Independent from Long Beach, California on June 12, 1962 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1962
Page 22
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fj;« C4--INDEPENDENT Lw « ·"* «·«- '*** *»· u tsi IT FIGURES to be a damp day Tuesday for most of the country. Only the v far West, part of the Southwest and sections around the Great Lakes reg- ! ister no-rain predictions. It will be warmer in the north Pacific states. ^Bandit Gels ^ §879, Box of Chocolates . A well-dressed bandit with a"sweet tooth held up a candy!: store at 5236 Hazelbrook" AVe, Lakewood Monday and fled with $S79 and a two- ppund box of chocolates, sheriffs deputies reported. J2 * Clerk Wanita Hines. 42, told ' deputies the bandit, about 40 jjars old and wearing a blue!; salt, o r d e r e d a 2-pouadl Box of chocolates, then bran-j; dished a blue steel revolver. -"Give me your deposits," t ; the bandit ordered. j vWhen the derk protested that all the money was in the' safe in the rear of the store,! the robber forced her to open; the vault and give him the' ca^h. ^Thea he fled with the money and chocolates, warning the clerk to stay in the rear of the s^tore. I COMPLETE WEATHER lsn» luck ini FOIECAIT stit tat , twcwaw to n» W» MniS'i wnes Mt»wn« «r«t«r!v rt » t» V "If 't**an.caiet «ia nest enzr« Hourv tut mar sura!iri M i-inwanj. t_itr« fctnre: 3:rj, ' IIO IVN. MOO* AND TICCS ·~:. I.M. MONDAY'S WIATHtt ICrOIT! Lorra *e«cn Lona BMCA Airvcrt Los Anetn A«llon British Gals (Ya! Skirts 8 Inches Above Knee Ltgat Netic* J V O V R E S P O N S I B t L I T V NOTICE Xjtice Is tertfcy fivea by the t^dersifsed. Jerry £ob ElrbT re- a.dirr at J77 Uoliao Are.. Long I*ach. CaliTorti. that a-ler tie te cf Jvs.t f. 1S2. Le Till sot tf rerpoEiiile for say debts. L»- tni:tirs cr obligations tccnrred by a»r perscu ether t^j By EDDIE G1LMORE IJONDON CB --Unfamiliar sunshine -- which produces amazing effects on the British--brought forth this Whitsuntide holiday a crop of the world's shortest skirts. "Historically/* commented clothes eipeit Mrs. Maude Garland, "never before have women worn such short skirts." ... For the last three days, young girls by the hundreds have turned out with hemlines two to eight--repeat eight!--inches above their knees. * a * · * YOU CAN see them in the parks ... on the streets ... on the seaside promenades -- on the buses on the subwiys . . . in restaurants ... at parties and even in church. Whitsuntide is one cf this country's biggest holidays. WhiUua is the seventh Sunday and the 5kh day after Easter. It gave the girls an opportunity to stage an unofficial style show that paled the Easter parade. · » · · THE WHITSUNTIDE skirts have become so abbreviated that a name has been c o i n e d for their wearers: Ya-Ya girls. Etymologists say Ya-Ya comes from yeah-yeah and in its current usage is a double-barreled tern of approval asd spfrrciitioa. A sort of wolf-whistle broken up into a hyphenated word. "It's sensational," said Norman Curts, who runs a chain of dress shops catering to Ya-Ya girls. HE EXPLAINED t h a t the girls wear layers of frothy petticoats beneath; their dresses, and this biles the hemline . a few more ; inches. - ·Lxtreme-youta-U-the fashion ideal today," said Mary Quant, who runs a fashion house in the Chelsea beatnik belt. -And youth means short short skirts. By 1970, skirts could be halfway between the knees and the hips." Douglas Sells 2 DC8s£; Bniigiiig Total to 179;: vTrans toernalion*] Airlines,'* DC8F convertible passengeV. a-.Kipplemental air carrier freight transport --by neat --th beadauarten at Los spring, .The airline haj-i . 