The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1939
Page 3
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1039 35 SMS Dolly Moss Motordrome Show 1 ^ 11 ' 1 ^' < A1RK ')" COURIER KTCWS Consumers Survey Puts Sale And Use Levies At three Billion C'lirOAGO. — Indirect taxation produced, mere limn 15 . per cent of Hie "en lire" 'revenues of 39 of Dip 48 slates wing Uie 1938 fiscal year, a National Consumers Tax Commission survey reveals. "Moreover," according to Mrs. Melville Muckleslon, commission presienl, "the study showed Unit tf ft these 39 states derived In excess of 80 per cent of their toial incomes from Indirect.'levies, which are shiftabln to the consumer through increased coals at goods and services." Listed as obtaining less than 75 per cent of their total revenues from this source were New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine' Pennsylvania. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah and Oregon. State tax collcclloas IhroUBhoul the nation in the 1938 fiscal year were more than $3,900,000,000, according to the survey, of the, $3,008,000.000, 'or approximately 77 per cent, was attributed to indirectly assessed taxes. South Dakota first South Dakota, with indirect levies equivalent to 02.53 per cent of its $15.233,094 revenue, led in ihc prqpcrtlon of shift able taxes, and New York was lowest wllli a 55.44 percentage of its $534,162,030 in collections. The survey attributed New York's low indirect ratio to its heavy income and inheritance and gift assessments, classified as "direct." Tlie gasoline tux, which- was South Dakota's greatest revenue producer in accounting for $4,G4G,- 191. also .was the greatest source cf income for Alabama. Arizona Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Georgia, ' Maine Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi Montana. Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina; Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia] Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Indiana Gasoline Levy Hanks High With the exception of the tax en payrolls, which is earmarked for unemployment insurance and not used to pay normal governmental operations, the survey concluded that, gasoline also was. the best revenue producer for Connecticut Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New. Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois, The Skyl/mly Really Deals Here Involve Urban And Suburban 1'ropcvlifis Photography Now Exposes Old Tricks Of Camouflage o Sales' arid •'•use [axes were-found to be the 'principal revenue producers in ' California, Colorado, Iowa, .Michigan, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and West Virginia and were second only to payroll levies in Missouri. Properly taxes, the survey showed, provided the heaviest revenue only, in Nevada. New York's was the income levy; Delaware's the franchise, trix, nnrt Idaho's the-'as- sessment'on alcoholic beverages •COURTS Mrs. Olga Chestei-mnn has filed suit -in chancery court • against Omar K. Chestcrman, asking a divorce on the ground of Indignities Claude P. Cooper is her attorney Leonard A. Wray has filed suit flgainst Dorothy Mae Wray, ask- niff a divorce on the ground of desertion. Neill Reed is attorney for the plaintiff ASHEVILLE, N, C. (UP)—Infrared film has resulted in drastic revision of methods of camouflage, and many new problems in hiding "bomb targets" from an enemy exist today thai were unknown in 19H. Wilfml s. Conrow, chief instructor during (he World War of the camouflage section of the army engineers' school of the A.E.t" 1 , says that Improved photography' has niade successful camouflage a most difficult problem. One of thc most dependable materials in camouflage—cut branches —used during the World Wnr completely hid mlUlary objectives from opposing forces and could not, be recognized as a blind from thc air. "But now they show up on infrared film with thc lexturc f n living tree-while all the living plants appear to be covered with snow. The camouflage Is detected