The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1946
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1946 BLY.TIIEVILLE (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS Cross Cultivation Idea Spreads Fast Many Mississippi County Cotton Men Report Economies. Cross cultivation of cotton In Mississippi county is fast gaining the interest of growers and this year, aurlciiUural officials estimate between 25.000 and 30,000 acres' will be cultivated In tills manner In contrast lo (he old practices. The main advantage in cross cultivation, it was explained, lies In the fiu't that less hand labor is required for hoeing, Fanners are also finding Unit cross cultivated cotlon is yielding about the same as cotlon cultivated In Ihe normal manner. Cross cultivated cotton requires only one-lilth of the hoeing labor required for normal cultivation. Another factor encouraging the practice is tlml il does not call for the purchase of any new equipment since regular cultivation equipment of one kind or another is used. The Gray Brothers of Promised Land arc cross cultivating about 200 acres this year. H. A. McCann ol Roulc 1, Manila, is using eiijht- inch buzzard wings to block out ana cross cultivate his cotton. Sam Fincher of near Lost Cane planned on using disk scrapers to cross cultivate most nil of his cotton. Taylor Freeman of Dell is cross cultivating some. Reports are that, many farmers in the South end of the county Siam Invaded Missouri Tornado Wrecks Many Homes PAGE FIVB Five hundred Fernch' troops sup- irortod by planes and artillery have invaded slapi from' Indo- Chlna across tlic Mekhonif River five miles southeast of Vientiane, (1) and are fighting Siamese, police and civilians, reports say. Government quarters in Bangkok, (2), were surprised by the attack and have not been able to m>kc a statement. (NBA Telema|>.) Lieut. M. Johns Completes Five Years in Navy Navy Lt. Mitchell Johns, has been lirohito Calls )n MacArthur No Hidden Motives, Minister Explains After Conference. BY RAr.l'II TEATSWOKTil k Tiiri.» » r i i>i...,>., i> ii-,, "" ' I ""••"•" "" ™*l|fh.'ln 1944 and serv- be^f™^S T - [ -«* l ^^±L£ ™ ' ^:_^L» "-^^n 3ff- •"" *»'"- to 0". depending on the .stand. Implements, soil type and soil condition. Leaving the hill 10 to 15 inches wide is an error because this increases hoeing cost, choppers will invariably chop ofT one side of the strip and leave an uneven cross row to cultivate, and if a wide strip or hill of cotton is maintained through the summer it reduces effectiveness of cross-cultivating, according to Keith J.-Bllbrey, agricultural agent. For best results the cotton should be planted flat or on low beds. The rate of planting is one to one and one-half bushels per acre, depending some on the germination of seed. Cultivation with the rows varies from two to six times. 'Cultivation across the rows should be made twice. Most farmers recommend lirst, cultivation with the row; second, across; third, with the row; fourth, across; and the balance with the row. Flows should be set so .is to throw as little dirt as possible in cultivation. £ Police Recover More I War\Bonds and ^.earf ^'" Were'Stohnin* Sherwood A. Traflinrtcr, commandant 14th Naval District,, for excellent performance of . duty and ecomniended for promotion lo .lleu- enant after serving -only 'two months aa a lieutenant, Junior grade. . ' ; ,In high school here, Lieutenant John was valedictorian of his" cWss and later an honor graduate ot the University of Arkansas. Released by the Navy, he retains his rank us a member of the Naval Reserves. A news release from the 8th, Army in Japan discloses .that S. Sgt. Wyatt L. Neal, with the" 35ih Infantry of the 25th Division has been promoted to the rank .of technical sergeant. His 'unit Is stationed 'on Honshu Island. Sergeant Neal's wife lives-in Steele, Mo.. ' nnd,'he' Is 'a graduate of the Holland, Mo., High School. Servicemen released recently through Camp chaffee, Ark., include: ''"'.•• Pic. Arthur Dabney, .Joirier.