The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1931
Page 4
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i»AGE FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE. (ARK.V COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHKVILLE COUKIEK MOWS TiUS COURIER NEWd CO., PUBLISHERS 0. Ji, JJABCOCK. Editor H. W, IIAINES, Aaverllsmg Manager Sole National Advertising no.ircseutatlvea: The Thomas F. Clark Go. Inc., New York, Fuiladelphlt, AtlanU, Dallas, Sau Antonio, San ?fiu>ciseo, Cliicago, St. Umls. Published Every Atteruoon Except Bundny. Entered as second class matter at the post oHIce at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of CkniBreis October 0, 1911. Served by tlie United Prets 6UBSCIHPTION' HATES Dy carrier In the city of lilyilievllle, ISc per week or $0.50 per year In advance. By mall wllliin a radius o! EC miles, 13.00 per year, $1.60 for six months, 85c lor three months; by mail la pcstnl zones two to six, Inclusive, 50.50 per year, in :ones seven jzd eight, $10.M per year, payable In c4raoc«. The Parmll Plan Petty politics scorns to luivo s tlie doom of the most coiihlniclivo of legislation that lias come Iji'fore mi Arkansas legislature in a food many years. Govomor 1'arncil'^ plan for the reorganization of ' the state government, a plftu that would Imve saved the people of this state millions in reduced overhead and increased eM'iciency, has been killed, chiefly, it apjwars, because some members of the legislature didn't like Home oilier tilings the governor has done, but also, ami it is impossible to measure the part played by this latter factor, because adoption of the plan would have made it a whole lot mora difficult to play politics with the public's money. The cry thai was raised against the proposal as undemocratic and lending toward dictatorship was utlcr nonsense. The kind of democracy Arkansas isinow enjoying is self-defeating. Qnli'nli/a- tior, both 'of power and responsibility in a few officers chosen by the people is the nearest approach to real democracy practicable in a modern state. The present long ballot and cumbrous and poorly integrated. governmental machinery make it impossible for the voter either to choose his public em- ployes intelligently or to fix responsibility for their actions after they are ehcted. Governor Parnell's program would have simplified the voter's problem at the polls, and made it easy for him to know where to give blame or praise for official acts.. .. ^ -*iH*it4*«w"ita.ys of Thomas''Jefferson, whose honored memory is badly abused by present day politicians, government was. a simple affair. Jefferson wanted to keep it so. Bui in this day and age all units of government, from municipality and county to state and nation, are besieged with demands for a variety of public services thai would have caused the founding fallur.s to blink and then some. Arkansas alone has boards and bureaus and special services of a hundred kinds with personnel enough to man the federal government of George Washington's day, and probably the governments of the thirteen original states as well. Most of these governmental services were created to serve a worthwhile purpose. Most of the services they wcra intended to per- TUKSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1001 form are needed. We do not urge their elimination. Uut unless we arc to be strangled with taxation it is necessary that a way be found to operate those governmental agencies with a degree of efficiency that will guarantee us a proper return fur the money they cost, At present we have a hopeless jumble of mor: or less unrelated, overlapping, ineffective public services, lilted with dead wood,, failing to function effectively, and costing too much to maintain. Govern-)! 