Independent from Long Beach, California on July 8, 1963 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
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Monday, July 8, 1963
Page 24
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IMI Peterson Improves Loop Mark Peterson Post improved Its harbor League record to 10-1 Sunday, defeating Alamltos Bay. IM, at Blair Field Sunday. Shua also won, pushing Is credentials to 7-3, while he Flyers dropped a 12-ln- nine contest Shua defeated San Pedro. 7-3, behind the hitting of Buser Scholl (3-foM). while Manuel Canto's third single Irove In the winning run as the Flyers bowed to Wilming- on, 4-3. lamltei lay . 'elects*: Pstt . A REAL TWISTER This forward dive with half twist and other events gave Larry Andreasen of Los Alamitos the AAU national junior three-meter diving championship Sunday in San Lorenzo. DODGERS (Continued from Page C-l) '. In the National League i since Mori Cooper of the f Cardinals hurled 10 in 1943. The Dodger staff also ; leads the league with 14 ' blanks. Koufax made only 99 pitches ("I've never been under 100 in my life") in running his home winning streak to nine games and his overall season streak ; to seven, a career record. ; He reduced his home ERA I to 0.81 and his season mark I to 1.73, tops among major ' league starters. Through all this, Koufax : admitted that he had but one pitch working -- his fast ball. 'The curve didn't do a thing and I used it only as a wasted pitch," he said. "He's the nnly pitcher I've seen who is capable of throwing a no-hitter every time out." said Ron Fairly } in admiration. The Reds, now six games back in fifth place, managed their first earned run in 20 innings when Daryl Spencer singled and Edwards doubled in the seventh inning of the nightcap. · * * · ALTHOUGH Willhite still owned a 3-1 lead. Alston sent up a pinch-hitter for him in the Dodger seventh and called on Perranoski to finish. "I thought Nick's curve ball was getting a little lazy," said Alston, "so I took him out" Willhite (2-2) allowed six of the seven Red hits in his best effort since he debuted a month ago with a two- hit shutout over the Cubs. The Dodgers scored their three runs in the fourth inning off loser J o h n Tsitouris (4-3) on Fairly's single, a double by McMullen and Camilli's first home run of the year. BIS AND DATA -- Ketilli. Den Drvsdlle. Mivnr Wilts ar^ Tommy Davis leave this tncrnirg to p!a Tuesday's All-Stsr es-e li Cleve . . . The rest ef tfe cla» lesrti T ejsy morning for New Yerk lor start el · t£caTe tno in 12 dm Is tne mskeuo et a rsineut - ' was rested tn Syndly's se.. _ _. . trcaute his lett ankle eive trou'e T. Davis Ifit sly te rti aij «iw r i nveraoe slip to .327 win a i tor I at*er- neon . . . Red! slvooer Frank Rstm- ien was held to 0** P't in u tries our- 1^9 ^e series . . . Tr.e Dockers have won II et fteir la^t IS eane^ a«d rested a home s'end record of 43. t^eir second-bett ef r*e year . . . Tte Dodgers IM rM Ciantt ey oneMf f e-ne st All-Star t.rre lait veer . . . re Dodgers. Dter^ed fry errors li t*e f.rst hsif. hive not na?e ore In r"e last e-sTit cames. Angels Slump to 7th 5 8th Straight Defeat (Continued from Page C-l) Lock that overcame an early Angels' lead. "Like they say, when you swing you're dangerous, ant I swing a lot." said Zimmer. And because the cx-Na tional Leaguer has been swinging a dangerous bat. the owly Senators of the Ameri can League have suddenly become respectable. WHILE there is little e* pectatlon that the Senators I wasn't disappointed because I knew I'd play every day" he said. "It's great to be on a world championship team when you