-• T-5 Ir a L: Watkins.' Route! LITTLE ROCK, May 31 (UP) — Wir bonrts stolen in burglarif; at Booncvillc an<i Tcxarkana in 1943| continued today to roll into the Littl c Rock police station. Two Negro boys brought $500 worth of bonds to headquarters yesterday which they said they found under a railway viaduct in the capital city. The day before two other Negroes turned over 51,950 worth of bonds they said they found in the same area. Little Hock officers were notified that the bond;; were stolen in safe burglaries in Booncvillc March 14, 1343, and at Texarkana Feb. G, 1943. The government already has replaced the bonds, ami those found in Little Rock have been turned over to the u. s. Treasury Deparl- ^ mcnt. Our THREE T-5 Ir a L: Watkfns," Route U Luxora. ' 4>gt Henderson C Bdwers M soutHwestern L __ fluence of dfc Ji length of 2945 miles, longest in th United Slates. FOR SALE Fresh HKer CaUflsh. Special prices to Cafes and fish fries. Cafe and Urce •rdera i del|TCRd. MACK'S FISH MARKET I'hone 673 OsceoU, Ark. •• Expert Watchmakers Can Give You QUICK SERVICE Our Watch Repair Department is staffed with three Experienced Watchmakers and we're ready to girt you Quick Service on Your WATCH REPAIRING. They're familiar with all makes. For Prompt Service Bring Your Watch to PAT O'BRYANT Phone 3261 JEWELER Main at Second St. .,„ , b t«l Moic in Holmes Mksoml above *htch » UUUrtd flngt,|| (NBA Tulephoto.) niled Press Stiff TOKYO. May 31. (UP)— Emperor h'ohito visited Gen. Douglas Mac- rthur for 90 minutes today in ic Supreme commander's Ameri- m Embassy residence for' what 10 Imperial household called "a | the emperor to call 'on MncArtliur wns after (lie change of government. Ho said there was no hidden motive nml that it was natural for Ilirohito to want to thank MacArtliur for hl s "pympaUictli; consideration" lit the food crisis. Whereas Htiohllo Is understood to have regarded his first meeting with the supreme commander in Ihc light of a "painful duty," there is every imliciition Hint he undertook Ills second visit with"considerably more pleasure. The emper- 01 has supimited all allied occupation policies and he Is believed 'to hold MncArtliur in high esteem. M the same time. MacArthur Is known to have felt from the stnrl tlial Hlrohito's popularity with the masses lias been a great iild lo the occupation. :ry sincere talk. Topics discussed Hlrohito \verc nd by MacArlhur In a 12-lnnlnn game, J. A. Uoy<l, rlKlit-linml speed- bailor, will probably Inke over mcimd duties for l.utes, while Gone Heard may get tlie slat-ling nod on the Promised I,nml team over veteran Herman Kiltcnbcrry, who so far this season luis appeared only "s n relief hurler. Starting time, will be 3 o'clock. Spectator Casualties Run High as Fans Crowd Mamaroneck Golf Course By OSOAK HtAI.KY llnlUd Plow Hpcrin Wrltrr MAMARONBCK, N. Y.. May 31. IU.I>.)—Ebbctts Field had nothing in sedate Winged P\xit Golf Club :or riotous, unruly spectators us the Cloodull Golf Field went into the iccomi round today with such Ilg- nes as Ultle Ben HOKHII mid Sum Biienil threatening lo lead u sit- down strike In self-defense. The proverbial sardine hud noth- IIB on the cramped mid Jostled pros »s the tournament Bot under wny yesterday. Each and every one of the 14 American professionals kept, his own private box score and Uio lowest tally for struck Morn iy«s British opcnciumi- pion Dick' Burton's modest three. "I'hooked one Into the rough and l)\eri' wont down like 10 pins," drawled siHinmhr Sam, Ihe West VIrgliilH mini. "That WHS » beaut of it carom shot bccuuso i g ( >i three of them with Unit one bull." H really wiis rough. The mob ot close lu 8,000 was almost evenly divided between the Ilyron Nclsou- Burtun-JImiuy IX'miuel match unit Iho tiiiciul-HoKan-lIcrmim Kciscr threesome-. "1 novcr t»w such 11 mob," Jio- liiin said. "I luile lo cumpluln because people undoubtedly will lukc it wrong, but something should be done before somebody gets killed." Promised Land Nine to Meet Lutes Sunday Promised Land's Independent baseball team will encounter the Lutes aggregation Sunday afternoon at Ihe Promised Lund diamond. Originally to have been played on the Lutes field, the game was switched because of the Lutes diamond, which hits not been com- plctcly