The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1930
Page 2
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TACiE TWO _BLYTHBVn,LE,J^RK.) COURIER NEWS Items bf Personal Interest : ni i ipo -uLUDu Activities and News of Women • Society Calendar \ Class President >-. • Trae woman's missionary society • 9t ttie First Methodist church will j complete the'study'of the "Trail of ! Ihe Cooqiwstadort." • i -: .. . Twvlaj i . ; JCrs- C. R. B»bcoclc is hiving the ] Tuesday club. -Th.3 Tuesday Luncheon • club Is (hiding with Mrs. Henry Hum. phrtys. •- -There will be a' benefit curd party-at the home of Mrs. Joe Isancs for the Jewish Ladies Aid society. The Business and Professional Women dub will have H banquet meeting et the Gotf Hotel. The William Strong chapter ot the D. A. R. is having a benefit bridge-party Rt the-Some of Mrs.. P. .P. Jacobs at GricKr. \ Mrs. Farasworth Black Is having I the Wednesday Bridge club. j .... . - Ttmnfer . I . Mrs. J. A. Leech is having the' Thursday club. - I '.Mrs. Crawford Groene is having i Miss Elizabeth Haley, daughter of the Young Matrons Bridge club. i Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Holey, ftas re- Bljtheviile Girts- . . i State Essay Prizes jcetvcd numerous honors at Blue j Mountain. college, Blue Mountain (Miss., where she lias been a stu- -Miss Thelma Worthinglon.dauBh- ('lent for the third ycnr Her latest ter.of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Worth- j honor is the presidency of the Jun- inKton. and Miss Mar«irr>» Kimv- lor class. ington, and Miss Margaret Shav or; daughter of Sheriff and Mrs. W. W. Shaver, won second prizes In the state essay contests sponsored by...the United Daughters of • me Confederacy, as announced at the lor class. A musician of note, Miss Il'nlcy frequently gives organ recitals while In tho city. dent, Mrs. James H. Brooks and • ••-.•• .»». "iv^r.,,1 juiu M «-^ George Lungs will represent .•-- T,,..^_ |Jj c ^ OWIln . s jlyjj flt -y )(; nlal meeting lii Fort 4-7. ^Ti-s. Brooks le at a . afternoon, Miss goes by virtue of her office, and Mrs. Lange will rend her convention in Helena yesterday. The prizes are fiva dollars each. "Why Stratford, Home of Robert E. LCS Should Be Preserved," was Miss Wprthtngton's subject, and Miss Shnver, in another contest, wrote on "Plantation Life in the Old South" . j. . , .1"«;, mm Mrs. Lanvc •Both have win numerous other p^,,, ,. Jtl the chli ; h , prizes in contests^o^ this kind, won nrst place hi the al » lt . ca .,, *by Has Parlr - Sup""""" ^"^ "* l " ' = -•jim'mie Warner Gaskln, son o[ ! _, Mr. and Mrs. R. W- Gnskin, cele- !....„, ,"i cre ." lso m , ade for lh " braied-his- nrai birlhilay yesterday ; c , ounly fc t'"''ttol mccling here In afternoon with ten baby friends, |, " 1 ' U 5?' I nnd for J Hallowe'en accompanied by 'their motlu-fs,' 5 . • Frld *y evening, October 31. spending: the afternoon with him. I".^r" , mc ' imE , rs of * c club and .i *,,,-•' . ^ ^ ,. (nDlf husbands Nirt. Oaskln served hot chocolate, 1 cake and candles to th e party members who spent the nfter- honored Beiicflt Pariy To Re Given at Jacobs Home. A number from this city ave . . , planning to attend the benefit Club M«ts • i^ rlllee party at lhe !lomc ot Mrs - C '«% A rde tt Ga 1 ,o,»y,who! Gri re^^^^^ s rptlirnintr fn hf>r Tinmp in fiiv- _.->_.,_ _- .. J —.\ . JI1 ' noon playing with the host's birthday toys. will be'Invited * strong Is returning to her home in'cov- O . clock ' f ^ , iiigton, Tenn., after having lived c!iilpter of u D A dm here for more than B year, wns ihc -.»