The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1931
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 193L BI.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.).. COUlUER NEWS PAGE THRE*. New York's Woman Judge Magistrate .lean Morris De-1 fends Strict Handling of. Wayward Girls. | BY PAUL HARRISON* NEA ServU-r- Writer W YORK.-Despite (he lac'. Welcome, Prince! Sanitations, the first New York we man ever to wear the black silk gown of a magistrate is amazed that her own conduct now is cited in a revival of the question of tlie suitability of women judges to handle women's cases. % ' Last December she was removed fom the bench of Women's Court •w'hcn sljc came under fire in the. Appcbje Divirion's sensational! inquiry Into the conduct of magistrates' courts. At that time was revealed the existence of a sinister "vice ring" in which certain msm- bers of the police vice srniad, shyster lawyers, bondsmen and "fixers" preyed iipcn women and "framed" them on manufactured evidence cf immorality. Supreme Court Justice Lydon ruled that 51 girls sent 13 Bedford Reformatory had been committed illegally. At least 77 girls, 'according to evidence in tliv present investigation, were com ted without any hearing at Surprised by Record On Ihe stand the other day before Heferee Samuel Seabury, Magistrate Norris declared herself "amazed 1 ' to learn that in ten years slie had convicted more women on vice charges than any other magistrate. She was astonished to hear thai 166 of the above-mentioned girls had been committed from h?i court.' She was firm in defense o 1 her practice of signing bail bonds BILL FIXES PR! HILJFFICES" (Continued from pat;e one) mere than on: judicial district Inl it county, lie maintains an office nt the seal of each judicial district] where ho shall cnfect all taxes i assessed lu each of said districts,j •:i of the comity If only one ills- IIlet. He slwll employ one chief r'-putv an:l two additional deputies during tux-collcctlm; periods H? .'li.ill oxa-t «f his chief deputy. i* fUtelitv bund In tlio sum oi twenty-fU'e thousand <S25,C00.09> dollars. The collector shall collect all deilncmcKl taxes in the manner provided by law, in each year and ' shall receive thereloi, tlie fees | provided by law for that purpose, i Sec:t-n 3. The sheriff shall be i nlloM'ctl one chief d?unty and such i additional deputies as lie desires n!i " i to i-niploy to be paid for out of ail:1 I the fr.?s of the office as provided Family Court, has received enthusiastic endorsements of welfare , frr ^y j uw agencies despite her severity In dealing with feminine offenders. ', g cc tion 0. The annual salaries : of certain officers of the counties I of the fourth class shr.ll be as fol-j t lows: Tnc sterifl shall receive ai salary of three thousand ($3,030.00): I dollars; his chief deputy shall re-| celve a silary of eighteen huiulrrd <S1,800.000) dollars, and any olh?r deputies shall be paid out of the ] fees of the office, anil the sheriff grocer," by Leopold Wolfing, is! shall in addition to the salaries good reading- The author used toj V-:-reln provided for, receive all fees be a !ia|!sburg archdnke-- - jne of land amUimiems and commissions the favored few of the Austrian j as are now or may be hereafter she lias proven herself the; ir.M relentless of judges In New. Vcrk city vice cases, M«3l=ir.ite. .Ic-nii Norris. America's most famous feminine Jurist, still is firm in her belief that only a woman has the intuitive insight Into the character of women to dispense true justice Having basked since 19!9 in l:i: varmth'cf public approval and th3 hearty endorsements of welfare or- | Magistrate Jean Hortense' Nor'.is, above. New Ycrk's first wo Judge who served for more linn ten yeius in Women's Court iBOOKS BY HRTJCE CATTON ' NKA Service Writer Suppose that the stars, instead of being scores of light years distant, are really only a few thousand miles away, scattered about Ihe inside of a hollow, egg-shap?d Supyoce that there exists a mys- \ "*i n . <1 ,. 