The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1931 RLYTHEVILM3. (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS PAOR THREK Harvest Desert Rubber Plant Midway Notes Guayiile Rubber A Com-j mercial Success in , Soulhwcstern States. BY SHERMAN MONTROSi: NEA Service Writer SALINAS, Calif.— Ti-.onras Edi- scn'.s dream— domestic production of cnxle rubber of a quality anl priee thai coui|)ctes with tlie foreign product— is heinj realised '..i Salinas valley, seven miles nuvlh of lierc. FYmrs hour afier a load of guayule, a form of sagebrush, enters tlie plant of the Amoric.Mi Hutter Products Company. H emerge- in the form of 200-pound bla:t:s uf rubber. The product Is not n tuh- ber substitute, but a pure gum rubber suilable for use as autoinoi)il: tires and tubes, or for any oi l!i? multitude of uses to w'nlch rubber is . put. % Experiments in guayule rubber date back more than 26 years. In 1905 the Intercontinental Rubber Company, of which the local firm is a subsidiary, sent its clilef bot- left, lo prtsslm* out the blocks of rubber shown nt right A. WooMrMs! 1 . Ous Mcciomilniij BERLIN. im>)—Hans Thlele, n «nd lllck Kexlcm nwc UlyltievlUf. srlcnci 1 sliiclitnl r.t Hie University anist, Ur. W. D. McCallum. int= Mexico to test the feasibility of producing rubber from the wild guayule plant. In 1D10 21 million pounds of guayule rubber were produced in several Mexican factories. 19 rwr cent of this beiny used fcr American! consumption. To dale som; ICO,000,000 pounds have been produced and used. Experiments in domesticating the 1 wild shrub in Texas, California and elsewhere were started as early as 1910. After several years McCallum hit U[X>n Salinas valley as the logical site for operations on a large scale. Can Be Cultivated "ivtereontincntal satisfied itself that euayule could be grown in this soil and climate. It ako proved the shrub would thrive under do- nieslieaiion, thus eliminating the hit-and-miss method of seeking the shrub wild on the Mexican desert. | : The original experimental tract of 500 acres expanded until today over 6000 are under cultivation. T* , is figured these will produce a yield I of 2,400,000 pounds of crude rubber I every four years, or 000.000 pounds each harvest season. • Process of producing guayule 1= by no means secret. It requires tour years for the plants to reach ' Maturity at which (ime the plant contains from U to 17 per cent rubber. At harvesting time it is uprooted to'a depth-of nine inches, spread and lefl to dry in the field. As the moisture recedes from the plant, a specially devised "shaker" passes through the rows shaking out dirt and foreign substances. Another special machine, resembling a grain harvester, gathers the plants, chops them to small bits which are blown into a trailer. Taken to the mill nearby the shrub is ground up under water, in large rolling ball mills, the grinding being done by flint pebbles rubbing against rubber. Pressed Into Cakes From harvesting of the gunyule plant, as shown B r. matter only of four/Hours, at. Ih? Salinas Valley. Calif., plant of which George H. Cnmahan. inset C. L. Orrell of the Chicago Mill and Lumber Co., \vns a businus-s visitor in (i>ls voiummmy Wednesday. A. J. Hill spent Tuesday an: Wednesday In Dlylhevilb CD bn Cities*. E. M. McDonald was a LuxuiYi' visitor Wednesday. J. R. lllaj'lock and sons. C. L ami A. F... Hoy Hudson and Clyde Sexton were vlsliois In Luxor.' Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ulan'Moody wcr" | niythcvllic victors Wednesday. Jim Kennedy of Reiser vlsi'.cd Mr. and Mrs. Frank Llnd Wcdiu's- ilay and Thmsday. E. M. McDonald WHS n busliv | visitor In lllyiheville Wednesday. Hubeil Cole of liurdctlc was :i visitor in Osceo'.a Wednesday. Miss OreiK' Cole nnd Mrs. Clyde Sexton vlsllcd Mrs. Hoy Hudson Sunday. Miss Huby Blaylock was (he guest of Mr. and Mrs. A, E. Blaylock. Saturday. Misses liuby Blaylock and Cera May Si'Xton visited Misses Jullsam! Bessie I^o Colcmon Suiulay. Mr. and Mrs. Jack 11111 were lllyiheville shoppers, Saturday. Thee. Wcoldrldge was an Osccola visitor Salmday. L. H. Aunty and Hays Sullivan Jr., ol Hiirdcllc were lilylncvlUV visitors Saturday. L. H. Cannaday and son, Ike. W. Sjihndny. Mr. an:l Mi-.. J. V. Hvidson; s|.i?nt Saluuhiy nlc.lit \\IUi Mr. :inil Mr.