The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX .y coimrER irowa Fleming, Chickasaws Display Improvement In Win Over Kentuckians The Fleming;, Ky., Pirates, who undertook a round trip of some i:500 miles to meet tho Biyth<?vi)le ChieUnsaws in an intei'seeliona! grid battle, departed for home 1 tfti'ly tod.'iy carrying with them the slipvt eiul of a 51 to Q score and Die memory of some GO minutes of bruising Arkansas football as played at Haley Field here last night. The visitors fought, gamely, par- • « • tlcularly in the- opening period Tho lineups: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBRRJ3, 1S1H9 To Blytheville, 51 To 0 when they-limited 'the Chlekasav/s lilythovlllc (51 > Pos, to a single touchdown. Their Jong Baxter I ( .E, . trip undoubtedly'sapped . some' r)f Johnson...... IJ.T. . the strength of (lie lads from the Chllmon., Fleming (0) —-Johnson Arricb KG. Staple-ton (ct coal mining region of- Kentucky Qodwln.' ..... ..O ....... Anderson ami they tired as the game pro- lilc-kcrslnff ____ ll.Q ........ Coujc'y mid Inrt not the re-serve .lusUce ........ R.T. .CO'.iley power of Uie Blythevillo squntl. But Warrlnglon (c) H.E Alfiiiio they made it, a belter game than Hood Q.I) Venters the rcoie Jiioicnte 1 , , Mosley L.IJ Mc.Wllllan Ho.mei there \veie several Cue- 1 Lloyd rt.H Burklw tors that showed the Chickasav* fVsi'U J\B Puss were rounding Into shape for the I Substitutions: (Bls'tluiville) — five-star Arkansas high .school Blackwell, Jenkins, Ross, ends; Al- gnme here next \\eek with Pine ley nnil Bennett, lucklcs; Cramer Bluff In a njanncr that should nnd Pruitt, guards; Copperiso nhd ha\e ttmmcd the cockles of Hond nmisavllle, centcri; Harberl, E, Coach Dlltly's heart. For Instance Saliba. A. Saliba, Harris, Mnery, 3giatc Air Code As Rewritten'For "1.939 Hugh "Tex"-Hnrbcrl, who was out cf the. opening game with Pfoscott due to Injuiics' ripped nnd cavorted all over the field and was laieh stopped slimt of six or seven yards at n tiy "Sonny" Llcyd, sparkling little halfback and fullback; reached such a crescendo of scoring ability that Dildy's task liow will be to keep him al ral- liot temperature' for another week. Machine-like blocking mowed 'he visitors down wilh regularity mid precision oh many occasions. The old Chick -.offensive favorite, tho end-around, was, dusted oil -and proved Its worth -again. Add lo that the way the .Chicle .forward wall rushed the Pirate passers and you have a pretty good view of the bright side of the picture. UiiL undoubtedly Pine Bhill scouts again picked put 'several flaws iii the. Chick front, flaws that tlie Zebras / who scored a handsome 51 to 0 victory over Mu- Gehce themselves last night, will try to magnify next week. If the Zebras can produce bullscye passer Ihc Chickasaws sire likely to get n deluge of aerial bombs. Once lost night a Pirate pass failed to connect, by inches with the intended receiver, in the open and a clear field ahead. The Kentuck- iniis also worked a quick to ad- vnnlage on more than one occasion while ^on the '..other hanc Blytheville's slowness in geltliVj olf punts was apparent., One problem which must have been discaunielng to the kenhick- ians last night was the handicap of having to slavt. their offensive drive from deep in their own fer- : rHovy aftnr each kickofrrTlik was due. to. the-, consistent booting of Lloyd who sent the pigskin soaring to about the Fleming ilve-yrin line on every attempt. The Chick sweep downfield, never gave the ball carrier much of a chance to get going. 