feel you've got something to do with it, bul not when you're just sitting on the bench." · * e THE ANGELS scored all 'our of their second game runs in the seventh Inning. his year, they looked like hampions Sunday. And it ,-as Zimmer's bat that barked vill breathe first division air Jim Fregosi led off with a he loudest. Since joining the team single and came around on a valk, a fielder's choice on which Chuck Dees was safe HAHIOH UAOUf SOS toe II III-- I 1 J III-II II I - -- lerln flit . - Ml m III-II II I Jamen 013 CirrMi wii«t"l. Firm III a J. Smltn. VOTE1S I I I , m ill tK-i 11 1 ._ sot ill Hi-- i 1 5 Coons end'TDwtnend; Sturtrvani and ·POO. lyees . isa lit 111 Wer» aid'HirenTsiivei. But'l'tTand ·10 HONDO LIACUf ewm Reds m tos in l--l 7 t slifleoer IM sot M i-- 111 Merit. Dutur (I) and Watson; Williams nd Kollen. Stevens (II. PRACTICE OAME Monttbello a. Oardena 2. (Continued from Page C-l) Card hurler in retaliation. "But I wasn't trying to lit Hart." Gibson said. "I don't even know him." A crowd of 42,787, the largest turnout in Candle- lick Park's history, watched Marietta! fail trying for his 10th straight win. .si usiel.lf Altmii.rf . cCarver.c nmoni.o . ' San Iran. 0 ! I Anaifitno.% I 0 d choendns! « 0 I j McCavey.ib 5 0 0 0 Mays*! S 0 0 0 F.AIeu rf 1 0 0 0 HartJS 1 0 0 0 Haller.c i o i o 5 0 1 0 Bowmn.u 4 0 1 0 7 0 a i I.Bailev t i l t SSJSf 0 . 0 " 1 · * " * " 9 6 Sanlc J 0 eei B 0 Larsi lOh-Da 0 0 0 Bonn* 0 J 5 t-Fnn 1 en.o . 0 I . 0 0 » . 1 000 otals S 4 J 1 9 J --Runs batted In. Tollls Kansas City 10 Zimmer has hit days at a on first, and Albie Pearson's in single. Billy Moran then tri a-- Poroed ovt far smimms In tm: Ren for Minis! In ftn; c-Crounded for Aniilllteno In »tn; d-- Wt:krt for tis, i 1 1.'£?"« !rf ! If w ' drt "* lcr »ord tfl llmi 1-OouSled for Bowman ijtft; o-- Ran for Bailey In IJThi h-- d out for Lanen In Ijmi (-Grounded -- Bover 7. Brogtio. POJ^- it. Louis I. San Francisco 45-U (One out wt*n 1".«o?" I .ftp-James and ago JOG clip, including three homers, and driven in 12 runs. During that same span the pled to right center for two runs and Moran came home on an infield out. D u c k w o r t h , w h o w a s knocked out during the An Senators have won eight and gels' seventh-inning uprising, lost three. Zimmcr. who b o u n c e d around the National League-Dodgers. Cubs, Mets, Reds and back to the Dodgers -ever since 1954, likes it just fine in his new home. "When I left the Dodgers, struck out five and gained his third victory against seven gj^ losses. In the opener, the Angels scored all their runs off Daniels in the second inning, the big blow being a solo homer by Bob Perry. -A- -A- Angels Varsrin. ef -- Vfosi. ts _ Vatner. If hcmaj. Ib 'orres. 3h loflpers 1 . c Sloran, rh Vrry. rf Chaace. p _ _ -R. Sadowskl , kelson, p Lee. p Totals icnators FIRST GAME I AB R H RBI C'Anads Ib rf : Union. If Lnck. cf 3b f Vms-man. ss Daniels, p 2 Totil.. ... _ . 4 - 1 . ^ . 4 . 4 4 ' f .0 fj 54 AB . 4 I 4 . 4 . 4 . 4 '. 3 tl n n n n i n n n n 3 R 1 1 1 3 n n n 0 I n i n 0 i n n n n I i 3 n n n 0 1 n n 0 3 n I n n 0 n 11 n 0 n n V 0' 0 n' n 0 I (i c _ . .. . 0 Pfarron. cf S lllloran. 5h 4 n xvirtifr. It 4 0 Thomas. Ih 4 0 Tnrrrs. r.b 2 n Perry, rf 4 0 FlTCn-l. f t 3 n,K. Sadomki, c ,, · n Fo^Urk. p fl 0 »-It. Sidowjkl _ t 0 Turlev. p 0 SECOND CAME AB R H RBI 1 n n nrrMir.c. Ib 4 Phllllrj. Ib 3 Klnr. rf ._ 4 i Hmtnn. If _ 4 A L^rpert. c 1 «1-Kennedy -- scn-jiti ___: i i o o I ! Slantl '.__Itls 1 0 0 0 1 Burdette _ r, 2 1 1 1 1 Broolio IL. |.J) .. llj o 1 0 3 0 Broolio IL. Sanferd _ f i * M^-*TM'«rd ~l»»«rl.!.SUHiltr °Wc'- larien .