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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri • Page 18

The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri • Page 18

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:

PAGE TWO THE CHILLICOTHE CONST1TUTlON-TRIBUNE, CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI TUESDAY, JULY 6, 1937 Mrs. 'William Gerdes and Louis Merrick of Robinson, Kansas, spent the week-end here with their mother Mrs. L. B. Merrick, and their brother, Lee Merrick. Another daughter, Mrs. Elmer Fitchett and children of Pleasant Hill, are guests of Mrs. Merrick. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gladbach and son Jimmy, and his mother, Mrs. Anna Gladbach, were in New Cainbria, for the week-end and Monday. They were guests of Mrs. Lawrence Gladbach's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Neimier, and Mrs. Gladbach's sister, Mrs. Joe Gladbach and "Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kannegeiser and children, Miss Angella Kannegeiser, who has been in New Cambria with her parents for the past two weeks, accompanied them home. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Littrell and children of Wheeling were guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Long, Sunday, Mr. Long's Burt Long, of Braymer, also was a guest in their home Sunday. Mr. I and Mrs. Nate Cornier and daughter, Lee, of Dawn, were here! Sunday evening and Monday to be guests of her sister, Mrs. O. C. Long and family. They were ac- companied by Delbres Lioriberger of Dawn, who visited relativevs. Roy Myers, of Memphis, spent the week-end here with his jnother Mrs. Ray Myers and family. IAS SOUTH SEAS PUT AMELIA EARHARTS DARING TO ITS GREATEST TEST The Missing Flyers Leading the Search The Stage of the Rescue Drama IS.V.-XUXmoR 15. 15. CAROLINE ISLANDS Dotted with hundreds of tiny islands, as shown on above map, is the 2700-mile stretch of Pacific ocean between Lae Guinea, and Howland Island where the search for Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan. centered as the hours passed without.word of heir fuelless plane may have landed on one of the many islands or drifted to ne after landing in the ocean. motored to Trenton where they were Kansas City were guests of her par- I parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kiple. I guests of C. S. Spickard and family ents, Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Luch- Charles E. Spooner and his cousin, "Drifting in the Pacific, somewhere near Howland Island." That was the William Martin, returned to their i word an anxious word heard as famed Aviatrix Amelia Earhart and Nav- homes in Kansas "City Monday i igator Fred Noonan, above, ran out of fuel and were forced down in a -l. cV.QvL-_infoci-orl nnoQn rm flip Vinznrrirmc flip-lit frnm TCm'npn. Thpiv over the week-end. singer and family during the week- Mi-. Price was here during the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Moser and their daughter, Miss Eleanor the week-end with Mrs. Harry Wier Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bergmann of I Moser. and their son, Charles Moser Mi-, and Mrs. Clark Wier and son, lend and Monday. Mrs. Bixey is the Robert, of Kansas City visited over former Doris Jane Luchsinger. and Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Byrd. twin-motored world-circling plane was believed capable of floating in- cennitely and also was equipped with collapsible boat, provisions and water afternoon after spending the weekend with the fofnisr's parents, Mr. arid Mrs. C. A. Spooner. 'Mr. arid Mrs. M. H. Petersen spent tlie Fourth with their son, Rex Pet- erseri, and Mrs. Petersen in Kansas City. 'jiioscbe Spotts arid family of Car- roliiori, Mrs. John Booker and family of Norborne and T. B. Haines and family of near Chillicothe visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ed daughter, Miss Fenelle Smith, were shark-infested ocean on the hazardous flight from New Kuinea. Their Mrs. C. M. Devers and sons, George the holiday to visit her pdrents Mr Springfield, were here during! of Columbia, were in Braymer, urday from a two weeks' visit in Kansas City. She was a guest of friends. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Long were in Ludlow, Monday, to visit her parents, Mi-, and Mrs. Clarence Coppie. Kirksville Monday. Miss Loretta Riley of Brookfield was the guest of Eddie O'Brien Monday. Dorothy Hawthorne formerly ol Chillicothe, now residing in Kansas City, visited with her mother, Mrs. Eugene, returned yesterday after spending the week-end in Kansas City visiting 1 with relatives. and Mrs. Murry Lesher and I day. and Mrs. Bob Fitzpatrick, and her sister, Mrs. Delb'ert Fink, and Mr. Fink. They returned home Mon- son, Ronald, of Bartlesville, homa visited over the holidays with Vaughn Hogg of Anthony, Kan- Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Smith and i Lula Hawthorne over the holidays. her grandmother, Mrs. Liza Bowenj and Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Byrd. Miss Teresa Weaver of Kansas City spent the week-end and Mon- sas, came Sunday for a days' Monday, to visit Mrs. Moser's mother, Mrs. George Hinton, and to attend the celebration of the town's i Leading the hunt for flyers Amelia Earhart and FrFed Noonan was the coastguard cutter Itasca, above, which cruised around its Howland Island base in a search described as "looking for a needly in a haystack." Private vessels, a naval bombing plane from Honolulu and other naval ships joined the hunt for the pair forced down in the Pacific on a flight from New Guinea. Standing by were 12 more planes at Honolulu. fiftieth anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Jacobsen and! family returned yesterday after spending the week-end at Bagnellj i Kansas City spent the week-end ionville from Friday until Sunday i with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. where they visited her mother, Mrs. Settle and also his parents, Mr. arid i Glen Goodin. Yesterday they went Dam. I visit with liis mother, Mrs. Long, and Mr. Lorig arid his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Verd Maxwell and Mrs. W. C. Campbell of South of Browning and attended the cele- Chillicothe. bration there. A. L. Salt of Evansville, Indiana Miss Dorothy Hogg. son, Clyde of St. Joseph visited over A. J. Thompson and daughters, visited yester- is here today and tomorrow on bus- Porter, West Clay street. Mr. Spotts is a brother and Mrs. Booker a sister of Mrs. Porter. Charles Moser, who is employed ori the highway in Central Missouri spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moser. Bill Byrd of St. Louis, Miss. Betty Byfd and Mrs. Carl Babb of Kansas spent the week-end visiting their Mr. and Mrs. G. Byra; south Of Chfflicbthe Mr. alschvisited homeV Ilanies visited with, his'i parerits, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bart- the Holidays. He is employed" in 'Kansas City. Fa'iirot of Columbia spent the visiting with friends in (Biiliicbthe. Faiirot formerly resided in Chillicothe. KMiss Anita Spotts of Cafrollton came Sunday to visit her sister, Miss Helen Spotts, a student at the Chil- fjeothe Business College. Miss Anita Spotts will visit with her sister and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Porter for a week. McClougtiari 'spent the week-end in Chillicothe. McClou- i ghan, formerly of this city, now rnakes his home in Kirksville. Howard Burner of Kansas City" visited over the holidays with his p'arents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burner. Young 1 Burner is now employed in I Kansas City. Virginia Allen returned Sat- ane Roberts returned this morn-! her ParentS nvx, ouu, ui ou. duacyii viaiucu uvci an( Margaret, visited yester- is nere toaay ana tomorrow on DUS- Miss Grace Louise Goben, who at- i the week-end with her mother, Mrs.) day with Mr ana Mrs. John Catrdrij iness. He is conducting a servivce i tends the State Teachers Colle at i Charles Goggins. They were accom- 1 at chula ing after spending the week-end in I Excelsior Springs visiting her sister, Margaret, formerly of this city. with her mother, Mrs. W. H. Bailey of east of Chillicothe. