The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, May 18, 1934
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Served by ttie United Pren* BEFTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS OOHINANT NEWUPAl'KH Of NOKTHRA HI' ARKANSAS AND 8OUTHKABT MIB6ODBI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 53 Blytlievllle Dally Newi Blythevllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald ni.YTDKVU.LK, AKKANSAS, FRIDAY, MAY' 18, 1934 SINGLE COPIES FIVK CE^TS FEII OESPtRIITt EFFDRT 10 FREE DILLIER GIRL Outlaw Rcnortcd Near St. Paul Where Lvclyn Frechette [s On Trial Insull Fanv Clare- ,f <•** eking arrow's Aid : CHIC/' ence V the r> .-' bis; ' -'•'. fen' •' .. in ,v '.''' ST. PAUL. May 18 (UP)—In a court room packed with tedi'i-al upeim to ]:revenl another o.' John l)iliur j er's daring deliveries, a 13-ycui-oid boy v,itl. curly hair tcday iistilied ih:.t hus moihei hid the lli;n. i .if-r outlaw in iheir home. f-1'ownlng as he followed the questions of District Attorney Cieort'c F. Sullivan, Wallace Salt —lie looked like a mldi;el hi n lii.l.;c hiavy oak witness chulr- -held spectators in rapt interest as he unfolded a .simple unembellished story. Itcnru- Munliunt His lc;-t.inony • three defendants in their [rial <m charges of harljoring thi 1 Indiana outlaw came as authorities throughout the mh!dlewest strapped on Iheii ^uns for another concerted manhunt. There v,'ere reports—apparently well founded--that Dillinger had eineifed finm hiding and sta'^". again on his blood-spilling forays. Exlra guards were thrown about Iho federal courtroom after Si ! J anl iioliee rec'-'ived a report that an automobile containing five men had been sighted driving at i,[i:ik-m-ck spi'i-cl tmviud the Twin Citi's. 'Ine n'purt recalled lo fedeinl authoiuie.s Dillingcr's rjoast thai he would "gel Evelyn Frechette cut ol jail bomchov,'." The cm 1 , wilhciui licence plates, was sighted at lltehwood. about ID .miles not (Invest ol St. Paul, near Newport. Bandits Take 525,000 FLINT. Mich. May 111 (UP)— Machine gun bandits, one described as John Uillinger. held up ttie Glcnwcod Avenue branch of the Citi/ens and Commercial Savi'i L hank today nnd fled wilh $25,- rco. Another $75.000 in cash, hidden a. lew minutes previously, (.leaped thq bandits' notice. New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 18 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low close .;->• ,y 18 lUIM-Chir- '•>•' ,or a half century ' £' .e tit niuimjiulli's ai.u] : :: . may be hiird lo d.'.el Insull in the fallen .zar's criminal trials, ii •. •••'• •> .Miled today. •••' "' .-inber ol Hie Insull family jie Untied Pieiis that nejotm- i". ^ i are bein^ i-airlcr! on wltn DafToV, veteran of p. score of sva- allonal trials In which lie Lit- ; er]y aitaclied "primitive injustices" of Ameiica's social system.! Should Ihe famous trial l.iw/u (meige frojn hi^ announced "re- tiri'mr-nt" In handle Insull's casi 1 II would mark the lir^i time \ thai he has ever taken up in I cause of a man identified ftllli big I Your Navy- by Nigh I. and Day LEflGUE ENTRY JH SOVIET Russian ai)d French Diplo- malic Leaders at Geneva Conf er Soviet Russia hnvisions Tremendous Program of Develoj menl This Is Ihe secoiitl of -\ series of si\ sluries on Siiieria, when' tiie SIM let lllilun now Is s|iemliiitf billions (u blink amblti.'ti of Japan lu expand westward. How Itussia in dtlhlicalitijf Amcriru's "whining nf the wt-hl" in I lie Far K:tsl Is told interestingly by William riiilii) Simins, in lids series, 111.- t'cmrlh written ]>y him uii Ids present wurld tour for Courier News ami nthfr Ni:,\ Newspapers. « * » I'.Y Wll.l.IAM riill.II> SIMMS (Copyright. 