1 1'arnell proposed to bring order out of chiios, to eliminate His nonessential, to provide control adequate to insure ix-aMJiiab!e efficiency, and to reduce costs. Virginia lias done it, Pennsylvania is doing it, many other states are working along constructive lines to make llii-ir ^UYCM iimenls really competent and respon.-ible servants of their peoples. Arkansas needs it as much as any, and it is discouraging to have tlie lirsI well considered cll'orl squashed amid a lot of legislative noise and foolishness. By George Clark Tnxcs Thcr.' U ar.utlicr :nt;conceptlon niui tlial is with relation I'.- tp.xts. Every bill has tack of It money In some form. It ulil provide someone with ft Jol>—it ',\ill pay sonic fellow Unit lias a jcl> more inot:ty. 11 \vll! give sonic branch of the nov- rrnmcnt "'ore money to spend. It will regulate something providing [or fees nnd what not. Very seldom do ',vc ever tee any bill providing for :\ saving of muiicy, very seldom do we see u bill providing To: 1 tile reduction of the tnx burden of tlie people. There is nlso tlie common misconception that nil v.-e to do to raise money Is to pass ft Itiw levying laxrs 0:1 something, provide for a bond iMnie. or seek out some new tliinj to tax. Now when it comes to bond issues the legislature can pass them and the governor can sign them until they are nil blue In the face. But bonds to be any good musl be sold and . tlie first thing (he buyer nsks Is where lire you Boiny lo get the money lo pay them. Arkansas tool; a ronvaru s'lep a few years (130 nhcnd ol all other states and floated highway notes against our gasoline tax revenues. Our tax is rive cents j\ gallon nnri the tax and htshvvny building program have been singularly successful. It seems loo easy to be true and the rrsult, Is that we have half n Uoicen bills in the legislature providing for additional gasoline tax increases designed to pay off everything from city Improvement districts to mortgages on county bridges. Obviously such laws uill break the camel's back. We nro ridin;,' liic gasoline horse no\v and we wuiiiu urge every lann:i lo consider very carefully any increase o[ g.isoiine taxes unless you are sure the farmer will bcne- IU. fm 1 after nil you fellows own more than half the cars in tile itnle and use half the gf.snline. It 13 the same with (obacco taxes, cold drink luxes tin;', everything cisf. Some fellow gets an iu'ea that lie wonts to bring a little political swag back home. He introduces a bill to provide for it and then gels behind another bill to put- on another tax to raise the money. —Arkansas Farmer. BE SURE YOU'RE RsGMl I,AI:\XI:C'S On Feb. 17, 1181, Rone The:- phlle Lacnncc, Frc-nch physician famed for his invention of i;:ci tlclliGscopc, was barn at Qiilmp-r Brittany. His invention, by means cf v.