The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1949
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MAY IT, 1049 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WANTED! MEN to solicit members for the WOODMEN OK THK WORLD L1KB 1N8UHANCK SOCIKTY in Northeast Arkansas. We have a very liberal contract which includes an excellent chance for promotion. If interested, please contact R. D. WHITE, District M 9 r., Lake City, Ark. STRAIGHT-PLUS-BIAS TAILORED HE NATION TODAY Supreme Court Boldly Defends ttgfit of Free Speech to Men Whose Words Invite Turmoil By Jimn Mario* WASHINGTON. May 17. M'l-Once more the O. S. Supreme Court as tnrklrd (he (iiirsllon: liow free Is (ice speech? U i-iilcd yesterday In favor of a Catholic priest found (Unity of rtis- •rterly conduct for what he said at a turbulent Chlciigo meeting. There was turbulence Inside nnd outside the incclnig. Outside the riesl was creeled with cries of "Damned Fascist." When he got inside, looked?-—— „ !'<iuiul, nnd didn'l like some of lose (here, he threw around words k<" "slimy scum" and "Jews." The ruling In his Ls only the attempt by the court to de- ido haw free speech can he. It's not »nl because: There is no absolute answer Unit III fit every situation In the fu- ive; and the present oenrt or « Hiiro one may decide differently i 11 different case. This Is what appetied: On the nlffhl of Feb. 7, 19-16 (lie Reduced from $4.00 More and more of our customers are turning to Miss Swank Slips. We want you, too, to experience the wonderful fit and comforc made possible only by STRAIGHT-PLUS-BIAS, the exclusive feature that won't let your slip ride, twist or bunch. So we've reduced our Miss Swank Slips to $2.99, for this week only, as a special invitation to you to buy these slips now and ro buy them evermore! Come in early. They won't last long at this sensational, lotv price. Bur-Mil Rayon Crepe, Pink. White and Navy. Sizes 32 to 4-1. How Can 'Eligible Bachelor' Meet Girls in Strange City? mny start up through the courts for a decision. Officers Are fleeted At Wonder Class Meeting Arthur Termlnlello, an Alaa priest then under suspension y ills bishop, went to a meetiny In CMruso auditorium. The meeting, sjwnsored by the >hiistmn Veterans of America, wa-s ailed by Gerald L. K. Smith, one- line Ilucy Lous lieutenant. He dc- eribi'd Terminiello as the "Fnther Con>;h]|n of the South." Outside a mtlliilK mob of SCO to .500 people picketed the mri'tln? ncl they howled at Termlnlello vhen lie arrived, neforc the nisht v:is over they broke 28 windows vlth bottles nnd brickbats, and 17 of hem were arrested. Calls Frinco a "Savior" Inside were 800 more people, some f whom Tcrinlel]o apparently did- il like. lor. as the mob surge;! irnnnd outside, he told those initie: "Now I am coin; to whisper my Erecting (o you, fellow Christians. I will interpret It. T said 'Fellow ^' and I suppose there are some of the scum got in by mistake. . . and nothing 1 could say onmht could begin to the contempt I have for the slimy scum that cot In by mistake." Then he .sookc about "some 7c«-s." called Francisco Franco of Spain the ".savior of what \yns: lett of Europe," and quoted Gerald Smith as saying Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt was a "Communist." There was excitement in the ball. One man culled Terminiello a "damr.eil liar/' Another Jumped up and yelled "Kill the Jews." As a result of this mcetnig Trrr- minieHo was charged with disorderly conduct and found guilty because of a breach of the peace. He fourht the case up to the VS. Supreme Court. He si-sued thai his conviction was contrary to his right to free speech under the first amendment to Ihe constitution. And yesterday the court unbeld him, saying: Freedom of speech cannot be curbed merely because the speech .stirs people to anger, invites public disnute ami creates unre-st. System Invites Dispute The court said: "A function of Tree .speech under our system ol government is to invite dispute. It may indeed best serve if.s high purpose when it imhice.s a condition of unrest, creates dissatisfaction with conditions as they are or even stirs people to anger." Dissenting from the majority decision. Justice Jackson said it is a "dooma of absolute freedom for irresponsible nnd provocative utter mice which almost completely sterilizes the power of local authorities to keep the peace as again*' this kind of tactics." Since policemen everywhere wil act n,s they think nece.ssary in any .situation, the supreme court decision doesn't mean lhat tomorrow .someone won't be jailed for talkinj a.s Terminiello did. Then that case Officer. 1 ! for (he new year were elected at Ihe business meelhn- of the Wonder Cln.