The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BI.YTTTKVTU.K. (ARE.I COURIER Tcn-ymcn Fall As Huglics Grabs Fouvlh Viclory; Teachers Lose Team )(. 1). Teachers Aik-Mo I.ibi-rCy 1 3 1 I C'ommercul League W. I.. I'd. i u|; i u s i u Minn IM-tiine .'. 3 0 1.00-3 Koblmon :l 1 .750 .41)1} .•,'50 .•j.Mi Hayiifs Terry Games on loniglil s iluuUlchi or, starling al 7:30 [iMnik. Holiinsfii Dnif \s, Aik-.Mii 1'nw- (r, and I.ilt-rly Cash Grocers vs. I'aslEmc Milliard I'.irlnr. Hv J. I'. ritlCNl) C. I.. SLlli.illfian l)r-5;iile a niuv ii.imo. •,) brand new iv'.s Service Slaumi < formerly Kirty Urii'ji loskc-d like an Improved cutliv but were not blrong eiiounl: l<i cope wi'.h tl:e tkht chnrh pil'.'V.:n:j of Taimauye H'.ioy. ^'.ai portsidcr. and the (Imply hitlin.- o' H. I). Hushes, dropping n •!-•> do- cislon to Ihe fast stepping tcv^uc leaders. U \ ihe fourth co:is;'cti- tivc \\iii for Hugi'es and t'^vo liie:t: undisputed lent! In the Commercial Ee.'tbnll title rare. Hayues' Men's Chop, behind tin .•.ifriiis p'.tchinj of Ciiarlo-.s Kendig. \v!io allowed but three hits st.ivcd elf a de'.ernilnei! seventh in- nhij Toadicr rally to win from ih; I'cJagoguts, 7-5. Hardauay Hlous t'p Enjoying a. 1-0 loan and mowinF Ihi' opposition clown in brilllan! fasiton. Oscar Hardaway. Terry hurler, suddenly blew as high as t\ kite in the fourth, a p:i»j and t'.rei- conseculive hits rai:!lna cl) in rap- Id .'.nccessbn for Ihrco runs and the game. Whittle started the fire- workj by drawing a pass. C. Lutes slammed or* over In'.o the caw In centerfleld. botn runners being lield to two bases under ground nilos. Jce Applcbaum whaled one Into the same spot, Whittle and Lutes scoring, Mnxwcll's liner brought In Ap- plobaum. Three more hits were added in the fifili but fast fielding by Terry prcvcmcd a tally.- T.-.e TiTiymen threatened In the tcv- onlli bill (heir rally fell i<hort by twu runs. Cnvltt »ln/!<-.l ID loft ":'nt'."-r. Strrnbe^ Ix-at tint a .S'OA dribbler lo second, 110th runner:- nmi-d up as \V. l.utc.s was lhi'O-,v- IIIK onl'y Minion linsil tc sliari. J. C. Klnmnghain uvcrrar (JoodiiKin'i lap ilcwn i-'.f Onrd bust- Inif. (,'nvii; ciHinnj in on ihe play. Sinlih pjpjK'd to KinjKiK'h.uii. c-nd- ir:g tilt- K'lme. BABY AL IS IN WONDERWEAR ... OR WHAT THE LOOKING. GLASS SHOWS AL is fed up with Mad Shirt- ersl He's into HANF.S Wonder- wear for keeps. Look how a HAIJES hugs your chest . . . comfortably trim and snug, without a nagging roll or wrin- l:lel That's because HANKS is clastic-knit . . . with so much rtrcngth in the stretch that washing can't make it flabby I Look at the length of HANES Shirts. They go way down on your rear-bumper . . . can't ride and bunch at your waist. This is V/onderwcar! Get into a pair of shorts. Raise your legs . . . stoop and stretch. If anything cuts or pulls, lake a look at the label — and it won't say HANKS! Colors guaranteed fast. See your ll/SNES dealer today, and ask for Wonderwear. P. H, llancs Knitting Company, Winston- Salel-.i, N. C. JinnpUi.; u:i Jn..n Holland. II- i:anlK'a;k'd i-iyhiiiantU'i. for three :i;lis on a.s many rll:*. Ha.MH-s louk a lir^l inning l!