The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1938
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 23, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS JECUUIES PUBLIC r I A I A • I ^» J% M f\ f% • | M« MIA Rebuild or Repair Flynn Finds Nation Wants Makeshift Job Rallver Than Complete Overhauling Up what rmil lies reemnf! And, after all, nrt we looking for a makeshift temporary uros- perlly? Also, wlial ;i r c (In- slujiibliiij; Mocks o( dc])rcxsiim which must be c!rcimiiuvj|;:i(dl i on the M'uy lo reeoverv? I None can answer these rmesliuns more Incdly, pointedly and impartially (Ijan Jolui 'r. fly,,n, famed aullior-eeonomisl, uliu has done just lliat in several Important articles written for the Courier Nrws. Tlie (list article follows, * 4 + BY JOHN T. FIA'NN NEW YORK, May 20.— Every- t foody wants recovery. Thousands offer plans. Millons cry out for Eome workable program. Bui liow | Is any man to attempt n pro- '. gram of recovery mih'ss he kno«s what is meant by recovery? A great factory breaks tlo\vn. An engineer is called in. The owner tells liitn lie wants the engineer to make the plant (jo asain. Being an engineer, he sees there are great organic delects in tlie machines. He asks the owner: "What do you mean by 'making tills plant go again'? This is a steam plant. Do you want, lllis machinery ripped out and mortem g "Ifflricnl machines installed? Or - do you want to make this steam plant work? Do you wish me to take out all tltcse clefeclive parts unit put in new mid better ones and re-arrange the machinery a little so Hint it can resume work at full effectiveness and continue to go? Or do you wish me lo leave it as it is, but merely patch it up hero and there or get it started, even though ft may break down a«ain before the season i> over? I can rto this job any way you want. But I must knew iiliat you want." Now then, what about Uiis great national economic machine, of ours? Clearly the people do not ivish to serai) it anil put in a new plant—communist,, fascist or socialist. We want to \isc the existing iiiach'i.-ery. But how long do we want that machinery..!/) continue to go? Do we want; to'^rearrange it a little, take out old'ilefetclvc pails and put ih new ones, make a real repair job so that when the machinery starts it will continue to run at highest cffectviencss for mi in^'definite time? Or do we merely want to palch It, mnke a few adjustments and get it started even though it may break down in a year or two or three—break down worse than ever? In 1933 the administration started its spending program. Any economist could have told il— Osceola Society — Personal clitcXen supper. Only routine business was disposed^ of ut the brief session presided over by Mrs. I,, C, 11. Yomii!. iireslilent. PAGE THREE lilgh si-lion) In which Russell Reina member of (he senior C. Moieheiul 1ms been miller eliiss. Mrs. Ill nl her Ilium 1 (fir tin' past, wcrk. TtMrliiTs lluiiiim) Mrs. R L. (Jolc led ihls iiu>riil»iT Members »r () W high i;c|nx)l I" company ulih Mrs. 'I'. R Tale family with Ihelr wives nnd lnis-!<H Armnivl lor l.iule Hock la al- biuiils, umnberliifi sixteen, were, l ' v||li ""' <|UiirliTly iiiei'ttn« ni ihe (jnesls ol Mr. nnd Mrs. Everett: executive buind u( AikuiiMis Wo- Held (di u stcnk illniu'r nl (iiij'iiinii'" MlM'.jHimry Union <u which Comt iioiivf. cule on Wednesilny ""'J' ul '° ini'rnbers Ilil'iU MUCHI-II l.unrliron Mi.