Immediately," German Hid 10 Acres Some of the best camouflage in 19H-18 was dene by Germans, Conro;v says. He tells of one piece of work that covered 10 acres: "A wire netting wns suspended about H feet from the ground and wrai without work „ vnllf thero ng any Iracks." i "'" m ° f A number cf Ulylhcvlllc m- denci-s chunged hands this wo'i WHH'll mso (,. U1S( , ( | nmoum of moving, Mr. and Mrs. p. n_ joyiier \ w purclmsrd tiic Hnivey H. linli »r?sld«nc«, al 1115 West Wnln street, where lliey will move will »> ft ii'vv dnys. The house Is iv IniK one, im-iiij. nve bcchcoms and sun room t,, addition (o the llvli room, (llnlnir room nnd kllohe 1 he. Uui story f lamft },ouso l:i oil lot which h, 1N « >>5-loot frcmng J'lc H. .M. Heck family has ue( occupying UK. ji OU ,, c> Mrs^ W. W. Shnver in moved io tlWr\oV"|iome'cn '« Memphis highway. They hnve mu chnsfd the former W. l,con Sml property from lhc j, p. j, 0 i, nil( ; 1 . ">e suburban property consists Twists Urge To , ™**S n ArX^ Co To England r«S tmfS V £ For War Service «v«ni"£ To ' nI "' mls " cr!; <°" Mr I 'llie ll to serve, her property ...ami, almost which t) ltv are converting Into a M.-JII, Mrs. Edith Stephnn from re- apnrlincnt" and .sludio A ccnc'r turning to Blytheville to reopen reinbdelliig- prcgmm is utidcrwa her piano nnd violin studio this Dr, w. M. pord of West Poin '"" '-' she has decided that the Ky., has DUrchnsccl Iwo Blythevll T " C "Our problem was large field yun in a with reads on three l "' SC as <ccc< tllnt lllc y " ns l>»«l>nsccUvo Blythev -by careless- United States should come residences for Inveslment l c ' ptolcclctl: nncl wl » no *< 1 ' el '»'» »<> EugJnncl-lo Blanchard will coutl. e to „ • l,, .!.„ .......... ._ . '." _ u covered leafless branches. Airplane photographs mode by the Allies dirt not reveal the deception, but beneath /these, branches were many buildings and huge stores of supplies.- The same"" . thing, today would be recognized as a blind immediately as the result of infrared film." Conrow, who lives in New York, was n nisi lieutenant in the A.E.P., and he saw more of the battlefront during the World War than tiki many other cificcrs. He worked from near the Swiss border to near the North Sea. His service then was entirely in a supervisory capacity, but he had charge of command, artillery, trench mortars, machine guns, screening cf roads s «„ - n «i cliagged the sire™ ed acrcS it to place a enlc-r (he war service. in the uwpcrly at 217 Dougim avc semi-square An American by marriage, Mrs. mio, wliicli was t)o«"ht bv tl sides nii,i n Slephan virus born in London nnd Kentwklan, who 'also "" e fom,h Th,, i . rt ,11 blg BIM1 Kllhou e h sllc ls n nnliivnllzcd Am- of the house ium lot nt C30 I do vn (he stream from erican she is English fit henrl nnd mernle. l " lH> ''' °W n "^ ', >P b f llc ! hCI ' C '' bCC " mmy " lu « at t!lose Mllellc " s «'»"> «"<l his Tumi '"" Wl " 1 ' • hcal ' 1 Strl " gs s " lcc (llc El »'°i'^» !mvc "«'' P^«"g re t nt 21 , ' , i wnr ™ 5 roreci >st inst spring. • Dougan avenue tor the unsl 1 r". 01 '" nBth0l) " S - , N ° l lmvlng n sln « le rpi "" vc "' J««-'Thh »-cek, Mr. a,Hb» fccam i 8 , U " nCrOSS lhc I lhc U " lto<1 BMcK - Mls - Slcptin" lhe ™'«cr instead of (lie renter 1 S ° l "° tE "-l"l= nr «l- decided she would return lo *lll remain the tc. m t l ° W °' k wllh llor wome ' 1 Tllomns Lnll(I Company handle (hose jobs assigned the deals. blast marks would show up on an ""B' ''if'"™' ,«™ 5 „(. inosc JOBS assigned Branches were placed on a fish women. In fad, she filled out n n r,1, V hC . n0l< ' " iece ta screen' card sent by the English govern- IT, i .... It fiom lhc air. Members of Ihe inent as early as last mrliV mid Ur gCS Applications gun crew were inslrucled lo wade had planned lo enter the service £„>. 