'Lloyd-' was easily the offensive show of the game with five touchdowns, including goal crossinj, iprlnts of 44 yards and 32 yards Monk Mosley, playing Just- Abbott-, halftracks; Puulk, Bkick- wood and Crosslow, fullbacks. (Fleming)—Slovens und Slruuk, ;i\ckles; Slsk, guard; Gardner, center; Alien nnd'Smith, quarterbacks; Scoring touchdowns: Lloyii '-5, Mosley, Kramer, Dinckwbod. Extra : Lloyd 2, Warrington 1 (place kicks). Officials: Duke Speck (Arkansas Slate), referee; Lowell "Manning (Arkansas Stale), umpire; Bill Meriwclhcr (Homlrlx), headlines- ijinii;. Herscliell Eoljo (Miss. A. &. M.). nckl jitdgc. Today's Sport Parade By HENKY RIcLEMOKE . NEW YORK, Sept. 23 Tlie real tipoil on how hard Joe Louis hit Bob Pastor Is lo be fcimd In th'e public utterances now being mnde by the challenger, even after three dnys of ice packs, smell- Ing salts, and loving care by his wife and relatives. ..-His gray cells apparently still are bouncing about like confetti in j brocije and have yet to settle 'down in their customary 'places, because lie Is demanding iinothei fight with tlie champion. Not onlj Is Pastor demanding-another and third meeting with' his- private enemy No. 1 but he Is Justifying it on the grounds that-II would be a rubber match. "I still say I- won that first fight," he tells reporters. "Tha makes It one for me and one foi him. The next one will be the clincher and I'll win 11." Of course lib didn't win the first one, any more than ho did the om In Dctroil Wednesday night. Hi simply survived in the first meeting by running like n deer In n glade In Detroit he chose to move forward instead of backward and till. Smite taadlSTo? air inure? f.^. f «* « courageous one leg, scored one touchdown, a 43-! lc «' Urn slumped over the canvas of his head and out of the fight. What does Pastor figure t-o wli with In n third meeting? He has fiie" final "touchdown/of 'tiuTgame exhausted nil means of defense and after a penalty had nullified cm Ws °<ft"sc is n- trifling thing that almost identical run he had made, cannot possibly cause , Louis any McMillan was the principal of- trouble. Bob hit Louis with his yard sprint, while Cramer made one on an Intercepted pass, run- nine about 2T yards to score and stepped 1C yards for fensive threat of the visitors. He was hard put. especially In the latter stages of Uie game, to hurl his passes in the face of charging linemen but he was vainly trying to touch off the scoring spark for the visitors all night. His principal aid In the backfield came from Burklow. 'Early in the game the visitors displayed an aggressive defense and tackled unusually well for an early season game. As the eame wore on the Chick blockers began to take their toll and tiring Pirates faded. The Incessant, unrelenting drive of the ChickasaWs became almost unstoppable lats in the game. Regardless Of the combination Co.ich DiWy used, first string or reserves, •with both seeing plenty of action, or a mixture of the two, Chick backs slashed and spun and ripped. Once a penalty pushed the Chicks back to their own one yard line and they marched for a score without losing possession of the ball with 'Harbert and Lloyd pointing the advance and Lloyd climaxing it with a 32-yard touchdown romp. Again the Chicks opened up from around their 25- yard line and moved across the pay-off line with Blackwood scoring. The Chickasaws scored on Illegal Decoys Arc Check- eel by Alteration U) Passing Rules liy HARRY OUAVSOM KEA fleivlce Spoil* Jldilor The mcst Important, collegiate football rule change this fall should open tiie way to more shovel pusses behind tlie line of scrimmage, witlj nn end or wiiijtinck coining lu-cund to take a. short forward flip from the tailback. Another alteration places a further check on the imscrapiiJoii.i. The first diiuigc provider tlmt the penally for a forward pass striking nn Ineligible man is 15 yards and the loss of a d'.wn. Formerly • the penalty wn.s the loss of the bill) nl the point where the bnll struck the ineligible man. If a forward pass went niitray and .lie ball hit n guard or tackle in 'rout ol th6 intended receiver, the defensive team got the ball. Now the passing team simply oses 15 yards nud a down, which s bad enough, 1 but "they still ctm't score while we've got the ball." On n play from which a forward pass develops, ineligible nen nre prohibited frcm advnnc- ng beyond the line