-lilcli . a physician can listen to sound., : produced by the body, was at firs: I a mere roll of paper. His Idea, crude ; as It Has, was mpldly Ulffnseci inta I every cciunny. j But Lat-.ncc did far more thai; : introduce a useful and convenient device into medicine. He C3pb:-r>-l with extraordinary skill !lie plivsi-, . cal sians in liiv tiic:.t ivlilcl: car-' i rcsijond to a large number of dis- ! I eases. Ti:e major part of our j i chest-lore and much o! the t-:ch- '. niquc and liimienclaturc of clw>' cxiur,!ii.illcn CJIR-J direct Iron: ] him. i j Bespits continual bad hciltli I . and the siiorlrH'iS of his life, LJCII- ; nec's brilliance and devotion to'd'u- i i ty ni H Paris hospital enabled hi'". ' 1 to trnmmit his viev.s and m»r!,cJs ' la many uho:- piiyj:c::i:is. lie "is , said to L-L' ainonii Hie greatest p'ly- I isidans of all time. : . eY.nm.6f:nv:cE.i "I'll tnkc some more of thut potato salad, always compliments nif on it." xo ciiAXn: rou JAIL USS-A LAWHENCi:. ICi.ll. (UP)—There' will be no jail breaks in Lmvi.-jncc n.s long as Sheriff Jack Dunkley holds his job. The peace otiicer, a veteran blacksmith,. every day :ns]:.:as the pris-n's wndou- bars nnc! is s'>:e .'-hrcujli experience «it!i motiil, (3 toil when slee! has i u.?a!:c-n:d by saws and files. He recently found one bar cut almost through usMiMos 33'e ccy.' .Yvc to ttve iv. c-'.vo-i; /.c .-•.<;;, oi< WASHINGTON LETTER Y 11ODNKY m;T(.'lli:i! -\KA Service \Vvilfr much more articulate in th,:ir bit,1 jams: Mussolini if many WASHINGTON.—unn't overlook! didn't have relatives in the old any decision of Congress as to I country who would be subjected 10 • ! Mayor Sli;:i:s K-:pell3e Arcoiuil' I PALL ITiVr;?.. Maso., (UP)—ur>-l i daring t:::il in these times city!"" ' cfficials v.illi p:u|-.?riy adjusted I I've been s:> italaiy schedule aild smn-liy of: cmuxli that I'm I iinGinpjoymcnt sh'uld torero per- . „ ,. i ([ulsitES. City Manager J. Walter | ""'' ''" ' "" ' ; Ackcvman has dccHrod acccptar.c: ' cf an allowance of 5300 a year for operation bile in connection with official business. FTP 5ES Ti-iirl about ;oins lo Bet triinss out and eilhr: 1 •.-.-; l.\'.:-. i-i-.crt lo Jce's Ch:::'.-ii or \ve take o! his personal aulon-.o-j them to mine. I i;..:;ght las; vsel: I had c-ieiyUims fixed I :i?/.l Km tclkir.:j to on;- Pastor and lie mubt. ou the children's ac- if :-.u?'~. hn--V:u:d U VV!:i!e Jcc- is '.lie t>?l hnsbai::' '-• • C'.iiiivh. anrt v.-hcn I :':r . I !i: ! r.ii:,"c-.=tt:i that T "•.?:: :I for Mathl r.nd we v.-;:!:; taik the mattti- o-.'l yc-.i shoiLu have >.c?n the jjz'f- I ?.ave rr.?. It's hard for rr.ptj u| demand thr.t since I brought r.n them. : Sector cf internal revenue at Hal- Tr.o treasury, through L'r.der-1 eigh. N. C-, tries to make income rrcrctary Ogden L, Mills, delivered' lax inymenlr, in his district as Ihc oiiinicn that a wife sho' liavc i pleasant and painless as p:sdb!c. nt kust a 7S per cent voice in de-1 A friend sends along a copy of a ciiling whether her vcteraii-hus- ', 303-word letter which Mr. Gi issnm band should cash his adjustui com- sent to Nnrih Carolina folks, wisli- ptnsati'rn certiRcatc. Consi-'ssmsml ing everybody a happy New Year. Bachnrach of New Jersey, primelnnd telling them individually what I mover in the "compromise" plan • lo do about tax returns. : under which velerans will ':c lent! "We take this rcc.'.sic-n to thank . mere money on their cer:ilicMcs, | yc'.i again for the kind and help- ; consistently macie n similar argn- j liil co-o]ieration wiiich you tmVe ment mid the queslijn l::ially iefi, itivurialily x.