The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1947
Page 4
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•PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUK1ER NEWS FRIDAY, MAY 2, 19*17 Mdse Leaguers Chick Track Stars Compete Winners in Tonight's Games fro Compete to? City Championship The semi-final roundup of the grade school Kiddie League will iopcn at Haley Field tonight with battles between the four top teams to decide who will vie lor city championship -honors next week. ; Catholic's Fighting Irish and the Lange Wildcats, who finished Ihc season tied-for first place in the league standings', tossed a coin to decide who would represent tint place in (he play-off games and the honor was given to the Irish. They will tangle with the third place Central crimson Tide in tonight's first tilt at 1:30. . Lange,' representing second place r.vill tske on the fourth place Sucl- jbury Bulldogs in the final Ba:nc of the evening. Gnme lime for this tilt is 8:30. r>i.>n-T--op«!il'i Till Next Friday Winners of tonight's games will meet next Frirlav night In decide the city champions for the first year of the Kiddle League, city chain pious i>nd yiiomfoi" the nil-city snuacl, which The of! Members of (lie niylhevillo High School fAviiPd ra.slrlcl Four, Class A. champions ! nrtlciiiatii'.i; in thu slate hii'.h school meet in i-cm left t'> light: Kin-old Traylor, Charles win Ire ! Mrfailaiui. The chklis won s-clcctcd .sometime next week, will be th" pucsts.. of the Liotis drib : at a luncheon where awards will :be -Tiade. The Irish will repend on their ;prt:fie!rt ncc«, nharles Hal'. Nor- hett Blankenship and Ilaskcll iman to lend Ihcir offensive attack against the strong Central the only Class A team in l-T.Bcit tlie district ci'own tlnrnj"[i the til.strict. (Ooun'T News IS Pop's Paps Enter State Meet Cellar Dwellers I League Leading Pels Pound Out Hits to Record 16-2 Victory Livestock BHS Baseball Team to Play iui;:v n^a"ioi^ im- .H..-J1.., DI^ If evcn. Central defeated the Irish 3 nfj imrtC T/"VT flM to 0 in the two tt-nns first cn-\J ffUlUlIb 1 1/U U / BASF.BALL STANDINGS KOUTHKIS.V ' ccimter two weeks ago. V Boasting the best defense in the] league, the Tide Isas UFC:! (Iris de- j . feirse to;a great advantage during ; regular league plav. Teaming v ilh | J the strong line will he the Tide's I pile-driving backfield stars. .io>m- • ny Halsell and Tommy Mosley. The Blylhcvllle Hitili Sell" >> l>.iv- ball U'ain will play the Hliawne!.- Hi<*h School Indians in :i coubli'- headcr at Joiner this aftc<n:ion in two Mississippi Cuiinty Ili^h ,SLhu:;l Baseball Lc:i[;ue y:unt'.s. Chicks will br se.-km': their Mobile . . . . Birmingham Atlanta . .. Nashville . Little Hock Memphis . . W. I) M n Muscle Miss fielrt rnnnino helneri (he Tide over- , ., C(J - ]K( W in.i«r[>lnsl one (bfr-ai. hav- eome the FHibtiorn Irish in the pie-| (|)g )os( tl , M . ml i :1 in ( lu . h . i- ML vious meeting. j earns. Games with Hell and C.i:s- iv>r..h - ini-h.lmvn Twins _ M , ,,,,n )-. s t week were potf pined du: Lange's "iouchdoMn twin 1 ;, i ^ G ram .„,..,,....„„... u'pv u.i-nl'on and full- shWuce, who took the pl'icj in lock .Jimmy grift, will sparkimis , (hc , e .,,, l|0 vac . ltccl by „,.. n .