The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 27, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COUKIEE NEWS , ' V) p W4l v/ '^%1 VOL. XXXIII—NO. 112 TOB DOMINANT NCTSPAl'ER OF NOR-nmST ARKANSAS AND 8OOTHRA8V MISSOURI H«.-d_j^ M i Ml p^' y 1 ^ L^du ^jliLYTnKVll,l,10. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JULY 27, 1936 •7, iX,.'! SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NEW DEAL FOES PLAN DEMOCRATIC REVOLT KILLED SIX HURT Three Candidates for Governor to Speak Here Spanish Senoritas Turn Amazons Three of Ihe seven candidates' remaining In ' the race for the Democratic nomination for gov- j ei'nor of Arkansas "are scheduled levltle coun- ' E'l P. McDonald, secretary of ^Y.™ sl!Uc ' wil1 ' swtlk Tuesday at, OCSiLenchvillc, Manila and Blythc- I I ri r i D " 101 ' of Arkansas are Eched | MM to speak Ihls week at Blylhe I Jill nlul els cwhcre In Mississippi c< 'Car Filled Wilh ii- n, i cvc, ana an yc- HlfS Blvmeville limit 1 vl "° unlj Wednesday nt Osceola. T 1 M /-> J U '"M Tom J. Tcrml, former governor, IrilCK INear Usceola CSCEOI <V July 27—One has Addresses scheduled for Wednesday at Osceola, Luxom and' Blyllievillc. He will be nt Manila Thursday. negro was killed and a white man ., •. -„ „ „ Dnd five negroes injured, two of I . Bailey, attorney general. Hie latter seriously,' in a head- en truck collision on Highway Cl about a mile norl], O f Osceoln,' Ht 7:30 o'clock ycsterduv morning. ' ' Albert Johnson, of Holly Grove Art: negro driver cf a half-ton truck owned- by John Hubbard wns killed instantly and his five companions Injured when thei Iri-ck, going north on the left! hand side of the highway, crashed into a (ruck owned by r Henry Biytheviiie jun will spend Saturday In this county, speaking at Leachvl'le, Manila, Oi-eeola and Blylheville.' • • by r Henry , . - ~~ . k dealer, Lieutenant Governor and driven by Sum Jones, which! TL ir o was Iravelhig smith. Ihl'OWS HlS OUODOrt to T ' ' The negro had pulled over to the left side of the highway In an attempt lo pass another truck driven by w. M. Lynch of Osceola. Mr. Lynch, who witnessed the accident through the rear vision mirror on his truck, said the negro pi-lied over directly In the path of Ihe Blylheville truck nnd was unable to turn back to the right side of the highway in time to avoid Ihe collision. The ne- gro, according to others, had been driving in reckless fashion before the accident occurred, his machine moving from one side of Ihc highway to the other. James Johnson and John Slitter, the most seriously injured of the group cf negroes, were removed to the John Gaslon hospital in .Memphis in a Swift am tulnnce The former suffeietl a hrokcn jaw> nnd possible skull fractures inH the latter sustained Internal, injuries. Other" negroes injured-were: John Hufcbard. Ros- Blyn Hubbard, Sylvester Clark. Jones escaped with minor cuts and bruises but the triick he wns driving wns nlmost \ completely wrecked. :•; The ne.grora were employed on the Jim Beard plantation at Holly Grove and were en [route to a Missouri village for a day's out- Ing. Hale Jackson and Jake Thrnil- keld, deputy sheriffs. Investigated the accident nnd nsslstcd in ve moving the injured to olfices of local physicians. Police in Collision Attorney General. LITTLE ROCK, July 27 (UP)— Rumors were current today that at least one more gubernatorial candidate would follow the lead of U. Gov. Lee Cazort, who <ivit the race over the weekend. Cazort, in announcing his withdrawal from the race, urged his friends lo support, the cnndidncy of Atty. Gen. Carl E. Bailey., The candidate whose withdrawal was rumored has 'been making an active campaign. Workers in his headquarters