1O-I7 r up the stream to the road nnd then ns an entertainer or driver but * Or lyj ' ^ r °P proceed to their quarters a short distance away. A wheat field between tile wcoils at the edge of Hit stream and one of the roads was not to be used under any eirctnn- driver but ] am nil as she says "sflcr m, j nm mi _ •y. A wncat field be- American nnd so I ani not being Cotton farmers of North Missis :oi!s at the edge of the ' unpatriotic by not returning to 1>pl Collnl . v who have not file one of the roads was • England." application for 1937 Cotton Prlc Being In the United Slates tlur- Atl J":'l"icnt payments have bee ing the World.War may have had " rB "' ^ D - s - Lahtrlp, county ng —<• something to do wllh Mrs Sle- rlcil '" 1|lnl wgenl, lo do so at once this gun remained in position i phan's temporai-y desire to servo ^ lr ' ^'V 1 '' 1 !' Ims received Infoimn >r months, and it was so effective > Eiifflnnd. stm fr>» at-timi i.-,,..- ^..n. "on from the slnte AAA nrrin stances. Gun Evaded Germans .j .....*.. ... [jtj.Tiinui, , jjiiui, j ILJIIpuJiliy UCSlie IO SCrVO '— -«.-.*..]. ...10 n;t.i;iyni IlllUlljia for inonlhs, and it was so effective. England. She felt at that lime'thnt tio " Irom lllc stnte AAA offic tnai the Germans sent planes over | she should have lieen in England " mtp Snll ""'lnS'. Sept. 30, has bcci every day to photograph the sec-j to have nided In thc great work '? el ns tllc flllnl dilt c for »cccp tor. riey knew there was a large done by the women there nnd she t ' u!cc ot IC37 OPA nppUcallon; gun tncre that was .causing them--admits there' has 'always been a " Hlc COU|U J' ° r{lce - AH such n plenty of trouble, but Ihey couldn't little "conscience upheaval about P' lcnllra '-' i .' Mr. Lrintrlp snld, mi ".« 'n I (hat, '-. ' «e In the stale office at Lit FllltiUv. OnC COld nl^llt". cnvrtml C tr/.,. ^j^*^ -_ ' _• . ... . RntTlf hv Xfri,\r(n.. r\nf o | tllltt, ~" ." nil; .-Hull UHlCt: y, one cold nlffht several i Her sister -was conscriplcd lo Ro * by Montlny, Oct. 2. of tlie men decided they may as work In a *•--•• •- " •••-•• Aii.iimiuh .,,^-1 -r ,i._ ,„ well cross of walking morning when - conscrne o ..,, en decided they may as work in a bank during the Hi-si Altl ™'t:h most of the 1837 Cottoi the wheat field instead days of the World Wat late--drove PrlcE Adjustment payments in Ar : m the stream. Tlie iiext, n'rmy trucks nnd then worked in kans i's were mnde last mil am vJien Ihe German planes - an airplane factory. Three broth- wllllcr < U>erc lire still a few farm ' fifffllM ftllfl llflfl(AOf ATihnrf /\»-i- ^n... ^ ~1 :.._' n . .. . .. . . (*t"C tt'hrt hn tin ,tr\l „.,.,!! I r__. .«. _, • — ..... . " j-""-^.. " 11 mi jjjun^ muujiy. l UrCG IH Oli i- ' -*"-* 1 - «**• iinn « it:w uiilll came over again and photographed crs saw active fighting In the last ers ,who Imve not applied for the! the sector, vvhite marks showed up wnr, one . of , them having fee,, Payments. n their prints of the wheat field- award ' ' tracks made by the men who medal. . .. .— •" — ...."•vo .uiuncu ui) wnr, one oi them having been - - , n their prints of the wheat field- awarded Ihe 'distinguished-service Mr -''Ln»lrlp urged that farmer, tracks mnrt,. iw ihn ,^ n >.„ .-^^ s -..n^ (lo nol ccn , llse lhe 103V |myn|c . nL with the 193(1 price adjiistmcn 'We arc' anxl , .. pay llic fev farmers of lhe county who qiinll where WllCI C lmn 0 r' I fewIx UO ' "' across ll~and several lines; .When the wnr started'Sept' 3 wUl1 tlle 193(l 1"''« own converging on the spat. Mrs. Stephnn spent several .weeks' W'oils now due. " nc g-un was located. In a deliberating nbout her future life ons '" hc slli<1 ' "1° 1 irs, the German artillery The decision was to remain In the fnrmcl 's of lhe counl iiv\ 'n»,rl K1n n *^.l Jt. _ __.... , .. . - . . »v*imiu Ill.LjML. (»„., ,__ ... ^ and other jobs of milltar tance. I „„„,,„,, ,„'. , ,,—,"""" —""^'' *«"•• m.-Ki.-,iun wns 10 remain in tlie „ , -— -- j ••••" «i"«" jTl^purprsc or camoutlage," he UU and killed thfcrew" 1 ' Slm l<> S."^ >.'