The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 2, 1993 · Page 85
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 85

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1993
Page 85
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Friday, April 2, 1993 THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER ..07 Horse Racing High Schools Craig Donnelly's gradings Phila. Park gradings FIRST POST I P.M. PP Horse and Prob. Jockey Prob. Wt. Odds COMMENTS 1ST -Purse tt,S00, Four year olds and up (fillies and mares). Claiming si i,ooo-S9,ooo. six and one nan tunongs. S Solendid You (Bismol 114 2-1 4 Mile High Glory (Madrigal) 116 5-2 6 Lucky Cassie (Umana) xl 14 3-1 3 Gladorama (Smith) xlll 4-1 2 Counselor Trov (Black) 112 -! 1 Persuasive (D'Agusto) lie 15-1 Met rocket this spot Game return score Beat lesser after dm. Claimed, sat out iail Wide In softer spot Later on the grass 2D-Purse 18,500. Three year olds. Claiming $11,000-19,000. One mile and one sixteenth. 3 Rusty's Turn (Umana) xl07 2-1 5 Crosby Moto (Vigliotll) 116 3-1 7 Server (Castillo) 114 .4-1 1 Gorgeous Dreams (Hamp') 112 5-1 Heading Flag (Lafler) 112 8-1 . 4 Strathroy (Espindola) 116 6-1 2 Native Tongue (Cedl) xxlOS 12-1 Fired when given Lasix Strong closing kick Drops, mud might help Forced pace long way Overran weak maidens Fits H ingore last Ensures honest pace 3D-Purse S 14,500. Three year olds. Maidens. One mile. 7 No Dum Dum (Mangual) 122 5-1 2 Surelvvougest (Mart) 122 1-1 3 W O Officer (Verge) 122 4-1 6 Be'un a Rex (Bisono) 122 (-1 1 TaD Hawaiian (Guerra) 122 1-1 5 Our Decision (F Ortiz) 122 12-1 4 Mortal (Fiorentino) 122 15-1 Strong wide bid debut Used duel, must catch Blocked, stead, top lane Claimed, adding Lasix Maybe later on turf Fair try with weaker Outrun twice sprints 4TH-Purse $4,500. Four year olds and up (fillies and mares). Maidens. Claming $s,ooo-S7,ooo. six tunongs. 7 Gurtie Brown (CE Lopez) XX113 3-1 3 Sweet and Neat (Somsanith) 120 2-1 . 8 Secret Gate (Hampshire) 120 4-1 6 Won Empress (Cecil) xxll3 5-1 2 Emerald's Mine (Fuentes) XX113 6-1 . 1 Filet Caveat (Bisono) 122 12-1 4 Pam's Emmy (CC Lopez) 120 15-1 5 Lena Margarita (Galluccio) 120 15-1 STH-Purse $13,500. Three year old fillies. Maidens. Six and one half furlongs. Time off might help Chased good flrster Some zip, blinks on Used half mile duel Good enough earlier Eased due to spill Nothing four starts Can only get better 4 LH's Lil (Umana) X117 2 sugar Funds (CE Lopez) x i r 1 Indian Drums (Vigliotti) 122 6 Arion's Wish (Torres) 122 3 On The Buff (Smith) xx!15 5 Waiawonder (Ryan) 5- 2 Slow start, blinks on 3- 1 Improved, blinks on 4- 1 Got Lasix in return 2-1 May have needed last 6- 1 Lasix, may want longer 122 12-1 Excuses, adds blinks Craig Donnelly Gene Courtney Racing Form 1 Splendid You Splendid You Splendid You Mile High Glory Mile High Glory Mile High Glory Lucky Cassie Lucky Cassie Lucky Cassie 2 Rusty's Turn Crosby Moto Rusty's Turn Crosby Moto Rusty's Turn Server Server Server Crosby Moto 3 No Dum Dum Surelyyougest Surelyyougest Surelyyougest W O Officer W O Officer W O Officer No Dum Dum No Dum Dum 4Gurlie Brown Sweet and Neat Sweet end Neat Sweet and Neat Secret Gate Pam'a Emmy Secret Gate Gurlie Brown Guriie Brown 5LH'i Lil Lil'a Lil Arion's Wish Sugar Fund Sugar Fund Sugar Fund Indian Drums . Arion's Wish Lil's Lil 6 Unlucky Me Unlucky Me Smart Prospect Smart Prospect Smart Prospect Unlucky Me Dancer's Light North Ridge Mighty Past 7Lono Ikhnatoon LONO Ikhnatoon Lono North Edge North Edge North Edge Willie B. Holme 8 Spring Chant Athol Springs Hot Rum Peppers Ginny's Slewpy Hot Rum Peppers Athol Springs Hoochiecooc'mama Spring Chant Ginny's Slewpy 9 Icy Warning Icy Warning Heavenliness Thou Shalt Not Lie Play All Day Icy Warning Defenceless Heavenliness Harlan Honey 4 A Wh8t ' TrPnV MAGIC LILY Magic Lily 1Q Go Lassie Go What a Trophy