The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1951 · Page 36
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 36

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1951
Page 36
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36 a d f THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. FRIDAY MORNING. JANUARY 26. 1951 RCA VICTOR TELEVISION COMBINATION! 12V2' 16" 19" MORGENSTERN "Known for ReJob Hiry" 1518 Fairmount Av. ST 41800 7203 Frankford Av. DE 3-4900 Projection Television System TV Picturet on Home Movie Screens 3' a 4' SEE THEM AT LOUIS J. LERROCO.,INC 1127 NO. BROAD ST., PHILA., PA. PHONE BA 3-8200 ask for Mr. Andrews i a GAS HEATING SYSTEMS Immediate Delivery GL 5-2525 Open Mon., Wd. & Fri. Till site NOW AVAILABLE leading brands 1 tour . pOVJ ! wavzn Tor me. I I Dp Sara h2E;V" 1 -on Jispb III jil .... 1. l.::t. . r IWSaaargaaai iaw'0-i inii,e.--eJ qs? mm m And You're Set Meet the Nelson family -Mom, Pop, David and Ricky-and you 11 spend a happy thirty minutes. aS Qa - : Ozzie and Harriet 9:01) m Screening TV Jimmy Durante Hailed As Greatest Comedian By Merrill Panitt Durante is the greatest. Wednesday night'i Comedy Hour show proved that. There's no longer any doubt as to whether he Gan continue to meet the standards he set in his first highly praised TV appearance. If anything, he gets better from month to month. Jimmy, the well-dressed man, has caught the swing of television in a pattern that scorns ballet dancers and variety acts as time-fillers. The whole show is Durante, with capable assists from a fine supporting cast. Bless him, he's head and nose above any other comedian on television. ONE MAN'S OPINION k This, mind you, is one man's opinion, and you may disagree if you want to. But name another comedian who, after a solid hour on your screen, leaves you wanting more. Name one who can rub noses in a close-up with a gorgeous blonde and keep your attention on him, instead of the blonde. . Other comedians can mimic Durante, but they can't steal his mannerisms for their own. Even Berle can't do that, which is probably why Durante's style still is uniQue. On Wednesday night Helen Trau-bel of the Metropolitan Opera appeared as Jimmy's guest. She made perfect foil and a number of times PHILGO Balanced Beam TELEVISION A Mnfatienal value 199 .95 . . . Modal 1207 with T sa. f Belcnced Beam 97 sq inch picture en a 12'," tube . . . Built-in-Aerial. Smart modern mahogany-fin-Hh or ebony cabinet. Flut tax and warranty FARR BETTER SERVICE Installations and service by eur own highly trained technicians . . keeps your set performing at its best . gives you continuous satisfaction. CONVENIENT BUDGET TERMS 69TH ST. BELOW CHESTNUT OPEN EVERY NITE TILL 10 for GOOD LISTENING 1 Exciting Adventure: RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE EYE 8:00 p.m. . THIS IS YOUR F.B.I. 0:30 p.m. THE SHERIFF 9:30 p.m. - riaay is Fight Night! KID GAVILAN PADDY YOUNG It MAD.SON $0UAIl GARDEN W:00 p.m. Qi bnisrr ijajEn mm) TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: Opera lar Marjorie Lawrence guests on Twenty Questions (Channel 6, 8 P. M.) . . . Uncle Chris returns to upset Mama (Channel 10. 