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63 THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, SATURDAY MORNING. APRIL 12. 1958 fidh 9 Cheryl Tells in Statement How She Stabbed Johnny Sun Ray Has Q. Calling your attention to A. Yes, in case he tried to said last Monday, that it 'he kept on and ou and on with hurt Mommy.

was going to be his way or else these threats, and Cheryl said, A. Well, Mama and him were arguing, and she was crying. I could not hear exactly what what happened thla evening, we would like to have you tell us exactly what happened. Was Pharmacists on Duly 24 HOURS A DAY dy and Granny and me. Q.

He threatened to hurt all of you? A. Yes. q. now? Q. Then you thought your and the "or else" was that I "John, don't talk to Mother like mother's life was in danger? would be cut up, crippled or that," and I think he said, "I'll they were saying.

Mother told me he had threatened her, to kill there a dispute between Mr. A. He kept threatening her and maimed in some way. talk to her or anyone else," and The Sun Ray pharmacy Stompanato and your motherT My own belief was that that: he went on even more vicious A. He said he has ways of do I thought he was going to hurt her if she ever did leave him, and she was afraid.

And I want ing It. A. Yes. Q. What was said? her, so I went into the room and stuck him with the knife, lie screamed and asked me what I Q.

Where was this argument could only happen to me once, but I have a daughter, mother and responsibilities, and he said ed her to call and get some pro A. It was about ace. Mother taking place? tection, but she was afraid. She kept telling me all the time he A. First in my bedroom, then was doing.

I ran out of the room he didn't care. So that's what he found out he was 10 years young er than he said he was. HOLLYWOOD, April (UP), This statement by Cheryl Crane, daughter of Lana Turner, was read into the record today at the inquest into the death of Johnny Stompanato. The questions were asked by Beverly Hills Chief of Police Clinton H. Anderson.

Q. State your name. A. Cheryl Crane. Q.

How old are you, and your date of birth? A. 14 and a half years. July 25. 1943. Q.

Do you go to ichool? A. Yei. The Happy Valley School. I Mother called me back into the verbally. The next thing I knew this sounds strange, but it happened so fast it did and I truthfully thought Cheryl had Just poked him In the stomach.

Then he moved away from her. Q. Did he drop down? A. No, he didn't. I was at the started again.

I'm not sure how in Mother room. Q. In the bedroom where his at 1 6th and Chestnut is the ONLY PHILADEL-PHIA PHARMACY OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY complexly stocked with finest prescription ingredients, baby needs, sickroom supplies and home remedies. Q. There was an argument over long Cheryl was outside the door.

that? body was when I arrived? I know that when I opened it at bedroom to help her again. I came back. I called Daddy before I went back into the room and told him to come over fast. A. Yes.

one point she was there. Q. Did you go downstairs and Q. Then she came into the was threatening her. Q.

Then you went downstairs in the kitchen? A. I did that before. Q. When did you get the knife? A. Before they went Into Mother's room.

Q. Then you took it Into the room? pick up a knife in the kitchen? room? door. Then he walked and I don't know he turned and drop A. Yes. Q.

Tell us just what happened. A. Well, they had an argument. Then he was threatening Mother. Q.

How? A. Well, to kill her and Dad Chief Anderson then directed these questions to Miss Turner: Q. He threatened you, your A. She just came inside the A. Yes.

Q. Will you explain the circum ped down. I didn't see him be door, and the door was open. He daughter, and all? stances leading up to the incident was standing there with a jacket cause I was looking at Cherie. A.

Yes. He repeated what occurring tonight? and shirt over his shoulder all happened so fast. 16th and MMltt Q. Now, what did you do with the knife? A. It was on the marble dressing table.

I picked it up and I CHESTNUT Girl Justified in Killing Stompanato, Jury Rules Pktiiti LOcutt 7-3424 took it into the dressing room and put it on the wash basin. teer Mickey Cohen refused to Continued From First Page Q. (To Cheryl) Do you think identify the slain man as Stom the Jury brought back its verdict. panato lest he be charged She slumped into the arms of her with murder. suit, long, white fingernails and her blonde hair fluffed atop her head, the actress confirmed what Beverly Hills Police Chief Clinton Anderson had already testified: that she tried to take the blame for the killing.

Anderson told ber that was im you put it on the marble table? A. I must have. Q. (To Miss Turner) Then what did you do, Miss Turner? Did he talk to you? A. No, he didn't talk, he only kept gasping.