--. W. A. Smith, assisted by her moOi.T-in-lmv, Mrs. W. S. Sinllli, enlt'ihiliud at n one o'elort; biliiiii- Imu-licon yc.slerdiiy lionorlnn Mrs. I'niil Driver who Is inovlini lo Join Is iii fnliir V. I' "How long do we want the machine to conlinne to go? Do we want lo make a real repair job? Or do we merely want lo patch it ... ?" Oily Health Officers Issues Statement On Rabies Cases l.milse llalfi Honored at Tho miiny allmellve nnd Interesting iiiiilles given lust week in honor o( Miss Ixmlse llulc, whose wedding to Aullinr I .eon Holers ol New Albany nml Jackson, Mississippi, oc'eiirs lute this afternoon, luive taken precedence over nil ::octnl acUvilles here Ihls week. Mrs. Mlllon ]>o|>e nml Mr>:. W. R. Johnson eiilerlalnwl ctijht tnbles o( bridge In iionor of Miss llnlc on Tuesday alliTiioon nl the home of Mrs. I'ope on nUemulu hlghwny 01 lorlli of town. Awards were won by Mrs. Hugh Uillahunly, Ml: Julia Ijllhud CraUs nnd Mi's, lien Silver salt itjul peppi-i shakers were presented ihe honorec 'en tjurals were Mrs. Thomas P. Ploridn. Mrs. Wnilc Qiilnn mill Mrs. Nntliini WelnlK'iis. itliiing room of Sultan's Club and Gale wits the scene of the bridge nnd bingo party given Wednesday by Mrs. Jiimes U. liorinn and Mrs. E. L. TnlllalciTu for the l>ride-elecl. Sharing honors with Miss Hide was Mrs. Jetllo Driver, a recent bride of Ihe sen- son. Floor baskets of pink gladiolus and bowls of blue Inrkspur nml hydrangeas were used in decoration. The. guests of honor were presented boudoir, jackets ns gifts. Awards were taken by Mrs. Hulli Hale Carlisle, Mrs. A. W. Uowcn, Mrs. Sam Coble and Mrs. L. b. McDearmiin. Tlmrsdny night Mrs. C. B. Driver and Mrs. E. E. Smith, Jr., honored Miss llnle. wllli a uiiicine "Kid Parly" nl which all guests came dressed us children, some representing story book cliarnclcrs. Spring (lowers and toy balloons 1111' IMI liie euterlainmcnt rooms of the hose Tagnurt of SUillgarl Is a C. B. Driver home.MI'S. Guy liry- (hoiiscp.ncsl in Hie Hunks home iliir- To Make Reports On Garden Club Dme HlytliiH'llle Clarden club. Is u'lii'lni; an extensive Iwo )iii'iiil;fr,vlil|i drlvi', ivlll lia«? nut uiioits a( u brief busl- lo be lielil toiilijhl. cils' lull], hegliiiiliie nl Mrs. Miirsliall Slrong win) hcml-i'n UK lo Mcinptilii In (lie iienr|iH'.v; :•> I'rlvies were won ijy Mrs. H. l al Ihe iei nnd Mrs. Hinllli. |r.:ill o'elock. ' ' I Mrs. .1. A. IxH'di and Mrs. W. r nml lulcnm'illali' 11. Y. 1 !,, lluruer n n- lemiers n[ (lie lw» illli'i-i-s (or Ihe last linlf nt; rommitlccj.. Uu> loslni; lOiia v.crc cli'i'ti-d nl (heir business ulilih I;, «i ciilcilnhi the Hirelings here llils week. .lunl»r \Mtli a i.ienk slipper next ollii'ci:. me: I'linlini! Heath, pres- lili'ht. lileiit; Ji'iin l,|k> linker, vice-yresl- (leul; Shirley MnMIn, Kecrelaiy; Belly Hue Musllti, treasurer; isnni|i ciiphiins. Virginia I IT lleiil.. Slilr- ley Diisir and Kvelyn Pleleher. )N'(ll;i((' ollJrrr.'; are: Mitr- Hnrlon. iiresldenl; Joyce Cos. vice-president; Merllne Hall, winner* Monday t!H)ii]i laplaius me Vein lleiuhix niul .loninr nest, iinil Umlie Trns- sell. Mis, Gilbert Mnslln enleilaln- ed twenty inembfi-.s of llu- .sunbeam Baiifl at iK'i home Tuesday for a Japanese Tea party and Ims- pllal shower for the Slnlc Duptlst liospllul In Little Hock. Mrs. Ci, Unrslll llnnks has sone to Onmlir., Nebraska, and Vllllscn, Imni, for a matillt's visit with rel- utln's. Hlie inolored in company with Miss llelly Hunks of Mem'- lilils. mi mint of Mr. Hunks. Miss NOTICE OF K1I.1NO ,UTMOA- TION' (Oil UQUOK Notice Is hereby given I'DltMlT (hat Ilie undersigned has llted with the Commissioner of Revenue of the ile nl Arkmisnsi application for permit to sell ami dispense vliioui or spirituous liquors for beverage nt relnll on (lie iirenikcs ilescrlbed us Joe-'.'