Independent from Long Beach, California on August 2, 1966 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1966
Page 14
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COURAGEOUS KIDS , Tvud«, AH. i, _MM INDEPENDENT--P«9« D-l Youth, 13, Battled Undertow to Rescue Girl By 1UZOOOR SCHUCHAT NEW YORK (NANA)-Arnold Buchanan and his 10-y«ar-old daughter, Catherine, didn't realize danger was lapping at their heels as they paddled in the surf off Weekapaug, R.I., on Aug. 14. 1358. Both nonswimmers, the pair carefully stayed near the shore at Fenway Beach. Nearby the lifeguard on duty, William Eastbum, his young assistant, Neil W. Lorenson Jr., and Denholm Jacobs, a former lifeguard, were riding the breakers. Abruptly, the mild waves turned into a vicious undertow and Buchanan and Catherine were swept out to sea! In moments, they were a quarter-mile from the beach, enveloped by a heavy fog suddenly rolling in over the surf. Jacobs and Eastburn dove to their rescue, barely able to see the pair in the swirling mist. * * * * EASTBURN grabbed the helpless father and towed him ashore. Jacobs secured little Catherine in a cross- chest carry and began swimming to safety. "The fog shut in and I could not see Eastburn and, except for a moment, could not see the beach," Jacobs said later, "For a period of perhaps 10 minutes I struggled to make the beach but could tell from the only landmark visible that I was making no progress. "It became apparent that unless Eastburn had succeeded with his charge and could then return to assist me or that a miracle some- how might happen, I was destined to drown, along with the little girl, a child the same age as my daughter." Sapped of his strength, Jacobs shouted for help. Thirteen-year-old Neil Lorenson at once plunged into the water, unable to see more than a few feet ahead. Reaching Jacobs and Catherine, he told the child to put her arms around his neck and began treading water. "During the 20 or 30 minutes they were waiting and hoping for help to come," the girl's father recalls, "Lorenson n e v e r weakened or became excited. His calmness, endurance, and skill were such that my daughter thought she was just hanging on him to rest, without realizing at all that they were in "HE NEVER WEAKENED OR BECAME EXCITED" The most heroic boyi and gtrU in the United States have been honored, since 1H1, by an official national tribute -- The Young American Medal for Bravery. Only the President himself can award this unique medal Only a few youngsters, all under age 19, have won It with their valor. Here Is the story of one of "America's Kids Courageous." Four others will follow. very serious danger." As the championship swimmer supported the little girl and shouted en- couragement to the exhausted Jacobs, who was barely afloat nearby, the trio was washed another 300 feet from shore. * * * * BACK ON SHORE, Eastburn enlisted the help of beach attendants, then dove into the surf with a buoy. The over-eager team on the beach, however, pulled him in before he could reach Catherine, Neil and Jacobs. He set out again, but was pulled in a second time without the victims. On a third try, he r e a c h e d Jacobs. "Eastburn first picked me up, since I was then further out than the others, and as we were being pulled in, he attempted to pick up Lorenson and Catherine," Jacobs relates. Because of the fog, they could not signal the shore crew pulling in the line. As a result, Lorenson and the girl lost their grip on the buoy. Again. Lorenson kept little Catherine