of .icrlirirhage before the puss is made. Previously, ceivcr could nu Ineligible pass:- the .Hue scrimmage, -.but v>as supposed to ;ecp out of the v.onc Into which the pass was to be thrown, and n't allowed to gel ahead. of the bnll. ' .' • • - . There wns nothing to prevent ,he use of linemen as decoys. SIMPLIFIES PASS DEFENSF And seme tennis even chanced drawing a 'penalty by sending a lineman Into the xouc of the pass nnd then off on tangent, trying to pick up a defender on the way. As Elmer Laydcn of Notre Dame points cut, this new rule simplifies pass defense to some degree and makes the game fnlrer. The penalty is loss of 15 yards from the spot of the preceding down, the play to ccunt ns a down. The first o[ four rule changes provides that the referee must check the ball lo be used . . . Its weight, ail- pressure nnd measurements . at least 30 minutes before the game. Thus the" squad with a superlative pnsscr won't be able to ring in a bull that is slightly narrower and thus easier to grip and lhro« than the one provided for by the rules. - - The strong defensive team can't supply a ball a little fatter than regulation lo fit Its star punter': foot: •• The fctirlh and last change is a safely measure nailing for an increase In the thickness of knee pads and requiring padding, new specifications for the shai» and size of conical cleats oml makes head protectors mandatory. To the spectator this moans no more lions, Dick Nesbltt. 1 !, Jack Ciin- Rcd Woodworms and Bill Sundny-go-tc-mceting punch in the eighth round and it didn't even slow up the champion. Pastor Isn't the first- Louis victim o speak through his bandages like [\n Egyptian mummy come to life and ask for another dose of the colored bty's fists. Schmellng did t, Galcnto did It. and so did half dozen others. Why do the boys ict this way? My theory is (hat he hits them EO hard they feel no pain and have no recollection of being badly punished. Pastor Indicated that this Bcvans flashing about the field with locks flying in the breeze. To players, parents and coaches, It : means that one mere hazard has been removed. Football fatalities and serious injuries have decreased steadily In the last several years but of the 17 fatalities of 1938. eight resulted from skull fractures. * . * » COACHES WOULD Sl'EKD tll> GAME The tendency Is to siwcd up the game. In response to a nation-wide poll, Slip Madigan of Stiint Mary's ol California suggested thnt no timeouts be taken for substitutes except in the case of an Injured player; Under rule change penalty for forward pass striking ineligible (1) is 15 yards and lass of dov.'n. Formerly the penalty was loss of bnll at point where It struck oilensivo guard or tackle, ineligiwe players are prohibited from advancing beyond line of scrimmage He- fore pass Is made, which prevents use of Utiemvui (2) as illegal dtcoy. HILL MEET TEU5 1 CHIP Nashville. Wins R ii b b e Game Of Play-Off Series From Atlanta NASHVILLE, Term.. Sepl. 23. (UP)—Larry' Gilbert's Nashville Vols, whose second-half spurt featured the 1939 Southern Association, race, headed for Tcxns today as Ih'o league's representative Ihc annual Dixie series. The Vols played more steadily when the chips were ilown to etc feat the fourth-place Atlanta Crackers, ^ lo 6, last night in tlie decisive game of the Shaughness/ play-offs. The Vols, who finished third in the regular season and eliminated Memphis in the first-round of the play-ofTs, will piny in Port Worth Sunday, Monday and possibly Tuesday. It will be decided later whether the third game will be played In the licmc of the Texas League champion before the tennis resume the series in Nashville. Four Atlanta errors paved the way for Nashville's Ijol off lo a two-run start In the second on Burge's homer. But Nashville eame back i\ltli one in the third and Uvo in the fourth, Atlanta errors playing a- big part in the scoring. The Vols mid Crackers rocked along, with both teams picking up runs singly, until.