The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1944
Page 5
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FH1DAY, JUNE l(i, 1944 Liberty Ships Lauded By Men Who Sail Them !!}• K011KKT C, MIU.K1! XI 'i",!, C V, rCSS Slafr c «"'< ! S|ioiulciit 1 ? n'^, 1 - 110 POBT ' ENGLAND. ) - publlc crlllclsm of American rly s hips, n Jury of sea captains anil engineers declared loclav is completely imwnrnmted - Those men who have snlled the Liberties into practically every port In the world uncl through every coriccIvnMe wonther ami war con- ditioii, l,nd nothing but high praise for the performance ot their shins 'Too imicli publicity has teen Given the few Liberties which cracked amidships," raid Cupl. Jules Morrnccliinc of New Orleans, "while no mention has been made of the hundreds which huve perfect performance records." Weldhis; illumed Chief KnKiiicer Martin Andersen Brooklyn, N. Y., one of the few men present who had been aboard a Liberty that cracked, blamed (he weakness upon poor welding "Our ship spirt just off Port Said in calm weather," Andersen s;ii<l '.'but we were able to patcli her in' port and return to (he United Slates wltlioul trouble. : "The Liberty must be strong mmdshlp.; been use of her design which places huge weights fore and aft wlicn she is loaded," Andersen continued. "Additional bracing through her center sections would probably eliminate cracking a u 0 . gcther." None of the seamen had ever heard of riveted hulls splitting. • "One of the few Instances I iuivc heard about." said Capt. K. w Trait, "nil were welded hulls, ami if all of those broke in two this wee):, they would already have served their purpose. Without them we would never have been able to carry the cargoes needed to fight this war." /^, Seaworthiness I'raiscil VEveryone agreed that the Liberty ships were seaworthy craft, handled nicely in rough weather were economical in operation and trim sailers. "The, Liberty hulls," said Ca|)l Pratt, "are the finest ever designed and are callable of maintaining a food speed during an entire voyage, using only 170 barrels of fuel oil during a 24-hour period." The only complaint made about the ship was the bad living quarters which arc a result of overcrowding The addition of gun crews to the usual complement of officers and men has made it difficult to find adequate living space on board the already overcrowded ships. With this exception, however the men who sail the Liberties were of the unanimous opinion that loo many unqualified "experts" had given a good ship a bad name. Servicemen's Wives Aided By Government LITTLE ROCK, June 16 (UP)— Some G.OOD Arkansas service men's wives and ncwonrn babies hav c j c _ reived free maternity" and infant care under the program authorized by Congress. Dr. T. T. ROSS; Arkansas health officer, says 900 cases were handled in Arkansas during May. .'flic program is administered Jri^aly by tlic Arkansas State Board BLYTHEV1LLB (AltK.); *.CQUflIEB NEWS Well-Earned Rest TJie chalk clifl: thai walls a French beach his pillow. Straight Dope f. .m Cofonel Jimmy Heavy Toll Reported In Pearl Harbor Blast H/iKHOK, June (« (Ut>) — Hie two violent ammunition plosions which exp e »rl Its Colonel Jimmy" now, for Maj. James Stewart, former screen star, has been promoted to the rank W lieutenant colonel Sen-inn as operations officer for an 8th USAAF B-24 bomber g oup I e I af | flown H combat m.ssions, holds Distinguished Flying Cross ana ! Air Medal wUh oa.k leaf cluster. He's pictured left above at 1 is !g roup :s EnBlish base,'dislributin a night forms to pilots before 1 ey . Jake ofl to participate in invasion of France, 'j'i; •' of Health and the Children's Bureau of the United States Department or Labor. Wives and infants of servicemen iukt.hc ..four lowest pay grades of the armed service;, arc eligible for tlie free care under the program. The custom of tatooing persist n Egypt -for love charms, signs oi social status, and guards against bad luck and ill health. Wanted Will bring $7 to $8 per bale Before you sell see LOUIS APPLEBAUM Phone 464 Glencoe Hotel Blyrheville, Ark. Spring and Summer ,' TUN" IV-UP. Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Get All-round'Better Performance! T I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler De»l«r P»rti A Service «1 W. Aih CHICKASAW U'est Main Near 21st St. Sat, starts 1Z:«; Sun. starts 1:45 N'hjht shows 5:45 Eifcpl IVfonday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Friday and Saturday Double Feature "DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS" with Johnny ni.ick Bromi "A NIGHT IN NEW ORLEANS" with Preston Foster SliHIAI,: "Adventures of flic FlyiiiK Cadets" Donald Duck Comcily Sunday and Monday "WINGS FOR THE EAGLE" nilh Ann Sheridan ft Dennis Morg Universal News Short: "This Is America" ,, , -— racked UH; ,- umi Hiirbor ,ucn last nioiilli took n full of 137 men killed or missing. l Jicilic fleet liiMrtnimrlcr.s hns Just announced these llgurcs lifter a preliminary Investigation, of the blasts the wore! mlslwp occurred May ;!l when explosions nncl n re ||,,], c ,| itiiaugh a group of ) ilm || llg mi(t moored In ti, D busy r>cnrl llnrljo, anchorage. Another explosion oc- fiirrcd oti the Islunrt of Ouliu June 11 Raines of casualties ni'c withheld pendiiiB iiulinenlton of next of kin Food Surpluses To Be Canned For School Children Assistance In piwcrvlnx seasonul lood .turpliisK de.slgnuled us "turret eilslrlUullon" coimnodllles for «m i 10cnl ECl100 ' lunt!l ' PH'urnins will be nvallnblD for Mississippi Umnty cnnuliiB centers as » means OJ iichlevlng better ullllziilfon of wartime food supplies, accorcUni; lo I'-rncst P. Pranks, Area Supervisor the W:<-A office of Distribution. Mr. Fr«nks suld thai under a n«|wly announced program to be "i 1 "',' 5 !« m! "* the WFA Office or Distribution In coopcratian with oilier existing ngeiicle.s. community niul scliool cunning cwilm mccltni! specified requirements will «P eligible (o receive supplies of seasonally surplus food for cannhi',' tor local school lunch sponsors unh M reimbursed tn help piiy th c <.«. House or the operallon. "e siiid niTiiiujemcnts cmilil he made with approved Indlvldiml cim- nini! centers, or with several smaller centers collectively vcprcsnilcd >>y mi ntjenl nrrannlnit for the cmi- ii! servlcn and siicclfylni; tin' linlnir.M'iHeiit rales. Ihc snlli'iit. feiilnri's of the pro- Gram, the WI'A-OD officials siiys c that f(Hxl whli'h slil be wasted will be nsc,i In provide .school children () r (lie county with nulrliiou.s meals, anil that food fanned durlnii l|i{> summer vacation monlhs rim | J( . u. s c<l later when th c schools lire In session. Mickey Plays New Role HOLLYWOOD, June i c (UP) _ h!i )f il ? ? oncy , ls slil:kl "s llowl ins cowlick under 11 GI cap nm conceiV.ratlng on soldiering, iie'i 'M thc Army now. Ir'fvin A ,"", v , Hnrtly Ol lllc fil »« L ' cayine behind thc $3 0 00 n wcel iic Is sata to have cnrncd for B i I'f.™},?.' 