„ p n f-iiin.', iV, , honoree at a handkerchief shower b '"7n th u' r»v m °s y meln " ... . - - .- --...' °er in tnis citv. will be amoii" given by inemers the Night Bridge club with Mrs. John R. M<-.- Danlel Jr., -an hostess. those present. In nn no line Ing the affair which i promises to bo one of the most In- ., - . . . . , — In tho bridge games Miss dallo- |P™!! SCS f° ,f onc of tlle way also won the prize. Delicious !'" eSli " E J n lho colml - v for date pudding with whipped cream, j ?™f.;,' ,"' , Jnrcol ' s 5nirl ll «' the fruit cake and coffee was served. "'° 1< * ' cUe< ^ !ram the mtycenls eacli to be cnsrecd will bs placed in the fund for n marker. Mrs. Ernest R<* Has Briuje Party. ! . This marker, lo be on (lie first JLS enuse rany. ' ""» "i«i«cr, 10 uc on the first Black and gold made n preltj* j. nillilnt v r <»d through Arkansas iinhlnnHnn ncpri In \TI-C TT«mpf traveled bv tho TnHIinc onlnrr ,.-nn+ in Mrs .Eniest by the Indians going west, 1825 nnrt inter after the noon wnert sne was nostess to w ; •—--"-"" anJ. Civil wars, will bs Indies. Gold tapers in Knck hold- j l )lace d at the intersection of high- ers, shaded lights and yellow flow- ! xva >' s ^ ond Cl at Marion, Critlen- ers, meriBolds, chrysanthemums, '.don county. Route IG Is the famous combination used Roe's noon when nation usea in Mrs .Ernest i••••>>••>•" "j me urawns going bridge party Friday after- | '" st ln 1825 nnrt inter after when she was hostess to 40 ! Mexican anJ. Civil wars, w! roses and dahlias, formed an attractive background for the ten tables arranged in two rooms. The same shades were-seen in road. Little Wilson News vase for first .honors; silliouettcs went to Mrs. E. D. Gillen for sed- ond prize and Mrs. Joe 1 D. Halbach's ai*-ard for low score was bath wiio has for the past four ...- family are moving to West Wc!ge, Ark. Miss Beatrice Humble of Ross nt- leiirted church Sunday night here Mrs. Henry Lavender was Class Celrtratra Hallowe'en. i c,, n H<n.- an^t r~X;""'« """ "° Merntos of Mrs. O. C. Ganske's ! v" n ,? n> 8 Mrs ' Marc " s Ste 1 Sunday school class of the First j Methodist church were hostesses .at' a Hallowe'en party last evening nt the Ganske home when 25 boys and girls attended. Ghosts, lighted pumpkins and black cats created a holiday atmas- phere son, ^_ j( U i,, L Mrs- John Phtirlan of Little River There will be church at Mr. and Mrs. P.-rrj' Bradford's hon:.^ on the Bils of News Mostly Personal Mr, Callaway to Hold Service* at Osceola OSCJEOLA, Ark.-Rev. lianh Callaway, pastor of the First 'Christian church, Blytheville, will'occu- py the pulpit at tlie Fir'si Presbyterian cliurcli here Sunday; preach- Ing ^.l 2:30 o'clock hi the after- ti/vtn . . -. - J ' noon. Lingc School Pupih Miss Ruth Butt, who wtlrt to Memphis yesterday for "Hunl«'t", is remaining for the week-end '.u (he guest of Miss EUie Girner. A. M. Eult returned yeiUirttay irom St. Louis whcie -he ipsnt three weeks under the car>; .jof • a rrcclallst. lie is now much ; 'im- proifd. ~'")' W. W. Scroigins, of Llttje Reck, a business visitor in. the -cfty. Mr. oi:d Mrs. R. N. W»re, \f-, sr.eut last, nljht. In Meaiprils on busluets. . '. . . ; ./;-v'- Miss Bcrla. Funl left : yestdfday for licr homo in CI«l-tschtJe,\|tiss. y after a v.':tk'a. stay Vith . MrNghd Mr.;. R. N. Ware, Jr, . • ; : •".: Miss Mary Sattcrfield, who: is .!f-rd!nj several weeks iu the hcfno of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Aflllck, iic- corap-inled by Mnry • Jean and i ,„, . r • ; • Charles AfTIIck, Jr., .went to her I,,™ ,l vcck of special - services at SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1930 LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH W. J. LeKoy, Faslor Sunday tchool, 0:i5 Church, 10:50 a. m. Subject;' "Th; Woman's Cup of victory.") Service for men ar:d boys only, 3 \ p. m. The Rev. I'. Q. Rorle will preach. 