The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, October 27, 1930
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fry f he United Press BLYTHEVILLE COUKIER NEWS THE TVWTWANT NWWRPiDFT? np NnnTHFicT ABU* AMP * n ..._ „*..««.,-» *~^ • ' * ^^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION' -— — - — — — - — — — _ — ., (^.. 1 1'. . n . . j .. ' i. B VOL. XXVII NO. 191 Blytheville Blytheville Courier, Herald, Blylhevllte Mississippi Dally Valley News, Leader. . ijmmviLU-:, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, "OCTOHKlt 27. I'M •'.• SINGLE COPIES ] '• " 7- LOCAL MAN FOUND AFTER 2-YEAR SEARCH HELD FDR Cashier of Galva Institu- * lion Leaves Today Secret Mission. on • GALVA, ,rLU, ;0:l. 21 (UP)— A. G. Anderson, cashier of the Yoakum State Bank, left Galva today on a ;:eerct mission, reportedly In connection .with Cie fuj/pcscd abducticn of Earl D. Ycakum. wealthy president of the institution. Jrom his automobile, Saturday. Anderson's departure, closely following the admission an urgent letter from Yoakum had been received, was announced by officials of 'the bank without commsnt. Letter Received Other anjies of the search revealed only that Anderson had not' been seen slnre he took hi* two daughters (o a moving picture show Saturday night and started back to his home. However, Ralph Barlow. a brother of Mrs. Yoakiun. admitted a special delivery letter had been received last night and Don O. Andersen, a close friend, said the letter wae from Yoakum. Reports were lhat Yoakum in the letter ur^ed his wife to pay lansom demands up to $50.000. Other reports were that ransom of S10.000 was osked. A police search in the n?i?hbor- hcod of the Yoakum home dis- •-losed no crc? had witnessed the disappearance of the banker Saturday night. Girls Saw "Slranse Men" Ycakum's daughters. Mary. 13. and Ann, 8, related that when their .father tcok them to a theatre earlier in the evening they saw "two r.trange men" iri an automobile r.i'tsitie their home. Th? daughter? onparentlv were the last persons to see Yoakum. * Galva"residents tcok the bank- frs disappearance calmly and "business as usual" was transacted nt the bank, according to officials, who declared the last examination of the institutions books bv the state auditors office hurl shown its affairs to be "commcTxi- ablv sound." Yoakum is said to be a millionaire. Awakes to Find Three Strangers in Bed With Him SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27. (UP) —John J. Davis, familiarly known as "Coffee Dan." cabaret proprietor, woke up today wondering what was all about. Three strangers came to in the county jail asking the same thing. Tile mystery started last night when "Dan" was aroused from his slumbers In a local hotel by the presence of the unknown in bed with him. He yelled for police. It was all explained today when W. B. Bowman, in the next room explained to officials he had invited the three to spend the niglu "on him" but inadvertently had asked for and received t!ie wrong key at the hotel desk. Burned Machine May Have Connection with Death of Two Youths Is Belief. MEMPHIS. Oct. 27, (UP)—Search two North Carolina high school for the murderer or 1 murderers of boys centered at Wilson. Ark., today after officials had discovered an automobile burned there the day the two boys met their death. The car was wheeled to the edge of the levee. Officers told Memphis authorities the driver tried to drive the machine into the river and after failing set fire to it. The youths, Burton Hens ley and Woodrow Wilson of Bald Creek, N. C., were beaten and wst Into a campfire at a hoboes camp near here last Wednesday, Film Actress Marries Heir According to Jake Threlkeld, dep- y i n i n • i- ' |uty sheriff at Wilson, Crittcnden JUdge Dandy Presiding; county officers bad found that " - treads of tire tracks near the scene of the tragedy compared with those Police Arrest Sixteen In Raids on Crap Games Fourteen nesrofs and two whir- 1 men were nrrested by citv police in a series of raids t>n "crap games" in the busia?ss section of the city over the week-end. • All were finod SIO each in police court this morning on charges of gaming. One or two others picked un rn similar charges were released when police found their evidence insufficient. The