The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1030 lil.VTIlRVILLH, (ARj(.) COl'RlER Twin Tars Sail Seas Together 'Continued from page one) tered (lie Orthodox failh years ago becatL-:e it, Ls necessary for the heir ' to I'hn throne to belong to Hie state • church. When the announcement I c/f the formal betrothal of Uorls I ami Qioviuina was "made, It w,»_s 1 presumed the way had be«v. I MiiootliKi for a papal dlspema'.lon But nov,- Kiis situation has become very hazy. The- "ObseiTalw!: Romano." thi.' semi-official orgin uf Hit Viiilnin, ha-i primed a rot-! saying that i-u-h a dispensation has been Kranted. Before it can be given. It mast be understood thai all die olT.sprlng of .such a marriage .vhall be taplbed and educated iii tiie Roman Catholic; fslt.h. T.ICJT thus comes a clash between t!is - rules of the Vatican ana the S,UJKI- latluilB of the Bulgarian cohslitu- lion. Best informed opinion is tliit Ihis will not prove Insurmounlablc There is notnlng to prevent the children being reared as Roman Catholics and. ihs>n for the eldest sun (uid heir to the throne—If th'-re bt oao-adoptlnjf the Orthodox fuiih w'iien he reaches (he age of discretion and can make free or state choice for himself. In the meantime, the telegram sent by Hope Pius XI lii reply to one from the Italian King ts b?- Ing tailed quite cryptic. It Is as folJouvj: , "We thank your Majesty and her Majesty, the Queen for the courteous communication. We pray t-- the Lurd and w<> will continue ic pray that all will happ;n accord- Ing to His most Denial approval and wltii Divine benediction." SaW in tie iho fPrnn.l srt of twins>r to enlist In the II. R. nnvy. John nmi mvlrl Warp, nlinve, 20 twins nt MoorwvlUi 1 , N. C.. Imost (he unique iliMiiicfl»ii rf tiavlns l.iken (lift training, served on the some phlp owl nrhlwe-il the same rating stnor. they enllsloil two years »KO. They iff madid) to Hie 'I. S. B VMU!. Parent-Teacher Association Interests and Activities r energie-; and ously carried on In our Unltr. nnd In our schools and homr.s; That Die State Congress of parents and Teacher* urges "noli unit to pledge Itself to place HI every .school, mid to make accessible to cv.»iy niPinLer of Die Unli a co]>y of Ihc: HPiiunclotloii IMct ni:d further- inuri^ tj iiruviiic for IT-|«)II.<.'iit.- sions. or contests, both in .school urn! within the Unit, whc'vby there jmay bu middle evldenro tlmt slii- Idenls and adults have s'.uiUrd mid | understood Hie I'uct; 1 Thai it records its conviction Ural i proiwratlons for war tend to wnr. jancl only strong preptiriitlom for police can insure peuct; nnd ! Thiil every act o: our govern- Imcnl nnd of our cili?A.>nhlitp con' tenant with the-' I'acl should be ! L-nco'jra-tied. I'uWlc Welfare 1. V/u re-affirm our sinnd for liner motion pictures. We opi>o«) 'iiiKleading adu-rlising of motion ! pictures, and stand firmly against ib!"ck-lxxikliig and blind-booking of • lllm.s. rubik-lty , l. We heartily endorse tlw ix>l- Icy ol His News-limes, a daily pa- i IK'r of K'l Donido, Arkansas, In ux- . £liu!!ng M'lisuUunul crime news fri.m lis . front paye, usslgnlng it mslde .space under an unassuming i head. We believe that the adop- • (Ion of Lliip i^'licy by oUier ntws- . pairers would b« u'elcomed by the I pai.?nis of (he state as n measure ; contributes} both to Child Wel• lure Mid clean mental attitude ui 'our adult citizenship. ; Coarl«.r ; 1. \Ve express our sincere npprc: elation CM (he youth of Joncsboro oncl to a " cHizeii'. and visitors who Artist and Model for ] 9.30 Red Cross Poster PACE. THREE The Arkansas ParentTeacher;, As- h a first claim rn 01.. ,....,, lociation ended a three day session | of ihe children of the state at Jonesbo-o last Thursday which beneficence: n-as attended by nineteen members I Therefore. Be Is Resolved- Tha»i ar( ' dCL l''V grateful to each organ- lta lpr .,|.,.. ,„ ,h from Osceola. The association will i the Arkansas Congress 'of Parents lzatlon »nd commercial Interest d i s ,!| b " ff, ' vrebv evnr^- ),.' which has assisted in making tills. ' ™? nl ." p . should ' laVL ' c «"tributed In ajiy way to the ' | success ol this convention and we hereby express its! A SVMBOLICAI, figure la selected each year to represent Iho American Red Cross and nation, for wlilo poster form durins ^ the tervice of the ! Tuberculosis Asso- ' •-i**^' 1 n->--> u^tMtru , ., , , - - » ,ilie 1930 convention one radiant u " ° r G-™l™tion's annual appeal fnr of the Arkansas Compress at a pjsl- elation, and such other agencies as following the are striving tj reduce ihe Incidence convention meeting afternoon session. ] of suffering, with cordial service and friendly hospitality. Note:— Parent-Teacher assocla- | tlons .throughout, the county arc tn- inembcrs. at Ihe period of Its Roll Call. Armlsllco Day to Thanksgiv- Ing Day. A poster competition la bold, In A tuublalion by convention clerks I Resolved furtlvi- That our mem-' vlted to sc " !l articles for" putllca- which n™ailocat arlfsla of tho tion to Mrs. s. M. Hodges of Os- Uflllcd s ">l« Participate, and revealed m-re visitors attended from Mississippi County than from any other of the thirty-seven Arkansas counties represented at '.he convention.' 