The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 31, 1992 · Page 263
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 263

Los Angeles, California
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Tuesday, March 31, 1992
Page 263
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LOS ANGELES TIMES TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 1992 1 The New Word Jazz of Ken Nordine Pop music: The underground icon is equally at home in TV commercials and beat poetry. Now, he's trying pop, with help from the Dead's Jerry Garcia. By STEVE HOCHMAN SPECIAL TO THE TIMES Few names are equally known in the company of Ginsberg and Chevrolet. And few figures would be welcome in both a Greenwich Village coffee house and a Madison Avenue boardroom. But there is one: The name is Ken Nordine, and the figure is that of a grandfather 71 -year-old. Since the mid-'50s when both beat poetry and modern advertising were in their infancy Nordine has been striking a precarious balance between the two worlds with his distinctive, much-imitated Word Jazz. Remember that mid-70s animated Levi's spot where a guy took the jeans company's logo for a walk? That was Nordine doing a piece of Word Jazz pretty much straight, not compromising his art, yet. still serving the needs of big business. But the truth is, he's never really felt at home in either realm. "The beats, they were more angry; I've never been as angry as they were," he said, his deep, mellifluous voice familiar to any radio listener or TV viewer resonating, through the phone lines from his Chicago home. "Maybe that's because I did commercials as well." And conversely, his non-linear, soft-sell approach sometimes confounds the very advertising executives who hire him. "Let's face it," he said, "most of the commercials on the air are very banal, very safe. You know how conservative some of the companies are." Not that Nordine apologizes for making a living. "The poets think it's demeaning; they think selling stuff on the air is trivial," he said. "But the nice thing about getting a good commercial is you know it won't be obnoxious if you say you won't do certain things. And when I do one, month after month the royalties just come in like an annuity. That's kind of nice." But now he has found kindred spirits among a community that also bridges counterculture and commerce: the Grateful Dead, the hippie-originated San Francisco band that was the top-grossing U.S. pop concert attraction last year. The group's Grateful Dead Records has just released "Devout Catalyst," a new album by Nordine featuring musical backing by the Dead's Jerry Garcia and his sometimes partner, mandolinist David Grisman, and two guest appearances by neo-beat Tom Waits. The relationship began in December, 1990, when the Dead was looking for someone to anchor the radio broadcast of its annual New Year's Eve concert in Oakland. Garcia suggested Nordine, whose work he had loved since the early '60s. Out of the blue, Nordine got a call from the Dead's engineer, Dan Healy. 'T thought he was putting me J. on," Nordine recalled. "I said, 'Sure, buddy.' I said, 'I'm afraid to fly, or my wife is,' and all that bull. Finally, he cajoled me. So I went out there and it was the best thing I ever did. It was like having your ego Simonized. So what if I didn't fit their demographics. I got to fit it. They're a lovely group of people." For the broadcast, Nordine taped some improvisations with guitarist Garcia, Dead drummer Mickey Hart and Egyptian musician Hamza El-Din, and hosted the live concert airing, filling in between songs and during intermissions. The new album grew out of that experience. "Devout Catalyst" will bring instant recognition of his voice and style, which, in addition to his Word Jazz records and the commercials, had an outlet via a mid-'80s National Public Radio series. 