raids were conducted by Jim Burns. A. D. Owyn of the city police and Harry Taylor and Emmett Wilson, deputy constables. Jim HaJaway, negro, paid the heaviest fine meted out in court this morning. * He was assessed SIOO r>n a charge of driving a car while intoxicated. Jim *vfiner r ne- Sio. was fined $50 for carrying a pistol. Grand Jury Opens Investigations This Morning The fall term of criminal court .lor the ChickSsawba district of -Mississippi county opened here today with Judge W. W. Bandy of Raragould presiding. Judge Bandy charged the grand jury almost immediately after opening court and the jurors retired with Prosecutor S. I,. Gladish to their chambers. At 3 o'clock thi-5 afiemoon approximately 25 witnesses had appeared before the grand jury including -.everal known to be witnesses in the FlEtcher Hodge case. The number of appeal cases from the lower courts were affirmed by Judge. Bandy this morning when the defendants failed to appe'aV in.. ccu:i_ to contest the cases. At 2 o'clock -this afternoon the first iury case which opened this morn- ng with the state seeking to convict Claude Allen for the alleged embezzling of 521 was still under way. Special Prosecutor Cecil Shane and Neil! Reed, deputy prosecutor were representing the state and Judge W. D. Gravette the defendant. The judgment of a lower court in finding • Harvey Dodd and Pickles- Cullison guilty on charges cf petit larceny and public drunkenness was affirmed by Judge Bandy when the appellants failed 'o. appear, in .court. Judgment agninst Joe Estes, charged with 'smperlng with an electric meter, was also affirmed. Sulphur Fire Drives Sailors Into Water PROVIDENCE. R. I.. Oct. 27, 'UP'.— Fire starting In a hug? sulphur pocket on n nearby dock enveloped the 7.000 ton steamer Gilt Edge here today, trapping 20 seamen aboard Hi? sulphur laden vessel. ( Forced to leap into the sea as the names ravaged the steamer seven members of the crew narrowly escaped death. to a hospital. All were taken near the burned car. The car has been traced from the manufacturer to a negro undertaker in Mississippi and a further investigation is under way. REBELS QUELL REVOLT McFarland's Store Destroyed by Fire W. M. McFarland's. grocery and residence at 1903 West Vine street, was almost totally destroyed bv fire of an unknown origin about 2 o'clock tliis morning. Sparks from the blazing structure also ignited the roof of the W. L. Pittman residence, nearby, and did considerable damage. The fire had gained full headway before it was discovered by - a neighbor who rushed to the McParland home and aroused the family Part of the furniture in the home was saved but the building and McFarland's grocery stock was almost, completely destroyed. Damage was estimated at $2500 partially covered by insurance. Provisional Government of Brazil Puts Down Uprisings Today. f RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 27. (UP) —Disturbances broke out In the capital today when a military group attempted a counter-revolution against the provisional government which overthrew the Washington uis regime last Wednesday. The movement was led by the rst cavalry regiment, the sixth in- anrry and military police, It was eported.' The military junta which con- ols the' temporary governmenl ; rigorous steps to quell theTe- olt. Col. Figueria de Mello was aken prisoner. A similar movement was report- d to have been storied in Sac aulo. Great confusion prevailed in HIE apital. Banks and osed and shuttered. Program for Lions Club Ladies Night Deep Secret BlythevIHe Lions, their ladles and guests, will gather at the Hole Noble Tuesday night for the clubs jents WiD Attend 4-H Club Sessions Meetings of Girls nnd Boys 4-H clubs and Women's clubs will be attended this wrok by Miss Cora Lee Coleman. home demonstration agent, and J. E. Critz. agricultural agent. Miss Coleman went to Lone Oak this afternoon for a 4-H group, both go to Carml and Leachville Trcjday for the same kind of gatherings and the Women's club of Burdette meets Wednesday. Gas Explosion Injures Nine in North Carolina SALISBURY, N. c.. Oct. 27. (UP) '—Nine persons were injured, none fatally, when a gas explosion wreck ed a brick wall during a fire In the Catawba Ice compnny plant at Vast Sper.ccr today. annual lowe'en