Independent from Long Beach, California on May 27, 1964 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, May 27, 1964
Page 19
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MALTOUM EPLrvU- TJTIUTY poles, which take _ quite a beating from motorists, do sometimes strike back. , One did at Long Beach Blvd, and Bixby Rd. in Long Beach yesterday morning, smashing the left front fender on a car driven by Kathy King. City College student Kathy was idling out in the street, waiting for the light to change, when hit by a pole on a telephone company truck. The truck driver miscalculated what his 50- foot load would do on a turn. It was an unjust revenge. , Kathy says she never hit a telephone pole in her life. T?VERY pre-election season ·" this dept gets calls from people who are puzzled or worried about their registration status. Several inquiries h a v e come recently from people who don't expect to vote in the primary because of absence from the city. They want to know if this will disqualify then from voting in the fall. It won't disqualify them. If their registration is good » now it will ride right through the November election, regardless of whether they vote next Tuesday. Beside that, one can al ways register or re-register. ·THAT old snooper. J. Paul Gleason, has been busy looking around the food markets and reports, rather sadly, that there's a bit of larceny in a lot of people. Paul has been watching the strawberry, buyers. "It's quite revealing." he reports.' "to watch people lurk -around the strawberries, juggling the berries from one box to another until they; have , a heaping container of -the largest items of red fruit." This, of course, leaves some boxes filled with the least desirable berries, but that doesn't seem to bother t h e f i l c h e r s . ' ' ·· ; ' "This type, of larceny is not limited to any particular kind of customer," says Gleason.; There are /little old ladies,, demure young housewives, · muscular men, and small children, juggling berries greedily and without conscience. ' "Market managers s a y there's not much they can do about it. However, I was in one market that had its strawberries and boxes enclosed in cellophane. That takes a lot of the good clean fun out of buying strawberries and I predict it won't last long." TVRIFTWOOD -- Through ·^ the efforts of the Leisure World Democratic Club, the John F. Kennedy inaugural speech has received wide circulation. The club distributed 7000 copies to California schools, and recently. extended its program to a number of other western states . . . Long Beach City College's Madrigal Singers are simply great. I heard them at a noon luncheon and the people around me would have been willing to listen all afternoon, Mrs. Vickie Yarder of 3809 Maine Ave., gave birth to a 6 pound, II ounces baby at Memorial Hospital Monday at 6:11 a.m. . . . Ret. Adm. "Casey" Green is back from Dallas, where he received special Navy League commendation for work he has done in the Navy Cadet program here , . , Election inspectors here . think the Registrar of Voters is something of an old meanie. He has slated a "tchooT for inspectors f or : Saturday night at Poty High and insists on attendance, «yen if it's Memorial Day. Of course, he permits those who can do It to attend such classes in other cities earlier in the week. Today in Long Beach CONCERT -- Municipal Band, Municipal AU- ditoriara Exhibit Han, 2 pjn. -Staff moll ' ALL TEARS DRIED, 7-year-old Rusty Legg is reunited Tuesday night with his mother, Mrs. Walter R. Legg, after wandering 9 hours through Lakewood-Bellflower area. Deputies found lad at 7 p.m., climaxing extensive search by six sheriffs units. 