I didn't know what attorney, Jerry Giesler, when a phone call to her home carried the bews her daughter's action But the courtroom was hushed as Lana got to the first public account of the nightmarish had termed "Justifiable." Th movie queen's face was possible. scene in the pink-carpeted bed room of her Beverly Hills home, Often choking with emotion, teapstreaked and etched with anguish after her hour on the stand. She was put to bed immediately after she heard the Stephen Crane, father of to do. He had his hands over his stomach. Finally, they fell away.

I lifted his sweater and saw the blood. Q. (To Cheryl) Where were you at this time? she told of her struggle to break Cheryl, testified that he received a hysterical phone call from his daughter on the night of the slay off her romance with the hand news and had issued a state some former underworld figure ing while he dined at the cafe he who had been her companion ment that she had "the deepest gratitude for the wonderful prayers and messages my daughter A. I went in my room and I called my father. Mother kept calling me to come in and help for months.

owns, wnen ne rusnea to me Turner house and learned of the Letters the two wrote to each rw y-gn mum. www imiin mum ki, nnt.t,tmmmmmmmvmt ihk.uiihi am I it A 11 XT mi i imt wrikrfM tragedy, he said Cheryl told him her. and. I have received from our friends and strangers since the other, made public this week, were full of endearments and "I did it, Daddy, but I didn't mean to. He was going to hurt Q.

How many times have you been present when these dis words of longing for each other. But today Lana told of threats i COVERS A Mommy. BOTH HYSTERICAL he made. The letters indicated terrible tragedy." APPLAUSE IN COURTROOM Her press agent, Glenn Rose, quoted ber as saying. "Thank you, God." The coroner's Jury decided turbances had occurred? A.

Monday and tonight, but Mother told me about it. Q. Your mother previously told you that she was fearful of Crane said that both the girl their romance was cooling, that she questioned the wisdom of MULTITUDE OF THINGS! and her mother were hysterical. the association. this man? Cheryl kept asking, "he's (Stompanato) going to be all right, isn't he?" that Stompanato, who had ro mi A.

She told me about all the Once in London, she said, he threatened to slash her face with a razor. And just before he other times. manced Lana from Europe to Mexico to Hollywood the last few; months, died of a stab was killed, she said, Stompanato threatened to "kill me and my wound "inflicted by a knife in FINISH daughter and my mother." 'SAYING BAD THINGS' the hands of one Cheryl Crane." Applause rattled across the packed courtroom, however, when Deputy Coroner Charles Langhauser read the final few Q. When you stabbed him, did you feel that you were protecting your mother? A. I didn't want him to hurt her.

I was afraid he was going to. I just couldn't stand there and let him talk to her and threaten her. I don't know what happened. I just did it. Q.

She went downstairs. You Miss Turner gave this account Crane said he reassured his daughter, "but both Miss Turner and I knew he wasn't going to be all right." Lana's mother, Mrs. Mildred Turner, whose own husband was murdered in 1930, proved even more emotional than the actress. Visibly shaking, she told of rushing to her daughter's house to discover the tragedy. She was so overcome on the stand that deputy Coroner Charles C.

Langhauser excused her. of the violent quarrel that preceded the killing: "I walked into my daughter's lines of the verdict: "We find the death was justifi Wirrhoto Actress Lana Turner averts her eyes as Deputy District Attorney William shows her the butcher knife with which suitor was slain by her daughter. room and she was watching TV. heard these threats early in the able homicide committed by said Cheryl Crane in the belief that her mother's life was endanger evening. You went down and away and saw her daughteriand I ran into my bathroom, very hard for some time now." I walked over to her and Mr.

Stompanato was behind me all the time and saying some very bad things "The language was bad, which is very close, and I Cheryl: "You're afraid of standing at the bedroom door. picked up the knife in the! kitchen? Lana came to her chair to her. ed." FATHER IS THANKFUL Cheryl's father, restaurateur She pleaded with the girl not to listen, but to go to her room. him." Lana: "Yes A. After Mother came up from: swearing, ana i turned 10 Mr I'm definitelyi EXCERPTS ARE READ downstairs, I stayed in my room.

Then I went into her bed Stephen Crane, the second of Dr. John McDonald, who was afraid of him because he can hurt me but I've never wanted Stompanato I said, 'I've told you I do not want to argue in front of the baby. I've always summoned by Lana after the Lana's four husbands, murmur ed thankfully: room, where she and John were! arguing, and I asked him if I could speak to Mother back in youf Cheryl, to be any part of gtabbing, told of efforts to re this called her that "I went downstairs with Mr grabbed a towel. "I didn't know what to do, and then I put the towel there and Mr. Stompanato was making very dreadful sounds in his throat of gasping, terrible sounds.

