The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 8
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& VAGE EIGHT V ;•: '' v BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 1945 Panthers Trim feola, 37-27 ilOsceola Girls Defeat ?>Ponthe're»es, 48-25 ', In Opening Contest 'Luxora Panthers took the measuie of j, the OsceoJa' Scihlnolcs 37 to 21 ln;an excitingiand veil-placed con- t«$t at' Luxora. Tuesday night, but the Qsceoja. El rls * cre victorious over the Luxofft gills, 48 tq 25 In the openei. • i * • ; !,Getting oft ,to a bail start the Pantneroltes seie trailing 33 to 6 at halfttme, but capie back to narrow life margin in the third and fourth periods i The first tv,o periods of the bo\ s game was nip and luck In the second half, however, the 1'anlhers 'turned oh the heal/and.pulled away to* ftnlsli ahead by a> comfortable ifcrgin It was the fourth straight victor) foi the undefeated "' lK)>s this season -t-,<. (Lineups '' S ^:-:, ' Bombers Beat Lockbourne Five With 57-33 Score Lost DSngston , (Jjirrlson, M [jlckerson Garrison, J -L- ThonMSon' •" irfaubstitutes F P »•' a ""G f G Luxora- (48) \Vatson Wiilhlte Fields ? ~ Moore Glllcsple Jackson -Austin \V11 The BAAP Bombers outscored the Lockbourne, Ohio, Filers 5733 to take the first of a two-out-of- Ihfee-game series- wilh Lockbourne in the 1945 Eastern Plying Training Command tournament quarterfinals' last night at the BAAP nee Hall, ft was Uic Bombers' tenth victory In eleven starts this season. Offensively and defensively, Bly- Ihevllle completely outclnssM the Lockbourne quintet. The Bombers easily broke up the Lockbourne zone defense with magnificent team play and sensational passing. Their mastery of backboards was all but complete, even though Capt. Ray Ibson of Lockbourne matched the 1 eight of'S-Sgt. Jake Myers, Bly- hevllle's star six foot five inch enter. McGuffey pushed In a goal i a backboarj rebound and fpl- iwcd with a layup shot to open ie game and Blytlievllle retained ic'fcur-point lead throughout the rst quarter. The best shot of the eriod, however, was an- under- andcd reverse pivot shot by Gib- n. Llnskcy began popping one-hand et shots through the hoops from ie pivot, position In Ihc second uarter and cpl. John Groolemont, kins '-Osceola—Driver! Phillips • »• " " " (37) ^ Substitutes Hannah > c, Allen fepnnett Brown Skeen . Johnson Osceola ;(27) __ Radfoi"d Do*ns Snrtuin G" ' Driver G \ Shanes felt Luxora — Pe.rmenter Wilson Independents. , To Play BMf Trainees' f -•(»>' rt ^BAAF's aircrew 1 trainee? „ V.1I nicet the Wilson Independents,, ,a an aggregatbnMn a pt v Wilson tonight, bgslcetbal .,.—. ... ..„..,, Lieut Bfl filanis, post all") 6 " 0 1 of fleer, sail lodaj ' V i,' i ( 5; In thfe preliminary game BAAF civilian «omen)tmplo5ees 7,111 vi »ith Wilson'? v,omen'£ leain^ '•. tOn Friday night the tfalnee Wll plaj the Hprnersvlle, Mo, In ^pendents v in a game^ there , f '.,. ir > l' ! ' ', «-R«ad Courier News Want Ads BAAP guard, . mide a beautiful runningone. hand set shot after feinting Ills opponeiit'-out of poel- llon. Blytheville led 28-1G at the half. ; .. • • . The third period featured Myers, who threw in several charity tosses, and Grootemont, who scored a beautiful long hand set. .With the score 37-10, Blytheville put It In Its second team whlcli proceeded to Increase Blythcvllle's lead. ''As the third quarter closed, the .game fook ,on the appearance of n rough-and-tumble foolbnll match. The scrappy playing of an aggregation of officers, LocWwurne sent In, however, could not stem the lido of victory for the Bombers, who were then ahead 44-22, In the'fourth quarter BlythcvlllQ scored 13 more points, while holding Lockbourne to'11 points, to emerge victorious. ( Individual high scorer of, the 8ainc, with, 18 points . tallied, was Myers. McGuf [ey was runncru]) with 10.': For , IjOckboiirne, Gibson, nine points, was high man ; The second, contest of the Lock- bournc-Blythcvllle series will be played at Lockbourne on Jan. 17. Ike DOPE BUCKET •t j. P. MUST .GO. TI1ROIJGI1 A'lot has been said and written o. glorify Hie Jeep, beep, tank,.not, o mention the planes and the ;uns, all of which aie very vital 6 a successful war.