^:i<l in !))<• .H^'jnd ! yanie and wrc n*-ver headi-d. With j onv doun. Frank l^aai 1 s'.ikcd one' lor a single and »H!i a (prrilU- clout OM-I Oiibun' !-ca;l for n hninc run. Appii-baim uas .^ale on Kramn'i error uf hi' ,'roundcr mid scored u-hen Crock-•'.l cr.u-kod'a tlo-.iblc lu ccnu-r. Tin- Tc.-u 1 . e]..^ tcok advantage of a couple <:f errors In thr third IIIK! roimlcil twice. ll;iyi;cs added twc more in ihe ilftli. Carter wiilkcc" «il Hunt galheral In Isaac's holsl IJ]acX\k<-!l fineod Cartt-r. Applc- bauni. Croekeii aiul }iiK>nc ^.1 in i-'.:r?o-j>!rm. Cirori;e Hunt c'jiivtripn a pass .soaic eipvcr anil daring ba^e running iiiiu n run In i!ic Instniclors 1 half of (lii- ttSl'.i. HUs by Isanc. Croikelt. his fourth of the night and boone ran Hnynes 1 tslal 1C seven in the last frame. The l'«l- aRo^ucs staged Itielr usual lust mimite riisli In their last lime a' !>at but Kpiullg stasgered through to (he nnkh two runs 10 the good. Calhivny. pinch lilulng (or Craig tlren- four balls. Ilelland forced Callau'ny niul In turn was forced by I N'n'lns. Puckvtl was s;ife on Applc- banru's error. Hum and Kramer iliK'led In succession. Ncvlnr, and Puckclt denting tin- p'.ale. atead- maii Hied to short Ml. ~'i'c lK>x scores: first (i:nnr U. Hughes AH larslmll, c -I Kin'ham. lb 3 hiltlc. ss :! Lutes, if 3 Apnlcbuiini, r,.s 3 lax'.vell. cf 4 2b PERHAPS tie PEST F.».vfiifcR aKCt -JCE RIVERS, 'lb Boy. or TIE rcR lifu; V/VTATE? ey THURSDAY, MAY 17, 10S4 Lutes. 2b ....... I liunch. if ........ ;i Klnnlnghani, 3b .. 3 lucy, p ............ 3 Totals ........... 3_> 8 2 Alabama flap Another Boy On Way to Big Leagues LOS A NOELES-- Another pro<l-; League outfit lo fill ihe brogaii'. net of the Oniverslly of Alabama u>fi viicanl by tliu graduation In upjx'ar.s rendy Kn- inajur leayuO'ilir- tnujors of Tluck "The Grcat- EL-rvlce. , isu Newson iinil Dick Ward. He J. Mlllard Campbell. « Hijlit-! w »n his Ilisl five yamcs. handed plicher who .seems to ta , on his way up. hails from the iii- slllntlon Ihnt tunifd out and Lnke Smell, lliijys .Stephen-' 25. continued lo show jireat prom- son. Minler Have. 1 :. Andv Colir>n!-«• in 19M. when he bioke inti Plav Errorless Bait Bcliind Sfiisatiouul Rookie; niokies Trou--icc Chicks !!• hind tile excellent iiliclilng o: Sl.-irs. roo'Klu rlijlithund- ttl:o:f wort: hiis stoi.d oil! in a i\i r>:h:lillkin yf uu- ;:a.-.ti!]i.' Ly s MI lar ti'.i: K.UUH. I.illli' R(j?k Sjju'.lKTil lc:r;:ic-' d.'f('al(-[| ;!i (_ 1 h:'.' 