Ladies Night and entertainment. Hal Th? program committee, headec by Rojcoe Crafton, has refused to divulge any of Its plans fur 1'ier than to promise that there vill be neither spiech making nor music. Plans for a "tacky" party, a one lime considered by the com mittee, have been abandoned, an< in their place a program has been outlined which Its sponsors decUr to be without a precedent. Find Flounder Stuck in Little Boy's Throa NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 22 (UP) — Physicians and surgeons who priet into the throat of Floyd Fogh 18 months old, alter he was brough to the Charity hospital here today found a flounder three inche long and two inches wide lad gee tightly to the infant's throat. Parents of the baby brought liim to tha hospital sfter he ha choked. They thought the litf fellow was dead. stores werr SAO PAULO, Brazil, Oct. 27. UP)—Gen. HastimophUa Demoura, ead of the former Washington uis federal forces, attempted a ounter-revolution today but the rovisional government quelled it romptly. It was reported.Demourn. as arrested. Widow of Late Congressman Regarded as Sure Choice for Short Term. LITTLE flOCK, Oct. 27. (UP) — Members of the slate. Democratic committee are gathered here today to elect a nominee to fill the unex- plred term of the late Congressman Otis T. Wingo ot the fourth Arkansas congressional' district. The coinnu'Ueemen are scheduled to 2 p. m.'. That" Mrs.'Wlngo will'be offered the short term that expires March 4 was virtually assured prior to today's meeting as party leaders were generally agreed that she should be accorded the courtesy in compliance with a last request, of the lute congressman. It was considered doubtful that she would be selected as the Demo I cratic nominee for the long term ] for which Wlngo was nominated at the August primary. Members of | the Republican state committee . meet here tomorrow to name ft 'candidate for the long term should •Mrs. Wiugo not be selected ty the Dies Under Sawdust at Helena Mill HELENA,. ARK., Oct. 1 21 ><UP> — mprl.soncd in « sawdust carrier .nd refuse tnnk of the Pckln Wood 'roducts Company here, Dr. T. S. luson, 43-ycar.old veterinarian", an inp!<.ye of Hie company, was (lead when workmen reached his body itur 3 A. M. tocu-y. Sawdust which covered the man suffocated htm to death: The ac- •Menl likened late Saturday Democrats. They have indicated , they will not place a candidate in the field if the Democrats -nanu Mrs. Wlngo for the long term. Betty Boyd is the latest Hollywood luminary "'to go lrippin» to In: altar. Bstty has just become the brtde of c. H. Over, of Los Angeles, reputed heir to a large, fortune. The two have left for trip Uiroujh the north. a motor unday Picture Shows Again Bring $1 Fines Sunday shows were given at the litz theatre again yesterday and gain O. W.-McCu(chen. manager, nd Tom Brown, projectionist, were rrested oh charges of "laboring on Sunday." They were fined one dol- ar each, the maximum fine under he "Sunday blue law," for their iffense. McCutchen nnd Brown entered pleas of guilty to the charges in >ollce court this morning. Each nan was arrested last Sunday at both the afternoon and night per- ormances when Sunday movies were Inaugurated here, but the sec- end warrants were later withdrawn when the city attorney discovered that the two performances could lot be held as separate offense. SUHUM! Business Conditions Sub- Normal T h roughout World; Hope Is Seen. .WASHINGTON, Oct. 27. (UP) — While the work of President Hoover's emergency committee on un- miployment gathered momentum today, the country was presented with a panorama of world v.'Idc depression, relieved by several factors of optimism, in a comprehensive report of the national business survey conference. The report was made by Juliuj Barnes, chairman of the conference Col. Arthur Woods, chairman of the emergency employment com-1 mittee, spent a busy, week-end in New York. He expected to return here tomorrow night after further conferences with business leaders and more speeches similar to the radio address last night 'in which he urged all Americans to work together toward a solution of the unemployment situation. 