1 " p . empire. He aroused trv? enmity of. piovicied for by law. The, collector the autocratic old Franz Joseph,] shall receive a .salary of four thou- Sudbury School Tlic 2A clilldren ure , very much ilt'irglilril lo have several young Mm play piano E0lo.i oi t ry uwl I June Working 1 ! •'r,y Wlillo iiro very pupiilm pt-i l^i'iii:::. Tlrlr selections, sue! :is "lV:<i.| MornllH! to All. Illl liobin'.s ('.ill' am! "Mvidow Urcok' ;?k-ri. > t 1 :!' younx listeners. Mrs. J-.-i' our llo'.w i-'inmllU'r inar.bers to the'hot lion:.! 1 where they Reeled liuplls: Song, "Carry Me Dacic to O!d Virginity"; "The Lord's Prayer"; "The Story.of February"; by Hcisle. Henry; Stories about Lln- ccln." by Frances Parker; Jcwlc I.-Mngston, Sybil Braekln, Emma i'AK St'.iiiirl. and Helen Walnrlght. "Nine Year's Events." by Carl lluiilirs. Seng. "Masai's In the Cold Ground." by class. Heading "Lln- c-o'.ii." by!le Hawks. n:adinj, o Blue and The Gray," by HiiUi.iiun U'ok two oft Klin Wls-ii. Song, "Uncle Nod, by Cur) Hughes, William Hirrls, l.oi oy Drown, and Arthur Patter: three lou-ly blooming plants for ton. Reading. "EmanclratUn tin- 2 A 10; in. ivsuy Uurk and Grcup" by, Evelyn Smart. Ann niicli:uiait had the plciiMUi of '• "CiPl'.ysbiirf!," by Juinlta Smith. ' 1'UirhnMii.^ the plants. Mvs. Iluch- Scn'i, "Nellie Gray," by class. 1 i.iinii 'jrlc.l as .1 liitie Qwl-iirther i lieadinus: "O' Captain my Cann> tliv iix,i!i by pl.uulr.g ihe llcw- tain," 'by . Jaiic MeAdams. 80113. rr.'i in little man, <.• and trc.::i pots. | "Old 'Dlack Joe," by assembly. I-. was "1'ct Week" to,;';f ,,!„; iinf I [nil 1 .-; (I; iin.ii!.:- :<ml i writ- biiiiiiilH | s-h-ol nxiin ! obs-.'rvr.l and I lliiiia won- plls In I!H about tlu- Centml Ward Huv aeiin's w'lil'.i 1 ! 'Ihe 5B etas'! In Central has a Ji>s:;i ; Coolc'y's cat i new >«>'. Roland Flake, who 1m u.r :i visit lo the I "ot been lu school elMwhere this Tlif!,^ animals weielvcar Also two boys frum Lunge studied. Contrlbu- have Jolnctl tills class. They tie — -•- ---• Farnswoith Ar- . madi: liy ditferent pit- < ""'ry Ulair mid <• :m|w:it[cn of stories PL-'.', whii'h wore later 1 read by '.lie •The sliiclenls of CA welcome I'.uil'.ne D.ivls back. She has bct-n lib-cut t":caii'.e oi' .'Ickness In the lU'tlliV. The- sKuIi'iits wlvi have teen iin^ii',:; in tiie glee cl;ib have taken iliiilc nn Inl^rc-st In their work. I The reason I:; bream* 1 they luive I started work r.n Uvn pnrl singing. | Thirty three pupils In the 51) ouiJjju-i.- mat uitiu LAUU n mjo i - . . . . ,.,. terious power by which people, ani-j ™ A thls ta * ls lllb itolj «%oiy am) inan!ina.Lc objects can be -* Te of the! Hcftvcn knows there has bmi u ' surf.?it oT nutoblogrnphevs hy {li^-$etJ Eurcjjcan notjlcs lately. But this Ixrak. seems tc me to lie was compeUett by years oE pcrsecu- j saint elfhl hundred <S4,BCO.CO) dol- lioii to abOiciUe his title, andl lars p"r annum nnd his chief dcp-j No one can blnine the Prince of \Va!cs If he oixk'is :ii : , ijo:il full spccrt „ a groeer 1,1 »l "jj^,?