^'. . I j - UI^T^J SECOND CAME St. LMH AIK H · San Frail A» R H 4 0 0 0 Kuenn.rt 4 1 1 0 Hiller^b darmel,lf McCarver,c Boverja - Hintr l o o o 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 } Bowrm.ssOB 4 0 0 0 M.mtutji 2 0 1 0 tF. Alou 1 0 0 0 Dut'HO.O 0 0 0 0 e-Amllitno 1 0 0 0 Teti's 14 S I S Tetsls ·Runs bat*ed In. a--Ran for Hart In lit; b-- Fouled out fee Manchal In 7h; c--Struck out to* 1 Davenoon in srn; d--Ran lor Miniat let -· em: e-- Pcooed out tor Dutfaio in e*t 0 }t Lens cos on «»-i 0 San Franclue CM 001 K»-a n'..PO-t_st ; . Leuis_j;jj. San Francltco n s H RBI 1 0 t 1 n n l o n n n n n n JJ-7. DP-Nene. LOi-St. Louis i. $»' VlFrancitco f. 3ft--McCarver f J*mei. HR '--Mutlll. SB--Mullsi Flood. Sf^-Jsvier. :i IP H R ER BISB n Ci«on IW. 14) . _ » a 0 0 I I XlMa'icfal (L, 1KI 7 S 7 1 0 I i ! Dultslo _ _ 7 1 3 3 2 0 £; rlBP-G.bwn (Han and Ceo«a). U- 0,«artick. Vsroo. Harvey aid Never. fi:T--2.W. Att.--42.717. "I jji Jr. Baseball --i Klwlnis T-SMrt L-Bulldon I. Browrs H S; Horrets 3. Breves 2; Borrbers U. r|lndens 2: Ese'es 11, Aoscriet t; Surfers Ti'l, Je'V Shrtjers }; Tl«ers 21. Csrds 17: " Dossers tj. Scouts 0; mce Soi 10. n Rocse*s f; VMidcats 3, AnseisO; UntoucA- 0 a:e 11. Cuts 7. (I Elts Ul-Sinltn's ConcetliOfl I, 0«ll t; 0 NLB Liens I. Bui'dsiert 2: Yanks 3. Wet A Bums 2; Wave'l 2, Clippers 0; Warcns*iti ' ·;. Harrison Drus «; V'Hi-os 1- Petit c ".Valves 7; A»ane'm Tire ». islanders J: W Co^r-iun.ty Preibyterlan_ M, Se Ats 7; rvei*er ? . He'- 2; wit. Parts tt Tory Tieers 1. Pelkre L-Ni.Pi»e 7. Cl.itan 3; NLB \ rh^iff for lie* In 7th: d--Ran fnr t--PitchM tn t»o bitt'M In Innir.c. IIBP-pv Charr. - In Mn; e-nled 1 Naiarro In 9th. Anjels 000 000 «00--« V Senators . .__ _.. SCO 100 00«- NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE S35.000 Khalilo , ,i. , ,, _ Sir Khalito. the son of Fleet'u^'Lin N a s r u l l a h a n d K h a l i t a . Six Umps Picked !?T9 u P ht J he to p prfce of 535. - . °°° Sunda ' at thc Holl-WOO Dufk»-prth of July 6 R ER BB ·oj;^iS£)l^;;jT»'»r r«. . , , ,! Dated Julr 5 IK1. I n 1 J Ji'tneJ) EK.VnSTJ. CARMICIIAEL n n n ?.ruh. Julr t. t. 9. 1M1 Ct-L.B.I. 0 0 I for All-Star Tilt NEW YORK «V-Baseball Commissioner F o r d F r i c k named a six-man staff today to umpire in the annual ma-! jor league All-Star pamc at Cleveland Tuesday. j Hank Soar, veteran Ameri-! can League umpire, will h behind the plate. Bill Jackow ski of the National will be a first base, Al Smith (AL) a second base and Paul Pryoi (NL) at third base. Doup Harvey of the Na tional and Bill Hallcr of the American will work on the foul lines. The umpires, with thc exception of those on the foul lines, will rotate, clockwise, after 4'i innings. Sunday at thc Hollywood Park yearling sales. ·--St»»«it. falern^. 'T-:pJ. A l t -- «S«1. SPORTS BRIEFS McCIuskey Gels Fine HARRISBURG. Pa. (UPI -Roger McCluskey, of Tucson, Ariz., a winner »l the Indianapolis raceway last week, raced to victory In the 30-lap feature sprint car race al nearby Williams Grove Speedway Sunday. Sonny, Floyd Lash Into Sparring Mates It a bad day for fparrins partners Sunday. Heavyweight champion Sonny LUton and challenger Floyd Patterson, preparing for their July 22 championship fight, laced into their sparring mates w i t h case in Las Vegas. Patterson caught J. P. Spencer of Los Angeles with so many solid blows to thc mid-section that Spencer called it quits midway through their second round of sparring. Listen had Howard King of Las Vegas hanging on for two rounds. · · · · HUGH S T E W A R T of South Pasadena and Mrs. Dodo Clieney of Santa Monica captured the men's and women's singles titles Sunday in the 47th annual Lo Jolla tennis