SPOTLIGHTS, CAMERAS The scene was as dramatic as any that the actress has played on the screen. Unmindful of the my room. We talked, and Mother; Stompanato following me, and "I Just thank God, that's all." There was a different reaction from the slain man's brother. Carmine Stompanato expressed surprise at the verdict. "I can't vive stompanato by shots of adrenalin in the heart and artificial respiration.

Excerpts from Cheryl's state Cheryl: "What really in London, mother?" Lana added: "I told her that said she was afraid. She wanted the quarrel was now becoming Itanrlflti tni profoctt: Woodwork, refrigerators cabinets, shelves Kitchen, bath, laundry walls Wood, metal, wicker furniture Bicycles, toys, garden tools Lawn furhiturt, radiators Almost any paintable surface 20 popular tnlors: pint tw OJ. Applionrt Colon Wkittst kit 771, 21S rmuAREN HilLEY QUALITY FAINT MANCRS tll thomuM Jtl. I 7-410 24 No.Hi S2nd SI. SM 7-iH7 SJ Ckailr SA -44J 714 CMf A.

Cottmsfl Pf S-9Q70 4ti Povl St. ml fronfcford Ax. IIS W. Olittr 1-100 WAYNI, M. 11 H.

WayiM Avt. Murray $-707 tUt, PAST DfUVHV TO CITY AND SUIUHIS "She looked at me I think as if to say, 'Are you sure, Because I know that I repeated it and I begged her I turned to Mr. Stompanato after I had closed the door and I said, 'that's just great, that my child had to hear all of that. You are horrible, and I can't go through any more." She said he went to a closet and took out a jacket and shirt of his, threatening her "in a way that he was going to to get out of it but she was afraid to. I don't remember ex it was absolutely unbearable try violent, and I answered back that I was just finding out too ment to police shortly after the killing were read to the coroner's imagine how they could reach a ing to work, and I was ery ill, actly what we said.

She said she would do it now. She said it was verdict like that," the barber and Mr. Stompanato would not ijury Dy Capt Ray Borders, of many lies 'I CAN'T GO ON LIKE THIS' said at his Woodstock, 111., home. spotlights and the dozens of cam leave me alone while he was the Beverly Hills Police Depart- going to be a rough night and eras focused on her, she spoke ment. CLENCHES HER FISTS asked me if I was prepared for The actress said she told him, "I can't go on like this.

You her tale of horror, often break "The argument started when it, and I said, "Yes." Then John1 there, and the threats of disfigurement, of being crippled. "And he came at me after be had choked me and threw me The blonde Lana, weeping, ing as tears filled her eyes mother found out he (Stom came back and we were talking, strangle me with it." a deputy district attorney trembling and clenching her fists on the witness stand, told know that I have begged, I've pleaded for you to leave me alone even with all your panato) was 10 years younger and I stood at the door because I was afraid he might try to hurt down. He went into the bathroom Then she spoke her last words to Stompanato, and Cheryl en showed her the kitchen knife with which Cheryl killed Stompanato, and got a razor and he came in, threats." than he said he was," the statement said. Immediately after his killing, tered with a knife. her.

I went downstairs and got the knife, came back upstairs she gazed at it, then stared grim She said he followed her to the he grabbed my head and all the time screaming at me such vile ly to the side. police gave his age as 42. Later bedroom and: and stood at the door and lis I NEVER SAW BLADE' "As best I can remember, things that he may only start Miss Turner testified that it was changed to 32. Lana is 38. "Mr.

Stompanato grabbed me tened. I think I put it down on the coroner's inquest that she tried to breath life into her slain lover as he lay gasping out hii life on the carpet of her boudoir. The actress, staring into an almost unbroken wall o' cameras before her, told haltingly of the fierce argument that led up to the stabbing of the six-foot ex- with a little one (cut) just now Cheryl had been aware of violent the stairway. they came together and parted. I still never saw the blade.

Mr. to give me a taste of it. But he arguments between her and by the arms and began shaking me, cursing me very badly and saying that, as he had told me "I heard him threaten to kill Mommy, Daddy, Granny and me," Cheryl's statement continued. "I didn't want him to I picked it up and he kept threatening more and more. Stompanato, including one that Stompanato grabbed himself would certainly do worse.

