The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1946
Page 6
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PAGE BIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS Winners of High School Awards FRIDAY, MAY -31, 1946 Petrillo, Expecting Arrest, Plans Attack on Anti-Labor Bills Brlly Black Muiic] Kinnlsd) Winners of principal nvvnrds mode niiminlly ill I he lll.vllicvlllo lllHh Srlicwl were nniimmml Insl \voek r.ncl Include Helly lilnck, valedlclovinn, anil Tit'tly Wucidvun. silitlatorlnn, who lied foi 1 Engllsti mcdnl, nnd Miss Wnodsnn nml Frances Shouse lied for innlhc- innltc honors. The Public Speaking Award wns presented Miss Muriel Knudsen find the Music Award wcnl In Harry Fan-, nelly Wooclson was Goncl Citizenship Girl nnd tjcst athlete were Gertrude Hoover, (jiil, :md Hen I.nn- cnsliiic. boy. A junior, Hill Williams, won I lie 1). A. K. History Award. Gertrude 1 Hoover Belty Woodson Lancashire ST, PETIERSBUna, FU., May 31 (Ul')—President James C. Petrillo, or the American Federation of Musicians, stiid toduy tlml nn all-out flljht iisalMKl "anil-labor" . leglsla- lon would be mapped In the national ATM convention opening lere Monday. Petrlllo said thnt Hie 1400 dcle- Kntes to the Ilve-dny meeting would also dctei'inlne how to "spend for the Ixmeflt of its members" approximately $1.000,000 which tlie federation lias collected from record royalties. The stormy music union head, now under fire in Chicago for a strike culled tills week against Hmllo Station WAAF, said the Lea lilll (so-called antl-Petrillo measure) would he Die target of federation attorneys. He natd the or- Kiinb.allon planned to take a strong stnnd against legislation proposed by President Truman last week to curb the powers of labor leaders. He said the Lea bill would be considered in the Wednesday session. 1 Referring to action of U. S. District Attorney J. Albert Woll, of Chicago, In asking the FIJI to determine if Pctrlilo had violated t:iiy Federal laws < In calling a .strike against station WAAF, Pe- trlllo Kild be "expected to be arrested. "If I have violated a Federa law, it Is only because 1 feel it Is luiconslitutional," he said, "Certainly I would not deliberately defy the government of the U. S "After all, 1 was borii In this country, ami H has been 'very good to me." ' The strike against WAAF, which uses only, recorded music, .reportedly was called by tlie union when tlie station refused to Increase the number of music librarians from three to six. , This, it was claimed, violated the Lea Bill, which prohibits unions cnUlUg a strike to compel employers to hire more musicians than are needed. If convicted, Pclrillo Is liable to a two-year prison term, a $1,000 tine, or both. J'edillo said he would make rec- cminciKl'il'ons t<> llic convention lust hihoi 1 legislation pr3)K»x*U by' the President. "We can'L sit Idle," nc declared. Tlilnxs are gelllnj; too Kci'lous for that." He salt! the Federation would also work out a means of spending Its surplus fund for the benefit of AFM members—"especially former GI union members." He emphasized thnt the money came from record distributors, and "not from the noeket of the (jen- ernl public," lie praised Sen. Claude Pepper, D., Florida, for his friendly attitude toward lubor. The AFM executive hoard will convene Mondiiy, one day ahead of the convention. creased their flocks during the spring. Now they are unable to Set feed. The supply In Memphis, he said, Is less tViun one-half of normal. Cook predicted the Inroad on Chicks would produce a sharp rise In the cost of eggs and chickens I his fall. New Helicopter Speed Record Is Established WESTOVER FIELD, Mass.. May 31. (UP)—U. Francis A. Water- bouse, 1 of St. Petersburg, Fla., was credited today with establishing a new helicopter speed record of 8(i miles iw?r hour. The North Atlantic Wing of the Army Transport Command revealed the helicopter feat last niijhl., a former 8th Air Force !