What a Trophy Mon's Return Go Lassie Go Go Lassie Go j,,,, 161-554 27 117-651 21 129-663 23 Best bets: Bast bets: Best bets: Touate I 32-106 30 14-46 30 18-47 38 6TH-Purse $4,500. Four year olds and up. Claiming $4,000. Six furlongs. Best Bet in CAPITALS Scores K healthy Often close but fails Second to drop-down Wide bid, faded late Dull chalk, top bug Got prep, blinks on Latest discouraging Eased in muddy route Trailed here last week 7 Unlucky Me (Torres) 116 2-1 9 Smart Prospect (Vigliotti) 116 3-1 4 Dancer's Light (Fiorentino) 116 4-1 2 Go Robert Go (CC Lopez) 116 6-1 1 Champagneforalbert (U'a) xlll 8-1 5 Tuner Mite (Black) lit 8-1 8 Little Hulk (Madrigal) 119 12-1 6 Johnny Fast (Smith) xlll 20-1 3 Mighty Past (Cecil) XX109 20-1 SCRATCHED-LHtacande 7TH-Purse $10,500. Four year olds and up. Claiming $18,000' tM.nnn Civ ami nrw halt furionas. 1 I una (Tarratl 119 2-1 Ikhnatoon (Umana) xiii w North Edge (Fiorentino) 116 4-1 Sam's Ruler (Arroyo) 116 8-1 Nickle's Wind (Black) 112 6-1 Willie B. Holme (Verge) 116 6-1 Judge's Pride (Cotton) 112 10-1 Craig Donnelly's best bets Ran down heavy chalk Suicidal route duels Drops, has big heart Expected better last Ran into tiger again Claimed, upset chance Rare sprint attempt 8TH SPRING CHANT: Bobbled at the break in last after lacking room at crucial point in previous start. Appears well-placed here and should benefit from off track and lively pace. 10TH WHAT A TROPHY: Swung very wide after lacking room inside on turn. Seems near top of game again and switches to talented veteran Lloyd. 8TH-Purse $15,500. Four year olds and up (fillies and mares). Allowance. One mile and one sixteenth. 4 Spring Chant (Guerra) 116 5-2 5 Ginny's Slewpy (Umana) xlll 4-1 2 Hoochiecoochiemama (Black) 116 4-1 7 Athol Springs (CE Lopez) xxl09 3-1 3 Tortola (CC Lopez) xlll 8-1 1 Madam's Choice (Madrigal) 116 8-1 6 Hot Rum Peppers (Jones) 116 6-1 Excuses, In great spot Off track can help Ran well here In past Capable but erratic Crushed lesser, clmd. Wide rally, route speed Hard-earned md score Tiger once, dull Fla. Wired from outside Unbeaten, maior test Only turf outing poor Maybe better on dirt 9TH-Purse $50,000 added. Three year old fillies. The Appalachian Stakes. One mile and one sixteenth (turf) (simulcast from 2 lev Warning (Santos) 118 2-1 Beat tough Fla. colts 7 Thou Shall Not Lie (Guidrv) 121 4-1 Romped only turf race 3 Defenceless (Bailey) 112 5-1 Humbled by top pick 6 Foxy Ferdie (Romero) 121 6-1 5 Harlan Honey (Day) 115 5-1 1 Heavenliness (Per ret) 115 8-1 8 Play all Day (Sellers) 118 10-1 4 Future Starlet (Hebert) 118 15-1 lOTH-Purse $5,000. Four year olds and up (fillies and mares). Claiming $4,000. Six furlongs. I It J-I xxl09 2-1 XX109 5-1 X114 4-1 116 6-1 116 8-1 116 12-1 What a Trophy (Llovd) Go Lassie Go (Fuentes) Mon's Return (CE Lopez) Magic Lily (Umana) P.P. Dancer (Black) Party to Moro (CC Lopez) French serenade (Luxas) Blocked, swung wide Speedy, hits bottom Needs to make front Whipped NW's of two Fast work, hates slop Late punch at times Trailed after layoff (x-5; xx-7 pounds apprentice allowance.) Garden State gradings FIRST POST 7:30 P.M. PP Horse and Prob. Jockey Prob. Wt. Odds COMMENTS IST-Purse $8,100. Three year olds and up (fillies and mares), New Jersey -Breds. Claiming j,soo-S6,ioo. six tunongs. 2 Pretty Proof (Umana) 7 Luckev Lipco tbiacK) 4 Four Punch (Torres) 1 Bella Blue (Gunther) 5 Just Aired (Garcia) 3 Karat Lady (Espindola) 8 Super Twist (Avarza) 6 Cookie Maker (Alcalde) X117 7-5 Just outran similar 117 5-2 Shelved after re-clmd. 113 4-1 Upset slightly weaker 113 8-1 Absent coupie months X108 10-1 Back at right level 113 12-1 Surprised once in Jan. 117 12-1 Slow finding stride x!08 20-1 Far back last three 2D Purse $5,000. Four year olds and up (fillies and mares). Claiming $4,ooo. Five and one nan tunongs. Kewt Mongogi luurossj xuz z-i Moon On (Chavis) 119 Princessoftheroses (Meszaros) 1 19 Jumping to Joy (F Ortiz ) GreatesthrillofaH (Permisi) Missy Prissy (Diaz) Bonnie Kate iranas) Zia Nina (Espindola) 3-1 4-1 119 5-1 117 8-1 117 12-1 X114 10-1 119 12-1 SCRATCHED-PrivUeged Class, Sharp Sam Purse $12,000. Three year olds and up (fillies and mares). Arizona invader drops Battled repeat winner Dueled this far route Best when makes front Blew lead NW's of 3 Yet to fire this meet Stopped with easier Claimed, quick drop 3D- v- Claiming $16,000-$14,000. Six furlongs. 