The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
Page 7
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r THURSDAY, MAY 17, 1934 BLYTH1VILLB, (AM.J1 POUHJW JPAGE SEVEN & CLASSIFIED SECTION- i Wants m CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DiUy me per one tor consecu- V,tt Insertions: (Flie average voids to a line) Ooe time per lino 13c Two times per line per day .. 08c Ttirte time* per lln* per d»y .. 06c Eli times per line per day .. O&c youth rat* per line We H<"h»"in' chtrje Me Adi orQerto io» tnree or six time* and stopped before cxplra- t'on will be chargoo lor the number of Uciea the ail appeared ana adjustment of bill made. All Claimed Advertising copy aubcnltled by persons residing out- a*de ol the city rrust be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Ho r&Euonsiolllly will be laxen lea more than one Incorrect Ui- irrtlou of any cUsJtflcd ad. Advertising ordeitd lor irregu- «i insertions takf the one time rate. SEEDS & PLANTS J .So> Ik'ans and i'ras will be hard lif llnd nm month, liuy nouj from liubbard Hardware Co, .l Teas fur Sale Drive amiss the rivet fgr I lie Hunt Whlpiovmill feu in W«« rcimesstt-. I'rkes Reasonable. William -linker * Co., Kiptey, Twin. 28-rkS-U l''OU KKN'l Nicely furnished 2 loom apartment, private bath water, In free. Cl'J W. Main, full 332-J. LUMBCD PHONE US ABOUT OUR SPECIAL PAINT OFFER FOR MAY E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY IUURER Moo OUR BOARDING HOUSE MODERN 'i room InrnLsliecl apartment with ball). Reasonable. Call Hli. 14-c-tt 2 room FURNISHED aiul garaye. 1601 W. Ash. Cool, Apartment reasonable. lie kit! GREAT BARGAINS Nicely furnished cool 3-room APARTMENT. Mrs. nunean, 119 Cliickusuwba. 10-ek-n FURNIS1IKD bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hardin, after I'. M. kit; '32 '32 V-8 FORD DE LUXE TUDOR. A-l Condition .. 5 CHEVROLET Runs Like New C O A C H. 5371 'SI FORD COUPE. A R«l DODGE SEDAN. Hire to See to Apprrclite S155 CHKYSLER SEDAN. Real Fesbinc C»r '21 Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolcn, 310 West, Walnut. 30c ko-30 UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment. I 1013 W. Walnut. Call G78. 30c FOUR room FURNISHED apartment. 700 W. Walnut. 19-ck-tl ROOM & BOAHD •% THERE ARE HUNDREDS OJ» %j THINfcS I WOULDN'T TAKE" q YOU'R WORD ON -*- AND YOUR A KNOWLEDGE OF MUSHROOMS *V WOULD 'BE- TIED "FOR SECOND f PL/XCE A-^PlCWNcS THOSE THINGS OUT 'IN THE COUNTRY ANt> L EXPECTING ME 10 SERVE THE.M f AT "DINNER—-HWF—N'OU CAN S 35 S291 '« FORD I'/- TON TRl!CK OUK CARRY IN O CHARGES ARE REASONABLE M»ny Other* to Choose From PHILLIPS MOTOR Roomers ard Boarders— Hume-like atmosphere. Prices reasonable. Mrs. J. F. Sander;, 510 W. Main. Call 278-J. 1r. k(i-7 WANTKD TO BUY We buy Chickens and EKC*, hicli- 1 cst prices paid. Kile 1'rkc Grocery, Piiorc 2S1. Ill E. Main. DC; kC-U Used Car Lot Corner First & Walnut Sts. BUSINESS SIKBCTORY Rooms with or without hoard, steam heat, hot water, reasonable rales, Fhone 231, Kite Trice Gro. 29C k5-28 POULTRY & EGGS Milk fed FRYERS for sale. I'KJK- ARD'S Store. 1044 Chlckasaivbn. 