> llo t. few a Sikorsky helicopter 430 miles from Fortnlezn to Sao Louiz, IBra/ll in five hours flat. The previous record was set in Match 1944 when a helicopter sped 387 miles In four hours iind 53 minutes. WEitcrhoiiKo is stationed at Bclem, Brazil, on the ATC's South Allan- tic route which Ls under Jurlsdic- 'tion of Westovcr Field authorities. FLUSH KIDNEY URWE Benefit wonderfully from fainoni motor's tiUcoverjr that relieve! I'Jckacbr, run-down feeling; due to exceu acidity ii the urine People everywhere ar« finding ainazin] relief from jiatnfnl »yji>plor,ls of lilaiidc nrjta'.Ion caused liy *>*ccs» acEdlly In |H MI Iin-. nit. KIS.MER'S 3V.'A"i- iiwt acli last on tlie Icldncy* li> ease dUcomHi Ly |..oi,u,!i,, r; u,,, (low of urine. TliU iifr lu-rbal nierfklnp Is rSp'Ci>tly welco-n uliL'rv bladder in Llattan due to execs »lldi'.y Is rvspcm-ilili; loi- "getting up a risal." A cai chilly LJendtd comblrulIuA )l JO herbs, roots, vegetable!. balsam; Dr. •Cllmi'r'i remains rothtng l.arsli, is ofc- lulultiy n«-..|.,blt tormlnft. Just good Iri- Crcdlcnls llmt i na( ,y SJ y have a /.-tari'ffuuj J/<c(. All JiucelHi »efl Swaiuu Boot. Feed Shortages Cause Slaughtering of Baby Chicks by Thousands MEMPHIS. Tonn.. May 31. <UI>> —Ilnby chicks are licini? slauglitcr- ed by the thousands bccausi; of a biddy iced shortane, U P. Cook, ,Jr, official of a feed manufacturing plant liern said today. Cook said poiillrymcn had in^WALLPAPER -18c W::shal)le Now 32c Now 20c Wallpaper Now E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Frances Shous* Harry Farr Hill Williams Governbr Urges Defense; of NationsIdeals LITTLE ROCK, Mny 31. (UP) — Govornor Ben Lancy will bo Ij.ick in his office • todny utter iclnni- ing'from the annual 3-day Govern' Oklahoma pity, 1 County, veterans that "this coun- ry «ccc!s the services .of Wovlcl Wnr II vctcrniu. ladny just ns ur- gontly . ns It needed them, when they were cnlicd to the services." Assuring the ex-servicenicn thnl the federal mid slfxte governments will fulfill (heir obltentlons in help- war vctcrnns cslablLsh themselves in civilian life with oppor- ors' Conference in Okla., yesterday. Speaking last .night at a wcl- . come home celebration In Russell- tbe heroic .sacrifices made by the dead of World War II and a! previous \vars. We must have tin propfr conception of what Ihesc dead pave (heir lives for," he said Warren Black, 19-year-old full time welder of platinum nn< rhodium wires for vilal preclsiot instruments, can distinguish be twecn 20.GMUIS, 22,COOtlls, nnt 24.000ihs of ail inch, in platinum | - v\in> diameters. Elack lives villc, Ark.y the governor told Pope fcn.s c of those ideals inspired by I Philadelphia. tunities equnl to those who -remained at home the governor cakl: "The danger today is that nil of us, war veterans and other citizens, will not stnnd together- in elc- Setisc of Touch BARE-FQ SANDALS Children's Sizes 5-11 $2.45 Children's Sizes 12-2. 2.50 Boys'Sizes 3-5 2.95 Women's Sizes 3-8 2.95 Men's Sizes 6-11 2.98 Choose Yours Tomorrow ... at The Family Shoe Store Phone 2342 312 West Main St. In.! 'I CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Proudly Join in Celebrating The Automotive Industry's JUBILEE and We Cordially Invite You to Come and See The SAFETY PARADE Saturday Afternoon at 3 O'Clock It Will Be interesting, Instructive, Worth While Full details of the Route of the Parade •j. . etc., will be found in the news story in today's paper. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 Your Chrysler-PJymoth' Dealer . 