'BRIDGE .^Am,^ " C S1 N J1"L «'«>« Bide were vulnerable. Elizabeth Sllman who ave a'.wnd- Ing Union University at Jackson Teiui., spent Uie week-end with relatives. Junior Wunderllck, Thurman Scott, G. C. Driver, and Arthur ™° t ° recl '° O5CCOla for Information regarding be contract laws, that we If both sides- were vulnerable priming, s brief summary of game vremlum shall 1* sin niim« "'"" ' ><: ..... code for the Information of (d) Z T,e first deaf of each £M Sunday ' our readers. . rnl ,,, H «',„„ ,,".,...?.? _..,.„ _ cac " i Mrs. McDcarmon children \i-ere visitors in Tennes ' S ' • scrl ' ice a !. ld "" Wll °it )ro 8 ri!sslv(! auction round shall be played and oil scores the same os entered ns if neither side were vul- cxccpt that "erable. The second and third deal « .n.v»c ixwi iviui iiconng scsictiiuc "'£ uuier siae mvunieracle. T rt e should be placed at each table. The 'ourth deal of each round shall be players at each table appoint one played and nil scores shall be nn- Of fhfllr mi 111 hoi- tn bnnn. »nnm t P1WT nt- IT luitK „!,*„,. ..._.._ i _ Basketball \vlU be ; the principal eport of older student* at-Hlic Larige elementary .'school' t'hji 'Mason.,E. D,- Ferguson of the' E C Roblhspo. Lumber company lias given goal boards for the, court, >hich Is qovr'icady for' play. .'. ' . , Lake Street Church Endt Week of Special dies. The quartet «-... _. Bun of Your Life Gone _FIRST CHRISTIAN CHUKCH First Christian Church E. K. Latimcr, Minister. Church Eciicol, 3:45 A. M. Communion and sermon, 11 A. M. Christian Endeavor, 0:30 P. M. Evening praise nnd sermon, 1:30 P- SI. uci-mrc—me aeai-passes to trc leu A report of the world convcn-|and -the scorer .Bivjes-both sides a lion in Washington, p. c., will zero on the score pid fcr that deal.j Scot-ins nnd hem;? in Mfifiphk for the wcek- end. Mrs. Ci. E. Keck and Mrs. Charles Partltnv left last night for Et. Ixiuls ss:d St. diaries, Mo., wi-.ere (hey will .spend the weekend. While at St. Charles, they v.-ill ke guests of Miss Virginia Keck at Undcnu-ood Collrge. tiie Lake Street Methodist diurc'li °". " e requested to bring can-j contract, values are used. Tnllles of «ach round shall be played and ™*s fcva ueoi slng-"ls tlie and score cards should bc provid- all scores shall be entered as If lh° da 5' af l-er an e e Down?" | ed at each table, and In addition dealer's side were vulnerable and i relatives in New a score pad with scoring schedule the other side invulnerable. •"•"• Mls5 Eit™h»tii of ihelr number to keep score. ' I '.' A Passed Out Should a deal'.be passed out—! that is,- should.- : 'sll. four players I pass at their first' opportunity to ! declare—the'doai-passes to tsc Icft-j I.V.. .IL ,1 ua.llll^kVJI, LJ. ^., Ulll l:e given at the morning church servic;. . --- '-j, pastor of the First Presbyterian church,' preaching on "What Hath God Wrought?" Because of the interest shown in the Monday night service, when h» CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH Services are held each Sunday morning, il o'clock, in room 101 of the Holi2l Noble. Subject for tomorrow: "Probation After Death." Golden text: Isaiah 25:9. "It shall bs said In that day. lo. this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save save us: tills is tho Lord; we have waited for him, will be vattou." Miss Margaret, were Blytheville visitors Saturday. Miss Eva ueorge returned