The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1931
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Served by the United Press BOTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NITWSPAPEtt OF NORTHEAST- ARKANSAS AND 8OTJTHEABT MISSOURI HOMEEDITIil 18, 'SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS BONUS LOA BILL FIXES PB FDR pFICES Measure Passed by Senate Bandit Pair Gel $7,008 I Rills HllffC Beast With Pislol From Tennessee Bank Is Now Awaiting Vote i Lower House. BRLLS, Tcnn., Feb. 18. (UP) — Two uima.sked bandits loolcd lh« Bells Hanking company here aL neon loday, escaping wil.-i between 57,000 and $8,000. , The men entered the bank while I Tlle b 'S' C. Smothers, assistant cashier, vas atone on duty, forcing him to iurrender money stored In the •ault. They fled in a waiting auto- n The full 'ext of Senalor R. A. Nelson's Mississippi county snltiry bill, which has imscd the senate and Is now availing qcllon by the house of rcwo<YMitative.s, has been rereived here. Tt provides for reparation of tl: offices of sheriff and collector, tnovldes a new schedule of fees fi'r acHons In circuit, chancery and rc-nlmon nleas courts, and fixes salaries of county officers as follows: SlK-riff. $3.0CO and the fees of the office: chief deputy. $1.800 other deputies to be paid out o] fees. Collector. ?4.8no and delinquent tax fees: chief deputy. $2.000: will the consent and aum-oval of the cnmUv court two additional deputies durhn tax :collectintj period at S150 per month Countv clerk, 83,000: two depu lies at Sl.SOO each. Circuit clerk. £4.800: two deoii lies at 51,800 each: two recording ["cuuties at 51.200 each. Treasurer; $5,000: one deputy at $1,200. Is A General Act t mountain lion ever killed in west Texqs — a 150- pound bt-ast mobile-, later changum cars, officeis | measured seven who attempted to follow them . j"« ol "- lia " ec earned I'" lcllgtl) and haU The bandits were believed lisad-! klllcl1 , " lore ll1 ?" cd toward Jackson. Miss. Hells is! «"> ?«*» ™ l "' J 70 miles noilhc-asl of Memphis. : lancn ol l -'™'t L I lircnvn. near Al• piiiD —was killed by la six-shooter i in the hand of I,ee Duncan ofler Child Chokes to Death on Raw Sweet Potato DIVERT "Tfl I H I/r Duncan, having 111 I UK L trailed the animal III HP\r!f°i Iv-o weeks. I u i_imi_.i a . ral u wltll nis -.hunting -dogs. Seek Agreement o{ District! S'cougar 1,™ 16 to Turn Flow Fvom| ih ? wn ., hcrc - T:I ? ' D- i i I animal's K reat Ditches into big Lake. it understood that an effort will be made lo secure the a?re ment of Drainage District No. 16 commissioners to the federal government's plan of diverting \vatcrs strength .'enabled it to escape from Ihe many traps ,_ that had been set for it. Apparently it killed sheep L .,.. j for the love of from Missouri ditches, now" flowing ! killiuij, few of its into the Hood-ray on the east sulr '.victims being cal- of Ihe lake, inlo the lake proper, j ™when the commissioners of the dis- j trict meet this afternoon. ' | Government, engineers have con- i ducted a survey of the lake aye.', with the intention of again tinn- T-, avoid conflict with the con- j,ig the main flow of water from stitutional provision forbidding Missouri ditches into the lake prop- LITTLE HOCK, 'Fob. 18. (UP>Two Arkansas Infants were dead today :is Ihc rcMilt of accidents. John, 2, son of Mr. mid Mrs. \V. C. {Hammer, Sulphur Hock, strangled lo cicatli on u piece of ran sweet potato while ulnylng on ti'.c kitchen floor yesterday. The mollu-r nollceJ the child tabuing for breath anil called a doctor, but the clilk! died Ix'forc aid could bo administered. Sam Roddick jr., 2. negro, fell into a cls'.cin at iho home- of his pari-ntx north of here and drowned. Two men were ultnu-tcil by I he screams of the. baby's mother. One of tlicm climbed