1334, NBA Service. Ine.i KIIAIIAKOVSK, Siberia — On the bltoard-swcpt morning of l-'sb n. 18U7. a column of ragged anil sliiverinji men won dren, some in chains, were shoved into line by Iheir Cossack guard and given the order: OOSVA. May ,» ,U,,- B ,,,,I- A S^ w ;^ d r of lce . com , (l (leant dnilomatic conversations. mlles .,,;., u , a lhe Ur;1 , , . wicl, observer, believed ,ni s h! 3;^* IIKU exile. Siberlu! The the political complexion of very ,„„„<, n . ck , o , , the European map. were initialed smt ] s today v,'.th the apparent ho,,e «,! Am llle lsoncrs was onc Soviet Russia inlu Hie v i a< j im j League of Nations. The conversations center ed mound a, meeting of I' and Riissinn diplomats, the i:lmil. oiil- siwken Maxim Litvinolf, as fur- rign coin:iiiv:ur of the Soviet Union, and Louis nartho:i. foreign minister of Franco. Unofficial Trench circles said the question of Soviet er.lry into the League was the chief" topic. Litvltiuir dcdsed nue.stions regard:n" miry into the League. "We discusstd general things." he [ he said. "I had not, seen Bar- .hou since tlie Genoa conference. I am pa-ssing through Geneva en route 10 the 1-icnch Savoy to rest and regain my voice after an illneti until Hie anus conference meets on May 29." May .. Jnl ... Oc't .. Dec .. Jan Mar .. Spots 10 1142 1152 11159 1180 1187 1191 1142 1152 nra 1181 1187 1197 1134 1139 1156 1168 1119 118ti 1138 1H5 1164 1110 1182 1191 closed quiet at 11GO, ofi Indianapolis Chauffeur Hurt in Accident Here E. M. Costln, well known coal Staler of Indianapolis, Ind., escnp- eii with minor bruises but Paul Winston, . his chauffeur, sustained Injuries necessitating amputation of three fingers when their car tinned over on Highway 61, five NEW ORLEANS, May 18 (UP) - Cotton chopped 12 to 13 points today nnder pressure of liquidation. Postponement of President Roosevelt's silver message, prospects that his message might not be inflationary, yood weather, and eusier slc.i-ks and grain all contributed to the decline. open high low close 1142 1142 1142 1149 1150 1138 11155 1105 1153 1118 1178 111J7 1181 1194 miles below Blythevllle, today. A tire blew out on the 12 cylinder Cadillac in which they were traveling when the driver veered sharply off the concrete highway onto a dirt shoulder. A truck. | speeding in front of the car. turii- jtd suddenly lo the left to pass (7ollOM| (ulottlcr vehicle traveling In the same direction, and Winston, close behind, was forced to take to the shoulder according lo reports. After emergency treatment at a Ilyich Ulyanof, later known lo history as Nicolal Lenin, sentenced to three years at hard labor. Today. 37 years afler. another column of men. women, and children h steadily pushing toward Siberia, directed thither by l.'e dead hand of Tallin, whose bojy lies embalmed in its red-and-black marble tomb in the Red Square in Moscow. But they do not go In chains They arc going voluntarily because they !:one for a brighter future there, as workers and homesteaders. They are goiii(; in much thr same spiiit that led American pioneers to plunge Into the wilds beyond the .Mississippi and on to tl:e Far West. areer Than All Europe "Siberia." a Soviet cfflclal marked, "was discovered, as a ter- Kory, .back In_ 153), by'a fellow lamed Ermnk. But it remained for he llolsheviks to discover it for vhat It really i s . 3M years IKer." I'asked h.ln to explain, tie led ne over to a map. "That," he said, "is Siberia. It's Jigger than all the countries of Europe combined. It's bigger the United Stales. Yet. until re- cenily, almost not hint; was known about it—even by Ihose who rested lo rule it. May Jul on Rec Jan Mar 1141 1158 mo mm 1186b physician's office was removed to the the ehaufleui Blythevllle for Mr. Costln was treated Later dismissed. l > rlllse(1 shoulder but Keiser Man Announces for Justice of Peace OSCEOLA, Ark., May 18.