denied there was any foundation for the rejMrt. Gov. J. M. Futrell Sunday night made a brief statement cndbrs- n\" the candidacy of S,tale Sen at «"; ! ," J ohn C Ashley r v,ho'left Little Reck Hoda> *"lo speak In Benlon MaUeVn Sherldm nnd Pine Bluff. '['1 Ell Heads Government of Spanish Rebels? One Killed in Crash, Blam-. ed on Air Currents Set Up By Great Ship. NANTUCKET, Mass.. July 27 (UP)— The crack-up at sea of the D L- i TL f p : largest single-motored airplane in KUSning to Ihett 3Cenel thc nation, resulting in one death . and injuries or. shock to eight negro snatched n purse, con- -taining 50.50, from Mre. Max Parks about 9 o'clock 'Saturday night nt Ihe Main and Eighth .street intersection. survivors, was attributed today to Ihe powerful dow/iraft in the wake of the speeding liner Queen Mary. The t>lane plummeted into the Police Chief Ed Rice nnd Pa-'SV five I 11 " 03 ofl N =>ntuckel irolman John Foster, hurrying to I slltsll 'P J'cslerday while, circling .be scene in a noli™ ™r r, a ,,^ '_ he Biant New York bound liner. the scene in a police car, figured in nn accident at Broadway and Walnut streets. The officers said their by Henry Lobcrg, local junk dealer. They said the collision, which resulted in slight damage to the police car, was caused by negli- u -.„„ AV,iI\ UVJUIIU JIIIL1. Us pilot, Capt. William Whica- paw, who had flown some 2,000,miles during 23 years as an looo „ -- _ .^-^,n.u, UHl. Ullt:, £,UWtil T. Ramsdcll, 45, Boston Post aerial photographer, died of his injuries aboard the Freighter S S Excrmont Fighting side by side with their brothers, husbands and sweethearts \\n ' the' civil, war that has turned Spam mto a balllcfietd are many of the country's prettiest senorllal'.' This NBA Service radlopholo shows two spirited girls, armed with' rifle, saber and pistol, leadlkg n column of" citizens' n illth through the Blrccts'oi Madrid In a limit foftrebcl adherents..' >ij: rebel W-lieii Bull Run Was Refouglit Governor Appears y- Assured of ' iRerjorifiina-' "' i Texas 'iioii All the trappings of an actual battle were provided In the re- gence of the truck driver. i Two others> mu The negro who grabbed Mrs. j Christian Science Monitor nho' Parks' purse made good his es- lographcr. and William G Rue cape. There has been considerable activity on the part of purse ;, snatchers In the past several months. Most of the thefts have occurred on Main and Walnut streets between the Sixth and Eighth street intersections. ter. treasurer of the La, Touraine CofTce Co., owner or the plane were injured. »« and "dying" casualties, while at left a comrade refreshes a "wounded' man. The field piece, however, is a far cry from (he cannon used in Ihe original Civil Wai battle. .-,. Ucrian cl Closing Stock Prices ' which "• to Ben V Osceola Presbyterians . Will Build New Church OSCEOLA, Ark.—The Presby-'-" R. L. McKnight Seriously 111 at Hospital Here R. L. McKnight, justice of the New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 27 <UP>Cotton cloed barely steady. open high low close Oct 1268 12G9 1243 12-13 Dec. ..... '1258 1259 1234 1254 Ja » 1261 1262 1237 1237 Mar 12GO 12fil 1237 1237 M! >y 1258 1259 1230 123 J "'y 1255 12S5 1232 1232 Spots closed quiet at 1323, off 7. Spot Average Is 13.03 The average price of 7-a inch middling colton on the io lead- Ing spot markets today was 13.07, the Ulytheville Board of Trade reports. A T and T .......... 171 1-2 Anaconda Copper ...... 39 3-8 Bethlehem Steel ...... 57 1-4 Chrysler .............. 123 5-8 Cities Service .......... 43-4 Coca Cola ............ 