down Into Hie cistern and recovered the baby. K[- foi'ts to revive the child with a pul- I motor pioved futile. EMC LIGHT TBBILLI5 Opponents of Measure Succeed In Sending II to Committee. County Prisoners Will Be Removed to New Quarters This Week. legislation the salary bill is draft- er. This plan if put Into eflect, ed as an act for the: clasrfication j rsstcro Big i^ k( . to it3 f 0rmjr ,,;;,. ! r>f counties. It provirVis: that conn-1 u | al it, y as o ., 0 O f th= country's i 1ies ™ it! ,! ;} ! x> P ulat ' 1> " ° r G5 :° oa '"ichoice fishing "spots. The lake is A' 7D.CCO shall be deemed counties °i| rcdcrn1 gam<! reserve _ the fourth class, and fixes saar-i Comn f issionors of Drain!l?e Dls . les for offices cf such counties., lrin[ „„ ,„ , ,,_ >__, ^j | Waiter Frank, Memphis Business Man, Suicides iietween 65.KK) and 75.0CO. ' The bill in full follows: A nni ""• . . for '•" " AH ACT TO BE ENTITLED: "AN opposition is based on the belief MEMPHIS. Feb. 18, (UP).—While members of the- Hussey Cotton company waited In an outside office for a business conference, Walter A. Frank, 59, wealthy real estate The construction-of a :lam at. a ACT TO CLASSIFY THE COUN-j point of the west side of the lake TIES OF THE STATE THE PUFl- in addition to the dam at thc head | POSE OF FIXING THE FEES'of the floodway, will relieve any I Complications Following owner and business leader here, Oneration Fatal to-Noted Actor. HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 18 <UP) — AND SALARIES OF THE VARI-1 pressure against [he levji? of W.*,- \ Louis Wclheim. veteran screen p.c- OUS COUNTY OFFICERS Ot 1 \ trict 1C, it is contended. | tor. died at a hospital here today. tiio'i himself. Frank died enroute to a hospital. Ill health was given by relatives as cause of the suicide. THE STATE AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. " WHEREAS, the number, of people residing within the various counties of the Stats of Arkansas constitute the basis of the costs of the officers thereof, and. WHEP.EAS, the larger the popu- • latiou the more expensive the operation of the government, and J. H. Rauls. J. F. Roderick and I as [ho result of complications J. M. Button are commissioners i arlsinj from an abdominal dp'era- for District No. 16. Billie Louis, tion performed last Monday. | Dtith came to the actor iincx-i i pecLedly as progress following th«; j operation was reported as "satis- ! Fs Severelyl Burned i rr>ctoir '- Wolhclm ' s appendix was; - * | removed and other surgery performed Monday after an. explora- Little Gaiaes Child County prisoners will be trans fcrred from the jail here to th new Mississippi county farm Thurs day or Friday of this week If th ' tarracks are completed at th arm as planned. Although the prisoners luive not' •e; been moved to the farm, a aree number of the county prisoners have been transported to the farm dally for the past two weeks and have been clearing new. ground preparation for planting. Approximately 30 acres of cut over land have been cleared by convict labors already,. County Judge Zal B. Harrison estimates. .The county judgo has not announced 'any official appointments LITTLE HOCK, Feb. 18. (UP) — laltle lines were drawn In Ihe low- uuse of the general assembly oday for Ihc flghl to levy an ad- lltlonal tax on electric current. Opponents of Ihe measure were Ictorloiis In the opening skirmish, L'torrliig the bill lo committee far :onsldcnillon. n«prpfcMiUiltvL' Thorne, PclnseU county, author of the bill, asked enve to post|>onc consideration for he purpose of amendment, He then requested It be placed on the cui- eudar. Says Profits Excessive Representative Toney, Jefferson county, leader of opponent forces charged it was an effort of proponents of the bill to gel It on the calendar so they could call 11 up at 