4 Erv's Duck (Bisono) 1 Sweet Siewsie (Umana) 6 Vaulted (Kreidel) 2 Plain all Over (Romero) 3 As It Were (Torres) 5 Outfit Unknown (Chavis) 117 2-1 Used duel, both, late x 1 12 8-5 Superior off tracker xlOB 4-1 Blocked on the turn 117 5-1 Back class, loss streak 117 6-1 Second to drop-down 117 12-1 Trailed after layoff 4TH-Purse $9,500. Three year olds and up (fillies and mares). . Claiming $15,000. Six tunongs. 3 Lunar Gold (Castillo) 117 8-5 2 Blue Donna (Molina) 119 4-1 6 Hostile Fleet (King) 117 6-1 9 My Passion (Romero) 112 5-1 4 Buck's Empress (Torres) 117 8-1 8 Paul Neeti (F Ortiz) 117 8-1 7 Onacona (Oentici) 122 12-1 5 Slim's Slew (Bisono) 112 15-1 1 Prolvmpiana (Umana) x!12 15-1 Good effort this spot New barn, loves slop Rapid absentee Back with sprinters Rested, upset chance Some life in routes Not much at Lakes Trailed after mdn. win Slow fuse, unlikely 5TH-Purse $13,700. Three year olds. New Jersev-breds. Maid ens. Six furlongs. 8 Pennant Park (Cotton) 6 No Taxes (Black) 5 Construction Kid (Umana) 2 Bo Hagiev (CC Lopez) 1 Papa Danny (Torres) 4 Pappa Pill (Diaz) 7 Aloma's Show (Fiorentino) 3 James Robert (Romero) 122 4-1 Stable tough first out 122 3-1 Lasix big difference X117 8-1 Met tougher field 122 5-2 Bet twice and failed 122 8-1 Half mile debut zip 122 6-1 Often close, 12 tries 122 8-1 Takes them part way 122 10-1 Dam produced little Craig Donnelly Ken Matthews Racing Form 1 Pretty Proof Luckey Lipco Pretty Proof Luckey Lipco Pretty Proof Luckey Lipco Four Punch Bella Blue Cookie Maker 2 Kewt Mongogi Privileged Class Moon On Moon On Moon On Kewt Mongogi Princessoftheroses Princessoftheroses Princessoftheroses 3 Erv's Duck ERV'S DUCK Sweet Slawsie Sweet Siewsie Vaulted Vaulted Vaulted Sweet Siewsie Outfit Unknown 4 Lunar Gold Lunar Gold Lunar Gold Blue Donna Blue Donna Hostile Fleet Hostile Fleet Paul Neeti Paul Neeti 5 Pennant Park Bo Hagley Bo Hagley No Taxes No Taxes Construction Kid Construction Kid Aloma's Show Pennant Park 6' Quick Shift Quick Shift Quick Shift Rule Breaker Candy Wood Alexage Dun Roamin Lady Dun Roamin Lady Highland Manor J. AND A. HERO U.S. Invader J. and A. Hero Brass Monkey Brass Monkey Casey Exton Casey Exton J. and A. Hero Here's John 8 BLUSHING JULIAN Tri for the Gold CHIP'S DANCER Tri for the Gold Chip's Dancer Silver Key Silver Key Blushing Julian Tri for the Gold 9 Isle of Beechea Twinkle in My Eye Twinkle in My Eye Mean Missy Via London Mean Missy Via London Mean Missy Via London t at Cythia Forsithia East Star Double E Georgeous X O Double E Georgeous Grannys Fourth Cynthia Forsithia Grannys Fourth Double E Georgeous Grannys Fourth Jan. 15 122382 32 105-381 28 99-382 26 ' Best bets: Best bets: Best bets: To Date 3373 45 15-39 39 9-39 23 Best Bet in CAPITALS Craig Donnelly's best bets 6TH-Purse $12,500. Three year olds and up (fillies and mares). Claiming $20,000-518,000. One mile and seventy yards. 2 Quick Shin iferovej n i.-1 likhy w but nw 5 Rule Breaker (Avarza) 115 6-1 6 Dun Roamin Ladv (CC Lopez) 113 3-1 3 Highland Manor (King) 117 4-1 4 Alexage (Umana) X112 5-1 1 Candy Wood (Jones) 115 6-1 7 Highland Spirit (Olea) 113 12-1 Nice try after layoff Tends to drift badly Does best locally Aired here in Jan. Versatile, still fits Crushed easier group 7TH J. AND A. HERO: Decent efforts lately in much faster company. Finds great spot tonight to end eight-race losing streak. 