tournament by defeating top-seeded Jon Douglas and Kathy Chabot. e e · · A. J. FO\T of Houston. Tex., captured the New Car 250 at Indianapolis Raceway Sunday and widened his lead in the USAC stock car standings. triers: Wimtieaan cr«~i Clwct Ml- KMiey wit piey m the »es« tori s«els^ tefin's cnswe.ionsh'cs rnsi s'at toesy . . . NCAA sell eniTi DM S*ss snet l-txaer pie 71 j^ «sy at re Hsjcn Oslt clvrse M Je(reTe«» 11 txeearuM toe - -- 10211 I N O T I C C OF H E A R I N G OF PETI, 4 4 J TION FOR P R O B A T E OF W I L L I 0 0 f No. 47364* (Torres P. U In the Superior Court c-f the State inf.*. fiar.i"' California, m ina. for the County ,nf l^s Acjele.«. In the Matter "f |th« Estate cf CUT E. STEOUAN. Notice l« h'rehv men that the P'tltlon of BALDO M. KRISTO- IVICH. Public Anmleltttator ef the I Countv rf Isf Anceles for the Probat* rf the Will cif the ityiTe-nLTeil (tefeaed ana for the Issuance ^f 'letters rf Administration »lth th* Will Annexed thereon to the petitioner, to «hirh reference Is henry made for further rartlculari. will r* heard at :1S o'clock A.M., on July 1SSJ. it th« court room cf D-- Mrimfnt 4. cf the Superior Court cf the State of California. In ir.d f^r th» County ft Ifi Ar.ielei. cur Dated June JT. IM3. WILLIAM O. fHARP. Oustjr Clerk and Clerk e.f the Sarerlor Court of th« Slste of In ir.d for the County rf Lri Anjeles Ty n. F Grntfi. Deruty H A R O L D W. K E N N E D Y ' ' ISO Hall ef Admimstratien Los Angeles 12. Calif. MA S-lsll Et 14217 Attorney for Petitiorer. Pub. July I. ;. I. 1X1 up--L B.I. tenai Pvcl't tints tevrr-iy surt^i Tveidiy . . . Tre Mets M.e (sired evi IS) KraniSMI . . , JIM Sselts ---- -------- «·. t»e IMCOO na'tnai wi. o n tf f · ·amis ' ee'sriejs' ^..SlSrr,., Cifr asa-nit . , h's K«» el NOTICE OF INTENTION TO CNOAQC IN T H E I A L E O r ALCOHOLIC BEVERAOtS TO WHOM IT MAT COjJclilUs!' fubject la Issuance rt the llcrni' spplied for. tinllr* u hereby n that tl-e underaitr.ed propoeei Mil aJcohf-lle beeia*rs it the premises, d'irrlbrd as folle»s: 323 W. Anaheim f... Lone Death I! falifornli ruttusnt to suth lntecUr.n, the unileri(iiM u srpljlcr t« the Wpartmem ef Alcoholic Beieraje Crntml for Issuance by transfer »f n ilroholle beecur* lirense Jcr hese rr'rolsfs is MM»i O.V-'AI.U DE.Nr.RAL riiMtr rrrnl»» _ issuance el iuch license may flit · serlfled protest tutu ««y office ·/ lh Department el Akohollc B««er«i« Control, .tthln 30 di)i tl the Boatlnj of (Mi notice. sUtlnr rrmindi for dental a» presided by lasr. Tti* metnls** at* now llrelued f«r lh« Mil i alcoholic. bcterar.ri. The- form of truncation may h* jblilBed, fmm any office. of lh« Department. DAVID U nENI' Pub. July I. 1M1 IIO-I..B.I. NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK IN NOTICE OF INTENDED TRANS. FEN OF LIQUOR LICENSE ..__. OH LICENSES JOTICE IS IlKneilT CIVtV: That KBAKK A. lUBKIXl, and KATE E. IUSKKI.I,. Vendor! and {.Icenirei. whose address li JIM f aihlon Atrnuc. In the City of I-oni I«rh County of LAI Ansjelei. Kills of California. Intend to Mil, trim- fer Hid u! ( n to BAM VV. CillOIK). »boM addrrsi li 3iJ3 Euralrtitus. NB W. Intended mhos* address li |0( ( III * B"fh: ind WATN . IODO. Vrndeea and Intended ^.' ~*^*,V' *' V*. -- MU*r (HUIIITM 1| JV% t- sand Street. In the. City el Torrance, County o« Loi Ar.jeles. State of California, the follosrlnc described personal property, lo-silt: All futures, equipment and cood will of a rerttln rocktall busmen known M TUB BLUE I1OOU CLUB and located it 1117 and nil East Anaheim. In the city of IMS Ilearli. County nf I»s Autclrs. Slits "f California, and, transfer the til- lomlnc alcoholic I'lrrat- license (or