The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1931
Page 6
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NI'.WS TUK5DAY, KiOBP.UAUV 17, "Old Sargc" at Helm •Red Bird Pilot Says Bol-j torhley Due for Great Year; - Club's Chances Good. i BY GAH11Y STREUT Manager, SI. I.nuls Cardinal!; i 1 Before the 1930 sc.-.son opc-ivii l! said that in my oplnon (he Ci;rd- Inals were go:d enough lo v.-in 1 '.Today.'I Iwllevc thai the club Is as I strong, if not stronger, than II» was linear ago at this time. j - If you remember our club jjnt c'f i Iff front and then about June we ran inti a series of injuries aiv.l ' Illness that saw us topple from ' first lo fourth place. In spite ol • these handicaps we put on a spurt j In the last six weeks that saw us! ^ overtake thc Cubs, Olants an:li *" Brcoklyns. i , Frlsch, Gelberl, Bolomley. Ha-] fey Orsattl, Wilson were fcrccd i out of our lineup at different and wlvn you take even one fcl-1 low of their caliber out of ihel game It weakens your club. IIo'.v- j e\er, it is my opinion that the| ,Cardinals proved themselves cue cf the gamest clubs thai ever went ^through nine innings and I hnve -Sp reason for changing mv belief. Slroncer Slab Staff We will toe Ihe scratch witlij .practically the same personnel as' a year ago but at Mils writing it : •is impossible ti fay who in : 'the lineup when we begin the sca- Our pitching staff. 1 am snrc.| uill be stronger. We will Imv ^Burleigh Grimes from Ihe slnrt, ^hereas a'year ago he didn't join ius until tnid-Juns. And what a 'pitcher Ire; is! ' ' Hallahan ought to be a better .pitcher as he didn't gel going until 'long after the season had started. ^Halncs is a star, no cji:?sti~n about ftnflt. Sylvester Johnson, A! Gn- 'towski, Flint Rliein remain of the ietorans. while new members otv tfca pitching itaff are Paul Drr-l linger from Rochester, Dizzy Dean, I .Tony Ka.ufmann and Allyn Stout,! all from Houston. ! I have seen enough of Dcrrln-i - -'ger and Dean to bel'CTc that they ( will be helpful additions to our; staff. Derringer was the star of I the International League last iff.-' .- son and Ls about ready. This ynung .•Dy&rt not only hr.s the necessary qiiallficatons but he believes he Is a great pitcher and I think he will : : prove it. '• Jim Bottomley had n p.ior yrarj '; u> 1930 and, didn't look like htm-' '; -self In the world series but what •. manager wouldn't like'to have Jim on.luVclub? ' I look for Bottomley to have Ihe j greatest season of his career. He i •was bothered all year with a badly | bruised hand and many days was .; playing when he shiuld have besnj out of the game. Many limes ti asked him if he didn't want toj take a rest but he was so anxious; to get going himself and to help us • win that he refused to take a vnca- • lion. With Botloailey imperfect physical condition I am sure _ you will see a great perforance from tills fellow. Rip Collins, the star first sacker from Rochester, will b2 given a. chance to beat out Bottom- TO mm ii v BIyllicville Team Stages Fine Comljack But Nosed Out By Missourians. The C.-.rd'.vdl Puzzlers. Ind'pc-ml- cnt C'.iwis of Citnli'.ell. Mo., Invaded BlyUwvllIp lusi nlp.lil and marl:ed up a virto/y ayr.ln.s-. the Iccai All-Slurs. Ttie ecurc wns 23 to i n The niythcville All-Si c>io put up mi slul:))Ciij ll;;ht In ll-o last half after trailing li'pelessly in itx first half anil went down fl^hthi'j Thc meagor collection of fans lnt<i their bhaie of llirills in the final Ti:n visitors easily mitclrisrwd til; 1 niylhevllle boys in tin- first ball. Al the end ol the first quarter ilv Mis'.ourians were out m front If 1 ti '.'