\..".\ us .ind i\e ;uk the was wl'other a veter.m cf same." says .Mr. his wife's consent in u'j'.aiiur.j; ?. Griisc-m. "This helpful spirit li-.orired to make the following ; Il;s Mamins Pap.-, would go .j .v.:nnincBments, subject to the will! s " v011 can scc t!l;lt - R 'hi!-3 Junior 15 j cf \\\e people at the jr.unicip.:! | nn!v ?lx V'""'is o!'j he nc'.:c:s M;C!I an(1 e'.cction lo l:c held April 7: For .U-.yor A. D. FAIR FIELD NEILL HEED (Re-riecticn, 2nd Term) Ftir Ci'.v Treasurer HOB!;.BEAVERS u-e-el:c!icn, 2ii(l term) cuv C! in it. I know Jec will -,i I inn evc-r c ^ni'i iio • ,.";" cl .' lik , idMKKic.ixs laot'ii TO I lht;.> thin-.; and v:'i:i:i 1 ts:rt K aLo'si \»^a ! Jrr.'or hi' said we ^W K«le on other nnri I li.-i;:..n n think from I LEIPZIG. tlie way iic t.iH:»:i that v.-e v/oulii . advanced have no trouble at ail in arrcciny American on th? one of r.\v {^.ith. ; the L-?i;jr There is v-.illy net =o inncb <•!! fticncc in then, hut :r,o;:;~ i;dtp us OIK cf c:-.;:i-c:i, "e'.::o (UP)—JLl^-Jir/j •jkiiisi. sc:r.: jirj:;s :'.ic-n v ": 'air T-.i[-.:-c'i '. i can t'jysr.s nave becu .•'.•/.:•• to| lair '-- a cori-.ury. T;r: -.::'-' iiy lO-th-rViiiivei": 2.0 If Liio Prince ot \Val?s does \vcll as a sc ninn in South America, maybe Uic Bi'i army \vill gi\o him u commission. Hutfy Vallcc is sniil to have vnJoyed hlmscll iniinonscty In Minml recently. Well, the iirai^- fmit .sbr.ukl be better there than in Boston. "Can the spring be far behind?" ns the convict wLccvackctl on the sallows. OUT OUR WAY William: CM. Bneharach asked Milis at the the uart of our tnxpaycis has en-1 able:! you:- own clistricl >of North 1-us" Wuys and Means Coimnit'.ce j Carolina to lead all others in '.cc-, rarings wheth.-r 1'- dulu'l think ncmii-ni operation and. «.? trust, in. any of the bonus bills-cnsh or Icnn | ccnrtcsy aud efficiency ns well and: -'hould provide tiiat a wife mil.,;, to the complete salisfnelion ul r.ilicatc her approval of the liii.'.s- >"«''self and your nfjociates al'u:. ion. inasmuch as the c-ertifical..- •rprcsciilor.! so much insurance. I should think that in any veil- MRKMlGHT—T NOTlCS '-/CO MEAT our O . Si 1-IAtJCr \~f UP tw 81 Cr Tft'dt KEEP IT. MIGHT >M« OoT jiMiiiJMtyf?^ 'T^mm ?J-^ Ik N«\ i /'.• '•'•'^-, it gives us pleasure to be of 6 [ :rv- icc. j "With the of grateful- regulated finnily she flnuld have | apiiiTciation and -.vith best v>1sher. it least 75 per cent of the Eay." vc-' for the New Year roascn, v:c brj; piled the undLTKcrclary. and as for! lu be, ccrdialiy yo'.ira always, Git- making jeme definite iiiavision in'linni Grissom. United Sta'.es col-, Ihe !iiv:: "I think she fhmild be al- 1 lector." j lowed the opportunity, al k-ast, of! ... , whispering to the government." ! II is also printed u'.it to yo'ir • • • | (crrespniident that thro? of the Ignatius Geraci. spokesman for- five ministers tu Wrhhiii^Uai Iro:n; the anti-Fasclsti here, cenfld-s that Crnlial American republic:, have the Bullcr-Miissollnl incident was been eminent praciiciii; physiciar..