afloat until Eastburn returned with another lifeguard. On May 12, 1960, Neil W. Lorenson Jr., received the twelfth Young American Medal for Bravery. The honor was-awarded at the White House by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. After f i n i s h i n g high school, the boy who had saved two lives entered the Navy. (Next: She dashed into the flames!) Whoosh to Altitude Record 'Tremendous ThrilP to Astros SPACE CENTER, Houston (UPI) -- Astronaut John W. Young Monday blamed a "large out-of-plane error . . . requiring a brute force method of rendezvous" with an Agenda target satellite for a that cramped record-setting plane error and you are close| "Gemini has demonstrated fuel shortage the three-day conference along with copilot Michael Collins at the Federal Space Agency's Manned voyage of Gemini 10. "THAT TAKES FUNERALS .COMPLETE fuel, 1 ' Young said at Spacecraft Center. the Agena Earth July Mortuary--Cemetery EveryrMnB Tojtffcer In On* ItoitHnf »l«t 14801 BEACH BLVD., WESTMINSTER liKneva 1-6577--TWinoaks 3-2421--JEffereon 1-17X5 third manned space of the year. WHEN YOU have of linked up with above the last day of the mission -- America's journey in to the target, you start using gasoline to make a rendezvous," Young said. "If you are going to make a rendezvous, it is the only thing you can do." Chasing down the Agena forced Young and Collins to use nine times as much control fuel as they had intended. But by using the Agena's own fuel later, they were able to set a world altitude record of 475 miles. Dr. Robert Seamans, the agency's deputy administrator, pinned the space agency's exceptional service medal on the two astronauts. Seamans said the flight was a major step toward landing men on the feasibility of a l m o s t everything we plan to do in Apollo (moon, lander) except land softly on the moon and return safely to the Earth's atmosphere at 25,000 miles an hour," lie said. * * * * NEWSMEN q u e s t i o n e d Young closely about the large use of fuel and why Gemini 10 was slightly off course with Agena in the first place. large the moon.- He finally said thing involved mathematical under study the whole c o m p l e x problems, was and that he Whyis Union Federal Savings and Loan Association ^^ so proud of being "federal"? would not comment further. Other observations by the Astronauts: --(Collins) It would greatly helpful to astronauts working with targets like jAgena, as he did, if they had handholds on the target. He slipped off once. --(Young) A real problem ·I LOST MY CAMERA IN SPACE' Young (left) Listens As Collins Explains How |in space flight is "sun in the In flying airplanes, just zip around to the | eyes. i "you [other side and get the sun out of your eyes. You can't do that in a spacecraft because you don't have the fuel." --(Collins) T r a v e l i n g in space with your body part | way out of a space capsule is "like standing with your head through the roof of a car going sideways around t h e world." --(Collins) We made pictures showing the Gulf Freeway south of Houston and on a clearer day might be able to make a picture from orbit lof Houston's domed stadium. Collins said that when Gemini 10 finally was lined of propellant aboard the Agena meant they could speed out and up 475 miles above earth for their altitude record. * * "MIKE THREW the switch and a minute and 24 seconds later it was really something," driven forward in the cockpit and for 11 seconds, we got a tremendous thrill." At the end of the news conference, a reporter asked Young