1 .;,::-j M :,m-. lit lo •> :,: !.,n;U' U', c t it. i:n-s oi:lv iwo hi'.s an' ;ck (i:il 11 mi'lL. KLtc-n K-i'.il..*l (h: bat for lite 'rrave!'j..s '.viili In five nips lo UK- .oin and MOJIKK- !i;i to drive iu of i!i" The Travelers colledt-tl lo >!! Vjintl'jnlierg -ind W,n.c :u.d played errorless hall. I :K' Kn-m-illc Smokies hit .vlu-n lii'.s connlcd and won a tiuitA- irum the MemphLs c:-,:ck:, .,: Mern[lhis. The- scores wr-re -"i . • I .mil :; to f.. The victories -verr •.,,1:1 by Wi'lliercll ami Moir: ;• ;::•• e>.j.ei:M- i>( tw<; veleiun hinl- , rs. Clay Touchslcni- and I;;::;. llaynp. The Hir:ilill!!h;inl liarons brn!: i.i-.- Nasiiville Vols 1 winning :,:ie.i{i. •y.hich had reached live jiamt-.s. a'. The I!aroi:.s w<,n. (J c.i Hill Hnglies, Huron InirU'i'. i.irki'il up his fifth .straight iri- i!iij;li. The win broke U.-ill licartV of vk-luiies which had ; '•u-ai-hed five. i:d there is a hop on his [usi on-', he has lhor:;m:hh' pti/- /:til bailers to date, h-.' cieclanv ttarm weather will mat:.' him more ilfeclive. ' The young man's lion:; 1 is a' n.iv'.una licach Ha., and prou-=i.; j are expected from ihal uiv. :,'-. | Dhanibi-:' of Coriuner:-, 1 ll h'. 1 Co.! i [iiiiie., to uin yainl-s and atld IL j :hi- honor and ^iL'ry of Soal!n-:ti California. •Of eojivs-j. tsiy £onl is in lant.j in the maio:."." says Wlili-y. Afu-r pitching his alma matei -j . st ,ick wiih Wa.shiimuia onl; o a Southern Conference chum- [ - V ., K uuniuh to net a cup of «.!- Wo Of Cor ihe Complete Sum inn r Vv;t nl robe Joc-y I plonship. "Whiiey" Campbell, nosMj,.,./ 1 I! Hie n-criili with' rroSc.ssional ball with Uintiing- Jio St. Louis niowns. bricl ulub star npb;')!, wlu> wn»-. p,tven a : Ciimplv.ll say--- lie still has sul- Irinl Ijy ;hr Wn.shinglon i ury lor n month n::tt n linlf coin- n yt-ar :is;u. is becoming iiiiny from the N't -A* Haven club, foi in (he Pacific Coast Ijenguc 1 . ' vvlik-h he luilctl wln-n the Eustci i' ls Ihe pioiierly of the I/is An- Lotr-'ui 1 blow up in .July. 1032. If', s club, which means that the c:nu'ht oa ulth Reading, and v.'n k Chicayo Cub.s ImVe first cull. , iivirchei! to Albany with the fran- Cmnpbell was bron^ht w-cst rum the Albany International • Cami>l::ll ha:, a fine cn:ve p]-(tlu'::<] th;it if Cami>- '.'. «>:iMlUK-S his ptL'Stllt p.lCl !3 n in in U) tin- bi^ shoiv IK-X i njuy f u Head Courier News Want Ms. Sport l>oll 50c - S >!•()- NVii^on Sliirls Acccssoric.- and Gel Inlo a Si raw or Punanui AM slvk-s a n <' : h:ip'js. fu:!luT i n !;' l!n!i])^ ami ollii.r ) r (iiitl t:i:ilu'!=. S A M S O N D A K (S«=!oiircd) Unioa-Sui'.s Doors West of !Utz Theatre ttttntmu Have you seen the Two base hlls-Crork- cH. C. Lu'.cs. J. Amilebaum. Unn« baued In— GcoiEninn. L. .Smith. J Applcbnum 2. Msixuell. J.-c. Kin- ninuhnm. nnse nn balls—olf T: on linrclan-ay 4. Struck cut—b. 