8 P. M.) . . .-Nijinsky's widow, an FBI man, and a weather expert on We, The People (Channel 3, 8:30 P. M.) . . . Judith Anderson, Joanne Dru and Joan Chandler in "The Silver Cord" on Pulitzer Prize Playhouse (Channel 6, 9 P. M.) . . . Premiere of Henry Morgan's Talent Hunt (Channel 3, 9 P. M.) . . . Robert Sterling in "Final Copy," a newspaper mystery on Ford Theater (Channel 10, 9 F. M.) . . . Bert Wheeler joins Jackie Gleason on Calvacade of Stars (Channel 6, 10 P.-M.) . . . Boxing: Kid Gavilan vs. Paddy Young, middleweights (Channel 3, 10 P. M.). extricated the Schnozz with perfect timing when he forgot his lines. Yet, Durante forgetting lines Is just as funny as Durante remembering them, so it doesn't matter much whether the show runs smoothly. It's not a slick job like the Saturday Night Revue; with Durante around that, would be Impossible. Instead it's a series of scenes that move fast or slow according to the comic's mood. " Only one thing is sure they're funny. I hope NBC is keeping kinescopes of the Durante opuses. It would be fun to watch his shows again dur ing the summer hiatus, when Jimmy is back in his Beverly Hills swimming pool. e e e Not Ions ago, Studio One did a play titled "Track of the Cat," and one of the actresses in it was Reba Tassell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tassell, of 5839 Walnut st., here In Philadelphia. The day after the telecast Reba received calls from two movie studio offices in New York Samuel Goldwyn and 20th Century-Fox and made appointments for interviews. Both talks culminated in requests for screen tests. Yesterday, Reba turned down her chances to be tested for movies. She's married and has two children. Didn't feel a Hollywood career would fit in with family life. e e e Joan Davis may be the latest ad dition to TV. Her proposed show is being auditioned by prospective sponsors . . . Victor Moore and William Gaxton, the old musical com edy team, will star in "Where Men Are Men" on Airflyte Theater Feb. 15 . . . Jan Murray's Songs for Sale returns to TV Feb. 3 . . . Granny Hamner of the Phillies will appear on Toast of the Town this Sunday. e e SATURDAY'S HIGHLIGHTS: Clowns and circus acts for the youngsters on Big Top (Channel 10, noon) . . . Dr. Roy K. Marshall's Nature of Things (Channel 3, 5:30 P. M.) . . . Comedian Sam Leven-son returns in a regular series (Channel 10, 7 P. M.) . . . Ben Blue subs for Jack Carter and Nanette Fabray MC's for Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca (Chaifhel 3, 8 P. M.) Pops Whiteman and Nancy Lewis conduct the TV Teen Club (Channel 6, 8 P. M.) . . . Laraine Day and Leo Durocher on the Ken Murray Show (Channel 10, 8 P. M.) . . . Top tunes of the week on Your Hit Parade (Channel 3, 10:30 P. M.) . . . James Cagney in the fea ture film, "Great Guy" (Channel 6, 10:30 P.M.). Oooo MISS EMERSON For intimate revealing glimpses backstage in the world of television, see the CORONET 16-page picture story, "Tops in TV." See this feature packed with photos of Faye Emerson, Milton Berle, Ed Wynn, Bob Hope, Dave Garroway and other TV stars. You'll enjoy every word, every picture in the big feature, 'Tops io TV." February COfOtiet Now u salt QCHAFEER'Q Natieeslly Knows Firnltsrs Ess and Elictrie Apsllaaest ISO Bainbridzi St. LO 3-3174 r m-VAUTM V- 111111,111 en RCA PHILCO ZENITH MOTOROLA CROSLEY nilMANT low DOWN IASY UUMUNI PAYMENT TERMS rH w,WiM W io" yf! T I rca yi ' -itji $300 . 3 Trsds-ln ifeSf SI QQ95 Z Mi J "iM AS IOW AT "Sf SCHAFf S BEFORl YOU BUY" fin DON'T WAIT TIL IT'S TOO LATE! GET YOUR RCA VICTOR TV NOW! i , aw, , , m m . ,MIsi . w. I I J-3 r; nil iiiuuixwrai s 7d?"u K"N? 19 Radio Features on the Air Today All Schedules Art Prorided by Radio Stations, Which Are Primarily Responsible for Their Accuracy- Friday, January 26, 1951 (Copyright, 1951. The Philadelphia Inquirer) STATION'S ON THE A IK WTTL W1P WNBC WOR WJZ WKDN WTTL WCBS WEN WIBQ !160 KYW -10 SO -1110 -11 so -1210 -1310 -1340 -1400 -154 -1590 610 fiO 710 770 nno RfiO 8SO 9SO 990 WNAR WDEt, WOAU WCAM WHAT WD AS W.1M.I WPWA Morning 5 A, M. Wir-Dawn Petrol W'OR-Joe Birr 5:15 WCAU-Musla . and News 5:30 WFIL- Peveille at 5rlO WNBC-Eye Opener HIBO-Country Cousin WC'AU-Musle S:4S WJZ-MuslO WrBS-Rr?veille Program and Nfwa S:55 WFIL-News WNBC-News 6 A. M. WFIL-Farmer Jonea WIP-Dawn Patrol WNBC-Skitch Hmderson WOR-Rflmbhnt with Gambling WJZ-Phil Alampl WCBS-,Iack swrhn WPEJT-News; Stu Wayne Show WIBG-Newv Slngln' at the Sun KYW-Mornini? Salute WCAXJ-Rural Digest 6:30 WF1L- LeHoy MlllCT WIP-Dawn Patrol WNBC-ClydB Kittell; Skltch Hcndrson WJZ-Sweeney and March WrRS-.lack Sterling KY W-Muniral Clo and Weather Wi'AU- John Trent S:4S WIP-Newa 6:53 WFIL-News: Weather WIBG-News 7 A. M. WFIL-LeRoT Miller WIP-Mac McGuIre WNBC-clyde Kittell; Fkiteh Henderson WOR-Melvln Elliott WJiS-Oordon Frazer; Weather marr WH A T Comment try liom Washington Afternoon 12 NOON WFTL-WJZ-Luncheon Club W1P-WOR -Kate Smith Speaks WNBC-News; Skltcki Henderson WPFN-News: Bin Crosby WIBG-News: Muslo KYW-News WCAU-WCBS-Wendy Warren WHAT-News WDAS-Hitchin' Post WJMJ-ltalian News 12:15 W1P-WOR- Kate Smith Sings rVPFN-Luncheon Revue KYW-Middav Revue WCAU-WCBS-Aunt Jenny WJMJ-Itallan Balladi 12:25 WFII.