'a lime when they believed Its passage assured." He moved that consideration be Indellnltely postponed which threw It open lo dubite. In defense of the measure Thornr declared that public utilities were making "excessive" profits in Ar- nsas and could stand Increase;! xes. The bill would levy a tax of per cent on Ihe gross revenue of 1 electric ulllity companies doing I Billion Dollar . Proposal ! Will Pass Ovoi --Presii- denl' 1 ; Vein 1= ^el'cL Harry 1 , B. Anderson ' WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. (UP) — The house today cleared Judge llar- ry B. Anderson, federal Judge 'ut Memphis. Tenn.. of nil chai-ges ncalnst him. It adopted the judicial committee's report which wns sub milted by Chairman Clraliain. GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: Section I. The counties of the State of Arkansas are hereby divided inlo classes for the purpose of fixing the f<v?s and salaries of the officers thereof, as fellows: Ait counlies of less populalio: than 25,000 shall be deemed a? counties of th? first class. AU ccunties of a population of 25.000 to night. . behind an ear while tlic burns on i llnmc(i to nn nls ro!c the side of her face and hand were i Wolhcim's efforts to reduce, oi county .farm supervisors. R. N. Farrar, Henry Lutes and Shep "Bunch are engaged in the op«ra- tlon of the farm while Judge Harrison has also been giving the farm his personal attention. \Vhe ther a farm superintendent will be appointed or Judge Harrison wll continue to personally supervise the farm with assistants detailed to various 'departments of the farm has not been revealed. About 35 convicts wHo are now costing the county a dollar a da; for board at the county jail wll be remoyed lo the farm, probabl tomorrow. No basis for comparl ion of the cost of boarding prls ners al Ihe jail and on the fan can be reached yet but It is an ticlpated that the board costs wl be lowered considerably once tr prisoners are established In the new quarters. They will also b. -.-„.... I N't™ w«ks ago at the suggestion' Alexander 74 died a! Given three meals a day at th The baby sustiined a deep burn ; of ph f ida "f. a " d A . do!ph Menjou the home of her'son. Dr. D. C. Me- farm instead of two meals, as pro Lean, at Yarbro yesterday afternoon vldsd at the county Jail. in l Sannders Stock Permit j Club Members Instructed Suspended in California 1 in Cotton Production and was well known in the Yarbro community. j Funeral services will be held to-1 Cecil Shane Addresses Sudbury School Pupi Cecil Shane, a member of tl local school board, addressed tl . All counties with a palliation of 40.000 to 65,00« population shall bs (liemod as counties of the third class; all counties with a LOS ANGELES. Feb. 18 (UP)—! OSCEOLA. Ark.. Feb. 18.—ClttMl A stock sel'iin;: permit of th? Cla>-- club members in the Ked Line and ence Saunders Stores, Ltd., of Kelser 4-H clubs at meetings Tn;s- nort'-.cin and southern California, day were instructed by Kalb. Miss. Funeral plans were in j charge of the Cobb Undertaking \ period yesterday. Tin exercises were opened the songs. "Old uslness In Arkansas, the tax to go to the general school fund. Audit Bill F* WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. (UP)—: Veteran loan legislation. moved swiftly toward passage by Ihe s;ri- -. He lo-Jny and toward an'op en clash' A-llli Ihe White House. . ' ; :'. The senate finance committee 13 to a delivered a favorable report! wllhoul amendment on the -bill' passed Monday by the house. The senate agreed soan afterwards ' to make tlic hill Us- flrsl order of business tomorrow. ZHCENTLETTEu HCTE-PJPICTED J ostal Department Needs to By vote of 2D to 4, the senate esterday passed a house 'bill b> cnator Cardwell find others, to alee an audit of county'offices bs le state auditorial