The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1949
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY IT, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACE SEVEN Central's Tide [o Play Sudbury Game Will Decide Championship for '49 In Kiddie League 1 1 Itf Chickasaw Athletic club's prammar School Football League ring down the curtain on its Ibbreviated 1949 season tonight J-hen the Centra! Crimson Tide |ieet.s (lie Sudbury Bulldogs under he lights or Haley Field (or the |fague championship. The game Is set for 7:30 and will sponsored by the Blytheville ;h School "B" Club with pro- •eeds to go to the club. Only one lame Is on tap us the scheduled l.ange-Catholic encounter for third Itici fourth places was cancelled Khen Catholic dropped out of Ihe pague. Both Central ana Sudbury boast Indefeated records having won Iheir league contests with Langc Ind Catholic. Sudbury. the 1048 league champs, will be rated a |lgiht favorite to cop the crown this year. J This will be the first league same lame this year played under lifihts. Til others were played In the af- lernoon. Coach Russell Mosley, di- Jector of the kiddie program ex- |lained that Ihe championship eame scheduled for the lights In Irder to give Blytheville's business lien MI opportunity to see the fiidgetR in action. The Kiddie League was originated _^eais ago by the Chickasaw JilhWic Club under the direction If Bill Godwin, who was then coach ll Elytheville High School. The lurpose of the program was twoTold: to broaden the grammar Ichool recreation program and to familiarize the young grid hope- luls wilh the fundamentals of the • port. ONE ! 2 CROWD BY Sanity Code Revolt? We see where Ihe Southwest Conference has answered reports of a "rebellion" against the articles of the NCAA's janlly code will] n staunch warning to Us member schools lo cut out the lavish parlies and oilier forms of entertainment thrown as Inducement to high school players. To which we say bravo and suggest that other conferences, especially the Southeastern and Southern, which were also mentioned prominently In the revolt reports, take note. Predictions of a revolt by the Southern. Southeastern and Southwestern Conferences against the sanity code were sounded last week by « couple of southern sports writers who said Ihat action against the code would be taken at a meeting of representatives of the three conferences in Atlanta tills weekend. Heads of the three leagues were quick to deny the revolt rumors but admitted that the code would be discussed at the meeting. But so far the Southwest Conference Is the only one that hns indicated It plans to stick by the NCAA's rules. One of the two sports writers re-named the code the "Insanity Code "and supported a revolt because the code hnd been given a year's try and had failed to work. We are inclined to agree with him to a certain extent. The sanity code has failed to work. But why? It's because, truthfully, no one wants It to work. trackers Regain : irst Place with r in Over Pebs In Our Own Bock Yard The sanity code was adopted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association for Ihe purpose of prohibiting Ihe wholesale purchase of high school athletes by colleges. And it carried with in enough stint to make it work but apparently there is no one interested enough lo lorcc the applying of the "stinger" lo schools that step out of line. Loop holes were left and the colleges were quick to find them. And the "buying" of athletes continued on us Itirye, if not » larger,.scute than before such a code was ever dreamed up. We don't have to leave the proximity of our own Blylheville High School to bcaj- out this statement. Several senior members of the Chicks have visited college campuses in the Southeast and Southwest Conferences during the past four or five months and we know of at least one case where the player Involved was, shall we say, received