The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1930
Page 7
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SA^njRDAY,_OCTOBER_25, 1930_ COURIER NEWS ADS •nro WDM a word tor flrrt In- ucllon and one «nt a WJri Jor eadi «ub««qutnt ln«r- Uon. No tdvertliemeiitUkca lor less than We. Count the words mil und the >**b. Phone 3W 1'Olt SALE Eat FISHER'S FROSTY DONUTS—Fresh Daily. If. APPLES—Just arrived. Good grade orchard run. For sale cheap. Fisher's, across from city hall'. 16ck31. FOR SALE-^Latc model R, C. A. Radlohv all screen grid set. Bar- Bain Jor cash or trade for good used Ford or Chevrolet coupe. 1920 West Vine. ' 24p-k29. For Sale Used Car Bargains Now is (he ojiiwriimlly for you to set a Kcal Good Used Cir at very low price and on easy- terms lou. Every Car Carries. Our 30-l>aj Guarantee, Every Car Is in Firs Class Running Condition. 193U FOKW TOWN SEDAN . .3405 1930 FORD TUDOK SEDAN .. 335 1928 FORD BUSINESS COUPE 225 1930 FORD SPT. ROADSTER 315 192D FORD SPORT COUPE . 295 1928 FORD TUDOR SEDAN . 205 1929 FORD SPT. ROADSTF.R 2D5 1028 FORD PICK-UP ROSTER 205 1928 LATE FORD PHAETON.205 1025 DODGE l}i TON TRUCK 135 1928 LATE WHIPPET COACH 195 TUDOR 1920 LATE FORD SEDAN 325 l'cs«ibly your old c:ir will cover th down payment Tor you. Don wait—See our USED CAR BAR GAINS TODAY. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Phone 811. LOU AUTHOI? OP "BA6M ROMANCE" sked. "I don't know. Ill.CI.V 111:111; TODAY Ailveiiliirr cntrr« Ikp life ol IT, This Is Cellit," sho told "Conic osi. here's the bus! couldn't call this ou afttr we get unslnlrB. morning, but I'm comins in town PAGE SEVEN N. S. Drown vlsllcd In Kcnnelt Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clurllo Jenkins i:<'nd I* nlitu iiud ivcnliliy. Stic lr:ivi<H lu<r unnrctcndun* huutr fn Oiilllmtm- ro Itvc in Nevr York tvlili LIT fnihtr. JOHN' MITCI1- ):i.l., ni\d l.vr iiTlnlucr:k1le ffrnnil- umthcr, niiilhi'r, Ix n widow, having ilHiiu-t-i) Hlfvlu-ll mill ri'niprrlrd Inter. IIAHMIV MllDI.IIS, vmniK love i\llh (hi: elrl and lirfore IrrnliiK Iliilllinnrr Colin to IK- lojril <o htK love, llllelirll n>k« BVRI.YN I'AIl- S0\s, lirrtLltlrul jylduiv, lo lulrn- ilni-i. the Kill '« younu iik'uiilr, Mm. I'nranim nKrcri, uonKlUcrrng f'rlln n nu'un* ID ivln Mltchr!! 1 * Anil nt onft iK-isIim vrfei'Milut; 10 K-l rid at Ihe islrl. Stir Introduce.", CellB «l TDD JOlin.VX, fnhirlunllnir hut at iluLlnlifl clinr- Rclrr, and doc* nil «he cnn <o en- cournETe lhl« runtrh. MSI U1J.VCA.V, Hiiclnllr prnnil- nrnt, lirromm 4>lln'ji !<7>-nl frlrml. Mltrhrll IrnrnM .Jorilnn IK paying Mr* dnuglilrr ntlcntlnnx and for- I.Iila her tn tire* him. Crlin offend* fccr trriiuilfiicitlirr n«il IhV i>iilcrl>- Mm. Mllrlirll fcijinn Illnox unil £«Y3Tl», for n rr*l. Tliu «lrl KOCH in Mm. Pnranim' l.imff Inland hnme for a icn^clif vlntl, Jurdnn ralU <hrr». (reijtiruf ly. Mli'lirll anil Fir Id I. hir he li;i« InvrHllciilnl Jordnn'K |I:LS! n:id 1linl Iht* y.1IIII t T Ilinn ix n prnulliliT. Mir dtir* not priM thin new* nn tti .,<.-pll:i, tiny Olla, l,l»l mid . .Inrilnn nlTriiil thr rnrrn anil thcrp <7f]t:i rnr.iimtrra llnrncjr sliMdv. Shlrldt (rlls her he 1. iic.rklSp; for H \C\T Vi>rlc iilctiirr ncrvlrr zinil whe nizrtem to telephone btut ni-M dnr. . NOW r:n ox WITH TIIFI STOHY CHAPTER XXXVIII vnsn't to bo disturbed.' Celia nto hor lonely meal. It FOR RENT FOR RENT—Pretty lit lie furnished cottage. Rent $25 month. T.iorn- as Land Co. . 