The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1931
Page 5
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TUKS1UY, FEBRUARY 17, 1931 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGEPIVB CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word (or first Insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count Hie words and send the cash, Phone 306 FOR SALE mm m iS ™ ^*&*&&> •••- '' - OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicit-1 ed. Marilyn Hatchery, BlyDcvillc. I 20-CK-TF ! "CU RENT ROOM & BOAHD—$6.00 l»r week. Mrs. John Smith. 115 West Cherry. 11P-K18 l-'Oll RENT—7 room house, newly decorated. Good residential section 1030 W. Walnut. Cull 527. 11P-K18 FOR RENT—Furnished rcom with hath anil furnace heat. NO. 1110 Ciiickosawha Ave., Plmne No. C45. WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironeti by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 7W S. Lake St. 17CK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any piiantity. Marilyn Hatchery, U10 S. Fourth St. OC-TF 110- WANTED —. False teeth. We pay high as S10 for full sets. Any condition. We buy crowns, bridges, jewelry, gold, silver. Western Metal Company, Blcomington, Illinois. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. 17 (UP)—Cot ton closed steady. open high low close Mar • 1CSS 109!) 1053 1007 May 1122 1127 1120 1124 July 11-18 1151 1H5 1140 oci 1177 mo 1174 ins Dec 1107 1190 1192 1197 Jan 1204 1205 1201 1201 Spots steady at 1105, up 10, m:r.i.s nr.uETOUAV i i;i.\i;i:il ELLA TOI.I.IVEB, d:iu~lii k r ol • mJulater anij »lrH- diLuukler of Ihe ««nllhr and JH- dulKcni former PHIL VAN IIOUU.X, oTpimlsrd a Junior Coun- U7 Clut In Ihe fOfTD or lira Tliruih, |OIT«, Ju.l 10 keep II'« ninntii Ihe jimngfr mtt tram bt- cuniliiK (00 dull. I1AKI) I1III.I.OIVAV, • TOunK nrll.l nliu «•• hoLi'lni around Ilie cuujilrr, >lti|i|icd In Mrd TlirLJih. Altrneleil by OIliKrr, be ni;i\-rd 10 • my nnd littlDI piirlrnln mid Jei'orpl* Ibr new clut>huu«e. lie cnve Ifa* name "Jole de VUre" lu iliu club, nnil • uiei:e»leil »i-ml- IM- In rbli'aeo for NIC01.O CAI- I.KXO, olio riiulii rook >nd >lnc nntl Mlrunt n £ullar. Hut Mcolo could nol com*. U fill, iiliicc nrrlveil Ihree «f hi* iiiiiulrrnirn. ANGEI.O eoulU iilnjfi I'lr'llill ci'llia cnoUl lirMTO riiuld .Init. <:inKrr look lliem on. lli-Klnnttii; tn ri-«lt«e he wn» I" Intr nllk Cliiccr. lined • rt|ilte>tet Irnvlnif. !!ut I'fcll. knowing Cln- frcr. ijerndnded him to "lay »• Ihtl, S "««. Hut for fil.icrer'. jsiHiil «ht ivrnle. lo Srl-.r.l» M:V. N f.iniirr friend ill Old. und lutltril him. **ne felt he \inuld clve Elard • orue. compell- tlnn. i:hij;er thereupon Inrlled t'AT- T\ SCANS lu inkr cur* ol Speeri, hut I'.llly iruuldn't comr. |ilrmi. Inc luJMlly 10 EDO* JACKSON nliuLii II. Oelllni; nord Ihn jer'nnded holb Eddy nod Pnlly (o ronu'. l-:ddy. hoivevrr, dfcldrd 1' h:ill ihlnK" UP. b y ninklnjff Ihlnc ailtrrnhlf far GlNKcr *nd kefplnff her nnd Hard •cnarnled. MrnnvTltlle. Rrnllo had made 1rli> In ChlrnKO nnd rrlurnrit «l « nlnn in kldnnp Ginger and bnld When dreej nnd hl> al«lrr «r rlr.'d ninuer cm nnolher kiirprUf Sliler'9 name «n« COTTON. Sh «nx different frum «hnl fllnne • uapcrted. Hbe »n> a lllrte nlrnl thai Cotlon wnuld urore nltrne live to llnrd. nnd £ddy dev]M»hl nrronced I'or [Inri] niid Collnn t hf lofiellicr nlttle be Black t IIInfEi-r acd paired I'ntly off irlt Speed. Speed tclli Hard Clnger an -F-lily nre In love and IJnrd olnn lo Lpnve n» Rday keep* up hll NO'.V GO tlX WITH THE BTUHt CI1APTKK XXX G INUBIt brlgliteneil ever so taint- ly. "F.ddy. why don't you go fishing with Patty? It conversation Lemon Juice Ended Hiccoughs CONSHOHOCKEN. Pa., (UP) — Tire juice of a lemon squeezed in half a glass of water cured 81- ycar-old George Strouse, Spring Mills, of an attack, of hiccoughs which lasted more than six days. A messenger boy, Jani^s A. Hamsey, loo!