with open pocketbooks. This is bad business. Bad for the sport, the school and the playei involved, But what's being done about it? Absolutely nothing. We tlo not advocate the end of subsidization, nor financial aid to students who are going to college on HII athletic scholarship and who do not have the opportunity lo do odd jobs for spending money on account of thcti athletic commitments, We deem it necessary in a lot of cases but we do think thut the situation has gotten tar out of hand. So far out of hunt that unless something is done, college and high school athletics titiuu a good chance of being ruined. Twin-Bill Slated In Softball Loop Jaycecs to Meet Holland, Kilowatters Play SulJivan-Ntlson Pour City Soflbnll IXMIRUC team will return lo Hctlon tonight with H double-hcnder stated for Ihe Walker Park diamond, The gfttne Is scheduled for 8 o'clock with llic second to follow al 9:30. Meeting In the first contest will be the BlytlicvlUe Jaycee.-? and Holland, Mo., with tlic Rnxoiback Drive-In ntnc meet Ing the Ark- Mo Kllov-'atters In the second i The Jaycecs, the Razorbuck.s tvnc Ilollnnd each \v!H be seeking second victories while the Kllownttei. 1 ;, who me tied with SiiUlvnn-Nclson (or the league lend, will be after their t hi I'd straight win. In the first Rnrnp. the Jnyrecs are exported to end either Ilnivey rls or lil.s brother. Tom. nonius t Gnrdner Norrtd In mound RCtlvittc. 1 !. Norrld find Harvey Dorris enrh Imve n senson'.s record of one win and one loss while Tom Dorris hns so far failed to innkc n mark either vay on his record. In the sprond Rftine. CarroU Oils- son probably wilt biuulle the mound hides for the nnzorbncks upnlnst either Hill npnlnn or Stewart Gurlcy Ball] Dcnton mid Gnvley linve ft 1-0 record nnd Gibson hns a 1-1 Swede Ne/son, Tex Riley Win Mot Decision mark. Porker Cagers to End Spring Drills Friday FAYETTEVILLE. Ark., May 11— 1/Vi—Spiitip basketball training for the University of Arkansas Rtizor- bncks will be concluded Friday nltfhL with an Intra-squcvd game at the tieScJ house. The two teams—tnc Herts and the Whiles—are coached by Presley Askew i\nd Herman Styles, respectively. Tex Riley *nd Swede Nelson lln- Islied stroiiK last nlijlu to sweep » lug match victory from Henry Harrell and plnls Hull In Ihe mnlu event of the American legion's wi eslllnB txnits at Ihe Meinorliil Ai.tlltorlum. The two grapiiltis roppert Ihe first anrl third falls lo Inkc (he match which lasted but 47 minutes. Uarrell anrt H»ll won only Hie second round. it was the [list aii|>carancf here for Nelson und Ihe blond 205-pound Swede proved himself civpablc «s a scientific wicstlrr as well a» a loiiRh ojipnucnl when It came lo blow for blow nctlon. His cat-like miinouvm won the approval of the crowd and he established himself parly with nlylhcvllle's fnns. Nelson and Hlley got, off to n fust start bv wluninn the llrsl fall full In only elehl minutes with Nelson defeating Hull In five minutes with body flips and n pin and niley winnhiK over Ilurrcll Ihrce mlxntrs later with body slams and a pin. Hull and Harrell relurnrrl to take the second fall u.sliiR (heir welKht advanlaBe »« nn nsscl In 18 mln- ulns. Nelson wns the lint lo no ii 11 minutes, a vldlm or body sliun. and a pin l>y Hall and Rlioy wa defeated iti the same manner fiv mlniHes later by Harrell. The third full \vns the tonnes nntl roughest of (he night lastln for 22 minutes wilh Ulley and Nel son cnici'i'liiK victorious. Nclso pinned Hall In 15 minutes ixftcr .series ot body slums and llnrrell fe Buddy Scott Decisions BobSikesin )0-Rounder i.rrn.E HOCK, May n—(d 1 )— lluddy Scutt of Jacksonville. Flu., KiUn«l revi'iiRe here last night for t\ rrbrunry loss lo Dob Slkcs of l.lllle Rock. ficoll dcchlonpd his heavier opponent In a 10-round bout, ticolt wrlijlicri 182; Slkcs 107. victim of flyiiiK Ucklcs thrown 1. Riley seven minutes later. In the two one-fall picllmhuir bouls Harifll ilcfcntrd Nelson 1 seven minutes with llylnn tackle and a body pin niul Riley won ovc Hall In II minutes with a reveri, double jack knife. " By The Asoclated Press Pinch hitter Charlie Woddail and Ittle Gene Verble are the heroes of ktlimta Cracker fans today. . 