-the ninth, when Nnshvllle led fi to 4. The Crackers rallied desperately to tic the score, with hits by Sperry. Maillio and Rucker doing tho trick. The Vols were held by Clyde Smoll In their halt of the ninth, but in the 10th they won the game when Al Riibellng's erro; Respond. Game Statistics Veteran Arkansas Guards Pine Bluff Looks Like Any- Cripples Cincinnali Can Breath Easier After Double Triumph Friday liy MOIKIB KIKKSEV United Press staff Correspondem NEW YOEK, Sept. 23. (UP) — Dill McKcclinle ordered another double dose of Pittsburgh tonic for the Cincinnati- Reds today. 'The Plriilftj proved a "scoililng'syrup to the Reds' pennant problem yesterday when they succumbed to the league-leaders twice. Cincinnati's double triumph enabled the Reds to ndd a half game to their lead, lipping to 3 full games. Any combination <cf eight Cincinnati victories and ,St. Louis defeats will clinch the pennant for the Reds. If the Cards lose four of their remaining 10 games, the tlcds will only have to win' four to nail down the first nag for Cincinnati in 20 years. The Reds looked like champions in winning the opener yesterday, G-0, but came pretty close to play- ins like chumps ill the nightcap when they almost blew a 9-1 lead but finally emerged victorious 10-0 Junior Thompson pitched his second shutout in 10 days when he blanked the Pirates en seven hits in the opener. Pour errors, two by Bill Worbcr almost proved disastrous lo the Reds in the second game. After , . n . A n , X, 'c 1 " 11 "^. 8-1 the Reds collapsed in thing But A DUllch Of> tlle tlfth and Pittsburgh rushed over seven runs on three Mis and three errors. Milburn Shoffuer did a Hue relief job, allowing only machine over night. Coach Allen Atlanta PINE BLUPP, Ark., Sept. 23.-It'll be anything but a bunch of cripples the Blytheville Chickasaws face at Blytheville next Friday. The convincing evidence is the 51 to 0 triumph of the Zebra football McGchee here last Dnnaway, anxuus to hold down the scoring and keep his boys as much under wraps as possible, sent iu his second and his" third teams but .still the icbras swept through the defenses cf the Owl? ' . Pine Bluff exhibited a devastating ground attack and lried : Only-eight passes. Three of them were good. . The visitors tried 20 passes and completed six. . ,-.,,,. .-' ".-• Robert- and Raymcnd Hutson and Tommy Leftwich were the offensive aces of the varsity squad. Two "un kndwns". Charlie Glowers - and Jack Brodie, also attracted considerable attention. First Downs Kickoffs ..:. Flcm. Bly. ...5 23 S Yards of kickoffs . ! •10 Average of kickoffs.. 40 Return ktckotfs <yds) 101 Passes attempted 21 Passes completed — 3 Yards gained by passes 50 Passes intercepted ... 0 Yards f re in int. passes 0 No. limes punted — 10 Distance of punts ....341 Average of punts.... 311 Yds. returned punts .. 27 was true when -he admitted after; that officials measure for yardage the Detroit fight that It was not cnly on fourth down; that tlie until the.sixth round llmt he knew bath-sldes-offstctc business be elim- wherc he was. The rights and lefts inated and the first tram offside that Louis naircct him with in the penalized. first round paralyzed his mental ] Elmer Laydeu advocated a rule proce.wcs and the first five rounds which would prohibit all time-outs were blanks. during the last three minutes ol n This being true Pastor doesn't game, except in the case of genu- know what a belting around he Inc Injuries. took, and furnishes a plausible ex-1 Howard Jcncs of Southern Cal- plauation for his being willing to ifornla, Duck Shaw of Santa Clara, face Louis in a third fight. If after Andy Kcrr ot Colgate and Tiny watching them, in slow motion, he Thornhill of Stanford opposed the still wants to tackle Joe again ho uncrtliodox defense . . . lavored should be placed scmewhcrc for ob- keeping six men on the defensive servBtion—in an observation' bal- line until the ball Is passed Fumbles 1 Penalties 3 Yards of penalties .. 