prepared. Statistics show the Lutes team to have a possible edge over the Promised Land nine. Last week they ran rough-shod not disclosed :ficially, but the food situation as among them. Sources close to iacArthur said ihc topics were at of especial importance. •Both Japanese and headquarters mrees tended to belittle the pol- Ical Importance of the visit. Hlro- Ito's second cull on Ihe supreme btnmander. His first visit was last eptember. There was no evidence support speculation that the mperor discussed abdicating. Hirohito, wearing a light business ult, drove from the Imperial pal- to the embassy «t 10 n.m. He his party, including his house- old minister, Viscoun Yoslnliiini latsudaira. rode in two aulomo- .. ,. t »l.u,, .. _ „..,, 1.1 lies without guards. 'an H-;i s-inning countcst at Prom- After the meeting, Malsudaira isccl Land. Promised Land had explained that ttw proper time forpreviously .bowed, to ..Huffman 8-3 over Huffman In 'Hie Army Air Forces nnd General Electric Co.'s electronics department recently announced a new navigation system for both civil and military flying by use of radar mlci6-wa\V3s. speeding at 1BO.COO miles a second, to give pilots constant Indication of position. RADIO REPAIR 1 »nd 2 day Service on any make o? model Reliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Callihan The ostrliii Is the only bird which Is reiired exclusively for the .sake of Us feathers. Ostrich f Ing is oii c of the established Industries of south Alricii and also IB practiced In North Africa, Argentina, Arlv.ona and California. Electrical Appliance AvHwrted Motorate Safe* and 8«rvf<* Co. Visit Our Hew Recording Studio! We have installed Ihc very lull's! Equipment for lU'fordinjr V<iitt'H, liand a n d Orchestra Music and Messages. We also Itcnl Sound IC(|U)i>mont for Indoor and Outdoor KvcnlK. BLYTHEVILLE 11A IHO SUPPLY \Vliolcsak Only Plume '1(17 ll2So. 1st St. Your Mules Eat Whether GEORGE ROBSON WINS INDIANAPOLIS RACE AT AVERAGE You'll find this a Friendly, Understanding Bank and the vacant clialr beside each officer's desk Is » silent Invitation lor you to sit down and talk over your business problems with them at any time. We'll try to help you. and many of the expenses of owning land go right on whether the land is producing or lying fallow. So if you have a field that you have neg- lected due to the expense of making a crop on it, or if some of your fields need replanting, why not secure the necessary funds through a FIRST NATIONAL CROP PRODUCTION LOAN and put this idle land to work. These loans arc made at a very reasonable rate of interest and you repay in the fall when you market your crops. Come in and lot's talk it over. The First National Bank THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER F.D.I.C. HE tltrillinK liidianapolis'500-inile~S\veepstaKej'ft equal to 50,000 miles of ordinary driving. And thii I.. year, for Ihc twenty-third consecutive lime, Firestone ; 'C Tires were on the winning car. ^ u to .- •^Ho»- v ' Imagine the punishment those tires itook^a» f they pounded and pulled over the grinding, tearing, bliMerinjf pavement at upecds far faster than you will ever drive! Could you ask for any more convincing evidence of extra safety and extra wearJ ..,,.• _ '•-^.^^,- M ^ When you buy new tires, rcmember~that~y6ur Ufe may depend on their safety. Why talic chances when Firestone, De Luxe Champions cost no more than ordinary fires? Come in and see the new rayon cord Firestone DC Luxe Champion Tires today. "" '"' extra^t^vnph cotton it av «f TO 55% STKONGIR — New Rayon i\ifci- SurtdCord Body gives «rcr« protection •galnM blowoticv. UP TO 60% WOtt NOH- UP TO SKID AKGL'S —New Ssfli-Grip Trot! provides rxtra profectloQ Against skidding. ' . mm Vitamk • Rubber ' • Hurt* eifhi protection M>iox weather . • nd wear. •• . . THE ONLY TIRES MADE THAT ARE SAFETY-PROVED ON THE SPEEDWAY FOR YOUR PROTECTION ON THt, HIGHWAY .,.._.- iv The Store of Quality and Service O. O. H;ir<laway, Owner W. H. Pease, Manager The Best Today — Still Better Tomorrow,, Phone 2102 . , " . 207 West Main „

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