« «"" > ''«»'"" to «ed for the, 1B37 payment, and svh February is the only nicnlh that is snorter than the lunar cycle, for this reason, about every six years the month has only three of the four phases. This means of course, that sometimes February is without a new moon, one of the two quarter phases, or a full mcon. Lepkc Quietly Gives Self Up Cape Cod Recalls Raid Of U-Boat iii July, 1918 ORLEANS, Mass. (UP)—Renewal of German submarine attacks on merchant shipping in the present war recalled today the lone successful raid on United States coastwise shipping in tlie World War. The raid occurred July 21, 1918, two miles cif this Cape"Cod town and resulted in n loss of $945,000 It was Sunday - morning and bathers were enjoying the calm, warm waters. Others lolled on the beach, some watching n lug steadily towing three barges southward, i A cry from n sharp-eyed bather suddenly drew the attention of all on the beach to thc tug. A black object had risen above tlie surface and tlie booming cf n cannon wns heard. Binoculars were trained on the strange sight off shore and spectators quickly identifier! the object as a German submarine. Attacking with determination but ivithout accuracy, the U-boal fired three torpedoes—none readied ils mark, its deck gun made nn oc- casjonal hit. but one shot wns so wide that it landed close to the spectators on shore. . , Three women and five children > | were among the 41 persons aboard ' ' the tug and barges, but they escaped harm. During a lull in the attack, they escaped to small boats. For nearly two hours, the submarine's deck gun rained shells on the (ng a ,id barges before the craft started t founder. Shrapnel seriously wounded captain Atnslie and two crew-members, John Bpto- Blytlicville to make.her home neglected lo make application foi Educated in London, Brussels ,"'' mol ' c i'. but to do so it wil Conservatory in Belgium and Oer- • necessary for them la file Iheii many, Mrs. Stephnn has' taught in a PP llc alloiis Mill thc county office n number of colleges nnd conserva- Inter,than Saturday, Sept. 30.' lories since coming to the United Fllial dntcs for flllll g applications States. ' or '"38 Conservation payments i: She was a member of the faeul- Jrul " '• law > Mr . Lnnlrlp said. There ly nl the University of Valparaiso, . are stm a number of fanners who Nashville, college, Lawndnle Con- nvc fal| ed to apply for 1038 Conservatory of Chicago and Blue semll °n payments, There were no Hours later more hydroplanes »~. ~.'....v...,v; ^^n- .. - -— ~«.. and patrol boats had reached the ser vatory cf Chicago and Blue * el j™ l 'on payments, There were no scene, but the submarine wns not Mountain college before deciding f nr '' c Adjustment payments in lhe to be found. ' , to reside In a. small city where Pogrom, Mr. Lnntrlp said. ---" ' Pr 'cc Adjustment payments on w uu luuiiu. ( m i^o.t.u IIL ,1. Mjjun city wncrc i---o«,«.<., ..... j.*.ni.ii]j sum. Thc wounded were removed to sllc c . oul(J ' wvc classes hi piano p " cc Adjustment payments on he Coast ijuard station nnd Dr. "" a violin. Blytheville w&s selected C01|OI) nl 'c now being made under James P. McCuc was summoned nftcr fn ' OI "is Imd insisted that she e 1939 Program, Mr. Lanlrip snld, from Orleans. He walked n mile consitl er this city. mlcl 1339 conservation payments and a half over the dune.'j to reach Tlle s t-»<'io will ngnln be nt 508 nrc "Peeled to be made in a the station and there found com- Chlchasnwba avenue. monlhj. Plete confusion. • —— ~*£—! vick and John Vitz. Vitz's hand was severed by a n i » justice '' 1)cared on the , alter ' / ugilivc cd wns lying piece of steel, while part of Botovick's arm wns blown away. Word of the attack meantime had. been sen; lo the Chathnm air station and three seaplanes ap- but amusing ' eeeve u amusng e^ surreiidered lo :n s tead cf dropping tomte on New'York rl v pfl g , °° Vcr '" thc u - bont ' th « P" 01 * "'ing out HcFncmyNo inefi rier ^ Pllb " linmmc «. screwdrivers and other head was paid. a hit was called. plete confusion. Thc casualties had ben given first aid but they needed further attention. They were placed on mattresses and carried over thc dunes to a boat, rowed across the river, and placed in thc doctor's car which carted them to the McCue home. Their wounds were dressed nncl an ambulance moved them to the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The