1 Woddail hit a long single in Ihe lottdm ol the nint'i to bring in the I'ilining run in Iheir game with lie Little Rock Travelers last night, •'he game ended 4 to 3 in favor If the Crackers. 1 Verble, Cracker shortstop, brought |i the rest of Atlant's scores with three-bagger in the seventh, two .L'H-.erK scored on his hit, and he limkelf crime home on a Trav error. 1 The victory put Atlanta back Irst place, replacing the Blrming- lam Barons after a one-day stand. The Barons tooJc a rest yesterday, as |id the Memphis Chicks, solidly in Southern Association cellar. I In other loop games, the Nash- •ille Vols whipped the New Orleans pelicans, 14-10, and the Chattanoo- Lookouts nipped the Mobile Beans. 4 to 1. The Answer is "No" It has gotten to the point where college scouts spat a nice looking youngster early in the season acid begin hounding him. making him all kinds o( oflers while he is trying to concentrate on completing high school and getting ready for college nnd as a result the young athlete often lags in his senior season robbing himself, his team and his home town of additional state and possibly nation-wide publicity. For an example of this we point to another case here in our own back yard when a University of Arkansas scout paraded boldly Into the Chicks' dressing room dining the Paragould game last September nnd without even Introducing himself to the coaching staff, singled out & couple of Blytlieville players and began talking to them in the presence of their teammates. And as a result Coach Mosley had to nurse along a good case of dissension for the remainder of the season. And to cite a more recent case It has been reported to this department that one Southeast Conference School has already started alter Robert. Reid, the Chicks 180-pound fullback, who, incidcntly, is only it sophomore In high school. Should there be a revolt against the sanity code? Our answer is definitely In the negative. HOW THEY STAND KATIONAL LK.A<iUK W 16 IS lew York ston . lincinnati 1", Irooklyn 12 It. Louis 10 Ihilarielphia 11 littsburgh 11 thicago 10 AMERICAN LEAGUE York .. tctroit . lineage . .. Philadelphia Va.shintrton lleveland . lio-ston . ... W . 16 . 14 . 1% . 14 . 14 . 10 . 10 Pet .610 .640 .520 .480 .455 .423 .423 .417 Pet .040 .560 .538 .519 .519 .500 .4:J5 .296 SOUTHERN 1.BAOUI! Bartholomew Still Leads Trap and Skeet Shooters George Bartholomew, Blytheville baker, continued to lead the Bly- heville Gun Club's skeet and trap shooters last week with marks of 24 breaks out of 25 at trap and 23 out of 25 at skeet Sunday afternoon. In skeet shooting Thursday afternoon. Mr. Bartholomew ran a string of 64 straight breaks before miss- inp a target. Other high scores in .shooting Sunday were: Skeet—Jim Goodrich and Bard Edrington of Osccola and Bill Brown of Leachville, 22 breaks: B. P. Broedon. C. G. Redman, and L.L. Ward of Blytheville, Goodrich nnd Sam Edrington of Osccola. each 21 breaks. Trap: I,. L. Ward. Blvtheville. 23: Brown of Leachville. Henry Swift Osceoln. and Tom Heaton, Blytheville. 20. Thursday's hiph scores: H. W Holcomb. Blvtlievtlle, 23: B. P. Brogdon, BIvMicville. 22; and Hunte Sims. Blytheville. 2t. Sfcoet- O. B. Wood. Blvtheville ?3: Gus Pitts. Joiner. 22; and Hunte Sims, Blytheville. 21. Itlanta . ..... fcirmmirham . lobilc ashville liule Rock 14 llhatt.Mlcoga 10 llcrnphis 7 Pet .625 .61: .56" 53 .570 Yos'^vrlnv's Rosnlt NATIONAl, LEAGUE No sanies scheduled Today's Games , NATIONAL LEAGUE New York at Pittsbuigh (night) Brooklyn at Chicago Boston at Cincinnati (night) Philadelphia at St. Louis (night) AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland at New York (night) Detroit at Washington (night) St. Louis at Philadelphia (night Chicago at Boston SOUTHERN LEAGUE Night games: Memphis at Birmingham Little Hock at A.