121 East Main, Blytheville, Ark. • All frame lumber prc-cul, siccurutely -drilled, piccc-m:irkecl for easy assembly liy unskilled lub«r. • Wood treated io resist moisture, ler- mites, ilee.iy, ', : , ' • , • 1'rc-cul, pidce-markcd,' corrugated aluminum roof and slilcwall covering needs no paint . . . bright surface provides ctrcllcnt reflective-type a.suUlion . . . cool in lint weather! • All nails, holts, nuts, washers, metal (•reeling cradles, furn.slicU with complete, instruction?,. • l-'Icxn-Klass windows, galvanized screens, framing fur interior partitions, sheet aluminum eovrrecl front iloor with hanJ- warr, included. • Can be completely erected by one car- prnler and two helpers in TWO DAYS! PRE-CUT . . . READY TO ERECT HOUSES IMMEDIATE DELIVERY CnrmgatcH Aliimintim Covered Treated Wood Frame 24 ft x 18 ft. Plus Freight. Cash with Order '795 Dinmg KitcKcn BitX Alcove « 7' 4 >6'> - y»8 Living Rooh\ ir9*x 10 — *-l Bed Room IZ'K II 1 *' •^.*— -1— i— Tliis is a picture of two 20 ft. by, 51 ft. building units placed side by side to make one unit 50 ft. by 54 ft., and was erectcil m Over ton Park in Memphis, and is be ins used! by the Park Commission as a work shop. You are invited to come to our office to see these buildings up iu many forms and sizes. You can see these buildings completely erected in many forms by coming to our office. No priority required. ilVc to 'dealers. Pre-Cut . . . Ready to Erect BUILDINGS CORTMTOATKn. AUIMIXUM SIDES AMI ROOF — TREATED WOOD FKAME 20 Ft. By 54 Ft. '995 ;H: M950 54 Ff. By 50 Ft. TU1S FREIGHT — CASH WITH ORDER K* .rl,~',"3,T< or ~t FsFT HIE CO Ufl U^.-TTS 3^ &?. ipVsET !/:«- i'(.v" cw'vA'i- "TH- cttli-W ^ rfV-piiri'-j, rs 'i.v!"^v^ K vv?" f-v fi i':r.3 cr>- K~T~V ft' D-.-K;. rtf. n^Lir.;: \~r. :• < 43 Hit 1*-E-CLT Fta * » . »U-,E A UJGX P.M-.X en >4i h 1: Here's our answer to the housing shortage! Build this house in two days . . . move in ... complete Hie interior to suit your fancy, at your leisure! OR ... use it as a summer camp, beach house, guest or FOR SHOPS, STORES, CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, MEETING HOUSES, CLUB HOUSES, FARM BUILD.. . .. u - > t ' • * J -i MI j c L . L , r " ' NGS ' FACTORY, OR ANY KIND OF TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT BUILDING, THIS SHOULD BE twinst cottage. Main trame is cut and drilled tor easy bolt assembly, using specially designed metal YOUR ANSWER cradles. Partition framing is pre-cut for speedy erection. 41 feet of inside partition framing—can be . - / £ - - • • ------ -- •— —•- framing- _.«.. wt inetf tor your own floor plan. No plumbing or wiring material or fixtures furnished NO FLOORING OR INSIDE WALL BOARD OR WALL FINISHING MATERIALS INCLUDED, but framing is on 2 f r centers for best use of stock sizes of wall board. We supply only from the bottom plate up house can fcl erected on conventional foundation or concrete slab. Why worry about the housing or lumber Shortage. If this house is too small, then buy one of the other buildings and convert it into a nice home of 5, 6 or 7 rooms. You can sec one completely erected by coming to our office. Free eosy-to- erect plans furnished with each unit sold. ' ' The framework is No. 1 and No. 2 Treated Pine; the Rafters and Studs are 2 x 6's, the Purlins are 2 x 4's, and are all cut and drilled for rapid assembly. The sides and roof are 20-gauge Corrugated Aluminum. There are no doors or windows, inside partition framing, plumbing or wiring material or fixtures furnished. No flooring or inside wall finishing materials included. Building can be completely erected on conventional foundation or concrete slab in about a week, and for about one third what you would normally expect to pay for a building of its lasting quality. Plate-glass front can be easily installed. We can furnish for immediate delivery utility metal sash for the sides. '1 ; Stocks are limited. Don't take a chance by writing. Either wire or telephone as they may be sold before you could write and get an answer! ASHWORTH SPECIALTY COMPANY^, 257 Union Are. Pho. 5-7424; Nights / Su n .4-1495Memphis / Tenri.

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