112 General American Tank B4 3-4 New Orleans Cotton •NEW ORLEANS, July 27 <UP)Cotton closed bnrelv steady. open high low close Oc t- IM4 12U4 1240 1240 DM 1255 1256 1232 ]231 Ja » 1255 1255 1232 1232 March 1253 1253 1232 1232 1254 1254 1232 1232 Jul >' 1237 1238 1237 1229b Spots closed quiet at 13CO, off 6. General Electric General Motors International Harvester McKcsson-Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum ...... Radio Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J Texas Co U S Smelting 783-4 U S Sleel G7 1-2 Warner Bros 11 1-8 Zonlle 71-4 years ago,, stood upon the spot now occupied by Violet cemetery. It wns destroyed by a lornado in 1872. The present building was constructed in 1899 and was In 43 3-4 72 1-4 85 9 4G 7-8 41 1-8 11 i-s 45 12 2 1-2 34 3-4 64 39 3-4 Chicago Wheat Jnl 104 Sep 104 open high low close 105 1-4 103 7-8 104 !-•> 105 7-8 104 104 7-g Chicago Corn open July 82 Sep 89 1-4 91 hljh low 8* 92 close 93 church nnd the lot on peace, is critically' |]T"iT"iii(>' v il *"»* "»™ *«„ sow ihev«ie hospital ,'1 a Ben West, of Keiser, for $500. ailment nnd heart trouble He has ™ nrst Presbyterian churph been feeling bad for some time ing here, bmlt about 75 ami his condition became serious : . -- — - .. DALLAS, Tex.', Jvly 27 (UP)— Youthful Jnmcs V. Allred, the tiilrd' -Texns governur lo gain such a victory since' the double primary was. adopted In 19IB, apparently held- the Democratic rc- nbininatlpn lodny without the necessity of a run-off. The - governor held a lead of more , lhan 33,000 votes over his foiir • opr.oiici;.-:s |; ; 't,!ic Texas clcclio'n bureau accoimted for 877,740 votes out of a possible l.OBO.OOQ In Saturday V primary. Oh the basis of returns" in previous elections the .election buj-eau predicted that the 'remaining votes uncounted could not upset Allrcd's lend nnd force him into n run-oft' with Tom 'F. Hunter, his closest foe, whom he defeated '-two years ago. U. : S. Senator Morris Shep pard also conquered a field o. five opponents ..without the necessity of a runoff, ' amassing n to- tnl of 479.523 voles, compared to 111,140 for Joe H. Eagle, of Houston, 70,487 for, Guy B. Fisher, of San Augustine, 33,300 for Joseph H. Price, of Fort Worth, 30,500 for Richard O. Bush, of Waco, and 23.327 for J. Edward Glenn, of Meridian. Eleven congressmen apparently won renomiuation without a runoff, but several others, Including the veteran flioinns Blanton, failed to receive a majority. Among those apparently assured of rcnomhmtion were Maury Maverick and Sam Rayburn, both of whom had been objects of special altnck by opponents of the Roosevelt administration. nnd Government Victories in Spain May Open Way for • Americans'lo Leave.! MADltlD. July 21. (UP)—With the Spanish government claiming wide successes In n smashing drive the rebels on all fronts, Iho United Slates embassy was Instructed by Washington 'toitny to consider, ' the posslblllJ, of evacuating more limn 1GO American cltlzejis who have laken refuge In Ui6 embassy. j The state department cabled lo Ihc. embassy that if it could nr-' rnnge guarnnlecs of the .Americans' may, be informed that v~~ TTT^—: ~" they can leave' Madrid' on ' their' Ml S" el Cnbancllns (above), for- owii responsibility ami risk ' I mcl '; cnptnln-ijencrnl of Snrnf'os- Lntest arrivals of Amcrlcnns at s "> "."? bc »» n.\mct\ head of Iho the embassy Included .lunlla Oynr- El?') 0 " 1 * ^v' 1 '" 1 " 0 ' 1 ' cs l au - aiunl, of Wclleslcy College Wei ' il , y , Spanish .cbel forces in esey.'Mnss.. nnd Lewk olSltaT of ^ f(crn[a> ' y andcr lllelr ""'•"-'• Athens, ' O. ~ . . i - It wns estimated thnt so fur there has been more than 19,000 casualties throughout Spain. • Including 3,000 In Barcelona more than 1.000 here. The Spanish government «,.