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Lindsey and family visited in Ti-enton yesterday. Misses Jane and Janet Kirby left last night after visiting over the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Phillips. Mrs. Velma Brown and irrs. Eunice brmsby were in Princeton yes- and Mrs i oyc jiuey and son were tei-day where they visited Mrs. Brown's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hoover. in Green City to visit Charles Swallow, Monday. The Smith's daughter, Mrs. H. F. Kleine, Mr. Kleine, their daughter, Suzanne, and Mr. mother Mrs. Minerva Kleine, spent the week-end and Monday in Green City and returned to their home in Kansas City Monday Evening. Rev. and Mrs. LaVerne Rudolph and then- mothers, Mrs. Grace Rudolph of Ludlow arid Mrs. Cora O'Neal of Braymer, spent the day, Monday, at Lake Mauer in Excel- Springs. Miss Eldeena Haynes was a guest of Miss Beulah Lemon at her home south of Chillicothe Sunday and Monday. Mrs. Roy Myers returned Saturday night from a week's rest at Dr. Ball's sanitarium Excelsior Springs. Jbhn William Portley of Kansas City was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Blon Lemon in their home, Monday. Mrs. J. N. Phillip went to Chicago during the week-end to be a guest of her sister for two weeks. Miss Erma Frances Bills of Lock Springs visited Miss Vivian McCreary over the week-erid. Hugh Sh'ffer arid Bernard Rupp visited in Moberly Sunday night. Mr and Mrs. Marvin Couch re- ler vacation from the Ellis Store jMi-s. L. C. Weaver, and other rela- JMaryville, spent the we'ek-enil with panied back to St. Joseph by Mrs. Mr and Mrs au i Briggs of i school for Electrolux dealers. Fred Cornue and F. A. Meiners- W. E. Seidel vivsited in Brown- her parents, Mr. arid Mrs. Elmer Maxwell's sister, Miss Earlean Walk- Broo kfi visited yesterday after- ing yesterday. Goben. She was accompanied back; er and Miss Margaret James. I noon with Mr. and Mrs. tTdell Me- Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Norman, and HlgiitCL. HJlillCH.y "A wiiio 4 Miss Grace Bailey spent the fourth ha en were in Kansas City on her sister, Miss Leah Goben, who Miss Mildred Sneed returned yes-j Roberts Mrs. Brifes and Mrs. Me-1 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Logan arcl ness today. Lloyd Storey was in Brookfield on business today. Regina Lyda jn will be her giiest for a week. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wright were in Kansas City for the week-end to be guests of relatives. terday to Kirksville after visiting Roberts are sisters. to visit her parents over the Pat Mallen of Karisas City was Fourth. Miss Faye Mitchell of Troy, here for a week-erid visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Mallen. with Miss Earlean Walker since last Thursday. Miss Sneed is attending the summer session of the Kirte- ville State Teachers College. Mrs. Frank Racine began her was a week-end guest of Miss Vir- Mr. arid Mrs. Carl Morris were Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Elgerifritz of Kirksville visited Mr. and Mrs. Herschel McLallen and son, Roriri'ie. over the week-end. Ronnie returned to Kirksville with Mr. arid 'Mrs. vacation today from Anderson's Elgenfritz. ginia Mr. Mrs. Al Kessler and Mr. I week-end 'guests' of Tier father, O. L. Morris. They returned home Sunday evening. in St. Louis for the week-end and i Mr. and Mrs. William McCarthy Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Huey visited arid daughter, Mary, of Los Angeles relatives and friends and Mr. and will cdnie today for a visit with his Mrs. Fritz Bollweg of Nevada, Mls were guests of her father, Dari McCarthy, visited over the week-end with her mo ther, Mrs. Joe Frey, and his par- Mrs. Martha Jacobs arid sons, Da- where she is employed. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schultz of daughter, Alberta, were in Browning yesterday to attend the celebration there. Mrs. Marian Arnold of Butler, left this morning after ing the week-end with Stella Selby. Owsley Welch and Charles Edwards were in Kansas City during the week-end as" guests of Max Miss Lucille Eng'lert returned to Springfield spent the week-end with work today at Wool worth her mother, Mrs. W. S. Bbwen. Cord, a student at Kansas State after taking her vacation. On her Dl Hendersbri and son, Dr. i College at Manhattan, who joined vacation she visited with friends in W. A. Henderson, visited Sunday at Kansas City and also in the Ozarks. i the Earl Pepper home. Miss Ruth O'Haver left Friday for 1 Howard Weldon spent the fourth Cleveland, Ohio where she will visit in Jamesport where he visited his son, Clyde Bollweg and Mrs. Bollweg and also other relatives, Mr. arid Mrs. Arthur Huggett. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Rice, daughter, Nancy, and Judge and Mrs. A. T. Weatherby drove to Excelsior Springs yesterday for the day. Miss Ivah Welker was in St. Joseph for the week-end where she visited friends. Mrs. Alice Adams went to Kansas ents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kessler. vie! arid Billy, arid Miss Melba Kal- Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Stroud and kins were in Kansas City, Moriclay, children of Norborne were here Sat- for the day Stroud's aunt, Miss Mattie Woods. Their daughter, Martha Jo, remained to accompany Miss Woods to Hannibal Sunday. Miss Woods was there Sunday and Monday to visit her sister, Mrs. J. N. Boyd, and Rev. Boyd, and Martha Joe remain- City yesterday for a visit with her ed for a longer visit with her granddaughter, Mrs. Claude Gallatin, and aren ts. Mr. Gallatin. 'Mrs. Adams will be in Mr and Lair and Kansas City for about 'a month. John Ryan and daughter, Miss Miss Lucille Markey today began Martna Ryan, were in Arrow Rock, turned last night from Marysville, after visiting Mrs. Couch's parents, Mr. arid Mrs. A. Bruris- taach arid her sister, Mrs. Lloyd where she employed. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Molloy and Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Kinney of Marshall, formerly of Chillicothe, spent SEE FOR YOURSELF iReinhardt, Mr. Reinhardt and dau-l the week-end at the Lake of the ghter, Lo Alien. Mr. and Mrs. Couch Ozarks. went to Maryville Saturday. John Crawford visited friends in Mr. and Mrs. Ester Livirigston Cedar Rapids, Iowa over the holi- o'f St. Louis visited his mother, days. I Livingston, and Mrs. Ester Livirig-j Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Reynolds of jston's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lafe! Kansas City were week-end guests Gi'iggs of Avalon over the week-i of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Boehner. Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Boehner are Monday, to go through the Arrow Rock tavern. They also visited in Sedalia and Excelsior Springs during the day. to be guests of Mrs. Jacobs' sister, Mrs. J. W. Ware, and her niece, Mrs. Cody Couch, and Mr. Couch. Miss Kalkins and Billy remained for a two weeks' visit. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Dawson of Monroe City were here for the week-end to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Beistle, and her sister, Miss Louis Beistle. Mrs. Dawson remained for a week's visit. Frank Holbert of Kansas City was a guest of friends here over the arid Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Cleon Sanders and daughter, Jeri, were in Kansas City for the Fourth. Mrs. Gordon Price of Hannibal is with friends for two weeks. Miss Mildred Falke went to Carrollton for the week-end which was spent with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Falke. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Donovan, and i A ie A1Iis vacat Mr and Mrs. C. E. Carleton and today fr the AValyn Personallt children, all of Kansas City, were Sh She is visistin her mother sister, Mattie Weldon. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. McCall entertained a small group of friends at a dinner-bridge in their home Mori- day evenirig. Aggie Allison (Continued on Page 3 week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Prentice Barnes. Mrs. Donovan and Mrs. Carleton are sisters of Mr. i Barnes. Mr. and Mrs. William ilixey of Here for a few days' visit with her Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Herriott and children, Patty and James, spent the week-end in Mount Ayr, Iowa, where they visited Mrs. Herriott's brother, R. E. May and family. Mrs. Herriott's mother, Mrs. Mola May, returned to Chillicothe with them. and sister in Buckliri arid will also visit some at the Lake of the Ozarks. She will be gone about a week arid a half." Mrs. J. R. Stripe of Fayette was a week-end guest iri the home of her brother, R. B. Jordan, arid Mrs. Jordan. She returned home Monday afternoon. Sarri Gorinan had as a week-end guest his cousin, Sarri Gorman of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunlavey and Kansas citv Kansas ONE-MINUTE TEST Learn how sensational new safely tfre protects yon ftpm all kindi No obligation- "ITS end. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Allen of St. i Louis were here over the week-erid visiting Mrs Allen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Byrd, south of Chillicothe. Mrs. Tressie Baker and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Ha Baker of Kansas -City, were in Green City to visit their parents during the weekend. CITY TIRE AUTO PARTS Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Samm and their daughters, Doris and Norma i Lee, their son, Irving Samm, and Miss Eunice Turner of Moberly i were here Saturday night arid Sunday to visit Mrs. Samm's mother, Mrs. Emma Zweifel, and her sisters, Mrs. George Muck and Mrs. T. R. Anderson arid families. The Samni's daughter, Miss Marjorie Samms accompanied them home after a two-weeks visit here. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Logan and daughter, Alberta, of Huntingtoh, Park, are guests of Mrs. Logan's sister, Mrs. A. E. Norman, and Mr. Norman. The Logan family sisters. Charles -Lang, formerly of this city, returned to St. Joseph yesterday Oregon Youth's "Thumb" Tour Covered Every State; Has Traveled Miles Mi-, and Mrs. Harold Stinchcomb children, Lulu Belle and Har- were here IV Clllll Richmond were guests over the a gu week-end oncl the Fourth of Mr. daughter, Miss Ruth, of City and Mr. and J. ry and daughter, Helen Ann of old of r-limniirl werp sruests over the Mrs. weeK-ena oiia uie r-uuim ui BU.L. and Mrs. Perry's mother, SALEM, to Oliver Dean Swift, 21-year-old claimant to the world's hitch-hiking title, is evening after spending' the holidays "just one thumb movement after with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. another." C. A glib tongue and firm belief that Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Marsh and "neatness is the best policy" are children, Ralph Victor and Mary Jo Swift's secrets of success. Success and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marsh Swift's vernacular means travel- the week-end in the Ozarks. ing 97,065 miles, at someone else's Miss Mary Hawkins visited over expense, the week-end at her home in Hale, Mo. Swift Swift, who was dubbed "Connecticut's Gulliver" by Mrs. Osa Johnson, says he is a descendant of the author of "Gullivers' Travels." He has written two books himself and is currently working on a "Everything for Nothing." Mrs. Frank Dunlavey and family. T. W. Hudgins of Mooresville left, for Oriiaha Monday with his son and wife, Mi-, and Mrs. Orville Hudgins. Mi-. Hudgins will remain until September 1. W. A. Stinchcomb, Sunday arid Monday. Marvin Ramsey returned to his home in Ti-enton Sunday, after a three week's visit in the Stinchcomb home and also with other relatives in this Donald Jbhnson returned this i morning from a week-end visit-with Mr and Mrs. Keith Hudgins ta Browning. St Louis spent the week-end with I William Lauber has gone to Shen- Gill Hudgins, their father and doah Ia for sev eral week's vis- father-in-law, at Mooresville. Miss Mabel Haver, interviewer for the United States Reemployment i Service, spent Combining busiriess with pleasure, Braym er. the week-end in it. Possessing the shrewd qualities of Barnum, Swift asks a dime for Lee Young left this for! a brief perusal of his well-filled Eden, Idaho. Mr. Young will bejscrapbook and his autograph book employed, there. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Powers and daughter, Jean, and son, Richard Lee, and Mrs Powers' sister, Miss Mauririe Ru'pe of Sampsel went to Swift receives $50 for carrying aj rs Mar i stealy and daughter, Carrolltdn today. They will be guests 1 1937 license plate, "Maine, Vacation-i Helen An i spe nt the week-end Mr. and Mrs. George Loocz and land, 000," through the other va-! Mrs parents, Mr. and Mrs. daughter Frances. Mr. Powers, who cation lands of the nation. E. Smith of Chula. works at the tiobley Gravel Pit is Roberta Young visited over the week-erid in Trenton. Dempsey Hamner who recently moved to Richmbrid where he is manager of the grocery departriient of the new Kroger store there, was which contains signatures of 25 governors in the United States. Passing through Salem enroute to Alaska, "to escape the hurly-burly of civilzation," Swift honestly believes that a on his stomach. Using this maxi- If anyone is planning on hitting the open road, here is the order in which Swift lists the states according to hospitality: Connecticut, New Harripshire, Ve'rriiorit, Maine, New York City, North Carolina, Virginia, Co ei spent the week-end at the Earl Morton of Kansas City wasi takin hi annual vacation, here for the week-end, visiting E.j Mr and Mrs. M. Klein, Mr. and Mrs. C. Klein and Mr. arid Mrs. D. Tanenbaum motored to Kansas Remain Independent Why obligate yourself to anyone, if you need quick cash for the "Fourth" recreations, or other purposes? Come right to us and-get convenient Auto Loan! Keep your personal cash needs on a sound and confidential business basis, through us. Stop here. Then drive oif. mind-freed! IMMEDIATE SERVICE H. E. (Heinie) WRIGHT, Mgr. Lewis Investment Co. Successors to Howard Ralston 1st Nat'L Bank PHONE 77 JAS D. GORDON Exclusive Funeral Home Use Our Chapel Free Day Phone Night Sunday 121 814 CHILLICOTHE, MO. C. Belshe and family. Bob Clark of Chicago, formerly a kJWiiu j-ujj-icaiyij i good soldier travels Each is a hitchhikers' Utopia, Swiltj Harper home. student at the Chillicothe Business Citv Suildav where they visited Mr. and Mrs. I. Izeman for the day. Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Maggard and and Mr. and Mrs. Norman were Bros. Oil Co.) Phone 33 Paul Rupp, Mgr. of relatives and friends at i Browning Monday. Judge and Mrs. J. M. Gallatin arid daughter, Martha Jean, were guests of Mrs. Gallatin's uncle, Dr. G. A. Sparling, and Mrs. Sparling at in Chillicothe over the week-end)mum to the best of his ability, where he visited-friends. i Swift says "he can talk the best Troy Haney of St. Joseph visited Mrs. Haney and daughter', Mary out of a meal." Margaret, and son, Charles; overi Before Swift ventured forth on of 'em (meaning restaurant owners) the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Pfaff and daughter, Marylin; were guests over the week-end of Mrs. Pfaff's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Murphy at Dawn. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sismilch his "thumbing" tour he resided in South Manchester, Conn. In four years' traveling, Swift has visited France, England, Canada, Mexico and each of the 48 states in the United States. "So far, it ain't cost me a cent," WHO'S WHO asserts. The West Coast is next to! Mrs Jim WIltsey re turned Satur- oau ghter, Barbra Jean were in Un- be preferred. day after visiting for several days in I Although a confirmed "thumber" Salisbury with Mr. and Mrs. M. P.j Swift is campaigning against the Keith and in Moberly with Mrs. W. practice for alnateurs because it's aJM. Giithrie. "detriment to youth." Mr and Mrs Ward Shryock just never been tempted to, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. settle down," Swift says. "In factjshryock in Columbia over the hoh- if I ever do decide to make the They were accompanied I'll get married on the road. by Art Hazel, a C. B. C.j she's going to have to have brains student who visited his parents, if shes going to travel and keep there, with me." I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell -IN- CHILLICOTHE IT'S FUN IT'S EXCITING DICKINSON Every Wednesday Thursday F. B. Norman Co. Funeral Home Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. Office S. E. Corner Square Over Citizens Bank J. F. Summerville, Sec. PHONE 504

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