! l,li|iior Sloro, -IU7 1 '. W. Mnlii HI,, Ulythcvllle, rtrk. Application Is for jjerinil to lx> issued lor operation beginning on (lie first day ul July. 1U3U. imil lo expire on tlie ;toili day o( June. in.'lUiwjiiesctjIicd !iy Uiillelln ilnlt'd Jnmiary 'I. l!i;iu nnd Hupp!i>menlfil Hi'KUlaHan No. 1(1 clfectlve July 10, CJACII.K, »-'~'.'l Applicant, ()[' [JXKCIJTIVK SA1.K Nulke h hereby given Hint I, I ho , undersigned slierllT of Mississippi Comity. AfkiiDMiK, will twi tlm Dysentery Is Waning In Mississippi County The number ol children 111 horn baiTllnry ily.ventri'y hi Ml'isl.vslj)])! cinmly is on Ilic (hv:'iasi'. tii's|)lle IK" cliiuy/ei) lieinu seriously III from Hie dlsi'iiM- al Ihe lilyllielillle liosjiiiul. li w:is uiinimiici'd loilny by Dr. |J. K, .Sclilniic-r, dlri't'lnr (if the eoniily iii-iith null. Hoiuld Wi'k'h. 1H niontbs old child ol iniyll. and Dale Cioixlon, sis months old (iosiirll luiby, were iidmlftecl to (lie liospltul insl night after llie/y becnme seriously 111. The mnistmlly prolonued coo! ivriilliei 1 for .Ilie seasun has liwn it urcul help In ri'duclntr-flic number f ensi'ti. bolli local physlulnns nnd lr. Sclilrmer wild Unlay. Taking co: porls tiint ui/.ancc of recent re- pet do» dial bit a number of persons and animals here was rabid Dr. C. E. Wilson, city health officer, today issued a statement regarding hydrophobia in which he cautioned any persons bitten lo have siieh wounds immediately cauterized. Dr. Wilson also took occasion io express doubt us lo (lie effectiveness of so-called anti-rabies vaccination or immunization of dogs and other animals as required by city ordinance. Dr. Wilson's slnlement follows: "It might interest yon lo learn all you can about this disease (hydrophobia) lliat of laic gives many grave concern due to tlie irequent report of rabid dogs and the frequent, attacks of these dogs on those who come in contact with them, causing certain amount of injury to the skin, such injury causing a great denl of menial anguish. "Hydrophobia is one of our oldest known disease. 1 ; and ye!, never as prevalent in any section as reported. The fact is that not many nntl did tell lt-thiil if this \vns] j wnplc , lnvc cm . (lje(1 from n T kept uu it would bring what would hav( , nrac treed medicine more than be called recovery. But any e.con-1 omist could and did warn it, that it could not last more tiian three or four years. It lasted only tlvree. It is iimi' possible to produce that recovery again. The last one cost sixteen or seventeen billion dollars. Anolher such recovery can be produced for about the same sum. But it will not last quite as long as the last one. This is what the adminisrtalion is now preparing lo give us. But I fear * they are uuder-eslimatiny the cost. • And that it will not be recovery iiny more than the unhealthy upsurge was a recovery. Business men. irked by government taxes, spending, labor policies, regulation, want all this ended. Their theory is simple— let business alone, check the SEC. let Wall Street get busy, demobilize the NIjRB, cut out capital gains taxes and undivided profits taxes and watch the nation recover. If we do that the most we can hope for is a repetiliou of what happened 'between 1S34 and 1929. If business' holies arc realized there will be a boom— immense railroad equipment orders, utility expansion, commercial and home building, enormous industrial re- liabilitalion. But it is certain that will not last over four years. And then we will plunge into another ^ di-pression fur worse than this one. After all. Mr. Hoover