-WJZ- Edwin C. Hill 12:30 WFlL-LeRoy Miller WIP-Noon Edition WOR-Henrv Gladstone WJZ-Herb Sheldon WNBC-Eleanor Roosevelt. WTF.L-Ylddish Program WPFN-.leff Rsdley WIBG-fonei Service H't'AD-WVBS- Helen Trent" WDAS-News: Hltchln' Post WJ.M J-Itallan Variety 12:45 WIP-Rhythm Riddles WOR-Luncheon Date WPKN-Barry Wood WCAXJ-WCBS-Our Qal Sunday WOAS-Rarlng News 12:55 WFIL-Newa i r. m. writ-I.eRoy Miller WIP-Keys to Happiness WJZ-Mary Margaret McBride WTEL-Pollsh Program WPEN-News: 850 Club WIBG-News KYW-Anne Lee'a Notebook WCAII-WCBS-Bif Sister WHAT-News: Jerry Gains Show WDAS-News Digest WJMJ-Ralph BorrelU 1:15 WIP-Buddy Rogers WNBC-To Be Announced WCAII-WC'BS-Ma Perkins WIBG-Varletles WDAS-Oicar Tread-well Show WJMJ-Anita Rcall 1:30 WFIL-Mary Jones WCBS-Jack Sterling WPF.V-News: aiu W ayne Show WIBG-Pastor George Palmer WCAl'-News: Weather WHAT-News: HiiiDiuy Frolic WDAS-News 15 WOR-Gam- bline's Musical Clock WJZ-Sweeney and March WTEL-Wake TJp With W 1 v KYW-News: Musical Clock WCAU-Get Op With Sears WJMJ-Llvtng Rosary 7:30 WFI1.-New: Weather; LeKoy Miller WIP-ftews: Mao MrGuIre WNBC-Charles F. McCarthy WCBS-Jack Sterling WJMJ-Sacred Heart Program WNBC-Answer Man WOR-Hollywood 7:45 WN'BC-Rktteo Henderson snow Theater WJZ-News WIBG-Bing Crosby WCBS-Harry Clark WCAU-News: John fcy W-March o Dimes WCAU-WCBS-Dr. Malone WJMJ-ltaltan Theater 1:45 WIBG-Auto Auction WlP-Treasure Chest KYW-WNBC-We Love and Learn WCAU-WCBS-GUIdtaf Light 2 P. M. WFIL-Baukhage ' Talking WlP-abrlel Heatter WOR-oiorla Swanson WJZ-Welcome to Hollywood WTFL-Oerman Pro WIBG-News: Muslo KYW-WNRC-Doubie or Nothing WPFN-Nrws: 950 Club WCl'-W KS-Second Mrs. Burton WHAT-News: .terry Gaines Show WDAS-Oscar Tread-well show Raleigh WJMJ-The Ultle Corral 7:55 wiP-Weather WJMJ-News 8 A. M. wrn,-lRo Miller WIP-Mac MoGuire WNTsC-Clvae Kittein Bkltch Henderson WOR-Prescott Robinson. News WJZ-Sweeney and March WCBS-World Newt WPF.N-News: Stu Wayne Show WIRG-Pinebroofc Pralsea WCAU-Bugle Call WHAT-News: Morning Mavor WOAS-Musle Hall WJMJ-Rev. Russell T. Smith 8:15 WIP-Newa WOR-Dorothy and Dick WJZ-The FitJgeralde . WJMJ-The Big Family 2:15 WFIX-Threo so Make Musle WIP-Llberty Bell Local WC AU-WCBS-Perry , Mason ?:30 WFIL-John B. Kennedv WIP-Ladiea Fair; Newa WOR-Rudy Vallee KYW-WNBC-Live Like a Millionaire WCAlj-WCBS-Nora Drake WDAS-News: Oscar Treadweil Show WJMJ-Itahan Drama 2:45 WFIL-WJZ- David Amity WCAU-WCBS-The Britthter Dav WJMJ -Operatic Arias WCBS-Phll Cook Show 8:30 W IP-Mao McGuire WNRC-Tex and Jinx WCBS-Margaret Arlem WIBG-Commuters Special KYW-News WJMJ-Ruth Ctilltoa 8:45 WFIL-Newa WIBG-Unlly Viewpoint WCA I! -Musical Triplets 8 : SS WCAC-Newe WJZ-Walter Kiernan 9 A. M. WFfI.-WJZ- Breaktast Club WIP-News: Liberty Bell Local WOR -Harry Hennessy WCBS-This la New York 3 P. M. WFTL-Tom Moorehead WIP-Matinee McGuire WOR-Buddy Rogers VVJZ-Chance ol a Mfet'me WTKL-in the Groove WPEN-News; SS0 Club WIBG-News: Musie RYW-WNRC-LUe Can Be Besutiful WCAl'-WCBS- Hilltop House WHAT-News: 8nas Club WJMJ-Modern Italian Music 3:15 KTW-WNBC-Roed nf Life WCAUWCBS-Wlnner Take All WJMJ-Benind tha News 3:25 WFIL-Walter Kiernan WJZ-Brysnn Rash 3:30 WFIL-Tom Moorehead W1R-News WPEN-News: Mr. and Mrs. WIBG-Kews; Music KY'W-Who's Talking WCAl' -Cinderella Week-End WHAT-News; Morning Mavor WOAS-Klddle Klasslca WJMJ-Pat Stanton 9. 