—Bob C.rcen of Keiser announced yesterday Ills candidacy for ttw office Snots closed quiet at 1152, olllof Justice of the Peace of Monroe 13. May Jul Sept May Jul eclinej to Intercede Against Sterilization OKLAHOMA C1TV, May 18 (UP) •Mrs. Franklin D. Itooscvcll has •dined lo Inlercede with the le.'-.ldi-nl to prcviMH .slerlll/atlnn : habltuut cilmliuils conllticd in lu Oklahoma Mute penlU'iilhiry. A l^wt:n, Okla., mother had Idie.-i'.ed a plea lo Mia. Iloose- ?lt. Her letUT was relurncd oday lo tlov. W. H. Muriny from le d.pailmrm of Jusllee, to which le mailer had been refeired, Ith ihe nolallon: "This Is not a federal mailer." Convlcls at ihe stute prison ml been prote.'illiig the stenllxa- on move and have iturled a "keep our manhood" Imitl to tight lhe > 'llunugli the conns. Makes First Move Toward Limitation of tioual Traffic Interna- SLAYER DF GIRL Uncle Ham's naval miiihl snrgliif over Ilic calm tropical waters of the Caribbean during maneuvers urc- ieiiteil i.cenes of rare piclureri|uen.-ss. as ttie striking iiliotographs above Illustrate, At left, Ihe U. S. H. Halt Lntr City mill Hie U. s. .S. Chester are seen tr.ih the foretop of the U. S. S. Pensacola. At rigid, the U. K. 8. Nurihiunnton. is caught In liij til very beams of a tropical moon State Planning Board Meets With Vincent Miles OPmrPT TRIIPK '"-rLEHOC^TMa, 111 m I inillm Vlncem Mllls ' 'eglonal I !IU I LU I MIUUll (he national planning May 18 (UP)— advisor for planning boaid, met I here today with the executive! 0 U'onnnlttee of the-stafe board 1- ' '\-" "'' o •• " A° I committee of the-stae board np- JonCShorO Company Ap- pointed by Governor J. 'Marlon plies for Injuncl i o n Against City of Manila Chancellor J. F. Oalitney will hear the plea of the Jonesboro Coca Cola Uottling company lor a temporary order restraining Manila town officials from arresting a bollllng truck driver pend- "The maps t'-ey made of it were '"" tlnnl decision as to legality of ; Fun--. 11 last January, j Discussion of lhe projecled 10-! | year pro^iam lor nu^ii,;iui r^-| i hablhtatlo!! was expecled to form j a basis for recommendations for! Salesman Dies on Gallows for Brutal Shreveport Crime SHREVEPORT, La.. May 18 (U !>) — D. B. Napier. iillns Fred Lock mrt. paper butterfly peddler, paid with his I He on Ihe gallows ill icon today • (or the brutal killing of 16-year-old Mnu ailtln. Reconciled lo death and minimus lo "set it over with," Napier walked lo tile gallows with it steady £tcp, nlpnc, singing nnd praying Before the trn|> was sprung he made u short s|«cch admonish ing ofllclal witnesses Unit till "wages of sin li death." Napier confessed to hiring thi GHIln girl to the wootls wlicr he criminally assaulted her D then slashed her Ihroat with nlfe. The slaying of the GlfTIn g\r little over a month ago, nro d the whole state to anger! Twic ioba tried to s-elze • and lync Kapler. Both ttiiies tile croui fere driven back by deputies an lly police. ]V| a ( er [ a ] Airport Hangar and for Other Purposes work in Arkansas along the lines j The large frame and galvanized tr!<-d to go by them. They showed rivers wrong. If yon got Ii6t. wr.ere no rivers existed and we :iave found river.s wliere iiune was marked down. "In czarist times. sil)i-ri,i was just a prison camp. Or a vast r>;e:on 'er" a few grew rich by scratch- Ing the surface hfre and there. To the masses all it meant was drend. exile, ests. frown . , prison, torture, jlcomy for- steppes, unutterable oneliness. "Tlint made it. dentil, whai !!