™,,^ p r mn «T^> •'— '«' S »» C1 *' "" lte Brillsh """"' ^ *'" BCl ;l ' I with the consent and approval olj beautiful welcome there Iroin lovely Senorlta Miinl I'rieva. wood. The 4A group has now members frcm both of (he ot)vr Khcols, They are netty Blair from l.nngc and Kudus Lcndennlc, Junior Kast, Maggie Tucker, Viola Hankins, Iionc Delete and Mar- gnrel Jane Acton from Sudbury. Marjorie ^^eISrlde liad to loss several days fiom scliiol but enjoyed u visit in Memphis when business eulbd her mother tltere. The IftMulon children are cntor- Ing school again utter serious i]l- nesses In the. family. lud perfect nltendance for the past week. Willie Mac Adams is back In The Chinese government, 13 p!an- .wliotl iifter a week's illness. nlng to si»nd about $3.000,000 Tor Rebecca bapliian has misr,:dlthe construction of radio stations several days a! school became oljto transmit messages, between mi hifce'.i'd heel. China and Kuropc and. China aid The OR smile mat'.- the highest rprlllnr. nveraue »f any room on Ihe ici'mid flnor for the week end- int; Febiuary ij. 1D31. v C::u'va MojitgoniL'ry, and Mon- A poimlai'l ntc Illicit are iwo jiunlls to enter , -'I tiansportJd from cne part mil- ear t n (o anotlicr, or from outlying planets to our own-Suppose that visitors from the stars have, on occasion, come to Hie comity eourl. lie may during la:; collecting periods employ two additional deputies at Hie sum oli one hundred fifty (S150.UO) dollars . society leader, she WHS designated as a hostess to the future kin.; nnil j '•'j, ;oa( , ||1 d^,^, charllc Drake, Ws bl . oll , cl . P| .| llcc George, when they slop olf on their Souf.i Amer-! ch |, | | l , s i, n ;. U(¥ n ; u | Jni , K ,Mler lean good-will tour. _ rather bettor than most of its kind.] I«r month. The county clerk shall j --" e'flh to look us over— I It proves an intimate, devastating i rcceiv.? a salary of three thousand nncc( jn anj . sl|m nol osr .«ed!ns McFerrin; J. C. Ellison, J. C. Mt 1 - Sup'riose that all rf the great as- 1 commentary on the defects ol the six hundred (S3.COO.OO) per annum' nvc num i rcll ($500.00} dollars Mid' llanicl. Sam Inpram, Liixmn: W. trcnomers are horribly mistaken in all of their tlierrics and fancies, and that the entire universe exists ar, a living organism, sentiment and purposeful— If yon can imagine all of those things, you arc a proper person to read "!.o!" by Charles Fort, which is one of most, unorthodox written by a concern in which sir- b^cks you will ever open anywhere. had bought stock. She was sereur under the barbed questions of judge and examiners when it was shown she bad made numerous alterations in the record cf one of her vice court convictions, after she had sworn that she never had done such n thing, except'to "smooth up tbe « L -a;nmar." The handsome, dark-eyed woman io is known throughout the worlJ I -• lo judicial and sociological circles, | - swore that- she -never had known an instance cf vfcc nn.uad perjury, and always had believed the testimony of arresting policemen "because they were sworn officers oi the law." She denied any knowledge of the em : ploymcnt of "stool pigeons," although as far back as 1019 it wa.i shown that there existed a system of "framing" \vcmen with false testimony. Was Wed at 20 "I stand on my record." said Magistrate Norris defiantly. "Nfy life is an open book. My family has been here for generations. The door - of my chambers is open, and all I - fear is injustice." " Hers is indeed an unusual record. ' Born Jean Hortense Noonan, in •Brooklyn, she is the daughter of a