hcensesl: O.V BALE OKXKHAI, now Issued to rrrml»ei at 1117 and 111) Kajt Anaheim, fnr the premises located at 1117 and 1111 East Ana- lietm. In the flty of iMfif IVach. County of Los Anielre. State of California. The amount of purchase price c-r rnnsldeiatlon In connection with said transfer of »aid license lor license] I li the sum of |l:.OOO.OI. »hich sum has teen deposited In ercrosr, and amount of the purchase price or consideration in connection with the. transfer of said business Is I7.0JO. conilsttnt ot cash, maklnr a total c a s h coniideratton of IU.OOO.OX The consideration for stock In trade on hand (It any) »lll be deposited In eecrov nr.en Hid amnunt u determined. That it has been ajreed betmeen said licensees and Intended transferees as required by Sec. 1(073 of the Funnels and Profernlons Code, that the consideration for the transfer of raid business and transfer of raid licente. Is to be. paid only after Mid transfer has been approved by raid Department of Alcoholic Eei- erare Control. That a aale. transfer and a-sitn- ment of the aforesaid stock In trad*, fixtures, equipment and rood will of the said business wilt be made, and the consideration therefor to- Other with the consideration for the transfer and as.-lenment rf th« aforesaid license (or licenses) w i l l I* paid on or after the ISth day of Autuit. IH\ at 11 o'clock A.M. at tli* escrow department of A and n ESCROW. Inc.. at =711 E. Broadway. In the City of Lons Beach. County tl Los Anseles, State rf California. prorid*il that prior tn such date the Department ct Alcoholic Beverace Control haa ap- proied aald transfer of sajd license. Dated June 25. 1943. PRANK A. IIASKELL Vendor and Licensee I'ATE E. IIASKELL. Vendor and Licensee WATNE W. CHIODO Vendee and Intended Transferee SAM W. CHIODO Vendee and Intended Transferee A ind B ESCROW, Inc. 3714 E. Broidwiy Long Beach 3. California Escro« No. 3487 1Mb. July S 1W1 ( l t -- L B . I . Personals 11 RETIRED R.R. man a), t60 id S' IB", homt. ear. M»tt «ine't Ia3*. Write Clutt Bar A-TMT. Ind., P.T. LONELY p«cpit mkmg tnenevi'S write Btrtrty Social Club, PO- _B3» 177. BHIfewfr. Cal TO 4-77II ANONyMQUS DRINKING PROBLEMS! HE SS113 READER-Pa«, creient a. future. Hsip veu witn vour ereciems. HE nits run HE Mm IMK ANT CAR-Any color, ut. Bsmetn Pa'nt. \nt Alamltos. HE 2575 _ WETAPHrsTCAL eoft«uitat^on fcr human Social Clubs 11A _ DATE TONIGHT SUNSET SOCIAL CLUB HO SJIMI Bl . Bin, m. PL «IH LONELY. Meet trie cerson ef vour cnane. Lvnn Mane's iodai Ciwo. 512 Pife * 4 _ rn-va Lost and Found 12 LOST Hirtlxy (mai-muT«» 0U8 Vic. Ja-ita ft A*a. Wanvt»s rab-n. SHotj nwdfd. Reward. Eff*v«'d R»*tinkn*ici t o P. O. Ctrk» __Bai, LCfm^Beadi Pott _0ffict. ____ LOST-- ftrufDoint Sia.*neic fetna'f. Vie. ef IttO tlock on lit, SL^. rite. HE 4-9711. AH far Pawlirt Anotnon. LOST; Bcart rn*'t rueov. Tri-coiar wrrt COlcr. "H«DD/." VlC. B irUV _ Par*. Ptwarrj. Catl GE t-THT. POODLE-- lev ma'e silver. »yn« b'ack, "Tiaer.** lo.l. Rrwtrd. M6Z _DgfTnj._Cygr.m. Pft. I?t-Ca7| FOUND: Red 1 wtii't kTnen «srt?ar- ir-0 blft cellar, at ?nd t Bav _»fterr^Acpiy IU Santa Ana. LOST: _ ck te*i. cetfctr JP*TII, 5-lftl. _ __ B«!ltlo«sr' vicinity. WA LOST: lakeland terrier, v crats L Woaarutf. PH. Hypnosis 13 HYPNOSIS--Re'a« w«y n en li». 113 only hait a l.let 1st seison tree to ans«cr eueit.ens. «M sleaonm A.e.. l_». CCSCJ11 LEARN TO RELAX, wttrtout re- ssrtrj te Hrpnot.snt er seast'on. _Reiutts o-jsran 4 eedl NE 3-?IS7. OVERWEIGHT. Concentrat on, Mtiv ory, Te-S'on. LesrnmB Proe'er^j. M Col*in CA 11111: HA S-illf Insurance 14 AUIO--WE INSURE ANYONE Tnoie canceled, art. e'c, ft- i5?v t WN 0 VH i E*ia.E r sf^ B W5 , r^Urvigue,* Accident,. . CA4C7e;-J*BQSiE 2M7 A,U-tie A U T O^-S^Dfriert^. C*nci:ifd. W:,. DUV MP. oen t,n i-.i Wftlrfifll 711 Rfgonaa CE 3-144) Trovel IS Fly Vegas Luiury Vacation Paclagei "Showboat" Hotel OVERNIGHTER TOUR Oe-uif roa lif^o to fro teo S'rtO'i tevr*c» Show !»