15 WIP-Chatter Bar, Mary Biddle WOR-Allyn Edwards WTEL-Natlonal Guard Show KYW-Answer Man 9:3(1 WNBC- Andre Baruch WOR -The McCanni WTFL-Muslc Hall WIBG-Musie WCAU-Theater oC Stars KYW-Ruth Welles WnAS-News: Musie 9:45 wiP-Cle&sroom of the Air WCBS-Tnmmy Rtgga and Betty Lou 10 A. M. WTIL-WJZ-My True Story WIP-Keys to Happiness WOR-Henrv Gladstone WTF.I.-Irlsh Hour WfBS-Arthur Godfrey WPEN-News; Harriet lrd WIBG-News: Dance-land KYW-WNBC- Welccme Travelers WCAIJ-For Women Onle WHAT-News. Market Basket WnS-Musio WJMJ-Poiish Program 10:15 WIP-News WOR-Martha Deane WCAIJ-Oulr PTogram 10:25 WFIL-Betty Crocker 10:30 WIP-Tello-Tcst WJZ-Hanmbal Cnbb Kl W-MNBC-Peooer vounir WTAl'-MCBS-House Party WDAS-News: Mnla WJ.Vu-.!mooree 3:4ri KVH-HNBC- Kicnt to Haopineas WOR-Tello-Test WJ-Talk Bark 4 P. M. WFII.-Howard Jones n.r-nr-w; Mallnee MrGuire WOR-Barbara Welles WJ-Nancy Craig W'PFN-Newn- Qsn r1nH WIBG-News: Musio KVW-WNBC- Bnckftase Wife WCAi:-wt'BS-Strlka It Rlrh WHAT-News; Snas Club 4:15 KVW-WNBC-Stelln ri.n. a i WJZ-Betty Crocker WPFN-Rely Quir. KYW-WNBC-Dousble or Nothing WCAI'-WCBS-Artriur Godfrey WHAT-Musle WDAS-News: Musle 10:45 WFIL-WJZ- Victor Lindlahr WIP-Kitchen Kapers WHAT-Red Feather Man 11 A. M. WFlL-WJZ-Moden Romances WOR-Prescott Robinson. News WTFI.-Man About Town WPEN-News: Frank i Ford WIBG-News: Muslo KYW-WNBC-Break the Bank ! WHAT-News: Breakfast Party WOAS-Musical Comedy Time WJMJ-Rnlnh Borrelll 11:15 WIP-Unseen Adviser WOR-Tello-Test. WJMJ-Ralph BorrelU 1 1 :30 W FIL-Gloria Swanson 4:30 WIP-News .i-Patt Barnes WOR-Dean Cameron WCBS-Mifsus Goea A-Shonpln" KYW-WNBC- Loren7o Jones -WCAC-Housewives' Protective League WIAS-News: Musle WHAT-Italian Melodies WJMJ-Meet Me at 4:30 4:45 WIP-Down Mpftnry Lane KTW-WNBC-Yount Widder Brown WHAT-Ccncert Miniature 4:55 WFIL-News: Weather WCAl'-WCBS-News 5 P. M. WFIL-Bob Horn WIP-WOR -Mark Trail wjz-Big Jon and Sparky Wf BS-Galen Drake WPF.V-News: ff0 Club nine-News: Musie KVW-WNBC-When - a Olrl Marries WCAINArthur Godfrey WHAT-Italtan Muslo WDAS-Mu.Mc 5:15 KVW-WNBC- Bortla Faces l ite WIBG-The Old Songs WHAT-Itallnn Drams S:SI WIP-WOR- Clyde Bentty , WJZ-OuIrk As a Flash ' WIP-WOR-Queen lor a Dav ; KYW-WNBC-Jack I Berch i WCAIJ-For Women Only WHAT-Spotllght on a Star i WDAS-News: Musle 11:45 KYW-W NBC-Dave Garroway ' WCAU-WCRS-Rose- WJ.-fipace Patrol WCRS-Hita and Mtse WPKN-Bosh Pritchard H IB(;-Knorts-a-Tune KVW-WNBC-Just Plain Bill 3-9160 .MMimnT I TK E I iiBBrSvNe Television Program WFII.-TV- Channel W PT.