The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1949
Page 10
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FACIE TEN BLYTOEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS American Cooks Getting Better Chief French Chefs Says Women's Looks Not too Important Oaston Mail-In, chief chef of (lie ntw Illf ae fiance, Is a ninii with magic skill and. distinguished, if roundish, appearance. Asked which is a better cook, Hie flench housewife or the American, he replied: "The French woman, of course. The French girl has to «et her man through the stomach. Die American girl gets hers liy her looks. Alter Hi! there are l\vo things that keep a FYem-liman at home — love and good (ooci. So the French woman has an incentive to be a good cook. "But. American tonkins is improving. During ilie 25 years 1 have been going to America. 1 have noticed a great and *leadv improve- ment.Amerlrair are eilueathiR their palates. With the fine prodiu -t.= available in the Slates, (hf-rr- is no reason why American cookm? should not be as t;ood as French " He is a areat admirer of American soulhern fried chicVicn But this ffliiious transatlantic i-hei believes i| should have a sauce. Noih- >'>g, v.-i(Ji catsup in it. he warns slronEly. This Is the sauce he likes with southern friend chicken. Chop an onion into while wine with a little butter and salt and pepper. Put 111 tomatoes and href stock and let simmer until reduced by half. Scn-e In a cravy bowl . As to fish wonderful, he says. And these arc two French sauce recipes for It. Bass a la I'aysanne: Boll some onions, celery, carrots and leeks. Season, place (his In a pan and over it lay two basses, poach, or simmer slowly. Sprinkle with paisley and serve with a sauce consist- Ing of the cooking lirnior reduced to one-third and beaten well with butter the size ot an ess. Sauce at! beurre im;r: Take f«o tablespoonsful of butter, meli in pan and cook until II fj very dark, without letting It burn; atlrt two or three branches of parsley which you cook in this butter: pour over the fish, and while the pan is stit! hot, pour in It a spoonful of vin«- fir, heat, then pour over the fish. Ideal Season for Everyone's Favorite, Fresh Vegetable Plate FRESH GARDEN- FLATTKR_P ils of buller „,,,,„„ ,., e „ of the veselalilcs. A tol of people like eardcL.-fiesh i >; tea.siioon snijar. :< tablespoons vegetable plates. And, of no\v i the ide.<] .ea^on for them. I-'or a well-iura ug«i vegetable planer, cotor combination*. food fliinM"* iitui textures are etiually ! important. For example: mounds jof emerald green pens, golden ciir- ] ol.s, forest sreen br-an:;. and beets ' separated by swort tender ears of fresh corn, Nothing; but pats of iiirse. I butter, ^ iiiulr.spriuns minced pars- Icy, l K>ble.-i|>a»jjs li'jmm juice. Sri ui) r:uTi>ts, trim and cui crass- in vi-ry tliin .slices, if the nmits are young, ilu-y do not have o Ije peeled or .-i.iaprd. Cook in wiling water for "2 ininiites. Add alt. butler and -near, cover and ook U to 5 minuie.s longer. Sprinkle in lemon juice and parsley and mix lithilv with a fork. Be cnre- Loafers in the Poultry Flock Make Good Meat Dish on Table North Mississippi county farm cull pullets can be used for meat. nutter are needed to heighten and 1 ''Vililrmt draining, 'enhance the flavors o[ such foods i ^^^^^^^^^ ftll mil to crush file carrots. S) ve families r.-ere urged today by Home Uenioiutration Agent, Mrs Oer irude H Holiman, to use the loaf ers a* w«ll as the younger birds in the poultry Hock as food for the family table. Poultry can lie prepared for the luble in any number of ways. Hens may be braised, stewed, steamed, niui If young enough, roasted. They are good for making salads, pot pips, casserole duties, chicken-a.'a-king, shorlcake, soup, sandwiches, and other dishes. Younger di'rkens may be broiled or fried. Du.ks. guineas, and turkeys, if •'Ulablft, may also be prepared in a number of appetizing ways. Poultry n:eat furnishes protein of ?li quality, vitamins B and C, i lid nhosphorus and iron. Chicken aiblels are especially rich in iron ind vitamin A. The dark meal con- airis more riboflavin ,\nd probably ume iron than does the white neat. In plDiiiniiK the family f<xid sup- ilv. Mrs llrjlinian recommend* that 'arm families plan to use 2o pounds of IIOIIITI-V jneat per |>er.son each veer. FV-r the