. nnd at the half Hi? Pii/y.',or ; . rcntlmied lo maintain a wide mar- Bin, 17 to C. The visitors got Ihv Jump on tlie lllytliovillc team throughout the first half with the All-Star defcnsc having lilllc sun- cess against the fust offense ol the Pur/lers. In thc second half Ihe All-Star.s did mi alj-iil fnc.' and with a <lc- perate fr<hllnn brand cf basketball Kindnally nulled ii]> en thc visitors. Af. Ihe end of the third quarter thf I niythevillc Qulnl^l was trnlllne hut I n i:."lnti bnhlnil Ihe visitors, who SI to 18. A few minutes after the final quarter opened ll:c Atl-Btars pulled up on oven terms nntl then wen 1 . Into Ihr lead 25 to 22 when Abe inn YOU KXOW THAT— ::i.J nnlntciianc: of the llrltls: o!v:'n[)ic toarn coming to Amor:.i :u'Xl year will be $300 po: he?'.!, ih? committee tmncunccs. .... '.mich makes it appear that r.cnc of Ihe athlete; wii. i:-.' :ufferlni; frcm cvcrwclslu. . . Hill McCiralli, New York pa Hc.'roan. who lias tossed weights In i '.c ' ccuple of hunireJ Ohmp'.c games, would require '.!> i'. niLTjIi for food alone . . . M'.yt:' you ncticrd the nam? liny :,s cr<? el the entries in lh> nrt:it IBO-mlle stiov/slioe mar- illiui bDl'Vecn liie cities of (.J.:r!;:i' nml Mniitrcnl . . . It v:af li'.i!:; eld Joii- nay himself, and i:-jt :•. illeir. lilm cilhcr . . . . \'.K linisiiwl soveiitli, but yc.i ;-a]i'l l:luiiiL i him fr cfr:at . . . before Ihe race he didn't knov: u'liut a biiowshoc 3'jokcd like. BRUSHING-UP SPORTS By Laufcr / Other Pilots Will Follow Old Sarge Connie Mac k, Joe McCarthy, Rcqers Hornsby, Walter Johnson nn d the rest of Ihe major league baseball mana- geis will write for the Cciir- icv News stan- in s today. They will tell Bly- tlicvlll; baseball .fails of thc chimera of Jolnisoi their respective teams In the annual pennant races which begin April Hlh. Gabby Street Is the first batter — Gabby, you Cardinals, 1930 champions of knov:, is thei manager of the the National league — and he tells you why he picks the Rcc Birds to repeat. There will be 1C articles In all. Watch for them. y i.ocic Cicrtlon Mackay, bristling si»rts editor of thf Philadelphia Itecord tails atteniicu t'j an economic an- Ijlf concerning adoption of e. le=? lively ball that is very plausible. Mackny says salary "cv?rein|ilia- .--•i.s" is at the root of thc change in the baseball Ihls year. Ssys M; li.iy: "There will be no lively tall the majors this year iH'i'ause .'>:'.bj Ruth now enjoys u salary wli is $5000 more than that paid to Cardwell High Teams Trim Holcomb Cagers CARDWELL. Mo.— On Friday evening Ihe Cardwell high schoil boys and girls basketball teams \vcnl to Holcomb where they defeated the Holcomb high .school teams for (he second lime this season. Tli? gills fame for awhile looked though it might 50 the oilier way , us Ilolcomb had a 1 iralnl lead on \ the visitors at tile end of the first nuartcr; then Cardwell took and Iheld thc lead, and tlie game ended 'with n 25-12 score In CnrdwcH'.s favor. Thc boys game was not so good, wllti the Cardwell boys presenting playing that was not. up to their usual standard. At. tlie end of the firs', period, tlie Indian-, led Holcomb boys by 10 points; though thc Holccmb boys kept on, looping them In occasionally an;l the game ended with Cardwell winning, 2322. Glenn of Campbell referecd. Cnrrlwell's players were: [ Boys—W. Whilson f. P. Killian f. |J. O. Cunningham f. B Mlzc f, O. nmk a nrl,l poal and lhp . P'-MklenD of the Untied Slate,, a foul goal. The visitors matdie.i: '' rl , lcre lv: » te »° " vol > r ^ a!1 , !l ' : the score and with o].lv two mln- :l!m Because Hack Wilson, whs los. tiles left. Mlchii-, Puzzler forward. !ll! * l' lacc "' lllc '"" mf sank a Ions floor fhol. In only a ''»>'• blllhely aiikcd a mere $40.000 fi'\v scrcnti. 