15 Yards gained rushing 48 Yards lost rushing .. 19 Individual Ucconls by I!uj Blytheville Tries C.'rt Jenkins 2 4? Mucry 1 21 0 21.0 Mosley 3 65 14 17.0 Lloyd 1C 170 loon, say, or the observation car tff a trait). ' Next to Pastor, the saddest man after Wednesday's fight was Ray Carlcn, the quiet little fellow who :touchdo\vn in the first quarter mis-managed Lou Nova into his three In the second ijuarler, twoj losing fi^hl with Tony Galento. it/ the third and two in the fourth. T.iey converted on only three out 3f eight attempts for the extra point. Between halves the Blytheville band paraded, staging an intricate drill routine.- Police Return to Nijlitsllcks KANSAS crry, MO. (UP) — PC- licc here, will begin carrying ' billy- clubs" again after many years. Tlie .' j^new chief, L. B. R«ed, made a deal ''with, » hlfch' school manual train- •'ing.class fo furnish hlc'cory sticks *t, JO cenli each. He had everything to lose In that fight and lost it. Had he refused Galento he could have had Louis next June and made five times the amount he got for losing to Two- Ton Tony. Perhaps more than five times as much, because as manager of the only available challenger he could have demanded a fat percentage of tlie puree Instead of the usual challenger's end of 1?'.<; per cent. argued that the best- execviled defensive play is dull. Many coaches favored tho professional rule permitting passing anywhere behind the line of scrim range. But, IK Dutch Meyer of Texas Christian stresses, that would make colleglntc fo:lbatl wilder than an unbroken broncho. And Inasmuch ns It repeatedly has been demonstrated, particularly by Texas Christian, thnt It is hi that state already . . . without giving forward passing further leeway, the Rules Committee wisely decided to let \vcll en:ugh alone. Animals at- African waterholes step aside when the oatrkh comes down to drink, ,168 40 . 29 0 0 3 45 9 157 31A 29 1 8 90 535 10-;. AV 23.5 0 2 26 Karbert 13 145 niackwood 3 E. Saliba 4 Ford .. Abbott Harris 13.0 13.0 11.2 11.0 5.8 5.0 5.0 Fleming Smith 55 585 10 10.3 Tries G'd Usl Av With four letter men available for gunrd duly, the'Arkansas Hazm- backs aren't worrying much about the center of (he line. WIMrtfl Thorpe of Little Rock nnd Milton 8iinhvyton of Uterks were the regular -gunids last season and both «rc of all-Conference calibre. -A; J. Yates of Bentonville nnd Sam Parker of Little Rock filled -In-acceptably for Thorpe and Simlnstoii last season and should see plenty 01 action this \;car. Thorpe and Simington weigh over the 200-pmmrl mark, ivbile Yates and Parker are just under that figure. Isle Confuses Birthplaces Of Children KELLEYS ISLAND, O. (UP)— The four children of Addison seat cf Ottawa county to transact their township and county business, the residents made application to the legislature for trans- State Football College State Teachers 26, Northeast Oklahoma -Junior College 0. Oklahoma Baptist, U. 7. Ouaehila I) High School Little nock 28, Benlon C.' North Little Rock 13,,Ma)vcrn C. Hot Springs 13. Little Rock Catholic High a, Jonestjoro 34, Bcebc 0. Ccrning 32. Harrisburg 20. • Brhvkley 13, Mavianna 12. Marked Tree 0, Plggott 0. Memphis South Side 47. Batesville 0. Fort Smith 38, Heavcner (Okla.) 0. El Lorado 14, Hayncsville, La., G. Camden 39, Nashville 6. RusscllvUle 30, Ourdon 7. Clarksvlllc 20, Morrilton 6. Blytheville 51, Fleming (Ky.> 0. Hope 50. Smackover 0. Shreveport (La.) 8, Texarkaim (Tex.) 0. Forrest City 27, West Helena 0. Hope 50, Smackover 0. Scnrcy 13. Stuttgart 7. Texarkana 25, Prescott 14. Walnut Ridge 12, Paragould 0. three hits in 4 1-3 innings.-Wally Berger hit a homer with the bases loaded. The Cards kept up their drive by defeating the Cubs,-3-2, with a Ihrcc-rini rally cfC Larry French in the fourth. Gutteridge's single, Medv.