let business pretty well alone for three years and matters grew steadily worse. To sum It all up. we know that the plan of the President will not produce more than a few years' Tclensc nud lliat the plan of business will produce only a few years "recovery." Boll) plans call for the kind of recovery which the factory owner asks the engineer to produce by patching up the defective parts and gelling the machinery moving for n season or two as the prologue to another and worse breakdown. Between these government's nnd the private business program —there Is really not much to choose. And yet It Is a profoundly dts- fact that what people now Is the patching process— they ^wmt lo get. the machinery start*•£<! somehow. And what Is more, tbey wnnt this patclica-iip. nia- phlnery lo grind o«l immeasurable •10 years and never bad the opportunity to sec a person with hydrophobia. I have seen mule a number of animals with it and had Hie opportunity lo watch them from tlie time of infection to the development of the disease to death. The disease is characterized bv three singes, first the nervous stage, in which the animal seems unusually friendly or affectionate and very restless. Second comes Ihe convulsive sla'^e in which (lie animal seems to hnve lost, consciousness ami if not confined will leave home. Any disturbance whatever will cause 11 convulsion. They cannot swallow and therefore cannot cat or drink. They will attack « post or any object they come in contact with. The third stage or paralytic, slate is when the nniuial becomes motionless and dumb, the so-called 'dumb kind.' "There is no known cure for the disease. Therefore il becomes om- duty to prevent it. U Is Ihe duly and cliier concern of all health boards and units as well as every oitlxei) lo tise all precautionary measures to prevent it. To deal intelligently with tile disease anj person having a dog that Is unnatural or .sick should confine it until well or dead. All dogs running at large or so-called stray dogs should be killed for they are our I main carriers. "Any person having a scralch or bite from a clo^ or cat should at once go to n phy.siciaii .'ind have the wound thoroughly cauterized, which is possibly our best prcven- tative. "I have no faith whatever in the so-called anti rabies vaccination. It has no proof that it ever liad any ellect whatever. A government report sent, out Inst year sliowed tha^, in some locality in Texas where hydrophobia was unusually prevalent a very close census will) n thorough vaccination was made with (lie result that they iuul more of Ihe disease lo follow than l>c(ore. "After any suspicious bite any person should take the anti-rabies serum treatment but by all means have the wound trealed as soon as possible." ant wns voted as tlie best Impersonation of any character. She was ih'e.ssed us Huckleberry Finn even to tile fishing pole nnd can of worms. Her urine was a house, dress, in the bridge tames Mrs. Charles Lowrance was given a double deck of "Kcm" playing cards for highest score. White satin lingerie went to Mrs. Oames Cnrtwrlghl, Jr., for •iccoiKl priw. Miss Joy Ulackwood won low score nwnrd. Dresden Cliinu boudoir lamps were presented Miss Hale. In addition lo those playing were special yucsls. Miss Bhuice Clcerc, VlrBlnfn Smith. Aynes Ward and Mrs. Thomas 1' Florida. Lust night (lie wedding parly were guests of Mr, and Mrs. Jetlie Driver mid Mr. and Mrs. James Driver nt their country home for n bairel supper. Proceeding Ihe rehearsal at nine o'clock 'llils mornliiy, Ilie Ifrtdul purly were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hale Jackson, and Mrs. Ida Tucker nl brc;ikfi;s(. A low bowl of mixed (lowers centered the linen covered tnWe. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. J. Hale, parents of the hridc-clecl, were hosts lo Ihe wedding party nt (he formal wedding breakfast nt high noon loilny nl tiic Sulton Country Club, where covers were laid for twenty- five at a T-shaped table on which were silver baskets and silver bowls of hydrangeas nnd larkspur. Else-i where in the lurgc dining room' were (nil door baskets of gladiolus nnit Plumosa fern. In addition lo the. bridal parly, guests sealed al ilie t.nble were Mrs. Thomas I'. Florida. Mrs. Sam Coble and Mr. and Mrs. David Glllison of Lnke Village, Arkansas. Ing Mrs. Hunks absence. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Mason. acotKc Florida and Miss Virginia Florida, nnd Mrs. E. A. Traforil nre .n Ciiilfporl. Mississippi, for tlie weeks commencement nclivHies of Gulf Coast Military Academy, al which Ainbose Teaford and Huddie Mason will graduate next week. Tlie imrty will reUirn Ihe Inllcr purl of next weok. J. B. Hiinn. pasl ijrmia mnslcr »( Ihe Masonic, lodge, for Uie stale ol lias returned from t.nke. City where he wcnl as (he s)ieclnl rciMcsenlnlive of Ihe grand HVIS- ler to confer the Ilfty-yenr (-old billion lo Samuel Driver, who lins been a Mnson for fifty years. Mr. Driver Is an uncle ol CotiKrcssmim W. J. Driver of Osceola. Mrs. Dwit'M H. Bltickmmd nutt Mrs. Jolm \v. RdringUm will leave in the morning lo atlend Uic nn- riunl qmvenlion of tlie Arkniisas Feilcrnilon ol Women's Club.' meeting in fjltlo llnck. Miss Cora U'P Colrman of niyllirville will accompany .Mrs. l!drin(jton. Mrs. lilackwood nml the Inlter ai-e dflc- Bales from Hie Osceola Progressive Clul), while Miss Colemau will represent Ilie Hlyllieville Wojiinn's Club. Mrs. Clyde Disoii and son, Clyde, Miss .Bciilnh Menller and Helen Walker, all of'Memphis, were guests of Mr. nml Mrs. J. K jiflmnn>r le co iii- Osceola The decir In American national mrks number nearly 1,000,0111). W.UtiVINO <»lt»HI{ N TIIK C1IANCK11Y COURT OF CHIOKAKAWIIA D 1 STIll OT, MISSlBSH'l'l C'OUNTV, ARKANSAS, Nelll Keeil. Giln. ol James Elvln llooil. ami Hum Mnimlt, lins- Ice. rliilnllir, vs. No. (NiH(j Uculiih uucklnijlinin Ilnnks am Fiirdia R Hunks. Defendants. Tho defcndnnt Heiitali littcklitif- :iam Bunks and Fiirdia F. Banks in: warned lo appear wllliln llilr- y dnys In the court mimed ti the caption hereof nnd answer the complaint of Ihe plainliil, Nelll Heed, Gdii, of Jnmr.s Elvln Hood, nnd Sam Manntt, Trustct!. IJateil (Ills 23 day of Mny, 1(138. 11AUVEY MOHIilS, Clerk liy lilly.nbclh niyllie, D. C. Nelll Herd. Ally, for 1'Jlf. Kd B. Cook, Ally, nd Lllcni. Hitli day ol June. ]!«!!, nt Ilie .•oiitli iloor <>[ Hie Comlhon:;e In Hlythevllle, Ai kiin.'iiiK, oiler for Mile (or rash In liuinl (lie follow-' ii)(; ili'.'.TjIlN't! property to- wit: Kiist Half (Kiisl 1,4) (if the- Eoiilhwfsl (|iiarler (BWM1 of •Mr! km seven il) town:;hl|) Itiiirteen (II) North, rungo elevm (III Tills nale Is for (h« piir]m.':e of .siillslylii;! mi execution issued on a inipersi'dcn;-, llninl on Ihe I:! day "1 April, IIKIII, mi a Judgment rendered li> till' Oil-mil amrl titi the I'llli day of June. Hi:n, for UiO iHiui of $:I5!I.II(I. InleiC'sl and ca-,t. vhereln ]>. I,. Tlpton was pl|iiii-j 111 mid .1. H. llrotliers was de- icndimt In the c.