-'. J. J. Hudjon. Mr. niul Mrs. A. E. Il'.aybtk v.slii'il Mr. und Mi.s. J. li. Ul-.iy-; | lock S'.imluy. Mr. nn:l Mis. H. 11. Sexton :i:v.l auijlim- vlslird Mr. and Mrs. II. I-'. ^I'Xlon fc'umloy. P. II. Kennedy of Keiser visile:! Mr. and Mrs. l-'r.nik l.iiul Sunday. Ike Camiiulay :nul l.ounarti 11111 vlsllcd T!iM>. Wc.iidrliliP SuiKluy. of Halle, was cbctvocnlcd In the c-)llcj;e latoriitory wlien 1IAW -volts ui okTlilcity passed through JUS body. 'llu 1 tragedy occurred while Till?]:; was inking a protracted cx- timlnsutun on eKlvlu rays. Up lUadinx Covrne Plan&fd NKW HAVEN, Conn. (UP)—Education In lip reading; will become a part of the regular -grammar school curriculum for 300 children discovered to have defective hearlnj. The children ate not M:mc!ently ntlectcd to attend a spec-lal ac.-.Dol The Chinese tialn ci>roi.iori>nn, a Miwlvb «l bin!. 1 •) niicli fish for Ihoin. clilef. After 35 Years Mv. John A. Haku. Dalliis City I., was i-nlin>ly of IMlea and other lU-i'Uil Tioutjlos iiftersuf- lnu for 3j y<Mr.v lie nr^e:; .sufTurrs lo \vrlU' Th" ThoviH'Mi Miner Ullnlc, Suite .us, DM Metier S;., Kiinnis Cily, Mo. tw n new fiTi 1 eopyrlthli'cl Ijuok which ex- nlalns 11 iniW. smv inalmi'iil for !u men-hold:; i plies > and nil forma D[ rectal ill's: as.. 1 ;. Tills lri':Um;nt has restored more Hum -10.000 peo- lili! l« ivnetted hniltli In the pnsl 53 y?.H3. In. v.illlnn lor lire bunk, ihero Is no cost or obligation. — Ailv. Our Want-Ad Service is like cumnmnil Switch lioanl. You transniil your desires. lo ii Ntws Ad-Taker . . . lhat ad forms the connection between you ;md a special of Interested parties . . . the quickest am) most direct contact with results. Classified For an Ad-Taker "Did No Wrong," >Says tiortoi? -<*n 'I am conscious ^f no vrong-doing," declares Sovornor Henry Horton of Tennesseo, shown whoso administration may faco Investigation by the general assembly whicli couvoiied in Nashville amid widespread demand for an in- veatleallou of state p.f- falrs. Many legislators had demanded a sweeping Investigation following tue collapse of Caldwell & Co., investment banking house.''and the tying up of $5,000.000 in elate funds In banks controlled by or cJocety associated with Caldvell Co., which followed the company's crash. Cliarges have been made that Horton's tlon favored Caldwel! banks In deposils. i Albert Ilasklns of Half Moon, Sun- I rlny. i Mrs. Odes Brooks spent Sunday i v.'ith ^rs. Bud Walker ol Lone 1 Oak. I-rank Sacki'.'dsr visited In Half Mccn Snlurday nnd Sunday. Martm brackin spent Sunday at Gcsnell with friends. Henry Gaines v.'as the guest of Charles Bipham. Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Gaines visited with Mr. and Mrs. Dock Blglinm, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Pafford While were Bucrls of i-Ms. Paul Russell. Sunday. Frank Sackrider visited relatives in Half Mccii, Tuesday nighl. Mrs. Ella Delaney of Big Lake Vv'as n guest of Mrs. Ethel Swain, Wednesday. Bessie niock. Jack and Gene Rrcck were guests of George Springer Thursday aftern~on. Lttle Wesley Gaines is ill this Mr. and !«rs. Bill Robertson ol ; : erin Grove w»rc guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Springer and i family Thursday. :.!r. Burton Sclloon has returned j lion-.c after a weeks visit in Florida. Rus. r ^ll Springer spent Saturday night with Troy Bigham. SUNSH The Boy Scout movement was i started originally/, in England by Sir Robert Baden-Powell. It has now spread to '27 countries and has a membership of over 2,050,000. **••*•** state. Of this 81 per cent is used In the manufacture of aulomobib The produce is then run into set- tires and tubes, tling tanks where the rubber, being I t\ tVio -The plant at Salinas is capabl-of lighter than water, floats to the! delivering 15.000 pounds-of surface and is skimmed off. The! dally in Its dry form, wbici rubbi wcod fiber becomes waterlogged and | only a drop "in the'Ducket'os corn- sinks. The rubber is then dried in par ed to the world consumotlon, at ovens and pressed into 200-pound cakes ready for the manufacture of tires or into other rubber products. "There Is nothing-jicw or mystjri- ont about euayule," says George H. Cornohan, president of the Inter- , least is a starter in America's independence en the rutbjr mart. Asked, "How can you produce rubber in the United States with its labor costs so high in comparison continental Rubber Company and with the East Indies where coo!le> developer of the present' "contim,- ?" ^n^d'" 2 ° "^ " ^ ous" system of producing rubber Cnmona11 sa!