The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Slorni Center .Rcpion, Once Strongly German, Looks Askance at Hitler's Policies HY Mll/WN HIIONNKK XI*A Serviie Slill ( urn^iuuithnl LONDON 1 .—" the .Saar territory is re', u rund I o C i LTIJI a tiy. there l~ nothing \vliich t-ould op- pc-:« Germany lo 1-Y.mcr." Those are Adc^lf Hitler's words. iiiv.1 I hey n nikc Hie S;VAr worth thinking a bom. For In- UCM veiir U Ls yoing lu TjL 1 the most imt>or- taiu. t!-o most Foir^Iu over, tin- most troubles0:110 [KCt-C of hntcl in all Europe. For Joni; cii'c.v.les before the Napoleonic vrctrs. U vns jnrt of l-'ivnch u-rritory. Al'or N:ip'Jl"on was v«hi]>p"d. H \vas cptli'd lo Germany, A hl^ German military niirnson was kept there. T..c Frcndi sympa-, tillers moved out n:ul Ihe Cer- j mans movc-d in. It became Cer- j m-m u> the corf. The di-u-Ioprnetil ; of C0i\l mines and thv c^ns-.'quotii ! barely scrape through—which would be a slap for him. Towards the end «f May the league of Nations will have to iK-dde to do. Sflfc* KITCHEN THURSDAY, HAY 17, 19sJ 11V J1AIIV XI-A Si-rvli-i- i-llii-ii Milad.s spring iipi;c-lit.-.s K. l>.U;UIv Stall Writc-r iinsl inutlic-r.-: the salad Is to be made. Tie tips In bundles nnd cook in bolllnij tailed walcr until tender. Remove from water and when cool use to line mold. To the water In which the tips svere cookctl, add the rest cf ihe asparagus which has been cut In inch lengths, chicken stock at water nnd ihe "soup bag". The soup bag consists of 1 tablespoon minced onion, 1 small carrot cut in thin slices, 3 or 4 sprigs of pnrs- .ey, 1 blade ol celery finely minced u i id J or 4 peppercorns. lire tied In a cheesecloth ba-/. Slm- iciiT until the ospnrnt'us is tender mid ihe liquid slightly reduced. Remove the soup bag nnd rub j tin- asparagus iliroiigh u sieve. Tlii-iT should be one cup of I,:IBIIS ]>ul|> and liquid. If there is Mil lincl tin-in easy uncl rcoiioim- utl to uiiiki- iiiiil J--ITVC for evi-iy- Tlie position of '.':(> iroiibii'^iiii' 1 Ha:ir H-r.iu In n-::ii:in nations which covet H—Trima- nn d GiTmniiv —:s 1:11:11-. msip abos-c. No-,i i-iijuynig five Ir ndi- uuli f'raiu 1 '-. ilv can ami do exc-aux'- ilicir < tor tlic- irt;n on- nnd 1<>. LoriLiir.e. A rrtiirn lo Ciiiiu:iti in !c would nic-an ih:ii ' indii.-itry \vuukl !>:• put m lonipi' lit'on -.sUli [In- [i!-riii.i:i proi'lini^ a MliR'i' Id! 1 i;r:ick- ui to:d more return to the fire and cool-, slowly until reduced. Soften (jcla- tini- In cold water and ULs:iolvc \viiler. Add lo asparagus sllr well. Stir octiLsion- ally is-hile cuollns. When niixline is cool and bi-gins to thicken fold in cu-aiii u-lilpj»tl until firm wltn k-iiion juice. Let stand until nilx- iiire thickens aguin and turn Into ;iii-par«l mold. Let stand on Ice fur Mi'vti-ul hours to elilll anil bu- ctnic firm. Unmold and si-rvu on ;, bed ol lettuce with French diL-. i --sin^. which lell what the I.KIHUC is to do [ready closi-ly : If U decides (Inn "the- ivholr- or I Cii-rnian M •<•! ;i Kl'lT iw.ser, I c<iiicelval)!c thn; ibr lx-:i;-;ue mii;ht j hecn chart dlvl<|c tile territory bi'Uvcen { Heiilenanls ir.dnslries which sprang uji nuirlc it the most demulv iwpulnttd pan ofl' llrl " of liu ' tviiilory Is to remain Europe. Its 738 sniiare miles of | "'"ler the I.ennue. eo lu l-'rance ur tnrilory have n pa;iulation of 800.