summer visitors to the cape gathere in small groups, talked excitedly for a wiiilc of thc ununusl sight they had seen, and then resumed their restful routine. lake bottom and eating the weeds Aldca bj ' liny bnlloo » s on each that grew there" of tlleir fccl - cra »c nics can float Elder tribesmen corroborated the j " UOUBh air story of tlie submarine mcose but and sec one." irough Pasteurization of mllfc slightly mnger bucks expressed disbelief ™ cllll «>tioii of mllfc sllgl ncl snld they "should admire to " ""' ri(nm!n C content. ?n ont* " . —'': Indian Legend Of 'Mer- moose' Again Bobs Up THE PAS, Man.. Can. <UP>What Is It that walks like a moose, looks nnd breathes like a nuose, yet feeds on liie bottom, underwater, of northern lakes? It's a "mermoose," an amphlbicus creature which Indian; in northern Saskatchewan say they have en. "Mermoose" to you, it's "Plkwut- chcc Kwaskaypitchikayivin" to the Indians. A 99-year-old Crce Indian, Ncr- man Lathlln, reported lo a curious Belmont, Mass., school teacher, P. G. Downcs, who was tracking Icwn stories of the mermooso, that he had seen (lie animal in his youth. He was crossing a frozen lake, ic said, where the Ice was thin nnd :ho water clear and deep, when 'looking down through the ice and water I saw beneath my feet a mows crawling along (he sandy Wang Reported Plotting Coup In South China CHUNGKING (UP) _ Wang Ching-wel, busied Kuomlntang leader, plans to establish a new "Natknal Government" Oct 10 the anniversary of the Chinese revolution, informed Chinese believe here. Wang's new "National Government" will be inaugurated at Canton, according to his plans, these scurces said. For this puriwse, Wang summoned a special "cabinet conference" of his supporters for Sept 1, after which the appointment.'! of all imp:rtant ministers of the present new government be an- nounccd, these Chinese sources asserted. To enable Wsng lo carry on nn ' administration, a requisite to his establishment cf a "National Gov-1 eminent," lhe Japanese forces in 1 South China, particularly In Kwan-; inng province, were understood to be starting drastic military oper- 1 aliens to stabilize this area Meanwhile, Miss Chen Pi-rlnm wife oi Wanng ching-wcl nnd herself n noted revolutionary worker has become "particularly active" in alleged efforts to enlist lhc suppcrt of overseas Chinese on the side of her husband, Chinese reports asserted. —THE— Firestone HIGHSPEED TIRE Is a A real lire. Gum-dipped Cord, Non-Skid Tread, and 100% Cotton Construction throughout. The cost to you . . . only §1.75 per week when you buy on our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th is Snipo, Budget Mjr. w»taol Phone 81D Mnrjorle Unlley, The Sky Udy, shown on her high pale vililcli Is ;< feature ncl hi Hie Death's Holiday Thrill Show to be slaBCd at the Mississippi Counly Fnlr. This Is Ihe highest aerial net In Hie A'orlil. It Is necessary for Capl, dulling, owner of Ibc show, lo have H powerful search-Uuhl to light up the act al nlglil, It | s » ruling of Uie Department of Aero- nnntlcs Umt a red light must bu kept burnliiB at nl^hl on top the pcle to warn airplanes because «C tls great height. ' | v• Thief l.lkcs Shoe Hi PASADENA, Cul. IW>) — Mrs. Lena Rnmos has reasons to think :hal her shoes nrc n perfect fit for someone. A year ngo, a nnlr.was itolcn d'om her hsusc. Recently,' lie pair, bndly worn nnd dyed In .he meantime, were returned, and eU on (he iwrcli and a new putr stolen. , ' , ilead Courier News.%vnnlr ads. Ross Capitulates Poison Ivy IIV OIXIKOI-; HOSS NEW YORK. Hept. 23 - Wllh considerable liolp f,- om the >mr- vlcrl UUI<> LmljY I have fixed tip Unit hoiiso In the countiy It was " nihacle, in ihc Judgment of (ho i-pi'ntm who taught me how a bucksaw illlfers from n Inlhe mid >'OUJI|I({ till- (foul jllartci' of P' -is Hut (hey didn't have to feel so niii! about It. Atle.r nil, do lliey Know, wilhoul consult l»tf me, how mum ii would cost .