The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1949
Page 13
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 1949 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HO, DOC., NOT THEMJ OVER. HERE-THESE CATTLE TOO FULL OF ALFALFA/ THEM'S JUST COWPUWO1ERS TOO f DLL OF WATERME1_C*>- MOTHIN' WILL KILL THEM/ ASOOP-TWNG THIS Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopU eSAD.Smf'jMAY t T*6«WT MS'6«LP?1 1 I'M MJkSOR AMOS 8WZUABV HOOPIS,^ POLAR eXPLCKU* AUD GEOLOGIST/ J ~HM.' DID yoo AOOPESS frW FA5CIMXTIMS A<i PLATO ? FITTIKJ6 Foe sucw A I'M EG86BT TCOW8R AMD 1'Vfe LN6D K6SS- Since- GCAiOT'S FIRST TERM .'-—VW MS ABO PLATO TALK ? COOUD T6LL Mfr WHO SET TWM I'O MIX. Trie 8009 SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM Tom cm onrenlenc* »nd economy laving soft water on jour farm f jou get a modem Water Soft ener (roni BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. 61 Phone 24! THR S'fOHVl A wrMUfcr «ri«aw, Mr». Kvrf>»K, WkUv»* flh*< •- »(.IMJ<- Mir I. lH.p**dl H K •»•! With II vi FH ruMr Hif 4t>*ir*rtiom »( i-li Ill/.atlon. !»k* *•* mmtA «tl hrr Iniu Je«vrl». Sbr h«» rMuiW^ !**• Khinl irnllrr^f wllh fO»lur1» »»* in flfrluK with hrr »*r»*»l» 1* **• . ., •wk* 4 Id • «*( •MMer»lMM4 (•* «- »edl<Jo* Mali! »he mm* m r«n »f It and who ••• «!•«« fc**» «*^pt** t* r«» .w. 7 . Mr*. ••!*•* fc»* • . Invr with hrr hNB Irur. Hudr. • dl*Kr«4-rd HBT|C mtmr, kmt Kudr Ilkp* JMra. F.TCNOM ••!/ far fcrr Miniiry. Vleivr. the Fill' rln* hwvMcbor, •»< the MHrckrM I»* I !•(;«••, »» *xlle4 m**l***m, • re (k«! •!•«•» !• tfc* »*r«y. Mr*. Kvtrntfn'* fr*r *f (be lMp«-BdlMfC - by hrr frantic a^M^ "knrrr." -Sbr'* M thai KrtMh,'' Vtr(*r 10 H«dy 1 *r»r*«i • ll» Mr*. M» wmrfed into inconsequence, left >ehind. The steps were dlown; Mrs. Ma•n« went oiltstde and forward ong the trailer's shining flank to truck. Mrs. Everson was sleep, n*r head on her arms, her dam." ac* hidden. Mrs. Malone hesitated, then crossed the road and tood on the brink, looking oil at ,e great platter of earth. "1 wish Joe were here." she XVI ATRS. MALONE p**red out of J - A the window again and then turned to Rudy. ''Where are we?" sh* asked. "The arrow poinU toward Colorado or Montana," Rudy said "We're j!°ing the hard way, by don't ask me why. Maybe she'; still throwing pursuers off tfce scent." He stretched again. "Me for the hay!" "I too," Victor sakL "But Mrs. F-verson . . ." "Let her sleep," Rudy Interrupted. "She's out like a light." "How about the Bomb?" Mr Malone said sarcastically. "If w don't hurry along, rnayb* we'll lx too late!" Rudy's smile flickered. "You can only die once," he sa : .~ "As tor me, I'm against drivin over a cliff ki my sleep, Cotn* Victor." The minutes passed hi a silenc so absolute that Mrs. Maloi found hersell pausing to liste straining to hear, holding h 1 breath with a sort oi dread. si lenc* composed of the ne.iness of descried rocks and ipty skies. Here, on this high, LI place, man the builder and in the destroyer seemed no nger to exist. The lever and the iry of great cities were far away, She turned, with some h;ilf- formed idea of escape. She could be halfway down the oilier side of the grade before any of them awakened. She might gel a lift — this road was used — surely a car would overtake her. .^ >^^t«^' '^U^X,-:;-;^- <V '"** ^-t: "l-^i-^'t/^ ;> ' ?;>V' "*•* * ,-•'• ... i»4« BY NCA HlkWIOC. HWC. T. U. «ffl. U.-fl I ' PAGE THIRTEEN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MURKILL BLOSSER Squeak Rug "Com* on, cut out the act! You know darn well If I let you loose you'd run horn* and hide under th« porch!" 1'iUSCII.I.A'S I'OP HY AL VERM ERR "Malone!" Mrs. Everson was sitting up. Now she opened the cab door ami swung herself down, "Where's Rudy?" "He and Victor are asleep, Ma- li, through ttvos* lonf years. L with him there bad been the ?