The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1947
Page 7
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(AUK-) COIJKIKK NEWS AGft .S Suggcslons For Better Farming l'\.'iUured Kor This Section's Progressive Karmers. NEWS-FEAJ Published Every Friday In the Interest of'Farm Families of Thia Agricultural Section. Soybean Growers To Certify Seed ) Farmers Find Market for Beans for Pltinting J'TiiLind from Ark»us:is aiul o: 'Soiiihcvn .slates tor Misslssipoi NistY S'Alx'iin srcd li:is iiictvu. 1 > oml the. 1 cjnuly'.s 1 armors nbH- 10 si:;;[,:y, juvonhnu to a st-iU- in. iiL'.uU 1 Kitl:iv bv Coimiv A^( •*-s ol .soybean, seeds anJ slaU-i -•••i they coiikj Imvo doubled ilie:; It'-s u the bc'tuis had bi'fii a vail- ^e. L)e;ti:md lor cortini'd seed ' in ol* ilic .supply. Mt • «i motion was alxiul the onl; <n th Mississippi County fa nil ti -Mil'y in 11)45, To hiiprmv- lhr> supply sit ii son many fanners are orcieriu s '1 plantij)!; u-nii inl and regis- "•«-U - l u-d ihis yi'ur with Ihu ick'H i M-!lin» imp'GVod and c'erlil'lcd •'d m iy-Jtt, lie said. lUirdi'tle •plantation --'i-j,.' ac-reaye of lalnojs, at, least, for 1948 11 1 - Bilbroy reported. o;hr-r North Mississippi County Yarbro 4-H Club Members Quickly W/'n Rating As One of Best in AH of Mississippi County Despite the fact thiU it is cosu- isctl of some of the youngest embers in the eouniy, Ihe V:u bro -i-!l Club has been an outstanding club for several yours. Ms outstanding jtcl \ieveitients in vui'- ious projects hn.<$ made the club one of Ihe county's best. Umltr the sup?r vLsioti of .several adult It-citiers including. Miss Min- niL' Toster, M^s. B. \A, HUBS and 1 Charli'.s Yarbro, I he club hus :-e- j ceived nunierou.s lirst place honors in county lust year- I Probably the Creates! hotior re-1 ccivctl bV Ine club ihi.s year was Ihe visit by Miss Lois, au-j thai ot chilarens' bouks. Miss -Len-| .ski visited Mississippi County' month to gather maU'rml for her next, book \vhi c)i will be about cot Ion. | Miss Lcnski \vns KUfst of honor aL the chili's April business meet-' iny anil was Jionored with a tea* given by the group. Sin; will re-1 turn to Mississippi County nf xt Pali diirinR cotton picking " season, l.c'Jiders of the Vaibro -1-11 Club and will be made an honorary Charlem- Yarbto, KOMI; i.-aplain; lit, membqr of the Yarbro Club. | M: O C; Some of the project undertaken ion will certify I 1 *' lho Yarbro , elnb ! nclll<ie L ™\ .„ liurdiHU- 19 an«i ™ nti ' 5ls S I : °» S011 «I by 4I « McinpniSj"" ^^j,. Junior League and tlie ConuuPrc:nL i ^ oimon ol Formers Get Data on 1947 Cotton Loans louncl. Triers received by m fnr eotton In l-'cbi'iitny were per cent ol inirlly. he lulth'd. At'cordlni: to (he rejmrt from the ijovernnienl ofdce. »n Hie hnsl.s of tin- l-Vljriuiry purity, tho base lowii, rule lor niUliUInt; ITi-IU Inch eot- lon ul Meniphts would be W DO cenl.s per poniul. Mr Illlbrey siild. Thr IM-, lo.iti nit,- for iniildllllK 7-0 Incli ,uto,L will l>c Wi pi-r fl'lll "! |>: lily ;i... n[ Annas! I.Ill 17 Cminty A .111 Ki-ilh lllllitvy nii- n<>Lll»-<M I nhy- luf«Mii:i inn i-iTi'lvi'il fnini (hi 1 Col tun lir:mch I'lculin-lluii mill Miirkriini! Aihniiiisiriilldii, ijnlii><l Sink's l)i'H:Liim,-nl »[ A|;ili-MllniT. has uns'Mird N'oi'lli Mississippi Cininly iniinn.s' No. i. <iws(l u of Wlllll Illr ;ill|UI)\ill];ilr CiOVIM'l Illl'Ill limn rairs will lie lor iliis Cotton Crop. It is im! liiisMhi,. t» forcci tills (ll)K' whin III,, pillily |)|-|, lie. Mr. Hillivr-y pnlnlcrt "oul. lias lu-eti nin.