1 1 1.-V.- Jj^ -^ Why Surface Clean Your Carpet? We can get it really clean with the famous BIGELOW PROCESS Written Warranty Kaclvt-d by Bipolow and Ls f HUG UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS tep«haiet«o:L8BcpflB. Beach-made Dowlas DCS Jet Cost of the two transport, transports. Dourf" officials defInltely^rdered. whi announced Monday. | spares, is $123 million. The The first turbofaa-powered new order raises to 179 the DCS win be delivered by number of DC8s sold tnd of June and the second--I Douglas. loons$25 fi!hl fa$1500 O. A.C. FINANCE . - . - - . C O R P O R A -- iOWJ »U« 213 Eail Four* Street TeL HEmlock 67201 -ttunowti- J7I60 Sou* 8et!8ower Boutevord ....... TeL TOney 6-8279 3990 Cherry Ave., Long Beach GA 6:2521 4623 Wrsf Kco BoaTeyord ............ TeL WEfater 3-J7.51 $726 Se« Wester* Awmx ......... Tet, PUotont 2-7181 - HOUTWOOB ... ............. TeL HOIywood 4-61 27 42 North IcleAvtme .............. Te!. SYccsior* 54225 C»m v»in», 'cjiit' . Eiraed/JERT.T BOB KIRBT . Jme . 11. 15. 1HJ (» KUALA LUMPUR, Mahya'ment personnel needed ia the ·fl -- Malayan businessmen country's f a s t developing are planning training pro- economy, the Malayan Times ;raais to produce manage-'reports. K O T I C E OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T.O-No.62-Zn« -.00 Fril*T. Jooe 3. 19it « 11:00 A.M_ T1T1.E IXSCEASCE AXD TRVST CO1LPAST. »3 pfli=t«i Tmrt^t under ac V !d cl Tnut fi»ltj Koiember 1» 15il- uecsted IT I- A. 1EATXS ul LOIS O. MATES. Lit -rift, u j»ist teraita. and rftorded NoTem txj 30. IHL la bock T3JS3, pa 92). f OtfldiT Records la the office o tte Conaty Eceorder cf Loi Acf«le« Ccunty. CaMorttia. WUX SFTT. AT PTlilC AUCTION TO IHGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH tpajaUe at l;me of rale la UTfuJ taricfy c.f the United State*) la the Totby ol the zaaia ectrance of Title Inj-urance EuildiEff, 4^3 South Ssricf Etjwt. Loi Azjelcs. Cali- fcnJa. a3 ritht. lit!* aid Icttrtst rit. - to asd now teld ty it utder said D«d ct Traat la tie IJXpertT situated la caid Couctj aai State deacribel as: Lot CS. Block E. Lofl Cerritos, a.* Ttr n-.ip In Book 12, Fazei 199 ard 1S3 cf !!»;» ia Uie cdice ol caid Cvurtj IXrorder. EXCEPT tie SL'Uthfrly 53 feet, front and rear. Ufertof. ALSO EXCEPT tie Eait- «ry TS f«t thereof. . «aii tale Till t« male, tat -with- «t»t cover anT cr varratity. expresi « napUed. rerardirt tiUe. poss«-j- t^B. or encBBibrancel. to pay tie principal Fuai ot tie rote tetnued by *aid Deed of Tnut, to-irit J»Tl.SO. wita interest froa NoTem Wr 13. 13«1. ai ia said ote pro- need. alTincej. if aiy. under the terms cf laid Deed cf Trust. fee« charjei and erp^nses cf ti« Trustee ad cf the trostj created toy Died cf Tnj-«t.. * The beneficiary under »aii Of Trost. by reason of a treach cr 4* fault ia the obi: rations t*curt tt'-reby. heretofore executed a n j deUrered to the tadmicEed a -rnt. ten Declaratioa cf Default aad De- Cuad for Sale, aad wnttea totict of treach and cf electioB to cause the cndersicned t» »eU said property to satiafy said otii^attors. and U.*reirter. ea February 17. IMi tie tmderidfsed caused said aotxe of breach aad cf election to te re- i -ordf d la bock II SSJ, pa{t 41?. of s»ad Official Eecords, Date: Kay n. 1361 TITLE 1XSVRAXCE ASD TRUST COilPAXT as said Trust?