(1 from guayule. i ' 1Trec . rubber requires harvesting "Improved methods of extraction' 180 timKi "• J1<?ar - Gu »yule rubber and preparation have-kept tt second' requlrf;s harvesting once every four on the list of commercial rubber ', years - Therc ls approximately the; producing plants but up to tl:is !same amou " 1 ° J rubbe1 ' produr.-? year its supply has bean limited by j tronl an acre of " trc(1 rllbbcr ns th - rc , "Cure's slow and unaided rcpro- |is from a ". ncre of SU».vule rubusr • •citve process I m thc samc Pe r 'od of time. With 1 -""Only domestication and com- t | 1 ? nd . ev ; sl ?P menl ° J machinery and m?rclal cultivation in the Unifd' skllled lafcor Ke " rc P IC;ll: cing rub- States is new. Then, too, It has ta!:- I h ' r !, n actlvc «>n>P?tIt!on with th.- en 20 years of painstaking and in- cast; tensive research to isolate from the! 1000 or more species of guayule the six or seven varieties which carry Ihe highest rubber percentage." Sirall Part in Biy Industry Carnahan explained that America consumes Gl per cent of all the rubber produced in the world, some 1.000,000,000 pounds in the raw Driver Grove Charles Sprincw was the supper guest of Leon. Russell, Sunday evening. ! Rev.. W. H. Springer ol Blythe- i ville will preach at Driver Groys,! Sunday. . I Martin Sackrid;r visit:d in Gosnell. Sunday. Vick Hyde was the guest of Miss Eunice Brooks, Sunday. | Mr. Wnlter Beies and Miss Flos-! s'e Birkett were dinner guests of. Misses Ruby and Laverne Setcon, • Sunday, i Roy Settocn visited Mult Russell | Sunday. : Mrs Maude Springer visited Mrs. i NEURITIS CONQUERED. "I had iic'iirUts so badly that 1 could not rMse my nrni", snlit Mrs. Ora May Lake, Clayton, N'car Qulucy, 111. "It aflectcd my knees and joinls and 1 was help- leas. Konjofa solved nir lioalth jtrobtcrn for, ih four weeks, the pains of neuritis U'CTQ gone and 1 could get nbout without trouble". Buy ll At Any G Drug Store. "Smile At theAche 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure Colds, Headaches, Fcve 668 SALVE Cures Haby's Coltl Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 -i^™ w^^t «•• mtzi mmm H OWN YOUR HOME 1 If you arc payinf S20.00 per month rtnl for the home jou live in, at Ihe cm] of ten years, you will have paid out $2400.00, and will have nothing but a larje batch of rent receipts to show for your money, but if you deal willi me, s i the end of that !irr.e, you wSIl be the owner of the home in which you live. • Th»fs the difference. M I have more than twcnty.flvc houses In Blytheville from whirh >'ou can make a selection. If Interested, see me. | C. J. Evrard -IMnt Suffering?, There's a new, pleasant, mint-flavored, tablet that relieves ordinary headache and neuralKia, muscular pains ami functional pains. It's excellent for Coryza —cold in the head—and for the sore throat that often accompanies it. Physicians have been writing prescriptions for a gimilar combination for years. The Dr. Miles Medical Company has standardized tiiis well balanced formula ami is glad to offer it in the form of a stable, palatable, mint-flavored tablet for home Use. Pocket Size 15c, Regular Package 25< YOU'LL GET REU.PE:OR YOUR. MONEY BACK MELLOWS rifles LUCKIES are always kind to your throat Everyone knows that sunshine mellpws-that's why the "TOASTING" process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE-made of the finest tobaccos—theCreamoftheCrop— THEN ""IT'S TOASTED"-an extra, secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in aj| raw tobaccos are expelled by "TOASTING." These irritants are sold to others. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. Orchestra, every TucS' day, Thunday and Saturday evening over C. : N. B. uwla. . net- Your Throat Protection-against Irritation-against couj , The Air.tricln Tobacco Co.. Mtrl.

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