I BEGGED, I PLEADED' "I begged, I pleaded, I said before, no matter what I did how I tried to get away, he Marine, and of the tragedy itself as it unfolded last Friday hurt her so I rushed into the room and stuck him with the knife. "He said, 'What are you" and started falling down. "I then went into my room and night, In her Beverly Hills man I'd do anything, anything, 'just please don't hurt If he claimed to love, bow could he hurt me? She declared he did not cut sion. Her testimony was the high day. She told of this conversation with Cheryl on the Monday before the killing-Cheryl: "Mother, I overheard some of those things today.

Why did Mr. Stompanato say those things to you? and I heard him threaten you. Mother, why don't you just tell him that you are finished?" Lana: "Cheryl, I have tried, believe it or not. I have tried here (in the abdomen) he started to move forward and he made almost a half turn and then dropped on his back "His arms went out so that I still did not see that there was blood or a wound until I ran over to him and I saw that his sweater was cut, and I lifted the sweater up and I saw this wound. I remember only barely hearing my daughter sobbing, light of a circus-like hearing would never let me; that if he said jump, I would jump; if he said hop, I would hop, and I would have to do any and everything he told me, or he would cut my face or cripple me, and if it went beyond that he would kill me and my daughter and my mother Miss Turner said she called my father, but I went back which saw a spectator, Stephen her, but warned, "that's just to let you know that I'm not kid- to mother's room as she kept AiJ rwt fhinif vn.i run ovPr hollering for me to help her." Trusso, jump up to shout that, Cheryl was in love with Stom- panato herself.

And there was a bit of comic relief when racke get away A tne ury about to re" Beautiful in a gray tailored tire, deliberate, Trusso, a well-dressed young man identi fied later as an automobile driving instructor, shoved violently through reporters and Actress Testifies to Jury on Terror, Threats photographers and yelled: "I di.fSfrt" ait iWUl want to testify!" Beverlylexamination by the crime lab? Ihim. The interrogation on it was A. Chief, of Police, Did she have on a dress, or robe, His request was denied. He shouted: A. There were some prints, but unintelligible to the reporter.) not enoueh for identification.

A. Did you keep this in your "This whole thing's a pack of Hills. Q. Did you receive a call in re gards to this matter? or what. A.

She had on her slip and her brassiere and her robe. As I said, she had been watching TV. I WEEK M10-P. Living Raom Intlvtftt M.d.rn him, Chain, 1 C(- 1 SETS trKUl A. I was home and I received '99 Continued From Page 8 Q.

Were you to ths side of both of them. A. Yes. I could see them both clearly. Q.

Could you show us what type of lunge or punch this was. Could you describe it at this time. A. No, sir, because I didn't Q. When the police arrived, did a call in my home, yes.

Sho4. $17f- 4-Pe. ldroom Q. The results were negative? A. Yes.

Q. Chief Anderson, would you tell us whether you saw any spots of blood on the floor there at the she still have the same clothes OPIN WED. I FRI TIL I Q. Approximately what time 79 on, do you remember? A. I believe so.

TUtS, THURS. I SAT. TIL I PM did you arrive at the scene? possession and turn it over to Johnny Stompanato was crime laboratory' mv friend. The daughter was in A. Yes, it was turned over with him and he was killed the crime laboratory.

because of jealousy between 0 j. mother and Q. Chief Anderson did you ob- Ha turnfid shouting serve any cuts in the shirt of stompanato was a John Stompanato at the rughed from the room LA. Family sources said rumors A. Yes, there was a cut through that chcryl ha(J teen-age his shirt.

It appeared to be at the Lrush on stompanato were not same location as it would havejg0 A. Approximately 11 P. Q. Was there any blood around scene? the room, or had it been cleaned A. I noticed three blood spots even see it.

When I saw her, and III 1 1 I 1 --ilij' IkaVsfSfcst' vtitU- 'Uiwiow. up when you took the knife into in his abdomen I thought, oh, about the size of a 10-cent piece the bathroom or anything like God, she hit his stomach. April 4, Friday night. Q. Would you please tell the jury the results of your investigation when you arrived.

A. The first person I talked to Mrs. Turner, and she was quite disturbed and weeping, and I in that? A. No, sir. been on his Doay me snin naa Q.

Was her right fist up against the stomach at that along the body. Q. Along the body? A. Yes. Q.