and Collins what their next big job was. "No one has told me," Collins said. "But Apollo is right around the corner. I'd sure Young said. We were like to get back to work " Government Borrowing Costs Rise u _____ _ WASHINGTON UP) -- The up'with the Agena target "we government's short-term bor- glided right into the center rowing costs increased with of the docking cone and at Monday's weekly offering of that point the Agena over and literally engaged the forward nose of the Gem- ,ini and pulled it in until the I Gemini was tight against the : front end of the Agena. ! "We were really glad to be ·there," he said. "We felt like :\ve had really--really arrived 'at home, although we were 22 Nurses Quit at Idaho Hospital KELLOGG, Idaho (UPI)-The 22 registered nurses at West Shoshohe H o s p i t a made their resignations effective Monday when hospital of the record and near record! levels of last month. ! about to light a match to it yie | d of 4.909%. The rate last i (ignite the engine)." week was 4.919%. Tnnit!nrr t tl O *·! f\f\f\ tlfllinHc' Igniting the 3,000 pounds Navy Ships in Port demands for a $425 monthly wage. On bids for $1.3 billion ofj The nurses had turned in bills, the averageitheir resignations July 15 and yield was 4.834%. The rate'said they would refuse to work after the end of the month if they did not receive the pay increase. The nurses receive $340 a month. Hospital officials first offered $370, then went during the weekend to $400. The eight-year-old 50-bed last week was 4.818%. Bids on SI billion of 182- day bills gave an average ; 4.919%. The government's borrow ing costs on 91-day bills hit a record 4.996% on July 18. reached 5.095% that same hospital had 21 patients The Yield on 182-day bills Sunday. Administrator Dale Miller said all patients who Bonus Accounts earn 5K% per year plus an extra Yz% per year over our current rate, declared quarterly, on accounts of $5,000 or more when held for three years. Pier 9, Nav. Sla. .Pier t, Nav. bid. Pier 16, Nav. Ma. ..Pier 15, Nav. Sta. . ...Craig Shlovard .Pier 16, Nav. Sid. ....Berth 32, NSY .U a, NiY Acme. odifiorldge bass belie Grove., Benner aerne.ey. Beiininoion . . ._ _ . . bon Homme Richard , B-13, NSY. diush B-33i NbY 1 idulicrnul - ....Pier 10, Nav. Sla. day, the highest since early could possibly go home were I960. removed before the nurses year. quit. Shin Arrivals, Departures current annual rate paid or compounded quarterly UNION FEDERAL SAVINGS long Beach Regional Office Orang* County Regional Office Bixby Knells Shopping Dr., 4512 Atlantic Ave. Rossmoor Shopping Ctr., 12501 Los Alamrtos Long Beach · Phor.c GA 8-1281 Los Alamitos · Phone 431-3528 LC-; Angeles Main Office: 426 South Spring Street. Heart of Financial District · Phon? MA 4-8624 iviaiiou Regional Office: Malibu Shopping Ctr., 23700 West Walibu Road, Malibu · Phone 456-6486 · Funds received or postmarked by the iom of the month earn from the 1st · Member Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation .Jablldo .Conflict [Uinquebt . . 'Cunningham..., .Dynamic lEmbattle , _ | Endurance ,, Enhance lEversol* Excel. .. Fechteler _ Firm Force Fox.. _,,. Frontier B allant alveston Cridiev. Guide . Haven Hector Henderson. .Hornet . - H'jbbard. . Implicit i ingersoli I isle Royale. . . ,Leader 'Long Beach... ! Luc id 1 Maddox ! Marsh . . I Matthews . . ·McKean. iMontlcelto... , Moore... - · Navarro 'Norton Sound.. Okanogan _. Parsons Passumpslc..... Persistent --L Pir.e Island Pledge Point Defiance | Powell I Prime... -Reaper. Roncador Seminole Sheiton Sioux ITalladega jTaluga ..... . lyjllev Forge 1 vcmmen IWaddtll.. . . W«tcrd County... YorKtown. _ .Pier 7, Nav. Sla.i ,,. Pier 9, Nav. Sta. vessel _ Pier 9, Nav. Ma. Alaska Spruce pier 16, Nav. Sta. Ames Victory . I"; Pier £ Nav. Sta! ~TMFellows' Stewart _ . Pier 20, Nav. Sta. Fellows Stewart """Fellow's "a. s'tewart _ r.!