The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1949
Page 11
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 1949 BLVTHEVTI.I.E (ARK.y COURIER NEWS Custards Great For Hot Weather Individual Cupi Are Best for Serving; Chill 30 Minutes Chilled baked ciiAtarrts, with V^etnble or meat broth u.-ed in (iltice of iv, ilk, arc ideal torrid day fond. Bake in individual cups, chili and serif* with cold cuts or Try this recipe for an imusiml custard: To make enough broth mstard for 6 .snrvina.s, v rups of full- flavored merit or vegetable broth anri 3 to 6 <>t;.s. Heal the eggs, add .snK, inh;i,sco iaiU'O, onion Juice or t-elery sail, a ,s dr.siieii. Add the hot broth to HIP cg^-s Rradiirtlly. stir- rin fon.sliinijy. Pour the mixture caslard flip,-, place on a rack pa>i o:' hot water, and bake In a moderate, oven (350 degrees F,> 1f> In 30 mtniitrc unlll .set. Chill in (hp rpfn^frator l)i i fovc turning out tmio thr cold pltue. cast aid f.s another nn- •sweetenpd baked cu.sui'd which mnkf.s an exc'<-)leni main dish by ilf-flf and ]nay be .srrved enhor toUl or hot. t.'licfSP (,'tistnrd (.Serves Gl Three rups milk; 1 tnbtc.spnon flmir; '- pound 5harp-i]avoied rlieesf. php,\erf thin. 3-4 tea.spoon saK, 3 ei'qj:. 5 drops tabasco sauce. Heat mirk in a double boiler, kceipng a half cup of tlie cold milk to mix with the Hour. Stir the Hour iinri miU mixture Uilo rhe hot milk. ^ri cheese and .salt and stir until Kitchen Tools Are Hazards ToHomemaker The Norm Mississippi County homemakers were >iday cautioned against the dangers or using broken or defective kitchen equipment by Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Gertrude B. Holiman. Preventing a Miious ac'clderu by correcting a hazard is more economical than continued use of equipment that might cause harm to her or her family. The kitchen contains more dangerous equipment than any other room in the house. In daily routine tasks housewives -qy become unaware of the hazards hi stoves, knives, tin cans, glass dishes, matches, slick floors, high shelves or elcctiic cords. Many housewives use cracked chipped dishes. These could break In tiic hand, causing a severe cut and iicu'ibly disability with a stiff finger. Cracked dishes offer a good home for germs, too. If the dishes are uol washed and sterilized properly, disease may he passed from one menilier of the family to til* other. Helen M. Robinson Exten- Ihe melts. Beat ej> R ,s slightly, pour t'te hot mixture into them, and add tsbflst-o sauce. Pill custard cups with the mix- Une. Place on a rack in a pan of water and bi'ke in a moderate oven IH50 defers P.) until set. Ch:ll be- 1 fore tiirnintr out of cups. Good with t-'ert Lomatocs. The grade B esgs now especially | plentiful on markets are suitable ' for u=e in either of these custards. Two Residents of New Mexico Found to Have Bubonic Plague SANTA re, N.M.. Aug. 11. CAP) — Illness of two New Mexico residents yesteiday was found to be bubonic plipie—the black death of the Middle Ages, Only 21 other ot the disease have been listed In the United States during the last 2* years. The diagnosis was reported by Dr. Vernon Link of the western contagious disease control center in San Frencisco. He told a news conference tliat niedern drtigs apparently have slon health education .specialist, states tint nils Is particularly true at tuberculosis. Rickety stools, so often used to stand on when reaching In a cabinet, cause many broken legs. Buying a sturdy .step ladder is an economical measure compared to having « long stay in the hospital caused from the collause of an old stool. Defective electric Iron cords not attended to promptly may cause an electric shock or burn. Gas. oil or wood stoves are always accident hazards when they are not inspected regularly for leaks and fumes. Sharp kjih-es should be handled with care and kcnl out of the reach of small children who play in the kitchen at tlieir mother's side, Mrs. Holiman caution-d. Hot boiling water should be placed on the stove or on the table out of tlie reach o[ small children. The hontcmakers should be constantly on the alert as to the condition of all equipment In the kitchen, and should not continue to broken