average ,i?.i-d lamily '.s wonUl be about one bird a week. All poultry used as food should ne nl licaliliv. svdl-fleshed specimens. About 15 liens are needed to supply fuvr for a family of five or si.x pewoii' If such a Mock is lo be maintained 50 chicks should be hatched eath spring and 15 choice pnllei.s placed in the laying flork each (all. The young roasters and Iiiformal.'on on preparing poultry for the table as well as on selecting hens for egg production may be obtained from the North. MbslMiuni County Extension Office in the court, house . Yanks Resolved Not to be Beastly To British Chums LONDON. Aug. II—Wi—U.S. Airmen in England made public today a voluntary good conduct code whose theme is "don't let's be, beastly to the British." It advises the G.I.'s to swear off griping about British food, talking too much, playing the black markets and boasting about America. The code was published in the So combine this dairy fnod will garden food for a delicious anil ' wholesome main dish. i To vary fresh veKclablc flavors : and give them a more sophisticated j touch, try this delicious butler ; - MiUCC. j , Kulfcr Sauce for Vegetables : i One-third cup bmter, 2 taWe- , spuims minced parsley, 1 tablespoon It inon juice, ' : Teaspmm pap| rika. l - t'-aspnon Milt ; Mnsli butier to n suft cream and i work in all other ingredients. Add [to freshly cooked, hot green peas, [string beans, broccoli, spinach, a.s- \ paragus o, slices of broiled Pieplant. Note: Chopped fresh mint leaves, substituted for the par."lev. '• |<ire delicious whon the sauce is: | served with green peas. j Klrrnish {'ill-rots UScr\-es 4-tJ) Twelve small tender carrots, cup boiling water, t., i CHsnc . 0 n salt. ; Corned Beef Practical for Summer Use Corned beef yon its vcay to fame learned with cabbage. Served cold a variety of ways it's equally tempting, making it a highly practical slimmer meat, says home economist Rcba Staggs. 'J'o cook corned beef it is placed a kettle, covered with water d sirnmc'-ert over a low heat until :he meat is tenner and juicy. This takes from 40 to 50 minutes per pound. K corned beef is to be -erved cold it is allowed to cool in the cooking liquid, ihen tightly covered and placed in ihe coldest art of the refrigerator. Cuts of cold, cooked corned t>ee.f alternated with slices of American cheese make an attractive platter •ombiiation. Horseradish sauce is an ideal side dish. Or the corned reef may artistically border a po- alo salad or chilled cabbage slaw. A jelled ring mold is colorful with •hnnks of cold corned beet. Plain gelatin j s seasoned wiih Worcestershire suace. then chilled until it ' THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 1949 Meat Thtrmometert Give Better Roasts A roast meat thermometer is an Instrument which measures and indicates the internal temperature ol meat's during' the roasting period It Is considered the only reliable method of dnleimininu the exacl degree of donencss il large cuts ol meats such as hams and various t-ype.s of roasts. Here are the basic Instructions for the use and care of meat thermometers: 1. Prepare the roast by wiping with a damp clc/h; sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired. 2. Place roast fat side up on a rack in a shallow uncovered roasting pan. 3. Press the sharp poil)t of the. meat thermometer through the outer layer of fat into Ihe center of the thickest part of (he roast. Insert the <icm at a slight angle for easier leading and bo certain Ulat the point does not rest on bone or fat. 4. Place beef. veal, lamb and smoked prjrk in Mow oven MOO degrees P.I and fresh pork in moderate, oven (350 degrees P.). Arrange "United Kingdom Eagle," weekly ' newspaper of the Third Air Division headquarters a t suburb;*!! Rllislip. : It was haimnend out by the ' enlisted men themselves In one of their weekly discussion hours. Some 8.000 U.S. airmen are stationed ! 'i England, including the personnel of Ihree B-:>3 .mperfor! groups in the midlands and a big force of aircraft maintenance men al Burlomvood. And There's Plenty of Space for FREE PARKING at Mays' Super Market! Mayrose Cut .f or ,| slices off ilie thin side of the ham. o i ' 1 j" nt S " !K r C ll " ;m>L " Ul Ou> "'"'" aml l )leilh ' <> f U! Ko motors ,,.