8TH BLUSHING JULIAN: Eye-catching speed in Phil-Park romps. Legitimate excuses in only career defeat. 9TH -Purse $5,000. Three year olds and up (fillies and mares). Claiming $4,000. Six tunongs. 7TH Purse $17,500. Three year olds and up. New Jersey breds. Allowance, one mile. 5 J. and A. Hero (Juarez) 6 Brass Monkey (Pennisi) 1 Casey Exton (F Ortiz) 8 Grandkids Chance (Black) 3 Command North (Duross) 9 Joey Be Ridge (Pena) 2 U.S. Invader (Umana) 4 Here's John (Olea) 7 Danse de Amor (Avarza) 116 2-1 Met better, great spot 116 4-1 Fired twice locally 116 4-1 Easy slop score here 116 6-1 Rider tough on lead xlll 8-1 Rare test of stamina xlll 10-1 Upset weaker field X106 12-1 Edged maidens return 116 12-1 Wet track some help 116 20-1 Crushed bad maidens Beats these K ready Fired twice this spot Router been on shelf Been Idle, often dose Dueled lesser, blinks on Time off helps lots Can't put it together Quit early in route Nothing last pair Usually up the track 8TH Purse $65,000. Three year olds. The Garden State Stakes. One mile and one sixteenm. 9 Blushing Julian (Black) 115 2-1 6 Tri tor the Gold (Vigliotti) 117 5-1 i iivr Kev (Umana) 117 6-1 7 Chip's Dancer (Ladner) 117 3-1 11 Takin" Names (Davis) 115 8-1 5 Fifty Cent Dollars (Wilson) 115 10-1 4 Premier Commander (Rocco) 115 12-1 8 Another Huev (Madrigal) 115 20-1 10 Go Cuervo (CC Lopez) 115 20-1 3 Whafs Ifs Face (Torres) 115 30-1 1 Nomax(King) 115 30-1 Awesome Pha sprints Blinkers helped lots Local stake win in slop Unlikely starter Slow start, five wide Failed vs. easy leader Omv beat maidens Been bargain purchase Loves track, in deep Not ready for these Shooting too high 10 Isle of Beeches (Espindola) 117 4-1 4 Mean Missy (Olea) iir -i 9 Via London (Umana) xll2 3-1' 2 Deceived (Castro) , xl2 6-1 6 Twinkle In Mv Eve (Panas) xll2 8-1 7 J.PS First Step (King) 17 0-1 8 She's Eternal (Torres) 117 15-1 5 Peal Off (Dentici) 117 20-1 1 Voodoo's Sister (Alcalde) xll2 20-1 3 Lordvbeau (Rosario) X112 30-1 SCRATCHED-Rose of Iron lOTH-Purse $6,200. Three year olds and up (fillies and mares). New Jersev-breds. Maidens. Claiming $7,500. Six furlongs. 8 Cynthia Forsithia (Torres) 122 3-1 Back with sprinters 2 Double E. Gorgeous (Dur'l X117 5-2 Runner-yp this spot 3 Grannys Fourth (Navedo) 122 4-1 Last easily best yet 1 Just Plain Suzie (Dentici) 122 i- Fair gainst mNar 9 T.V. Control (Umana) X117 8-1 Gradual route retreat 6 EastStaMMcCormick) 112 10-1 Dueled arid fired late 10 Miss Manhattan (Beimel) 12212-1 Eight ' year .old debuts 4 Tom's Crocka Doli (Rosario) xll6 12-1 Dull at Pha last year 5 Sunshine Gold (Chavis) 122 20-1 Quits, Winkers on 7 Champagne Fling (Picon) 122 20-1 Been idle, many tries . SCRATCHED-Gambol Gamble (x-5 pounds apprentice allowance.) Results Garden State WMltier Cloudy. Track Muddy. llt-1,000, d, 4YO up, 1 l-Uml La DeM Vita (Pens) 7.60 4.60 3.40 Curio (Ortll) 6-00 0 Crazy And WM (Dorou) 6.00 Off 735. Tims Ml. Exacts (7-J) paid 152.80. '' d-7,500, d, mdn 3YO up, 1ml. Pun For Dougti (Duross) 31.60 16.40 12.20 Room Poko (Dentici) 6.00 4.00 Silent Evidence (Lopei) M0 Off 759. Time 1H5 1-5. Daly Double (7-7) paid Slat .00. Exacts (7-1) paid 1771.60. ld-4,200, d, 3YO, In Daw J. (Ortll) 5.40 3J0 UO Artful Lodger (Pena) 1M 5.60 1,1km Charlie (Umaia) M Off 1:21. Time Ml Exacts (5-4) paid S4.. 4th SAKX), d, mdn 4YO up, lml.70yds. Sun Disk (Capanas) 4.20 2.80 2.20 Bold Ardslev (Pens) X20 2.20 Stir's A Dude (Torres) 2.40 Off M5. Time M 4-S. Scratched-. Excellent Choice. Exacta (9-6) paid SljttTrHaelt M' S32.20. Daly Triple (7-5-9) 1 of 3 paid 1303.60. 51-9,000, d, 3YO up, lmi. b-Snueeie Bear (Torres) 3.20 1.60 2.10 b-Orlemal Fashion (Kins) 3.20 3.60 110 a-Slutis Crew (Avaru) 110 Off 9KH. Time 1:40 4-5. scratctied-She'li So Tough. U-Coupied. s-CoupM withllnrMal Assault. Exacts (2-r'pald ISM. 9 6th-14,000, ale, 3Y0 up, l:nl. Virginia Patriot (Pena) 4.40 3.80 3.20 K.C's Hlghlandla (Dentici) 6.40 3.60 Run Away Judy (Dial) 300 OH 9:32. Time Ml 2-5. Exacta (6-4) paid S34.60. 