* a "aodscnd" to his group. Grraci' in tiiei- hnmf c I'.ni'.vicL-. They arc: svepl when he hard that the. Dr. Juan n. SIMMS?'of r.'::r.:.v-;iM. had been called o!f. : Dr. Fninclsco A. Lima of H:ilv::dor. but was happy over the net gain.' Dr. Ernesto Arr.ictn of Ilondu- conlcnding lhat any publicity al ras. all \vas bound lo be haimfnl f^r : I'rcsideiu Colimir.:s nt- Huixlisva-. it.i Italian dictntcr. and I'rrsidcnt Ayc-rj cf Eciiiulor Italians In tills country would be have also been physicians. nn i ABOUT OLD FRIEIND SOME ;EWS OF YOURS Expectoration of Blood Is | Alwa) 7 s Serious Danger Sign 1 BY HI!. MOKRlrf I-'ISHUKIN I'.cliicr, .Touriul cf lln American Meillral AsscriaUou, ami of II) 1 - gcla, ,tlit Hrallli M.u.aiine It is a cummon l:.'ii,-t that tl": sudden expectorntion c-f i:'. lorl isin- vnrinbly a sicn of cn.--.-t of s=vr;r.- tnbcrculosis. The nctunl fact of liio matter i> tliat tacre arc miim t-onditiDiis which can bring atom expectoration of bloccl. but. til.- symptom ii;l alv.avs be car..-i'!.':ed fniily In tlie nr. e t place, th.^ physician mast innke sure thai '.he blc;:l ccmes li'om the lur.^s and not fr;un j the s:c:i'.ach r.r n:o,.;b. The Km:'. ' '.:.:i\: [):c t:n'-r. reel sn.1 | th: stomach is n--.ially dark :-::'.::l rn:l is vn:-.i:p-:. l"t i.-. of . [:rs-,il-L: t'ral b'.:..:i [ra:n thv may be :-\iallc<-.v.i and the:', rd l:v i.-.r Fts:;-,..-1. makiiv: !jaci:o.lia mere <i-.:l;cuH. |thr bla.'rt tlivoujh tin- lun,'i ni'iy suit in cough::!:; 1^1 i):o.:tl fi'u..i lusics. Her: ; ir.iul hiclm illation of tlie heart. | Taeie ar t \ of . - diti«t:s in \\hich cciilain b'ood. 11 . iungs br;cc::ic c-:i • and Ihe ri:?;y rod maun;.!. Thr-ii- :'.:•• cr iiip'.ure cf :: iilD^t; VCG: i :. lun^.s when i'lr.n.-t ;r..;y ;!p:K. the si:'..tu:n. c.i:i. f~. and sin::: riitio'.is as ;i .--.:..•;.• -HV..I li^^::c•. a!EO J:\-D ii.-e :.: ; :;s v.m-n.i;:: Whenever you.iintl an item about one you used to know, or sec fho picture of a once-t'?.miliar_ place, there's an extra thrill in the ne\vs of Lhe day. Fading memories gro\v bright... in a flash you begin to •'remember when--" Actually every newspaper you read is lull of good news about i'rionds oi' yours - • • friends thai coma iiuo your home every day to help get tlie worvc done ... I'riencis you tal-x with you when you go out.. . friends that make life easier, bri g-'iter, richer. i.^ likely v, c.::v..n: '.hi ib.- liicrrt that comes Ir. ti'.e llr.-oil. tlie no.-o I'Mialiy 1:? tr. 1 ,.]!.: ! the conceited examination. \VI-.c-.-.c-. '^. ; cau-n := ;ho u: --u t:,: I to i;c ial:c:i in ;h-.- in.; :cbs:rv.-iti:r::. Tix- CVM : jbe so tlioroii::'.! .':• vend a dewy. ;':: syiiiptcm Ihcr, Ih rcc'.cd nat to t.-.c - n^-.ilii. Ijj. b ,. t . 0 i;-, t , C . A1 , Sim;.'-'"- .ii so i( it. howi've:. These frioiius arc the food;., "cito clorliO;-, 'c!ic fin'-- nishing's—-Ihu many modi'n com for us you moot: in the advcL'tisem^its. You know them well. . . knov: iiov-/ they lool; \viiat they can cu;. Natur: road all tii!.' novvs about thorn, i''ii everi coijstant'iy v-iiaugiiu:, yro\vin:< v.;oro i }'oi : lngne-,v ideas. Ad vo v i i s c • 11 o n L s b r i n tv y o u i' r of t!iin°.o yon. could hardly do v habit ol! ivHdin.u; them ihoroi 1 .-:, them id 1 no\\x of vour i'riond:--- •;:v. like co I'lciKi^ are :^ir^, of- an ;•. -liauie out. I•"';.!;in the goo c-ver^ day. Wat'.: .1 carMn! r bleed -a:i!> to C.T. un::>. i: is imp,;rUnt uf til- ! b? 1,., lr-p:..;-ioii-. In :,::;!i r.-.-,-; tile f\- .•ir.::n.i::r:i \vn:i -I-..- ^o-.l-.n-cc-pc-. tlir u.-o ol pc/cu-iii'-,:! aiid ai>-> tiie u?e ot the X-rny !or M;C!I ;•-,;ticiice as It ni.iy allcrd. There are cates el i-.c.ut disease of ;r.e i

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