-an(a. Chattanooga at Mobile. Nashville at New Orleans. The Philadelphia mint in produced 14,500,000 coins. Dial 4!61 Box Office Open* al 7:0 Show StarU at 7: W ' Tuesday .Toe Palooka in "THE KNOCKOUT" Lron Errol, Joe Kirk wood, Jr. Serial: riiapter 12 of "BICIICK GENTRY" THEATRE OSCEOLA YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE ui OilU'C O | will at 'I Week MS 111 Show Sturcs ii| T-M Matlncr Halurrlu.v X Nuu<luy t 'J p.m. will) conllnuouii iliuM' Tuesday ;mm it's NIC in i 'BUSH PILOT" Hudson I. :ii-iie )sceo/o Juniori Win O.sceolu's junior l^cKlon team dc- nlctl Murkfd Tree 22-4 In « xame nyi'd at Ilulu I'leld In Osccola uiclny afternoon. I'libber Stnnford cnl the route for Ost'cola nllowi: only thrt'u lilts. IMiuld WiUsun Tmmtod for seven ot Osccoln's ins with a triple nnd a double llh (he basc.s lontk'd atut •ice himself. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. NEW Box Open* Week l>»y» 1:N Matinee tatimUjr * llM Sat.-Sun. I p.m. C«at S Manila, Ark. Showi EVEBX NICK Tuesday 'DUKE OF CHICAGO" with Tom and Audrey Loaf Alto Hh.rt* Ijist 'lime Today D. (onry of Antirka'l moM famovt Cov.r GiVI... Wt'dntsday, Thur.sttay "THE MOZART STORY" Onr MJIII In .uve With Tw« C.WH, Cartu \V LI r nc r N i! w;i Si Short Wednesday & T TUNA CLIPPER" ulllt K. Kitty .MrDimell Ncw.s A- Shu 1 1 Wednesday ft Than**? 'ROGUE'S REGIMENT' with nick tviM* and Mart* Foren AIM) Short* LEACHVI LLE , ARKANSAS. STAKTINQ TIME Weekday*: ?:M A »:N T. tL Salur,1.1, i Sund.jr: 1 P. M. With CoMllnuoiu Tuesday "S.O.S. SUBMARINE" A documentary film piukeil Kith action llollyvwxid Screen Tut Nljhi and Short Subject Wednesritiy & Thnrwlajr "SOFIA" with dene Raymond und Sit rid Glirle Ciirtnon & Newa BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE. Show Starts Weekday! 7:00 p.m. ilay and Sunday: Continuum showing from 1:00 p.m. KVKKV TUKSDAV IS SCREEN TEST NIGHT Tuesday "GREEN HELL" with Daucla* Falrbankit, Jr. anil Bennett Also Shorts YOU'RE THE WINNER Wednesday & Thursday \V:iK Disney's Grcut Musi nil Cnmrily "MELODY TIME" (IN TECHNICOLOR) Also Shorts Wednesday & Thursday FEATURE) "HOLLYWOOD BARN DANCE" with Ernest Tuhh, Lori Talbolt, and Helen Boyce The aysei'.sed valuation of Omaha. I'eb.. is 5276,451'.8"5 Its net oondcd |cbt per capita is (he lowest in country with Ihe exception of Ivashington, D. C. AMERICAN LEAGUE Washington 3. Boston 2 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Nasmille 14. New Orleans 10 Atlanta 4. Little Rock 3 Chntlancoga 4. Mobile 1 lOnly games scheduled) Read Curler Ne\i-5 Wan: Ads Lasting Way t» PAINT BRICK Give Your Home Charm and Distinction with BONOEX Whit* Bondex works magic on bricV.And,mojt!mportant,th»cmp new finish stayi on-no peeling b«- BONDEX Cement IW issliOppl County r.umhcr Co. ISOt Wrsl Main Slrrcl . C. Ri>hlnson 1.\imhpr Co. 319 Wrsl Ash Street cause Bondex bonds with the brick. Firstcoot Bondex Primer.Finish coat Bondex. Apply with brush or spray. Tfi« Cost i* low/ make* «Vflwt 1 g«|] e n, *V 1 Q wilt f»r .nl/ .... I (Colo,, il.ghllr tugAw Color-Styling Ideas in Bondex Color Charf at Arkansas Palm, r»l»sx Jfc Wallpaper Co 105 East .Main Slrtrt. Hilhhard Hardware Cft. 213 \\csl .Main str«t . « o F1UG MOITAI (O«TS ANOCtKKS Win 2 BONDEX HYDRAULIC CEMENT .i Mwlrtvl -44* NOCTURNE Sure as a Circle StAGRAM-S 7 CROWfl. BUNMO WHISKEY. 86.8 Proof. 65«/, Grtin NeuV«l Spirits. Seagram-Distillers Corpordion, Chiysler Building, New York WHEN YOU CHOOSE A Select USED CAR And here's why! The term "Sek'cl" signifies (he extra value you get in a UHed fiir ill your Nash Dealer's, Shell on Motor Cc». Kvcry ear on our tot is guaranteed to do what we say it will do—there's no guesswork; you (like no chances. 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