_"..MPIer 16. Nav. Sta. ;j;.^ p\er 9, Nav. Sta. "l..'.J-_"..NWS, Seal Btach . . . - _ . . , _ ..... Pier 1A, Nflv. Sla. """ ""_. Pier 9, Nav. Sta. Pier 15, Nav. Sta. leranger (Nor) . . . . Jljborg JDan-TkrJ B allleo Ferraris Oil) rev Master (Nor) Gezlna Brovlg (Nor-T Henrlette Mnersk (Da Haveiland (Ger) . Hawaiian Builder . .. Hawaiian Farmer . Hakoncian Moru (Jac Har Canaan Us) Use Schulte (Ger) . j. H. Turtle (Tkr) Shantl (ind) Kok'oh M*ru (Jao) . Jag S John Pier 15, Nav. Sta. Fellows Stewart . . .Pier 15, Nav Sta, Lone Slar State Montevideo iSwdj Numerian (Nor) VHsr^K-TV^'W''^''^,^;TM', ·\ Rogue (Bge) res Hon ...Pier IS, Nav. Sta., Compiled by Marine Exchanit ACTIVE VESSELS IN POUT Berth Operator Out I* Sail For LG-1W W. ft. Chamber|in .. _ Aug. 1. Rainier LB-17 Victory Carriers tnc ,,. Aug. 1, San Diego .... LB-10 St-ites Marine Lines .... Aug. 1, San Fran . LB-4 Intc-rocenn Line ....Aug. 2, Lt Havre 101 G. K. Hansen Aug. 2, Aruba 144 Italian Line Auo. 3, San Fran .. 145 Tokal S/iDQ. Co. .... Auo. 2, Vancouver 160 Smith Johnson Aug. 6, Acafutla .179 Maersk Lin* Aug. 2, San Fran . . 154 Hamburg Amer. Line . . A u g . 1, San Fran ..200-A Matson Nav. Co ......Aug. 4, San Fran 198 Matson Nav. Co. Aug. 2, San Dteao 174 Mltsul-Osk Lints ,,, Aug. 1, Yokohama 1 .... LB-28 Retla S/S Co. Auo. 1, Yokohama At.c Wollsburgcr Transpt. _ Aug. 1, Vancouver . 163 Standard Oil Co. .. ..Auo. 1, El Segundo 142 Grtal Eaitern Line Aug. 3, Bombay Anc Atlantic Carriers Auo. 2, Quln Hon .. . . 222 Japan Lint Aug. J, San Diego LB-13 Lvkes Lines ..Aug. 4, Hu*nem* 231 Amer. Foreign S'S ... Aug. 2, Far Ewt .. 149 Pac. Cst. Transot. Aug. 1» Oleum . ..LB-4S Delta Lines .Aug. 2, Sea ·"° Nedllovd Hoeoh ....Aug. 1. San Fran LB-10 S*ates Mflr!«f L1T5 Aug.3, San Fran la Johnson Line .. .Aug. 2, San Fran 187 Carolll Inc Aug. 7, Sao Fran 150 Bernuth Lembkt . Aug. 1, Pt. Albcrnl 143 United Phil. Lines Aug. 3, San Fr d n 135 Sause Bros. Towing Aug. 2, San P-- .0-32, ,__"_1_ ^_'Iim...-DD-3, NSY . VenaDu (Nor) Washington Bear Yajul,unl Mam (Jap) MC«I Cornel iLlb-Tkn ington (T . LB-76 Mobil Oil Corp. Aug. 1, Oakland ',47 Untied F-ruit Co. . Aug. 2, San Fran LB-214 P.i a I Wilson ft, Co. .. Aug. 4, Nanamo . . 53 Toko Line ..Aug. 2, Blk. Warrior ... .151 Grancolombiana Lln« n Aug. 1, Acapuko . ..177 V/aterman Line ...Aug. 2, Cam Ranli Bay IM Hanseatlc Vaasa Lint Aug. 2, San Fran 210 H;igo Neu Corn .Aug. 4, Yokohama , LB-« Ftc. Far East Lin* ..Aug. 2, Kutrwm* :"i.B-201 Toko Todd Shlovard Flying A Washington ( ^..Pfer 9, Nav. Sta. Hector Hawk (Br-TKr) Plar 9, Nav. ta.| pier W, Nnv. sta. i Pier 9, Nav. Sta.ji ,,. Pier 9, Nav. Sta. | (_.,,,,,,,,,,, Sub Pier, Nav. Sta. j BMn Bear 91 Bethlehem ShlovardUocony Vacuum ITKD 217 Lin» Tank H bor'B?aV'WoV S ^! . 163 Phiinps"ttrcleum'\.w. ,,,...;,, 120 Albright Shoe. Co. Ltd. VESSELS DUE MONDAY From Owruor Hucntnie Far ret t Lints -- -. San Fran Pac. Far East Lin* Oakland Mobil Oil Corp. .. . VESSELS DUE TODAY Indef ;*rs "(Llby ..Jtug. 2, Ftrndil* ' ' Co. Aug. 2, Avon -_Aug. 2, Da Nfm0 .. Aug. 3, San Fran ..Auv. 3, Paulstnra . . B«W*«n ShlovarJ;Lovol» Victow U C Shlovar E - «·' Fran

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