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One typical track is called "Ways of the Meek," in which he describes a week consisting of "Dumbsday, Bluesday, Endsday, Blursday, Cryday, Shatterday and Stunday." Another, "The Movie," is basically Nordine describing a crazy film idea, with a bemused Waits gamely trying to keep up with the elder master's vivid imagination. It's as sharp and vibrant as anything in Nordine's Word Jazz catalogue, early examples of which can be heard on the recent Rhino Records anthology, "The Best of Word Jazz, Vol. 1." All in all, it's amounting to something of a Nordine renaissance, with a whole new audience of Deadheads and young neo-beat coffee house habitue's that have no problem with his business side. "We did a show recently here at a little place called the Beat Kitchen," he said. "My ears were blushing from the applause. Kids were 1 JAZZ REVIEW Rousing Tribute to Bassist Budwig s The Dead's Jerry Garcia with poet Ken Nordine in band's studio. holding my hand and asking me to sign things, and it was quite a range of people. A stockbroker came down, and a policeman." It's a case, he says, of literally having the last laugh. "I have never taken myself that seriously," he said. "I think the world deals lightly with people who take it too seriously, when they'll take seriously people who have a light-hearted attitude." I ometimes the most commend-. able events in music are trig-'gered by the least desirable circumstances. Such an occasion was an all-star tribute to the late bassist Monty Budwig, held Sunday afternoon on the Chaplin stage at the A&M Studios. Budwig, who died March 9 of cancer, would have been proud to observe not only the huge turnout, but also the parade of artists who contributed their talent. Produced by Betty Berry, the show ran smoothly, from the opening set by her husband, Bill Berry, to the closing number by Supersax. Tony Bennett flew in from New York for the occasion. Backed simply by a rhythm section with Ross Tompkins at the piano, he was in loose, easy form in a brief set of standards. Rosemary Clooney also benefited from an intimate setting that enabled her to contribute a relaxed, unpretentious performance. Berry's big band dug deep into Duke Ellington's "Harlem Air-shaft," with a reading that was uncanny in its fidelity to the origi nal. His Ellington-oriented set was notable for the alto sax of Marshal Royal, the pepper-shaking trombone of Buster Cooper and the chance-taking tenor of Herman Riley, who clearly doesn't believe in safe sax. The surprise of the day was Arlette McCoy Budwig, the bassist's widow. Replacing Pete Jolly with the Lighthouse All-Stars, she played "Night Blossom," offering impressive evidence of her talents as pianist, composer and arranger. Frank Collett's piano trio set was notable for a blues dedicated to Budwig, highlighting the supple bass of John Gianelli. Terry Gibbs added a couple of damn-the-torpe-does vibes solos to this set. A jam session produced no startling innovations, but when an ad hoc band includes Stacy Rowles on fluegelhorn, Teddy Edwins on tenor sax and Mundell Lowe on guitar, what you get, as expected, is sterling performances of such war-horses as "Body and Soul." In sum, this was a rare display of good vibes, good music and good will. -LEONARD FEATHER Bargain Matinees Daily (except starred features) M Credit Card 1st 2 features Mon. thru Sat. 1st feature Sun. & Holidays. PI) Ddve-ln Features Start Af 7 PM. Children Under 12 Free At Drlve-lns. Ticket Sales, 213757-4PAC ACADEMY AWARD. WINNER -Join us to celebrate- Beauty-d theBeast Back, in 70mm and six track Dolby stereo PACIFIC'S THEATRE FOR 10 FINAL DAYS - MARCH 31 THROUGH APRIL 9 BE A PART OF HISTORY aCAWJAN ffiSlKa wlBDisney Kami B UPiAiAt BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (G) 213757-4PAC 6:30-8:30-10:30 Advance ncxeis un bale uaiv CINERAMA fm DOME J " Clnami Olgllal Sound James 8. Sikklng HtUL APPROACH iR PAC 1:00 3:10 5:20 7:30 0:40 Advince met On Salt Dally Starts Friday, April 3 -THUNDERHEART HOLLYWOOD DatbySiereo PAflFin D-B Sweeney rnMi Molra Kelly TShimv E NOTING EDGE (Pfi) 213757-4PAC 12.30 2:50 5:15 7:40 10:00 Dolby Stereo-Edward James Olmos AMER1CM ME(H) 1;00 - 4:00 - 7:00 9:45 MEMOIRS OF Ml INVISIBLE MAN (Pfi-13) Dolby Stereo 12:50- 5:30 -10:10 THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE (R) 3:15-8:00 $3.00 All Seals All Times HOOK IPO) 5 00 -9 50 nf vim THE MUUMS FAMILY IPG-131 213463-6019 7:45 VINE Hollywood BlVd. 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P?... On 2 Screens Dolby Stereo WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP (R) WWm 12:001:30-2:304:15 itn g;00 7;00.M0. 