distinguished Civil War veteran, many of whose forebears were law- years and judges. Jean, as P. girl had wanted to become a circus performer, but she was educated at a girl's school and married at the age of 20. Two years later Mrs. Ncrris was a widow. She became a business secretary, soon-turned to the study of law, and graduated from New- York University in 1911. While beginning her practice, she lo:>k additional courses in sociology and . . , Hapsburg regime in Austria-Hun- 1 and said .clerk inajMiavc two | depu- , Bllnll uc Mlmmilr |i y removed from T. Chllders, \V. !•'. Gaivy, (ie I gary: when you finish it y^u mar- cs at a salary of eighteen him- j o rf( ce ij V n le Section 11. I have bi'jUKlil drums from home lo a nui;:iifiit the orchestra the 4H i7i ade is organizing. All lilt 1 1A and 21) children nr.? p!n:uiiiiir lo attend the Valentine America. vel. not that the empire fell to|dred SU8CO.GO) dollars each per pieces, but llmt it 1,-isted as long. "»""»»• T1 '-<-' "'""'I clerk shall re^ ^ did \ ef-ive a salary of four thousand right minclrrd (S4.800.00) dollars per annum with two deputies eacli of whom shall i.3c?lve tlie sum of Franz Joseph was an aniichronIsm: a holcl-.^ver in the modern age j from the day when the divine right '• ol kings went unquestioned. TIei , t ,,,, 1f „ »ss had learned nothing 1ar ; .^ .,™;'^° f-rgotten nothing. They' "!'' a :l,^ n %i" 1B dol and his class „ i eiehte"n hundred ($1,800.000) He, S ^ ^ ^ and had f-rgotten nothing. lived as if the Holy Roman Empire «-erc 6UH a fact. Wolfing, to whom Ihe world proposals advanced above are all suggested by Mr. Fort. Whether lie is th? world's greatest combination of skeptic j a measure tf enlightenment hadj and visi'jnary, or whether he is 1 com.?, made the mistake of trying | simply a practical joker on a tre- p-cntlons scale. I huvc no ici-ja: but I do know that "Lo!" is a fascinating book for all those who are; .^^ aside— to watch, from his; K willing t-> sec the certainties of Berlin grocery .as. tlvj empire fln- :fcr t,? inject a liltlc humunily cor : ;mcn sense into the moribund j ry of Uvclve hun- s each r^r The treasurer shall receive a salary of live thousand iS50™.CD] dollars |jer annum with , i cue deputy nl a salary ol twa4vc : hundred Stl2COCCO) dollars pel- He was crushed and • ' the cuse. MrFauidge and B. U. Slirlby. B.IS-| m children arc planning to Inko This Act shall not Efl H; L. C. Spick, Fi'Eiiclv.nan'.! I tl---.i wlin do n't huvc dimes, .jneai any valid provisions of any Bnyoii; Clnrenci 1 Cliainlicillu iin'J | The 2!1 clilK'lrm are making special or general laws except those Stlm nchnrdt. Carson Like: S. C. i Lincoln and Washington booklets in direct conflict herewith, and iii'nnc>on. Tom Grain. P. n. El:> this week. shall take effect and b? In force i am | cr nm i L. C. Clco.lwln, Wilson; • One Monday mnrniiiB F.^b. fl (lie Bad StonjacL Cause of Bad Skin Yoh crtn't expect to !mvo ci gowi clear fresh-looking complexion it your stomach is weak and disordered. Undigested fond sends poisons , „.