1 ! Rlytheville t^d thei^^^r he hammered some 5(i hciucv:: scare when Wnrrlunlon sunk n dlf- '•'• neiilt sh-t. Seaborn, forv.-nrci of Mackay points o:!t that 20 year- Ihe visitors, put ht.s p.liead | asi) when Ty Cobb was at the w)i-n his hr-a\v> from noar llic-ht-iiilit of his, fame, he received a middle of Hie court found the bns-' F.ilary announced as' $17,000. The ket In the last thirty seconds of .sum appeared stupendous as sala- play. lies were ineasurcd in those Kenningham of Blythcville wasj • • » the high scorer of Hie contest wtlhi Looting the Old Coffers 18 point?, U c'unttd in the lastj wiih salnries for home run hit- half smirt. Michic anil Suborn ot' [c: . s becoming a bigger problem ev- Carriwell tented tea points each e , v year, il has tlawned upon Ihe anci Warringlon of Blythcvllle , n;lt i, ;t t(. s thit the lively ball and cheap home run were Frankcn- :-'.cins, eating up the profits and deslrcying the pleasure of making out ihe income tax. "Therefore," writes Mackay, "they ["Tided to 'curtail hcme runs—a .-.xl thhijr. Such a stroke would ics'.oro tl'.e homer to UK old place ui icspLct among the, fans. But better than everything else, -It wouldn't provide a talking point for Wilsons to chatter about $10,000. :in:l Siinmonses to s[>eak lightly but significantly of $30,000—and guys lASEBALL'S ilGGEST PONERS THE EDDIE COLLINS.HEINIE ZIMM footrace in the 1917 world series is stil! a subject of hot stove league rjiscussion. It is unfair to lay the entire blame on Zimmerman, however, as there was a combination of mental errors on the play. Here is the setting: Ed- Norlli leapt.) c. D. D. Ray c, L. (Fun Stewart Mizc g. g. Bishop g. O. TlV! llnc-up follows: i Q'ville (27) PCS. Cardwell <M> ! F Michie 10. BurRC Tntum JHnniiiB Santy Oslxmie. F 18 C G G Seaborn 10' L'.ckard 4. Hull 3i Klnscy 2i Substitution?— Ulyllicvllte. Var- rlngicn B, Jlollantl 1, Lewis. Cnrci- uell O'Sulllvnn. RefTec Ivy. Pcor- er Suclbury. Tim ckeep er—Crfiw ford. ley but everything else using equal OWNS TWO-TAILKD CALF MEXICO, Mo. (UP)—A Jersey --..-.-. _ - - , _.ilf with five feet and two tails Botcraley's greater experience would I h ., s ^ fn rn i5 C[ i 0:1 the farm of TM- make him thc more valuable man. charrt Jones ncnr here Thc finh New Candidates ' 'cot and leg is located on its right Sparky Adams gave us n grcatlf houltle ';' somc six or c '2 ht lllche s season at third and will again be ] °""- ™ e back' wilh Eddie Delker, the ex- [nc lal1 Rochester infielder. as a candidate for third bat.?. Frlsch and Gelbert, of course, are fixtures. Mv outfield ought to be the best IrTthe league. Of UK: veterans. Ha'fey and Doulhit remain, with Watkins, Orsatti, Blades and Pepper Martin, frnm Rochester, to cbmptti? for Jobs. They tell me that Martin has finally arrived and Is going to run somebody out of a j Hoover regular job. Orsatti writes that his leg is again in good shape an:! if • it Is, he may cause trouble for someone. Mfc Gonzales is coming back to _ us-and will fortify the catching i w ^" ,:jjj UD , cccn ,i v staff that Includes Jim-! ,, ;n , p.,, OLATOE, Kfliv. (UP)—Judgo G. A. Roberds has issued an injunction forbidding the dogs owned by j II. L. Gray IT mark and whine, "unlll furlhcr notice of the court." EASTOVS FAVOJtlTK S0?