\mrt for tile Chlekasuwbn IM.slriet «t Mlssis- slppl Coiinly, Arkansas, and by he Silpri'ine Court <it Arkunsiis illlitii Dull' of Uih Hie IMli day of Mny, IIKIII. HAI,K JACKSON, Sherlir. NOTICi; OF IJXwriH'lVIC SA1.K Notice Is hereby given that 1, (he undersigned «., .sberllf of Mls- r.lsslppl county, Arkansas, will on the lotli day of June. Itttll, nl (he. soiilh door of tho Coiirlhoiise In Hlytlievllle, Arknnsas. oiler for sale for easli In hund Ihe [ollowliu; de- .scilbeil pi'opi'ety lo-ivll: Kasl half iF.nst n) o( the, Ponllnvesi intniler ISVV 1 ,;) of .secllon seven (1) (ownslilp Imuleen (I'll Norlii. rungo eleven (II) Emit. 1 1 Tills sale Is for the purpose ol MitLslylnii tin execution Issued on n .Miperscilens Bond on the I a day of Apill, 1!)M, on a Judgment ren- ilered In the Cireult court on Ihe 14th day . of .lime. 10:17, for ihe sum of $;ir>0.00, Interest aiut cost wherein p. r,. Tlpton was pluintlll iinrt W. W. Eubnnks was defendaul In Ilie Court for Ihe Rhlcknsawbu XOTtOfi OF EXECUTfl'E SALE Notice Is hereby given that I, the undersigned us sheriff ot Mis'ilwlpiil County, Arkansas, will on Ilie lOlh day of June, 10M, nt (lie f.onlli door of lire Court- lioiifj' Iu lilytht-villr, Arknnsas, oi- ler for sale for cash In hand Ihe lolloKiuj de.'tfrlbecl proMKy, towit: half ( >',) of Uia Koullitt' qiiniter <HWH) of HCtiOU seven <1> townslilp four teen 'HI North, innsje eleven (III Till:-, m)e ir, for the purpose ot f:<\(l.'.(yini; an execution Issued on n r,ii]iei>.e<lea.s Honil on Ilie 12 day of April. KKW. on a judgment ren- deird In the Circuit Court on tho Mlh day of June, 1037, for the. wim of $li)7.t)0, lulcri'.'.t and cost wlieri'ln P. 1^. 'JVpton was pliilntilt nml M.'H. Cole was defendant in Hie Court for the CldckusawVia Ulslrli-l of Mlwilssim)! Comity, Ar- kaiiMiK, and by tin 1 Miiprcme Court of Arkansas nil inn. Date n( thl.-, the 19th dtiy of May, 19:111. IMI.K JACKSON, ShrrJir. 2:1-30 District of Mississippi Coiinly, Ar- kansiiK, and by the Supreme Court of Arkansas nlllrm. Dale ot this the Ifjih tiny of Mny, Will. 1IAI.B JACKSON Shorlir. a 3 -30 STOP HERE! Gas & Oil Remember— . We Check Your !. W Nailery FREE PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. filh Walnut riinno 810 abundanre. Tlie public mind has been utterly poisoned by the prom- iscrs of abundnncy—from Hoover \vlio would end poverty to Roosevelt \v]jo promised the nbiindnnt. life for all. There is no I,™, therefore, in urging an ovcrliaulinsr of the machinery. The people will not stand for it now. The mood for (hat was present in 1D33: it was wasted: it is now gone.. Therefore an ideal program Is not possible. What I Oder in oilier articles is merely what seems (o be the best realizable program. two programs— the spending program Scout News Boys Givls J. A. Puckctt. Lloyd Florman. Charles Cnldwell and Raymond Crawford received advancement to (be rank of Eagle Scout at tlie Armory Friday night when n number of rsoy Scouls in the Hlyllie- ville district received advancements at a public court of honor presided over by Floyd A, White who wns assisted by R. C. Macnab, district scout executive. Seven adult sconlers, who recently completed n training course in scout leadership, received their certificates. They were: Floyd A. While, Marcus Evrard, E. H. Ford, Harvey Morris, the Rev. E. 11. Hall and Ted Rogers, of Leachville. and J. A. Puckctt. Tlie following scouls received rank advancement: Second class—Dick Wilson, David Boonc, Milton Patterson, Charles AITlick, Hilly Carter, Bill Harris and Uyron Doss; First class — Jack Chamblin, Billy Stovall, Robert Billy Stovall. Robert Thompson. Albert Salilm; Life — Tom Little. Bill ChambHn. nick White, Billy Jontz, Bill Morse. Claude Stewart. Tom Reeder; Silver Palm—Lloyd Ward, jr.; Achievement Badge, Joe