- | B" lo . Ci_erii)an.v. Under llils. it Is run. cr about 1150 per fquare mile. Krancc Olven (,'oal ^linrs When Ihe World Wnr ended, Hie Prencli wanlec] Ibis territory. Thej other Allies refused lo give it to them. But Ihc'y did i!'o next b?st llilng. All Hie coal mines In Ibe district \vcrc gis-en to Knuice in reparation for the damage' Cipr- man armies did lo the coal iiilmii;; legion of northern I-Ynnce. The Saar wiTs Fevered from Germany and put unrter t-i> control of n ccmmls'iloii named by the Council ci tbe Leayue of Xntious. and imolli;-i;i] ;' Ihi- Mav.:-.i| side the cl!k-i:il was Hllli 1 League. Commr.-v. France and Germany. A few months bi-foie came Into power there «,n ..^.^ doubt how Hie p'.cblst-l!-.- would the 1MO i:emh have gone. Everybody apices li:al it would have registered fit) |ter cent liro-Oennan Ffiitiiiienl. The Na/.l regime In Cieruiiitiv has fnade the tone doubtful, with (he odds still favoring Germany, hut Ihi 1 Jews. remembering what happened lo their co-relt^ioiiisls in C'rcnnany; the Cuthcllcs, resentful o! the at- lip wi:)i tli^ ,:-, inilu.Itv. since ills- N.I/:.:- f:! 1 !!-- in'.u l..i-y hnv:- -.'..- -i-ii an ii::;-n- uvnb'M in ihi K.IIII-. ii h:is •<l I bat i.iu- uf ll:i!er'.-, canii-d 0:1 an invi--ibh' niclpal pullcei - c o are manv o:" I. c r The Nazis IjiT.iaa lll'j I^.-ayiu> <; :i:::i;i.- wtinle srl of dcrri :-.. A .spccllic CII:MII:I I^eiiHue of Nal.oiii ivith tin- i[i;r--.!:i.ii of the. plebiscili i):iu-iit iii:j:i<- - -i-d by liu ;!i:il >! :uui '.'-'i') mu- i- Ma/is; l!!nl !i-: ;ni tiMi^ials • >n b)!:l that .-.i)ii l.-siie-l ii In i-inli ll:.!ii ili i- ol UiV :s uieslliii^ \\!:m ami r-.\v d.iy ini-als. llciwi'ver. if an eliil*!-, "«•'' hot ml)' :>iul impMiianl salad is viai.t-'I 11 " 1 ' 1 ' ''""' cil llli- ji-llii-d .salad call be roli-.C '•n to [ ilii' dc.'hi'd louch ul liixmy. 'I If vurlnllons of tin- Jellied KI!- :nl aic liinianerubli'. Indivldiiai i:'i Hs. rini; inolcls in be filled si-iili i.lh'-r itiHlerials. lai;;:' molds to Ix- li:i:idsonurly i^iii nislu-d nnd ser\nf iiy (lit hostess. [In- salad drcxfiii--; added lo Hi- jellied mixtuie, ilr ji-liled inl.Muri- ii.'i-cl lo fill lui:- Ji'iiKl out tomaloi-.'j, cucumlii i | Tiimurruw's Mn.u ii.;..-. or !,svi-et yixi'ii |H*PI>CT.S—all' IJHEAKl-'AST—Oraix; Juice, cer- il"--" wavs niiikc it po.ssible in! 1 '' 1 '- en-am, si'nllks with cieamcd v.ny jellied .salads Invitingly. 'Ihr Iniiiidaiioii jelly for salaci; ;-hi.:ild In- plcasmily tart, nn ma:i< i- u-lirtlirr the added material l.< mi'iil. vCKi'lnlik- or fruit. Es'i-:: lllf dc-iM'it salad which is so popular for li:il svralher meals must I*- !>i<liKin! niihi-r llian sss-eet and iis ssbip]X'd rix-iim dresslnu must y (:i-Miiiitly tart nnd /cstfnl. U'liiun Jiiici- dues iiuii-h for fruit salails anil you will Dud Una a dash ul vniL^ur vnsily ini|)roves meat nnd U-K tnlilc falads. I ll: ""- " lilk . colfce. LUNCHEON — Clear tomato soup, jellied asparagus salad, ice^' K io " s ' dried apricot Betty, milk, Two Kltteru (or Errry C»t •STACADA, Ore, (UP)—A br census here during April Indicated student here Is strictly forbidden. 5<?llted each cat, gave birth to two kltlens. The reason? Harry M. Taxis, schooi no more, no less. Even the mascot at Bstacada union school "contributed." principal, was high ceiilly. "shot" wilh one re- Water PistoU WOOpnUHY, N. I ter pistols \Voman Dead at 113 | Forbidden j ANACOHTES. Wash. (Ui>>— Pi- j J. lUI'i—Wa- dalgo Island's oldest resident, Mrs be harmless, and Julia Harkhausen. di;d recently at | \ EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS By Horace WaketiHd Phillips Motor Co. Before you buy any true see and drive ihe new FORD V-6 Truck Delivers the (jowls at Lower Cost, .—English cut of beet loasted. potatoes baked with meat, biosvii gravy, beet greens wltli lior.