< EASTON". Conn. (UP)—The rar of Easton's gossipers burned uh::: the Tiev. Car'.eton Hubbanl tn'.d the Methcciist congregation that "ff3i- siplug Is Fusion's favorit: sin." If a. voting innn calls on n girl t^.lre he is expected to marry her, .si:J lubbard. The women are wn lun the men, but thc men can do pretty well, he added. RITZ THEATER ly, values staff. A my Wilson and doesn't need any fortifying but Mike will be available in case anything happens to Jim or .'-Gus both. Unless we are fro^nied on by (ortune I look for the Cardinals to be riirht up there from Ihe start to the finish. wilh n 250 baiting average lo utter the old v.'arlioop, 'Fifteen thousand or fight!'" • * • Yes, Yes, Go On 1 . The same line of logic, however, carried fuiiher gives another sorl of picture after. let us say, the end of tlie 1931 world series. Suppose lor instance, Wesley Ferrell, thc HOME THEATRE Tuesday. Wednesday and " Thursday iVividS die Collins was on third when Joe Jackson tapped the ball to Pitcher Rube Benton. Benton whirled and caught Collins off third. A rundown between Zimm, Collins and Catcher Bill Rariden ensued. Collins jockeyed up and down the line until he slipped by Rariden white Zimm was holding the ball. Too late to .throw, Zimm chased Collins across the plate with the winning run. Firs+liaseman Walter Holke, who should have covered the plate, was fast asl»sp on.first basa Who should have been blamed for the bonor? idinn )iitcher, finds :;p^n adding j owners of ball clubs going to have p his effcrU o! the -year, that he j then with their pitching people? as won 37 ball games. Ted Lyons I Should a fellow like Ferrell win 35 as won nbout 40, ond Dazzy Vance' games, Billy Evans would not be as won an even half a hundred able to sign him with the coDpera- ames. The victories, of course,; tion of ASdy Mellon, J'Si. Londos, ave been helped materially by the ' Don George, Gus Soriihnberj and all with the heavier scam nnd John Pesek. eavicr cover, but there they are, j Some gentleman with -a sharp 1st the same. . j outcurve will proclaim to .the rna^- What kind of a problem are the - nates that he has scored li shut- outs, has allowed no earned runs in 32 straight games, has broken Cy Young's and Christy Mathewson's records and will need.for the season of 1932 something like $75,000 to go out and heave that apple. It works both ways. I,: The present site of. New York city was discovered by an Haliau sailor. Verrazflnl, in 1523: '"" Thursday Tuesdav-Wcdnesdfn six Indies in length. Thc THRU, "PAID! BOOK VALUED AT S10.000 BOSTON. (UP)—When William W. Best sailed for England recent- talned documents tearing t>-.e sijj United Slates from Washington to IX5(iS tlAMIIT'S WEAPON BOSTON. (UP)- Eggs replaced r.'jns as v.-e.ipons when thc Army ilincr nt Commonwealth Fier Five young i bombarded several patrons and (he proprietor \vitli c!-1 ocrl>- cgfis, grabtod S!0 from cnsh register, and escaped. The (i of "Dancing liumhtirs!' 1 WOMAN Travel heated cars . cratcly in roomy, sleam- coiK'hes or chnir . . Enjoy the mod- pviced coach lun- clieotis right in your seat, or, if you prefer, you may have your monla in the clininc; car. COMIXAf) NAOIfl. A beautiful ro- mnncij In which Norma Talmad?e ns tlie great. Enchantress sacrifices love for luxury and then risks life for her man. Directod l>y HAHUV 1IKAUMONT Tickets mi =ale tlaily. Goort on all tr.iins. Usual free baggage allowance. Half fare for children. W. S. Merchant Passenger Traffic Manager St. Louh, Mo. Admission—.Mr.tmce— 10 and HOc. 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