Tuesday after an extended visit W iUi 1 New York. Miss Elizabeth Davis had as '^cr guest Sunday, Mrs. Davis of Memphis. tercel ns If both sides were vulner- ] Mr. and Mrs. Weathers nuJchil- |drcn of Burdette were Luxcru visitors Saturday. I Mrs. B. o. Wilklns was a business visitor in Osceola. Tuesday. I Philip George and William George were Memphis visitors Tu»s- day. ; Mrs. Richard Reverie shopped in Osceola and Blytheville Tuesday The Glee Club will sing as. U'e Men's Bible class of the Baptist church'at ten o'clock and at thr — _ , • • Methodist church at eleven o'clock nnd 500 points if declarer's side is Mrs - Roberts of Helena was the i Sunday morning. . vulnerable. Bucst of Mr. and Mrs. Crldcr nnd Mr. and Mrs. Hathorn of M:, .Bonus for Winners ^ r s .'. slcrs M rs. Bob Owen and Mrs. sisslppi were tlie guests of Mrs i M. Davis Sunday. Ltixora Society—Personal •*•-. i. i-»i i j M!lr ret n Cl1avcls . w « the in Osccola Sat - In progressive ; edhhact It is necessary to bid iuid make gam: I in-'one deal in order to score game. '»,..-( The game bonus Is 300 points If ILL ?, declarer's side is not vulnerable, In auction a bonus of 100 points . Cflar " e llurncr l!le " ast tw '° - wns given to the slilc for winning . Missss-'Dlxle Howard, Kat'.n-yu a round or for progressing. As the I Jane Bowen. Elizabeth D I. ... rt V.n.. n - n ll~J fnv V.:... ' tvuvm Ul IUL \ll Urilt.«-Ilb • *> 3 UiU ' **U,.J, ilia- I we have salted for him, we; values in contra ^ * J!Ulch grMtT |blc George and Meredith Graham b^glad and rejoice in his sal- | cr than 1n auf , K j,^ this bomls is were. Osceola visitors-Sunday. - *° tols '" C01lt ?' act - In casc of ' ' ' uonaajr night icrvJcc, wlitn he Tip Wcduesdiv evening scrvlc- - **" ' " contract, in case 01 the speaker, he was a s ked-to i, omit~fa'.inie * ^\*» °< *** LP?'»»«:»"">"« . Mlss Ellmteth Bass, of Chicago, Is the guest of her brother, J. A.| DarE, and family, for two weeks, i A!lss Eva Brcdle, teacher in 4^e Wllfo'.j school, Is spending the wo- k- end witli Miss Laura Basse tt and Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Ferguson. She taught here lost year. again occupy the pulpit in' this se•*'»« T y ie- attendance was larger ot of the P«vlous ser- The Rev. Warren Johnston, of Wilson, the Rev. J .T. Wildoxsonv ot Osceoln, and the Rev. P. Q. Rorie, pastor ot the First Methodist church, also brought inspiring messages. . omitted lor a lime. Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. All are cordially invited. Sub- Man Organizes Own Party for Election Dr. and Mrs. Paul L T.lpton have gene to Memphis for today. Miss Margaret Mahan, Mrs. Harry Kirb>'and Jimmle Boll motored to Memphis lasl night for a show. Mis; Mnry Arclen Galloway will NEWCASTLE Ind (UP)— UN return to; her hcme In. Covlnglcn, i daunted by eight unsuccessful at- Tcim., to-morrow, she has been tempts to secure the Republican employed at Ue Chicago Mill for! nomination for county sheriff Dav™Mr nnri" M 'T'l w • , , I ld ' Iettl ^ on >™ illed a ChizenY • ?fV,",S.> ,.t. J '.h ^'v 1 '"' 5 ? 11 '! party slate on which hc ts the on- Jjp (.jmd^^j, Thc slatc w[1| ^ ^ eluded in the baUots in November. Tl;e petition IK inclusion on the LUTHERAN CHURCH . II. J. Kllcudienst, Pastor Sunday school, 8:45 a. m. Divine worship. 