Evrard. Merit badges were given to these scoulcrs: Ben Smith: archllecture, insect life, farm records and bookkeeping; Tom Liltle, bird study, nalhflndlng; J. A. Puckelt, bird study, Lloyd Plornnn. camping, cooking, zoology; Charles Cnldwell. camping, lite saving, pioneering and swimming: Joe McClure, first aid and public health; Albert Saliba. first aid; Allen Rice, liremnnship, personal health and reading; Billy Stovall, pzUilimHng; Claude Stewart, public health. "Foul Tip" Requires Stitches To Close Cut Roy Calvin, u. was cut over the left eye this morning when struck by a baseball. The accident occurred when a group of boys were playing bail on the Swlbury school campus before classes began. Roy. who had jusl been relired. was standing nearby when W. B. Taylor lift a "foul tip- which slruck him. He was taken lo Ihe Walls hospital, where three stitches were _ laken to close Ilie gash, and Is now at Ins home. Veniilcs Iluy Aulo YOUNGSTOWN, O. (UP) —Roberl Smith, newspaper carrier, at last has Hie nulomobllc for which ho has been saving his paper-route pennies for three years. H c boughl n car from a motor company whose employes were weary after counting Smith's payment of 2,475 pennies. Thompson, Warren Clark; Star- R«vd Courier N«wi Want A<k I'. E. O. Closes Year Sixteen members of tlie Osceola chapter "O" of Ihe P. E. O. ivltli Ibeir husbands were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hose for their annual 13. I. L. party at the country home of the Hose's at lioselanil Wednesday night for u barbecued The True Facts About FISTULA - Free Many persons r.onld save tlicm- selvcs from various danfjerons results of fistula, if they only knew the facts nnd aclcd in (tine, you can get a Inrge, illustrated Iree back by ,sini])!y wrlllni; to the Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 1819. 920 McCicc St.. Kansas City, j Mo.—one of the largest nml oldest leetiil clinics of Ameiicn, uoled for tlie mildness of il.s (rentment. No obligation is be mniled In involved. Hook plain wrapper. BOYS AND GIRLS (Under 1!) Years of ARC) Win $20.00 First Prize Kor best C;imp;iiffn ,Sli>i.';ii> for E. C. (TOOK) GATHINGS CAN1)II)ATI<; FOR CONCKKSS I'rizc for second host, slogan SS.OO l'ivc of Si.oo each for honorable mcnlioi, Slogans (For ndditional informalioii rcRRrdinjr contest write Campaign Heiulciiiarler.s, West Memphis, Rules of Contest Any liny or girl imilcr 19 years (if age can participle. r.irli ( i[)atils musl reside in Ihe First Congressional District comprising C'nlinlics of Clay, Greene, C'r.tifliead, Mississippi, I'oinsfll, CrH- tendcn, SI. Francis-, Wooil- ruiT, Cross and i'liillilis. Campaign slogans musl lie r.osfmarkcd lint lalrr llian inirlnighl, .lime 5, IMS, and forwarded to Campaign Headquarters "Took" Galli- i » g s for t'oiiBress, Vic* I Memphis, Arkansas. Vote for E. C. "Took" Gathings FOR CONGKKSS One reason you hear CLEARLY... Wliellicr you're talking across the street or \ (o San Francisco, it doesn't "just happen" that \ you hcnr clearly and easily over tlie telephone. \ One reason you can do il: Western Electric tele- *< phones, precision maniifaclurccl for the entire Bell System, are ihe same all over the country. You mighl say they're "tuned" (o each other, somewhat like radios to a broadcasting station. If telephones and equipment weren't uniform, voices might not he clear. It would be vastly more difficult for us to give you the good service at low cost that you have come to expect, SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY

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