24c-k28. r.meets on West Main street Telephone 197 and 571. 15tl. FQR RENT — Light housekeeping 'rooms, furnished. 700 West Walnut. Phone 678. 13C-TF FOR RENT: Furnace heated b:d- rooin. Call G45. 1U6 Chickasawba. cK27. FOR RENT: Four room apartment completely furnished. Call G50 or D«a. L. L. Ward. 21ct( FOR RENT: Nice bedroom for two men or two light housekeeping rooms for couple. Miss Minnie Lee Jones, 510 Chickasawba ave pk27 FOR RENT— Three room apartment. close in. Apply on premises after 10 A. M. 511 West Main. 23C-tf FOR RENT — Furnished . 2-rbom. sieam heated apartment. 201 S. Lake, Phone 443. P-K-2C ROOM and Board, for two vomit men in furnace heated home. W. Main St. Call 220. 24c-k31 F. A. MCGREGOR TAXI At the Broadway Earlier Shop Night Phone 738W Day Phone 16 NOTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Ceo. Carney, we now h»ve the best equipped independent sliop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building ' "We know we know how" TpHEN Celia Mitchell opened her *• eyes next mopilng she saw a once that her plans for the da; r:ere mined. Two little wrinkle: fipp^aroii in her forehead as shi turneil on her pillow and gazed ou k!ie open window.. Rain! It was falling In gcnfl' monolony, not a downpourln^ cummer torrent thai would end as abruptly as it had begun. This was sure lo last throushoul the day. She sat up In bed and considered (he dripping outdoors mournfully. Why, of all times, did it have to rain today? Her strategy, carefully studied out the iiisht before, was useless now. She had planned, as an excuse to meet Barney, to Jlage an Impromptu shopping trip. She would tell Evelyn she must have tennis shoes. They would have to be fitted and could not be sent out. Eosides, Lisl had told her of a small store which carried the best equipment. It all soundud plausible enough, but who would he so ridiculous as to §o chopping In the rain? . N'o, that story would never do 'today. . .Cclia dressed slowly. She still sdPJMbiiftsfertt- Jlboiit _.jf.qulMinB Ju Evelyn. By the time ~sna went down to breakfast no solution of her problem had come lo miuil. "1'our breakfast is ready, Miss Celia." ITilda greeted her. "Mrs. ?srsons bad A tray sent lo her room." . This was unusual. ' . "Isn't-«Lc feeling well?" the girl deled to tho general gloominess of ho situation that there was no one icross Ihe table to chut wllh. When Cella had finished sho went iut on the porch and wqlched Hie aln. She. spent most of tho mornfug on tho porch. Mrs. Parsons a'p- iieared a llitlo before LOOM anil said lhal sho had slept ami was Clint; much refreshed. Then a marvelous thing occurred. Evelyn noticed It first. "I believe tho rain Is slopping," ehe said. "I.Sok—It's ninth lighter .ban it was.": "Oh, If It only.would!" "I'm Blail/'too," Kvelyn Enid. "There's a bridge tournament at Fannlo Marlow's club and I promised to play wllh her. but 1 v/ouldn't think of going If the shower keeps up: 1 don't know whether you'd enjoy It or not, Cella, unless of course yon care to watch. Everyone will be playing." • • • 'pnn girl shook her head quickly. ~ "N'o. thai • wouldn't be much fun for me. What I wanlod'lo do Ibis afternoon was £0 In town lo get some tennis 'shoes. Llsl told me.the place to buy them." . "I'm sorry, dear, but I'll uced the car." "Oh, that's all right! t can taxi right Hway. Where can I meet yout"- : I Jiarney's .voice was a series of delighted, somewhat