-. Ey Joha H. X^». '- Ajs:stai.t S^cretiry Pab. June S. li. U. ISSI CJt L.K I , NOTICE Cr SALE U N D E R ,- DECREE OF F O R E C L O S U R E SOtTHUlSI) HEAT1XC. etc, TS. PLsjXtiif E. H. L.CXD. tte^ ft it Dtlendiit . I. ttc rarsicatl. MtnhsJ cf XorlcipI Cocrts. Ccintr of Lea JLRfeles, £uxe cf Cal^crcis, £. l'r«by ttrUr tiif fcj Tirtu« cf Pecrre *f Fcrtflosuri Sid Sa^« la U.e Uzaiclpal Court rl the Loz? CtAcb Judicial Di.'-trirt, Cr^ of Lo» At£fK-«. State cf Cali-'ontia, eterfti ca Frtnurr 2C. 1?X in tie »boT« etuaed action. »h»rfia SouthlAnd Heati£( ft AJr ConditkiD- tr.ff. Jut, a Corporation, the aboie tarr:»3 y^i^t-fT, cbtaictd a *« aai£St B. H. I.OTld. d;*ciiLt tcr Uie sum cf ll,0j:.t DclUrs. Jarful mciaej cJ Ue Ciuw4 Jutes. ai;d t j Tirta c( a vr:t cf exforce- text ia said sxtioa isxu*I en Xsr . ail tie tropertT la tie Costtj c! t s JUteJej. £Utc cf Cahfarua. ^*scnbe4 aj follows: . SfH U-« Bial Prcpertr u £f. Bribed ia t!ie Jodfic^tt aad t^- E ft cf KwecVaart c( Jlectir.ic'!' ea ecterel la t^is action. 1x19 1 as4 3 *3d th» W cst · cf Let 3. Kock B. Tract Tte Strand No. 3. r.-rxritt la Eock It fttt lit cf · - - - Kttord* cf Let ·' . NOTICE IS HEEEE7 Tkat «a Tuesday. Jczt« U. Ki. at 10.00 ··clnrk A. U. cf tiat day at 411 W. Oceaa F-'rd, East er.tnnc* Qocrry Cocrt Urn* Ctt «f Loss; IXact CaLrnnU. I » i #t-^ tie abort descritped property. B^oVr said vrlt aad decree, rr a« t.jch tiered aj tr.ay t* tec-M Jo satisfy aa!d Julpi^tt »ith in- t'resU »ad coau. t» tlj- L:rh«t Vdder. for ca^ ta ney of C,» United States. ~. Dated at Lctc Et aca. CaLformia. -liar J«- l** 1 ' JOl rOOKMJUV XarsijJ By CEOEOE J. rERRAPJ. .' Dtyatj Jtarshal ZLCEMI J. LONG 7 P!ai«!t/fr« Attort.r/ East A«uh.Un itrett Bcacli 4. CahljrnU II 1KJ («) LEI THE MUT1HY OF MARLOH BRAID0: A $6,000,000 nlgltmare Tie cMIdisli antics cf Mirloa Brinda cost tie producers cf ·Mntiay ca tie Bpunty" u eitn $6,000,000. Some of lus sleiianig»Tis: He tred to srikh roles bilfMJ tlrocgh tie picture. He sided with 'turj punk at/aVb lad a gripe. And ie eren turned tip «riti ear pings--so le Toslda'l lave to listen lo tl« director. la tiis Teck's Saturday Evening Post, j-onll leara IOT Bnsdo intigonized tie otler stirs ea tie s«t HOT le delilerate! y mufed lis lines. M j le tlreatened to jump out a .nado-r ia front cf 16 Polynesian girk Aid tly one dirwtor calls lim "«laa ictor, a petalait cl3d." BOW EEBCSECEET IS FZaSICUTDIS THE .TEWS lie Adolf Hitler, KnmslcleT is absolutely detmniEed to «ipe out erery trace cf Jeroi Efe. Only Lis metlods are different Read aa eyesitiess report ca tie Kremlin's snocl- hg crackdoini-tlis week ia He Sitarday Eveain^ Post. MEET RADIO'S BIGGEST FlU PUSHER Al one time. Dr. Carltoa Fredericb recommended \itamins and leali^oods for rrerjtiing from dab feet to tarities. Bat EOT le'j under fire frosi fedenl aotloritiei Read some cf lis controversial ease listories-tlis week ia tie Post Tkt SottrJay rnu*f NOW! FROM LONG BEACH AIRPORT '*- ONIY DIRECT SERVICE TO ' COACH ALSO JET-POWERED SERVICE TO MONTEREY SANTA BARBARA $? . , . , . . . . , /V - · - ir\^fi'-i - . ' r . t , *-, '·. ·'*-».·-« ~.~y**i. ^r/-V C -n.:.Over 10Q flights daily b'etween 32,Bacific * ' * * w fl . - , ' : ,]'*· - -For reservations and rnfprmatfon call your fravttagent or HEmlpck 2-444? :- :*_«_· CM , .+*s.r:'t ~t : .7:-5i:^l^/^l^^i4^«^i^^CrI-,i. ; .» "'·- ··· *t'* ' ^ ·=·= =-- :" " ··'· ' - ·- * *-.,* »f* «

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