7th-S,200, d, 3YO up, 6f. Super Sibling (Dentici) 12.40 8.20 4.60 Qulncv's Gem (Espindola) 13.40 4.80 Hoos Stunning (Romero) 3.20 Off "hit. Time 1:13 3 5. Scratched-Ashburn, Cool Cat C ha poo, rri For Lite. Exacta (6-7) paid S13U0. TrHecta (6-7-5) paid 8484.40. tlti-IUMO, mdn, 3YO, lmi. Hawk The saver (Avaru) 3.40 2.80 120 Undo Julius (Olaz) 5.20 140 Oiay Smolay (Winford) 160 Off 10:18. Time Ml Scratched-Awesome Diamond, Icantstoprumlng, Something Nautical. Exacta (7-8) paid 120.60. Late Daly Triple (6-6-7) 3 of 3 paid 110140. NOTE: No TrHecta Wagering. 9th 5,000, d, 4YO up, 6f. Barbara's Cutlass (Espindola) 17.00 7.80 3.00 Sweeffittleslxteen (Umana) 9.20 5.60 Nola Dee (Garcia) 7.00 ' Off 10:41. Time 1:13 3-5. Scratched-Beach BaHerlna, Blrdi's Tribute, J.P. First Step, Leaprn Lauren, Loaded For Bear, Racy Princess, She's Eternal, Twinkle m My Eye, Voodoo's Sister. Exacta OI-9) paid S145.80. Late DaHv Double (7-11) paid S29.40. TrHecta (11-9-4) paid 81,048.60. Attendance 3409. Track Hamte $271,829. ITM Harrtte $347,944. Total Hamte 11,010,294. Meadowlands Weather Cloudy. Track Fast. One mile pace Trendsetter Series (1st leg) Premium (Campbell) 120 260 160 Silver Blue Chip (Remmen) 6.00 5.40 Talc Blue Chip (Marshall) 3.80 Off 7:31 Time 1:54 15. Exacts (5-11) paid S35.40. 2d-10,000. One mle pace Trendsetter Series (1st teg) Diablo Cedam (Moiievev) 3.00 140 140 Rd To The Crown (Parker) 4.40 3.20 Skipalong Cassidv (Davis) 16.20 ON 7:51. Time 155 25. Daly Double (5-) paid 15.60. Exacta (8-7) paid 815.60. 34-7,500. One mile pace Vine and Roses (Moisevev)4.40 100 120 Playboy Bunny (Parker) iM 3.00 Go's Chelsea (Davis) 140 OH 8:10. Time 154 15. icratched-Perfect JeweL Exacta (2-5) paid J 26.80. 4th-10,000. One mte pace Trendsetter series (1st leg) ThompsonvHle (Campbell M0 3.60 3.60 Quality Scooter (Parker) 10.00 11.20 Aussie's Promise (Remmen) 5.00 OH 1:35. Time 155. Scratched-Thmgs Happen. Exacta (1-9) paid S 229.00. Tri-fecta (1-9-1) paid SS3S.40. 5th-7,500. One mile pace Nuke and Cranny (Campbell) 10 40 5 40 3 0 No More Mr Nlceeuv (Pierce)5.60 3.20 Place Al Bets (Davis) 180 Off 8:55. Time 155 35. Exacts (8-9) paid $44.40. 6th-10,000. one rifle pace Trendsetter Series (1st leg) Glance Alworth (Remmen)ioo 140 140 Mr Beau (La chance) IN) 160 Doctor Brortskv (Campbel) J 60 OH 8:13. Time 154. Exacts (1-3) pan) S6.60. 7th-16,000. One mle pace Nanclnprinceton (Wotcio) 18.20 9.60 3.40 Jenny B Young (Silverman) 23.20 7.40 Davlon Touchdown (Lachance) 140 OH fill Time 155 15. Exacts (3-2) paid $155.00, TrHecta (3-2-7) paid $1,425.60. Dally Triple (3 OF 3 H-8-3) paid (161.00. 8th-10,000. One ml pace Trendsetter Series (1st teg) Wneewi Chance (Lachanca)MO 4.60 140. Frankies Valley (Moiseyev) 4.60 180 Calypso Beat (Woiclo) 4.20 Off 101. Time 154. Exacta (10-1) paid $27.20. 9th-10,000. One mle pace Klassv's Son (Parker) 54.40 15.80 11.40 Did I Say So (Lachance) iM 4.00 Roman Pockets (Woiclo) 5.60 OH 10:19. Time 155 15. Late Datv Double (10-18) paid S207.20. Exacta (10-1) paid $34180. TrHecta (10-1-3) paid $3,019.60. 10th-10,000. One mHe pace trt Sundown (Dohortv) 67.00 19.00 5.20 Depth Charger (Lachance) 1140 6.60 Stuff Your Pockets (Remmen) 7.60 Off 10:37. Time 157 15. Scratched-Shake The Dice, Lets See It Happen. Exacta (2-1) paid $601.80. Urh-7,000. One mHe pace Flrsltine Lea (O'Dormell) 4.20 4.00 3.20 Tw Troubles (Metmnis) 21.60 11.00 Amies Babe (Campbell) 4.60 Off 1051 Time 156. Exacta (1-2) paid $50.80. TrHecta (8-2-6) paid 1 306.60. Attendance 6,415. Track Handle 11,247,801 Total Hands $1,944,425. With March madness completed, basketball turns to all-star April By Frank Lawlor INQUIRER STAFF WRITER Only two local teams, the Downing-town girls and Pottstown boys, are still playing