-Chsnnel 3 WCAIJ-TV Channel IO 7:30 A. R:00 A. 9 00 A. 9:00 A, 9:15 A. 10:00 A. 10:30 A. 10 41 A. 10:45 A. ll:0O A. 11:00 A. 11:10 A. M. 3 Three to Get Ready M. 10 Time and Music M. 3 Today's Headlines M. 10 News of the Day M. 10 strictly for the Oirla M. 10 Education Program M. 10 Meet Me at the Esgle M. io "Congress Dances"' M. 3 Community Call Board M. 3 Operation Blackboard M. 6 World News M. 6 University of the Air: Un derstanding Economics 11:30 A. M. S University of the Air: "Sue-cess Through Self-Improvement ft 11:30 A. 11:45 A. 11:45 A. M. 3 Board of Health Present! M. 10 Meet Me at the Eagle M. 3 Rhona Lloyd 12:00 Noca 6 Headline Clues with George Putnam 10 News of the Day 3 News: Public Invited 3 Jonathan Story In Bill Sears 6 Johnny Olsen's Rumpus Room 3 ''Dragnet Patrol" 10 Home Highlights with Aunt Molly 6 Okay Mother, with Dennis James 10 Cinderella Week-end with Alan Scott 5 Man on the Street 10 Television Quis. Olasivs Webster 3 "Meet the MarMullant 3 Deadline for Dinner 10 Garry Moore 3 Whirligig 10 The First 100 Years 10 Movie of the Week 6 Window Shopping 3 Vacation Wonderland 10 Johnny Johnston 6 Feature Film 3 Bert Parks 10 Fashion Mngle 3 Kote Smith Hour 10 Homemskers" Exchange 10 Vanity Fair 6 Captain Video 3 Comics 10 Junior HI Jinx Willie Uie Worm 3 Gabby Hayes 6 News: Film Featurett 3 Howdy Doody 10 The Ghost Rider 6 The Magic Lady, with 12:00 Noon 12:00 Noon 12:15 P. M. 12:15 P. M. 12:30 P. M. 12:30 P. M. 12:30 P. M. 1:09 P. M. 1:00 P. M. 1:30 P. 1:30 P. 1:30 P. 2:00 P. 2:0O P. 2:30 P. 2:30 P. 2:45 P. 3:00 P. 3 (10 P. 3 no p. 3 30 p. 3 30 P. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. 3 30 P. 4 no 4 no 4:30 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:30 5:30 6:00 M. M. M. M. P. M. Skipper Dawes M. 3 Hopalong Cassidy M. 6 Jimmy -Blaine M. 6 Space Cadet M. 10 Weather; Sport M. Film Short M. 10 News; Fred Maness M. 6 What America Means to Ma M. 3 Gene Keily, Sports M. S Sports with George Walsh M. 10 Cisco Kid , M. 6 Television Newsreel M. 3 The Handy Man M. 6 What's the Weather, with 6:00 P. 6:15 P. 6:30 P. 6:30 P. 6:45 P. 6:45 P. 6:55 P. 7:00 P. 7:00 P. 7:00 P 7:15 P. 7:15 P. 7:25 P. Francis Davis 7:30 P. 7:30P. 7:30 P, 7:45 P M. M. M. M. 6 Life with Linkletter 3 Roberta Quinlan 10 Newa, with Douglas Edwards 3 News Caravan 10 Perry Como 6 Twenty Questions, Quia 3 The Quiz Kids 10 Mama, with Peggy Woods 3 We. the People 6 Penthouse Party 10 Man Against Crime 6 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse: 7:45 P. M. 8:00 P. M. 8:00 P. 8:00 "P. 8:30 P. 8:30 P. 8:30 P. 9:00 P. "The Silver Cord'' M. 10 Theater: "Final Copy" M. 3 Henry Morgan M. 3 The Clock M. 6 Cavalcade of Stars, with Jackie Gleaaon 9:00 P. 9:00 P. 9:30 P 10:00 P. 10:00 P. M. 3 Kid Gavilan vs. Paddy Younir 10:00 P. M. 10 Slar of the Family, with Morton Downey 10:30 F. M. 10 SporU Album. Feature Film Congress Dances ' 3 Greatest Plums 10:45 P. ll:nt) P. 11:00 P. 11:15 P. 11:30 P. rj news: weather 3 Broadway Open House. Variety with Jerry Lester ft" Kaye Emerson 6 "Accused", With Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 12:00 Mid. 3 News -12.00 Mid. 10 Western Film Log of Stations WFTL -102.1 WPI,N-WIBO-WCAU-WHAT- - B5.7 - 94.1 - 98.1 -105.3 WTP WHH3 KYW WPEN - 9:i 3 - 9 3 - 92.9 -102.0 WCAD-Llonel , Barrvrntire 5:45 WIIW.