17-ck-G-n We will nay lOc per pound fur heavy HENS. B. T. Worthy, 315 E. Mail:. He kG-4 BOUQUET hokters lor graves, guaranteed 3 years, il caeh. Maple j Grove Cemetery As&'n. Call 703. , LUMUKK n-ck-'il i FOR SALE—Cyprrss l.umlirr, — - . 7= 1 Ihousai-d. log ruu. Jim l)ri: Furniture', 1-3 Regular i'rice. Beds, norn ' Ark.. R. F. I>. 1. cliuiug, center and end Ublcs, chairs, desk,.smoking stands. Furniture repaireil, refuiished, upholstered. Parkhurst, Main St. pnone b7, Ask lor Patrick. Hp k21 EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machine Kepairin B . U. S. Blank- tnsnip, 116 E. Rose, Call 1U5-J. furnitare Rcpairini—Upholstering Also automobile upholstering. We will be glad to re!er you to customers ai to quality and work- mansnip. Complete line samples. New Location 118 No. Secund JENKINS & SOX 5-ck-6-5 Ask «s *bwi( the H«ftn Hoi Center Golf Balls. They're Belter. Hubtwrd Hartware Co. 5ek«-5 WHIM you are flsh hungry come to Me Fall Fish Market, 415 W Ash. Rush Fish At All Times. Ic k6- HICHEST Cash Prices paid to brass, aluminum, copper, zinc New Leal Trading Post, 120 W Main. 8c k6-l Again Hmrke Sets the Price Boiled Linseed Oil S5c ga Turpentine 75c g Aladden Lamp Farts 30c each BURKE HARDWARE CO. The one price store •28cfe5-2 Mn. I, 3. Dans, Phone 421 Speonr Cocsetien 26c ko-2 CLEANERS, TAILORS We clean and stnre winter clothe «nd bed corers. Moth-proof, fire proof vaults. F»y nest fa". TJniiine Cleaning Sen-ice FEEDS FOB SALE: HAY and CORN f a bargain. S. B. Rozcllc, Lm era. Ark. ICp ki NOTICE Annual meeting of stockholders Blytlreville Cotton Oil Mill will « held at 10:30 A. M.. Tuesday, me 12, 19M. ill office of W. A. age & Company, Fnlls Buildiiii; lemphis, Tcnn. Among other mat- is to be considered \vlll be pro- cssd change of By-Law providing or amendmcius of By-Laws imlnatlng thcrafroin necessity fo: oticc of prnposea cnange. W. E. Oagc. Preside nl I. II. Fleming, Assistant Secretary 8c kli-i: SALE Cotton Hcttf: Rowilen NOTIUK OK TKtISTKK'S SALE Default having been made in the payment of ll« debts and obligii- loiis secufed by Hint certain dceci >[ trust excelled on .lune IBlh. 1920. by William B. Ambenj nnri wife Charlotte H. Amberg. to Ihc unricr- igned, as Trustee, as the same ap- pc.irs of record in Book "Z", prigt- 345. of the records of .Mississippi Jounty. Arkansas, at Ulylrevilir (and assigned to John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company by instrument o[ record in Bonk 35 page -MO. the indebtedness secured jy said tmsl detd having b:ci) extended by instrument dated December 2nd, 1932. and nl Recnrd iii Book 64. page C15. of t!:c record: of said Misbfes:]);)! County, at lily- thcvlllc. and the owner of the indebtedness secured having rcqueste'i the undersigned to advertise ami sell fee property described in said trust deed, all of said hKicbtedtwss (as extended) having matured default in the payment of a pnrl thereof at the option of the owner, this is to ylvc notice lhat we will on SATURDAY, MAY 19lh. 1031. wilhin legal ncurs, at Ihe front, door of the Court House in the Town 01 BlythevilJe, Mississippi fjo'.mty. Ar_ kansas, proceed to sell at pnhlie 2iTp-k5-24 1 0>l ' cr >' to the highest and best bidder for cash, the rollowina described property situated in tr.e Clilrka- sawba District o[ Missir-slppi Colin- Bull No. 28H for (hin land: also .Stone - \1llr No. 1. 