53 visitors and dele- ters are hereby urged to give all assistance tliey can to tb.? annual Rcll Call and Tuberculosis Christmas Seal Sale, and not only to buy j f Lhau ceob. county chairman of publlci- committee- selects tho painting ty. Please .-end lie ardcles not lat- which elinll carry the ned Cross gates -a-ere there representing eleven units. Piuaski County led in official delegates with forty- Christmas seals, but to use them Regeneration Essential to Salvation Declares Baptist Evangelist. The Rev. W. W. Rivers, who is conducting Z' revival at the First Baptist church, snoke last night on "The New Birth." from the third chapter of John. Usir.s the text "Ye must be bom again," he dis- ctssert the absolute necessity of a new bSrm, the 'mystery of the new birth and illustrated l^iis mystery "It Is not oil optional matter, H Is a necessity," he said. "Jesus said to "Hkodemus, 'ye must be" bom again: It. is essential. It Is imjiera- Uve th»t one must see '. the' Lord. There'is no substitute for It.-Nothing »ill take its place. Baptism, church membership, moral life i-ill not take the place'of the new birth." . Continuing his statement fiat one could join every church In the land and be baptized many times he said that unless one is regenerated he Ls lost. The services, .tho final after a two: weeks revival, promise .to bo seven. Tfcre were 268 eligible del v gates at the convention. the on their Christmas messages and to r.ut one on each Httle Christnias stocking. Education 1. Whereas, the education of the •Mrs. Arthur C. Watkins, National (nation's children and youth is the Education secretary of the National i greatest responsibility of the pres- Congress. .Washington, was honor [ent generation; end guest throusthout the convention Whereas, the work ol our schools and was on the program several I deserves and should have at least tini.?s. Other principal speakers \zs much attention as is now given Insure publication. world. of each week to message for that year. Lawrence Wilbur, a distinguished . , . ,_, . " tist . wllli sludlo in New York, la Japan is th» oldest empire in the the creator this year of tho masnlfl- 'cent figurt representing the spirit of inotlicrhonil nni! ot tlio Ued Crom. harcriiif; over the world. The iiiirnse 'Tlio Orentcst Jlothcr" was nrst applied to the Ilcil Cross during tho World War, liy tlio solillera on (be baltlellold and in liospllal. All c( the great uoster nrtisls of America hnvo at O na period or nu- otbor slaco 1817 prcsantod iholr con- ccptlou of tho spirit ot tbc Hod Cross. An early poster by llnwnnl ciiaailler Christy, entitled "Tho Spirit of America." and one by Harrison Fisher, depicting n fieil Cross nurse, are on exhibition fa ttio-orlglnal In the Red Cross museum In Washing- ion, toEcther wllh other orlgluals. Tho first creallori of "The Ore/it- ent Mother" was by A. E. Fortngcr (Continued from page one) lilm. One by one llicy io>d him who they were, and recalled old Incidents of his p?st to him; and slowly he begun to remember Iheir races and the events they talkej about. Over and over again !>•> wuld say, liwllantly, "ves l remember." when he first came hom; he met his mother. ' "So you arc really my motlitr." he said. "I had the Imprestlon that my mother was dead, although i couldn't remember who ste was At Uiit his m'ofher fell"Into hU onus, sobbing. Her tears stirr«l a memory that her face aud vo'e-> • hod failed to arouse. "Oh, mother—now I remember!" ho cried. Tills lime his voice wa-. sure. "It's wonderful to find you mother," Introductd to O»n Son Then he was Introduce:! to 23- year-old Leland Francis, his own son. ... • "I can't realtws all at once lint I lave a grown son," he told tile boy. "But I'll try to get ts=d t<v It, and I'll learn to i OV e ycu eiil I hope you'll learn to love me." ••And so, one by one, other ro'.i- tivc.? and friends came to him. '•' "It's all so strange, Francis said: "It's like starting life" all over ' again. Each face and each h3»';i' find each tree seems to-become fa- ' anil was considered tho most appeaV Ing iKMtor ever used by Ihe Red mlliar to me afl«-1 look'and thinV Cross. It showed