-nsiin; stiMillly OnllilK tlie )mi !e-iv inoiuhs, utul on 1-Vli- niiiry ir. ii M,,,,,! ,u -^Al] .-nits per Tills slmulil (jive snino Indlcnllou i\ n ^ t nre ul tin. loiin level for the 1947 ' <•• and Ink'/ Serve As Substitute Cars OOOD1NO, Hlii (UPl—Uenrness Is no fjrcal. hiindlcn|> 10 Mrs. Vlolcl tioodlnx; she ims Jnky ami Iinpy lo hciir for her. "'"*'' 1 '** " I"K tlilnii aljutil llifm Ls thnl Ihcy nnve been tniliied In the iiiilvcr.sul sl»n Inii8itni:<> of the dcuf. There , !U<¥ i>° xtinkcji coiiiiiiands in llio loan rule will vary from the culcu- | limn,. U ( Mrs. en>|>. he slulcii. However, he pointed out lhal .should the purity he higher (n 1 ' lower In AuKiist, the uc;tii:il ors of the bed. Tlicre is no doorbell in the Oo«l!iij{ homo. When someorje ' *t the door iHishes a'button, a red Huht conies on in the living room. Ir Mrs, ooixlliiB doesn't notice it, you tnn be sure Impy und Inky do —nml notify their mistress. Mrs. Goodlng lives alone, per liuslwnd, ulso <iea(, died In 1937 In mi, iiuloinoblle accident. She Is hkllotis bused on l-'ebriuiry purity !>>• an [iinmmt e(|iuil to --.iljoiil 112'.. PIT cent In the cliniw or parity price. ^Vluil Types 3!orj\. ChlntKik. l'\)ehn, Mistral, Siimiom, nnd Sirocco all nre imim'S j ol wind tj'pes in vjirlon.s regions nr I he earth. , ilo hands (•"iniiiuiulliig. Ini|iy does must of Ihr "licin 1 - il'B" for Mrs. Cloodlng, wlio works lit the si nil! school for the (lenf mid Ijlhul In ClooOliif. Impy n- wnkeiis Mrs. Clomtliii! on Ihe dot eycry itinriiliiK by palllni; the eov- Mnre lla,| Tlian Ciood Modern physlelaiK s ny tliat btiz- •/aids bring In enough disease to offset, the uood they do In cleaning eiirrlon from tlie streets of sfnaH Mexican town.s- The history of India goes back to •IUOO li. G. Little are Irom leil lo rii;hi. bock n.w: b>' House, presiclr'nt; :UK| Joe Alice vitc-pn-.sident. Heated Is Linda Hunch, and re|x)rler. ICi'llrier News Plialo.) Kick ill the Stall" Con- as |-raim prize. Avernne nue or motor lruek.> in the 1). S. in HMIi was abdlll eigilt years. . BOUTE, BRONCHITIS ' ^ . WO COLDS ' Wilke's INHALANT and AVEX 1NEIALANT: Uicrf 11 * spray, cisrn tial oiU in a ntuiral oil bast, superior water preparaiioni in chat it dc moisten the bird*. AVEX: A liquid to be administered hc drinking water in connection with Intislanl. Coniposed of drugs which »re liminaud through the respirator uact. Used by tltoussnds of Poultry raiscrx in the above conditions. c ounce bottle rcjpec- 6Qc ana 50c For Sale by WOODS DIUJG STORK Appeal, the "Books Bring Adven-1 line Contest' 'and the Lives o? the 'Masters contest. . i Tlie club's . scnipbook of club nc-' tivjtie.^ and connnnnity hisluiy won first place in the roinuy contest sponsored by the County Council of Home. Demonstration Clubs. This scra|;book is to be exhibited I'Ydi.' ration \Voine n'.s Chib sometime thi.s nmnlh. i.Meiiibers (A the Ym hro Clnb wi've anioiiB thi> 75 chikhen that went to '.Mt'miihi-; January -> : j to compete in the Llook Qni/. Party .s;>:)u- :orced by the Memiihis Junior ha\h'.;t tl Lcauue. Jo Alire McGuire, cln;i the natic vk'u-prcsiclcnt won first place in | is now n this quiz atui v;as awarded a radio club. The Ynilno -I-H CUib is look-ill upnn by fit her clubs us beinK a leader in cnildien's farm projecls in the county. The clul> rftenvit nai!