·*·»- §0*1. r ., HBa'l - Onrk AI^ VLetk-#^a 1 Everirj Teo'i Rf$. 2 p.m., 7 p.m., 9 pjrj Overland Air Coach Lerj §ta:n Airoerf _ 42I-ISB3 LAS VEGAS Luiury Holiday Vacation Package, GLAMOROUS Strip Holtlt I N "e-- 1 Day Oil UTS tew e:ey) LO^fle Arnvsl CO J^Otftl tMc 1 1 Ceit:r.ntai lreaktas*i to $25.00 ALSO All STRIP HOTCL-MOTEL Rtttrvations JMOAJ HOTtlS IWJTtLS G A i-7 IBS; NE 6-9453 FLY VEGAS 'wi I. I Aionljlosl Alrpe-1 Csty rirts J. J. i f VM. Eicurjion Paris Oy*rlano! Air Coach GA 1.1583 . ··· M Jt Air fO Rse'e«css Jne'«. CA Hwttfi FROM $2.50 FLOWERS FOR Forest Lawn Funtralj Fuyrol Naticts 1 dOJTA-- Msttellf fcl. ·* IMA Of«- MO4. turvlnd lr MM, rraxt M. f-a Annur l_ Ceiiji 111 LOCUST i - .. SNIVELY --Peter James, eoe . ». Survived bv SIS'-" Wary Ovemlle aod Mrs. J. af M-i. rt triECLArS CHAVE In SHE! D«£ lev. L.. el ived by wile. AUdeTnei sister. Mrs. Cecttla Anmtroce- Servkt Mondav. 1 urn., wlttl Or. cnaritt w. Mam ·ttictatwi M COON FUNERAL HOME WH t OBISPO KPNG-lev) A . lormert. el »M~C. First. AM. n. Survived by daugn- t^f.,**"! "".' awle/i "eonew. COON FUNERAL HOME HIM t 08ISPO VANDERMOOfi-Bofcerl W, cl 130 E. Ocean. Survived by sister. Clare Van«ertool; ml inter, Mrs. Mane Dudley; hall brother. H. A. Vanacrtioof; cousins. Mrs Thelma M. Grootn and Due»e Moltmen. Service Tuesday, J o m.. wim Rev. Alec c Nicnois etltclatififl PATTERSON SNIVELY SIS LOCUST AVE. Cord of Thanks 2 VVE WISH to thank our many won- aertgl friends t, r-eiehbors lor their many kindnesies durma her Illneit 1 threuoA her liteVtor our wonderful, lovable, understanding ·rile I. mother, Gerine TMa er--tuclan Comer a, family. Comer--Lu Funeral Directors HOLTON 4 SON Personals 11 GRAND OPENING Sal.. July u. I ». m. to J o m. Sun. IS. w« have ccmtd a new carry room lor turd nutria tor dubt or cranmteont No inv*it- m*nl neoderd. NovtHirs, earth. «tc. HEDGES PARTV ROOM . in sautn si. no. |_ B. Lodges--Fraternal Ordars We have seece for any sire erouo at moit rva ratn. Also CATER. ING SERvicr lor meetings here er outside. Contact in for a ouolation. Mi LetMt Aye. HE 7 ml COMPtEIE OENflJRE SERVICE Reoairs wtvie you Walt Work--Cred.f DR. C A VARVFN SHI Otrrv A»e. CA imt YOUNC WOMEN will teicn genre- men private BAnctftj. Call Zchra. . 3e-nS4 Mon. tliru f fl. e to » o m. I AM row aepssnng eicluslvely at Trie Ta;» ef The Town In Long . Heacti. Bobby SHctlanJ. Funeral Notices 1 Fatnilu funeral ~ ^Directors 1250 Pacific Ate. H E I - 5 J 0 1 mont A, IMS Mertellul. iervlce will te announced. JONES-Jerry M. JUI E. St. Service Tueidsr, 19 e D.ldsy Oiscei. MtCRATH-John p.. SU W. Seanoe Service will te announced. - V.. till 8 lve Ave S**v'e Tuesday. rm. Oitdsy C^·MI. DIIDAY FLOWER SHOP HE 5-4311 er Hi 2-5901 Insured Funeral Protection Dilday Family GoldShUld Plan Funeral Notices 1 ANNOUNCEMENT OF FUNERAL SERVICES to ti conducted kf mottetl's ANOKCX BBOAN-- Roy A . ;u? A»*. Se'-v-te wi!t te t*i! Kanias Cilv. Wo. -- e-- CflOWLEY-- WUIia-rt T. Sf-vica » it te aincune-rt. CL'ATIS-- Dan. Serv'ci wilt fcl HAYES-- Mat*"e. Strvici W'l tt armQunced. HORTOU -- Oi'»f B. Se-vca Tuna*/, | 0 m.. Mor HUNT-Oelores E.. IUI r It St. Se-vice Wrresaey.l s r A/orte'l's CTiacel. K N A U E B -- Ceote r^ tut Aana'c Aye »es«ry Mon. cay, i o.n . Merteii s Ctiare'. Reou e^ Wsis Junan. I an.. St. Lucy C a t rl 0 1 1 e Church. V c C R E A D Y -- A!et F. lerylce win ce