- peared confident, tluil the revolt 1 scruinbllng. it ~ wns announced thnl Toledo, where a terrible irinssnc had surrendered. Loyal nlrcrnft bombarded 'Cor-, dova, where the rebels were holding out, nnd the fleet bombarded I- Melllln, Morroco, where the rising started. A government radio station re-]'— *"*' tui " iu. - iwjwcigi ported thnt the four Gnlnclnn •< ;l ">»"lcipJilp right Into In Sep provinces'-'In', northwest Spain had , r bcUcc » Champion James surrendered. -...•- il' J - Brrddock nnd M.ixlu Schni'l- ,__— -|' '-'ling of Germany,were signed hoie Studciiis Believed Safe "' ' " c<lny ^^ccn' 'Madison Bciuare ""——"' - '• •— ''''••'• Garden nn;l Uioj.TwohUcth , Cfc'n- liiry'club "'*/ ~* r< The title bout "will be held nl Madison Square, cln'idens Lon- Island bowl between- the Ucnty- foiirlh nnd thiilictli of September It v,as n jolnl promotion agreement with Ihe G.nden nnd Mike Jacobs ]>romotci of the Twentieth Century, splitting the profits, flfty- flfly : The Garden will do the actual promoting nnct handling of publicity but 'nil expenses Incurred must first -bo okayed by.'Jacobs. Neither outfit will have exclusive rights to the services of Ihe winner, who will he a "free agent." The agreement came after five weeks of wrangling, •Both fighters had been under contracts with Braddock bound to the Garden for his first title defense and Schmcllng to the Twentieth Century club for his next battle after he defeated Joe Louis. MEETING ClUE FOR re it was feared \ r , , :re might occur, Loiiqueroi of LoiliS Will I p . PL ~. , ' b ^t Lnatl """ '.NEW YORK, July 27 (UP) - -^.'.ContincUi for n heavj weight "».*., lu b3.«lc • .... -,- r .._-_.~' r 'j i J(lly i 27..;(,UPJ;—. American consul .'John' B. •'• Johnson nl Madrid today- ndvlscd the state 'department [hat hc v ~ had word: Indirectly thnt n party of American college students., believed to be' thnt headed by Mrs, Monica Owen, Is snfe nt Ln Grnnju. Deputy 1 Sheriff Dies of r'oimer Senator James A. ' Reed of Missouri Takes Lead in Movement. BOSTON, July 27. (UP)—Prom- Incnl nemociati opposing Prcsl- ' ilcnt Roosevelt plan to organize revolt on n nnlio'^,1 scale at i conference In Detroit August 7. the United Piess learned today.7 The meeting Is being promoted by former Senator James A. Reed, ' of Mksomi, nnd Steiling E Edmonds, St. Louis attorney, It was reported. Foimei Governor Joseph of Massachusetts plans lo attend nnd Balnbrldgo Colby of New Yoik, secretary of stale In Ihe Wilson cabinet, also has. accepted nn invitation, it was -ild Invitations arc being sent to • Democinti, throughout the country ovei Edmonds' signature. They nra addie.vsed to "constitutional , Democrats who are opposed to Iho piesent, alien contiol of our paily's name and machinery In thirty or moie .slates." Lly, icachcd nt his Westfleld homo, .said, "Yes. I plan to at-' lend .the meeting," but he refused lo discuss the conference CKcept lo say that its puipose was "to determine the policy" of anti- New Deal Democrats. Ely wns one'of the five Demo- crnls who sent a Joint anil-Roose- velt manifesto to delegates, to, the Democratic national .'convention, urging them ,fo lepiidlate ' the president. Colby wns another. The three other slgneis- were Alfred ' B Smith, Reed and Daniel'Co-'" halan of New York.' 1 '•""nether , Smith would attend the ferolt *' inciting could not,,be learned.* A~ peison closc^'to \§ponsors. ,ot 'the',_. ^onlrtence safd "Sinlf'j.doesn't like- to get away •' from New Yorfc* ; ' much. It's difficult to tell wheth- ei lie'll be there." . Pne umonia Foil lowing several days ago. He entered the" hospital yesterday. Loses Shirt, Saves Cash ^unomiLiuu in ioyy ana was in TYMipn/v "»-^, >,. ( an such n condition it was thought ' , u ,° <W>—Irving W. Van unwise to attempt repair. piinten, truck driver, lost hisshlrt Tlie congregation will worship ,"-„", women and a man who i" the CWA building, formerly tnc . ri to ™ b llim - but saved 552 used as relief ollices, opposite! 