'Corpse' Awakes to Greet Friends Eats Hearty Meal • -I. — MARENGO, Iowa, Oct. 27. CDP> —Friends and neighbors called today upon William H. Dalzell, 80. and pronounced him the "liveliest corpse" they had ever seem Last Wednesday Dalzell suffered a stroke of paralysis, the second within a week. Hts sister-in-law, Mrs. David Dalzell, found him slumi>ed In a chair. She called a physician. The doctor said Dalzetl was dead. An undertaker agreed. They carried tt-.e "dead man" into another room and put a sheet over him. Suddenly he-moved, pushed the sheet from his face, and asked what the commotion was about. Yesterdal Dalzell was able to get i up nnd cat a 1 New York Sportsman, Husband of Famed Sculp- •' tress, Pneumonia Victim | NEW YORK, Oct. 27. (UP) — j Harry Payne Whitney, multi-mil- jltonatrs sportsman nnd financier died, of pneumonia last night a his home, 871 Fifth avenue. He was 58. From his secretary It was learned Whitney caught a slight cold wltl fever last Tuesday. It was not coiv sidered serious but pneumonia de> veloped. Mrs. Whitney, the former Oer trude Vanderbilt, a sculptress o note, and their three children were with him when he died... vhen Mnson was denning "avricr. out the ID Bishop Dobbs Will Preside a t Methodist Meeting November 4 to 9. HELENA. Ark. (UP)—Methodlsl delegates, representing 150,000 church members of north Arkan- i»s. will convene liere Nov. 4-9 for heir annual conference, the guests of the Rev. H. K. Morehead. pasto: of the First Methodist church here Bishop H. M. Dobbs, of Shreve- porl, Ln.. will be the presiding officer, nsslsled by his cabinet of elders. They arc Rev. Jefferson Sherman, Batesvllle district; Rev. F. E Dodson, Booneville district; Rev. J. W. Crichlow, Conwny district; Rev. P. M. Tolleson, Payettevllle district: Rev. H. L, Wade, Fort Smith district; Hev. P. R. Hamilton, Helena district; Rev. J. A.' Anderson, Jonesboro district; Rev. E. T. Wayland, Paragould district; Rev. W. c. House, Searcy district. • The North Arkansas conferenc- includes 230 pastors and presiding elders and 100 laymen representing lofMOO church membeVir ivii',..., The purpose of the conference as outlined by Rev. Morehesd Is for three objectives. They are: To receive reiwrts on the conference year just closing. To plan' for the coming year and to appoint preachers to different tusks. The conference handled nearlv a $1,000,000 lust year and the gotil this year is expected to be tha some. Toll of Maybach Mine Blast Mounts to 93 mcal Bandits Get $1,500 in Memphis Cafe Hold Up MEMPHIS, Oc!. 27. (UP)—Five well dressed young bandits robbed Peeples cafeteria and cigar stand of more than S1.500 last night while <?„„,.. „, hundreds of passers-by -_^" at . or -° !c ! ln ' R JpP« bllcan ' of II- i front of the building. were in PR IEDRICHSTAHL, Germany, Oct. 27. (UP)—The death toll In the explosion which wrecked the Mayback coal mine near here Sal- j urday stood at 93 today. • | Six men were still missing after 84 bodies had been recovered and three Injured miners had dird In a hosplial. Slight hope was held for 17 of the other 23 miners injured In the blast. The explosion was the second disaster in a German mine within a week. linois, a member of the appropriations committee, has returned to Washington to begin work on matters effecting unemployment. Less Holiday Help at The bandits entered shortly before Oscar Peeples, proprietor, was locking up for the night. One forced him to open the safe from which i $1,500 was taken, Another robbed a customer of 565, missing a $1,000 Horses Chase Officers Searching Stable for Still MEMPHIS, Oct. 27 (UP)—In addition to liquor charges filed against two ne>rots. Memphis police officers nsked that charges be filed against the offenders for keeping two vicious horses which chased them, bit them and kicked them when officers attempted (o search a stable which secreted a still. - diamond ring which the man sllp- Postoffice This Year IF* 1 undcr hfs chalr - Tile cash re e- Ccl ' liter yielded $15. They escaped af- Bccaiise the business of the local ter searcll1n S <>»"* easterners, postofflce has Increased approximately one-third since this i\ma last year, it is believed that the Christmas rush may be handled with only an added axpcnse of £50.18 to' Uncle Sam. Although Blythevllle was allotted I twice this sum last year the post-1 office. In cooperating -with thsi OSCKOLA, Ark., Oct. 27.