The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 10, 1951
Page 3
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If OH DAT, otrrEinfBER W, Blit'l'HKVlLLE (ARK.) COURIER NETT8 THREW Margaret Truman: U.S. Ambassador Who Showed Confidence to Europe Br DOUGLAS LAKSEN •nd ROSETTE HARGROVE (NEA Correspondents) (Flnt of Two Articles) The face that Margaret Truman *howed Europe was a smiling, composed, self-confident one. But there be was one Parisian who saw hei break down and cry. There were reasons for tears. t e had wanted her trip to vacation; she wanted to be average. tourist and see the sights. But she's the daughter of the President of the United States. And her trip turned out to be a semiofficial one, with all the strain and fatigue that goes with such an excursion. In Paris one day, it all got too much for her. At Jacques Griffe a fashion salon, saleswoman Anne Coppinger was showing her the latest Paris creations. "She was so tired and bewildered," recalls Mile. Coppinger. "that suddenly, m the midst of a fitting, she burst into tears. She quickly recovered, and implied that she had been under considerable strain, otherwise, she was just so gracious and polite, thanking everybody for their trouble." Mile. Coppinger was one of the few persons to see Miss Truman off her guard. Everyone else, from the stewards and bell-boys on the ship that took her overseas to the clerks and chambermaids in the European hotels where she stopped, recalls her as a warm, friendly, pleasant person. The moit freedom she encountered on the trip was the ocean voyage itself. Fellow passengers remember her strolling on the deck, roughly enjoying herself. It was- complete freedom, of course. here were always autograph-seekers, and she was a gracious victim. And there were two Secret Service men, following her wherever she went As the big, beautiful 63 America slid toward the dock in Southhampton, England, all the passengers leaned against the rails to get a glimpse of England, sparkling in the morning sun. Margaret Truman ttared Just as hard as any of them But minutes later,, the President's daughter was In a packed room ashor^ answering the questions of British reporters. In that time, she was forced to change from a care- tree American girl on a boat trip to the daughter of the Chief Executive, OR a semi-official tour. - rrom that point on, she ^was the object of stares and questions. No American, girl ha* ever toured Europe so thoroughly encased in a fish -bow*. Her trip was expertly purged ot any chance for romance or adventure. Before Margaret left she and the President had talked over some of , cathedrals she should mentioned several he had an artillery officer overseas World War T. However, \tht jld worM pomp and the formal re- Apllons so cluttered up Margaret's schedule that she only managed the mo«t cursory visit to a few land- and the President's ils appointment. Her stay in Paris i* i perfect «ample of what she was up against. ihe did almost everything that most girls who visit Paris do— unched at Maxim's, saw the Eiffel Tower, the Louyre, Versailles and a couple of dress • shows. But everywhere she was watched, accompan- ed and chaperoned. And there were certain official duties she had to fulfill—lunches, press conferences, dinners, state functions where she was a guest. One woman reporter asked her. Miss Truman, did you buy any other Paris dresses than those you bought at Jacques Griffe? 1 ' "You should know," Margaret Truman answered, with her ever- present smile, "because everywhere I have been I have seen you following me." Everyone in Paris likes her. They appreciated her graclousness, her lendy laugh, her simplicity, her sense of humor and the obvious Joy she gets out of life. But they decided she had no "oomph ** or grace or dazzle. * One Frenchwoman put It this way: "The freshness of extreme youth has gone and she has not yet attained the full bloom of maturity." Surprisingly. Parisians approved if the way she dressed. They had '.xpected the worst, since she was »nce voted (along with Rita Hayworth) one of America's worst- dressed women. Paris thought she md no real chic, but nevertheless vas an intelligent chooser of clothes. TRAVELER; Smiling and sell-confident, Margaret Truman waves a greeting as she arrives in England. She wanted to be an average tourist, but her trip turned out to be a semi-official visit. Shapely Bullfighter Given Ear Of the Bull for Ring Courage Kansas Citian Thinks Eisenhower Is GOP , And He Will Run WASHINGTON. Sept, 10. (AP) — Roy A. Roberts, president of the Kansas City Star, thinks Gen Dwight D. Eisenhpwer might be persuaded to run for the presidency in 1952, and he doubts that President Truman will run. again, Roberts expressed these views yesterday in a radio discussion (NBC In which he also came up with an answer for the question: Is Els enhower a Republican or a Demo crat? He's "a good Kansas Republican like all his forebears," Robert sale His authority for that, he explain d, was Eisenhower, himself—"he old me so." Aeerv- Sen. McCarthy To Be Expelled? Hcaringi Planned Late This Month WASHINGTON, 8«pt. 10. W! — Public hearings probably will b« eld 1st* this month on a resolu- lon by Senator Benton (D-Corm) lucstlonlng whether Senator McCarthy (R-WUO should be expelled roni the Senate. Scnatpr Gillette (D-IowiO told eporter today that a Senate elec- ions subcommittee he heads expects to start hearings the week o 1 Sept. 23 " something unforeseen develops." Gillette said that so far only Benton has asked — and Is sched- iled — to testify. He added tha IifcCarlhy "will be given every op porluntty to appear before the sub runway on on emergency belly land Ing yesterday and 16 passenger and a crew of three escaped with shaking. • ' oommittM V b< CUM to do «o." McCarthy indicated, howevtr, hat he might Ignore th« hearing*. 