or defective equipment or even a substitute. achieved a smashing victory over the ancient, (lea-borne disease. Treatment, he said, lias brought dramatic Improvement In both cases. The vi'tims are a 10-year old boy realed st Taos and a 37-year old man In (lie veterans hospital at Albuquerque. They are residents of two widely separated villages in I'.orlhern New Mexico. The Taas case was created with streptomycin and sulfadtap.ine. the Albuquerque patient with penicillin and aureomyclne. Dr. Link said there have been 516 cases witli 338 deaths since 1000. Tl;e two New Mexico victims are PAGE ELEVEN the only OHM reported so far thU year. Dr. Unit said ail 23 casej In the last quarter century h»v« been traced to wild rodenU carrying plague- infwted fleu. He said that there li no doubt the two New Mexico eaici contracted the plague even though laboratory testa have not been completed. COFFEE Manhattan 1 Ib. can PEACHES PICKLED In heavy syrup, No. 2 can . . 20' SUGAR Godchaux Pure Cane 10 Ib. Bag 89 1 Shelled. 15 in. can PURPLE HULL PEAS 10 Slandai-d Pack ' TOMATOES 2 25 Texsun, 46 w.. can TRUIT JUICE 25 Gulfwax PARAFFIN 1 19 Del Monle FRUIT COCKTAIL Fur better cooking WESSON OIL Pint Rot. 31 Swift's lender, delicious ROAST BEEF "£• 55 ( •Excellent Quality PET MILK 3 Tall Ore cans «JJ Jack Sprat PIE CHERRIES Jack Sprat CORN MEAL 2,^15 Del Alonle Ruffe! C'FRUIT SECTIONS „„ 10 .lack Spral PORK & BEANS 3 'Ji« 29 Ground Fresh LA ROMA COFFEE 1 42 Cleans, deodorizes, disinfects PINE SOL I't. Kolde 49 C Home Dressed HENS & FRYERS SALADS and BARBECUE Duz Oxydol Tide 27' r c Large Box Pure Fresh GROUND BEEF 39 C SLICED BACON l.h. 39 C Kriskel of Beef STEW MEAT 38 Sugar Cured BACON SQUARES rb 29 -Swift's Brookfielct CHEESE 9 "' fiQ L Bo* D9 • Pure Country Style PORK SAUSAGE Ih 35 MUS SILVERFISH ROACHES MOTHS ANTS LUTTRELL'S FINE FOODS Corner of 6th & Chickasawba Phon« 2003 House Members Get fven with Senators WASHINGTON, Al»[ 11. (AP) — House member*. long envious of Hie tree hanctila provided senators, got partly even yesterday. Senators, It develops, nnist pay the new District of Columbia sa lax on food and cigars bought in the { Senate restaurants. But the lax doesn't apply to the HOIIM rnl«ur«nU. Th« r«iAon: The Semite restaur- »nt* are opeuted by a prlate COH- cenlotuiic under contract; the HOUM e«terif« are o|«i»ted by Hie Hou« it.wi[ and ( r< exempt Iioni local taxalion. Bodily Het( The average Individual radiates enoiiMh enerRy :s heat to raise the temperature of 30 cubic feet of air approximately 9 degrees per minute, according to the Encyclopedia mm •OMB plump and tender FRANKFURTERS SUGAR Santa Rosa Sliced COCKTAIL No. 2i Can PINEAPPLE - No. 2 « 28c C _ r- it Sea Swell TUNA FISH - \ size can 2?C Salad Dressing MIRACLE WHIP - qt. 49c Wicklow Juicy, full-of-flavor, Hunt's BARTLETT PEARS N .: 31c Seven-Up, Dr. Pepper or COCA-COLA - by the case 89C A carload of sud* SUPER SUDS - large box 25C SLICED BACON - - Ib. 38* Whole or half, Cudahy's or SWIFT'S HAMS - - Ib. 54< Wilson's Certified CHUCK ROAST - - Ib. 49* All meat Gerber's BABY FOOD - - - can 8< Hunt's Mellow CATSUP-214-oz.bfles.25< 2 12-oz. cans 25< Kounfy Kist CORN Green Giant tender, juicy No. 303 con FRESH BOLOGNA - Ib 39* Wagner's Pure .*PORK SAUSAGE lib roll29<t fe . . ^- j ' ,•* • - . . _ - _ * " ^n. '~ Smooth, white, creamy shortening SNOWDRIFT - 3lb.can85< Seedless GRAPES Lb. U\c Sunkist, 432 Size LEMONS Doz. 25c /llberta c PEACHES Bushel Liberty Cash Grocery's RECIPE OF THE WEEK Whipped L*mon Topping Br^Jr—I, ^.««w 6, 1919 p^wiit * 'w«T*^ Pot «,rV n<! *,**• i« ra Kn.n t^H. MC'kip .ak cKilUd M,.^ Ui.l.f, or rl*cmc fc»»ier «t fii>h >pnd, until fluB>. A<W [tmon juic, .^J r j n j Continu* 'dipping until jiiff. S*TT« •• « t«ppin( tm fruil, «!<iin <j». wrw, p]*m CA!C«, xin|ferbrr«d, pudding or olh*r dciwrti that will bin,,) *itji [hf lemon fiflvot of ihii topping \i«k»i ] V, cvpi. r— wm Pet Milk ....... eon 1 3e Lemoni .......... doi. 25c Sugqr ........ pkg. 13e Winter Garden FROZEN FOODS STRAWBERRIES C 29 (.'Invcrli'iif ROLLS ,, k , 21 PET \ MILK)f""' r;:r ^ 1 \\n. AA ... I'k?. LQ I'resh 1'Klini FILLETS ... u>.

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