-NfWs W PKN-Hnndwagon KVW-WNBC-Front Page Parrell WHAT-Itallan Comedy WC AIl-Curt Massey- Marths Tilton 5:55 WFIL-News; Weather WIP-Victor Borge Night 6 P. M. WFTL-Magie LadT Wip-Unele Wip WNBC-News: Kenneth Banshart WOR-Lvle Van: News W JZ-Sports WCBS-Allen Jackson WPEN-News: Sports WIBG-Danceland KYW-John Ptanklln: Weather or Not WCAU-Fred Maness: Charles Shaw WHAT-News. Italian, Dinner Music WDAS-Sherry O'Brien 6:15 WFIL-Torn Moorehead: Neva WIP-Tello-Test WCBS-You and tbs World WJZ-Dorlan St. George WOR-Bob Elson WPEN-Raymond Swing KVW-WNBC-Answer Man WCAli-Bll! Csmphell. Sports: Weather WOAS-Racing Newa :25 WFIL-EdWln C. Hill 6:3ti WFIL- Singln' Sam WIP-Sports: News WNBC -Wayne Howell WJZ-Music WOR -Vandev enter WCBS-Curt Masser WPEN-To Be Announced K VW-Sporta 7:15 WFIL-WJZ- Klmer Davis WIP-John Facenda WOR-News KYW-Barn Dance WCA:-WCBS-Jack Smith Show 7:.'I9 WFIL-WJZ- Lone Ranger W1P-WOR- Oabrie! Heatter WPEN-TJ.N. Program WlBG-SporU KYW-WNBC-Newe ot the World WCAL'-WCBS-CTub 13 7:45 WIP-Mtisio WOR-Kirkwood- Ooodman ghow WPE.N-Band of tbs Day WIBG-Record Parade KYW-WNBC -One Man's Family WCAl -WC BS-Edward R. Murrow WHAT-Naval Air Reserve 8 P. M. WFIL-WJZ-B4char4 Diamond WIP-Eight O'clock Club WOR-Clsco Kid WPEN-News: Musle W1BG -Ports ol Call Wolfe WCAl'-Varsity Club WHAT-News: Latin Americana WDAS-Albert Berkowftr. 8:15 WPEN-Jeff Rsdley WDAS-Jewifh Program 8:3fl WF1L-WJZ-Thts Is Your FBI WIP-News: Musle WOR-Danc Musie WIBG-Meet. the Band KYW-WNBC-Sam Snade WCS-"Saluts to th Oueen" WCAli-Theater ot ths Air 8:55 WIP-WOR-BU1 Henry 9 P. M. WFIL-W'iZ-Orzis WCATJ-Mike Mysterlea wnas-Foot Health Talk: Musie 6:45 WFIL- Weatherman: What America Means to Me WIP-Rsy Bloch WOR-sisn Lcmax K YW-WNBC-News WCAl'-W CBS-Lowell Thomas WPEN-Bob Elson H H AT-Pasquale. COD. WIAS-Randy Dixon. News 6:55 WFIL-News; Weather WIP-Weatherman 7 P. M. WFTL-Show Time WIP-WOB-Pulton Lewis. Jr. WNBC-Symphonette WJZ-Edwtn C. Hill: Headline Edition WPEN-News: the Mvstery Man Wino-Danre land KYW-Americans Spenk Hp WCAII-WCBS-Bmilah WHAT-News: 8nn and Symphony WDAS-Musical and Harriet WIP-Couni ot Monts Cristo WOR-Verdl Orchestral Concert WPEN -Oklahoma A .& M. vs. Bradley WIBG-Auto Auction Magnificent Montague WCBS-Hear It Now WHAT-News: Night Watch ;3fl WF1I. -WJZ-The Sheriff WIP-Hidden Truth WOR-Elliott Lawrence KYW-WNBC-Dutfy's Tavern WCAU-Hear It Now. Edward R. Murrow WDAS-Oospel Train of Hlf 9:55 WFIL-WJZ-Harry Wismer 10 P. M. WFlL-W4Z-Boxln WIP-WOR-Frank Edwards Edwards WCBS-We Take Mystery 1rV.''