-. .' . But one bit of equipment and the part »hlch It pajs along v,llh the in en who ojierate Iheni, of course, Have ilot -:been hem. given 'the credit due So. lets take time out right ''now and give a deserved the .truck and the boy- b'chthd./the wheels who keep 'cm going day and' night, through sleet and snow, through lain and dust, carrying much needed supplies and ammunition and food to the front. This Uuh is a mechanized war. It Is a v,ai of machinery and It literally Is a . The mechanism. war fought on wheels side which 1 can move the.faster r.nd Keep up the sickening'; heart and bods breaking pace will'.return the winner And these trucks and truck drhers aic the answer to 'this \(tal question They are UIB bojs who deliver 'the gootis with'which to fight and fight on ' ' There's a big responsibility; a, 1 tremendous task ON Illb BALI, ,natlye gals j- , on Bougamvitlp 'inland; In, the ' ' ^linow ithey l)ave ^ prospect' when they •«« Ihli flat 'live boy, The massive red and blue hftdgear be wears Indlcafu ^jTe'sT* bacrielo'r,' <He must wea? ._ it until he ti married ahd It Is ; t taboo for any yvbman to see A-" . A hlB( Vithoul tt.' ompany on the route, we've been h:the roatl, soinettincs for 72-8^ ours without sleep,'or n meal, oth? r than _"p!' ; gr .^fC", f rattpj}..,^... ' 4 .,j- uder'stand' wt'reigMtlng 1 « lerft-r. 1 ft ommendallon'for the splendid ree- rd'we've made;..;..!.-.- Tills 'outfit s the same one I have ,beeii-with luce I hit Fort Custer In Decerri- icr of '42." LOOKS FOR GUI' ''Bill also mentioned receiving ew cllpplhgVof the "Dope Bucket" ncludlng the : orie about. Guy Kod- jers.-,-'ii' :..He said/he had seen Juy's organization .along .Ihe road but,: of ''cburse; did' not know he vas inilt; "or a'-date. .He ihos written-.him , Bill, also Is seek- ng to locate Lieut. Odle Rice, 'certain the hospital she -. Is • with Is close around. •' . • ,,, '..,,' This -iwas. 'Scfgk.:..Cfawlcy's, '.scc ?! ond. • Xmas 'Overseas. •;, Bpfo\e ;olng over he was at Fort Francis E. .Warren,, ,W}'p.,.-.Fort i f ; Custei Mich.,' and'-Forl; *Deavehs,''Mass. From •Ump.Jb.-.tlnje. he. often has iientloned .certain facts about some of.-.,the. foreign',.countries,he has bfcn .in;, notably iEfiirlBnd,'; Francs Bqlgiiim and 'iiollanil; ... .„. in 'Holland 'they 'ran irito 'the Hc'avlesVs'hb'w Decide To Wait Club Owners Postpone All Business Until Meeting In April ' CHICAGO, Jan. 11. Wp)_Na- ;lonal Foolball league club owjiers postponed action on the 1945 schedule and Ihe player draft unlll April. The 11 owners went Into ;i closed session yesterday that lasted two and n half hours. Apparently most of them favored a delay of several months In view of the draft and manpower legislation now before Congress. A spokesman for the league said: "All business was postponed until Ihe April meeting." George P. Marshall of Ihc Washington Redskins protested tlie adjournment which he called a violation of the league's constitution. • Previously the league had felt confident of operating on a full scale next Season. Officials explained ihal players could work In war plants during Ihe week, praclice at night, and play on Sundays. Most of the owners opposed ad- mitting.a 12th