-ick's double, Mlzc's single and Oacn's double accounted for the Cardinals' runs. Bill Nicholson hit a homer for the Cubs. Hack's walk and singles by Herman nnd Galon produced another run in ihe eighth. Bob Bowman, appearing in his 48th game, then halted the Cubs' rally. . Bob Feller took the lead in American League victories, breaking a lie With Red •Huf(li& whan he; won his 22nd game by defeating the Tigers, 5-4. Tlie victory gave Cleye- • land a game'arid, a half lead over the White S:x .in the third place battle. Roy Cullenbin'c hit two homers. Feller won his own game with a double in the ninth when he scored on Roy Weatherly's Ihird hit. The Red Rax triumphed over the Athletics, 7-5, with " Wagner arid Dickman combining to pitch a G- hltter. Yesterday's hero—Bob Bowman. Cards' rookie, who relieved Morkn Cooper in Uie eighth with two men :n and none out and halted a Cub rally which enabled the Cards ' to protect^ n one-run lead. Tlie Detroit river carries more commerce in tonnage than any other river in Ihe world. for of their affiliation from Ottawa | county ii Erie county. This was Kelley. a resident cf this Lake! a «omplishcd by vote of the legis- is carried on its mother's • back Eric island, were born in tho i lalllre In 1045. i until it- is half grown. same townnship or county. The) Thus, by the removal of town-i : house was never moved, remain-; sn 'P lmcs , tn c changing of the ii)£f on the same tract of land nil j names of the townships, and the 'these years. transfer of the island from one Kclley Island was knojwn as county to another, the four chil- Oanbury township and'belonged, to < lrctl of Addisrn Kclley were born The young koala, of Australia, Read Courier News want ads. 1 3 0 3.0 Burklow 3 7 0 23 McMlllinn 0 29 io 2.1 Puss 2 3 0 1.5 Venters 3 4 5 ..[ Alien 0 0 4 . . < _ _ _ i 18 46 19 1.5 Huron county until 1831. At time Eric county was created nnd Kelleys Island then became Kelleys Island township, belonging to Erie county. Ottawa county was created on March 6, 1840, and ttjc Ohio legislature gave the island to this county which divided the island into two townships, known as Kelleys Island township nnd Vnn Rcn.s- selacr toanshln. Since it wn 1 convenient for the residents of the island to journey to the county in the same house, on tlie same spot, but became residents ot different townships and different counties—no two having the same status. Read Courier News want ad? Cheese was known at least 3000 years before OhrlsU according lo Hindu ...literature. It then was known as "chaturangn," TERMINIX TERMINATES^ TERMITES- BRUCE-MEMPdlS ALFALFA SEED FOR SALE We have on liand a supply of New Crcp alfalfa seed for sale. IT. s. Verified and mi- proved for A.A.A. pijnicnt In North Central District. L. R. Matthews Gin Co Phone ll-F-2 Yarbro .Tost Office, Dlyllicvlllc, Ark, There nre 13 birds which have is their .specific name, "Carolina," 3r its derivations. The spcci/1': name cf the "chHck-will's-wldow" Is aiitroslomus caroUnensis. EXPERT ELECTRIC WIRING BEAUTIFUL LINE OF ELECTRIC FIXTURES Electric Ranges and IValcr Healers WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 1JO So. 2nd-- Phono 318 Wert Ootometrisf 'HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 WRESTLING Charles Sinkey vs. Joe Feroni Tiger Long vs. Tony Mareno AMERICAN LEGION ARENA, MONDAY 8 P.M. _ DOES YOUR CAR Shi?nmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's dangerous anfl cxptnsive to rtrlve wilh Ptccriiij Gear and Fronl Wheels out •• 'of adjustment; 'Keeping 'them in good order Is 'so simple arid Inexpensive you should never trust to chances. ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPLETE STEERING GEAR ADJUSTMENT, in- eluding— adjustmcnl ••I alt Hall Socket Joints — tightening front Spring Clips and Sh»ck Its. (Tarls Extra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above Includes a complete INSPECTION nnd KEFORT on co.icUlion of Wheel Alignment and factors affccllnj lire wear.) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Mb * Tfalr.ot " Phone 810 4 l J •• *

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