(hem to linll out of n ringside -table al tlu> Stork? . ' Thc house is occupied for brief week-ends uwny from the hurly- burly. At first, I wns Imuplly dc- Imlccl Hint iclaxnllon nnd quietude mid serenity lay in the olTlnr i know Ijetlcv now. There wns the pol.'Mji Ivy Only n sllglit (ouch of it ninicled the- fiimlly, true, but the complexes that lollowftl were violent wioiit'h to Justify transfer lo n smntorlmn. For hvo woctaids. we miakcd nbotil )c(U'iii(> Uie 'house for fenr of trumping into a bed of jiolson- mis stun. "Nollilne to worry nbout," Ihe neighbors wiy, "Jn.,1 m \> the ninicled parts with unsolliie." After Iwo excursion): tnio ti, R wiuiwoo'ds wo fed ns saturated us it fllllni' Klallon. , "THI: SIMVI.I; uri;" (SHOWS COMl'UJX The other day, lh Q uu] e i n ,jy and l drovo out to escape from the turmoil of New Yov):, keen in Ihe luitlelptilton at two Indian summer ctnj's, a few hours' loaf on (lie porcii glider and a stroll through the'wooded pntte. Well It, rnlnccl nncl Ihcio WHS a leak throiiBh (he roof and (lie rircnlnce smoked nnd thc electricity was cut olf nt Ihe cxnct moment I re- BOlvcd lo sit down al Iho portable typewriter nnd perform the stint for (lie day. Bui that wns merely'(he pi-elude Oul in Ihc inlclrtic cf llio lawn llio nexl niottiliiff, the mm, w i, 0 <(„,,,. In lo mow It contldcd, n swarm of uecs Imd made themselves comfortably al home, He recommended that wo hum them out and he went off lo gather enough hay (or ihc connagrn- llon. We exlermlnnled them In n uliwe Hint discolored the sky for ns far off us Daiibury. n lt t you ought (o sec tlie lawn. And my face. Uoth will have to bu rc- B«idcd, Tlic man wlio mows the mwn 1.1 nnil-clliiinllc by nature H APPY GRO.& H OUR FKEB DELIVERY _183 W. iUnln St. . I'lionc 15 To'Moles, and Insect Pests Hflvlng disposed of the bees, he loid us nbout a nost of while "dips at the bam who htid fortified themselves In wme sort of Mapgol Line where they Baited pclsed nfjalmt Invalers. A smudge, jald our man, would be our heaviest artilleiy. And tor the sake of (hose vho have not braved matters bucolic, a smudge is Die-'smoking remnant of. an Ignited clolh nl the end of a pole Tlic white wasps have been cremated along \Uth the bees, but you ithoitld sec the tip of llio bam-or what remains'6'f It. And the tai-n wns not our objective 'MOLL'S KKKt' BUSY UOItlS'd FROM WITHIN "he, enemy iiirks even where. Cmicntly it h (lie gioitnd molr; who has |ilowe<l up <juiu. a hunk of the acrcnp' In back of the house. A trap Imd ben sel nl one of thc nportlires the quaint little, ti-eninrc dug for himself before he started operations. He climbed "out of the other hulc and the trap now 1ms been shifted to a now position Inr up ihi> roitd where ho Is expected lo resume Ms ntlnck. 'Hie vegetable iintcli, of cmirse, lins been despaired of long ago. A whlti! kerchief linn bceii Hyljip there for a month, to announce to the woodchuckfi that uncondltlonnl surrender was mnde from tills side of the ramparts long ago. Dusk Is falling nnywny, nnd .In n lllllo while, the occupants of this Hllle house In the country will rub grtsollne Into the Model T and return to Ilia city. Tlie hnrnids In New York are comparatively few, the cuisine nnd mmojijilieio nt Ihc Btoik or Versailles, nrc unsurpassed. The ilcor Is solid: let n ground mole just Ivy lo cxcavale thc dnnco floor. And lhe settees aio steep nnd deep enough to iieimlt n. country weekender to snooze a while. Hello, New York, , If we lived on Ihe moon, we would be able to sec the sun nnd the stare nt Die same time. Head Courier News Wnnl Ads. SaveYourSoybeans See us about a Massey Harris Clipper-Combine' Full 8-foot cut. Full width, straight through .. GepiiraUori. Power take-off or. mo'tdr driven. Easy terms nrianged. BIytheville Soybean Corp. So. U.K. si. Phone 555 IMPORTANT JIOTICEr By Act Of Last Legislature, October 1st <> is final date for payment of Drainage Taxes, ^—. , . : We earnestly urge that all land owners observe this new change in tax paying date and avoid penalties and court costs, f Drainage District No. 9 and Sub-District 1 cf 8

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