The Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on June 27, 1921 · Page 4
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The Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1921
Page 4
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' TOE, EVETWNG KEVVS. WHJCES BAIUIE. PA ''MONDAY, JUNE 27, 1821 IN THE THE A TRES Dr. Kahlers Shoe Specialists Here This Week Only. Cow . At The Capitol Topping- one of the bent vaudeville Programs so far presented by the Capitol theatre la the famous Bob Pender Troupe, which eomei to the Capitol for the first of the week starting with the matinee today. Bob Pen Used U. S. Army Tents fbr Camping, d0 QQ Pray Tents, ett 4sO Everything for the Home and at very Reasonable Prices der and his celebrated troupe In theW- OTOfL BIG BARGAINS u, DOWNSTAIRS STORE You Can Save Time, Labor and Money by Coming Here Tuesday lwfcil---" !LU ' Jl1'1 k 'Ik "maim i-mi K "J COOL, COMFY, CONVENIENT Comf In out of Ike hral the how la Int. Vaudeville and plrtnres continuous from 1 te 11 p. as. dally MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY VAUDEVILLE BOB PBXDEll TUOUPE Famous European Novelty Act "The Giants March." Direct from the New York Hippodrome 1 0 peotple. Extra Added Feature FRED BERREN The musical geniun with an original Idea. Tilymi & Rogers Emmett & Moore Poull A New Comedy "The Son Musical Oddity Shops" Blue DvU PICTURES, Smiling DO U GEARS MACLEAN In a scramble of strictly fresh comedy, entitled "CHICKENS" I A regular Doug. MacLean laurh seneaitlonal, with romance and j breezy entertainment that Is ideal for summer dieting. Travel With PATHE NEWS at every performance I I - - - "1" - ; ft Scene from, tte Thomas H Ince' Production ''GhLe&eiXS ' tr Douglas Macbsaru Paramount Picture AT THE CAPITOIi THEATRE, MO NDAY TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY niPHI?FTM3 DAYS ONLY Starting To-Day An interesting Drama Of Life With An All Star Cast. famous offering which Is called "The Giants' March," comes to the Capitol direct from a long engagement at the New York Hippodrome where they were one of the feature acts for the feature acts for the past several months. Their number is a European conception and consists of a lot of wholesome fun and high class entertainment offered by a company of ten who range In height from the smallest of midgets to the tallest of giants. The management of the Capitol' consider themselves exceptionally fortunate In being able to present Bob Pender and his troupe as the headline attraction on the vaudeville end of the big bill scheduled for the first half of the week. As the added extra at traction. Fred Berrens. the Nmusical genius, known and papular with the vaudeville patrons everywhere, win oe heard In the latest reportoire. iiiyou & Rogers, with a clever new comedy oddity, is sure to be heartily wel comed by Capitol patrons. Emmett & Moore, with the famous "Song Shop" will delight with all the late hits In the world of popular music The vaudeville win close with "Poilu" the musical "Blue Devil," a World War hero, lost none of his musical ability though he fought through the hardest of fights in which the famous "Blue Devils took part ana aistin guished themselves. Douglas Mac Lean starts In "Chickens", a new comedy drama, written especially for the star and his distinctive personan-lty which has placed hirrin the front ranks of the most "popular or screen favorites. The story of "Chickens," deals humorously, with the expert of a wealthy city youth who goes to the country to raise chickens. A new Pathe News Weekly is a part of the picture end of the program at every performance. effort of D. W. Griffith, which will be gin a three day showing at the Savoy. It is a wonderful tale of romance and love and laughter, symbolized with good and evil Influences, lending an enchantment rarely seen In such cinema productions. The ideas are wholly Griffith, while the characters are taken from two stories of Thomas Burke's. The locale is set In London. The producer has assembled a cast of rare talent to enact the roles of "Dream Street." The story Is taken from "Glna of Chinatown," and "The Sign of the Lamp," two of Burke's famous stories. Local people recog nize the worth of Griffith productions and this, his latest, surpasses all of his previous efforts. This production will be here for only three days and the management has arranged for the Savoy to open Its doors at 9 o'clock each morning to provide accommodations for the many patrons. This comedy Is really worth while and will set a new standard In motion pictures locally. A Day With Champion Jack Dempsey in his work-outs at Atlantic City for the big battle next Saturday will be shown In exclusive pictures at the Savoy during the first three davs. Pathe Colored Review and Sa voy News Pictorials will complete the exceptionally good program. At Poli's At The Orpheum SAVOY THEATRE Today, To-morrow, Wednesday GIBE "DREAM STREET" ' A .r i r I . . t .a XiJ by Character of Thomas BurKa ' A'ftp-foebyvmjvof this teeming oorld of lovers Vhere Good Love and Bod Love Meet on the i Common Level of Rxxnanca DAY GRIFFITHS Masterful depiction of The Love cf .Tvo Brothers taeh for me