„ through your ivliolo body, pimples 13. Sever-: Appear inyour face, skin grows sallow and muddy and loses its color.. Your lonnuu becomes coated, breath n;nst unplcnsaiit. But thcso troubles will end quickly and skin clear up if you will start today talcing tint simple herbal compound known to from and after Its passage. O. Corley nnd G. .Kciser. Alternate pi'lll jurors: J. ! Ciisadny. A. M. Ilollinelil nu:l I'. | i Pfiiser,' fulliv.vlni; program was given by tile i U. Thompsrin. Lltl!. 1 River: O. A. lEbcrdt. W. V. lliimmiicl: and J. J. •Hemphill. Unrilctlc. ' lias told his storv entertain,'.. and his sidelights on the snalities nnd customs of the ircdern science derided and tossed a i|y W ent down in ruins, int^ the discard. . [ With incredible industry, Mr-1 Tort has collected, from newspa-! p?r:; and magazines, innumerable l!tl'.5 it^ms for which science can , cUer no reasonable explanation. „ Mysterious disappearances, rains nf frogs frcm the heavens, queer phenomena in connection with earthquakes—stories of these things he presents in abundance, using each t'j raise doubts and buttress amazing theories. His bonk may delight you or It may irritate you, but you v:Ill not soon forget it. Of course, this is all very outlandish and silly. And yet—well, tills cocksure era might keep Ham- !iH's warning to Horatio in mind. It is just possible that there are more things in heaven and earth than our philosophies dream of. Mr. Fort seems to think so. at any •:Ue. Tlie book is published by Claude Kendall, and sells for $2.50. A REVEAUXG SIDELIGHT OX THE HOUSE OF HAPSBUKG "My life story—from Archduke to surveyed some .of the courts cf Europe. On a 37.000 mile world cruis 1 ! In 1028. she was feted by barristers everywhere. For Mazistraie Norris was con- j sidered by many the leading cliam- made complete. Co., and retails at S4. WHAT THE AVAR DID TO AN ANC.UVGERMAN MARRIAaL S;c;bn 7. All salaries provided! OSCEOLA, Ark.. Feb. 11!.—The herein shall lie paid monthly 1 following grand and i>ctit jurors in county warrants on order of the are being summoned by the s'::er- roiuit;- court bawd upon the duly|ig's office to serve here at the rcg- vc:iried claim of (lie officer or ; u ) Br March term of criminal court: deputy. If the fees and emolii- .Grand jurors:' C. D. Ayrcs, J. 3. mc-:i^ ol any office herein provid- iDunn? Qcorgc Balloue, P. E. Tomp- cd fur :!iall b?. insufficient to pay miis. D. Ohlendorf. Oscrab; F. B. ! the salaries fcr,suc!i office. thc] Dean whitton; H. B. Flemmg and .'alary of each officer and deputy | j w Alexandar, Carson; J. B. flnll be reduced in proportion to iferron Wilson; J. D. Hires and th« revenue of the office. , G w.-Stanford, Luxora; R. A. Cro- - - ^ -. i I^IIIJJI L^ll, Ul|ll.H,H V. PR rni — — i I'll j [ r Ij, V, : E3T CHESTER. I'll.. (UP)-- 1 UnLLLlJ Ti.i lueal fire il.:],:'.r;ir.rr.t ins nsk- [ cd all citizens to give (heir iiltl blooms to tbe vcluntee:- (ire company. The request was made byi George Mcsrs. borcurjh fire rlnef. win said they were used for fighting yrass and w?r;l llres. I tomes tromwituiij. 3 ns Tanlnc. 'i'anlac contains nothing but herbs, barks and roolc v.'liicli have it cloansinf;, henlinp cftcct on n p'coc upset stomach. Just a teaspopnful beforo ench meal stimulates the di- . gcstioa naturally so thnt you can cut wlial you want without fear of distress. And when your stomach is in good shape again sco how much keener your appetite is—watch ho./ quickly-akin begins to grow free of dianffurine eruptions. The cost of Tanlac is less than 2e a dose. Get n bottle from your druggist tocley.' Money back il i t doesn't hcl p y ou. Sectlon Nort in. by tb;m, and thall be charged In established himself there so thoroughly that he and all of his intimates consider him an Englishman. Then comes the war. while the Fischers are on a vacation trip in Germany. Thev hurrv for the Dutch border: but at the last moment an unsuspected loyalty for the fatherland comes tc life in Fischer's breast and he stays behind. tending Mrs. Fischer