departmen andatory In every county. At pres nt, state audits of county offices re made annuaUy in 45 countie ome'-tax -rate* would" be*-In creased and Inheritance tax rate educed by bills which Senator 'haney and Senator Purklns intro- Uced. Senator Chaney's bill would raise he Income tax rate from one to ne and a half per cent on net !n- omes up to $3,000; from two to hjree per cent on the next $3,000; rom three lo four iicr cent on the next $5,000, and from four to si: per cent on Incomes above 111,000. A rate of four per cent applies at >resent on Incomes from $11,000 to 125,000 and five per cent on all Income above $25,000. The county audit bill was passed and sent to the governor for his signature after an effort by Senator Caldwell to amend It was defeated. Thc proposed amendment would have exempted Jefferson and Mississippi counties. Increased Revenue Balance Budget. WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. (UP)—A two and one-half ccnl postal letter rate Is a prospect for next year, authorities here agree. President Hoover's alarm over mounting postal deficits lias- furnished Impetus for an Inquiry designed to result in increased .posta revenues. • :-. - - . ' Ho will-send to congress probably today R message recommending tha before adjournment March 4 a «pc- clal : lnvesllgaUng comratttW St.ufi pointed to conduct nn inquiry. Personally the president fears not only will the 2',j cent letter rate b2 miide necessary but also there must be an Increase Inrparcel post rates, according to Information obtained by the United Press. Tlie letter rate Increase would mean about $55,000,000 additional revenue for the government, where- ae about (100,000,000 is-the amount needed, It \\-as lea me d at the White House. A parcel post increase would furnish the difference. Veto Sectns Certain Prompt passage Is -assured and unless amendments are read Into Ihe bill on the floor the measure may go to the White House laU> _ i tomorrow for what Informed clr- 5J c!es hohl a ccrlaln velo. With congress In Its present tem- |>er enough voles were thought to be.available for repassage over the president's disapproval. The bill provides an Increase In loan value of veteran's Insurance certificates from 22'.-; to 50 per cent. Should the senate see fit to go further than Its finance committee nnd amend the measure It would have lo go back to conference with he house. Last minute efforts of the admln- strntlon to change or kill the bill were Ignored by the committee In its brief hearing prior to Us favor- " able report, -,'~ *— ; ' Hoover _st»h* S'-V'^"' . • -f ' A letter from President Hoover expressing strong disapproval .was ' '' ' - " '-- - =•'- read. . . . ..... . Mllli, under .-secretary of. treasury, 'irfii General ."'Frank- T. Hines, director 6t; the. viler aris': bureau, ^testified. J .'.' . :; : .'..J'i''»_..- '' ' AUempted Robbery of Bassett Store Thwarted BASSETT, Ark.—Burglars, evidently -seeking the safe and it5 contents, broke Into a rear window of the Idaho Grocery company and passed through a small office at the back, but c^tild not gain entrance to the olTl:^ where the safe was kept. Leonard Williams and Louis Oden were sleeping in an alcove above and were awakened by the ncils;. One of the boys opened fire and the Intruders fled, leaving a of blood. trail [leans voted against the president. Majority Leader Watsoli was oae'9f those who deierted. '• '. President Hodvor's promise to'.op-pose the rtsndln? 