high school basketball, but that doesn't mean there aren't hoops aplenty to keep track of this month. One of the Philadelphia area's best senior classes in history is dispersing far and wide over the next few weeks to take their games up against the nation's best. Below is a list of games and dates to watch, followed by the top local games of the postseason, all-star category. McDonald's All American game, Memphis, Tenn., Sunday. All-everything 6-foot-11 senior Rasheed Wallace of Simon Gratz is inexplicably the only Philadelphia player on the East squad in the 16th edition of this, the nation's best-known all-star game. Channel 10 will televise the game live at 1 p.m. The Asics Roundball Classic, Pittsburgh, April 8. The Philly contingent includes Franklin Learning Center's 6-6 forward, Tyrone Weeks, who has signed with Massachusetts; German-town Academy guard Alvin Williams, a Villanova signee; 6-10 Roman Catholic forward Marc Jackson, who is headed for Virginia Commonwealth; and Gratz's 6-6 leading scorer, Ron-dell Turner, who is still considering his college options. They will go against a team of U.S. all-stars. The Capital Classic, College Park, Md., April 8. Point guard Danny Earl and center Kirk Luchman, the two stars from Shawnee in South Jersey, join a team playing against Washington D.C.-area all-stars. Earl is headed for Penn State next year, Luchman for Florida State. NikeSun-Times Ail-American Game, Chicago, April 10. Olney's 6-11 center, Jason Lawson, is among 11 on the U.S. team, which plays against a team of Illinois' best. ESPN will broadcast the game on tape delay at midnight. Magic's Roundball Classic, Auburn Hills, Mich., April 18. Longtime friends Wallace and Weeks lead the East all-stars against a West lineup that features 7-foot Rashard Griffith, of Chicago. Magic Johnson and former Detroit Pistons star Dave Bing will coach the teams. This was formerly the Dapper Dan Classic, played in Pittsburgh for 28 years. ESPN will broadcast the tape at midnight.-The Derby Classic, Louisville, Ky., April 24. Lawson and the state player of . the year in Delaware, 6-6 Duke recruit Carmen Wallace, will play on opposite teams. If you like your basketball action live, there is plenty to catch locally in April. Here goes: The Diamond State Shootout, University of Delaware, April 9 and 10. This game features the top juniors from Florida to New England, including former Cardinal O'Hara star Adonal Foyle, now playing in Hamilton, N.Y., and Shawn Smith, the point guard from Gratz. The All-Star Labor Classic, St. Joseph's University Field House, April 18. This fifth annual game features 60 of the best local seniors, boys and girls, not including those of national caliber who have already played two postseason all-star games. The first game, at 1 p.m., pits Big Five alumni like Tom Inglesby, Joe Bryant, Ollie Johnson and Bryan Warrick in an exhibition against a team from organized labor. The girls' all-star game follows at 2 p.m., and the boys tip off around 3:30. The Albert C. Donofrio Basketball Tour nament, Fellowship House, Consho-hocken, April 12-24. Most of the area's top players are among the 300 from four states on 20 rosters due at this 33d annual tourney. Games are every evening except on April 17, 18 and 23. The title game is 1 p.m. on Saturday, the 24th. Be warned: Seating is extremely limited. In girls' basketball, Downingtown (27-4) is shooting for its third straight state title tonight against Oakland Catholic (28-2) at the Her-sheypark Arena. Downingtown is led by senior point guard Tora Suber, who was recently named the state player of the year in the nationwide Gatorade Circle of Champions contest. Suber and teammate Kristyn Cook will be making their own all-star appearance at the Nike Girls All-Star Game in Hampton, Va. on April 10. Suber signed early with the University of Virginia. Cook