—The economy program of the depart-' December issue of War Aces, avla- inent. only asked for this sum, ac- : "°h magazine on the news stands cording to J. H. Elkins, postmaster. ! 'his week, carries a 13-page story The money will pay extra cteri-'!?*', WilUam E - Barrett called "The cal help. Last year S75.21 went for ""known Aviator", which reveals this item and S26 for extra car- "cGavock Grlder of Grlder. Ark., riers but no provision was made' one of Mississippi county's heroes for extra carriers this Christmas. !?. the , v yorld_War,_as_the real au- Despite the decrease Student Aviator Falls to Death at Chicago CHICAGO, Oct. 27. (UP)—Mich- ael'Molnar, 37-year-old student aviator, was kilted late yesterday when his airplane plunged to earth here from n height of 150 feet. Shoots Brother for Going With Girl She Didn't Like L'IM- McGavock Gricier Subject with i .. J of Story in Air Magazine periodical to substantiate Lieuten. Cardwell Child Hit by Automobile Last Night CARDWELL, Mo. — Elmer Ear! •rail, 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crail of Cardwsll, Is In a Paragould hospital recovering from serious Injuries received 'yesterday when he was hit by an automobile driven by a Jonesboro newspaper man. The Crnil boy, with a brother and another young companion, was crossing Highway 25 In the eastern part of town when the accldeni occrred. According to the driver o the car the three boys wer.3 strung out in dngle file across the strce and there was no way to avoid hit ting one of th.°m. He jammed on hi; brakes and the car was sliding with locked wheels when It hit young Crall. The accident occurred abou 6 p. m. One of the child's legs was brok en near the hip and he sustain?' other lesser injuries, it was sale at the hospital that his leg woul probably have to remain In n cas for some time. The driver of the car wns no detained. Faces Federal Charge, of Concealing Assets in Local Bankruptcy. Nfnmiel Abrams, former Blytheville merchant, was taken into custody at Corona, California, Saturday by a department of "justice agent, ending a two year search" for the former local man, who disappeared from this city when ah investigation of his petition for bankruptcy was begun. " For two years United. States d^-'. partment of justice agents trailed Abrams, 54-year-old clothier, about the country with a. warrant for his' arrest on n charge of' : concealing 412,000 in cash and merchandise assets when he filed a'petition: for bankruptcy In federal court at Jonesboro. Abrams operated n dry oods store at 210 West Main here r two years. Will Be Brought Back B. H. Hulilcy, federal agent,. ught Abrams up and down the nclflc coast for the last six months ith his only l clew a rumor that brams was in business some place the west coast area. Sticking' to ic trail with the relentless naflence " department of justice operatives, c checked business houses from ity to city until he found Abrams i the little San Gabriel valley, ootliill town, sixty miles east of DS Angeles. . •'. Abrams was arraigned b store 'nlled States Commissioner Ben- hoof at Riverside, California, and emoved to Los Angeles, from •lilch place he will be returned to tittle Rock. Clurtc $12,N* Conceilsd : . The ex-BlylhevlUe merchant was - ndlcted by the federal grand Jury- t Little Rock In 1928 after he <Ui-' ppeared following a meeting with ils .creditors.. .'' ". •'•.'f^-S.&i'&iti.S .<E. B. Halzett, dlvIsi6riaPdS*e--r' : :ve of the National Association bC'' Credit Men and department of ustlces agents investigated Abrams 1 uslness and uncovered evidence hat led to the ex-merchant's in- Ictment for concealing assets of 12,000 In cash and merchandise. Reid, Evrard and Henderson rep-, esented creditprs-of the merchant i.the bankruptcy proceedings, and larcm Evrard was appointed trusi ce. . ..-.'