10 a', m Ject: "Christian Forgiving." Services are held nt the St. Stephen Epiicopal church. FIH5T BAPTIST CHURCH Alfrc;! S. Harwell, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a, m. Church, II a. m. B- Y. P. U., 6:15 p. m. Church, 7:30 p. m. All arc cordially invited. . . . of Mtniphls, have arrived here for he SSr- Mr n- - jside received 125-points and the .cards are cut to see \vho shall j progress. Vulnerable- Features In rubber contract, if .1 EiJo wins a. game it becomes vulnerable. Until a side wins a game it is not vulnerable. But as a round in progressive contract consists of only four deals the vulnerable features have to be arbitrarily set. The individual or committee in j charge shall determine which of the following laws shall be enforced regarding vulnerability. Tn the absence of a ruling (a) shall be used. (a) All hands shall be played end all scores shall be entered as if neither side were vulnerable. Tlie game premium shall fc? 300 Ing the • going to Little Rock for the week-id. Miss Lillian B. Ayrjs,. of- OsceoUi, Is ihc guest of Mr. artd Mrs. Ste- Commerce, Mo. ^ged by a notary. attempted to secure tnree or f our other candidates' for SECOXI) HAI'TIST CHURCH E. '•/,. .Yen-stun, Pastor >nmnt.T »' suS,« m ' W ' M -|<W'AH hands shall be played PeSinl n" ra and 7-SOD m and a " scores sha " ** cntered as,. n a. m. nnd 7.30 p. m. j lf bcnh £(Ies were ' vuh;erable . T , e game premium shall be 500 points, (c) The first and second deal of each round shall be played and all scores shall be entered as il hls bul ' fallcl1 - H. Brcoks today. , A Shlrlgy and son, Robert, and i Mrs. Charles, Alfond returned to-.'| day from Columbia, 1 Tenn., where | Michigan's Fourth EiUle ' To Meet On November 13 they ntleiided the .funeral of Rob-j 'ANN ARBOR. (UP)—.Michigan ,- r- ,Lane of the First, church will meet ivith tlie senior union Sunday evening nt 6:30 The public is cordially invited to jcuir.e and worship with us. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH P. .Q. Uoric, Pastor One way cf love; Harry says, "Charming lady, how it thrills me to gaze into the liquid depths of your hea\ily fringed orbs." If you don't like Harry's way, you -- . -v- -.-..-, - -uiui juu UUJ.I L, llrkU 11(11 ij b UilJ, YOU Worship and sermon 11 a. m. nnd j will see nir.-oinni other methods' in crt Shirley's and.Mrs. Charles Al r -newspapermen will meet .Nov.- 13,*KLCN'. P. m Morning service ford's aunt. Jimmie Thompson iia . Karl A. Bickcl, president of th? United Press; Sen. Arthur H. Vandenberg of Grand Rapids, and Fielding H. Yost, director of afh- letlcs at the University, will bs speakers at the annual banquet Friday evening, Nov. 14. 14 and 15 at the University oi . .._- returrod i Michigan for the annual session o! '.o his home in Memphis after the University Press Club, ^r- spcndiri? several days with Mr.' rangcmcnts for 200 delegates have mid Mrs J. H. Fisher and family j been made by Prof. John L. Bnmim. and other friends. . liiend of the University journalism Miss Evn Mosfcr nnd Charles ; department, vlirile of St. Louis, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. FUher yesterday entoutc to Stuttgart for a vls- O. w. Tostevin is n visitor in Memphis today, Mrs. Willie M. Cox has returned :rnm Joncsbcro ' where she visited 'ricnds for two days. Miss Virginia Bourlaiul, who went :o Memphis to seo Hamlet. Is spend- ng the weekend with Miss Elizabeth Conlcy. itr. and Mi-s. J. W. Bader'nnd J'.cir guest, Mtss Agnes Bailey, of Seymour, Mo., went lo St. Louis od&y for several days visit. They ^xpcct to return Wednesday. Edward HoliClcld Jr., win return lo i Is home In Rector Snndny after spondiiiB three weeks wlt.i his !randp;yrcnls, Dr. and Mrs. L. S. MARION O., (UP)—Stale Game Protector O II. Nelmeycr is for-' warding a white pheasant captur- o _,...v..™, ~,. „,„, „„». u. 0 ed by s. L. Fry of,'Prospect (o the '. Brlscoe. They will motor home with ! Roflicvc!t 8« m c IT^scrVc in Scloio 1.1... <-.