'veteran's com- • pensntton legislation was presented. [o the senate finance committee In" a letter to Chairman Smoot.' Mr. Hoover's letter said there are 'a number of most serious objections" to the bill which he thought would be a liability to the country. Some of the objections the letter set forth dealt with "matter of methods" and some with "fundamental principles" of .our .country. Sees Heavy Burden Mr. Hoover continued that the bill would crealc a potential liability of $1,712,000,000: After deducting the value of loans made under Ihc existing act the president said the case would aggregate $1,280,- OOO.COO. The letter said that It 75 per cenl of Ihe veterans took advantage of the new loan provision the treasury- would have to raise $1,000,000,000. Senator Reed, Re-publican, Pennsylvania, said he believed President Hoover would veto the bill. Smoot said that was his "understanding unless Its faults are corrected." a group of chain composed of 90 Agent S. n. Carpenter of Osceoli units throughout the .state, today in steps preliminary to planting this C °The al deceascd Is survived by tv:ojj.^ =° n B=- "™ ^lack Joe" an ( County «* ?• *£-\»? PUtnam MC -1-"^ ^ ^°£Z^\ • the piano. Pre d to -. lay that :um witr.- Lean of Tupelo. Miss. Mr. Shane's talk was on the Im- I portancc of gnliiing practical Capital Quiet as New Loy- Government Loan Money | a list Government Takes, A , read fe g eing Spent ^m'UiS'te ™ Uath OI Ullice. in a day or two. They ; : -. •-.". ;v ' Farmers in this territory wh measure prabably Wjul. .; :....ii. MADRID. Feb. 18 (UP)—Admlr- have received their first checks fo. ed over a velo should ilr. Hoover al Juan Baulista Aznary Cabans • government loans for (he purchas: [ tn!tc that action. became premier of Spain today, j of feed and seed are already spend; taking the oath of office at the ing the money. The checks were for Fearful of a pocket veto. Senate advocates of the losn legislation population --r more shall be deem-; mit liad b ° fn violated. The charges Ing the best available type of land, cd as counties of the fifth class, in i were denied by Clarence Saunders. to ditch the tract where necessary, determining the population of | president of the chain, who ex- to apply stable manure and plow each county, the last Federal cen-l pressed surprise at the action. \( under. su5 shall he takon as a basis for I : Miss Cora Le2 Goldman, homo drtciminhiB the class of the couu- n,.;i: c L ICj^fl Dpatti Ratp 'demonstration agent, gave a dem- tirs |»iiiisn uoii weain naie On 5t ra (i 011 to (.-, c girls in t he two Section 2.— (a) The fees and' LoWGSi Ever P.^CCrded clubs in the correct judging of saiaries cf the officers of the bread and cake. coimlics of the first class shall bo I LONDON (UP)—Britain's death and remain as they are now pM-| rat c for 1930 was the lowest ,:ver M T D u Ji » vided for by law. (b) Thc fees and, rccordctj bm the birm rate | s g) V -: IffifS, J. D. Heydlotl salary and emolument of cffi-, ,,,j ra ,,, K , 0 , ^^hle anxiety.' n- . • !»:=«««. ... n . „ . i ....-.,. -usv ----- ;, ......... --------- - ng . OH Little KOCK DJUlki knowledge. He gave some sound] nea( ) O f a monarchal concentra- 1 40 per cent of the application almost upset Senate rules and pro- I advice on the essentials of good t i on government. ; amount agreed upon the remain- ! cedure in a race to get the measure LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 18. (UP)-! citizenship or.d urged the children the proposal to ; to avoid foolish snobbery In their . reorganize the American Exchange i dal 'y contacts. aepart- ; Bank Commissioner Walter E. i j Taylor made it known last night Ihe '. banking; department Is convinced of (or Ills of Humanity OLYMPIA, Wash.. (UP) — Mrs. Thc capital was quiet and yes- : dcr to be loaned later in the season.] to thc whitc HouM bsfor e Satur- terdny the government had taken] The committee approved 15 ap-l da J' *' hen the l"-<Jay period before stringent military precautions plications In a meeting here yestcr-1 an adjournment begins. Bills pass- agalnst disorder or revolutionary ' day making a total of 84 sent to thc cd T"'" 1 " ">« P«lod may be ve- movemonts, and troops were con-! Memphis branch from here. Four centrated In barracks or at strat-, checks, for 40 per cent of appllca- cglc points around the capital. The;tlons. totaling $1280, were received i s ' 8nmg ' hf;ml ' teed by the president without returning '.hem to Congress by not nation was placed under strict today, censorship and constllulional guar-l were suspended. Dry Law tot District | Following disposition of the bon| us bill the senate is expscted to .... of all counties of the second | „„.