signed with Syracuse. Of the 17 students across the United States that USRowing named to its academic all-American team last week, four came from the Philadelphia area: John Heuisler, of Bala Cynwyd, and Daniel Pohlig, of Lans-downe, from St. Joseph's Prep; Jennifer Ludovic, from Upper Merion; and David Sklar, from Lower Merion. All are seniors. Two more locals earned honorable mention: Beth Kehler from Lower Merion, and David Ford from the Haverford School. The telephone number for reporting high school scores is 800-945-4570. Horse Racing Blushing Julian to try two turns By Craig Donnelly INQUIRER STAFF WRITER Few horses in the history of Philadelphia Park have shown the brilliance of Blushing Julian so early in their careers. Tonight the muscular chestnut colt will try to carry his speed around two turns for the first time when he goes postward as the favorite in the $65,000 Garden State Stakes. Purchased by John Gambone's Valley Forge Stable last year as a 2-year-old for $175,000 at the Calder Sales, the son of Mt. Ljvermore (also the sire of champions House-buster and Eliza) now looks like a bargain after three starts. He showed great acceleration in his Jan. 3 debut and Entries Meadowlands Simulcast to Garden $tafe Park and Atlantic Citv Race Course. FIRST POST 7:30 P.M. lit-7,000. One mle pace ThornbirdHI 30-1 GoWCoastRTiv 7-2 7-1 Baviwater 3-1 20-1 TarmmedT'e 11-1 10-1 $outhemTvler 15-1 4-1 BetchalB'tcht 20-1 2d 10,000. One mHe pace Plerim'sPat' 10-1 Stomwf&ory 20-1 4-1 SeekerAI'tt 20-1 2-1 Abductor 20-1 15-1 Near Damage 8-1 5-2 Kauai Skull 15-1 3d 7,500. One mile pace Shipwrecker 3-1 ForceBe'You Ah Contendah 8-1 Flagmaker DunckleviMan 20-1 Westweod ComeOn Russ 6-1 Don Angefo Refrigerator 20-1 Buktrtte 4th-19,000. One mite pace tmtniLandlna Squire Gary Bee Dee Kay Metric Lobe! ChokeProperty Mantese Beau Scooter Chett Magic 15-1 20-1 8-1 20-1 S-S Kashwave 5-1 Bates Lane Malcontent 20-1 Ringleader Fash'nUpstart 30-1 BatlteOamage 0-1 L OeesCraig 10-1 Rocket Le Ru 3-1 Doctor Gerson 4-1 51-10.000, One mle pace TennfePlaver 5-1 NeertyCertain AtnabaskaT'l -S TrenfiKmati That Bad Bov 5-1 Foxtross Double Dragon 15-1 Snazz'Cedam Nova Nuke 20-1 tth-25,000. One mle pace ChnamonReel 1-5 MaktngT'Nows 9-5 Panic Attack 12-1 Dolce 20-1 Ladv Joanna 8-1 Ghostly 25-1 Stlenam'sGirt 7-2 7- 2 8- 1 5-2 15-1 20-1 20-1 7th-14,000. R n R I explode TheDavBeforo NaturalEKce Kentuckvlmage Ith-10,000. Nola Ryan OnTheSauceA'n Bet On Kash DevHBabvJ'ie FaMlnThe Air em-18,000. Lola Jean Betrayed Gloria W Wisentimer Mother Earth IOth-7,000. Hofmes Ara N Armada PurpieFlame WkmingSteadv The Register llth-7400. Ralph'sEdna GaeUcEOectN GrantedWish Flo Over TouchotEkxr 12th-7,OO0. NO B 5 SpHteAlliurst Giggtesnort Jbioc Racer X One mle pace 20-1 Chernobyl 4-1 12-1 No Caveats 7-2 10-1 Super Cam 20-1 20-1 Speedy Wright l-l 5-2 King Charles 4-1 One mle pace 4-1 NatashaHan'r 7-5 Ar-broLevltv 20-1 Angel Heart 10-1 DartingCI'en 4-1 Fawn Hel One mle pace 8-1 LlttleBlackB' 4-1 TooMuchT'le 30-1 TlveMeAnlnch 9-2 7-2 FeaturedFas' 10-1 20-1 Kiwi Jam a-1 One mle pace 3-1 Money Chief 5-2 CalMe Bruce 20-1 Kash Act i-l Hit Ore Run 8-1 Must B Tracer 4-1 One mee pace 10-1 Mark of Lovw 5-2 20-1 Special Duty 10-1 0-1 BioZScooter 3-1 12-1 BunnvBunnvB' 7-2 20-1 CamsBeautv 30-1 One mle pace 20-1 HeaVSentHhi 4-1 12-1 Ram Devi 5-2 10-1 HeartBreakKid 6-1 4-1 Say Kash 20-1 15-1 Fixed Assets 9-2 15-1 20-1 15-1 15-1 20-1 9-2 12-1 20-1 4-1 20-1 20-1 was so impressive in victory that he was made the odds-on favorite in his next start, the Patriot Stakes. He finished second that day to the highly regarded Chip's Dancer but was very likely the best horse. Leading but apparently bothered by watching a riderless runner in front of him, Blushing Julian managed to lose narrowly. In his third start at Philadelphia Park, 10 days ago, he quickly sped to the front under regular