-:ed IID several remedies and suggested the treatment. ce trctb forest will ilo us all od." 'No, thanks." said liara. "1 want finish tbm Ekclcb I'm clolns ol enlto'a corner. I—fancy I Bban't hero much longer and 1 waul to tell U today." "1—BUIMXJEO you'll want lo go Elit back to New York—now." enlil .ngcr faintly. "I suppose so," ho aald coldly. "Como along. Ulnser— we want on." called Colton liiiiuulently. "Yen, come alone. Ginger,'' said ddy. "We're BOing for n nlco alk In tbe woods." Cotton laughed. "You'ro not; lie Bald. "You're not Invited. W ust want Ginger. Wo want to lei cr e, secrci. You stay right vvber ou are. Eddy Jackson, aud go o unniiig Eddy "leaded but Cotlon wa augbingly, excitedly adauianL * » * "ifNGBR Elalkeil grimly out o r tbo bousa and down llio' stop She was mopping ber brow. "Thank God," she Bald dovoutl 'Let's go and find a still cool spo n tLc wooda, aud Bit, and alt, am alt. And not say a word. As BOO as anybody begins to speak mora it makes a cold shlrer run down my back. It makes me think ol Eddy Jackson. Lite of tbe party—" Her voice died away In an Inarticulate murmur. Patty, Bard and Eddy stood silently In .tho • doorway ; and watched as tbe three walked slowly Into tho woods, Cotlon In tbo middle, one hand In Speed's, tlio other arm clasped closely about Ganger's waist. Wlien they had disappeared among the trees Eddy took 1'at's hand In bis. Bnrd," bo said cordially, "arausc yourself any way you see lit. Pat and 1 are going to retire 14 tlie forest to seek ,a mucb needed rest. We're about worn out.' her resolutely down a forest trail T was & lovely tccno befor* him. jio report tliai (Jluijcr was nol mi and scarcely less lorclr »a he j Hie lainlliis nor nnywlicn? in 1 anslerrcd It to bla canvas. Tliero-aml they all louuccd Idly In tr.ii ere tbo Bun and rain-browned ; I'lcntam shadoof tlio blB trii'» unlll hloelca ot the liouso. tbe mos»' j fown tloncs of Us foundation, the luncheon was ready, amlug (lowers on the vlnca that: "r'lnil Miss timber; llenltn." paid raped Hie porch aj Dcnllo had BO . I'aUy. "She's oil nomcwlicrv l>" ' cudcily trained them. Tlicro was " ' '^ Ho slurring sliadow ot a buinmliiK- |>ii»lalis." trd darling from blossom to bios-] llcnlio went (o llio edso ot iho om, and on tlio elll ot tlie olllc I w cods and called aa only lie c.uild vludow under tbo drooping eiires;™ll. hut Ulnser did nut at a fnt Klcek bird, gray green.! "Well, como uluns lo icr ucad low upon lior^ald l-Mily cticcrlnlly. "When you hick neck, her plumage ruffed upi kl "»v liliiger as well as 1 iln you'll tba breeze. ,know never to espcci lior unlll you Dard smiled unconsciously ns hc i K ? 1 ^ lr - 1S ,!' 0e| ' 1 V l ,'|'!{ ll h OI |t'a COT,-, canvas, tint his thoughts did not tE3 .. | 1rutcslf( | ( smllo wlih Ills lips. Only bla eyes j "\voii. u' 8 not took In tbo beauty ot color niid! for ihc'imslcss tn'slay'away"Viiiii line, tor his thoughts were down j tho fowl." InalsU-il Kildy. llial torest path wlicro Ginger was' . . . walking with Cotton and Spccil. u o|[K was low i.ulay." sal And the bllll sweet Bllenco of the; J early B'immer enveloiwd bouso and j [hc woods. ,HE SILVER. LININ6 OF DOMESTIC CLOUDS DAY""' is all she wants, heaven knows you'll lalk an arm off her. Kou got both of mine long agol" "1 haven't got time," Eald Eddy with a tioality that left no room for argument. "1 - want to help you make up the llsla." Ginger willed ngnln. Sbo was long past struggling. There was just no overcoming Eddy's oewly developed spirit ot management. Co^on appeared on the piazza her face Bustled and a new light of eiclloment sparkling In her eyes. "Ginger." she said, "como and walk with us In the woods. We want to talk to you." "I'll come, too," uafd Eddy cheer fully, "Como "long. Bard. A littl In the opposite direction from that the others had taken. Uard iras glad to