„),,•„ , 0 ' p - ovi ^ 0ilft ] figures is- clifs shall be and reniahi as nw d fe Somerset Ho .. se , Ule Mln provided for by law Jd^ The of ; ct {hc > Gmenl Rcgister . fleers of all """"""" * •— m --»^ A ^"^^^s^^^^^ssr£^^vssfss. i mrenguer, who is in. ana_vamcsa,j roa(1 C | aisl . oom - tWs SDrtnS! W jH,TliK hni ramA im t-, mn time ago but . il-.','i' ' •> hutv. ' Dl£S in Mississippi At the same tlme It was learned i Mrs. Moore has cnndiicted a two! v ,ho Is enroute from Barcelona, 1 . ^' that Sam J. Wilson, special deputy acra truck farm and poultry yard! wcro SWO m In with the new prcm-i Wcrd has been received here of ballk commissioner In ciiarge of- ^r 17 years. . | ler. I liquidating the Institution, opposed If it's the style to wear short that the the dcath of XIrs - J ' B ' Hsydloft, ampiees of the Provincial Depart-; aled and the omcc 01 vuuctn)! mi : coring 60 per sMd ccunties arc hereby created Th i 5 ngurc wns nvc pe r CCIlt i,.,. ard establifheil. the qualifications i ow the previous low mark of 1528' n.rvv,,, T . IV u-iinir n»v I Dewey Crecy was fined $10 by of" thc collector shall be such as is i nnt , H p , r thcu53n d i-v 0 w the 1929 - '"';.„].-.?'"* ^ ' y h (U m _' Judge W. D. Gravettc in pol!c.>. now required by law. , I!Uc . . - " " - • ' ' ^ Baking court thU momln S on a charge of! Section 4 Tne county collector- The birth rale, however, was only' "f.'h his bro her D- Edw W dtslurbln « thc P sace - CrM >' ^ • of taxes nnd shall : 16.3 per thousand of the wllh Ws Brotner ' U " Mg " w- ' oeconu TTUB . ^ g ^^ mee [| n g on t i, c _. „ Be Buried Near First Meadows farm near Eiowah Tues' -day afternoon to study methods of alfalfa. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy to- 1 night and Thursday. LONDON, tup) — A desire that The metttng, held under the su- his. second wife be buried in the ot "eating a disturbance family plot, alongside the grave of pcrvlslon of E. Y. Fitch, teacher of | According to th; official weather Action on the 1 cle Shoals when the conference deadlocked for months, announced had reached a compromise, reconciling differences betTaen power and fertilizer Interests. The senate agreed to conference reports on two legislative and agricultural department appropriation bills, both of which now go to the. house for final action before going to ths president. The ajrlculturpj bill appropriates $213,964.670 and the legislative bill county c eat and where (Conllnued on Page there are! estimated at -15.000.000 acres, con-1 cuilcy was •tfiinhig 145,000,000 cubic feet of \ Australia ' Three) 'merchantable timber, j 345 , „ frcm Melbourne, admitted "swapping" some liquor The cost of the call \vas ( for an army shirt but claimed thc i transaction occurred In Missouri. burled in my family grave with ers, who made soil tests of lime and a year ago the minimum tempera- my first wife, who was her great phosphorous and talked on the sue-1 lure was 38 degrees and the maxl- frlend," the will said. 'cesful growing of alfalfa hay. mum 75 degrees. GREENVILLE, N. C.. (UP)—At thc age ot three years, Edna Eerie- Corbctt already Is an accomplished pianist. The child has mastered, several selections. She plays entirely by ear.

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