« of (lie Lake Street Methodist Church Sunday morning. A report was given by Mrs C. O. McCalhy, chairman of the nominating committee, after which the following officers were elected: Mrs. George Shanks, president, Gcorse Stllwell. vice-president and Mrs. George sillwell, secretary, treasurer and reporter. The class meets once a mouth for a class party. Commencement- Thursday for 24 at Luxora Tile commencement program for 24 seniors at Luxora will be presented by the graduating class, at the Lnxorn High School Auditorium at 8 p.m. Thursday. J. L. Campbell was named by superintendent. T. D. SVIlklns, as valedictorian and Mrs. E. J. liakcr ie former Miss Millie Cole Is sal- .alorlan. The baccalaureate service eld Sunday at 11 a.m. at the idltorium. The graduates Include Jean Ou•n. VVIIma Layne. Myrtle Sexton uby Conner, Mrs. naker, tchey, Betty Tedder. Jimmy Lloyd mmy Driver. Terry Bertl. Charlc. aker. Charles Lacoss, Herbert Lu is. Eugene Burnett. Mr. Campbell V. E. Head. Jr., Wade Armcs. Car nders, George Mcl.cndon. Pan arch. Cleo Hanna, IjCwts Ingram Vllllam E. Spiccr and Robert Mar n. Sfatict-ot/f new trucks //? STUDEBAKER '-cost /ni/eagef '49ERS Above: N«w l'/,-f.n v«il«hlc in 4 wtietl- l)«s« for 9 fool, 12 fool, 1'or 15 Toot and 17 or 18 foot bodic*. Therc'i « 3-ton Stiidcbaker '49er tnick avail, able al»o in the Mtn Hu»ky, hondiome, powerful new Stude- hoker Iruckt— with new engineering (hot ywlds remarkable gas and oil mileage! Brillianl-performing new Sturfebaker feuckt — with wear-resisting craflsman- 1*1 ip that keeps repair bills off your books tef months! .ivestock ' PAGE FIVE WE, THE WOMEN Bj Kktb MilUW NKA SUf{ Writer How docs an Vllgllilc biicbel(ir'4> iiuonl inoelliiK soino 't'llslblo Iris' In n stnuiKe city? I've bci'n working In mi oiuli'rn Ity since lost Kcplonibor. Duo to e nature ol my Job, which m'c- ^.sLlnte.s loii^ hoiir^ antl fri'i|iiont •Ips out of Die i-lly. I liuvi'H't hud chuncc to meet nnyone. Anil qullc •iinkls'. I'm iDoklnir for H wife, I'm '2 years old, have H fiilr edui'atloiuxl iickKiouiul nnd eurn belter tlinn 7,000 n yenr," That letter I'linic In rmiilly—nntl ' U I enu sny to the wilier Is; Just el It clreulnlc miiong the innrrli'd ten yon know thnt you're Inlcrcsl- (I In nicctiuB some Rlrls nnd you'll nvo so ninny Invitation* you'll neeil n extrn sci-retnry lo hnnillc your oclcvl life. Don'l yon know llmt every yoniiK linrrleil wnnnni wishes she knew nn Ipllile Unrhelor? With Just one elRlble biu-helor n( ler beck nnd cnll A hostess can clnx. She cnn count on him (o help ler out when her old M-hnol chum nrrlves for u week'.s vlsll; M'lien slie nvltes her husbaiur.s .secrelnry to dinner, or when she tvnnl.'i lo hnvc. a collefie-glrl cousin for the weekend. "Kvlra" Mrn nrr Kc^rrr Every married wonuin knows un- uiui-led c'rls .she wants to eiUerlnln, r feels she should entertain. lint the problem Is nlwnys where lo Ihul nnd cxtrn iiuin. And yoiniR innrried ironion iiuve ftt lenst one Kood friend for whom they'd like lo find n lui.sbnnd —.someone they know Is H perfectly wonderful girl who would niiike some man n good wife—If the rlnht. ninn could Just be found. So no yount; nmn needs to bf: lonely In n strnnRC city or wonder how to i!o iiljout incetliiB ftlfl.s. The .sltimtlon of tile lone mule Is In no way like thnt of the lone yoxuiR woman. For nn "extrn woman" Is a problem to the hostess. mil the "extrn innii" Is the nn.svver to (v hostess' prayers. Just casually drop the remark n lew of the married men you know that you'd like lo meet some nice plrls. And wait for the Invitations to .start, rolling In. Maid of Cotton UnilrrKrtmnrl Trrr The Andira Lnurlfollil. a Brazilian tree, has Its truck underground, nnd what appear to be surface roots really are Us brunches. ('onie rain nr i-ome .sblnr, Sue Innv- i'll. tin' 11110 .Vuld uf t'ollim. Is mill)' wllli :< smile. HIT rcvrrsllili avvhlnt; slrl|,i-d c'Oltim ralnrcml far also IK- worn im Els plilln side— rt-silly tivu rouls In iim". (Iniylii^ nuule l[ in a eollou tn-ati'd fur wn trr rc[M']lcnry. The rim(rMri£ tiu and Uaskrt-lm;; wi're nunlo Ity Deli iv ay. NATIONAL STOC:-.YARDS. Ill lay 17. (/P|—(USDA)—Hogs 13.000 narket uneven, weights tinder 23 .eady to 25 lower; heavier weight illy steady; sows steady to 25 high good and choice 180-230 Ib 9.00-25; top 19.35 but more at 19.00 40-270 Ibs; 270-300 Ib.' 8.00-50; 140-170 Ibs 17.75-18.75; 100 30 Ibs scarce- odd lots 15.00-17.75 lostly ln.50 up; good sows 400 Ib 1 own 16.00-n.OO; over 400 Ibs U.OO 5.50; stags ll.50-M.00. Cattle 3.200; calves 2.200; hlg ood yearlings 25.25. Some averag ind high good medium weigh iteers 24.50-25.00; good to choicr. heifers and mixed yearlings 24.0025.25; ;mcdtum and low good 22.0024.00; good cows 10.SO-20.00; common nnd medium 17.50-10.00; canners and cutters 14.00-17.00. 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