-ieradLsh sauce, jellied fruit salad, toasted crackers, .cheese, milk, cotRe. The Versailles Meaty further provided thai in 1!>35 tlit-rc should !)•> a plebiscite lo determine' the future of tl:e territory. Es'ery adult JKT- son livini; in Ire land since 1'J'iO was to hnve n vote. Tlie in'opl" were lo say whether the\- is-anted to continue under League of Na- llons rule, be annexed* to France or go back lo Germany. It has generally oeen nr.der- ftcod that the plcm'sci'.e ivouid be' religions eicmcnls. there is mandatory and dun!. But what oihcr factor—Hie economic. l.-.e Irenty actually fiiys Li liils: ••The League of Millions shall decide on the sovereignly under which the territory is la be placed, taking into account Ihe wishes of the in- J abltants as expressed by the voting." * shall li-- held. '1 ':r-- litiide of Ihe Third lletch lo-.vavils dilliculty c.m !);• .suuum-d up in 011:- thelr fellows: l!"e trades imionists ' word — terrorism. N';i/i l-.i'h-i-s ha-.v jKO'jInllsis and ComiinniMs. fearful proclaimed tiiat Lev lave a l::.t of Nn/l ir'atinent. all nuw ciuistl- of nil -:i;ii;,iv-:." in cither ward's. ! lulu an element of doub 1 .. It lias those whu w«.nrt vu'.- hi" Na'/i <;er- 1 bc-en estimated by s;me tt:!it the many. Tlu-lr b:vadr.i.-:i:i.' inachiii -s | voters at. prcu-lit are ilivi:le : | 3S ill Germany slid n-..l finilis i per cent for timnany. ^0 IH-I- cent tlir'cals. B-jn;'- x.ixis against, and 35 pur cent .still on O]«nly said iln-ir |!-:ideis li:n the fence. | Pi-amisi'd them L>! Imnr.-, In whiei i Ti-rritnry Has rros]im'il | to pveri up sroiir, whi-ie.i.s tv.ey ha liul nsldp from Ihe [iulltlc:il and demanded 4:1. Under sachc:m:liii«:i. an-;U may I;:- \c-u- d:lliui!: tJ gi-l a T.-.c mibliiscd bailo':. , :av | Thi'i-e is an asparagus salad makes a stunning dish for a 1 supper [able nllhou^li me iviijii- i.s mil ton extrava(>anl (ui As : >:ira s us- Salad On'.- bunch nsjiaragns fabonl oil'.- I'o.uuli. 1 cup chicken bro'.n c:- siafir. Millp bai;, 1-2 lcil.s|l!«jll fall. 1 lahlesiiuori iiraniilutcd gehi- !;iii'. •! lidjlcspuons cold water. '1 ii'i.'lesjaicii'. lemon juice, 1 c-up ishi|i]:vd en-am. me li.-iijbi as Hie mold in which Wash ajparaiiiis and cut lips l!i. A horse's teeth are not complete until tlie iinlmal Is 8 years old. Now On Display at PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Aiilhori'/etl Dealer Phone 810-811 Blytheville, Ark. liodcrs nf f;cniriny ! ::, i HI turn t!u- u-r- i ' Saiir Iws prospered under llir p:rs- [ The Nazi ut iCHime. it enioys fue (rail 1 . 1 i-ay Praiu-e c with France -an:! liberal treatment rllory ove: to Germany wil in Germany, it gets Its iron ore insisting upon a li.illo'.. ''I'lu-y and food from Lorraine, which Is they want to d-j this to si>.*ri' nc»- part of France. Lorraine, cm '. feelings m the I'rcnc'.:. boe I Ihe other r.nnd. pels Its coal forillie pro-Cii-rman vote will be so : eague May Divide Saar jits s'.iel mills from the Saar. TO enormous us ;o cniistiuit'; n sla-i It will thirs be fffn that Ihe re- p 0 buck lo Oprui.inj- would ii|i.-.-t for Ihe French. O:i l!:e ah.-r iianj. suit of the plebiscite is not mnnda- 1 all this nnd would put t!ic Sanr in i I-'rcnchmen jay Hitler is anxious tory. hut optional T:iis Is strcivslh- j cnrnpetltion with (he Ruhr, whic'.i ' to avuid a plebiscite, because h? ened by i!:? to'.lawhr/ paragraphs bus much better coal and l';n-tnrv Anllinri/ml ' FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Oeninni- l-'rii-idaii-e PatU 1'ac toi-y Traiiii'd MeclifinkK lii.isoniible Chnrges l):iv 117 -I'ficinc- Night 414 Everett B Gee Sales Co. 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