•" Indian Nationalists Hurt in Clash With Officer ant Grlder's posthumtii claim to > tionaflsts and several policemen. BOMBAY, India. Oct. 27. (UP)- Pollce clashed with members of th war council of the Alt-India Na tionalist congress here yesterdaj resulting in the Injury of 220 na litle business. jbook form. The fact that Lieutenant Grlder Tri-States Dentists Meeting at Memphis !was author of the original diary used as a basis for "War Birds", established by members ot hlj ly and friends shortly after the Installment of the serial ap- authorship of War Birds through publication of other of his writings, consisting of diary notations tnd excerpts from letters to fami- y and friends. Mr. Barrett makes acknowledgement to Mrs. F. P. Jacccs o! Grl- der, sister of the aviator, for much of the material contained in the article, which Is a readable account of tile aviator's training step by step from ground school a: Chani- paln, HI,, to Rctual flyhig overseas, gleaned apparently from his letters and diary notes, and t'r.e article WALNUT RIDGE, ARK., Oct. 22 (UP)—When her brother refused to stop going with a neighbor girl, Feye Perry, 19. armed herself with a 45 calibre rifle and hunted him Sunday, sltzhtly. She wounded, him HT<? Ot 57 mpi The iP eared ll1 Liberty and was live sub i, ,V«, f 11, V?7 . jMt of iw«'spapsr comment at the iml session of the trl-states th™ m.., thl -ivi.c:,,^ T .,t« CT I MEMPHIS, hlth annu dental clinic opened with more than 500. hand. time over the Trl-Statcs. Later, El- knowledged Grlder's authorship of Dr. James O. Hill of Little Rock, i tho dl ary through the Associated association president, presided at Press. the opening session. War Aces, however, is the first Numerous arrests were made eluding 22 women. The war council attempted 1 hold a flag salutation ceremony I a public park despite the polic commissioner's prohibition. Polic occupied the park and disperse several congress processions.' The disorder started when th police were stoned by' the crow The police charged with lathes re peatedly and order was not resto: ed' for several hours. confines itself almost e\f:•;?iveiy to Nineteen Children Hurt this particular pluse o! his service. . ... , , ", , l . • particular ph. ending with a eulogistic commentary on his death. A letter embodied ir the article smd directed to 'Dear Emma". Is one of a series of letters, characteristically vivid spontaneous. in Wreck of School Bus HARTFORD CITY, Ind., Oct. 27. (UP)-Nineteen children were Injured today when a school bus crashed Into a ditch, wrecked It- .ondon Naval Treaty Ratification Deposited LONDON, Oct. 27 (UP)—The ) •atlneatlon of the London naval rtaty of 1930 was - deposited, today In the Locarno room ot the oreign office.' - 1'iima Minister J. Ramsay Mc- 3onald. American Ambassador, 3harles G. Dawes, Japanese Amr bassador Tsnncp Matsudalra, and representatives "of Australia. New Zealand, Canada and Smith.. Africa were present 'at the ceremony. The Japanese ratification was rushed here by fast boat and airplane. The treaty for limitation was ratified by Brltntn, the United States and Japan. STOCK EXCHANGE FIRM .. ; ". NEW YORK, Oct. 27 (UP)—The stock exchange firm cf C. clothier Jones and Company «t»s suspended from the stock exchange" today for freolvency. The company has tliree partners, C. Clothier Jones, John Bell Huhn, the floor member, and Raymond Hebcr Bailey. ' Nelson H. Gildersleeve Is a special partner. The company was later suspended as 01 associate member of the N'ew. York.curb exchange. Arthur Adams, N. F. Lamb Form Legal Partnership Announcement was made at Jonesboro Saturday that Arthur Adams, who • formerly practiced law In BlytlMville, and Judge N. P. Lamb, one of the leading s-torneys of northeast Arkansas, had formed a partnership. Mr. Lamb i s the Arkansas attorney for the Cotton Belt railroad and dean of the Jonesboro bar. Mr. Adams has teen prominent In the practice of law at Jonesboro In recent years. He was a practicing attorney at Blytheville for a number of years before the world war, left to enter service, returned here for a brief period after the war, and then went Jo Jonesboro. For a time he was associated with the firm of Little and Bucfe. *ritten by the aviator in a cor- |s»lf against a concrete abuttment, respondencc which txrcnoed ur j and threw Its passengers into a until his death with Mi.'s Emma jshallow stream. Three of the rhll- Cox, cashier of tlw Vr.i'x of Os- dren were seriously Injured and all (Continued on pge three) suffered from cuts and bruises. WEATHER ARKANSAS.-Ginerally fair and colder, frost In extreme northwest portion tonight. Tufidty -generally fair.

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