be alone. He got out bis easel and stool and ilanled himself at what bo called 'Uenlio's corner linish his last sketch. For Ginger! Everything b« had dono was tor Ginger. His every thought was for Ginger. It seemed Incredibly cruel that he should feel such leaden sorrow here In these same scenes lhat bad given rise to bis keenest ]oy. II only he could bavs gono on tor a while, In blind and blissful Ignorance, feeling that Ginger WES nls llltle erica ot delight that went up FOK KENT 5 Room Bungalow with Garasc, Nsuiy Decorated inside. Also $ Room House, Ne»ly Decorated. !,. KOWl.Ei? I'bonc 88S Co;ifs Rclinuil— Dresses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. RE-NU CLEANERS I'hoiie 179 Gulf Service Station liryant Stewart, >Isr. Loral and Ion? dislancc hauliny. Special rates on carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. E. \YASHAM TRANSFER MOO CliicVns.nvb.-i rhone 851 JACK HULK "adiator E\';.crt, !s now v.-lt'i us. N"c\v nnd U&cd Uadiators For All Cars Jackson Auto Parts 2aZO W. JIain—rbonc 60 HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, 88c bu. Shuck olf. 80o per bu., In car lots. Collon SLilcs Sales Co., !nc. Ulytheville.'A'A. rhono 174 o: LD 180S. E6AD, ME<3<rtlA-feP A "DEAL TbR OLP AUTO . If T=bR CASrl is I dAV/e A PROSPECT -."FROM. ARE AS". OLD CAR, VcLfp K/we EAT'EM (U A COURT, -nr WAV OT? AT LEAST EM" KooJa lu ,„„,„ ,„ „„„„„ , 1]1( , It «as nearly an hour Inter when "Slie uasn't Loir \vlion we left 1 lier." sahl Collnii. "We cltri-u-ii IUT a shadow fell atliwari hl3 camr.a Ho looked up. Cotton and Speed up mid led her on tup ot the were coming toward him from the river, hand In hand. They wore chow/ 1 s<U<l rMdy Juckson. They me lliclr luncheon In saolli- • "All cheeied up, ehr to them pleasantly. come. Olio o'clock. T\vo o'clock. Cotton nodded with gay emphasis. "Ginger Is the sreatcbl "1, feel uneasy." ealil t'atty, "Til Ifin't like (JliiECr n bit. Yon know Mule confidante you over saw. But they svcro always taught In ttio If you think wo look cheered soimgo. Hilily. Hint they liml lo bo you ought lo nee her. Slio Is down on the boat-lamllng cheeieil up al company no waller BOOTS AJND HER blue tlicy \vcic. 1 wish she'd come." most . Into convulsions. laughed herself Into genuine tears "She'd bellcr come 1C Bile's Where's Eilily? Sha wants STEVE IS PESSIMISTIC to Invlie llio crc.vd out tonight." She would." said IJord coldly, Suppnae wo cut oft luto llio jiuoer "I do not know where he Is. He j woods and liuvo a look for her. j went tor n walk In the woods. 11 M.iybu nlie has fallen and hint her- ' don't know whellier bo ha.i come ?e!t. You'd lictlcr slay with me. !*at. Wo don't want iwo bribes In the wootls." "Anil I'll keep Cotton with me, It uack or not — and 1 don'l care." OTTON weut to llio window and you don't mind." salil Sliced. "They called Inside to ask for him. bin Eddy had not returned tind nearly Washington Square nnd she doesn't another Lour elapsed uctoro he (now her way around." sauntered slowly from tho woods So Ihcy struck off, cheerfully enough, into the woods in dlfieient "Where's Ginger?*' directions, singing, whlslllng, call"Oh. Eddy, tho was looking for Sho was down at the lauding They were not alarmed — not yet. over so long ago. She probably got They knew that tjlnger had hcen low for K few days. "Well. I'll hare a look." he said. blame her for wanting to be ulono Dard did not raise his eyes from Ills canvas although be had llnished llul when, an hour (la picture, nor did be heed the met again al Uio cottnge and riad seen no uace ot her. tlioy could no from tho others at sight ot It. .U — until ho had gone from all liicse longer hldo Lhclr uneasiness. Cer was for Ginger, and Ginger did not dear and lovely pieces their pleas tainly this was not Hlte IHngcr. ure together had made BO sweetly (To !!o Continued} Eddy came back in a tew