1 ' c "" ed llls attackers. , l"e Home Lumber Co., until such lime as their new church Is completed. Work is expected'to begin on tne new structure on Johnson avenue about September 1. Church furniture and olher equipment is being removed today More' Mining Graduates GOLDEN, Colo. (UP)-Colorado School of Mines graduated the second largest class in Its history tills year, 93 students. Three-received master's degrees to the new quarters'. Mr. west will remodel the building into a five room residence for himself. I EA Livestock ST. LOUIS, 111., July" 27 Treated for Poisoning Ennaii and LaVonnc Luttrell, son nnd daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H N. Lutlrell, were treated nt the Blylhcvlllc hospital yesterday for poisoning a short lime afler they bad eaten a sandwich while cn- routc here from their home In Louts. They were dismissed . . w I 1-4 3d 1-2 after several hours, . , ., (UP)—Ho;s: receipts 8500 Top 11.75 170-230 Ibs. 10.75-1090 140-1CO Ibs. 8.00-10.50 Bulk sows 8.25-9.00 Cattle: receipts Q.oofl Steers 7.55-8.25 . Slaughter steers 5.25-8.75 Mixed yearlings nn'd heifers o.oo-8.w> .;, Slaughter heifers 4.50-8.75 ' Beef.cows 4.00-5.00 _ ,. . . *a ui« iii.tiuiiiii iru Cutters and low cutters 2,75-3.75 arel paper is made, day. He Loses $550 in Clothing and Jewels to Thieves OSCEOLA, Ark.—Clothing and jewelry Valued at $550, belonging to Miss Ethel Brickey, were stolen from'the Brickey car while It was parked on Gnyoso avenue, near Front slrect, In Memphis Friday afternoon. Her parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. O. Brickey, had accompanied her to Memphis, where she wns to take a train for Lexington, Ky. to visit a camp mate and attend the horse fair. Upon their return to the car after n few minutes spent in n business oilice nearby they found Ihc lock forced open nnd n hatbox and sealskin grip, containing clolhing valued at $250 and diamond rings and mounting valued at $300. missing. They returned lo Osceola, afler reporting the theft lo police, and Miss Brickey left Saturday for Lexington. Mr. nnd Mrs. Brickey are in Memphis today investigating new clues which were furnished them yesterday. Operation at Memphis. OSCEOLA, Ark.—Funeral serv- of Ices for Baker L. 1'urner, 46,: who died in. the Methodist • hospital. Memphis, Salurdny morning, were held nl the Methodist church Sunday nfternoon. The Rev. R. C. Moorehend, pastor, conducted the service/with burial In Violet cemetery. Mr. Turner hnd not been well for some time and wns taken to the hospital for diagnosis about two weeks ago. He underwent a major operation last Monday and his condition seemed encouraging until pneumonia developed Thurs- wns born and reared In Osceola and hnd spent his entire life here. As deputy sheriff attached lo the Osceola district staff for plghl years, he had served under Sheriffs W. W. Shaver and Clarence Wilson. He was a ,member of the Methodist church. He Is survived by his widow and three sons: Terry, ; Nathan and Baker jr., hl s mother, Mrs Nancy Turner, and n sister. Mrs E. W. Burroughs, of Edwardsville, III. Pallbearers were his chief and feilow officers: C. II. Wilson E B. David, Arch Lindsey, Hale Jackson. J. w. Thrailkcld, nnd Jesse Grcer. Honorary pallbearers were Dave Gwaltney. Dave Young, Guy Bryant, J. H. Lovcwcll, Fred Patterson. Clay Aycrs, O. E. Mnsscn- glll, C. C. Ermcn, Earl Qulnn Bruce Ivj', A. W.'Young, S. L.' Gladlsh, C. C. Bowen, George Raines and J. S. Rclnmlller. ' Town