'lury 3- by Haulaway 1. T,?fi <n Tervy 0; Hughes 12. olrvs—Siniih and I'otlcr. Sri-nnil (i:imi- ayiM AH -•"•i?r. cf :«- 2b l. 11) Appleliainn, .« .. ro:kott. rf GOODYEARA ALL-WEATHER This owner says: "17 MILES TO f THE GALLON^ Wider Road Imprint Shows Difference! WONDERWEAB MR. MOORE'S ''Thr Soulh's Tersest Wholesale House" MEMPHIS H A N E S WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS —Halted for Craig In 7lh.< rntals 2:1 5 3 =. Score by innings: " crfrs 002 010 2-? Sninmary—Home run - Dlnckvoll Two base hit—Croekelt. Runs bated in—lllackweil 2. Crockelt 3 Soon? •_>. Hunt. Kramer 3. Stead- nan. I);nb'.e p;ay_L. Smotl-.crmai: ^ App.obamn !ia=e on b.ii:s—on M-ndig d : np; Holland 3. stnick ;•';—by Kendig 3: by Holland 2 '-"•l en b.i^s-Hayiies 8: Teacher; Maybe Opposition Made The Caplain Nervous CA1>R ^tRAUDEAU. Mo.-Mom- M b° f . l -''° C:1P3 Girardci:111 countrj ^u ^ojj team are telhnp \-.Q\I HrlTji 11 T-\ r,. ., . . s ..U" n.D. Bxler of the local club as lt- c No. , plsycr a pro from Mm the Blythcvillc *cnt up aga rtnii.. i,, .. c match here Sunday, [his visitor de- Jcatmg him by 7 strokes. Butler was largely responsible for liis own defeat when h c took a seven on a ho'.c which Is usuall three strokes or two under, and * hole which the captain has always found easy. NEW PONTIAC * Check Your Motor Car Judgment Get This Book \Vhat. do you want in the motor car you buy? What have you a right to cxjxxt? The Poniiac "Check and Double Check" book will tell you. It's brimful of inside information about low- priced cars. It enables you to check nnd double check motor car values poi'nr by point. For your own satisfaction and protection, get nnd use this book before you buy any car. Co:ne in and get yours today-it's FREE—or write direct to Pontiac Motor Company, Pontiac, Midi. nnd up. Ji'^r pn're .if Ton llluu,.-,,.,!_ i/io J-D.xir rtner. lite /i>cjt nnt/ ^,•^^ HI 00 A./iMnuiJ/ r.,; Mor.,n V.i/,,,. „ ftodiel LinJ f-'i-,her tt,> l)i SEE IT... DRIVE IT... before you buy any carl SET A POITIAC EIGHT FOR Y08R MONEY! LEE COPPEDGE MOTOR CoT^"''""" Ark. MORE 0 NON-SKID MILEAGE — cositler to build, yet cosfcs you nothing extra! Q Ceaseless and unmerciful abuse on (he toughest roads—worse treatment than you ever £ivc u tire even v.-flh your fast-springing, highcr- tiov/crcil, easy-braking car—that's what the new "G-.V took, better i than nny lire ever built before!. . . ! Come see the greatest Cpodycar ' ever offered—let us point out its i nvarvclous features and quote you on ;t set. HEWS This marvelous new G-J AH-\Ye:ulier ivith its ninny iidviintagcs over nny other tire on the nv.irkct costs you nothing oxtrn. SKKVICK STATION OI'l-N A 1,1, MTi: WltKCKKU SKKVICK IIOAD SKifVICi; CALLS MADK IMIONK SHOUSE-LITTL Blutltcvillc, EVROLET CO. Ark.

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