The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1945 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 2
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- PAGE TWO BLYT1IEVILLF) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY U, 10-15' j. E. Crown Dies At New Orleans Death Ends Career Of s Veteran News Editor And Lecturer NEW ORLEANS,'Jail 11 (UP) Major James Evans Crown, editor of the New Orlean? Stales, the afternoon sister pu'ollcallon to the New Orleans Times-Picas une, died heie last night at Baptist Hospital where he was admitted following n heart attack last Sunday morning He was 99 7WM old , Crown became city editor of the States In 1917 tand served In that capSclty % untll'l&37, *hen he was named: editor. He held, that posl- i tion until his death He became prominent throughout the South In recent years ns u lecturer , Major Crov,n woa born at Cat- t SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Disciples pf Christ Must Begin Their Ministries. by Purifying Themselves lElts,iVa,-.the ton«of a minuter He attended - Randolph- Micon College.but ne\er ^as grad' He studied, law in the of- uated decs oC a law Va Iri'Warrenton, He obtained llls.iirsf nerspaper job on the Wastytigfo)}, 9 ° ' Iinw ana later workedton, do?ons of pa„ pers in as many cities ns a report(7 er, special wrltef,-flfy editor and e«cull\e • l ' He also was connected with the. New York E\enlne World and the New York Journal of Commerce He later was city fdltor of the Richmond, Va News and the Nor- fplk Dispatch Other papers he worked for in eluded the Atlanta* Constitution, Memphis News, 6t Lou's Post Dispatch, Chicago Examiner, Chi cago Inter-Ocean,''Chicago Chronicle Now Orleans tyem, Denver Republican and New York. Morning World BY WILLIAM E. GH.ROY, D. I). The ministry of Jesus began where nil ministries ought to begin —with himseir. That Is the Jirst fact No man is fitted or worthy Id minister, who has not first fount) the preparation and fulfilled the conditions in his own soul. For Jesus this meant first of all fulfilment of the outward rite of taptlsm. It 'was a part of His humbling Himself, nnd identifying; Himself with His fellowmcn. He was to save men by inuring their human life, and not by standing apart from men, even from sinful men John Uie Bnptlst felt the incongruity of baptizing one greater than himself. "I have need to be baptized of Thee, and comest Thou to me?" But the ministry of priests nnd prophets is greater than themselves. John wns the Instrument o: a public net, identifying Jesus (he sincere and 'repentant souls eeking baptism ns (m act of pub lie confession nnd consecration. 11 the cose of JCSIID It was the flivs step.In the beginning of His publl ministry. The next step was less public but no less Identifying the Music with man. Temptation is n. Ion friends—Galilean fishermen, whoriv Aulsbuty Is'President He called from their nets to be- Qf Jersey Cattle Club ni'ir rtf ITl/vll Alln illfiQf* ' ROCK, Jan. 11 (UP) 1m dlwn, ir HO Hac not escaped •om their midst. Here was the first In the sac creccutlons and betrayals that He •ns'to endure; nnd the inslnbllltj nd bins of these Nnzarcnes wns to c repealed later by the throngs i Jerusalem, who hailed the entry [ Jesus with Hosnnnns, only a few ays later to be crying, "Crucify lim." But if the throng, even In His Mi town, failed Him, there were icbler souls who responded to His caching and call.-Some of Ihcse, loo, were among his neighbors and. \vero to carry on the work, and perpetuate the ministry of Jesus OIL earth, it Is to them that we owe our knowledge of Him, and .of Ills teaching, nnd through them have come the blessings of salvaf tlon, and the ministry of Ihe Christ- Ian Church. Out every age needs lls helper^ and workers to c.nrry on lhat niln- istry. Who will respond to the cnll of Jesus, nnd be his disciples'.,to- dny? C.W.C. Autsbiiry: of. ruisscilvillc ha-, been elected president of the Arkansas Jersey Cattle Club. Olher officers elected during the club's annual meeting at Lilllc Hock Tuesday included Dr. O. D. Smith of-Conwajs-first vice presi- dent; \v. H. Williams 01 