Junks Oil Lamps CALLAHAN, Cal. (UP)-rClvill- aitlon is steadily inarching westward. Although ranking as one of Ihe oldest mining towns in Sls- kiyou County, Cnllahan has only decided Just now to discard kerosene lights and take on the more modern electricity. r-*11 Negro Woman fined $.25 ' " for. Reckless Driving Polly Sanders, ncRress, whose cai figured in a week end accident, was fined $25 by Municipal-• Judge Doyle Henderson this morning on a charge of reckless driving. Frank Dnuss was fined $15 on— n chnrgc of assnult and battery but the fine was suspended. John Williams, negro, was fined $10 for % publjfj diunkcnncss Nettle Chauness. was fined $10 for public drunkenness. Alien Moore failed to nppenr to nnswer to n public drunkenness chnrga Riul his bond'wns forfeited, A chnige of obtaining- money under fnlse pretense against Jaines Saundcrs was dismissed at the request of the deputy prosecuting attorney. Annual Melon Festival at Etowah This Week. The second annual watermelon" festival will be held nt Etowah- Gangster Absolves Niclr r ? . ... b ivauvni will UC I1CKI nt EtOWah LllID •• Manager ol Any ln ""Sday and Friday when music, n , • ii ,~, » ball game, moving pictures, ath- 1 art in l lanim Lase. leiic contests of schools in cits- trict 30 and fioHtical speeches will ST. PAUL, Minn.. July 27. (UP) failure the two days celebration. —Alvln Karpis, former gang lead- T ''e affair, sponsored by the er, wns sentenced lo life imprls- EUnvnh school, will have the Se- onment today for the $100.000 kid- wancc Jubilee singers of Green- v ille, Miss., singing negro spirituals for the programs when nnplng of William Hamiti Jr. Charles Fitzgerald, n minor —- ,.--„ - „,.„. Barkcr-Karpis gangster, was sen- c °»"ty and district randidates are Linen with a calcium compound Is Ihe material from which cig- lenccd to life Imprisonment for Ihe same crime. Both had pleaded gnilly. Each, under questioning by Judge M. N. Joyce, stated flatly thnl John T. Teiffcr, St. Paul night club manager, who was convicted in Ihe Hnmm case Saturday night, had "nothing to do with the kidnaping." Kaipis and Fitzgerald separately lold the Judge that they knew Telffcr because he managed the nlebl club where they went to gamble. , -'!>i»|imi Teiller wns convicted largely'on the testimony of Byron Uolfon, invited to spenk. Preparations have been underway for several months throughout school district 36 and it :Is planned lo mnke the fcslival much' larger lhan last year's. nils said the childbirth, her first, caused her no pain. ' • "Tigon" Animal Visualized LONDON <UP) -An experiment In artificial evolution Is to ho undertaken at the London Zoo, where an attempt will be made to breed a llgcr-IIon or a "tigon", Childbirth by Hypnotism Successful at Columbus COLUMBUS, O.. July 27. (UP) -The first ease of child birth by- hypnotism in Columbus medical history was recorded today as a "complete success." A 10 1-2 pound daughter was Juleps "Wild" on Randies RENO (UP)-"Wlld horse" mint Juleps is the city's latest offering to dude ranch guests, Ihc divorce seekers and others hankering for the real spirit of the West. Opportunity Knocks Twice TOLEDO (UP> — Marie Kusan wasn't present the first time her name was called at. n locnl thea- ler's bank 'night, A few weeks Inter she won $325 nt the same theater. WEATHER Arkansas;—Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday. I Memphis nnd vicinity—Generally fair, continued warm tonight nnd Tuesdny. Probably local thundershowers Tuesday night. The maximum temperature hera yesterday was 85, minimum 71, clear, according to Samrel -F. , Noirls, official weather observtr.

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