omer ono their love for the same girl A I ' fl A. ALOveincn- rd causes them to fear of each other' throat' one inetant.... drov to each other's bosom in another V Special Show at 9 o'clock each Morning to provide ample accommodation for Patrons who will be unable to attend the Afternoon and Evening Performance. EXTRA ATTRACTION ,t fA nir With Unh- nm See him going through all of his 'stunts while in training for the big battle. r Special Music bj Savoy Orchestra "A There Is great rejoicing among the many movie fans in Wllkes-Barre. The cause of it all is the announce ment made by the Orpheum theatre that Miss Mersereau, who had ad mlrers and friends In every town or city, will return to the screen In her latest success, "Finder's Keepers which the Pioneer Film Corporation has just produced. Finders Keepers is full of thrins, It Is full of scenes and situations that rive pretty Violet Mersereau an op portunity to demonstrate her won derful ability as an actress, as well as permit her to demonstrate her loveli ness when dressed In tatters as well as beautifully gowns. The great crowds along Broadway, New York, laughed, wept and were thrilled by Miss Mersereau' s artistry. At The Savoy "Dream Street" Is the latest screen flPOLI'S Eddie Foyer Frances Dougherty The CHAPINS CHIEF BLUE CLOUD AND PRINCESS WINONA Scanlon, Denno Bros. .and Scanlon Poli News Topics of the Day MaeMarsh THE GLAD GIRL OF THE SCREEN IN A PICTURE OP IMPRESSIVENESS. "NOBODY'S HID" The first half of the week at Poll's has been selected with a degree of a variety of acts and as such it looks like a generously varied bill that win greet the Poli-goers, opening with the matinee this afternoon. It will in elude Eddie .Foyer, the man of a thousand poems and rated as the en tertainer unusual in that he has com mitted to memory practically all of the classic or standard poems and without aid or reference to the lines can give each one as designated by Deode in the audience. He has the poise and dramatic ability to satis factorily meet every requirement and during his stay In Wllkes-Barre the name of Eddie Foyer as a ravorite will be readily admitted by followers of the stage. Scanlon, Denno Broth ers and Scanlon contribute an artls tic and out-of-the-ordlnary dancing diversion diversion In that each of the four steppers Is a finished artist and collectively they do some of the fast est and most graceful foot-tapping of any combination. Not only do they score well with the dancing, but also add to their work by some enjoyable singing. The Five Chapins in musical varieties of the kind that always ap peals to the lovers of jazz and synco pation and in addition to other lnstru ments they also bring into use a quin tet of saxophones and with their splendid playing there Is a bit of com edy also furnished during the time they hold the stage. Frances Dough erty, the girl with the Hibernian smile, supplies many songs of the present day brand of likable hits and she has a voice that quickly gains for her plenty of admirers. Chief Blue Cloud and Princess Winona finish the variety section of the program with singing and lariat throwing, together, with rope spinning. They are full-blooded Indians, who gained their musical education in an Eastern school and after finishing their stud ies took the stage as a means of livelihood. The Poll News will pic ture at each performance the world in motion and Topics of the Day never falls to gather many laughs each time it is flashed upon the screen. "No body's Kid." a picturlzatlon of the story of "Mary Carey," will be the added attraction feature photo-play with the leading role in the hands of Mae Marsh, andlt is the kind of a character that gives this screen fav orite a great chance for the playing of a role that will quickly gain her the sympathy of all who witness the silent drama. It is the part of an orphan child, who makes good with all after a story career among the people of the neighborhood where the action is supposed to take place. 1900 CATARACT Electric Waslier $175 The 1900 Is th perfect washing machine. It ha a figure t movement an exclusive feature of th 1900 which forces water through clothes in a figure motion four tlmra as often as In the ordinary washer. In 8 to 10 minutes your whole tu'frful of clothes ! snowy white, at a cost of less than &c an hour Have fltj demonstrated In your horns. "She Sits and Sews While the Washer Goes" 1900 Standard Electric Washer $G5 1900 Agitator Electric Washer $75 Just What You've Wished For! ELECTRIC IRONS Good Value $4.39 The Standard leotrls washer ha a ramo-rattle tufb and a statlonarr reversible wrlngen the Agitator leotiio washer has a stationary tub and a reversible wrlnc-r. (9 Amco Iron Thf9 Irons are guaranteed to ve satisfaction. They're complete with detachable cord and plug. Nickel-plated. not roini n-iectnc Irons $8.00 American Beauty Irons $10.00 O'CEDAR MOPS 98c While They Last Choice of oil polishing or black dusting mops. Complete with tin container. They'll chase dirt a.vay from any corner triangular kind "cjr ni. uie smallest space. r "1900" GRAVITY WASHEB $20 "1000" JUNIOR WASHER $20 The Orwrtty na a removeaMe tufb. agitator and post, it has a circular and up-and-down motion and without the in of p. r 1 n c . T h Junior washer has a removable tub, agitator and post. It has a circular motion scoured by the use of powerful aprlnirs. BELBER LUGGAGE Trunks Handbags Suitcases $42. Wardrobe Trunk That 1 easily packed threequar- ter size. Made of hard fiber and heavy fiber bindings, hand studded. Large roomy compartments. A wonderful value! HANDBAGS Black or brown bafca for men and women. Some have fittings. $4.25 TO $27.50 Dress Trunk Vulcanized A g f mm fibre trunk 3l0.70 fitted with tray. Protected against the hard bumps of traveling. Strongly constructed. Good catch and looks. SUITCASES Natural color d 1 O O matting eases vliJO with leather corners. Ring handle. "WearEver" FRY PA-MS Regrularly rr $1.80. 