learn Inlo Ihc league. Tlie loop operated with 10 last.sea- son, but the Pittsburgh Steblcr- Clilcago Cardinal merger has been dissolved, leaving 11. And the owners feel Ihat there isn't enough playing talent available to make up another big league team. One piece of business uint'ts certain to come before tlie April meet- Ing Is olllclal action rule changes recommended by the Rules Committee yesterday. Such action by the committee usually amounts to passage; although Ihe owners have the technical right lo accept any of Ihe 21 original 1 suggestions. The most important of Hie changes is'the rule against .the use of elbows In cither offensive, or defensive blocking, i ' Another innovation slaps a 15- yard penalty on a learn caught roughing a pass receiver before a pass Is thrown, Slill another, recommendation would allow the 'kicking tcnm to try for an extra point from anywhere behind the two-yard line..A tee of tiny size for klckoffs would be legalized, and substitutes would be authorized to enter the amc between plays without stop- Ing the clock. :"•'•-• The .final rule^chnnge would allow :ic quarterback in'the ,"T" foriha- ;on to remain over tlie center even f.hc does not handle the ball as 6iig ns he does not reach for it. Al feseiit, If lie does not handle the all he must move.,one.yard I^CT :ind the center.^ Gollege^Footbdll utu re ^Discussed At Columbus, 0. COUIM15US, Ohio, Jan, 11 (UP) —Over one thousand athletic officials from various sections of Hie country are gathered here today to discuss the post-war future of college football. Included In the vanguard are delegate.? of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the American ?'K)tlrall Coaches Association and the College Physical Education Association. One of the main topics to be discussed will be UiQ.iproblcm confronting colleges tali' ihc return of thousands of warl'fetVra'as. Phillip Badger, Ilia- NCAA president., . predicts that .the return of these veterans will be' a trcincu- I'/jus boom in the volume of intercollegiate athletics. • The coaches at, the national wedish Track Stars May Perform In (J. S. NEW YORK, Jan. 11 (UP) — "rack fans In this country may e Swedish stars Guilder Hugg and aakon Lldman after all. Dan Ferris, Hie national AAU erelary, reports that both stars •e willing to compete In Indoor icets this spring If boat transpor- itlon can be arranged.. Previously Hagg and Lidman had xpressed a desire to make the rip by plane. - gathering probably discuss rules to permit a pass anywhere behind the line of scrimmage''and a ban on out-ofj-hounds kl<!klng. Both the Big Ten and the Easteni Association have approved these changes. Delegates of the Physical Education group plan lo study the re- hlbilllatlon of wounded war veterans through participation in college athletics. \Th<i!.R<Sd Bell Motoi Irigade Is a shining e\ample..o.f tjii ask \\hjth Is tHcirs and tlic' r mag liflcdrtt maunerlnwiilch the truck are c6mlng thiough They an he mcA'of the 3610 Quarterhia'ste: rfntklng Company helping'on tlv iVestern 1 n-onl of which 'Slat 3ergt r Bill Cradles, a former.Bly :heville'boy 'Is i proud irieiiibei iVrltliig Iq his aunt and uncle, Mi irtd Mrs c S Baggett with whom ie lived while attending''the local ilgh school, Bill ginc them some dea of his .work and also''cnclosed; i'copy ofHhc 'Red BM1 News"'; a inlmeographed shecl with news'ami 1 gossip o[ the outfit. . . . His APO Is''350' % PM.'.New York City. "We cover an average of 1400 miles : a week and we very seldom have ally mechanical trouble on the road that can't be re'paired by the drivers , We have gone through rriud'so bad tliat sometimes we had to.get a "little boost" with a bulldozer, v . . '(The mud Is.what used to'-tic last summer's much complnhv ed about dust.) 