ruisscli-1 vllle,> second vice president; Glenn! P. Wallace of Nashville, third vice I president, and Paul Carrulh of Lit- I tie Rock, secretary-treasurer. NOW BREATHE FREER 12,*Jrop3 in each nostril I enrink membranes, cold EtulTcd noso opens. Cau- tio 9: Use only 03 Jircclcj I PINEIRO «OSE DROPS purtlno quickly relieves Headache and soothes tho rcsultltig ntrvo tension. Acts fftfit- liecntue It's liquid, Use i only as directed. At nil Urusglsl 130c. 60s sizes. ' ' Cases of tuberculosis, practically non-existent In Norway before tho •jinr, totalled 1004 cases In the first four months of 1844. Nov/ Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Moro Comfort FASTBETH, a pleaso .t alkaline (nun-acid) powder, hold- false teeth more firmly. To cat and talk In moi'je comfort, Just sprinklo a little FA& TEETH on your plates. No gummy gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Checks "plale odor" (denture breath). Gel FASTEETH at tiny drug store. '? Divorces *s Recent sessions of chancery court £ have resulted in numerous divorces <f being granted an,d others have been filed A divorce filed §ometlr Mnj Wendell M 'Phillips, I metlme ago by now serv- , Ing In the Army, against Mrs Sybn - Phillips, has been granted Ma Jo Phillips with custody of t*o son, awarded the defendant The plaintiff v i»l!nqutshed any rights of propeit '* held jointly with Mrs Phillips I*J A special demurrer ^as made, no VI yet passed, on, was filrjl hi vrro q % Ruth Brown \s H O 1'n !' ' *J aside-decree, i Suit of Lena Fulk vs Ci ] J Fulk was dismissed at requ^t of phintlff A. '. '•' ' Also dismissed Wns tho i.iit of Leon Stilwell vs deneva Stilwell No annulment was gfaMed in,thc suit of Eleanor M passler vs Dale Dassler * ,, 4 Submitted for trial was th% dlvoVc6 case oi 1' H Van Bibber vs Velma Louise Van Bibber )' Of dl\orces granted, most of them were to pcop'e living elsewhere established residence here for that purpose, because of the liberal cU- \orce laws of Arkansas, } Thtss were 'grantee; lAmmejg ^ P Weiver vs Mildr« Weflvfc olly,e Webb\s Er'cellN-^eBD'i'Johimy Lowery vs Estella Lowery, Russ°l Seals vs Cora Seals! Helen L Tra vis \s J K Travis,! Billie Jcai Thigpen vs Rale!§h Leon Thlgpen Hayzlo Farmer,Williams vs L H Williams, Gladys' Lambert ONeal Lambert t Ollbe Schi ppen Jf hauer vs Victor Schuppenhauer 4- Herbert R Austin vs June Austin V Roy C/rain vs Estelle Grain, Mill *«_ me Klmbell \s'John'Kimbell, De •*," lorel Murrell ys Mil bourne Mur % rell, Ruby Walker vs. Ferry Walk £| er, Marj Sue Keller v? Fred WalU ?J Keller, Maxuie Boundc vs Ilov *fi Boiinrts; : '.Joh'n^CHt\vera;vs.Tranto > Chavers Thonfas' Eason vs Eff £ Eason; J L Turner v$ Hettle Tun U er; J. W Pounds vs Loretto Pound Si Roy C Decker vs Olenda Deckc fi W-H Payne vs Ruel Payne; Cli rf ford Lewis Vs v Eulalia Lewis, Jam •£. H^Hudson vs" Mary Frances Hu< ~ Eon, Winnie Caldwell vs Willia TT Caldwell r~ Filed.lrecently:have. been: Matt aiid individual thing, whether In Ihe dcscrl; or in the crowde city. It Is the battle In the soi lhat every man must (ieht for himself. Dill no man is fitted ,to mln- Isler who does not know Its meaning, or who has-iint conquered. The lirce-fo!(j tcmplntion was a pnrl'ot he preparation of Jesus. As the uthor of Hebrews tells us, Ho was in all points tempted like as were, yet 'without-' sin" (Hebrews 4 15), ,and "In- that Ho Himself mill suffered being templed, Hu s able to succor them that arc cmpted." 1 Following the initiation of bap- Ism, and the testing of te'mulii- loii, Jesus began His public mtn- slry where all true ininLstrles ought to begin—at home. He returned to Onlllce, and shortly to HLs own home town of Nnxfircth. His fame spread throughout the whole region, and His townsmen niarvcller at: His words. ''Is not this the carpenter's son?" Ihey asked In wonderment. Hut wonderment turnct to 'derision, ami anger, ad violence \\hen Ho declared that the demo The following critical merchandise will be in stock Saturday, Jan. 13: T *i ff. , S \ crntlo realities of religion that Propliet Tslah lind declared were being fvilfllled In' Himself. Those fcllowlownsmen led Him to Ihe