minutes Vft DOMX Uf\Vc V\<NOW be cooked until almost tenuer be- peaches, cereal, cream, fish and rice fewer dishes to wasii. Hints for Casserole Cocks In preparing Easserole dishes, fore the vegetables are added. The long, slow cooking necessary lo on toast, milk, colfcp. LUNCHEON— Tomato rarebit, bring out the flavor of the meat toast, button radishes, dried applr first cut the toed into pieces for - 'E.W WWVt , WKV OP -•• 'A SrX "WINK O? Ttrt' ft IONS Wit rXGO and make it tender would ruin the pudding, mill:, tea. tervuig. In the case of meal, rich- vegetables if they were allowed to • DINNER— Swiss steak with brown cook lor tlie entire period. browned over the fire in a frying Indian pudding and olci-fa.shion- ian before pulling in the casr>o- ole. After putting meat in a cas- salaci. raspberry trille, crisp cookies. but- there arc many erolc, add water to frying pan and others that can be prepared In th2 iring to the boiling point. OLDEST OITlCliR XE.MtS 93 WASHINGTON. (Ul'l—The old- There is a wide grouji of ver contents of casserole and sea- bread puddings, includin on well, allowing i. teaspoon salt and buUcr custard ami the frui'. ind 1-4 teaspoon pepper for each "Bettys." All the dried fruils ar tup of water. Cover and put in a Ihe War Cspartnicnt is Major John well adapted to this methca. for ,!ow oven to simmer several hours. Wesley Pefin, Attleboro, Mass., Cool: meats twice as long en casse- again the long, slow simmering de- succccnca to the title upon velops flavor ar.d brings out tho role as by other methods. deal hlast week of Major John V. natural fruit sweetness. LatKlerilalc. llrooitlyn. Bean, nc^r- hot oven should be used for iug his 03th birthday, lias tor his A set of two or three casseroles nearest rival, Cnpt. Willla mil. Nel- cooking period the less loss of val- retired Hhoti? Moun- uable food constituents. entire dinner in the oven at the If vegetables arc to be combined with meat nntl the whole serve;! fuel. BREAKFAST — Stewed means to economy. Read Courier News Want Ads. from the casserole, the msat should HEL-IM I TELL VoD, I DOhlT KV PDHY WU.6O... EG.HCMl DO IF ITS A W PEOPLE'S L6SS,\HH£vl "TH- So S^Vty CAUT THEY A FIRST seeW IP voo WS ISMT THERE AMY ^WAY To SAVE L1WOY? SOMEOHS HEtP FRECKLES IN HIS HOUR OFTROOBCE? OiJT5V»£ WO IMPOSSlBaiTV. EE FctT D^s To C-.ROV] UM£>%&Y. WR\Te LtTTeK.s To "we. CONSUl. BJT Trt 60P,ftOS ONW -TEAR 'EM UP VCN'T H' TriIRO Oti e. TO TttiM-7 CiUESS <_r£E'. LOOKS 11K6 I'M i!J THIS DUMP F6R MV DlA^ p .OSOS—. TflEV'REloo THE. CKOOK OF A PRESIDENT uJ'.U NtVER FRtE N9 fIRVT OW !U OWl IS SPfWT IN CALUNCj KiPtNT EfeRV sacred. SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN RY SISTER MAKY NKA Scrrirc Writer Perhaps one of the most economical mcthcds of cookery is "en casserole." The thrilty housewife ihas used this type of cooking-ever I since man decided he would rather I have his food cooked than raw nnd the crude clay pot with its cover to conserve heat \vus the first casserole. There nre many points in favor of casserole cookery MI55- ^J 1 to its merit as a _. - - Iftods cooked "en casserole" are cle- I licious, for their full flavor is developed and the toughest jiortions | are made tender. There is na loss . ol food value since very liltlc iva- | (er is needed and the inatcria cooks in the steam of its own juice Any food which can be boiled slcamed or baked can be cooked in a casserole. Vegetables, tougi cuts of meal, desserts, combination of meat und vegetables am I left-overs arc easily and appctiz ' ingly ccofccd lu this covered bak ling dish. 1 Tnis method of oven cookery al- I so conserves the housewife's time ! and strength. After the IODU is place:! in Ihe casserole, little nt- tcnticn. if any. is paid to It. anil since the food is served in the dish in n-lilch it Is cooked, there

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