<m-wide publicity l;^st year lor r presidi'nl ni i. Kills Hay Swain. tt'h;> tuember of the fiiisnell High School Students Enter Tax Bracket NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (UP) — Students at Drury High School liere have up set the lax sLnictnrn Tanners th^l will certify soybeans for the 1SW8 market inchidc John Stevens of Dell, who will certify 50 acres of Ogclens, 2i> ncres ol Ralsoys txhcl 25 acres of Llncolns. •Russell Greemvay, ol Dell, svill certify 40 acres of OgcU'iis; Earl Miiger.s. also ol Dell, will certify 40 acres of Dortchsoy 2; Carl Wallace and Bob Lee Sinimth, of lily- tiicvillc, will certify 55 acres ol Dortclisoy 2: George -M. Triiiiue, ot iNumbcr 'Nine, will certify 4D acres or Lincolns; b. R. Matthews, ol Yavbro, will certify some Ogclelvi; 1 and diaries Wj'Hc, of UJlytheville, will certify bolli 1 Dortclisoy Number 2. Ogcleup and Food Prices Decline Four Weeks in Row WASHINGTON. May 2. (UP> — The kibor tlepartinem yesterday that iiu-rear.ed supplies sent average wholesale food ]:ric- es down 1.2 per cent last week for their fourlh drop in as man;* weeks. The departnifiir.s bureau of Labor Statistics said the fresh fruits ami vegetables, which jumped ^.'^ per cent for the week ended April -6, were the only major foods to register price increases on llic whole-sale market. Butter, cheese, flour, cured pork. l.S per cent for i lie week as cat- tori. I-KKS and fresh lints and vcrf ctaijle.s nujre than oilsel decrease in main and livestock prices. "Haw cotton rose nearly seven per i-.'iit lo a new 1947 hijih on indications lhat the .supply of old cro;> cotton was less lhan previous intUealions and on unfavorable outlook for the new crop." HIS said. "Lew slocks and continued heavy demand resulte din generally hin»- er prices for eyijs." Potatoes .apples, lemons, steel's and live poultry advanced .s!H:htiy "as the resiill of liuht supplies." On tlic averase. liis said that farm producls prices wt-r(' 't.-l per cent below a month ayo but 31.1 per cent above late April, IMG. METHOD -V P H T '$ O K N 0 W A B O U T MA3SEY-HARRIS FORAGE CLIPPER It Cuts! It Chops! It Loads! Any Hay Crop In 1 Labor Saving Operation The Massey-Harris 'Old Birmingham Jail' Bows to Progress (HI 1 ) — edible fat s ami oils all ilroji- ped in the lace of "liberal sup- BIRMINGHAM, plies." Famed "Old Birmin B ham Jail" of BLS said that average wholesale the mournful hillbilly dirge i>i«l lood prices huve dropped 3.7 IKM- houn lore is »o more. tent since late March but .'ire. still The large .structure here which •!5.3 pur cent above fi year ano. nr.w houses the Birmingham jail is The "Beiicy said that wholesale a model prison, spic «n<l si"' 111 liriccs for farm products increased throughout and closely supervised I by a hiilf-do/cn wardens. "A fi>r cry from the beans, bread and water diet of years pino by. food at the Birmingham jail now <- Rood nncl wholesome. And okl- inmates at the basilic would swear "the joint has gone soil.' Detention hospital wards have been placed in tlie jail, and rei;is- teieil nurses are on hand 24 hours dnilv. The "drunk" cells have been equipped with bunks built so low that inebriates cannot hurt themselves by fiillini! out- in their families. "I've never sren so many income tax returns filed by 1C and -old boys." said the Ideal tax col- ! time lector. Workillf, altenloons aiu! KLitnt(ia\'s. the boy.s have earned as much as $7i]f) a piece, which puts them in (lie income tax brackets. However, i| backfires on the parents, who can no longer cl;iim lependency exemptions for (heir kini' children. This is the answer to your haying problems! With Hie i\I;i.sst'y-lTarris Forage Clipper you cut, -•tin]) and load your hay crop (liaiulics 8 to 12 tons of PTCTII liny per hour) all in one operation. Ir. this one i (pi-ration yon save lime, labor ami untold expense. Ami . - . '>.v usinj; the Masscy-Harris Forage Clipper veil save 1 losses usually accompanying previous poor liaintlins;. Massoy-IIarris Forage Clipper eliminates tii.' 1. Slow operation of mower, rake, loader and hoist. 