51.50 »cr hundred. Marrin RoMmm, 310 K. Main. J8-pk-5-18 Fecds. Flour, GrocfrifK *- MraLs ,!t Brst Prices. TTe Dtlivtr. Phone 231, Kile rrkt Grocery. 9c 1:6-0 AUTOMOTIVE 'Aa(o All Ktnii The Ark-Me Lumber Co. lOc kC-10 Blart Hubbard Phone A S»vin«» Account With Us On for the Automobile Hdw^ A«(omotlve Dtp*. *'6 Photxi ty, Arkansas, to-wil: South Half of Southeast Quarter ot .Section Thirty-six, Township Fifteen North. Range Eight East, containing 30 acres, rnorc or less. All riplil and equity of redemption, homestead, dowrr and np- i waived in said deed ot trust, but the sale will be made aflrr riuc nppraisal ,is provided by the laws of Ihe Stale of Arkansas. The title is believed to be good, but we will soil and convey as trustee only. This April 24th. 1934. COMPANY, Trustee By John Henry Smith. KANSAS CITY TITLE & TRUST. President. " Church i; Gannaway, Attre, Memphis, Tcnnesste." 2G-3-10-17 FOR SALE OU THADE \ National cash Register. New Deal Tradtog Post, 120 W. Main. 8ck22 The human bociy contains caused by the enormous pressure' In the muscle tissue. A I'KAMIMJIM VERY WtLL-T W\UV- THEW VOV?. / "miNK \ DON'T KNOW fALrSHROOftAS WHEN I SEE THEM'? EGAO, THOUSWvTOS OP TVAEfA ANY SIMPUETON KNOW THESE A"RE THE EDIBLE 'PSALUOTk CAMPE&TRIS * MOT \E POISONOUS ASARICUS OOOLA, MV OCAH n GNUS Mt <>ni;/\i TO \WARO 1IHG HIGH •cu- r II' l'-!)l.'f 111 III'.' ei!-1:-l - •<•• - POR VOURSELT/ THE TRONt DcpOR; SO YOU WONT •BE sucw ^ HEAVY DRAS PERFECT f NOW I'L\. FIH.1HC • PRINCESS.' Nv^ow. WE KNOWS THE K!AvMK> BUT WtLU TA.KE IS \VOKIUFJ>! BOOTS AND HFR HtJDDIES L DOVIV <jtTCH.\ j ' OMW VCUA tWF- b V'TOV tvi'fi'ET HIDING SOMKTH1NC! TRA.FFK ACCIDENT AT MAIM AMD RUH. TH& CAR IM fROl-ST Of ME STOPPED RATHER SUDD6WLV. I BCIMPEP IMTO IT, AND HIT MV FACE C*4 THE STEERING WHEEL. WASH TUBBS /" voa "BEUEVE" TH^.T TUT TUT, BETTV. WOTHIhJG SERIOUS, I ASSURE YOi!. l \VCHUZR VJHEBE S USUAllV COM MUCH THIS. VARW.POPMER? *• TH' YAR OUT/S HIM, ,AI:<;H ON IIIMSKI.I' CX>6faONE TH' UUCKi SHE WOM'T COME OPEMl- UiGU., TH' TWO 6AFE ROBBERS ARE IN "W 1 JUQ , ft N 1 I'M SO HftPPV I COUi-D P^,NCE f\ JIQ I AM'Ol^ CUZl'LL ?RO6'L¥ aooo OL' SAFE'. IKNEW I'D RECOUER VA 1 . ONCE A DE— PER (5CSH HW.F ftM HOUR TRVIN' TA GET IT OPEN, ftw i HftPPENED TA TH' COMSlNATIOrJ I SOUMO? I BtTTER F1MD OUT! , RLWM5 A SLEUTH 1 . HIGHL^NP FLiMQ WHEW HE FINOS COT t\JERECOVERED KlS 4z,OOO] FRECKLKS ANIV HIS 1'UIENDS HAVE A CIGAR, -AMD PORTMROWIMG ME IMTO JAIL FOR NO GOOD BEASOI f COIt-iG TO S'JE VOU FOK LIBEL,AND DEFAMA.TIOM OF CHARACTER — NOW. IF S. I CANT THCfJE'S AW- ]NAME IT... THIKJC I CM /BUT I CAM DO TO MAkE \SIMG IT, UP FDR V/HAT I AMD IT I'VE DOME. /BECIlKj V.IP,' YOU JUST l / EIJDS w; ^ IT'S iHAT kO5 FAULT! MS COT ME INTOTOS...I tJc'/tt? V.OULD HAVE SUSPECTED YoU, ^ I'M SOPHY T MAD It) JAIL... IT WAS ALL A BIG MiSTAkE .' IP HE Mt THIWK YcxJ A CROOK .'

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