*ace and security oi love, his strength and wisdom, a way of triking through th« of oubt to the heart of a. situation, >r to the truth of a human being. She had relied on him loo long. In & lew brief dajR the prolect- ng wail he had built around her crumbled and tallen, had van- shed forever, Joe was gone. Yet with her eyes closed, now, she could se* his kind, quizzical Amer- can (ace, could hear his voice, dry and gentle, could feel his arms around her. She tore her mind away, knowing that it was hopeless and wrong :o remember. She must live, now, with emptiness and loneliness. But what would Jo« have decided about these people? Could she believe Victor? Or the implacable Rudy, tensed for sotne sudden, fierce spring? Could she believe the foreigner? Or M». Everson? And then, suddenly, she knew what Joe would have done: he would have got out at there—last! Nothing in the world could have persuaded him to string along with such a gang. A TRS. EVKRSON'S Oce gjive cvi- •* denct at th« long night'i vigil. Her eyes were darkly shadowed; the carefully painted ips were blurred. She crossed Ihe road and stood beside Mrs. Malone. Two Ktepa beyond,' Ihe mountain Jell away into space. They could se« the grade twisting down between tht canyon walls, coil alter coil, to Vh« valley ftoor. "Let them sleep," Mnt. Everson said in her somber voice. "The rest is easy. We can make Um« today. And day after tomorrow we'll be there. Safe." She was not speaking W> Mrs. Malone, but to lierself. Her expression, u she looked oft at the panorama o( uninhabited land, was again triumphant. She made Mrs. Malone .think .of.aom* ruler or prehistoric priestess. The guU of space beneath her only deepened the impression. Mile beyond mile the emptiness stretched away, transfixed in silence. Over it all the strange, pallid woman seemed to hold dominion. As it, somehow, she knew the secret ot its destiny . . . Suddenly she said: "Yon wer« meaning to run away just now, weren't you? Are you afraid of L TOLO MRS. B01TS THE CfTWP. II16HT... I'LL SURE BE GLAD WHEN THE MUTCHELY5.> GE't HOME FROM TOM TRIP/' WE WERE REALLY WORRIED ABOUT YOU! YOU HEAR SUCH AWFUL THESE DAYS' WE'D LIKE TO BORROW YOUR TENT/ VIC FLINT In the Woods IW MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE I feucy's hom«u;d5$et deep in woods like A jungle. me?" "No," Mrs. Malone answered. "You hate me." (T» Be Continued) FOR SALE ConcreU culvert*. 12 tncb to 4* Inch, plain or r*enforced Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber foi barn*, chicken houses, pump house*, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver Cull as for free esttm&U . - Phone 601 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. THF GRAYFS COMPAQ" I\EALTQ[\S PvCdl E«ta Phone 521 Phone 3075 It . . . With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Ulento* rhoM M9I «l 2741 We Follow Your Doctor's Prescription Nichols Drug PHOSTE 4*0! "But, dear I didn't go to GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION because they have pretty cashiers; it's a good place to get loans." In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service TUDEBAKER 1 SPECIAL 1927 BUICK 4-DOOR nf-Tt two-tone paint, fnod tirps, runs extra well. See this c«r for good cheap transportation. ^ Choos« Your Car a 1917 Mercury 5-Passtnger Coupe w 1JM1 Plymouth 2-door Q 1910 SLudebaker Commander -1-door ^ 1339 DeSolo 4-door ^ 1938 Oldsmob.le Moor Only a Few of Our Many Vine Cars Chamblin Sales Co. -Your Kriendly Studclwktr Oolcr* & Ash I'honr TUDEBAKER IT IS SORI OF WILD. THAT 5 BECAUSE NOBODY DP.IVES AtONS HERE £XC£PT FATHER. UOON COMf ANY FU87HSR, ; SOIIJG TO LEAVE TACKY. ^ ALONE IN THE DARK IN WIIDERNE5S WASH TUBES BY LESLIE TURNER BUGS BUNNY Vocal Enterprise ERE'S PIPTy CBNTS/ GO SREETINOS, GUVNOR/ J YA I'M OFF TO MAKS THIS I GOTTA SEE.. NG SOMEWHERE ELSE/ 'U WILL, GUVNOR, J WILL/ MONEY SINGING PEOPLB SONCS/ /7--^PAV r LISTEN rytR VOICE? BY V. T. HAM1.IN 5OTH15 15 TH T CV5>N'T DIFFERENT UP EPT BY EDGAFi MAKT1N HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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