^ WA . .he Wildcats in their game against U()11 c|[ |lR , ftnnorol ,„,,,- il)H ,. to Ithe Bullclocs. Brattim. one ot th- ; U]e Mi ,, llla nin( , c .,,iier this week 'league's highest scorers, hns led , cv a 10 l() 0 ,. (Hmt . his team to victory in bn'.h previous | r; 0 :ieh Joe \< hitlcv of the Chicks meetings with (he liulldOBs. j ; ., ;]unmL -ed today that h- would However, the Wildcats wnn'Mvwo ! ;i ,. ab .ii]i y ,,i u rL letltumrtcr Lwu W.\l- an easy time with the Bulldogs. • <,„„ 0 ,,"u, c mound a^iinst thili;- Eudbury hold the Lunge team to , hlu , s walden has seen uniiind i-.cons touchdown in their last week , llon in )x , Ul gnmcs ,],„. ,ii? Chii:::; . I iiave pluys'd. giving up only five hit•; in six inuinss nf relief woik. The big si,;i:ii|iaw throws and h.its UMtlumded because of -i CL i',i)>l.'d • right arm. His one hand liiumi; m ti'.e Clucks opening yatne dri-w ;iii- plaii.^e from the fans that had i;:itli- cred to watch the tilt, i craer members of Ihc Chicks' linc- l un' are: :Dndley ilardy, first^; P. U. Foster, second base; Billy V/ix- son, shorL^top: Dim C^Ulw-'U. tbinl base: Stanley Hood, left f:e!n; Bnli fullen.' center Field: Jack Unclos. ight field; and Lloyd Koontz. atcher. "'rcsbyterians Lead n Dart Bali Standings Tlie .Tirst Presbyterian team too^ vci undis{>uted inssessiou of lir.-a '..-.•;p in the YMCA dart ball league last night by dfccsling the ~irst M?thoflist team in two close :amcs n the Y rooms. The scores vcre 2-1. 4-5 »iid 3-2. The Christian team moved nto a se:und p'-a^'c tic with thi^ L'.ke Street Methodist team by' defeating the Like Street team two' jitiht game 5-3 and 1C-3 and : -OsinfT the thi:d panic y-4. Uow-1 ever, the damage w:-.s already done when the Lake Street \\oii tho third tilt. Tl'.c standings: W. L. Pet. First Presbyterian 3 I .15) Lake Street Methodist .. '2 'i .o'.'O First Christian 2 2 .SCO First Methodist 1 3 .'JoO Pet. .7:7) .Clfj Cincinnati . Philadelphia No.'.v Yurk .. SI. Louis . . ATLANTA. Cia., May 2. The cellEir-dwolllng Memphis Cliicki ivere siiiKhiK the bines toddy a ft or the itidigtiilie.s Doc Prothro':; itlhlele.s .suflercd at the Jmnclfi of rHiii|Kit,'itiK New Orlcati s Pelicans, j swashbuckling Pels wanned HJ> last night with two tallies in the rcoml I mine. But in the fifth the home nine really put on a sal ting display a.s they nipped in 11 runners, with Ne\v Orleans 1 Georyo Stnmpf connecting; for ;i hciuor with the bases fully tenanted. For nood nipasnro, the wlmwrs lidded three more scores in the las', two innin&i to make the fhuil read Hi to 2. uol) Dot-am]) went rJi the way for the pels while four Cluck twirlcrs were vainly sc<V*-' inn to .still the fire in the Nun Orleans bills, iA 5 lo 4 drubbing at Chattanooga last ni^hl (Jumped the Birmingham Hurons from their third phu-e .sp-jl. Outfielder Art Rebel p'isted H romut-lrippcr lor the lost r.s in the fourth with the'S eji]])ly. 'Monti's .stylish .southpaw liiN Koini'vly was ijivoii credit for the wit; although he. needed help front Alex Znrkowski in the eighth. Al«*x ftoiuiy worked for the Barons utilii tin: eighth when E<1 Bnr.stscJiy lock over the mound dutie.s. The. win kept the Lookouts three yamrs behind the: front-running New Or- If LIDS nine. Timely batting and light pitching aceounU'd lor the rise of the ! '.Mobile Brar.s In third place. A! i T<;tki's scrappy Bears put their six hits to iul'/iinta^c lasL ni^ht lit Little RocK in overcoming the Pebbles 3 to 1. Two errors contributed to the downfall of Bill Dickey':; skidding Travelers. The contest between Atlanta a:ul thii yols nt K.ishvilie was postponed betnuse of wet grounds. St. 1/oul.s National Stockyards. May 2. (UP) — IUSDA)— Livestock: Hogs 7,700; salable 7.000; market unevenly steady to 25 cents lower. 