Inrohoreut sounds, lip sa|il;lie could meet her al four o'clock al tho btatlon. Cclia flow Inlo her clothes, thinking llitlo about liow blie looked. Then sho lelephoncd the Fuburbnn station for a laxlcab. When she replied the lirterurb ilennt (here wa» a wail of 20 inln- ntes, which seemed an hour. Al lust slia was on the train, speeding toward Iho city. Along v.'lih ilio escllcment of mccllng IJ'irney lliere vas tho novelty of felling nff by herself on this journey. She was amazed when she the train was traveling miller ground: to tho station and take the inlcr- nrban. They say II saves lota of time." "Well, of course, 1C you don't nilnrl the smoke and crowd!" "I like crowds. That was the thrilling thing about the races yesterday." The day had brightened mirac al'jusly. Within 15 minutes the steady tap-lap-tap of the rain bail become a sprinkle. Ten mlnulcs more arid the sky was clear. Evelyn held a long telephone conversation after •luncheon. A 2:30 she tapped ou the door of Ce iia's room. "Come in!" Hip girl called. Mrs. Parsons appeared In tin doorway, she wore an afternoon sown.and wrap and her becomln now," she Eald bat. "I'm going "Fannie insists Hint T must stay t> dinner with. her. • She has Eom friends coming I met abroad. I'l try lo bq homo by eight or nine though. I hope you woii't be loue- some, dear." "Never mind about nie. "I bop you win!" "Thanks. Goodby." ' Celia .wailed five minutes. Sli the driveway, Uicn'ilaalrM'i!o5 stairs lo the nearest telephone. "I want to speak to Mr. llarnej Shields," she told the voice wliicl answered after she had given the number of ll;e Apex Picture Serv ice. ;v It was Barney himself, who «n swered. P11EH10 was a and then sho teiiEC 1C mluules 10 heard Ibo conduc- or'a raucous shoul: "Last Elop! 11 out!" Celia stepped llmidly onl hilo Iio \ast railway station. She coked up niitl duwn fu Itewllder ment. Someone Couched her arm "Barney! How tltil you get here?' He was grinning at her from be neath the rakish brim of his straw hat. "Feet, my child, feet. Anil a lit tlb good lui'k, too! I got off early." They smiled at each oilier, ncl ther speaking. Then Shields asked ''Well, whither from hero? You'n going to have dinner witli me, o course, but wo have a couplo o hours before tlmt." "I camo in town \o buy BOUX tennis slices." "Oh, was that the reason? thought possibly you came lo see me!" ' "I mean—that was what I told Mrs. Parsons." \ They laughed like school children sharing a joke. Cella produced Ihe address of the store Lisl Toll had recommended, diately went Inlo Barney Inline- deep thought plolltng a route to reach ft. "It's net far," he told her. "Would It be beneath your dignity to v.-alk, Mademoiselle?" Cella Eald sho would much rather walk tlian ride. She could never quite get enough of tho entrancing Birects of tho metropolis. With Barney beside her she would feel secure fn tho maze of scurrying pedestrians and noisy vehicles. They bought the shoea. It was after tivo when they left the shop. "Tell you what we'll do." Barney said. "Take a bus down : the _Avenuia v ^ - .ll 1 ll i .. J jw. .cool ,o_n^.top. TTicre's ah TtnFlttn pfactPdowri dn' Kleventh street I think you'll "ii (do ride down 1'lflh nvt 1 - 'Kvo wan loo much to ba t (l| i cut (o Cella's engor eyt-.