•._' olj regime <irra( Rlvtrs There "We are making it qutle some- Ihin? else. We are making 11 a place to live. "In it are four of ih» vvn'H'- Brenlrst rivers— ihe Ob, the Yeni- Wheat open Dl 89 1-8 high 01 3--I 90 1-4 90 1-8 low 80 1-4 87 1-2 8S 3-8 close 89 1-4 80 1-2 Township in the Democratic pri mary. The three magistrates (or the township, which includes the towns of Osceola and Keiser. now live in Osceola. Mr. Green, in support of his candidacy, urges. In addition to personal qualifications, that one of Ihe three should be a resident ol Keiser. Chicago Corn open 48 50 1-8 high 49 1-8 51 3-4 low 41 3-4 50 close 48 1-4 50 5-8 Closing Stock Price* NEW YOUK, May IB (UP) — Stocks eased off near the close today after moving in a narrow r.ingc most of the session. Trading continued light. Losses nl the end of the day ranged upward to more than two points. A. T .and T 115 1-8 Anaconda Copper 15 Hrlli. Steel 35 Chrysler 39 7-8 Cities Service 23-4 Coca Cola 123 "Gassed" Apples Star At British Market Show LONDON (UP) -Crates of fresh- looking apples, which have "gass- d" themselves In cool storage— esnlt of a new method discovered n the Empire Marketing Board's iboratory at Cambridge—arc tile lg lilt of the Early Market Pro- luce Show In London. "Apples give off gas." explained m official. 'When that gas ha: iccunuilaicd five per rent of car »n dioxide, the storage room I: lermetlcally of 40 degrees. Tli apples go to sleep, so lo speak, and Pen. Am. Tank 36 1-4 Hen. Bleclrlc 20 1-8 fir-n. Motors 33 1-2 Int Harvester .....' 33 l-~2 Mid-West Ulilllies 3-16 Montgomery Ward 251-2 N. Y. Central 28 1-8 Packard 41-8 I'hlllips Pet 18 Uadlo 15-8 Simmons Beds 16 3-4 St. L.-S. P 35-8 Standard of N. J 42 5-8 Texas Co 24 1-2 U. S. Steel 42 5-8 U S. Smiling US wake ccl." up refreshed and unwrlnk- Original Union Ticket Found in Old Bible HASTINGS, original union Neb, (UP) — An ticket, printed a •wl. the Lenn. and Ire Amur—every ~'ne longer trail the Mississippi— nless you count in the Missouri. "Americans know the Volga pret- y well, thanks to the .=0113. Thev also knoiv of the Amur, because of re war-scare a!ong its valley. But low many, even educated, Americans can tell, off-hand, where the Ob is, where It rivs. and into what it flows? Nevertheless, [lie riches along its course will some day make history. "American women, ol course L-now the loveliest furs come Iron- Siberia—sable, beaver, ermiii" blue and gray polar fox. ttifk\l-eare.1 lynx, marten and the rest. • • • Rirh In Minerals "But only n few peonle have the faintest conception of Its Incalcula ble wealth In coal. iron, copper lead, precious stones, gold, silver and othof minerals. Or that th< endless steppes are not pcriwlunU. frozen bad-lands but are reall fertile plnlrs. waiting to bring fort bumper crops of almost every de scription. "In the area around Mlnuslns —the very same Minusinsk t which Lenin was exiled—are ap pro.xlmalely 500 billion tons ol co; and many millions more of iro; Siberia has almost .as much coa and of the very best quality anthracite, or coking coal, as Ens .in ordinance .under which the of- litlals are acting, at Jonesboro tomorrow morning. The suit, lileil here yesterday, was the second legal action brought by the Jonesboro firm fgainst Manila officers. A circuit court action filed earlier In the weei; had effected replevin of a tek. allegedly held by Manila of- crs May 14 on their third art of R. E. Kirkendall, driver lor e bottling firm, who was jailed, rkendall was later released and anlla officials disclaimed any tention of holding the truck len it was turned over to a ilcp- sherlff serving the replevin der. Manila officials have declared at until and unless a court order strains them they will arrest, the tiling company driver or any her truck driver violating the diniincc. As Klrkendal is slated make his regular trip through aniia (oday his arrest for the urth time may follow If he per- set out by federal authorities. The program will include such things us public works development, co-ordinntion of transportation, slimy of housing conditions end. the drift of |»pnlation through observation looking louartl