announced. -- *~ WrUAHAM-Loulie A. !t-v'l Monday, I en. Wsre'l s Cnacei. OxON-Ca'ie Mae Servre ··'l te f e d at Ciis leias. ene. Servite NQ«TH«UP _ DeiHd t . S41 Cedar Ave Senrxe Tuesday. II am. Mefers Oisoet. ffi»r-Ju-e Servers will fee ' at Hus'on. Mo. «ALPH-Arthur re e SMOUP-»ey Harry t , M W. Ocr«i ti.d. Service Tuetdiy, i em Crete Ousel, ir« e. »ota Peru Ceme'ery. riVtSTrp _ Crtrry Jc^n. Jenrit e Vandey. II ar. fr^ nmvel fresoytenan Crwrtn. . tenan Crwrtn. i'EACH--lnt«t diviV e( Mr »ri Hill EACH--lnt«;t diviV e( M t'i Mrs. Oenn.s Vsacti. »r Jvn'r*^ A v e . S't^sl Hill .a'e seryiJe «.«". iai tm THIIO sTittr Fllwn {kip Milt Htalitk I »M IHir I Ml. HI « »H ONTHE^FAMOUS Hacienda CHAMPAGNE TOUR '$24.50 'R!ll Rh. 12:30,4:30,8:30 pj Long fetch HA 5-12 Burbank LA TR 7-345 Cutfom Dilint 4-ENGINE Airliner EL CAPITAN IOOCE t CAIINO kWTHOIINC. NEVADA HA' $10.00* Hound trt» Air Fire--Courm dinner ·· 1 cocitlili -- Limousin . service--Lounte tAUrleKuv.* * For lute, i reservations cs Long B*tcn HA S-tt CHARTER FLIGHTS AMANSEO t 1 Eng. Aircrall some tlioMi tl add, fat.. »AT. 1 HOLIDAY Ea way on fd (rtc. 4 ENGINE, H PAIL CXiteviCE ren driving country to Mliilivrd. L Tuei. ME 4 irn _ Health Aids 18 manage, sKam bam. iKIal b- Afiar. Scatp treatmrnt by ne ecer. Terns. CcttuSoM muiii relating turroundingi. ooen dan n U t. eairalHbefrjlTME jroadway. LEARN TO RELAX. anKietv-tcmien rroblemi. relieved by ri' t'ng Rewlts tuarsnteedl HE 3-^1 \f. f^TERNATIONAL MASSACCi ^ froiiste. Magnetic. Ceiewc siesii · e«cert lady techs. -Minic,- J«t. ane»e bams. HE mn. to mm CHERIES Hiem }MloMauan t tiean lams by Oiene t Caroi _ *4J E. ird HE I4U JEAN'S Mansn Strt Manage I. stsam IstM . T -- .371 E. Broadway. HE S-T7I . tken»ed Maiieute needed at ence MARIF.'S HAND MASSAGE --U COLONICS 1 STEAM BATH1 Mon..Sal. UU E. OTi. CE imtI COtDlt'S Swrdiui mge. t, stan ·--i. Weetdays t Su? HE llNDr. Halland.DuttJi masieuie U. :H Pagtic Ave. CA sea ' OCIOODAMA or indiviojai ses Jion._Bv aoet. only. CE laotl WEST'S. l»jj E. Pacil* Cst. ll«y _Hrs. 104 Mo Sun. Mon. ME «list SrcAM rm. 1 _ Ma»ieue. JE 7 31U Careen Grove . M A Y ' S MAiSACsTSACoiT" ..mi E ;m si HEISIJI AEDiSn MaiisM loe the *eary. '.'.'. 5- *?· "«"··«· HE ml StEBStM^tll . --. Hartoe, 00 LEAHNETT'S nand RISIISM. I days. No ac8t. rec. at E. 51 Open ""·Dfl.o t iarl'MatJ«~i, sie»ri :oL"i«4ta BeyrHlig'MS? tJirl'sst! Htorlng AldT J7 F«EE AIDS for state Pensioners _ . 30% Battery Discount E'j'pswnal Hterwt Aid Center :« E. lit St.. L.B. HE VSIM SanHariums, Hospitals, Homes 70 PIONEER SANITARIUM Ud'es Onty TV Rtcrcaticftal Boon Ocruoat^nai Irfaoy Soaclous Crounat InsDection Invited Arteila UN imt LOS ALAMITOS SANITARIUM Over IS TEA«$ eirenence In care ot trie eotd. Licensed by Stais Deaertment of Mental Hvo pe GE i-ssn CBESTKOOO Convsieicent He)». I77S CHESTNUT _ _ Atber YiUa Gu«tl Horni H *ecancui ar IM« tf **·/ iKiMCtipN iNviTiBT: Can er «ri]e ftt I'M Kf^fi IM jant^ s« QA »jM Pinny'l Guilt Minor Hit vacancy lee »«Melenr IJlj rm. Cd. feJM I[ VACANCY for emhit lady, *» food * tire. 01 Ugl. ' IftTi?!.'-""' ** **· SEMI«rlviis room or I lady till. Oaod lw-« CA ttsll Loons (Sol.Collateral) VACATION LOAN pur CtlllW catK na«l Ceils an tl 00 In 3 monthly pavi^tnlt SU eacti. Or, ill a^y amour. vo te tuog-fermi la 14 mott*ii PWne aheid Kr yeyr kirt-irt* «rhen arrsneed- pck vo tM rnooey on vowr liril viut. LOCAL LOAN CO. no e. 4« it. free parkma 3J . Qpe^ fK ME 'ir I er lij l«uii iy tofil 7 HtlpWanUdlWom.) 