7, Just '· . : i Knew He Was Lost 9 Hungry By RUDY RAMIREZ Seven-year-old Rusty V. Legg went for a long walk Tuesday--about a nine hour walk. The youngster, a visitor from Oxnard, became separated from a playmate while on * trip to the store and wandered around the BeHflower-Lakewood area from 10-30 ajn. to nearly 7 pjn. . He was found standing on a street corner at Lakewood Boulevard and Ashworth Street by deputies from the Lake wood sheriffs station. The comer is nearly two miles from the BeHflower home he was visiting at 9832 PalmSt ; Rusty is the son of T/Sgt. and Mrs. Walter R. Legg. The sergeant is an air policeman stationed at the Oxnard Air Force Base. Mrs. Legg and her son were vis ting the sergeant's sister, and her family. Mrs. Oscar Thomasson. * * if SHORTLY BEFORE 10 ajn.. Rusty and his cousin. Rodney Thomasson, 6, went to a nearby store on their scooters. On the way back they decided to race. "I was ahead of Rusty and when I looked back he wasn't there," said Rodney. -I got lost and just rode around for awhile." Rusty explained hours later. He is the couple's only child. "I was terribly worried," said Mrs. Legg, a native of Newfoundland. "Rusty" is sort of shy and we've taught him not to talk to strangers." For more than two hours he. stood on the comer where he was found before a cruising patrol car spotted him. . . . . . ' "I'm hungry," he said. Anti-Guerrilla Plane Developed by Douglas By BILL DUNCAN ' Doughs A i r c r a f t has taken the wraps off a pro-, totype of an aircraft it proposes as a support craft for guerrilla warfare--a small, twin-engine plane that can fly as slow as 57 miles an hour or as fast as 500 miles an hour. : · ' '· The aircraft, prototype was inspected by two members of the House Armed Forces Committee Saturday, it was disclosed Tuesday. - . , Douglas Model . D-S53. developed over a two-year" 'period, is under evaluation by the Navy, Bureau of Weapons in'competition to select a light, armed reconnaissance airplane for counter-insurgency work. Lockheed - California Co. at Burbank also announced Panel Meet for Older Workers Assemblyman Joseph M.I Kennick, D-Long Beach, and' James O'Brien, executive director of the Retired Workers' Committee, United Steelworkers of America, will be the principal speakers at an Older Workers Workshop at the Jewish Community Center, Willow Street and Grand Avenue, Thursday. ' Tuesday it had developed a slow-flying combat- reconnaissance - plane, a stub-' wing aircraft , powered by- two 660-horsepower', turboprop engines. " " " . ' . . . · * . .' - ' THE DOUGLAS model has unofficially been tabbed the Skyraider JI, after Jhe A-l'Skyriiders recent^ !y ordered into. service", in ' ' WEDNESDAY. MAY 27, 1964 -Page B-l Southern California Edison Co. customers will get a rate reduction averaging about 1.5 percent as an; l aftemath of the *«»«* lection early this year cut- by O'Brien. It will be followed! ting corporate income taxes. by four panels: " I Company officials have pro. _ ,; . 'posed to the State P u b l i c ! 1. The older worker versus utilit Commission u^ At pens,on and insurance eosti.',^',^,, t* ^ de e ffec- 2. Counseling and retraln- TAX REDUCED Edison Co. to Cut Rate 1.5 Percent ing. How can acceptance be live and forI,P-T Is Honored , Richard Wallmeyer, Inde- : 'pendent, Press-Telegram edi for meter readings on ..·e^ ..»~ »u. «*.*.«.ft.uix.1. */*..----- alter July zz, it was gained for older worker ad-'learned Tuesday. justmcnt programs? | ' PUC has not yet issue'd a _ ,, , . . . formal'order,'so the exact 3. Job development In a ^ ind amount arc changing local economy. j^ j^^n necat n. ( 4. Preparation for retire- reluctant to disctss o ria5 cartoonist haTw-on ra- ment and part-time jobs for They said the formal appli-ijjQjuj fonors in the National the older worker. . ' cation will not be filed until Safety council's a n n u a Kennick will speak at .the Friday ' . . . . ' .Christmas cartoon project luncheon on his legislative ' ,,0^^ ^ cofflpany Walter's cartoon. "Cap- resoJuuon for a sta e study of ' esti:nated , til!il . iu proposal ' the problems of older work- wiu meaa a saving to con- cr *r : . . . " · sumers of about $6.5 minion AH meetings · except the this year. The lowered rates luncheon are open to the pub-will apply to domestic," agri- lie. Tickets to the luncheon cultural pumping arid general have been sold out armgs He Delayed for 2 Officers The Long Beach Crri! Service Board Tuesday continued hearing] set for June 5 on appeals cf former; detectives'- sen-ice schedules. - Edison outlined the reduction in a letter to the commission, which is expected to act without a public hearing. | The;proposal was discussed: at a staff conference in San Francisco,, attended by Henry E. Jordan, chief engineer of| the Long Beach Bureau Franchises. Caution'* (see cut was. one of'four which re..,_..,_ _j_. - cefved honorable 'mention. A M O N G THE consumers He ^ ^ ^5^, j^ jnerjung win be the city, L^^j h - m tKO ^ Creishton A. Wi*rin« Jr W T?