pus- tibie control. It may be lion tmlhllm; on the Creamery Package company's property here was purchased today by the Bly- thpvillc Relief commtltee for »350 Tlie building will be razed by FFRA labor and the material I contains will be used for the con- ctrurllon of a four-plane hangar four or live monllis.;at the airport now being bull befoie the state: program is mapped. Siau> Highway Commission Secretary It. W. Spence said lo- . (Ir> >'- short time before the election of Abraham Lincoln as president of Ihe United Stales, has been found by E F. Potts. The paper, printed with the words "Union Ticket" nt the lop and listing the words: "For President, Abraham Lincoln," "For Vice President Andrew Jackson," was found in in old family Bible. land. Germany, and France put gether. Muc'.i cf It is on the sn face. Hardly any of It Is deepe than 000 feet. "Now look; Here are the Ur Mountains, separating Europoa Pussla from Siberia. This Is Mou Magnlinaya. Iron found by Warrior "About 150 years or so ago, a fe iContlnued on Page routli of town, and In other work relief projects. The purchase also included th< old brick building on tlie Cream ery Package land, which will be iB7«d for the brick if need Jo Them develops. The purchase was made wit WASHINGTON, May ia IUI') — The first ofllclal move by Hie ad- mliilsuniton lu l:ih)!j the United States Into line wllh oilier rouu- 'ic.s seeking lo clamp an arms em- argo on Paraguay and Bolivia miide by President Roosevelt oday In a special inmagi! to (lie enate. The president asked that the 'iiale committee named to Inves"- BaU the private manufacture of rnis and munitions nnd Intcrna- onal traltlc In weapons of de- tructlon receive the generous sup- xirt of the upter house. He did nol specifically ask for utlioilty lo declare an arms em- iar«o ngaltut the two South Am- rlcan ntulcns. which are at war ver tlie Gran Clnico territory, but here wus some Intimation In of- lelal elicits that Ihe president night, follow up this message wlUi i special and specific request for iuch authority. He did, however, call attention o Ihe League of Nations conven- lun for the supervision of International trade In arms und am-- nunltlon and the Implements ot war which was signed at Geneva .n June, 1925, but which has never been ratified by the United State) senate. Tlie president expressed the hoi» thnt this convention lKht be named at an early clat», "I hope that the senate may find It possible to give Its udvlca and consent to its ratification," the' president said, after stating that the private and uncontrolled munufacUire of arms ami munition! and the traffic In those ameiea has "become a serious source ot nternalional discord and strife." Two Othrre to Die NEW ORLEANS. May 18 (UP) — Oallow.1 made out of fresh new >lne awaited three condemned kll- ers lii two Louisiana towns today. It was execution-, day, the day when the "law ; catches up 'with criminals .and whisks them into eternity. D. B. Napier, 38, bewhlslcered paper butKrfly salesman, was scheduled to die at Shreveport for .he brutal killing of 16-year-old Mue Griffin, .high school gli-1 who lived with her widowed mother. At .Qretna, soutll or New Orleans, another ' gallows awaitcv. John Kapacl and George' Daliao They were sentenced to die for shooting- to death' Charles n Rabtto, a friend of Kapacl, during a • holdup. Quick Question Broufht Queer Answers WEST-FIELD, Moss. (UP) - To est the alertness of his class, Oeorge G. Sharp. Instructor at Wesifteld High,.,School,, suddenly lopped 1 this question:',' "What famous general Is buried In Grant's Tomb? "Sheridan I" exclaimed one pU- II. ; '. •Taylorl" guessed another. -— . Sharp got nearly half -way around his class before getting the right answer. Jersey Town Plans Heavy Fines for Nudists CAMDEN, N. J. (UP) —Nudists 1( any. In Haddon Township, near here; now have something else to proceeds' of the committee's jcr>,' worr y a "out besides co!d weather. • • • • • •• • For lhe township Is prepared to teet nudists more than half way -wllli a fine of |200 or an alter- lallvc of 90 days In Jail. 