->- t-_.,, ..,;,! 'County. It tocarne entangled In ,1 wire fence. White pheasants an; rnre. • broadcast o\cr Sunday school 3:45 n. in. Junior. Hy and Senior Leagues, 6:30 p. ni. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Chor rehearsal Wednesday 8-15 p. in. Fcur!h quarterly coiitrrence Friday. Oct. lirs:, 7:30 p. m. North Arkansas Conference convenes at Helena, Nov. -ith ai 7-30 p. m. "Sweethearts For Bale' 1 . -—Adv. Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Ashman of Osceola were Luxora visitors Monday. Mrs. Alvin Wunderiick was a Memphis visitor Saturday and Sunday. Jfr. ond Mrs. Jack Majors and Hov: and. where are ycu.yoinj to find forty sweethearts in niytlic' vil!e. See "Sweethearts Fcr Grl ••_ the whole forty will bi there." . . —Adv. KeHewi a Htadicle'or ~. —.... ,. it . Ju .j fuu . «*.*i^r^ a xiuaxccie or ricurilef2 daughters attended sen'ices at the i in 30 minutes, checks a Cold the 1-lrst Baptist church at Blytheville ! Ursl day, and checks MaUria lii Sunday. " : three days. MUses Margaret McDoarmon and Gfifi also in TalilL-l-. CHOIR GETS PARIS OFFER . ATHENS, O. r (UP) — Ohio Uni-; .versily choir, to bc composed of! ' nv?n and women of university glee clubs, Is considering tin offer of nn agent in Paris to make an European tour next summer, according lo Professor C. C. Robinson, director. him for\a brief .visit. C. A. Cunningham will go to Litle Rock, tomprfow to spend two lays. -. V i'' r I and Mr< .,i^'i.> ed ndcrt test for the "quietest." Byron I Rhodes Morse was ' winner 1 a , la aaugmcl tra| Charles Brogdon \\-on for being the '. church Sunday irght "noisiest" present. Clock was'also! Mr. and Mrs. 'c. P-ters Mi, s 5 V" u , i Edith Peters, Frank Peters and M- Hot. chocolate, cake and c.ndlw Henry Lavender motored to my-' ere scr\pd. i» ,n- r»_....... , . •* were sen-ed. Girt Sconts to Observe Nitional Girl Scout Week. J thcviile Saturday 0:1 DUSI Lawrence, son of Mr. and Mrs. ...-Chess Morris has wlurned from a National Girl Scout week.will be fittingly celebrated here next week by members of Troop 1. • Tomorrow the scouts will attend the First Christian church morning service. Monday, is Home Service Day, Tuesday Community S=r- Eels have an organ in the toil that pulsates, and fishermen call It a second lienrl. li is net a r?nl i-.cart, but if nn eel is struck i : -, tills region it has the same falul News From Bussett Little Jock. Bell is recovering ui.s region n nas the same I slowly from the effects ot injuries j effect ns a blow over the heart hc receiver! when hc fell through' a trap door while playing In n bnrn. He is in the Baptist hospital at Memphis. Mrs. Jim Chlsm has returned from a visit lo Sulligent. Ala. She I cm;nci! OF/THE NAZAUENE 110 Cherry Street A. T. MtAnnlly, Pastor . The pastor will preach at bath morning nnd evening services. Subject lor the morning hour "Pentecost and Is Results." Subject fur the evening hour. "Saints and Sinners, which Are You?" Sunday school, with Elliott Cobb supt., 9:45 a. m. Morning worship and sermon 11 N. Y. P. S., 6:30 p. m. Evening worship 7:30. Prayer meeting eacli Wednesday evening at 7:30 . UEAtt r.UTTONIIOI.E WHIPPED . ATLANTA, (UP)- • All the fight has been taken out of the rear i button hole of Ifc starched shirt I band. By inserting a thin monel ' metal strip i n the bnud before i Ironins, nn Atlanta laundry now prevents the buttonhole from bcitii; closed. \jiica3 itiunu* im;> leilirHCa Iv3'n a , hospital at Little Rock whc-e he was acconl P anled llomc bJ' her has been for some time. mother. •- : . I Mrs. W. A. Parker. owi:or of the ! 