9:4510:20 Group Actlvlly Tickets Good Al Shows Prior To 6 PM Dolby Stereo-D. 8. SweeneyMoira Kelly THE CUTTIHu cDQc (PQ) 12:303:005:308:0010:30 Dolby Stereo-Rodney Dangertield LAOYBUQS (PQ-13) 12:05 2:15 4:20 6:20 8:25 10:30 Group Activity Tickets Good At Bargain Matinees Dolby Slereo-Mlchael DouglasSharon Slone BASIC INSTINCT (R) 12:152:45-5:15-7:50-10:30 Dolby Stereo-Mike MyersDana Carvey WAYNE'S WORLD (PG-13) 12:15 2:40 4:50 7:05 9:20 Dolby Stereo-Joe PesclRalph Macchio MY COUSIN VINNY (R) 12:05-2:355:007:2510.00 Group Aclivily Tickets Good Al Shows Prior To 6 PM Dolby Slereo-Edward James Olmos AMERICAN ME (R) 1:154:157:15-1000 THE PRINCE OF TIDES (R) Dolby Slereo 12:105:15-10:25 BUGSY (R) 2:40-7 50 Dolby Slereo-Walt Disney Pictures' BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Q) 12:00 - 2:00 - 4:00 - 6:00 Dolby Stereo-Michael CalneCarol Burnett NOISES OFF (PG-13) 8:10-10:25 ANTELOPE rfL VALLEY 10 Antefope Valley 805267-4940 800464-MOV1E Dolby Stereo D. B. Sweeney Moira Kelly THE CUTTING EDGE (PG) 12:00 2:45 5:00 7:15 - 9:25 Dolby Stereo-Mike MyersDana Carvey WAYNE'S WDHLO(PB-13) 1:00 3:00 - 5:00 - 7:20 - 9:20 Dolby Stereo-Joe PesciRalph Macchio MY COUSIN VINNY (R) 1:30-4.15-7009.35 Group Activity Tickets Good Al Shows Prior To 6 PM Dolby Slereo-Edward James Olmos AMERICAN ME (R) 12:55-3:40-6:30-9:30 Dolby Stereo-Walt Disney Pictures' BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (B) 12:152:154:15-6:10 Dolby Stereo-Danny AJelloSherllyn Fenn RUBY (R) 12:00 - 2:30 5:00 7:20 - 9:45 STOPI OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT (PG-13) Oolby Slereo 1:20- 5:25 -9:35 MEDICINE MAN (PG-13) 3:15 7.25 Dolby Slereo-Dustin HoffmanRobin Williams Steven Spielberg s HOOK (PQ) 12:00-2:45 Oolby Stereo-Rebecca DeMornay THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE (R) 12:054:55-9:40 FINAL ANALYSIS (H) 2:207:10 Dolby Stereo-Warren BeattyAnnetle Bening BUGSY (R) 1:15-6:45 THE PRINCE OF TIDES (R) 4:00 9:25 Dolby Slereo-Kevin Coslner An Oliver Stone Film- JFK (R) 8:00 (No Bargain Show) ROSECI Dolby Slereo-Woody AllenMis Farrow SHADOWS AN0 F0Q (PQ-13) 5:30 7.30 - 9:30 ECRANS Lakewood Blvd. 310634-4151 D Cine-R Sound In All Screens AMERICAN ME (R) CAPE FEAR (R) Wesley SnipesWoody Harrelson WHITE MEN CANT JUMP (R) THE SUPER (R) Rodney Dangertield LA0rBINa(PII-13) NECESSARY ROUSHNESS (PS-13) CARRIAGE k Dolby Slereo-Joe Pesci SQUARE MY COUSIN VINNY (R OmrdBlvd. 12:30 3:00 5:25 7:50 -10:15 at Connies Group AcUvlry Hckels Good Al 805MB5-6726 Sbows PrUr To 0 PH Dolby Slereo-Wall Disney Pictures BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (8) 1:15-3:15-5:20-7:15-9:10 Dolby Stereo-Edward James Olmos AMERICAN ME R) 1:00-a:00 - 7:00 - 9: Ray UottiXiefer Sutherland ARTICLE B8 (R) 12:35 4:30 B:25 STOPI OR MY MOM WIU SHOOT (PQ-1S) 2:40-6:351O!2S Michael CalneCarol Burnet) NOISES OFF (P0-1S) 1:30 5 50 10:00 ONCE UPON A CRIME (PB) 3:458:00 101 (LTfl) Venlurafwy. Teleplww Exn B05V644-5595 Wesley Snipes WHITE MEN CANT JUMPIR) THE SUPER (R) Swap Meet Every Sat. A. Sun. AMERICAN ME (IU CAPE FEAR (R) BASIC INSTINCT (R) TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY R) Swap Meet Every Sat. & Sun. INLAND K"S CENTER Dolby Slereo lADVBUBSPB-1Sl iranownmrMjii 12:30-2:30-4:30 14381-1611 6:30-8:30-10:30 Group Activity Tickets Good At Bargain Matinees On 2 Scieens-SR Oolby Stereo-Michael OougM BASIC INSTINCT (R) 1:00 -1:30 - 4:00 - 4:30 7.00 - 7.30 -10:00 -10:30 Dolby Slereo-Danny AleltoSherilyn Tenn RUBY (R) 1 :00 3:20 - 5:45 - 8.05 10:25 Dolby Stereo-Jetl FaheyPierce Brosnan Slepnen King s THE UWNMOWER MAN (R) 12:30 - 2:55 - 5:20 - 7:45-10:1l) TRI CITY ..nvS"0-! nedlinds BW LADYBUOS (P0-11) E.olMln.View NECESSARY 714889-2025 ROUGHNESS (PO-lS) PACIHC 3 A Telrgrapnnd S2.50 Ml Seals All Times SSlcraao 5,tv'n Spielbeig's H00X (PB) 310946.6849 12:00 - 4:35 - 9:10 THE ADDAMS FAMILY (PG-13) 2:35 7:10 S2.50AII Seats All Times MYGIRLPG)12D0-355-75 KUFFS (PG-13) 2.00 5:55 9:55 S2.50 All Seats All Times THE LAST BOY SCOUT (R) 1:00520 9:35 FHtEJACK(R)3 05.7:2S VERMONT (5i) Vemont South crlArtMla 310323-4055 Clne-Fi So-aria In All Scretyil AMERICAN ME (R) U0NHEART (R) LADYBUGS (PQ-iS) NECESSARY ROUGHNESS (PG-1S) Swap Meet Every Sat. & Sun. BASIC INSTINCT (R) TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (R) Swap Meet Every Sat. & Sun. FIESTA pii) , Paramount So. Clna-FI Sound InAIISciejja oiwhrniei Edward James Olmjfs 310948-3671 AMERICAN ME (H) CAPE FEAR (4) ft, WHITE MEN CANT JUMP Sjl THE SUPER (0) Swap Meet Every Sat. & Sun. UDYBUBS(PG-IS) NECESSARY ROUGHNESS (PO-1)) Swap Meet Every Sal. & Sun. -, TERMINATOR 2: JIRIRMENT BAY Q Swap Meet Every Sal. & Sun. , m

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