>, oo liiiinvssivo. a imnoranm '(o nl- from St. Louis ow inu>!i conversiillon. fllKN they were llunlly Ktlllcil »t a table for two In the luse- ncnt ilinlnij room and tho girl hail e«lalmci| jver the blu/lns ovctia wheie roastlug chickens turncii on spits [nut over llio forctsu nt- mosrlitro of Ihe .place. Darucy Shields leaned forward. Ho clasped Ills ImuiU itgctlier. "This is what I've been loolilu? forward to Jor n long timu." bo a«l. 'Von look swell, Cella!" "1 BUMS It's tho now ,clollic5." "Are they new?. HadnVnnllml 'cm. You'd look ewell 'lo mo no matter whin you wore.".. Ctlin smllc-,1. "Yoii'ro looking pretiy well ycui-sclf, Mr.' Shields. Now tell mo nbonl the Job. When did you gel here? Have you seen mother lately!" li;iriicy put up one band. "N'o'r .wall a inlmile. Wall n minute! Quo nt a lime. 1 told you It \v.-,3 n long story. No. I haven't seen your mother very recently. You EC-C It was n month ago 1 left Baltimore." "A month ago? liarncy Shields, do yon mean yoii'vs bee-a hero a whole month and illdn't try to sea me?" " Cella. you don't under- Bland. Walt-I'il better begin nt Hie bosiuuitu;. Do you remember six ivttiin ngo nbaul tho aerial innncuvers al Washington? Spic- 1 Uculiir Elufi! I made; a bunch of pictures and had good luck with 'em. Shot al unusual nuelns. Von know that's the kind of thing I like. They seetneil pielty [air, so jntlcr we'd used 'cm In Tho I'osl I shipped a bunch of prints lo Ape* Pictures. "Ulggcst nlecs of luck you ever heard of! Wagner—lie's Ihe man who runs Apex—is nurly about air stnlf. He bought the linucli and wired lliere was a vaoiucy on Ihe staff. Guess what your litlto friend Barney Eaid to that?" "Uut a whole niAith—" Shields' face had Brown serious. "I had to be sure I was golus to make Hie grado before I Irlcd lo see you," he said. "I'm gelling Iwlce Ihe salary I did, but of courso It'.'wouldn'l bo considered anything vlslled In CaruUiersvUle ' Wnlncs- ;dny, nil! Snmford motored to Kennelt Sunday. Ulll Lester of Uecrlng, Mo., Is ^pending (his week here. I Mrs. H. A. Spcnci> Is very 111 llils week, Mi. and ^irs. Willis Allen motored lo Ulytlicvllle Sunday after•")on. Mrs. Sims Mlchlc lias returned she has been nllemllng an Eastern 6Ur meeting Mi 1 , and Mrs. Albert Ucclmni and week-end with licr parent! at Ar- niarcl,' Ark, . - Mlsse* Mildred, Mlgnlou and Helen Vlck were siiopplng In Caruth- ersvlllc Mondny. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Spcnce had as llieir Sunday guesh Mr. and Ivirs. H. 1). Spcnce ol Memphis. Mrs. John McClwe, Miss nubye Siwticei 1 , and Archie Zaluicr wero shopi)hig hi Blythevlllc Friday at- leinoon. Jiick .\faniilng, who 1ms been employed by tho City Drug store for ft number of yctirs. Is now pulling In a new drug store of his own here. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Uhodes who have been li , -- --' ..vv..w... »..^ ....w ..n,b MIL,, iinui; n' uiynieviiiu. "aughtcr, ixmlse, Miss Friiiiklc- have moved In the Kelly uuildhio. buencer and Auner Aslicrnfl sycjit ! lu-re. *rlday shopping h, Memphis. I Mrs. L. C. Spencer spent Frl-' MM'i m i y limtl<! a b^'wssi^y bl Jom «-' r »'l«i to small son, in nl >'">«vlllo l%ies<lay. iPnul Eugcifo' MUbroal. Miss Ketha Kicsl spent Monday :cht In Cimithi'rsvlllc as the (juest of Mtjs sallle llanirn. i Miss nubyc Ashley sjwnt Ihe Tho iwmilntlon -of Canada ac- eoidinir to tlic Ifttesl census is more Uum 8,788,500. . VViVNCENNEB, IND,, (UP)-An tit wttfcin an e« wu • iduot kgr Un. '•WUlivn ,Snyd«r, while r*.- ,, parhig breakfaM.- Mrs.