8 . !my of $5 ° " moiilli. buck HL TEST Mrolcum Jetty nit Wail Spread MnTolineMivrffii tin I tnli nntl fluci-r. l/inn ntin^a timvo Motnlltic'a ftWh Jiuslfl}'. Rjothr-1 (Itowr lA'JI. clianric. wrnixa flml minor lj fit. atiu tho bL^E t[1p!o %1tc unly N E: W THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at 6:30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunday at 1 Friday i "DEER SLAYER" with Ilruce KclloES ami Jean I'arkcr Serial & Short Saftirday 'OVERLAND MAIL ROBBERY" with Bill ElllnU Serial <fc Slinrl Saturday M1DNITE SHOW "THE LADY AND THE MONSTER" ' with Diehard /\rlcn Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday "RATIONING" with Wallace Ilccry Fox fs'cws ,t Sliorl W. H. Chandler Heads Defense Workers Club William II. Chumllor, now u member of (ho United Slates Nnvy Civilian Service of (he Nnvy yards located in Charleston, S. a, iviis Heeled pre.sidcnl of Ihc U. S O Defense Workers club for llu- North ohtirleston nrca in a recent meeting. 'J'hcra nra approximately GO.OOO (tcfensu workers hi tins Churli-sUm nrea wllh tvljonl 10,000 In the Nnrlli Carolina nicn. Mr. Clmndler, au ouLsldo nw- chlnlst In thc Navy yards, is cin- Bi«cii In tho ItLslnllntluti of 11111- Waiting for Allies, Say Nazis tie.ciianceiy <e»rt r*r Mckas-iwIu DKttlct" of |ijl County, Arkansas, y,' / Cnrl Ltiwrcnce Pleasant, Plaint) Bf, Kllamay Pleasant, Defendant 1 * '-"^ ' , WAllNING ORDER ^"YJ*-"'— The (lefendniit, Bllamay Pleasant, „,, » called to appear in the Chancery" Oourt of. the ChtcJtusaiytw DLHild' ,' Mlsslsslpiil County, Arkanaaii.v wjtb" answer to complaint ol.th7 plain. ___ tin, CnrlLfiwicncc Pleasant/" <«« Witness my hand and seal joJ said lhcl '? of ' Ih1<l W <lay of June, .« HAKVEY MORHIS, Cleric, '' 8|2-9-16-23 Oounw new* wimi ^ | rlv of nses nr- ndless II nes Anolhcr pholo of formidable Otrman null-Invasion defen rlvcs from n neutral one, above, showinK endle of rcmforced concrele antl-tnnk obstacles. Germmis y A faimims m,l from beachheads will not encomite real ''Altaic Wall", defenses tmlll they havc penciled 100 n lies i^nnd , t-liniildil trlrkimjih systcina on Invasion .',hl]i.i. 'J'hti son of Mr. unil Mis. Max liny ot Huffman, Mr. Clmndler wii.s rfiiiwl nt Iliiffmiui where Ids fiimlly luiig; has lived. ALTERATIONS! Come ro Hudson's for alterations of all kinds. Wo havc three export seamstresses on duty at all times. UDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier Highest Prices Paid For Cars & Trucks AH Makes & Models' " " GULF Service Station At 5lh Main Sts. '< -0)1 WK'1,1, SFM, them for' you for a small commUslon.' Krliif them In for all detail* Only top quality products get the job of lubricating the motors and machinery on our fighting Navy's ships. So we're proud to tell you that Sinclair lubricants arc used on many Navy ships to assure smooth operation and save wear. To give your car the same, sure SAVE WEAR WITH protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, lie offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. Tliis famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both dc-waxec! and tie-jellied. Use Sinclair'Opaline to keep your car rolling. Open 7:30 Show Start* 7:45 nntl Saturday 'Black Market Rustlers' , .• , with , '.', I lie Itungc Hasten & Evcljn Fmley SIIIllAl,: "Kh|g of (lie Mount|«» Saturday Show* e The Retorn^pf; the Ape Mart'; ' with i < 'i i (J . ,) Hcla l,u(;osl A John C'arradln* , * i Selected Shorts' > ^>'J \ kj Sunday and Monday, "\ Above and below ,., and acrosi the Atlantic! -. B. J. ALLEN PkoRc2««5 -i Af»t ^ Hytketille, Ark. TYRONE POWER ti$$f jPr ^^ JiniaftftWn ffaiiil '„§!&« * n»iitiuse!(.[i«iNi)Wiiin " Farambuht News Short LYTHEYSLLE SWIMMING POOL-OP UNDAY 1 P. M. LOCATED AT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS Filtered Water Chemically Pure REGULAR SUMMER HOURS 8a.m. until 10 p.m. > r |« . Regular 40c (Tax Incl.) • Children & Soldiers 30c (Tax Incl.) K State Inspected -Private Parties After 10p.m. GUARDS On Duty The Pool Has Been Newly Painted and Reconditioned This Year At All Times • Ji

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