands ol itch homes become unusable cack car as » result of long periods o icglecl. Through modernization anrt •cpair, the experts explain, the lif of those houses can be prolongei considerably. Rejuvenation of old dwellings cai je a sound Investment for the futur too, authorities assert. They sa :hat many modernized homes \vi prove more attractive to buyers nnr renters than houses built during th postwar shortaiie. This belief I based on the fact that the oldc homes usually are convenlentl situated near schools, churche. shopping tenters and transporta lion facilities. With the modern building male rials now available It is possible 1 spruce up a run-down house moderate cost, provided it Is struc lurally sound. Among the materials especial well suited for this purpose are n: bcstos cement building producL Produced In several forms for sue specific uses as roofing and -siclh these materials are fireproof al weatherproof. Due to their lo maintenance cost they are unusual economical. They require no initi painting or subsequent prescrrati treatment and seldom If ever nei repair. Asbestos cement products can iconomy Grades >f Oak Flooring lesult in Savings Here's a pointer for families who re planning to build home on limed budgets. In some Instances Im- orlant savings can be effected by sing economy grades of building natcrlals, fixtures and so on. When his can be done without sacrificing oaslc quality, it's smart business. Oak and other hardwood flooring or example, can be obtained In low -ost grades which are virtually on i par with higher grades as far as strength and durability are concerned. Grading of hardwood flooring Is >ased almost entirely on appearance. Among the factors considered are usch characteristics as streaks {."lots and other natural variations While the higher grades make mor. aeaullfuJ floors, the lower grade ilso present an attractive appear ance—nt considerably less cost, No 1 Common and No. 2 Com non nre the economy grades In oak obtained In a variety of attractive styles and colors. The roofing can be applied directly over old wood shingles, while (lie siding can be nailed over existing wood or stucco exteriors. .bove them, in ascending order, are! expensive to produce, comes In 'hr»» elect and clear. All are plain-sawed, grades. Clear is the highest, fol- Quarter-sawed oak, which is more'.lowed by sap clear and select. ATTIC FANS Hot Weather IR Just Around the Corner. We have window fans unit altir fans, IX inch to 4ft." They Will Do the .lob. No down payment and 36 months to pa3- if you wish. BE COMFORTABLE. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 551 Read Courier News Want Ad» ELECTROLUX Cleaners Inspected • FREE • Prompt, Ev|icr( Repair Service :it All Times Phone B138 Guy Wright 112 East Davis New Klcc'trolu.v Vacuum Cleaners Are Now Available WE'RE THE DOCTOR! For ailing electrical appliances and faulty wiring . . . shorts, biid connections, etc. . . . we're the' doctor who will fix things up. We guarantee to Rive you prompt, efficient, economical service. And as proof of our ability we can show you-our degree . . . Arkansas State Contractor's License IS'o. 527. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 112 South 5th Phone 2993 funds by selling to the government up to SO'r ol their mortgages, (tmt It Is estimated tl\at approximately tl50.COO.000 will be poured back tntn the mortgage market In this manner In the next year. Lenders say home-buyers will benefit by this increased money supply by obtaining longer term mortgages >vith smaller down payments find continued low In tcrrst rales because of llir competition among lenders to put Idle tunrls to work. Special SALE! 1 ROLL FREE with the Purchase of Each Roll at the Regular Low Price. So you save one-half the regular cost when you buy wallpaper on this special sale. The patterns . on sale are taken from ovir finest lines . . . Hirge, United, and others . . . certain patterns lhal are • being discontinued. However, you may choose from • wide selection of pretty styles and colors at every price level . . . regularly priced from 20c to $1.50 ... and so you're sure lo find something you like. And, remember, beginning Wednesday morn- Ing you gel one roll free with each roll you buy al the regular price. STARTS WEDNESDAY AT 8:00 A.M. DEAL'S PAINT STORE WATER IS FREE! Wherever you find it, water is free, Deep in a well or out of the sea. Get all you want wherever you go,— Read the simple directions below. 109 East Main Phone -1469 Put a barrel under the spout, Collect the rain the clouds give out; But watch for wiggler and bacillus,— Some bugs are almost sure to kill us. Melt yourself a pan of snow! (It's a crystal form of H20) Or just apply a little heat To frost or ice or hail or sleet! Dig a hole both deep and round, That's where lots of water's found. Pumps are needed, so are tanks,— You pay for them with more than thanks! Pvit muddy water in a keltic, Leave it for the muci to settle. Even the water in the sewer Is ninety-nine one humlredlhs pure! Build a dam across a creek And do it well so it won't leak. Then lay a pipe. (The cost ain't hay: Be sure to get a right of way.) Wrinp the water from a blanket of fog! Strain Ihe tadpoles out of a bog! Get up early and gather dew! Sprinkle a cloud with C02! Wilh a bucket you can bring All you want from pond or spring. Two hundred trips or so a day Are really fun when you don't pay! Your water works adds this last line: Delivery is where we shine! \Ve can't soil water because it's free,— We soil only PRESSURE and PURITY! BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" OUR COMPLETE STOCK OF SPECIAL! Sherwin-Williems Paints W. i SKOUSEPftlNJ ^ " *»1 WIUQW tM* PER CENT OFF! ftl HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W.MAIN ST. PHONE 515

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