a npirltua. mother a wlule.' figure, holding In Ker irms a wound- wl soldier, on a stretcher. Muiiy nrllsts have lucd the figure of n lied Cross mirs«, until them Uo tdnis—she aplrltmt "greateal mother," and Iho symbolical nngti ot mercy, Iho Ileil Cross nurso— hare visualized to the American There van an? dear one of th«" oW days whom Francis .could not' meet. His wife, who had waited 20 years for him to return., died two • years ago. • ; • " CAMP SITE VISE INCREASES . ALBANY, N. Y., lUPJ-New York- public, nil of the service that th» ?tate ' 9 campsites were' used by 267,- llcd Cross Is organized lo eilcDd. WB tourists In 1830. That was,. Three hun in ~ th" it s*'" ?n times more than In 1927, ac- Wlltmr'. „„»•(„,.„ iiT^. . 1 ; cording to figures announced today wiioiir* postern Mil be dUlrlbutexl by Alexander' MacDonald state' •I November in remind lh. 0 pub*! ol. conservation commlMlOMr in mi'. 110 annual roll call for members ot 38,818 persons registered at the tlie Bed Cro.i. campsites. WILL AL were Dr. Shelton Phelps of George Peabody College at . Nashville, Term.; .Claude M- Hirst, Slate Sup- to .the raiding of live' stock and | foodstuffs; and Whereas, a centra! fact-finding erintendent of Public Instruction and evaluating agency could and Ln Arkansas; Dr. Fred Keller, Sup- j would facilitate the work of the erintendent of City Schools, Jones- .schools and so promote thn general - welfare; therefore Bo It ' Resolved, (hat the Arkansas boro and our own Miss Willie Lawton, County Superintendent of , school', who was u very prominent j Congress of Pirents and Teachers person during the entire session, (heartily endortes ..the new .Educa- i These women were elected by thejtion Bill now pending In "the Fed- Arkansas Congress of Parent- I eral Congress, and that, our .sen- Teachers to lead th." organization | ators and representatives In that during the next two yeart: Mrs. L. I body be respectfully asked to D. Reagan, Little Rock, president; the measure their hearty suppo Mis. Grant Wood of Hot Springs, first, vice president; Mrs. R- T. Kuhn, Clarion, second vice president; Mrs. W. P. SingletDn, Hope, Ivo irt. 2. The Arkansas Cqni-gess of Parents and Teachers urges the continuation of tlie state program of . Adult Education. We believe third vice president; \frs.' T. M. that the removal of illlteracj- In Thompson, El Dorado, fourth' vice addition to enriching "a human :life president; Mrs.'W- M. Moore, Pine [is "ec^homically sound and that an Bluff, fifth vice president;' Mrs C. educated citiwiiship is needed now B. Billingsl'ey, Port Smith, sixth .as never before. outstanding. Large 'crowds are ex- | vice -president; Mrs.'E. L. String- ( 3. ^ group of Parent Teacher pected at 11'a: m: and 7:30 p. m. [ fie W. Fayetteville, seventh - vice Association members has called'the Special music has been, planned tinder the .-direction of W. fflnea Sims; of Pine Bhifl, who has been in charge of the music throughout Ui'e meeting. . ' •. . • • Britten Protests Whisky Curtailment for Doctors WASHINGTON. (UP) — Protest against possible curtailment of whiskey rations to reputable physicians has been filed with Attorney General William D. Mlic'ncli by Congressman Fred A. Britten. Republican, Chicago, as a result of many letters of complaint from Cliicago doctors. Britten, chairman of the House Committee on Naval Affairs, and whose candidacy for re-election Is unopposed wrote Mitchell declaring he liad received reports from many reputable physicians objecting to further curtailment- of their present allowance of six quarts cf whiskey a year for office use. College Turns Down Offer Of Crystal Gazing Course GENEVA. N. Y. (UP— Hobart collcgo lias passed up a chance of "^tailing the first chair of Astrol- °fry In America, with courses in "ystol gazing. The otter was made to Presldenl Murray Barllctt In a letter from a wuuornia publishing bouse, which saw that its oBer was prompted by w>e fact that Dr. Bartlett was "a " Progressive educator.' are enough day dreamers , Ther n American colleges today, and tnere is no reason for starting a cult, the faculty commented when Informed of the offer. Swallows Spool and . Breathes Through Hole , N. a (up>-An- otlwr use has been found for the hole In a spool. Besides allowing the U when ' the hole can admit auto a baby s lungs when swallowed. Plv» monUis old Baby Ryan proved this when he swallowed A spool thM wfrt. For several hours until brou eht liere from present; Mis. J N. Mercer. Me- attention of the Resolutions Coin- Gehee. recording secretary; Mrs. the expanse of p'urchas- Clurles .E. Cole. Russellville. treas- uig' textbooks nnd to tlie low