'To earn the record of hauling „ _ more tonnage than any trucking ariiong women. BAAP's *\VACvbuskeibliU quintet will journey to Stecle,;Mo., Friday nl ght 'for i a.-; ga rn 6/yvltli ^ aVwombji s tenin of"'ttial'community."?- -''H;' It will be the of the season for tlie WACs,-they, having been defeated In -their first conies byl BAAP's civilian women employees.. '• ' .• •„ '. ..'.', L The WAC quintet'will be seen ir action at BAAF. on .Tuesday.night when the Holland team is schcdulcc lo play here. '' ' '. _. : , Deaths frpnv lung cancer ;rose 105 per cent among imen d'uring tii( decade ot 1933-43 nnd'57 per con : ljRcad Courier 'News Want Ads William Wilson Reported Well In Nazi Prison Lieut. .Gerald P. Lombard, who trained at Blytheville Army Ai Field mid wlio now Is a prisoner o: war In Germany, has wrlttci friends in Blytheville that Willlan Wilson is in the same camp witr him and tliat he is all right. H< said In a card lo Mrs. James Sine tliermon, Ihc former Miss Ruth Lindscy, "We have a boy her named Wllllnm Wilson who says !i knows your dad. You might cal his folks lf/vou know them am lell them he's O.K." Constable Arch Lindsey, fathe of Mrs. Smothennon, docs not kiio\ Hie parents of Wilson nnj cnnno transmit this information to them Tlie card from Lieutenant Loin bard, written Sept. 7, was receive- here Tuesday, Read Courier :News Want Ads. Dr. \tf. A, Taylor Veterinarian I*hone 453 See At I'hillips Motor Co. 'It: 2 Mares; 2 Jersey cows; I Carl- vrlght wagon; 1 Case Mlddlebustcr; Avcry Planter; l Shbummle Hnrow: l Double Shovel; 1 John Deere Cultivator; 1 Dixie 1'iessure Cooker; 1 John Deere Turning Plow; 2 collars and 2 sets plow gear; 1 John Deere Disc Harrow. Witness my hand .his the'llth day of January, 1945, United States of America, By Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. leece Defeats Gosnef/ The basketball team of Rcccs ioy Scout Troop 217 played Gos- cll last night with the Recce ag- rcgalion winning by a score of 0 to 5. NOTICE OF SALE. Notice Is herc- y given that the undersigned mort- agce in a mortgage executed bj . L. Berry to the United States on ie 22nd day of, June, 1944 and duly led in the office of the Recorder l and for Mississippi County, Aransas; the said A. U Berry having •aivcd all rights of appraisement, ale and redemption under the laws f the State of Arkansas; pursuan o the powers granted under tin crms of the aforementioned morl age, and by the laws of the State f Arkansas, will on the 12th day of anuary, 1945, Ixstwcen the hours >f 9 o'clock In the forenoon and 5 •'clock In the afternoon of said dale, it Missco Headquarter, 4 ml. W. of \larle, In the County of Mississippi 3tate of Arkansas, offer for sale to he highest and best bidder for cash, he following described property, to- New Theater Manila's Finest What have you done today thai some mother's son should die for you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— NOTICR OF SALE. Notice Is hereby given that Hie undersigned mort- gagee in a /mortgage executed by Harvey Griffin to the United States on the 2-ith day of April, 1944 and duly filed In the office of the Recorder In and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the said Harvey Griffin having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant to the powers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of the Slate of Arkansas, will on the 12th day of January, 1945, between the hours of 9 o'clock in tlie forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of said date, at Mlss- co Headquarter, 4 nil. W. of Marie, in the County of Mississippi, state of Arkansas, oiler