•„' ' "" ' iil "* er tlf e^ling „ fentlcr l.oni 0 IT The O VI V STORI ' n IIl.vlhevill L . that offers you this parking convenience. ' ^ ORK "' IT'S EASY TO WHIP PET MILK TALL CANS 3 FOR Per Case - - $5.55 Quality, 100 Ib. sack POTATOES 3.50 Fresh, tender Ready-Serve Tliah tile fork firmly into the Inrgo curl nnn grnsp thcslumk lot-urn hum so it rests [irmly on the cut surface:. Make !\strai K i,L cut dun-n to I be bone. Cut out a v.cduc-shiipud piece. [CORN ON COB - - 3for10<s Insert the knife nl cut nnd. »,-it)i knife parallel to platter. cut along bone to frt:-e the slices. NOTE: Tl,.,... „„„„,,,„..„. th... iii.ln.dion,. You'll |, nd ,),( en II.. »,» pp », 0 | French Dry Cleaner RENUZIT Gallon $1.09 2 Gallons 1.98 Large Box OXYDOL Giant size DUZ 27< Large box DUZ - 75* SwifCs i'roniiitni 1 Swil'l's I'reniiui SOUND STEAK ,„ 79 SIRLOIN STEAK ,,, 79 I-'ine Qiiiilily BEEF ROAST U) 49 Hcislon Hull's PORK ROAST ,„ 49 Tender tfEAL CHOPS ,,,49 -Shoulder VEAL ROAST ]h 49 Margold or Blue .lean OLEOMARGARINE , 19 MAYS r SUPER MARKET the Only Store in BlytheYille with Plenty of Atl-A, Oun d P arking 421 So. 21st St. Pk ,.„ Phone 6122 is lightly rimsralc-d. Added to the gelatin LS tlic- i-liopped corned beef with cooked ;>p;is. diced celcrv, diced lickled becls ,-ind radish slices. Vk-ut salmis miike grand use or cornul l)cr-[ bcr-ausr- there are so many fruits and vi-si-lalils that are delicious in cojiibination \vitli the distinctive flavor ot this meat. The vcgrtaW,. includes: po as> rru |_ ishcs. ct-Irry. lettiicp. tomatoes and green ]i'|iiJ('i; fruits inditdc apricots, climirs, grapes. ])ineapple and apples. HEAD LID—"The lid that keepn II?e pou'der dry" is modeterf in Cleveland, O., by its inventor, Charles A. Mueller. The contraption is designed [or baseball fans, for parades, or as a beach sunshade. It's very simple, says Mueller. It's made of a hinged piece of lacquered wood to which a piece of galvanized wire has been attached. Mueller's now out looking for a market. the nan so that the dial face of the thermometer slants toward the oven door. Roast until the thermometer registers the internal temperature which indicates the desired degree ot doneness. 5. Remove roast from oven. Remove meat thermometer and clean by wiping with a damp clots. Leaf Lettuce and Spinach Could b+ Colander Dried A porcelain enameled dlshpin »nrj colander team up to maVe easier wort of washing greens such as leal lettuce and spinach. Set the dlshpan In tne sink and the colander on the drain, pill dlshpan with cool water. Trim the leaves and place in the dishpan. Agitate gently with Hie hands to remove sand «nd dirt, then lift the leaves out of the water and place them in the colander. Empty the dlshpan and fill with eiean water. Put the leaves Into the water for a second washing. Then lift the clean leaves into the colander and allow to drain before storing for use in cooking or salad making. THERE IS NONE BETTER BUY NONFAT DRY Ml IK SOI IDS More than Just a Dozen Just 12 eggs make a dozen. But, it takes 12 high- quality eggs to make a Kroger government graded dozen. Kroger buys more than 100000 dozen eggs a week at its four modern egg ex- chari»es. paying- farmers top prices for top q,uilily. Both producer and consumer benefit. Live Better For Less with Kroger^qlues ARMOUR [products ADVERTISED OX PORK SAUSAGE .... Lt> . 39 Armour Star FRANKFURTERS ,„ 55 C Armour Star Skinless WHITING lh M^ Dressed FRYING CHICKENS Kuy 'Km by the Piece—Fully Dressed COCA COLA Cas€ 89 Pause That Refreshes SUGAR 2 ;i2.29 Pure Cane (rnimilalod CANE SYRUP ^l 49 C Louisiana Pure Kiirm .Made CORN MEAL 2 ,-1.25 Cienni White "PEACH TIME AT KROGER" Stock up on canned peaches and peach preserves . . j» C [ fresh peaches for home canning—now '- at Kroger DEL MONTE x ^ 31 Sliced or Halves, Peaches PEACHES ....£ W All (iood Sliced or Halves : PRESERVES 3^1 Embassy Peach Our Low Value Price I California's Kcaufifiil Haies. AMK lUIHEIfOID ~- jinia Bruce and x-ivacloui Ann Rutherford are two of the many oi a T° r0 " S ^".y^'ood stars who app«r ^_- ... Armour radio show FRESH PEACHES nns t»ery Hour •* G e r t e * to keep produce de\vy-frcah. FRUIT Hunt's Cocktail ... , uM...d: |J| I Pure Firm White j CLOROXK.33 lileach and Disinfectant RICE Wb -" e Fancy White VINEGAR Gold Dollar CORN 2S ns2 23 c Standard White TUNA *^30 Standard Grated JEWEL stir Shortening al. 33° Gal.

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