- i?? 1 ?^ X P 1 * 5 . **?" tion of service to the caus« ureignion A. Wiggins jr. ana »nd light bills approximating'.. K-I^J,- «.-».,,, Earl F. Greenleaf from their!$i million anm""» "~*,ol_ holiday safety. dismissals in the fatal shoot-l i annually c o m m i s s i o n Top prize in the contes Hunter.' Inew Board members acted in re-'u* reduction fa the federal; , Langeof the sponse to written requests of ( corporate mcome - tax ntej^J/BklatananTGuemsey th discharged officers, who,"* 131 52 percent to 50 per-, p' n . .v. r-Z-.-...·... vi 'asked for delays pendirlg the cent for 1954 and to 4S per-l^^.^ C ^f a | r ^ outcome of criminal charges cent for 1965 and thereafter. igSki rf i£ Buffalo, NA" ^against tnem. - Evening News. Wiggins, who signed his ' '"·-'--' own letter, noted that he had not requested a htansg and'Pedro U the newly elected P-T editorial page^ have been ;added: *My only wish vru'prtsidrnl of the CaI StateJwidely reprinted in nationa .that tay resignation b« ac- Long Beach, Accounting So-magazines and other news .cepted." Jciety. . / Ipapers. Accountants Leader Nick - BodkWich of Son W a l l m e y e r ' s cartoons, which appear dairy on The " . . Engineers said the design of the Douglas model includes an articulated land- ,ng gear which moves backward and · upward , to . roll over obstacles in rough ter T rain. It is expected that the aircraft will be able to operate from binding sur- 'aces formerly considered too rough for fixed wing aircraft. · * · * TAKE-OFF and landing from sod fields will require [ess than 600 feet. The Douglas proposal calls for two Pratt t Whitney 174 turboprop engines. T h e plane weights less . than 4,300 pounds. , The straight, s q u'a'r e- tipped wing has a 29-foot span, is placed high on the fuselage and incorporates high-lift, slotted flaps immersed in the propeller slipstream. · · The horizontal . stabilizer is mounted on top of the der to form'a *T" tail THE 'PILOT - and -«afl AirM riwti »F I0t SKUMWAT 2,000-FOOT TOWER Newspaper and police switchboards w ere swamped Tuesday afternoon when this acrid black smoke tower suddenly appeared over North Long Beach. But the fire at Exeter Refinery Co., Ltd., 2405 E. South SL, wasn't so critical as appeared. Fumes escaping under high pressure from a broken vapor tank · - ignited, spewed smoke skyward, and caused damage estimated at $500 by 'Battalion Fire Chief T. A. Cady. · ' - " · ' · " *. · . " ' - ' J l ' ' ' · ~ . - , ' , . ' · · ' Rehman-Manslaughter Question to Be Aired ..The.- state - Supreme Court been tried on a manslaughter the osteopath no longer has granted a petition by thejcharge. . . [be tried on the charge, be- Lqs Angeles County District] The District Court of Ap-;cause of a IstgaJ technicality. Attorney's office for a hear-Jpeals Li .Los Angeles;'had' It is the'legal technicality ing on the question of wheth-ruled that although a Long'that will-be argued' at : the:.,. er Dr.'Jerome Rehroan, con-jBeach judge had erred ra'dis-|Su?reme .Court' hearing.-No ] victed last, year · of criminal m i s s i n g the manslaughter date has been set,'although conspiracy, should also have.complaint against Rehman.'spokesman for the district at--;--~--~~.--~~~ ~ :--jtorney's office said he be- 'Bobsled? Death Called Accidental lieved the matter would not be heard until September.' THE ALLEGED manslaughter concerns the 1959 death of a woman following an operation performed by Dr. | Rehman. The district attor- Two Orange County officials Tuesday described as ney*s office had charged that "purely accidental" the death of a 15-year-old Longjshe died because of needless Beach boy on Disneyland's Matterhorn bobsled nde.'