24 write WIDOWER Hojseteeper l«e } II 111 wt. Vlvs Rd.. ttantcn. It l Womm «s miflietmtfri fruniti. Wotk part timf tmiii tr«.n«d FiiMon Wigi -- 537-3ASI EXPER. WAITRCU H49L Mi/it i*tl cteMtXdbit. I! nr. tJot Ffl. S«l. mghti. A«5fy )1 at Peanut Hou^t. 90N E. BCI* EXPER. FRY COOKS APPLY JUT'S CO'FEE SHOP iJ/l E. Jnd BUrrxxit Snor- . Jnd NO PHONE CALLS ' _ _ FOSTER'FREEZE AtxITitr Sctl Vtrvt Hambvr?*'' Grill OP»*. Mutt t* tirxnnril Appfy lira Pacific A * e . 3 EXP'D PfiX OPERATOR Front oHict aepfjr*fKf enenti*). Good ilafting talary t tnrT* Call TA U«P. til «. N All itiim. full «r part timt. Xtnt. »orkir9 cond. »·( W'. ·MATURE woman tar . WINCHELL DONUT SHOP _!P6?f ATlantif __ lynw " _ __ "EXPERIENCED *aitrtim. Nit heun. Appty «t etxf in wrwn. Gootfivtn't Rtttauranf. UJM Coio* r»do in Pint Ctnt»r_tn__i*af amount. NURSETRN tmmtd'att eoerups, U 7 ihitl. Alio eptratma room. 7-3 hifT. L P HOSPITAL, 1 7» Patitic MEDICAL cierk Tvo-ng L PBK" rtc'd, M:» 5«1. trtm wed. Aro'r Mr*. Ptttt, Ri« Hondo HciD'ta'. __ COCKTAIL WAITRESS" . E»per. ntcntary. EiceHfflt mm*nt po»it.on tor ojai'*td tuff woman. GA 4 r»Der. tor Convaiesct^t Hou):lal. _Call Mrt. Lambert, f»3j;. COCKTAIL WAITRESS t»e*rleneed. Attracti.e Aof !l » Good cay. ;n w. Oc««- WAITRESS Tart t.-we. Apply Rtv's Rarge, Dm I in E, Carton. L B CDICAL aillltiflt, null M,« R. fltftr u wanted to t«a opii In tamiir. Call (UTK*. it)»!k arra CAL clrrh TVDTJ PBX r»- td. ?-7:M S«t. tnry V.'td. Aeot/ ?tttt_Rip Hondo Motpital, Oawnt.r. ABTITTCR. live hi. Whiia mr- rd. 5 dan a »e«k. Ca'i attar jfl. UN CAL tairt. Car rtc.n arn,n«. ^utl cr tart ~ ° ~ ~A°UNDPY~ WOMAN. HOSPITAL CXPLR ONLY. FULL TIME _ 177$ CHFSTNUT tuotrvrMr tor 54 bt 'ttctnt hotOJtal In $tn i* W._*m V. TC 3-3*?? P"BX-ADMITT"ING Lon im Dr--Whjte Orel., vr 2f reralvted vet, j ITH REHNBORO LORtTriSrtlrrsaii an «»7rcr. M Ca't t. 43IJ7J1 School Instruction 22School Instruction 22 EXCITING NEW WORLD CREATED BY Automation OFFERS --Challenge! --Fascinating jobs --Higher earnings --Independence! Trsin row ta rreet vegent needs el eioaviina tool iramtry at West Coast Trade Schools ? js'itH ta Inue doio^i uroi aiiiornn edjcstcn uts. Counts cHered: V ELECTUONIC ASJEVILERS : li-«.t?ONie.Tj£HNICIAI«S \ O r f J t T MINTING V IB" Kf VPUNCH Ofll. \' I B V T A S 1 VVIOING · iwisTiw 11 TM* 1 ' 8 SEWING INOUSTIIAL O V A F T I N O H* SECEFTIONUT }' AUTO MECHANICS Atk courielor aaout tur vs^i nateme-il service tor «C.T.S. o r edi. Ca I ee aoolv 11 dt l/ *,«! COAST t«AD6 1CHOOH 1884 Atlanlie Avt., LB. GA 6-3369 School Instruction Wemei EARN MORE MONEY tM career Long l«ock luilRHl Colligi $200 p'sceurt this week in tte foliew irg tojnei. ' $100 D iceupt In theve rl-mes t * » weei. IBM lev eyntn -- S*e-o Ivce - NCR 1100 - cttlce nil- etimei -- PBX coeratsr. Free Placement (sty Terrs Pscitic Vecatiensl Irit'tu-e HE MM! DA J-JlIt SP Hi;« lll»j»«cilc A v e . L. B HOWARD BUTLER SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE One ct the eioeit schools TI PI s area -- thousands ot Bradustet. DAYS-? A.M. Mon. t InTM. EVES^-7 P.M. Mon. t Trwi. II LESSONS-FULL COVERAGE Visit Nut leiton. KEfL ESTATE CONTRACTS. Advanced study v\ea. 7 r n ...Can lor rJe-Sils 4 troc*u'e 1?4 ATLAUTIC ^GA 3 Wt FREE PLACEMENT" for GRADUATES. B« » PPOFESSIONAL BAHTENOER c« COCKTAIL *AiT«ts .DAY 0« SVE. COU»iC »6SJ - DArS "l5'AM".S*PM. NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL jj« E. troaawey. L B. HE 1 NEW SUMMErTclASy STARTINS JULY IOTH ALL FUNDAMENTALS FOR IST 1 Tnd eianmstioft. Persoes'.iM ^ruct'Onj tl active res "' JofHODGE. REALTOR . 1M SOUTH ST. CA J.7VI / AIRLINE' Free world travel. Tso nw a. fjtjre. A» toe ICM .hie tr."r, r.*'». L "!'5..«'«UOH PACIHC' Cs;l ceiiecl 'tRAlNli. C l f e C:anet rrid m L M s»JMi " L '· ' LEARN A LIFE.TIMEJOB"

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