rider Tony Black and scored easily. He then worked out an additional eighth of a mile in preparation for tonight. His performance was powerful enough to make his connections consider the Kentucky Derby, now just four weeks away. "He still has to answer some questions," his 40-year-old trainer, Mike Arnone, said yesterday. "The expectedl off track, going long for the first time. We know we have a nice horse but we're realistic. He wouldn't just have to win, he'd have to win very impressively." Blushing Julian's main opponent in the Garden State, to be contested at 1 116 miles as the eighth race (approximately 10:30 p.m.), would be multiple stakes-winner Chip's Dancer. He is entered but is likely to remain home for a race in Maryland. That leaves Tri For The Gold, who devastated a field of sprinters in the Ilex Stakes at Philadelphia Park when wearing blinkers for the first time, as his most serious challenger. Cherry Hill Mile winner Silver Key also looks tough and Takin' Names and Fifty Cent Dollars merit respect. Premier Commander, Another Huey, Go Cuervo, What's It's Face, and Nomax complete the field. "Blushing Julian is an aggressive, well-balanced colt with a lot of desire," Arnone said. "We could see that right away when we watched him work before we bought him. Nothing bothers him and he's great to be around." Should Blushing Julian romp home tonight, his next start could be the Derby Trial at Churchill Downs on April 24. "Why not take a chance?" Arnone said. "Mr. Gambone spent $175,000 and deserves to have some fun and some dreams. We've never had a horse like this before and may never have one like him again. To win big you have to dream big." For Rugby player, a 1-year suspension ASSOCIATED PRESS SYDNEY, Australia Rugby league player Peter Davies was suspended yesterday for a year for breaking the jaw of a rival player in a weekend match. Davies hit Shayne Stead with his elbow after Stead had kicked the ball. Stead suffered a concussion, lost several teeth and needed 15 stitches in his mouth after the late tackle. Stead said yesterday he planned to take legal action against Davies, who was suspended for 10 months for a similar late tackle seven years ago. Kalambay to fight Pyatt for the vacant WBO title ASSOCIATED PRESS LONDON Sumbu Kalambay will fight Chris Pyatt for the vacant WBO middleweight title in Pyatt's home town, Leicester, England, on May 19. Kalambay, 32, a former WBA middleweight champion, will be seeking the title vacated by Gerald McClel-lan. McClellan will fight for the WBC middleweight championship in Las Vegas on May 8. Suzuki fires lst-round 65 to take the lead in Japan ASSOCIATED PRESS MIKI, Japan Koichi Suzuki fired a 7-under-par 65 in the opening round yesterday and took a 2-stroke lead in the Descente Classic. Tadami Ueno 1-putted 15 times en route to a 67 on the 6,987-yard Century Miki bolf Club course. GAPMN STATE PAHK Is Sending Another Sizzler Your Way! It's the GRADE III - $65,000 - & 116 MILES m mtiHmm&m-OLPmom TONIGHT 1 1m cu (a me ttiU cwxt kui it ytity tska idm. A nationally-acclaimed exhibit and sale of famous horse racing photos of Secretariat, Affirmed, Alydar, Dr. Fager, Seattle Slew and many others...Most photos autographed by jockeys and trainers. Injured jockey Sidney Underwood will be joined by other GSP riders in an autograph session before the races. A drawing between races for a picture of Spend a Buck winning the 1985 Kentucky DerbyAutographed by Hall of Fame jockey Angel Cordero, Jr.) NEW SIMULCAST TRACKS Hialeah Starts April 1 (Tuesdays through Sundays) Keeneland ... Starts April 2 (Tuesdays through Sundays) (Excluding Good Friday and Easter Sunday) First Race 1 p.m. for both Route 70 and Haddonfield Road Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 (609) 488-8400 f OARDtn I 1 STATE Mmrv

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