170 to 270 Ibs. 23.00 to 23.25; top 23.50; mostly for weights under | 230 Ibs. Bulk good 270 to 325 Ibs. 22.25 to 23.00; 130 to 150 Ibs. 20.75 I to 22.50; IliO Ibs. Quotable 23.00; 100 to 120 11). piBH 1T75 to 20.00; -70 to 500 If. sows, 18-50 to 19.15) Heavier Weights, 17.50 to 1850; Slags, mostly 14.60 to 1C.00; lew I light weights higher. I Cattle 3,000; Salable 900; Calves 1700. all salable. Receipts ligrK*5^id trading moderately active In clean up session with prices generally steady. Most odd lots and few short loads of steers and' heifers, these mostly medium and of a kind to sell from 18.50 to 20-00; A few medium to low good, 22.00 to 23.00; • clock. Medium to good heifers and mixed yearlings 1800-23.00; good cows quotable around, 18.50 to T/.50; Common and medium beef cows, 13.50 to 16.00. Mot mots Wag Their Tails And Trim Own Feathers SAN DIEGO (Ul't — A pair of exotic birds, the rare motmols, arc on exhibit at the »io here. The' birds were flown from Ci>sta Hica. The molifiot also is known us the "jungle barber 1 ' from the leu e<i that, it trims its tail to twt feathers. Many eminent authorities have verified this story, wa officials say. "Jungle clocks" is another nickname they have been given because they wag their tails back • and forth, like the pendulum ol a BEN WHITE & SONS ' GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE iNORTH TENTH Phone 3151 J'i liiylKT hiiiK.r.-i AMUltK'AN t.r, C UK W. b. Cihicaco . New York Uustoif . . Di'trnil . . .St. Louis .. devi'laml Pel. .HX> .:,«i .5MI • "Poll's Paps," 1847 District l'"oilr junior s who will invade Little Rock tonight. sccMtis; stats- mc<!t. Members of Ihc junior squad are. from leit to r:'.:hl, b;«-k ro\v: Jim Percilnl. Charles Lutes, and Robert Reed. l'i"'it rnw: lYi;R.T I.uui and John Hutcherson. Buddy Uouncr, alv.o u nwu.'./.T *;f tlie team, was not present when ttie picture wus! taken, (Couiii 1 !- News Photo.) Swot King's Advice on Baseball Worthy oi General Application Baseball Czar Has Long Talk With MacPhail 0 .'100 CINCINNAIT. Results Dorothy Dodson pn's ei^ht- p;und-sh»t 37 feet 2U inches v.'innis|ig in \Vom^n'.> Ccnlial A \U track and field meet in X^iversity o{ Chicago field, house. SOUTHKIIN I.IJACUK New Oilcans 113. M-'inp.MS 2. Chi'.llaiuuiiia S. Binnmjliiim •< Mobile «1. IJttl'.- Uock 1. Atlanta at Nashville, rain. NATIONAL I-KAGUE HvnofclYll Tt, Cllil-llljo '>. Nt'U' Yurk ti. Si. I.onis ;>. Cincinnati at nnstrm. rain. Pittsburs'.h at Philadelphia, rain. AMLIilCAN I.l-AG'tJi; .St. Louis 1-1. \Va.shtLmtju 5. New York at Chicago. w:H iirruntls. l j liiladi-l[)liia at Dc'trull. rjiil:. Only games scheduled Today's Games SOL'THKHN I.KAf.Ui: New Cr'c.uis at Memphis. Mobile at LiUli' Kncl:. Ath'.nta at Naslivillo. NATIONAL I,KA<;Ui; Cincinnati al IJronklvii. Pitlsbnruli at N'c\v Yort, Kt. Liujis at Philadelpliiii. Chic;i!'i> at Ho^Uni, ni-inl. AMDHICAN