2. Shattering and loss through excessive handling. 3. Lack of adequate manpower. 4. The weather—always unpredictable at • haying time. Meet the Machine that eliminates high cost! THE MASSEY-HARRIS FORAGE CLIPPER "61" Implement Company [{OH SMITH North Highway 67 CARL WALLACE Phone 2742 Wo .submit n list cit farms mi wliirh wi- have tlio nxclnsivc lislinir. Well si-Icctf-d :mcl well loratnl rind will |)lo:ise Ilin DIOB', c-xaetliiK buyers. We Ihink tlieso [anii.s will sell fur more diir'uif: 1!M7, why n<jl buy ntiw ;uul not Iliis vein's renl.s. SCO Acres, urnr '?, \\m\:\ towns, plenty of (rood ImiJi-civcnipnls. t;raVel roails. KKA line, innil and sehunl bus nuile. TliiK is nr. excellent. i;ond larm. lieinp |iln»led U> cultDii anil beims Ihis ye:<v. renls i;n to iHiicliaser. Tliis is tlie best larye farm IlKil I know of at Mil! low price of S12f> per acri! with a very reasonable, clown payment. Balance next fall. 80 acres, all limber, in Dunklin County. Mo. Priced to sell at $1.000 cash. The timber, which is mixed, will almost, pay the price. 120 acres on Highway fil, nnrlli ol Sikeslon, one goad li room house, one -I room new house, one lare,e barn. Land is santly to sandy loam. Rents i;o lo puichasov. The cost of improvement:; is equal lo price of farm. The estate is beinf: divided and must sell. Trice. SfiOOO.OO easli ami possession now\ 225 acres near Calron, MisKoiiri. Very tine lanil. -I llou.ics. 1 barn, on Kravcl road. HKA nnd telephone iinr-s. mail and school bus route. Planted one-half lo cotton and ulie-half to bean:;, rents KO In puiehaser if sold .soon. Price SlfiO.OO. SGOUO.OO will bind deal, balance next, fall, can loan halt of price. HO acres, 110 acres cultivation, 2 1 barn, on Ih^hv/ay G2, 1V-: miles west of Highway 01. Fine type black mixed soil. Rents f,ci to purchaser. S3000.(>0. -l r :. 20 yrar loan to be assumed. $1:W) will bind the deal, $;!MO next fall. 80 acres, <^ mile lo good town. Good C room house. 1 two room house. 2 lai j;e barns, other outbuiUlin<:s. Produced 46 bsishcls of beans per acre lasl year. Rents of 'i cotton and 1-3 beans (;n to purchaser. Land is the best nuality. Price SI2.000.00. oa.'.li M.iiOO.OO, assume loan $4.500.00. balance- of $r>.0()0.00 next full. .TtVj aeres. 2 houses and bnin. on stale highway neni- E;onci town. A braulifnl home site for the low price of SJ.HOO.Of). Rents of one-fourth and one-third s;o to purchaser. .Small ca-.h payment will bind Ihe deal. Has every convenience. W. M. BURNS, Realtor Blytheville, Ark. Phone 3361 COTTON SEED Saved from Breeders' Foundation Seed DP&L 14 Delinted & Treated Germination Average 96% only a few tons on hand FLEEMAN GIN CO. Manila, Arkansas or Call Fred Flccman, 2923 KEEP LIVESTOCK Make WOOD'S your heed- quarter* for Animal Health Need*. We will bfe happy io help you M>l«ct Ihe kind of product* you need for your particular livestock problem from our large, potent clock. Special Rex Ant Bait Kills Ants For (JrcsisK iind Swoct-citliiu: Ants 2 for 39c 1 Lb. Size for Chickens Flea & Mite Powder 60c For Coccidiosis Dr. Hess Coxytrol, Ib 85c Postmaster 10 per cent DDT Powder, Ib Roncli'cs, Water For Chickens $1.00 Dr. Hess Pon-A-Min, 5 Ibs 85c Phcnothiazalc Worm Powder Dr. Hess PTZ, Ib $1.25 For Chick Diarrhea Wolko Tablets 50c and $1.00 Full Quart Continuous Hand Sprayer $1.19 Black Leaf "40", 1 or 35c WOOD'S DRUG STORE 221 West Main Phone 507 Published Uy The Delta Implement Co, Vol. 5 Krhliiy, Mny :>. I!H7 Nn. 3't 01 CROSS CULTIVATION Kvei'v one stii'ms (o be inlcresfed in lowering nitldii <-!iii|ii)inii cosls nnd cross culii- viilion hiis been (lie mosl illscusKvd inellioil lo ineol this problem. DI We liavo c'(>iU«ul«(I UIITO IIU'KO fiinnors who have bucn cross eiiltiviitini; for a cnoiigli I inn! Id yet Home goocl omiim 'Hiis iiil'oniuitkin \vc p;iss (in to you. Dl- K. A. Tonl'oi'd of I.tixoru, Ai'liansas. lias uslh}? Hiis iiielliocl for ll:i-ee ye«rs. He mnki's Ihe siiKKestion for one lo lake, say forty iicres of a good sliinil of cotton foi' it Kturl—check your results nnd invnrlu.lriy you will iiicreiiHe this nniouiit each year thereiifler. Air. Triiforcl usos '10" rows, Viilliviitlii£ every olher i>!o\vintf. An side li^'ht is, lo (unite Mi'. Tea- fiird, "You will think you have really iiiess- cil ii|) your field for (lie first plowing or two, hut when the plants K<M knee hiKh, you will (illicitly see that you have heen Juslifieil." Hiw savings in cl'oppiiiK costs as reflected by one clioppt-r, covering three times as much acreage as compared to regular cultivated cotton. 01 Meadows and Uoxoll, tilso of l.nxora, split a thrue hundred and twenty iici'U block last year, e.ross . culliynUnjj' one hundred and .sixty acres, irosKinjr on (.In, third plowing. Their chopping expense on Liu- cross plowed acres was less than one hull! of Hint in. Ihe oilier one himclrfsd ami sixty acrus which was cultivated in 11m conventional manner. ' ' ' -DI- i\Ir. HoMill recommends selecting your block lo lie cross plowed and start in tlie center of the field with a go»il .slraiKhf vow—this will insure all Hie rcinainiiiir row.s coining out uniformly. The net result was no difference at all in the final yield. —Dl Mr. C. I/. Ahboll, just. North of lilythe- ville, cross plowed forty acres lust year and intends In increase tiiis acrciife in 1<M7. Air. Abbott and Mr. Ko/.cll both use 38" rows. D.I We are in no way aflenipting to lake over Ihe County Agent's duties, hut we like to ge( those conlparisons and |>iis.^ them 'oil to you'for' wlial they are worth. A f;irmcr i nte res led in loweriii}; his cast per acre will readily see the results 'which are a saving of from one'quarter to one third the amount iif conventional cultivation. There is no decrease in yield whatever, on the contrary, in some cases, as wdh Mr. Teaford llie field WHS a lilllc more on the cross plowed I'olton and all of (hwc good farmers plan lo continue with cross cullivn(ion. If you haven't heard Interna- tional Harvester's "Harvest of Star s", tune in this Sunday listen; bear a program . . . enjoy James Melton's singing and hear an H«ar Amvrtca't favorll* tenor .1 nil you'll good story! Over WMC Memphis JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on th» HARVEST OF STARS with Howard Barlow and 60-plK* Orchestra .lyn Murray Chorwi Dlt!tngut*h*d Dramatk Cart* Special Mutlcal Outtt* FIU NIC KET18W • \~M-tM P.M. CST INTERNATIOML HARVESTH

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