for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described properly, to-' wit: 1 mare mule; 1 horse mule; l Jersey cow; 1 Harrow; 1 .IHC 'T. plow; 1 Avery Mlddlebuster; i IHC D. shovel; 1 John Deere cultivator; 1 John Deere planter; l Webber wagon; 2 collars and 2 sets plow gear. Witness my hand this the nth day of January, 1945, United States of Asicrica, By Robert Wi Downs, FSA Supervisor. • .' CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. , Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 • Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. .'•/;; -Thursday v MGSI Presents 'BARBARY COAST GENT"> with Wallace Beery Friday "POLO JOE"^ with Joe L lUomi "A" '* ADD LIFE TO YOUR-TIRES, Last Time Today Douhfp Feature • "NEVER A DULL i MOMENT" ; Wllll '; ' . Frances Lang-ford & llic Rilz Bros, and "UNDYING MONSTER?' • with •:...' James Kllison & Headier Angel- Friday and Saturday Double Feature 'WEST OF TOMBSTONE' ; with ! Charles Stan-ell ft Kusscll Ilayden "ALL BY MYSELF" with Koscmary Lane ami ^ Patrick Knowlcs Serial: "The Batman" Comedy , ; ALSO: '; ' .•: '-i Lasl Chapter of Serial: "G-Men vs. Tlie Black Dragon" i| INTERNATIONAli T "mT£.RNflTIONAL INTERNATIONAL Here Are A Few MORE HARD-TO-GET ITEMS This Merchandise Will Be On Sale Saturday I POCKET KNIVES, limited quantity . . $1,95 28x34 Asbestos Lined Tin STOVE BOARDS $2.25' SCREEN WIRE 76 Mesh Galvanized .ft. S COTGH TAPE Per Roll $1.75 .MASTER, PADLOCKS YALE PADLOCKS $1.19 ,59 PLANTERS HARDWARE Get More MONEY for Your Broilers with INTERNATIONAL BROILER MASH Starting with high quality chicks does rot assure broilers of the same quality. You must feed a complete ration to insure a profit from your chicks. International Broiler Mash is that ration. Rich in Vitamins A, D, B and 6 and every element of Nutrition necessary to produce better broilers,. Infer- national Broiler Mash gives your chicks; the start they need {o be ready for early marketing, Cash in on your broiler program, ask your dealer for International Broiler Math today. *, * IV >, -»rt V -. t \ 126 W. Main *•*• V>*J ' 1 I . ' T » i-J" C ^ v, v * * vv ' i t k \ 3* vf i f -i *^-*> y.>^^f % ^t x ^< ( • .. Ll^Sun t-.-A>i.aik.iV—..i*!.*™- _-. \ _ '/ Incorporated, Pfcohe 5J5 BUY INTERNATIONAL BROMRMASH At Your Dealer's WANT URGENTLY NEEDED NOW TO HELP BUim NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Hoglin, Missouri Valley and Sollitt Contractor*) THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAT NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show BUrti at 7:38. , ',..,.. | SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS ! Box OIBce Open* 1 ""' i Bbow Start* 1:15 • ! - I .' ' • • ' I ' ' *-. • ! • ' . Thursday and Friday "ENEMY.OF WOMEN" with Donald "Woods, Claudia Drake, II. B. Warner, Paul Andor,' Ralph Morgan. • . -,.- ; '~^ Paramount News & Comedy, GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at $1.00 per day. .Excellent working conditions . . . Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS If you are now engaged in an essential activity at your highest skill, do not apply. All hiring done In accordance with War Manpower Commission Regulations. Men under 21 and women under 18 must have minor's release form signed by parents which tan be otlained at Employment Office. Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Last Time Today &E'$ INTOXICATINff..&UT tie's Af RAID OF weoms! ^ , (But Uttta (' : gH rtowi Kf '"i tw-nunism* •< HARLES WINNINGS PHIL SILVERS News of the Day! Shorts Friday and Saturday 'Oklahoma Riders' with Tex Killer & Fuzzy Knight Serial: "Ailvcnlnrcs of Ihc Flying Cartels" Short '

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