I.I:A(;IJE N"\v Ynrk at Chicago. W.isliini;toii al St. Ixmis. Phili«lel]ilii:i at Dclniit. Hoslun at Cleveland. (UP) — ] I^asemull Commissioner Albert Chandler, wlio round no lulls in a I .'ix-and-a-half-hour chat with New Ynrk Yankee President barrv Mnc- I'hail yesterday, had nothing to say to newsmen today, ami MacPhail said all news would hav e to come from Chandler. Presumably Chandler called MacPhail up on chuv^t'.s of "insubordination" because Larry talked freely atirl bitterly of the commissioner's decisions In the Leo Durochcr case. Chandler had ordered all concerned with the case to make no comments Walter Mnlbry, Chandler's secre^ tary and spokesman, said that there was "no story." Mulbrv was asked if it had been a lively six-and-half hours bchiiK he heavy nuk doors of [he conimis- :>ner's office. "Well." he said hesitantly, "then 1 were ni> lulls in the convci'sal i' 1 " " MacPhail seeme,] a liltlc' uilti'd is he came out. but managed a yriti for photni^raphers beloi't? he hurried off to catch a plane lor New York. On the surface it be a victory for Chandler, .since M:ir- Phail had been militant as he prepared for the confab. Larry tnld newsmen that he believed emphatically that Chandler had no prnprr grounds to .suspend Dunn-hrr. Hrooklyn DCKlRCr manaut'r, five minutes- let alone a year lly SIII.TOX KICIIMAN [Ifniti'd Press Sjuirls \Vril<-r) |)h NliW YOR1C. May :'.. I UP I Danny Williams, a Ill-year-old orphan from Jackson, Miss, was sdK'dulcci to ineiit the preside!)', of the United stale:; in Washington today, but it could be aiili-climac- liic. j After nil, n.inny met and spoke I wish Bain- Hnth yesterday. i 'I'he boy visited iJutli at his Ri( vcrskic Drive apartment after win- nin.i! an essay contest sponsored by the" Jackson" 1 Base-ball Club of the Southeastern League. Young William 1 -:, a third baseman <in [he Jackson liaptist and Methodist Orphanage baseball team. '.U'dtc 100 words nil "Why 1 would Like to Meet B.\l>o. Until." In the c-ijmpiisition, blond-haired | Danny askc;! the Uabe "ho:.,- it felt to be a chumpinn" and the judges voted his essay best despite the £ael thai; \ i!u:i'.;stt.-r s.iul he was "a bad ispclh-r." fiefore mor-tlni! the boy. Until glanced at his. wali-h and said: "1 hope tho hoy isn't like Jimmy i Walker." I Walker, former New York mayor, always wa.s laic 'Or appointments. Uanliy arrive^ on lime and the Babe greeted him warmly. Ruth •niu:;;l anheri two baseballs for the boy and aticr the photographers look several pictures, nanny hi- I formed the lurmor Yankee home ( _ Sfioe Prices Lowered NEW YORK. May 2. <UPl—Slioe price reduction ranging trom six to no cents a pair were announced today by tile Meville Shoe Corporation. President W. Melville said that while present costs for leather and other materials do not justify any reduction al this time, the move was made ''in the earnest hope" that il will contribute to a reduction in living costs. An Englishman, W. Greener, invented the first modern cartridge in 1955, but the ritish ^ovcrnmcnt turned it down as impractical. MILK The price of Milk has been reduced to 20c a quart for home delivery as of May 1st. For Home Delivery Co!! 840-3711 REGINALD MclNTOSH Distributor: Wilson Dairy Products kirn: that he was having trouble geilins; his (piota of base