brow of n hill, and would have cast ie Closby' ; vs. .Neil Closby; Blnnd Aoks vs. Annie Brooks; Cov.zctla •Inklcy vs. Mrynl'Dcnri Brinkley; irlls E. Smith, vs.. Beryl Smith; l!linin5.'A. Graves vs. Madeline raves; Penny Lucille Gnudlc V5. flbert F. Caudle; Ulllnn Hawks , : :Mnrlon Hawks; Oscnv C. Fur- ison vs. Maty Ferguson; Oils GOM> -Vs. Martha Lcona Gozti. Several pieces of beaullful collon ilress (roods, :!iicludln(r I'EIIBIiH CI-OTII,' TOI'MNETTK, I'OP- LIN, BROADCLOTH, etc. on nine Dcnlin. Sod \\hlte IMVIV tor baby dresses. Cannon Turkish Towels In sev- cra! sizes. r Cnnnon Wash Cloths. ISirdscye Dl;ipcrs. ninlscye Dlnpcr Clollu Dan nivcr Fine Pillow Cases. !,»iUcs Rayon' Tanllcs Wilh Elusllc AVnislband. All Ovcrslrcd Ladles Punlles up = to Triple X. Clillilrcn's Rayon ami Coltoh Puntlts WUH All Elastic Walsl- ; band. ' Buys' Lone Sleeve Cotton Sport Shirts. Children's Cotlcn Slips. Infants' Nainsook Dresses. Llltl« Boys Corduroy Overalls.;; I.llllc Boys Cotlou Flayialta anil Overalls. Grey Tissue Overalls. Kleenex anil Leather Work Gloves. Above is fisted but o few of many scarce items '• '•' ' you w/ir/inrf at Want rolls and bread brighter, more delicate and fluffy-light than ever? Then switch to Country Club. Flour that's triple-milled from top-crop whc'at. For thb fineness of your flour makes the lightness of your baking. And you get big safe savhifrs! too. $2.45 $1.25 EGGS GRAPEFRUIT JUICE COFFEE APRICOTS Maxwell ijouse. Drip or Regular Grind Pound OLEOMARGARIHE 11 "'" 98 ™™ 1 TUNA FISH CAKE FLOUR 75 SINCE I SV/JTCHE^Ii SPOTLIGHT Humko 4 Pounds Sun-Maid 15 Oz. Canova 16 Oz. Hershey 1/2 Pound Fuulticss ..•/'Country •:..;. ,•:'-• 4 2020 W. Better Dry Goods & Toys Phone 2637^ Something for the Boys • « ' ' i * v i ^ ' In _ Cream Deodorant Sajrtyhelpt Stop Perspiration 1, Do« rot !mt»J?,sltin Dflcs ' 2. cretEQ. . No wimng to <5rf"C»n be njht aftct iliivifig * 'Aciciic* nlnttLtuteofLiuT] j n ._hJ!M!«s to fibric Use We have just received a shipment of fruits that we expected for Christmas so now we are baking Fruit Cakes again to meet the demand for something to send the boys in service. Postal Regulations say that you may send a package over-. seas to men in the Navy, Marines or Seabees without a Request. For the men in the Army overseas a request is srill required. We pack all Fruit Cakes for overseas shipment absolutely free. There will be a postage charge of 30c for overseas shipments and 20c for shipment in the states. Please send cash or money orders. No checks or C.O.D. orders accepted. for the Pound Size, Add Postage for the 2-Lb. Size—Add Postage Club, Tnl! For . ' ' : ' . .It' ' .'.'.,'..•. •'>. ': Country i Cfub ';. Country. Clvih •\'\ Oz. S Country GluV \ \ t'oimcl " 7 ' Quart • / 25 Pounds ' COCOA STARCH GRAHAM CRACKERS CORN C. C. Pound C. C. Cream Style G. B. No. 2 Latbnia Club 24 Oz. .3 For Embassy 32 Oz. i Large Ocliigon Octagon 5 5 SWEET JUICY FLORIDA IN MESH BAGS B H H CLEAN SELECTED NEBRASKA REDif RIUMPHS BI PORTO RICAN YAMS CALIFbRNIA RED EMPERORS Many men in service have written their folks that they were really happy to receive a Hart FruitCake. Make seme boy glad! .Send him a Fruit Cake today. Remember: No request is needed for men in the Navy, Marines or Seabees. Just address your orders to Hart's Bakery, Blythcville, Ark. GREENS, Turnip, Mustard and Collards/-,fresh Green ........:,...:...... Bunch 7!/2C TURNiPS WITH TOPS, Large Bunches.YLbiiisiana Grown. ...':. . :: Bunch lOc PINEAPPLE, Fresh Large Size . . .;. . ! . . , ... Each 33c 1SKET, Grade "B" . .,;-... ... . lb.22c BEEF HENS FOR BAKING, New York Dressed Sliced . . . . . _....... Bulk . . . . . . , KIDNEYS , Type 2 Sliced Ib. 25c Ib. 40c . lb,22c 2 Ibs. 33c . Ib.lJc Ib. 32c . Ib. 39c MELTS . . . .... ... . . . Ib. 7c H &G Large Size FILLETS DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Buy any Kroger brand Item, Uk« tt M well u o* better I ban tnj ether, er retar* touted portion l> originil wnUtner and wt will gt»» yo« doub!« your toaaty Uck. Blytheville Owned, Employing B/yt/»evi//e People Ib. 15c lb.43c Ib. 35c

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