ex- urer; Mrs. R. L. Muse, Jon^sboro, cliauge" value, at old textbooks, and historian. ' has earnestly rwiueited lhal a coai- • The installation of officers with mlttee be "appointed from'-'thii Mrs. Arthur C. Watkins of Wash- group, to confer with, the State Ington. educational secretary of tlie Superintended and wlih City Sup- national congress presiding, was erliilendents (by whom high school the feature event of the final day's texts are selected) regarding the program. Mrs. L. D. Reagan of all too frequent changes in taxi- Little Rock, re-elected over Mrs. E. books In the state W. Frost of Texarkana Wednesday, was installed- Plans for the national convention which meets at Hot Springs May 1 to 10. were discussed. It was announced that each member will be requested to contribute five cents to a hostess fund to be expended for entertainment of the convention. The following resolutions w?re adopted. To tlie Arkansas Branch of Ihe Natlor- .1 Congress ol Parents and Teachers. We, Your ReMlutlons Committee for the Sixth Annual Convention of the Arkansas Congress of Parents and Teachers submit the following Resolullons: H«Ith 1. We re-affirm ous stnnd for antinarcotic education and make vigorous protest against th.3 type of billboard advertising which purposes to recruit to the ranks of cigarette users the young girls of the nation, and wliich gives to our young men Ihe impression that tb« use of lobacco is an asset In an athletic career. 2. '-Vhereas there are County Health Units in only twenty-three of the seventy-five counlies o;' Ar- kamas; and Whereas, lions and all other departinenls of health work are vitally handicapped by the lack of County Health UnlU; Be It resolved, that we, the Arkansas Branch of the National pre-school examina- Congress of Parent, 1 ; and Teachers endorses legislation to secure Increased appropriation whereby the stale may complele Us program for County Health Units. 3. Whereas, Economic conditions in our state, particularly In the rural districts, threaten to lower below the safety point the standards of living (or hundreds of families, and lo produce an Increase in Ihe. incidence of luberculosis and bretthe torough tlic spooli He recovered. ..,„ .., ......... farm he was able "> ntlwr disease; and hols in the Whereas, Prelection of the lives and heallh of our people, especially We, therefore, request that a special committee te appointed to serve In making this study and in working with Ihe State Department of Education and with City Superintendents In recommending remedial measures. Citizenship 1. Whereas, the present Mother's Pension Law li wholly Inadequate; and Whereas, sufficient aid for dependent mothers can be secured only lo supplement counly funds; Be It Resolved, that this organization pledges ils support to such a measure; Be It Resolved also, that the Units b; r^quested to give all possible publicity lo this endorsement to discuss It with their senators and representatives, and lo take alt necessary sl^ps In giving Ihe undertaking every publlclly of Ihe right type. 2. In empliasllng our conviction that a law passed sho-.dd be p. law obeye<l r we urge the vigorous and Impartial .^nforcenient of the 18th amendment, the Volstead Act, and other laws enacted thereunder. 3. Whereas, we believe lhat there is nee<l for welfare legislation in Arkansas, parllcularly In Ihe labor regulation for women and children, and that there Is an organization to promote such legislation; Be II Resolved, that we approve the progressive ideas nnd plans of llus gr'-up nnd affirm our de;lre lo conlinuc cooperation with them lu every possible way. 4 We recognize that the general act for the renunciation of war, known as the Kellogg Treaty, Is the supreme treaty of our own nation and sixty-one other nations, and that only In 1U spirit and intent can war be effectually prevented : therefore Be It Resolved. Tlmt the Arkansas Congress of P&renU and Teachers at.its sixth annual convention hereby records Ha convictions tlial Ihe leaching of the Pact should be immediately begun and conllnu- ne out o NLY outstanding valor is thus signally rewarded. Only exceptional merit .could win for Chesterfield a following among smokers greater than all the armies of the world combined. In two things—two highly important essentials — Chesterfield is unsurpassed: : MILDNESS — the wholly natural mildness of tobaccos that are without harshness or bitterness. BETTER TASTE—such as only a cigarette of,wholesome purity and better tobaccos can have. BETTER TASTE Chtittrfitld Cigantta are manufactured by UGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO Co. —that's Why!

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