to London while he remains lo become n Cirman soldier. Thiii Mrs Fischer, torn between two loyalties, makes the best of it in I/mdon alono. Afcanwhiie,' their: all sums earned by them whether Burdette; George Edrington and J. P ° 3< if Brlnklev J J*" 1 > ur ° r f, ^ "• BilnWey, J. ,, , rt _ „.., W. Cartwright jr., M. L. Craw- Section 9. The court costs (or , '°^. Roy Dillard. U;tber Jones and each aeticn suit or proceeding jnjGuy Bryant. Qsccoia; C. F. Dunn. circuit, chancery and common' ALMOST UPSETS RIPLEY GETS LOW-DOWN ON CAPITAL'S CIGARETTE PREFERENCES Cut YouC.ExpensesJ pleas' courts which shall be paid in ! advenes by the party Instituting the action shall be as follows: in ttie circuit court for each appeal frcm an inferior court five S5.00) dollars; in the chancery court for each divorc.? suit and ex-parlee picccEHllng, ,fivc (£5.00) dollars; for all ether suit: or proceedings j I^^ ; (herein, seven and ono-hnlf (S7.-: once a week. Tlius The easiest way to cut expenses and aave money this winter is to prevent sickness expense. Thou Hand s of women arc adopting the health family psychology, specialized in her legal l;,! cn <,f greater humanity in deal- work In problems of taxation, and i n g w -,th the world's eldest prob- j point, an :-. r cr four years served as special i em . she was "the woman's judcj." • stupidity ^tv'.mssl for the office of the state 'comptroller. A Republican by inheritance, sh: only son enlists in the- British p.r- I 50) dollars; in common pleas court, preventing or chcck- my, and Mrs. Fischer's torture is five (S5.00) dollars; for transfer cf i ] i "j' t |' n0 ; l *' b .!'. j • r.ctions from justices of the peace' nnj Con ' 5t i p3 u on ' rour;s tc ccmmon p':as courts two j NATUBE'SREMEOY- (S2JO) dollars-to be: Tliis fnnu] list givos 115. at this i , lnt picture of the ..rmHcant for the "«l r, ! P- a "y tne applicant tor that war •tlie humanlzer ot the courts." Her i J™ 0 "^. religious interests were strong anl ordinary Intelllsmi fSk.1 l-?™««: F = r '* c f es " ot ,, p ™ vid '!"" «T.wT her justice, if not her mercy. Mrs. Fischer Ix-comes a ,-ocial rut- cd for herein the fc.^s 1 shall be as baited to the Democratic ranks, and : sa j<) to be tempered tv her under- of man by 1919 was co-leader of a prominent Tammany club. Backed by women's clubs and welfare societies, which had been demanding a feminine jurist for Women's Couit. Mrs. Norrts received a temporary appointment to the bench in that year. In 1920 the appointment was made permanent by Mayor Hylan. cast. She is trailed by thr: Har old friends drop her. standing of the frailties and womankind. Named for New Term In July. 1930. sbe was rcappoint- | cd by Mayor Walker for another] full 10-year term, at an; salary of But severity not allowed to engage in war work. It matters not that she is an Englishwoman, the moU'cr M an English soldier: her liusband is a Ger- Mrs Ffelier is -.foil drawn. The hiLSlrand is rover qiiite convincing. joli'cc I they ar? now or may b= She "is! !>r' ; v!c'ed for by law. Section 10. Any officer named herein who shall violate this act or w lio shall fail and refuse to comply' with the terms cf the provisions shall be deemed guilty of a disdc- I meanor and on conviction shall be Her interest immediately center-! tlie underworld, and in th= ccrruo'. ed In probation work ainonj firs' offenders, seeking to reunite your,? girls with their homes, and to reestablish them in society. Every Mcnday night she held probntlco court, a tribunal she initiated and for which she was not paid, judge NorrLs also established the jirailbj of Issuing certificates of honorable discharge at the end of probationary periods. During a part-time assignment to Family Court, she found that many negroes were wit>.o;i! assistance of social wcrkcrs. tin i >i<:.m.