***?**! 1 TM^* 1 *- / . . - - ' Dr. Rehman, sentenced to ' [state prison after his criminal ^Jconspir-icy conviction, is at The boy. Mark Maples, son · of-Jack^laptes. 2S21 Vuclta top, the two officials Grande,' Ave-, was killed in a Gibbs said he unfastene fall from the 'ride May 15. l o ,TM seat bett, which also held j£ appeal of ^ conviction. Anaheim Police Chief Mark down Maples' legs. | It was jeamed Tuesday that Stephenson and Dep. Coroner cibbs told them, the cffi-lthe American Civil Liberties ' , James Beisner, in a joint rfajj ^id, that Maple's drew Union had entered one aspect statement said the death was up his legs until they jammedW the case, relating to Reh- -pureiy accidental" and said against Gibbs back. They rode'man's claim that he is being there was "no truth- to earli- ,,, tfcj, position, the boy said, 'denied . the opportunity i · er information they had re-junta Gibbs heard a Iceiyed which indicated a club nearby and above. ob- initiation was involved in the movement . behind him and 1 expenses, becausa of a "con- fatality. server, seated tandem, are located forward of the propellers for.- m a x i m am forward . a n d downward visibility. . . .The craft, though small, can transport up to six troops, a variety of cargo, two. litter patients and an attendant, or be equipped for photo reconnaissance. It can also carry up to 5,000 pounds of bombs. - The aircraft would be produced at Long Beach. ,The · prototype could be .ready to fly in nine months, Douglas officials said. thump, practice medicine, and thus felt. a'raise funds for necessary legal turned. Maples was gone. tdition'' imposed by the judge jwho set the appeal bond that ' WAITING to get on the THE TWO officials said!he surrender his license. bobsled , ride, the two offi- G ibbs and Payne got off the' . rials said. Maples with GaryLjjg lt y^ bottom walked' Pa-ne, 14, and Douglas Gibbs, out cf ^ ga te and'reportedl 15, crowded in ahead of[M ap i e , disappearance to an 1 others in the line, shouting 'attendant. ' a n d pushing past t w o girls t o _ . · ' · ' . , »T s * - v ifo tttendant stopped the get into the car the girls ride and found Maples on a the AID:Umted Elects New Directors Max E. Nichols. AMn otherwise would have had. . , - . Gibbs sat in front the of- leJ S* » bout · ***** of ficers said, with Maples jujt| wa y down the "d 6 - ' behind h-m, legs stretched The only other witness'chandler, James Stevens and on either side of Gibbs. Both'other than Gibbs, the two of-philiip A. Battery have were secured by separate seatjficials said, was Payne, who.jtlected directors of Long belts. Payne was in a rear they said, has toM conflicting Beach Division of AlDrUnited seat alone. · [stories about what happeried|Givers. Their terms expire -After the ride reached the luring the ride. DESIGNED FOR 'BRUSH-FIRE* WARS Artist's Conception of Douglas Skyraider II Chino Escapee Nabbed on Tip From Workers. April 30, 1967. Re-elected o f f i c e r James H. Simmons, president; i Barney J. Walczak, vice president; Newton L, McLaughEn. secretary, . Robert E. Ivey, treasurer., . Acting on a tip from sos- Bernard J, Ridder. WflEan picious construction workerf.|S- Rule, R J. Hennessey, Sim- Lakewood sheriffs deputies;***!*, |vey. Dr. Thomas Kid- Tuesday morning nabbed an die. and Russell K. Peterson escapee from the state penitentiary at China Robert J. Dugaa, 23, doing lime for burglaries in Long Beach and Lakewood, was hiding out in a vacant house at 1CS4J ?=^3ge St in Bellflower when workers in were re-elected director*. Summer School Registries Open adjacent housing tract noticed him and called the authorities. · Registrations an school "classes · for · summer at Excelsior High Sdiooi, Jury 6 to .Aug. 14. now are being accepted. Classes are open to aH high school students In the area Dugan, who escaped from Chino Sunday, was captured and to. eighth graders, without a struggle and taken will be attending high school [to Los Angeles County Jai'next year. ; . r __::-^- ·". / ( · J i -

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