- E old. the cracked, open what parently WM an ordlouy eg; Insteid of the yolk, a: small about the size of a quail's dropped Into the tlclllet. SOOTH BEND, JND,; (UP)-i-' Calicpes, the herald ol the ctt- cus, was classified as Jutt snothtr noise-making device In court bete. William Blyllic, the player, wig found, gullly of dlsturtjifiz the peace and fined' <(«. Blythe. WM playinj the. Instrument u> adr«r- '.ise p. theater. • ' • •' RICHMOND, 1ND., lUP) — A search for liquor In a home north of Richmond cr.ied suddenly alter Deputy Sheriff Horace Logan Investigated a suspicious looking box ou , : (op of a chicken coop. He lllled Ihe lid and fled. The box was n bee hive. • • OUH BOARDING HOUSE W~ I VfAD -fo .; By Alieru The plan was agreeable to Cella. "Hut listcu, IJarney," sho said, "you havciri told me anything £bcyjt yourself or what you're doing her* or anything yet! I want to hear about 1C," In your crowd. That's waited, and yrliy 1 dliln't \vrlle. It jooks liko tills Job Is going to 1)0 a real opportunity. Wugocr Ecems to like me—anylioiv, ho's treating me 0. K. You seo liow It was, dou't you, Cclia?" ' "I—gucsa so." 'Barney hesitated. Thou Iio leaned nearer, Ills clear, gray cyaa troubled. "You still care, don't you!" Iio asked slowly. "There Isn't—anybody else?" (To Ii2 Co^iimied) FOR RENT--Furnished apartment. 108 Kentucky. Phone GVi. 25pkl WANTED Eat FISHER'S CAKES AMD PIES—Fresh' Daily. tf. WANTED- One or two unfurnished rccms. John Lane, Phone 173 or 744. 22C-K25 WANTED—Salesmen to sell natier.- illy advertised product to Stores, Garages, factories, etc. Easy lo me:-:e 54.00 an hour cr S500.00 or more monthly. Tested sales plan. No money required for stock. We deliver and collect. Pay checks mailed 0:1 Saturdays. Big surprise watting. Write Fyr-Fylcr Co., 10D7 Fyr-Fytcr Bids;., Dayton, O. WANTED — Family Washlnga. '.Vashcd and Ironed by competent .white woman. •iM S- Lake St. Mrs. Brown. i7ci-tf WANTED—Dov.-nslairs three room apartment, close in. Phone 274. T. r'l-pli.l Din-VOT R. L. Curlin. LOST AND FOUND Eat FISHER'S DREAD—Fine for Sandwichc-s. tf. Steele Society—Personal Mrs. J. H. Workman accompanied by iier mother, Mrs. J. M. Barnes r.ud daughter Myrtle, at , driven by Donald Davis, is Improv : ing rapidly. I .Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Robbuis an • children have returned to the! ! liome here after spending a fe 1 i: days with Mrs. Bessie Kelly of Mai tin, Tenn. Miss Mabel Smith and D. L. Potts motored to Concord Sunday. Miss Velma Shrader iiad as her HAP 5AJI-TFPY " FAS AH DID -THAT.SCHEME 1'rT . _ Mir. HAP A 7RQK -rW' ,QWL 7 <5- CLUB STAMP ACROSS -TH'-STREE-r 5o -THA-f WriE ' ' BoARPER Tf( A -TREE r A COP CAME BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES UNIIAI'l'Y DAYS AkKHKKK AGAIN By Martin tended the Maxy theatre In'llayti j?, lrlesl ° KT , Ulc w f k - elld Mr - cllas Tuesday evening. A^ew York Cotton NEW YORK. Oct. 25 .(UP)—Cotton closed barely rleady. Open High Low Close 1101 1111 1103 lira Dec (old) Dec (new) 1199 •I'tfan- (old) 1113 1114 1116 Pavinjr fintl Sewer Taxes District -No. 1. Now Due. G. G. CAUDIIX, Collector. UpsUiirs in r.ii:ncrs liank B!clg. Jan (new) ins 1124 Mar 1133 1M8 May 1152 J173 Jul mi 1188 10SG 1103 1108 1112 1110 1118 1130 1139 1152 11G1 HC9 1181 ,.