«j. i , unfo:Uiratc!y. is even adge Norm' reputation f,-,, CES ^ ^ ^^ ma ,, at . long had been krmn .n fcd Qf |]|s fgt ,, cr „ ro . (n th , , cixst .... .....jrworld. and m the ccrruo. | t ^ icvab ; c Thc b - ck has a cer- , little circle of bondsmen and law-| |a , n ., r llow(!VCr . nnrt i believe ycrs that flourished near the Wo-1 y(m wi|| hkc u • [ men's Court. L«cal Magialinss | ' It is 0 [r ercti by the Houghton-i wont lo aban'Jon hope whjn they went before her. Woman after woman haled to her bench protested that she had c«n "fram:d." biit Judge Norris never doubled the word of the arresting officers. Her court was the dread of attorneys in viC2 cases, for s'~c convictc-1 more thr<i 85 per cent of the women accused of immorality. Some, of th 1 ; bail bonds she signrd were Issuori bv the company In which sho cx-n-! 18 months she paid a nejro Inves- Jed stcck. tigator, nnd finally persuade:! n;- But when qcestloned en the stand gro sccieties to assume Ihe oblij.i-1 regarding her official conduct. Mag- tion. There, also, in cases v.-here I islrats Ncrris has held head Mifuin Co. at $2.50. and is the March choice of the Book League of America. Try This For NEURALGIA LANDRETH Tomato Seed women with children were prosecuting neglectful husbands, J«d?e Norris supplied food nnd clothing judiciously, high and defiant. Her hands do not tremble as she adjusts her spectacles to examine th? lor the immediate needs of the j records submitted to her. nar i destitute. there any faltering In her clipped. She traveled widely. In 1923. on Oxfordian English as she says: "I " '-'- " - 1 - "-- " ' decide every case on its merits. and am exceedingly punctilious about the wark 1 do. My record is clear." Wise Growers should insist upon Caoners supplying them with Tomato seed grown by the reliable Firm of Landrcth, the introducers of Landreth's Red Rock, Delaware Beauty, "The Bloomsdale," "The Landreth," Certified -Marglobe, Greater Baltimore, and Bonny Best. Remember to ask .. . , , , , ,. , ; your Canner for the Superior Landreth grown Tomato Now you cnn get quick and safe relict •' , ,, i . , L j .- • liom the subbing ruins of neuralgia, seed. Our Tomato seed sold only in cardboard litho' graphed scaled packages of Vi an d M! pounds. brighten you right up. Capudinc works .,-i_ , , , . i i ,~ • in one-third the time required bysiow-! All certified Tomato seed sealed with the Government seal actingpillsaad ponders. In ioc,3oc,6oc ^ Pennsylvania...There is no substitute for quality seed. I Groutn of all i-arirties of Garden teed LANDRETH SEED CO. four.tains, Slake a lest— Caoudtm FfOKHfMMHCS Growcti tltvct 1784 Hy KOHKKT Kipi.r.y, Himself Creator oE "Ilclievc It yr Not" They keep you guessing down in Washington! And for awhile, 1 thought OLD GOLD might actually lose its first taste-test in 2 years. 874 smokers tested the four leading cignret (cs wit Ii names concealed. Bruno V almost spilled O.G."supples! Hut Oi.l) COMVS nature-born goodness to taste and throat is ns hard to heat as it is easy to take. Flnnl score: OLD GOLD, 259; Brand X, 202; Brand Y, 224; Biand Z, 189. OFFICIAL BOX COUGH BRISTOL, PA. LorUlird Co., Inc. N A CARLOAD iat« IS P.M.. F.. S.T...Enll™ CalumMn Ntt'wk

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