53 c Heavy, pure aluminum fry pan. 7-lnch sise Just what Boy Soouts .and campers want. Aluminum TEA KETTLE $1.98 -qUHrt pure aluminum tea kettle with well riveted spout and seams A real bargain. REFRIGERATORS Fine Assortment ranging from $12.05 to $08.00. Wltte enamel and natural hardwood finish. Top and side tear styles. All sixes the one you want is her. fUlrt LIFT TOP MODEL $12.95 ? rtrerator with white lining capacity. 40 pound it will give rood service Ice Preserving Time is Coming! Get a MacAleer Oanner ? 2;98 or steam er. It will hold quart Jars. Can the cold Pok way ltfs easy! tf you own one ef these. 10-Qt, Pail Special at Heavy 4-aI- o ranlzed pall with rood "V V soldered handle. "Husey" Iced Tea Glasses Colonial loe. ft tea rlas0 X S that are la- ded unusual for ojily 2fK). Real tall size. Clear glass. MOULDED RUBBER HOSE High Grade Hose for Lawn or Garden. Special at 80-. hose of hlh grade moulded r s rubber. It will not kink. A superior JbX fZCk grade that will rlve utmost satlsfaotlonV " 7 25 ft. length complete with Couplings. Special at $4.45 Downstairs Store---MacWilliaim'Tuesday' At The Nesbitt The Blaney Players will Introduce a hot weather novelty in the presen tation of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" at the Nesbitt this week. Traveling organl cations have kept this great play alive In giving it from year to year but they have made a sort of vaudeville per formance out of it with the introduc tion of acts that did not fit at all Into the movements of the play. The Bla ney Players will use the version made by one of the great playwrights of the country for William ABrady when he gave the play with an all-star cast that Included Wilton Lackaye, Louis James and a host of other well known players. In this the reasons which made this a historical and wonderfully effective message that carried around the world la made evident Paul Donah will again show hi ver- COOiLKST riwk.Cn. - CITY All This Week piaaer Players Present "Uncle Tom's Cabin" A Samyte.aa aetaeIar m Draamatie OsTertsur mm Gtraa ta W. A. Brady la hia'Creat IU-1 viral. ,..-..-. C i lagi .' TW heakerd m4 Hills. - satillty in assaying the role of "Uncle Tom," and the lively and Interesting Hazel Corinne will cavort around as the Irrepressible "Topsy." Special scenery has been built and a fine quartet will be heard In the old negro melodies throughout the scenes which show the colored people at work and play. SMPNIEWSKI-KUJAWSKI A pretty wedding ceremony took place yesterday afternoon wTien Miss Sophia Kujawskl, of Pringle, voe united in marriage to Adam Sijpiiiewskl, Jr., of Nanticoke. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. E. Grljczka, pastor of St Hc-dwig's Polish church of Kingston. The jbrlde was charmingly attired In a gown f white crepe de chine with tulle veil and wreath of orange blossoms She carried a MINING , is one of the principal industries of -the Wilkes-- Barre district. The Luzerne County National Bank carries the 3 -Savings Accounts and the oheck- ing accounts---. thousands jofpupersjvhp demand all possible protection for their surplus funds. This bank is under the supervision of the U. S. Government and the protection of the Federal Reserve System; ample Capital and large Resources augment the safety thus afforded. Your account is invited from $1 upwards. LuzenieLjCoui shower bouquet of lilies of the val iey ana upnella roses. The maid of honor was Miss Anna Racrany. of, who wore a gown of pink crepe de chine with picture hat of orchil georgette. She carried a bouquet of sunburst roses and sweet pe as. The best man was Michael Drozdoskl, of Nanticoke. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the bride. Only Im- ntediate friends and relatlvp u ienuea. ATter a wedding ana Mrs. Sijpnlewskl 110 Morgan trip Mr. will reside at street. .TrlnM Sijpniewskl is a very popular young lady of the West Side She h- k,.5 a teacher in the schools of Prlnrle borough for the past four years. The bridegroom is well known in Nan-tlcoke. National iBank , ' V PUBLIC SQUARE. - OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS. I fflji) Mignonette Dealers In IM CHARLES P. DAILY MRS. AGSBS MITCHELL, M Flttatea, Pa. B Dmrrea, Pa. Ml J. A. aad W. J. ttl CILLESPIB. JAMBS T. MEADE ft . I ' 1 PHtatea, Pa. Areea. Pa. J. C. LIJtGO,,. H. w. MERRITT, Jl Ptttstea. Pa. - Plalas, Pa. - - : i i

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