.yfl "Y7 WCAU-TV Channel 10 r Your Word i WIBG-News: Musle RVW-WNBC-The Life of RHer WHAT-News: Night Watch WD AS -Nocturne , 10: 15 WIP-Sport WOR-A. I.. Alexander 10:30 WFTL-WJZ- Sports Page WIP-John Facenda WOR-show Shop KYW-WNBC-B1U Stern WCBS-The New Tor Story WCAU-Emll Cote Goursud: Hold the Phone 11:30 WNBC-News! Muslo WJZ-Record Shoo 11:55 WJZ-Oema for Thought 12 MIDNIGHT WFIL-News: Sports WIP-Bandwagon WNBC-News WOR-News wJZ-Svmphony (M writs-News WrKN-Sports. Kal Ross WCAU-News: Weather WI BG -Record Shop KYW-News; Tom Rodgers WHAT-News WDAS-Ebony Hall of Fame 12:05 WNBC- Moon River WOR-Jose Mella WCAU-Henry Jerome WHAT-Ravin' with Ramon 1 12:10 WFIL- Weatherman: Midnight Mosata 12:30 WNBC- Dance Musie WOR-Dolph Traymor WCAU-WCBS-Xavler Cugat 12:45 WF1L- M-lodv Mac 12:55 KYW-News 1 A. M. WOR-Bhow Shop 10:45 WNBC-Pro and Con WIP-Cavalcada of Hits KYW-Inside Philadelphia WCAL-Oscar Dumont 11 P. M. WFTL-stardust Time WIP-C'mon 'n' Dance WNBC-News: Kenneth Hanghart WOR-News: Lyle Van WJZ-News; Gems for Thought WCBS-George Bryan; Erie Severeld WPEN-News WIBG-Newsreel WCAIT-News: Sports WHAT-News: Ravin' with Ramon KYW-News WDAS-Ebony Hall WtJIL-Newi of Fame wrp-n Dawn Parrot 11:15 WNBC- WNBC-Evenlng Pravers WOR-Pee Wee Brwln WPEN-News; Kal Ross WIBG-News: Here's Everything: WCAU-WCBS-News WHAT-News; Ravin' with Ramon H V. Kaltenborn WOR-The Lonesome Gal W.!Z-.toe Franklin WPFN-Kel Ross W'B5-fiian Shaw KYW-Tom Rodgers WCAU-Powers Color TV Going To Supreme Court CHICAGO. Jan. 25 fAP). A three-judge Federal court today left it up to the U. S. Supreme Court to settle the dLspute over color television. Judpe J. Earl Major, of the Seventh TJ. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and District Judge Philip L. Sullivan signed an order permitting the Radio Corp. of America to carry the case to the high court. NERVE BLOCK Teeth can b filled or xtractaei with maximum comfort with nerve block. DR. H. N. SHOE? 1231 Market 1005 Market 17 Inch Consolette $244.95 20 inch Censoletfs $269.95 19 Inch Combination ladio Phono Television $399.95 ALL PRICES IN WALNUT, MAHOGANY OR BLONDE ON SETS IMMEDIATELY ABOVE i n U tSSJBWW"8 k ill 86 In Los Angeles LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25 (UP). A winter heat wave baked Southern California for the third day today, and temperatures in Los Angeles set an all-time record for the day of 86. TfeaTrtSlSl OUT 4- X -es: IMS AT ENJOY TELEVISION AT ITS New 1951 Lew 199 Din. 11 Her it Is! Tha buy l it II t-L- rT-'-"yr century! II fes--4?rTT 1 ! 'l ' at Msky i Invites res B W r J assr te corns ie ans ms B 11", r J IN LEATHERETTE for a FREE demonstration IN ALLENTOWN, PHONE 5-1536 IN WILMINGTON. DEL., PHONE WI 5-0183 in NEW JERSEY. Call COLLINGSWOOD 5-3011 -J "SOLD, SERVICED AND GUARANTEED MUNTZ SHOWROOMS OPEN 7 DAYS PER Wrri' ;':,.- : . ....... . I i 1 TODAY Jan. 27 Issce Detailed PROGRAM LISTINGS MAMA fVtf eTS SPO7$ rfrGertrCefTt FEATURE KIMS rW ... 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