1. '- IT t n n-n j Bas -ctt Cafe Ic having the cafe re-' JUniOr High Honor Roll (modeled. The front, will be O f: : brick .vcneer^anc! .the oitdre place ' Those students in Junior high wil1 be made; larger. ' ; , _. _...., Mv . schorl nr? members of ih c honor Mrs.'Calvin- Williams is nt the; vice Day, Wednesday Visiting Day, roll this month because of not hav- Baptist hospital In Memphis for- made beio-.v 8S in any sublc-t i'rcalmcnt.'. - Thursday School Day, Friday, Court - .- , ^.^ ,. . of Honor. 1 and having fc«- if any absent d'avs ! Rcv - Mnrs ( l M - Galloway, prtstor In closing the week's cbservanc;, | or tardies: JujiiHn McDonald I0[ ' ne Pfcsbytcrlan Church nt' there will be a banquet Saturday i Jack Wilson. Pally S!uu-<- t o ;tio | Elythcville preached at rtassett • evening for the mothers an:l |H.?ath, Chlqui;.i Dour.'-- Virginia i cl 'urch Sunday'afternoon. i daughters which is an annual :vent Down, Cnrlylc Hancrck Lucille ;—^.^^,-_, L,!,,,,-.,., : The Boy Stouts Vill serve i Nicrslheimcr. Jane Dra-iwn 1™ MATERN1TY HOSPITAL-FCT us,-: ? • • (Gray. Dorinuc Coulter wnu.m lortunatc girls; secluded, private.: District Offictr ; Faug'ht, Bill MfK»nz;o N n M™ ratcs reasonable. For Information f T«fAtt«M M«tir«. , ! c.rd Jr., Effic Moor" ' VM:ite Fa '- rmount Hospital, «li East! ifri.tiura Wade of Stuttgart I ^ — ' 27lh. Kansas City,'Missouri. I idWrtct deputy of.the Royal Ncigh- toB, :; will be in charge ol the pro- gr*|n at .the," meeting of this cl.iap- tcr-'Mo<id»y evening. " >'. ' ifie:Trill arrive in th'c city'Mon- jj day and remain for several days|i doing special work.for the cv;: -.'- '! zation. ' • • ' T* State C*«enUoii. . i i .Miss COOL ,I*e Gokman, prcsi- ;j Kiss titc;— kiss my. /Jog. Thai's [ ! Cwcline, a "misery -soprano with ' ; a fl«5:i^ of contralto here and!] there, ia "Ewetthearts For Sale". ' T| GONE--THAT TIRtO FEEUNG , Ihc nerves (hat ctmirol voiir activity center m (he Mime. Whrn they cease to function properly, np.illh amp visor' suffer. By corrcclinR •hesc nerves at their ccnlcr, the sjiinr, vitality rL ' (ui ' ns safely and pcrmaii- Also ircafmcnis for: Flu, Coi, and islninwh Trouhle. -,„! u and Holly riiysk-uin Nervousness. Phoile 2yn NOBLE HOTEL Dine in the most pleasant sur- roin id ings ;md where ihe cuisine leaves notliing lo he desired. Sunday Dinner 12 lo 2 P.M. 6io8-P.M. Sunday, Noon and Evening' l)ytlie . •.' Schubert Trio Ross Baldwin, Chef IUB m mm vnyK l L Ijjj^Jn any language/ SUPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 RITZ THEATRE SUNDAY and MONDAY • First time being run in Arkansas \. The Most "Popular Jinn on the Screen! Maurice aims to please! With n:w songs to sing, and a new kind of love! . Up Pops Maurice! Knlibling n c w ly lioltlc like EVALIER Playboy of Paiis SI'ECrAL..PRICES TO ALL SCHOOL CHILDREN Matinee Only—Giammcr Grades lOc High School 25c. Adults Aclmisiioii <50c. Afternoon and Night Sunday Afternoon shows—2 ;\n:l -I o'clock. Night—2 comiilete sho\vs—8:-J5 ;1 ii<l J0:00. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY •loan Crawford and Robert ilouljjoincrv in "01 fU HLUSHING BRIDES". and Friday—Richard Ai'lns in "SANTA FJi Saturday—"CODE OP THE WEST". HOMETHEATRE Monday and Tuesday Bebe Daniels in 'Our Lawful Larceny' Comedy and Short Reel Jlatin-rc' and Night— JO and 25c. Wednesday and Thursday ; Fannie Brico in 'Be Yourself Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c. Friday and Saturday - Ken Maynard in 'Sons oi The Saddle' COMING Conrad JXagel The Second Wife'

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