™ «,.,.,. ,,au ,M,U » untn.uiis Joc .pravjs rccsivei the business college al Chi hco'he. Saturday while cran Mo., is spending a fc\v weeks with , Alr all( j ^^ % M PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S ?IVK.ANI)-TEN CKNT STORE ! WERT i lie i\Fakes 'Em Sctl —Auto Parts—i Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO PARTS U«in al 21st Call K Royal C. Mills Public Accriimlant and 'Auditor MjipPi Bpcclallzlng in income Tai, Bookkeeping Syslcmj Fhoce S3 tngiam Blcjg. Blythevlllc, Ark V. 1!. WASfTAM—Transfer Dally trips lo McniphU. Will pick up and deliver frelsht and vMi-Hast.-.-, anywhere. Special •Hte? on carload lets. Local Phone 8S1 Memphis IMione 3-D/ Warner of NTemphis. -...,... . Rev, C. H. Ellis, pastor of the T, » & i ,^[ f ™8ens and Miss Mctho<ljsl d , llrch „ }as b;cn Bethel Holly of Cooler visited in a oinl(!d b lhe ,,, 1|mal conrerencc Stecle Tuesday afternoon. ! ^ ailolhcrJ Miss Ruth Wall who is atlcn.-hng Joc , rrav!s f cc; , lvMl „ t , okcn arm iiikiiis a car. . . - - i i>»i. rtim ..uo. Bill Burroughs and her pareiiu here, Mr. and Mrs. R. cnlldl . ell mo . on , a to B i ytl , ev illc A - w *"• ' Sunday. Bill Deberka, who is employed at. The Woman's Missionary society the Missouri Herald at Hayti, vis-. : of the Methodist church met at ited friends here Sunday . | the home of Mrs. A. 15. Rhodes Miss cierlru.dc Hudgcns and Miss : Monday afternoon. Delicious re- Nannie Belle Grigsby of Green- froshinents wore served by tlie wood. Miss., were visitinu Misses I'.ostess. The society will meet with Frankie and Rubye Spencer Sr.n- ; Mrs. G. G. Travis next Monday af- day. i lernoon. Mi', and Mrs. Gns Buding have ] •>• li. German has gone to Dexter, as their guest this week Mrs. Daisy IN. M.. in a German Undcrtakinr; v.r-1,7 nun'ivc o . .,- ,,,n, BiKlIng of Winter Haven, Fla. j company ambulance to bring Hoy M.W ORLKAiNfa, Oct. 2a (UP)- Mr and Mrs A z Ham ,„,, ns ! ScV crn. who is In ft serious condi- cottcn closed bteady. | thcjr gucs(s Wednesday Mr. antl tion in a sanatorium there, lo his Ojien High' Low Close ! Mrs. Talmadge Noark of Point , home ill this city. Pleasant, Mo. | Misses Lillian Funderburk and Mrs. Alice Collins of Jacksonville, j Bethel Holly, both of Cooler, visil- Fla., Miss Wilks of St. Louis, and : ed here Friday evening. . Mrs. Jim Bond ol Micola spent the .1 .Mrs. D. Den Holly and daughter. I week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Bill' Josephine, Mrs. Ed Cricc and Miss • Burroughs. ', Ruby Barker were chopping In Jt Mrs. L. H. Welch of Blylheville Memphis TSiirsiiny and Friday, visited here Tuesday. Mrs. T. C. Beasley and small Iitrs. Thehna Atkins, who was grandson, Joe Marion Michie were struck by a car a few weeks ago shopping in Blylheville Wednesday. Spots steady at 1115, up 15. New Orleans Cotton Oet Dec Jan Mar Man Jul CiOOD HOMK MADE PIES ICc Per Slice. All Kinds. TOM'S CAFE 105 N. Second SI. Thonc 17 OL'R h goods (o suil your (aslc ami the licsl workmanship. We ilclivrr prnmplly. You pay for what you gel and xct what you pay for. niylhcvillc Upholstery >t Repair , Shop J. H. Jenkins Mpr Phone 469 HT S. 1st. St 1080 1085 1038 1110 1111 1123 1135 1147 1157 1171 1178- 1188 1075 10M 1105 1130 1153 1035 1100 1113 1135 115!) 1172. 1170 Spots steady kii ^'OlS, up 7.' Tn Spain Tuesday is crnsldcrod an unlucky daj 1or weddings. • FRECKLES'AND HIS FRIENDS GOT VIITH *!HW DO YOU A8«JT TUIS U1O, VoOVU Tiu. TOO TOO MICE ACTED 600O MO 1 SORB , BETTER. SOT, . OP 60SH-.I SOTTA H6LP TWS CA.O H6RWIT SUCH A HEAVEN HEM' HIM!

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