'For 70 years the township has plan, which In nearly a month of oiwatlon has brought more than $1.000 into the relief treasury. It was the second expenditure from the fund. $300 having been allotted some time ago for truck hire in connection with a project for canning and grading alleys and filllti'J in a low part of Halev field, the high school athletic field. This work Is now under way. _ „., , The executive committee in Dr. Thomas A. Mlchte, G3, phy' chnrgc of llle XI i^ , und has ?i c J*", 0 !.."," ni 'I^." lul .. s '"!. < -:.":l! """i"" 1 » !» licv of » sln « tlie |none y (0 p rov i,j e material and Bal i equipment only for such projects „. .. , as will Involve a labor outlay at S!L COt .!L'., r J 11C ^. flll ^ dt ?., h , a ™: least five times as great as that for materials and equipment. Dr. T. A. Michie Held Memphis as Narcotics placed under arrest at Memphis Thursday, charged with Ihe illegal sis in parking his truck on the sales of narcotics. ain street iFIIghway 18> of the ice which In effect prohibits all are under Indictment. They are m small trucks and cars from Tom Lamey, Marvin Tipton and arking on the town's only con- Charles Cohen, -etc thoroughfare. ! When Dr. Michie was arrested Raymond Hudson, Manila town more than 100 quarter grain (ab- Itorney. and Oscar Fendler. spc- .Us of morphine and some slryc.i- •al counsel, represent Manila "in nine was found In his nockels. litigation, and Arthur L. Ad- Olficcrs said investigation had reins of Jonesboro Is counsel for veatcd Ihal he had purchased he bottling company. Bucky Trotter Severely Beaten by Unknown Man Bucky Trotter. local resident : porch of a east of Bly- 'aruthersville Officer Assigned to Puerto Rico CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo.—Cap- aln Rexford Shores, who has been 20,000 quarter-grains of morphine, . ... . . , . ,. since January 1. This, it was de- "'eville. last night after apparent- dared. is more than Is consumed !>' hnvln S l*rn subjected to ICEltlmateiy by all the phvsiclaiisi^' 01 " 6 Mating cf the state In a year " Three Candidates for Osceola School Board OSCEOLA, Ark., May 18.-Ben Sutler, J. B. Bunn and S. M. Hodges have qualified as candidates for election to the two vac- ancles or. the school board at the annual school election here tomor- •ow. Neither J. L. Williams nor W. W. Prcwltt. the retiring directors both of whom have served for a number of years. Is a candidate for re-election. DES MOINES, Iowa,.May 18 (U }—Mrs. B. F. Langwrorthy "ul. Wlnnetka. 111., today was InstalleO- as president of trie National Parent-Teacher oxmgress, which jls holding Its 38th annual convention lere. Among vice-presidents elec- cd was Mrs. C. H. Thorpe of Little kock, Ark. °' fl « rs oni1 ambulance attend- lliat Dr. Michie. who was held with- [anu<i ' called lo the out bond last nljht. had no comment to make concerning the charges against htm. He has prac- «P°rtcd apparently had been assaulted In a thorough manne but that Questioning .lattrnert here for four years asitlced medicine In Steele for many | al1 ™ ? Hg J', c ., » instructor with the HOth infantry, i years and established an office to Ine wenm > OI .Iissourl National Guard, has re- j I" Memphis last January, 'elved orers transferring him to; the man clues a assailants. with the 'uerto Rico for i Infantry. With will leave early In June and will fail from New York June 21 for his new post. His orders call for a two-year stay. irr «iiu iitv |r . ni-tl f< 1 Mrs snores, Union Will Complete $50,000,000 Program for Drouth Relief larch 5. i ur lu yeais me tuwnsnin nasj ,• ; —. .