'Mr »ttltud« all along since Binon started blowing off hu boen hat ha i* an odd mental midget who only would be dangerous if he were more intelligent," McCarthy said. "I still say I have too many mportant things to occupy my time a pay any attention to his rant- togs." Benton said he wai glad tc learn rearing^ were being arranged, and added: 'I'll have a complete case ready for presentation when the time comes." MURR Last Times Tonite "LAST OF THE BADMEN" Color by Technicolor WARMING ORDEB In the Chan«ry Court, Chlck»- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkuuu. Harry Talt Watoon, PH. v«, ' No. 1J.187 Mable J«aklru Garlic Watson, Dft. The defendant, Mablo Jenkins Garlic Watson, U hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereol and answer the complaint ol the plnlnllff. Harry Taft Watson. Dated tills 18 day of August, 1951 Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magw. DO. Gene Bradley, itt». tor pin. 0. P. Cooper, atty ad 11t«ra. B130-37 Bje-M Home Tonite! JUAREZ, Mexico, Sept. JO. W>)— The ear of the bull she killed. That's what Patricia McCormlck ;ot for courage in the bull ring. Patricia, blonde, pretty, shapely, 22 and from Midland, Tex., stood the Plaza de Toros yesterday with her cape.' With grace and precision she started off on the intricate passes to taunt the bull. But soon she became mired in the very intricacies of the passes. And she stood too close to the bull—so close that the huge beast lifted her on its horns and threw her at its feet. She was trampled, but she got up to start again. The crowd shouted and yelled until it was near-hysterical. "Get that girl out of there," one woman yelled. But Patricia came back with the swortl to kill the bull. On her first try she missed completely. Her second thrust was far back, but fi- TexcH Man to Run Again WICHITA FALLS. Tex., Sept. 10. (AP)—Texas' newest congressman, Frank Ikarci of Wichita Fails, says ne will seek reelection next year to the seat he won in. tion. « special elec- Korean Amputee Marries Girl He Met as Pen Pal JOLTET. 111., Sept. 10. (AP)—Pvt Hubert Reeves, 19-year-old quad ruple amputee of the Korean War was married yesterday to a girl h met through letters sne wrote hlr while he was In a hospital. Hundreds of well-wishers fills, the First Baptist Church' as Reeve was wed to Beverly Jean Hall, pret ty 18-year-old brunette from nearb Wilmington, 111. ally the bull staggered and 'top- led. Patricia stood in the ring, her lacks and blouse smeared T.-ith the locd of the bull. The crowd went wild. Tolerant iidges awarded her one ear of the ull. It's usually given for unusually xcellent performance. Patricia left the ring quickly and went oil to celebrate at a banquet given by her- friends. She's a co-ed at Texas Western College here. She rew up wanting to be a bullfighter. ihe had fought in rings'before, but 'esterday she killed her first bull. Truman Returns To Desk Today WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. (AP) — President Truman returns to his desk today after a seven-day trip during which he attended the opening of the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference and took a brief holiday at hie Missouri home. Some political observers thought they saw in the trip growing indications that Mr. Truman will be a candidate to succeed himself next year. He has said he has decided what he Is going to do but isn't ready to announce his decision. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "\our Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. ft Sun. Ph. 58 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday "DEAR BRAT" Mona Freeman Edward Arnold Warner News & Short* Delicious, Cooling SHERBETS Choose Orange Or Lime Or Pineapple WOODS DRUG STORE Blytheville, Ark. Last Times Today "TAKE CARE OF MY LITTLE GIRL" Jeanne Craln • Jean Peters Wednesday & Thursday "BARON OF ARIZONA" Vincent Price Ellen Drew Tuesday "THREE OF A KIND" Marie Rosenbloom Wednesday & Thursday "TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE" Jane Powell Rlcardo Montalban Playgrounds for the Kiddies Free Kiddie Car Ride* Kids Under 12 FREB with Parent* Shop Starts 7:15 p.m. Phnn« 1732 No Mosquitoes—No Bug* Our Anniversary Wil ^Be Soon You'll B« Invited! Emergency Landing SOUTH WEYMODTH, Mass.. Sept. 10 (API—With one of her two engines blazing, a Northeast Airlines plane bumped down a short week! celebrating COTTON BOLL on North Hiway 61 Phone 3570 ALONG THE .. .with o special sftomng of America t /oofioear, as featured on television's create* hour ... I rang Berlin't "Salute to America" GREAT DIVIDE HOW FAST DO YOU DRIVE? 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