hits. Main; told llaliuv that "you U'H In loarn t.i hit that onion" and stcr nodded Ids head and "yes. sir" to hi: as yonng as you :;in." Habi' i-ont i;ulc<l. "and keep j :m-learning i'> hit until you can't, j cc the ball anymore.'' ( -BASEBALL- Cpenmg Game Of Season Blytheville "Cotton Pickers" vs aiTd if rjiiarlcrback nonnhl tnlry is rlicklnp, tlie tables ronlcl ensiiN' be turned on the novrcrful Wildcats. | An juitomnbilr nuisl ni;ike purl:. uert make "! nut vcar.s. I 1!M6. AincrirAti Rc'tl Cross rr 1C4.45B nurses for At in vy .service between UMO ;t'i OSCEOLA (American Legion Junior Teams) Sunday, May 4th, 3:00 p.m. Air Base Field Opening Pitch by Mayor E. R. Jackson Commander H. G. Parrlow Catching Cool air Fresh daily at your grocers! Plus Cooling You [V.vk 'A sv.lU'h and ,x caul'll'^ brrc.'.c cimv.s ilooilim: llirottuh i-\crv roi>m in your liomi'i [''rerh, hi-altliful <iutMil'.' air is drawn in through (lours and \viu(i'»\vs aiui up thrnu'iti an nttracli\'e crili.liT iuillc or aiHoiiKitic shutter into a Mi'.-tion b"X in Ih;- attic. The COOL.MH i-\\N. movnited in the b->x. b'.:tws tl-.r air outdoors as::iin -Ihronuli altic exhaust openings. Sec the cool,AIR FAN in our st »rr; you'll want it fin- your hnnii'. Toiins can be ariaii'.'.cd. 15ut don't wait, hot weather Is just around tho corner! Cootair ... Made in t/ie South For Southern Climate! "Cotton Picker" Roster Homer Smith, 2» HaioUl Ward. SS & T Aion Calclwcll, HI5 Fortl, Left Field Ivink-y, 3rd 1'asc lii.hhy Ashley, 115 Dudley Hardy, lit ISilly \.m\K, CI Lloyd Koonrc, C Clifton Wixsin, O V & V Uohby lUillcn, 0 V & 1' Leon Ashby, O F & P liick Duclos, O F Uuddy Donncr, O V Harold Traylor, 0 F K. A. Friend, IF Kcmiclh Mcrritt, 1' K. 0. Hciknap, 0 F Partis McDadc, O F Holiliy Smith, IF Alvin Dticlos, 0 V —Our Code— Keep The Uiile* Keep Faith Wilh Your Comrade Keep Your Temper Keep Yourself Fit. Keep a Slotif Heart in Dee feat Keep Your Pride Under in Victory Keep a Sound Soul, a Clean Mind and a Healthy Hotlv Schedule This pvognmi is dcsij-'P-cd for all l)(>y» born in tO;?0 'or lator who can secure ;i I'rcKuhir birlh corli fictile. I It is sot upon a nationwide ' plnn and the national | champions arc determined by a series oi elimination tournaments. Dud Cason osl strongly nrj;c.s all boys within the aj.;o limit to contact Coach Joa \Vhitley and enter into this program. Plans are being mado.ior daily practice, with supervision as soon as the schools arej closed for vacation. The post is anxious to have a largo number of boys present for practice ECS- --ions. Sunday, May 1—Osccnla—Here Sunday. May 11 — Jttncsb^ro, There Sunday. May IS—Forest Cily — Here Sunday, May 25 — Jolle.sboro — Here Thursday. J u n c 5th — Hot Springs—Here Friday. June Glh—ilul Springs— Here Sunday, June 15lh — M mila — Here Wed., June ISIh I.nnnke Here Sunday, June 22iitl I'orcsl I'ily Ihcrc Thnrs., June 2C I.illlc Itot-k There Sat. .tune 2Slh Hot Springs There Yr\. June 27lh Ixinnkc There Sunday There n.:t 2D Hot Springs Sunday July filh Manila there Wed., July 3th Jackson, Tcnn. Here. rhurs. July 10 Jackson, Tcmi. Here VVrti., July 30th Manila Here L'orbilt Motors, Memphis 2 Dairies Tine Blulf, 2 sanies Dsccola 3 games ,»acks<m, Teuu.. 'i saraes there..

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