< often along without this law, but! 01!dorf Germany, while ca- here have been *mors of nudists nooing otl llle Kuplirato river larllng a camp In lhis neighborhood, and it's always best to be ircpared," said Edward Marker, halrman of the township cifihm i- loncrs, In explaining why such an irdlnance was passed recently. Organization Monday The County Workers Unton will , , hold a final organization meeting' o'clock last night. Her dealh was Cribbs Child Dies Nellie Fern Crlbbs. two year o! daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Johl E. Critbs. died »t the famll home, 135 East Sycamore, at elgli Murdered Student's Family Seek Damaf tt CLNCINNATt (UP) —Damages for the death of Ray Fisher, University of Cincinnati . graduate, murdered by Arab tribesmen, will be demanded of the Iraq government, the Usher family's attorney: announced here. . .. The tour slayers, who confessed, have been sentenced lo death. The amount of damages lo be asked in Ihe claim has not been decided. Fisher, who was traveling around tlie world gathering material for a master's desfrce thesis, was killed with his companion Rudolp.i Mai,' 'arent-Teacher Congress Installs New President WASHINGTON. May 18 (UP>- Frderal Emergency Relief Administrator Harry L. Hopkins today announced adoption of a widespread drouth relief program, estimated to cost the government In ' excess of $50.000,000. Monday. May 21 at 7:30 P. M., at the courthouse In Blythevllle. The organization's attorney. Claude F. Cooper, will deliver the rew charter to the board of directors, and launched as tlie union a business will be corpora- lion under the national Industrial recovery act. The public Is Invited x to attend attributed lo colitis. Funeral services will be hell this afternoon at Sawyers cemetery with the Cobb Underlain.: company In charge of funeral arrangements. The Rev. J. L. Ne\v- :oin will officiate. Tlie deceased Is survived my, besides I'.er parents, three brothers, James, Johnny and R. B., the meeting, especially all work-1 three slsttrs, Mrs. Frances Owens, I ers, men and women. Louise and Winifred. W. C. T. U. Delegates Plan Visit to French Capita PARIS (UP)—A team of blue rib'bon water drinkers from Am erica will invade Paris In August Their visit lo the French capital Is sponsored by the Women's Christian Temperance Union, which is holding Its annusl convention in Stockholm next July, After the Stockholm meeting. * hundred of the W .c. T. U. crusaders will come to Paris. Mrs. Margaret C. Munns, ol Evanston, 111., is chairman of the Transportation Committee of the Adam's Ale ImUbers, and Is arranging !or their visit to the wet and wkked French city. She promises that no attempt will be made to transform the damp capital of France into a dry fortress, »nd that the blue-ribbon \valer drinkers expect only lo en- Joy the sights for * few d«y>. Fined for Disturbance Oeorge I.ufl of the Leachvllle community was fined nvc dollars in municipal court yesterday on » charge of disturbing the peace. Luff was convicted of the offense In a disturbance that occurred at Leachvllle several weeks ago. E. L. King, aged veterinarian, was the prosecuting witness. Mission Board Member to Preach Here Sunday The Rev. Alfred Carpenter, of the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board, will preach at the First Baptist church Sunday morning and evening. WEATHER APKANSAS—Fair, and warmer In northwest and central portions tonight. Saturday partly cloudy. Memphis »nd Vicinity—Fair tonight and Saturday, little change In temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 80, minimum *9, clear, according lo Samuel F. Nor- rls, ofllclal wMlher observer.

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