Was there any blood on any been rolled down. Q. I have no further questions Q. The body was lying on the of the furniture or any of the tr.i'-i Cross-examination by attorney troduced myself as the chief of clothes? floor? Jerry Giesler: police. A.

Yes, on its back. Q. You interrogated Cheryl at A. No. Q.

Did you change your clothes She said, "Can I take the Q. With its arms outstretched? quite some length and there was blame for this horrible A. Yes. after the police arrived, or were no objection or opposition to your you wearing the same clothes? Q. How was John Stompanato, dressed when you first saw taking her statement? A.

I was wearing the same time. A. I believe so, yea. Q. When did you first see the knife.

A. I didn't see the knife until Mr. Stompanato had crossed the room and dropped. Q. Was it on a marble top table? A.

My daughter had dropped it on the marble top table. Q. Did you see the knife after that. A. Some time later I iuu Uie knife and I don't know why on And I said, "No, not unless you committed the crime.

We will find out all the facts." Then she said that her daughter had A. No, she gave it freely and him? clothes. A. When I arrived, he had his Q. Did you either call the po rushed in.

pants on and his shoes and a lice or request someone to call the police? I then went into the girl's bed shirt, and the shirt was rolled up willingly. Q. And you also took the state ment from Miss Turner? A. That's right. Q.

Those statements were tak cn wCvn by 2 officii! crtvr room wnere sne was witn her A. I couldn hear your last eranrlmother and interrogated yu the child, and I asked her what WAY to Q. Did you either call the porter? ever happened and she said, "He at the neck. Q. Was there anything being done for him before you got there? A.

As I arrived, the inhalator crew were operating there, were giving him oxygen. police or request someone to call from off the marble table and A. That right, a matter of was threatening my mother." I put it into the sink in the bath record. the police? A. I don't think I telephoned And earlier in the evening she room.

I didn't do anything with Q. Where was it that you found and her mother had had a dis the police. I know I telephoned it, I just dropped it there and I aw i the knife? Q. Was there a doctor there at THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER don know why I did it. cussionearly in the evening she had gone out to the kitchen A.

It was in the bathroom, ad for the emergency, the ambu lance and the resuscitator. Q. Was there any furniture jacent to the bedroom. I asked And I telephoned Dr. Webber that was ruined or knocked over her why she bad it in there and and got a knife and had returned on the stairs and had remained outside the door in the bedroom and Mr.

Giesler, but I don't re she said she couldn't explain why. or disturbed in the altercation A. No, sir. Nothing was touch ed. member actually calling the that time? A.

Yes, the doctor was in the room. Q. Did you see Cheryl Crane that evening? A. In ber bedroom. Q.

What was her condition? A. All I could say, she was where her mother and Stompan police. ato had engaged in a violent Q. How tall a girl was Cheryl? A. Oh, she was a pretty tall Q.

Did you have any difficulty Q. Was anything moved in the in making contact with the am bulance when' you made this room before the police arrived? A. No, except for the Q. Except for the knife? REAL ESTATE ISSUE shocked and upset. quarrel.

She then rushed Into the room and she said, "I stabbed him, I didn't mean to, I just meant to frighten him," and that was about the substance of the conversation at that time. girl. I would say she must be close to five-six. This is just guessing. Q.

Did you notice any blood on that stand? A. I didn't notice any blood. Q. Did you notice any blood on A. Yes, except for the knife.

her clothing or ooay? A. I did not. Q. Where did you first see the call? A. Yes, I did.

Q. You were quite hysterical after this happened, I take it? A. I was trying not to be too hysterical because I thought there were still things to be done to help. this Sunday! N.fl in ti! Jlill ft' i r.t Q. Did you see a knife at A.

It was in the bedroom, ad scene? Yes, sir. Q. Mis Turner, to your knowledge, were there any arguments between Cheryl and Stompanato that might have put him on guard or frighten blm or anything like that? A. No, sir. Q.

How was your daughter dressed when this happened. A. I did. Q. Was a scientific examina Get your copy of this giant, full-siied section a complete directory of real estate news, pictures and the season's outstanding home values.

jacent to the bedroom, laying on a stand. Q. Chief Anderson, I will show you a regular type of butcher TUTH iATRACTID SXKJL tion made of that particular knife Chief Anderson Q. Will you state your name? A. Clinton H.

Anderson. Q. And your occupation? knife by your crime laboratory? A. Yes. (The knife was handed Q.

What were the results of the.witcess and was identified.

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